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  1. Ugh.... So many assignments... I feel like I'm dying :')
    Well, sorry for the sudden time off

  2. Liore heard distant voices that felt like coming from somewhere far away. He couldn't quite catch what it was saying, however, as it was too soft to hear. But those distant voices were undoubtedly the reason for his consciousness to slowly came back to him. Just as he was about to fully awake, he felt a sharp pain in the side of his abdomen. His whole body felt like it was ripping apart. An inaudible voice escaped his pale lips involuntarily. He grunted as he tried to suppress the pains and forced himself to stay awake. Slowly but surely, Liore opened his eyes. Everything was a blur at first. He was not sure what had happened. An unfamiliar ceiling greeted him when his vision cleared up. These alerted Liore greatly, making him instinctively tried to get up. But the unimaginable pain throughout his whole body prevented him from doing so. He was confused over what exactly happened to him when he suddenly remembered a scene. He was on his way back after he made sure that his subordinates understand his plans on that night's attack. Liore wanted to take down yet another group of humans who were constantly on his heels. He laid out the plans for his subordinates to executed and left afterward. He has full faith that none of them would disappoint him. That was why he didn't think his presence there would be necessary. His plans were perfect. He was sure that by morning, none of the group he targeted at would be able to survive. Yet, to his surprise, they seemed to know his intention, and, rather than defending their headquarter, they sent 40 hitmen to ambush him instead. He managed to subdue them all by himself. None of them were left alive. However, the price he had to pay was still huge. He was stabbed deeply at the beginning of the fight, resulting in blood to keep oozing out of his body as he moved around to fight. By the time he managed to achieve victory, he had lost too much blood that there was no more strength left in his body. And then... Liore paused for a moment. He seemed to recall a pair of deep blue eyes looking at him with worries just as he was about to die. Liore swept his eyes around the room. He was laying on a sofa with some part of it stained by his blood. He looked around him, trying to find someone other than him in the room.
  3. Nate took a few more minutes before he finally clicked the start button. Unlike Daniel who only copied his own appearance into his game character and just toned it a bit here and there, Nate made a completely different appearance for his game character. He didn't like his cute and small body to begin with, anyway. So the most distinct change Nate made was increasing his game character's height. He then proceeded by making it a bit more muscular to make himself look manly. Nate let his hair remained orange in color. But he changed its style to look messier. His cute and innocent face was also changed, replaced by a slightly fierce and sharp-looking face. In the end, his game character really looks like a prince from a story tale, just like his name. It looks quite manly, with a slightly muscular body that's not too bulky nor too skinny and a sharp and intelligent-looking face. The perfect image he wished to become. Nate was greatly pleased by how his character turns out. He was smiling smugly as his virtual body materialized itself in the spawn area. As soon as he was aware of his surroundings, Nate spotted Daniel leaning at the wall. His expression brightened instantly as he rushed towards him like a puppy's reaction when seeing their owner. "Sorry for the wait!" Nate said while smiling. He might've seen visually matured because of his game character's appearance. But his words and acts just now can't hide his usual childishness and innocent self. In fact, it didn't work well with his current appearance, making a lot of people who were at the spawn area at that time turned their heads towards him. Nate responded by glaring fiercely at every one of them. If he were in real life, this wouldn't make them scared at all. But the sharp-looking face of his game character helped him this time. Everyone who looked at him weirdly before instantly turned their gaze away. Nate felt proud at this sight. He once again looked at Daniel. The fierceness in his eyes disappeared without a trace. "So, where are we going to start first?" He asked while smiling playfully.
  4. It's fine. If there was no time skip, I don't know what I'd do since my character was still passed out haha
  5. Liore knew his body couldn't hold on much longer. He was about to faint completely when he felt something closing up to him. It's... warm? Liore was shocked for a second. His cold body sense a warmth emitting from his side. He forced his consciousness to stay awake. After a lot of struggles, Liore opened his eyes slightly, revealing a pair of deep blue eyes staring back at him. There were a lot of emotions mixed together from them, cautious, guilt, horror, and... worries. He can feel his lips twitched at the sight of it. When was the last time someone actually worries about him? Back then, even his subordinates didn't dare to look him in the eyes. For them, he is a ruthless, merciless, cold, but invincible person. So even if they were worried about their boss, they would be too afraid to show them. Now, when he was at his lowest, barely alive by his will alone, some random stranger, a human, look at him with eyes hinted with worry. If this person knew what he had done so far, would she still show that kind of expression? Liore doubted that would ever happen. Nevertheless, he can't help the warm feeling spreading in his chest. His world that was constantly expose with endless coldness finally had a tiny bit of warm creeping into it. Liore weakly and slowly moved his hands to the wide-open wound on the side of his stomach. He pressed on it as hard as he could to forced out a voice to come out of his throat. The usual coldness in his green eyes disappeared suddenly, replaced by grateful and gentle emotions. "Thank you..." I could finally feel a bit of warmth in this cold world. Even if I died now, I won't have any regret because of you. So, thank you... That's what he wanted to say to this person. But he was already at his limit that only two words managed to come out of his mouth. However, he didn't feel depressed about it. Those two words are enough. For the first time in a long while, Liore smiled. There were no mockery, fakeness, or disdain in it like his past smile. It was a sincere and pure smile, full of gratitude that shone brightly on his face. With his intentions completed, Liore could finally relax his whole body. He closed his eyes willingly this time, letting his consciousness left him.
  6. Ups. I did something wrong just now... well, forget it. Anyway, I'm just gonna say this now. Is it fine for you if Liore's information as the boss of a large mafia is not known by your agency? The only thing they knew is his name. We can make it so that your character's job is to find more information about Liore and find concrete proof of all his wrongdoing. Of course, if you're against this idea or if you have other plans, I'm fine with it. It's just a suggestion.
  7. Nate finished inputting his information quicker than words can say. Let's just say that he was simply too excited at that time, causing his movements to become two times faster than usual. His username was simple, but bold: Prince Ken. It might be really cringy, childish, or even arrogant to some. But in actuality, he used this username with a pure and innocent reason. How so? Because in his mind, princes are always charming, smart, strong, and, most importantly, manly. The perfect image he wished he would be in the future, not a cute and pretty little 'boy' like his current image. So, wouldn't a prince fit his game name perfectly? A simple reason for a simple person like Kenath Valez. Nate clicked the submit button without any second thoughts. That was when he suddenly heard someone speaking right next to him, making him jumped in surprise. "Daniel, you scared me! When did you get here?!" Asked Nate with a stunned expression. He was too immersed in putting his information just now. So, he didn't realize Daniel has arrived next to him for quite some time. Moreover, he didn't think Daniel will be in the same login space as him. He tried to think of the reason why but ended up stopping midways. Whatever. Isn't it good that he is no longer alone here? It has to be said that Nate rarely being left alone. Unlike Daniel, Nate hates the feeling of not having someone to talk to. He was constantly surrounded by people whenever he went. What's more, he always has Daniel by his side. So even if those people were not around, Daniel would still be there. He was not used to being alone. He can't stand it. So even if he was surprised that Daniel was sent to the same login space as him, he was happy. Maybe it was also due to this reason that his brain decided to start working harder than usual. Nate smiled radiantly as he answered Daniel's question with ease. "Well, in the beginning, we can only choose humans as our race. But later in the game, we can change our race through completing certain missions. There were players who managed to become a half-god, elf, beastman, or evil entities like a vampire, werewolf, and demon. Changing race will change our basic stats or add points to the already existing stats." The information printed in his head proved its usefulness at that moment. He not only perfectly recite the same exact words he read from the website but also understand it a little. Nate didn't stop there. He continued his explanation as he started to customize his game character's appearance. "At the start, players will have four basic stats, Strength, Agility, Intelligence, and Stamina. Players can open new stats like Insight, Luck, Charm, Endurance, etc, by finishing special quests, gaining basic or hidden classes, and/or changing their race." While he blurted out all the raw information he had gathered, Nate materialized his game character by imagining its appearance. He fixed some places that didn't look too good to him manually before finally nodding his head in satisfaction. His game character is done. Nate was too immerse in making his game character that he didn't realize the way he talk just now was a bit different than usual. In fact, he appeared to be more intelligent, something that's a very rare sight to see. Even rarer than seeing his always smiling face depressed. Though he was just reading the words printed in his head aloud to Daniel, not really understand it himself.
  8. Is it just me or the notifocation from threads we followed is not working? Ever since I joined the website, the posts I followed didn't send me any notification when new content was posted. I have to manually check on them every so often to see if someone replied to my post. Except the notification when someone reacted to my posts, tagged me, or send me a PM, there is no notification about the thread I followed. I had made sure I followed it. It is listed below the thread. I also click on the 'notify me for replies' button when posting new content and choose the 'notification when new content is posted' settings. But the website still didn't send me a notice when a new reply is posted in the thread I followed. What should I do to fix it? I currently only have a few rp going on so it's still bareable. But if this issue isn't fixed sooner, I'm afraid I would forgot to check on all my rp posts for my partner's reply one day. Please help!
  9. Ok, no problem. Good luck on whatever your doing! Also, I prefer to use anime as a faceclaim if you have no problem with that.
  10. "Philosopher stone for gaming? Baby steps?" Nate said in a somewhat confused manner. There he goes again, him and his complicated words. Nate thought as he pouted in annoyance. But he didn't say anything to retorted it. "Well, I don't know about that. But if this game is really going to be our second life, wouldn't that mean our life will be in the hands of other humans? If hackers infiltrated the system, we could be as good as dead." Nate threw that sentence out casually then laughed. He just said the random things popped out in his mind without thinking too deeply about it. If only he knew his passing comments were taken seriously by the god... Without waiting for Daniel's permission, he scurried off into the bathroom to do his quickest shower ever. In less than one and a half minutes, he has finished cleaning himself up. He had worn an oversized white shirt and orange shorts with droplets of waters still dripping down his wet hair. Since he was in a hurry, the shirt wasn't positioned correctly, revealing his collar bones. Nate walked out of the bathroom while staring intently at his phone, still trying to 'print' any information he could get into his mind. That was when noticed Daniel almost finished setting up the login pods. He heard Daniel's comment on his action and instantly gave him a half-smile. "You can't afford to go to a battle without a weapon, right?" He said slyly. Of course, it was just an act. Nate didn't understand a single word written on the websites. But, hey, at least he remembered every single letter of it like the back of his palm. All this information is for Daniel to decipher later on. Nate will recite all the info printed in his mind and Daniel will do the translation for him. Moreover, he said he would also teach Nate the basics for the game. A win-win situation. Nate smirked at his own words, trying to make it seem like he did the research to beat Daniel. A flame of competition lit up in his eyes along with the boundless confidence. But it suddenly wavered a bit when he thought about his last sentence again. Is that how you use that sentence? He suddenly turned perplexed. It seems that Nate's intelligence can only be maintained for a tiny bit of time. Just a tiny bit. When he saw that Daniel finally finished, Nate can't hold back his excitement anymore. "Thanks, Daniel. I'm going first!" Nate shouted elatedly as he hopped inside the login pods without even waiting for Daniel's answer. Let's just say he took a head start. He sealed off the pod by closing the lit. It was dark for a split second before the light automatically turned on inside the pod. He put on the helmet and relaxed his entire body. In that instance, Nate can feel his consciousness being pulled into the darkness, and the next thing he knew, he was already in some kind of space with huge hologram-like screens in front of him. It took him a few seconds before he realized this was the login space where players filled out their information, username, and make their game character. Nate smiled brightly. Time to work of his magic!
  11. @Felicate are you still there?
  12. Nate followed Daniel inside the house without any hesitation. He has been there for countless times already that it wouldn't be odd to say that this could be his second house. Everything inside it was the same as how he remembered it last time. Nate helped Daniel by carrying the box to the living room. It was bigger than his body by some margin, making it a funny sight to see. However, he didn't struggle that much when he lifted it off the ground and put it down on the carpet. These proved that he is stronger than he looks. He took a quick glance around the room and noticed the Pheonix painting hanging on the wall. It was not there the last time he visited. But he had seen it while Daniel was still working on it before. Since it has been hung there now, it means that he finally finished it. Nate looked at it admiringly. "You finish this so quickly. It was only halfway done when I came here yesterday." Said Nate with a tone full of surprise. As expected of my best friend. He thought, somewhat proudly. Nate then saw that Daniel was setting up the login and was about to help him out when he realized he would only be a hassle if he did. Knowing well that he would do more harm than good, he chose to go to the kitchen to grab a drink for both of them. After serving an ice chocolate drink for himself and put Daniel's favorite drink next to him, Nate flopped his body into the sofa. He opened his phone to search for more info about Satisfy so he can provide Daniel with more info later in the game. A man shouldn't go back from his word. Just like before, he didn't understand any of it. So he just skimmed through it casually as he memorized everything from the website. When he finished 'reading' the third website he had opened, he just realized that he was still a bit sweaty. His drenched uniform has dried up a little. But he stinks. "Um, Daniel. Can I use your shower?" He asked as he stood up in front of Daniel while showing his pitiful look. He actually forgot about his current appearance because of his excitement.
  13. When Nate heard Daniel's serious tone as he answered his question, Nate felt a bit guilty. Even more so when he saw the reassuring look on Daniel's face. Nate suddenly remembered all information he had read on various webs. Although he remembered all of it like it was printed into his head, he didn't understand most of it. He didn't know if this will be useful for Daniel later on or not. If even his best friend was willing to agree on his request, wouldn't it evil for him to not be able to do the same as him? Thus, Nate silently clenched his hand. I should browse more info before we began playing! He resolutely said in his mind with a determined expression. Nate heard Daniel's first question and nodded his head to answer it. "I can't wait to start playing! They say it feels like you got transported into another world when you first logged into the game!" He added elatedly. The image of a completely different world than earth with new adventure in every corner of it makes Nate can't help be smile widely. If only he knew what kind of 'happy' adventure waiting for him there... When he heard Daniel's second question, Nate paused for a moment before answering. The image of his room, which looks like it has been hit by a rampaging tornado, came to his mind. Uh... Although Daniel might be used to it ages ago, he still didn't want him to see all that mess laying in his room. "Let's just set it up in your house." Nate quickly said, somewhat embarrassedly, as he followed Daniel to walk to the direction of their house.
  14. So sorry. I didn't think it will took me this long until I finally set up the threads. It's just that there was a lot of things I've been busy doing lately. I hope you dont mind...
  15. @Hani OOC: So this is how dying felt like, huh? Liore thought to himself as he felt his consciousness slowly drifting away. Somewhere in his mind, he could tell there was darkness ready to swallow him. The feeling of your body's warmth left you as you wait in front of the door of death, no matter how prepared you are, you won't be able to help yourself from being scared. That's what exactly happened to Liore. All these years, climbing the ladder to the very top with blood spilled from every step he took, dying his path red with it, Liore was never once scared. He knew his path would never offer him another way to return. Hence, he promised himself he wouldn't look back no matter how far he goes. He had made this decision long ago and he never, even once, questioned it. He thought that after all those sins he committed, the countless humans he murdered, and the years of growing numb from all emotions, something as being scared of death would never happen to him. And yet here he was, lying on the dark alley with blood pouring out of his widely open wounds like a stream of crimson river. In such a place like this, where death bodies scattered around him and the thick stench of blood dominating the air, how would he expected someone to come and save him? The possibility of that happening was as good as gone. No one would be sane enough to suddenly showed up in a place like this. At best, they would contact the higher authorities and wait for them to arrive. By that time, Liore would 100% be dead. Liore was scared. He can't deny it anymore. Maybe because he was on the verge of dying, his mind unintentionally wandered into the deepest memory that he thought has been forgotten over the years. There was a peaceful forest, bustling with activities of the forest elves. He remembered the warm smile in his parents' face as he was trying to follow his sister hopping from trees to trees. The pleasant laugh coming from his sister rang in his ears. He could see her reached down her hands to pull him up while saying something with a heartwarming smile. However, the warmth didn't spread to his present body. All he can feel was an endless coldness. He looked up to the now blurred full moon, the only source of light illuminating his surroundings. His life has always been cold ever since he lost everything when he was a kid. If he knew death would also be this cold, he would rather stay alive. He hated the coldness he felt all the time. He hated the cold reality god put him through. In the end, after everything he had done, the warmth he felt in his childhood never came back to him. What an irony... Liore couldn't help but smile bitterly at his fate. Even this simple action required him to exerted so many efforts. With the last bit of energy left in his body, Liore turned to face the sky. His bright tosca hair was drench with his blood. The only reason he was still alive until now was that his body as an elf is sturdier than humans. But it looks like his time has finally come. He has lost too much blood that it has pooled up around his body. He slowly closed his eyes, give in to the darkness that constantly pulled him down.
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