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  1. "I thank you for the offer," Nicoletta said with a small smile to Saul. "I will keep it in mind." With no further business here, she was more than content to depart with the two of them, following in step so that they could get underway. She was somewhat startled when Igni placed her hand on her shoulder, but she stopped and paid attention to what she said, and to her terms she seemed agreeable, paying the apologetic look right back ever so mildly, it could be seen in her golden eyes. "Intense study and practice, since I was but a little girl," she replied, then looked to Saul just ahead of them, and continued along behind him, while explaining a little more in detail. "The lessons started with my father, whom wanted me to know this so I would be safe, for in Blairville, there is a prevailing school of thought that mages and regular people are quite different. Differences produce uncertainty. Uncertainty breeds fear; fear, hatred; and hatred, violence." As they left Chesterfield behind and the countryside sprawled out before them, she was spirited for the journey and there was a bounce in her step. Perhaps it was the high visibility that countered that sinking feeling of being in an entirely new place, far from home for the first time. Her gaze ran along the treelines they passed, though, and eventually she lost sight of all that natural beauty as her mind slowly crept back to the thought of preparation. "Forgive me for rambling. I will avoid using it, unless absolutely necessary." She knew the polarising effect that telepathy had and wasn't about to break up the team for vanity's sake. There were no city guards or house retainers to protect them out here, this she felt keenly. She walked beside Igni as most of what she said was addressed to her directly, and although Saul's swiftness kept him many paces ahead of them for most of the time they were on the road, she did speak aloud to him eventually: "Saul, our pace must be deliberate; please take care not to march off without us. I must set my own pride aside to say that splitting up may leave us vulnerable an ambush." Something she would consciously be wary for as they traveled on their path toward the farm. "Though, I respect your prudence in trying to make the most of daylight. Should night fall, we must be even more ready for surprises."
  2. I'm a bit on and off until Friday, but I'm watching this space! 🙂
  3. "I am in agreement," Nicoletta replied aloud. Though, she was careful with her next thought, letting the both of them hear it directly in their minds, to reduce the chance of eavesdroppers. Working together, other less-than-savoury investigators may be dissuaded from interfering with our work. If the sight of us isn't enough, I am prepared to use my enchantments to turn them away. To their inquiries of whether or not she was hungry she shook her head no. "Thank you, but I am in no rush to eat right now. Food tends to sedate me rather quickly, so I'll wait until we are finished with our task, or at least make ourselves some downtime. To that end, I will follow your lead as soon as you are ready." With an empathic link established, Nicoletta felt quite confident that she would be able to make herself an asset to her newfound companions, even if trouble didn't rear its ugly head.
  4. Thank you all for being patient. I know this week is going to be stressful if we let it, so don't forget to take time for yourself. Stay hydrated and remember your health. I'm going to do my best to stay all caught up myself, but the less time I spend with the news in reach, the better. 😅
  5. Nicoletta nodded in understanding to Saul. I will do my best not to land myself in trouble, or slow you down. I did not come all this way just to die, she thought to him, waiting for him to finish his soup. A small thing herself, made even smaller by the polite posture she assumed, the way he did it seemed gluttonous and was somewhat eye opening, though by his muscularity she could tell why he seemed so comfortable with the act that he made it seem entirely normal. It was indeed her intention to lead him back to Igni when he was ready, knowing the three of them would be better prepared. She gave Igni a friendly but subdued smile as she looked to her again, but seemed content to let the two of them figure each other out, perhaps so she could understand them better herself. It only seemed natural that she might rely upon telepathy so that her quiet voice would not have to compete with rowdy noodle shop patrons. There was nothing subversive about it; having introduced herself and shown them one of her secret talents already, she wondered what kind of plan they might come up with once they got past the talk of motives. Money, if I had to guess, she admitted, her voice entering their minds, but not their ears. A universal motivator. Finding that which has gone missing without a trace is sure to be hungry work. Presuming upon the potential for cooperation, she continued. We'll have to hope for a good lead, and that we haven't started upon their trail too late.
  6. Managed to get a post in - this will be a busy weekend for me again so I apologise if I leave you all hanging. Promise to be ready to post again by Tuesday. Thank you all so far for a comfy introduction. 🙂
  7. Nicoletta gave Saul a subdued smile as he shared his with her, though the appearance of his eyes kept her from meeting them for too long. Something about the way they looked, a phenomenon she'd never before seen, was enough to make her stick with polite glances. "I have methods of defending myself with magic." To this end, she was not shy of convincing him she did indeed have some magical ability, in a way that wouldn't be too shocking in a public place. She briefly looked into his eyes, and he was able to discern a sense of her trying to communicate with him. It was beyond mundane body language—that sensation had originated from her, an attempt at establishing a link from her mind to his. Though, if he was inexperienced with this sort of magic, suspicion was of course warranted. No doubt such impulses could help in a dangerous situation, that is, if he trusted her enough. If he did, this brief moment of eye contact was enough to give him her name without speaking it, and the voice was hers that he heard without her mouth moving. "Nicoletta." She glanced over her shoulder, somewhat puzzled by what Saul meant when he said dragon. After some consideration, she turned from Saul to face Igni, locking eyes with her for a moment as if searching for an explanation; the still-seated woman felt then, too, that some sort of empathic link with the healer-mage was being offered, and she had only to accept it or reject it. In the meantime, however, as she was unaware of whether or not Igni could speak into her thoughts in return, there would have only been a gentle but positive impulse, appreciable as a friendly smile that could not be seen, as if to respond to her curious look, "it is going well." Given the noisy atmosphere of the noodle shop, she just settled on the dragon comment as being some sort of vernacular she wasn't yet familiar with, and she spoke again as she turned to Saul, whether or not he had accepted her attempt at telepathic communication with him. "I believe she is interested in learning more about all this. But, I can not read minds," she laments. It was doublespeak, but clearly not meant to unsettle him, rather reassure him. "We will ask her what her choice is, once you are satisfied with your meal." Another humble glance to both of them. She sensed some friction between them, and though she wanted to defuse it, she could not do so very directly. She would have to wait and see what they said.
  8. Nicoletta glanced to Saul once more as Igni spoke on the matter, agreeable to her suggestion. "It seems as if he is here to investigate the very same problem. I will make this offer to him." She had waited a little while, allowing Saul some time to enjoy his meal, lest it go cold whilst she distracts him. Since they had plenty of time to spare, she eventually commented, "I do hope that, if you, too, possess skills that would make this less daunting, you will join us, should he accept." After she made this request of Igni, she stood up and moved along. Standing beside Saul's table, she hailed him with a polite, "Excuse me." She'd wait quietly for him to take notice, and then continue, "I do not wish to interrupt your meal, but I overheard you speaking with the manager, and I would like to let you know that you are not alone in your pursuit of more information about the... organ murders." To mention it brought her some discomfort, but she quickly continued, "I am a skilled healer, and I believe if we were to work together, we'd both be better off⁠—as would be any surviving victims of the kidnappers, should we come across any..." She let her offer hang in the air, not sitting with him yet, wary of overstepping any boundaries with an armed stranger. She positioned herself specifically so that Igni would be visible past her, clasping her hands in front of her so that she did not appear threatening.
  9. With the rabble getting up to leave, and their immediate surroundings that much calmer, Nicoletta seemed to regain her focus. The chaotic hustle-bustle of the packed venue was out of her comfort zone, but with a subdued expression on her face, she carried on with the conversation more at ease now that she had no need to raise her voice to be heard. "Yes," she replied to Igni's inquiry about her name, briefly lowering her head in a show of mutual respect, "though its meaning is antiquated, a relic of a time when common folk had overthrown tyrants and liberated themselves. A name given to me by my father." Nicoletta seemed intrigued by the mention of the magic forest and the silver screen, and it held her attention with Igni rather than the rest of the noisy noodle shop. "I did not come seeking fine arts, but knowing I have run into a patron is a good sign, I think. My quest for knowledge led me here, but to be true, I can not subsist on the arcane alone. I am a healer by profession, and I hope to earn my keep professionally as is proper. A place such as this will surely lend me the field experience I seek." She watched as Igni looked back to the table she had just come from, standing to collect the notes as requested without a fuss, glancing at it as the other woman explained what she heard, though as she stood over their table, she looked back to meet her look of mischief with a questioning one. "Murders? I wouldn't have taken them for investigators, they were cut of a different cloth..." she commented, stepping over to seat herself again. She pulled the notes out of their crumpling, flattening them to make it legible for Igni. She gave her much larger acquaintance some time to discern what she could from the scribbling, a little lost on the whole affair, though she caught her glancing toward a man with a sword on his hip. Nicoletta watched him for a short time, wondering what a dignified looking man like he appeared to be would be doing here. Saul's appearance, that of a well prepared expert who took life on the road in stride, made him stand out from the crowd just enough that when the moment passed, she felt it only appropriate to ask Igni, "He looks to be waiting for someone. Do you know him?"
  10. Not at all my intention to double post but I would like to apologise for the delay -- I'll be able to sit down and get my next post in tomorrow. Sorry to leave you all waiting!
  11. I like the changes and agree with your take on tomato soupy grilled cheese sandwiches. I think I'll make it my necrogolemancer hivemind-slavemaster/mistress's favourite dish just to drive home how terrible a person you have to be to transplant peoples' minds into golems and force them to work 72 hour shifts. 😄
  12. I am quite okay with any posting style. I think most of my posts will be 1-2 paragraphs but there could be exceptions. I'm back since the weekend is over, hi everyone 🥳
  13. Nicoletta was a little startled when she realised someone was hailing her, from her blind spot no less. She looked to Igni in disbelief, only noticing the exotic-looking woman just now, despite the great amount of space she took up once she came into view properly. Without saying anything that would alert the lower-class, thuggish vagabonds seated with her, she got up out of her seat and went to sit with Igni, shortly after she moved over to make room. "Thank you," she started, already appearing more comfortable in the company of someone who shared her problem, "and hello. My name is Nicoletta, and you have guessed correctly. I am just as lost as I am new in Chesterfield." She cast a look out among Sharpmate's many patrons, as if she needed another reminder that every face was that of a stranger. "What is there for travelers like us here?" Nicoletta begs the question, sounding overwhelmed. She did not stare rudely, but it was clear she recognised the other woman's decorous mode of dress as an indicator that she was wealthy, well-traveled, and of finer taste, and for someone new with such qualities to take interest in her, she found some calm.
  14. In celebration of my first IC post, I just wanted to throw some positive vibes out there and thank everyone again who welcomed me, chatted with me, and/or guided me in. I've been feeling the love since day one and you are all to thank for that. 🥰 I really appreciate all the help getting settled at Valucre and I can't wait to see what the future holds. Sooner or later I will have more characters ready for roleplay and I will get to talk with more of you too!!

  15. Nicoletta is now officially in and standing by. Excited to see where this goes. 😄 I'm very much of the belief that more means merrier, though I would be hesitant to make a decision without the whole team's approval, including supernal. Maybe he is willing to GM for one more? 🙂
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