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  1. Jae’s expression darkened when the soldier declared the possibility of facing upward of twenty abominations at once. In small numbers, they were already a menace, but in large groups, their ferocity made them dangerous predators, the kind that had a very real possibility of hunting their hunters. ”If they come in groups, we’ll need ways to separate them or slow them down,” she spoke aloud to no one in particular. “They’ll be much easier to handle when isolated.” Her hand slipped down to her quiver and began to count how much ammunition she had. Eleven. If she didn’t miss a shot, she could take out five. Or so she theorized. ”Did Sir Elwin use close combat weapons or ranged weapons?” she turned to the soldier and asked. Knights had a tendency to employ swords, lances and spears for their reliability. But against unnaturals, the laws of combat that applied to man against man were no longer as relevant. Sometimes, it was smarter to keep a distance. So long as the rest of the team pulled their weight, they were in a good position to take on their prey.
  2. I could even start up a tourism agency that takes people into Dairut to experience the culture from a safe distance and even interact with some of the locals.
  3. The mission went largely unhampered as the group slid along the walls under the watchful eye of the Order paladins. But eventually, they reached the foot of the Eastern mountain. If walking in the dark with one’s path illuminated only by a small handheld lamp and the lights from the wall didn’t seem treacherous enough, the mission was about to take on a whole new level of severity. From this point on, they were on their own. Plodding forward silently through the pitch blackness, it was only less than half an hour before the lights of the wall were no longer in sight. All around them, silence. There was not one gust of breeze, nor one sign of life. There was nothing but the soft clopping of the group’s footsteps. Mel constantly turned around to account for each member of the group. Because Yh’mi (the person) had made a deliberate choice not to take a lantern, it made it all the more difficult for her to make out the woman’s silhouette in the dark. The deeper they went, the more jagged and uneven the ground became, forcing the group to slow to a dragging pace to avoid kraiths and ankle sprains. Yh’mi (the place) had a way of messing with the mind. Many bold adventurers who went beyond the walls of Inns’th came back with signs of lunacy. As they went forward, a soft ringing began to emanate deep in the minds of every party member. It wasn’t a loud noise; more of a mild irritation. But in the silent Yh’mi, hearing any noise at all was disturbing, and what was real and what wasn’t was becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish by the minute. Bloom narrowed her eyes in confusion as the ringing began to sound in her ears. ”Does anyone else hear that?” she was the first one to sound out its presence. She looked around quickly, spotting nothing in the pitch black.
  4. D2 - Encounter Difficulty D3 - Encounter
  5. I mostly agree. I’m also prepared to have my characters be: (1) Dependent on slavery for survival. or (2) Marginally bad people
  6. I feel like part of the MEAT involves the three of you scheming 😁 I think it would be kinda weird for Yh’mi and Van to approach him after they’ve left the safety of the walls, so now is as good as ever
  7. @Nobilis @Walk Among The Abyss would you two like a bit more time this round to interact with @Sirloin’s character?
  8. Sounds like a plan 😁 I think the best way to explore a slaver POV, isn’t necessarily to do slaver things. I think we could go on a Slaver’s Enclave quest that literally any other character could do, with the only modified variables being the setting (Slaver’s Enclave) and the characters. Then we can have scenes where they talk, discuss philosophy and concerns about ethics and life, etc, and otherwise try to look through their lens as normal people. For example, the quest could be as simple as this: A merchant wants to climb the hierarchy of Dairut by getting on the good side of one of the council members. To do this, he has brought in large imports of live cattle from his family farm elsewhere in Lagrimosa. However, a human rights vigilante group has been stealing his cows to sabotage transactions in the enclave. Find out who is stealing his cows and recover the terrified bovine in whatever state (dead or alive) they may be in. Made this up 2 seconds ago XD If I manage to grow one, I’ll be sure to invite you to (attempt to) break it up 😁
  9. Medical aid duty was one of the most tiring facets of working in Yh’mi. Mel had been around to see determined fighters come and go, their morale starting strong and then plummeting within days. No place drained hope and willpower like Yh’mi. Even in war, there were ends in sight, goals to accomplish. In Yh’mi, safety was never a luxury to be had, nor was there a definite end to their defence efforts. Losing wasn’t an option either. If Inns’th fell, Lagrimosa would fall. She had just finished bandaging the leg of a screaming ranger who had been impaled through the calf by an arrow shot by a Twistling. His party was either foolish enough to go without a healer or had their healer killed in battle. Whatever the case, he was lucky that the arrow hadn’t pierced any major blood vessels or he would’ve been dead long before his companions managed to carry him back to the wall. In spite of having washed them with water, her fingers still smelled like blood. Underneath her armor and tunic, she was drenched in sweat and smelled terrible. She hadn’t showered in two days, but neither had many of the others. Out here, when there was a medical emergency, first responder teams had to rush to the wall to get to the victims as soon as possible. In addition to this, an armed escort of anywhere between two to four fighters had to accompany them in case they fell victim to a Twistling attack on the way. Right as one got out of a shower, the next emergency could occur right there and then. There were no breaks or rests in Yh’mi. This was the reality of the cruel world and the price it demanded for survival. Throughout the encampment, campfires burned as adventurers, soldiers, mercenaries and holy warriors gathered in little circles to cook their food, pray, meditate, or share stories. Yh’mi was a place of many confessions and moral truths. One man finally revealed that he had murdered his wife all those years ago and was prepared to repent before the lord. In an ironic way, Yh’mi brought out a certain beauty in people. It brought out a willingness to make sacrifices, it allowed the bravest of men and women to shine among the common crop, and it tied everyone together in unity above trivial worldly concerns with a single trait that all shared: desperation. No where else in the world had there laid a more righteous cause that would make men and women willingly fall on their swords without hesitation to protect everything that they’ve known and loved. To protect existence on Valucre. That was the duty of every man and woman in Inns’th. The nearest campfire to Mel was jovial and moderately high in spirits; as high in spirits as one could be out here. There was a bard among them, but his songs weren’t cheerful and optimistic. The lyrics were solemn and wise, and invoked peace of mind rather than energetic glee. Even then, she found the congregation a bit crowded and walked further. Up ahead, there was a lone man at his campfire. Well, the campfire wasn’t his per se. In Inns’th everyone shared whatever they had. Bickering over a campfire was childish and would likely lead to one being expelled from the encampment. Mel strolled over quietly and sat down opposite him with the fire right down the middle. She began to unpack her cooking kit, taking out a small metal tin with a handle, a packet of noodles and a flask of water. @EpicRome23
  10. You can still get out 😬 @Dabi claims that he’s going to rescue your female characters. It’s just the men you’ll have to worry about now. Also, if Sarah is a banshee, shouldn’t she have the ability to become incorporeal and phase through things?
  11. Sure, I’m game. But you’ll have to explain what this means: Sorry, not my era 😬 So this is non-Canon and just for fun. Does it even take place in Valucre? (The planet, not the site).
  12. You are entirely responsible 😂 You put them there!! Double punctuation is a device and you used it to convey a very specific effect that you’ll have to explain to otherwise convince me sir!!!
  13. The exclamation marks, bruh. Somehow, the masculine excitement it conveys just makes me squirm in my seat in discomfort.
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