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  1. If you see this let me know if you’re interested in a military vanguard pushing into Amalia! Amenities has some notions 

  2. Oh. So he’s figuratively “Dead” like the skeletons in the Cthulhu thread ._. I used to think that the Dead consisted mostly of undead. But it turns out, everyone is alive!
  3. Sex- I mean what! Is he even a living thing? I thought he was a zombie! Zombie blood can’t be good for anyone’s health! Though I find the thought of him going, “Come hither, Cain. Come and feed on me.” with a deep, sexy purr to be quite fantastic.
  4. Shikai... Is going to be the offering? 👀
  5. It’s a little vague, but from my understanding, individuals are being groomed to be fed on? 👀
  6. Sorry Houndy, I just thought I’d let you know that I’m probably going to be pulling out of this thread. I’m currently at a sweet spot with my thread count and commitment and I think any more will start to overwhelm me. Best of luck with the games though!
  7. Basic Name: Danil Quresh Race: Genesari Human Age: 31 Birthplace: Dairut (Genesaris) Class or Occupation: Mercenary Personal Hair: Black Eyes: Black Skin: Tanned Body: Mesomorphic Height: 6’2 Weight: 190 lbs Abilities and Resistances - Magic At it’s most raw and basic form, magic is the harnessing of energies within oneself and in ones surroundings to conjure, transfigure or teleport. Danil possesses strong command of conjuration, allowing him to create energy weapons and shields to be used in battle. He draws energy for his spells from his personal mana reserves. - Martial Prowess Danil employs a modern version of his ethnic martial art (which is similar to real world Tahtib, which is an Egyptian/Muslim martial art). Equipment Thread History
  8. -Deleted- On second thoughts, I’m currently at a sweet spot in terms of threads. I think I’ll cruise on what I have for now. Good luck!
  9. Gotcha. If amenities isn’t joining us, I want to say before we get started that I’d prefer not to get jumped all at once by the six OCs who are flying overhead 😬
  10. I’ve done something that I didn’t intend to do 😂 But now there is another opportunity. If you want, @Dabi @Zigzag @amenities, we can fight away from the hordes of angry Lagrimosa citizens. At least one of Michael’s crew should have seen the stray bogey trailing upward into the sky and crashing back down into the plains. Dauner would have realised that he’s missing one of his guys. We could take this to the fields where there are only PCs and fewer unknowns variables. Or, Sarah and Bloom could fight for a bit before Dauner rips her into the sky a second time if you guys just want to get the thread over and done with. What do you guys think?
  11. Some would liken the grip which Bloom had over Sarah to the deathly clench of a constrictor. As such, when the powerful force of Dauner’s magic plucked the banshee upward into the air, her fluttering white captor was seized in the wake of his spell. Trailing upward significantly slower than the rest of her accomplices, the pair’s momentum began to subside altogether until they hung suspended in motion at the apex of their ascent. Half a mile above them was the rest of the mercenary group. For a moment, Bloom thought she had been blinded or had her soul ripped out of her body, another uncanny ability which some spirits possessed. As she soared through the air with her ‘passenger’ in tow, it took her a few moments to realise that the experience was real. With all the extra weight and the wild struggles of both parties, Dauner’s spell couldn’t make use of its full effect. And once they stopped going up, there was only one place to go now. Down. From where they were, the townstead of Valdrin was but a checkered design amid a canvas of green. And as they fell, they fell away from it, into the green. Dauner hadn’t just ripped them off the ground. He had sent them hurtling into the adjacent landscape, far from the village altogether. As they approached the ground, powerful winds buffeted curtains of white that followed in their descent. The edges of terrain became more and more defined as what initially looked to be a patch of green turned into the angled side of a grassy hill. No trees, no rocks, the kind of land you would graze cattle on. Just as it seemed that the pair would go splat into the ground, something fascinating happened. Well, for the onlooker it would have been fascinating. To Bloom, it was what she had practiced since young. Somehow, they began to slow, slow enough that the martial artist’s overwhelming dress was now descending side by side with them as opposed to being pulled down from beneath. It was the result of her technique, 轻功, that allowed her to briefly overcome the effects of gravity. As their feet touched the ground gently, Bloom reasserted her grip over Sarah’s neck, her sleeves tightening. ”Don’t move, or I’ll break your neck,” she said aloud, though in her mind, her own words came as mumbled gurgles. She couldn’t hear a thing. ”If you scream, I will break your neck,” she repeated, taking one of her hands off the girl’s torso to grasp a dark red concoction from her pocket. @Zigzag
  12. The main race for what? 😮 I have no plans yet and I’m definitely very flexible with a character I have yet to write into Valucre.
  13. @Zigzag I think it’s your turn 😬 to finalise the escape. You guys didn’t do too bad btw. Eric slaughtered most of the farmers. Dauner made a guy murder his brother. The banshee killed a bunch of people openly in the street. People have died and you guys escaped 😁 And Cragmar killed two of the local guard.
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