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  1. As Svetlana returns fire on Arista, Svetlana might have a difficult time understanding how Arista felt about the entire situation. The ferocity of her tone seemed entirely lost on Arista, who simply gave the impression of a student not paying attention during class. Arista looks bored, “If you wanted to keep the memories, you only needed to say as much. It was my suggestion to leave the memories in your possession. If I chose, I could have simply never given you the crystal, and crushed it to destroy them permanently. The agreement is that I will return Lia’s memories if requested. I don’t intend to do anything against your will yet.” Arista starts to levitate slightly above the surface of the bed, seemingly to avoid her body sinking into the mattress and blankets. “There’s no reason to be on guard.” Arista’s shadowy illusions lunge out with phantom daggers. “If you don’t have anything else to discuss with me, you should probably leave.”
  2. Arista sighs, deflating back to her usual emotionless. "You've learned to start taking my intellect seriously, but in this case you misunderstand. I disagree with the way you think, and could go as far as to call it weak, naive, foolish, and many other undesirable qualities. The idea that it being better to tackle a problem with an uncertain solution because you don't like what must be done to achieve a certain result is nothing short of wishful thinking. You and people like you die young chasing after fantasies where you get to save everyone. However, it's not like I don't understand what you are trying to accomplish." Arista holds out her hand, "Give me the crystal, and I'll give Lia her memories back." Arista's paranoia aura starts to show Arista smashing the crystal into a million pieces. "I will convince Lia herself to part with her memories. Even if I don't succeed now, there's always later. Something people like you don't understand, is that I don't need to resort to taking action right away. My powers of divining fate make my advantage only grow over time. I've played my hand face up. You have a relationship with Lia that I seek to preserve. I tried to protect that by taking away memories that put that in danger, but you insist on clinging to a backwards sense of justice. But no matter. If you insist on throwing away my only reason to keep you alive, that is your choice." Arista holds out her hand expectantly.
  3. Arista nods, once again holding up a finger to represent which point she is discussing, "First, Lia's old memories would motivate her to attempt to return home. This is a feat she is capable of accomplishing through the use of the gate spell. Her return to her previous world would mark her spiritual death, and therefore create the worst possible result. This is without even considering the considerable risk and cost associated with the casting of gate." Holding up her second finger, "Secondly, provided that the worst case scenario is averted, Lia's memories will make it more difficult to acclimate to her new surroundings. Her various attachments to people whom she has no means of ever meeting again will hold her back from achieving great things in this world. You saw for yourself how talented and kindhearted Lia was in the previous world. She ended up like that despite growing up neglected and never developing close friendships. Imagine how powerful she could become given a proper upbringing." Arista begins to finish up, her monotone voice continuing to haunt the room, "Finally, my actions can more often be devoted to Lia's happiness when I'm certain that I'll end up her lover. When that outcome is challenged, I'm forced into taking more and more drastic actions in order to create results. If Lia's memories of me go back to her upbringing, I'll be able to accomplish my goals by doing things that either directly make Lia happy, or make her more successful. Given a more antagonistic role, I might need to sometimes do things that make her less capable or independent in order to make sure she still chooses me in the end." Arista looks at Svetlana expectantly, emotion returning to her voice. A proud overtone overtakes the lifeless monotone, "Or did you have a plan to make Lia happy, when she's lost everything that once made her happy? When she misses her father, whom she always wanted to love her, how will you comfort her? When she takes on tasks beyond her ability, because she can't stay idle when people need her help, can you keep her safe? I have a plan. I can keep Lia safe. I can make her happy. I know her, better than anyone will ever know another person. And I'm saying leaving her memories is a mistake. Knowing all that, would you still tell me to return them?"
  4. Arista first addresses Svetlana's question. "Right now, Lia wouldn't be able to say she loves me. She would likely say something less extreme. But, I know for certain that she doesn't regret saving me from the tomb. I know that for certain because Lia doesn't remember saving me, and I haven't had the right chance to tell her. If I told her that. Then she'd feel responsible. Lia, the way she is now, still looks at me as a troubled child. She wanted to learn more about me, so that she could figure out why I behave the way I do, and then attempt to solve the underlying problem. She still wants to think of herself as an adult, even after I changed her to someone my age. In essence, she wants to help me, even without knowing the circumstances. But she doesn't love me. Not yet. She'd never let herself date someone so young..." Arista then talks about Svetlana's concerns on her deciding on Lia's behalf, "I decide what is best for Lia, because of the two of us, I'm the only one that can access the fates. If I let Lia do what she feels is best, she'll get hurt needlessly. If I'm aware that there is a pit trap that Lia would walk into, then obviously I wouldn't care if she wanted to continue down the path. The simple fact of the matter is that Lia is safer with me at her side because of my divination magic. Everything else is of secondary concern." Arista finally addresses the issue of magic, "If you want me to put those memories back inside Lia. I'd want to at least have the chance to advocate for their removal. If you hear my reasoning, and afterwards still feel the need to put them back in Lia, I'll comply. As to how I'd prove that I would do exactly that, my options are limited. I would prefer not to, but I do have a spell that could vouch for my intentions. I can cast contact other plane to have an old god answer my questions. But that puts a strain on my sanity, and since you would need to listen in, yours as well. You would simply have to trust me if my only means of proving myself isn't sufficient."
  5. Arista can be found sitting in bed. An ethereal armor surrounds her. She looks at Svetlana and all her fury struck glory. She is sat prone on the bed. She doesn't seem particularly stressed. Arista still gives Svetlana that horrible sense that she had foreseen this too. From Arista's aura, every corner of the room seems wrought with danger. She had enough time to set up traps. summon any manner of creatures, this room wasn't safe. And yet, here Svetlana was. Once again ready to converse with the devilish girl. Arista shakes her head, "You are half right. But, you know. You only saw the worst memories. Completely out of context. From one person's perspective. There are still a few questions you should be asking." Arista holds up her pointer finger, "First, why did I allow you to see those memories? If my only objective was to erase my tracks, then I would have crushed the crystal in my hand. There would have been no stopping me from that position. Additionally, you wouldn't have been able to fight me, because I would have been holding Lia." Arista holds up her index finger, "Second, what role did I play in Lia's life? What motivated me to do the things I did. You claim its because I want to enslave her. But you haven't even asked Lia how she feels about my actions, and the larger role I played in her life. I do terrible things, but that is because I love Lia. And she has good reason to love me back." Arista holds up her ring finger, "Finally, you assume I won't put the memories back, but is that true? You haven't even tried to allow me to do that. You came here to kill me. Not even thinking of the sadness that would bring Lia." Arista clenches her fist, "You are going to lose your chance to be Lia's guardian. I'm going to make sure she sees you that way. I need someone I can trust to watch over her while I kill Astra. Replacing you would waste time and resources I would much rather put to defeating those who would threaten that." Arista stares down Svetlana, "You need to get a grip, and think about what is best for Lia. Let's sit down and talk about this."
  6. Axis

    Martial Arts Vs. Magic

    I guess I just misunderstand your point then. You are right that very few shows have prominent characters in which a single person is proficient in both magic and martial abilities. I would say though, I think that is an interesting piece of design space that deserves to be explored. Also, agreed. Usually the cheated vs earned trope falls flat for that reason among others. It's also not very popular, cause people tend to think magic is cool. I just notice that in series which take time to separate the idea of a supernatural martial art and magic, (see RBWY and dust vs semblance vs magic for another example), the distinction between magic users and martial users is typically magic is something you are born with and did nothing to earn (within this niche archetype)
  7. Axis

    Martial Arts Vs. Magic

    This is actually way more common than you’d give it credit for. I can’t remember the last time that it was done well, but there’s a good number of instances where the two are made distinct. A common theme tackled is the idea of cheated verse earned power, where martial power is depicted as earned, and magic as cheated. Just so I leave you with a concrete popular example, in dbz during the buu saga, they make a very big deal that bobbity is a magic user rather than using ki like all the other fighters.
  8. Axis

    Martial Arts Vs. Magic

    I think something worth mentioning is the idea of an arcane tradition. Even amongst pure spellcasters, the method and energy by which they gain access to the arcane are profoundly different. Rather than this simply being a case of external vs internal like previously suggested, I think we are talking about paths to power. While a wizard might spend their time uncovering arcane knowledge which allows them to better understand power that already existed in the word, waiting to be understood and unlocked, a sorcerer might further refine their own natural abilities to enhance their control over the arcane, and other traditions might have different paths to different abilities. I think something particularly interesting about magic when viewed through a lens of a character building perspective, is it allows you to convert a character's struggle with intangible concepts into concrete power scaling tools. I think that connecting a character's themes to their arcane tradition will likely make them a more compelling and deep character. Something unique that martial arts in the lense of an arcane tradition provides is the power fantasy of a sorcerer, but you aren't special. Anyone willing to train their body and mind to sync up in harmony can gain access to the power of martial arts. It seems to me to be an excellent source of power for a character that is struggling to find a sense of discipline, wholeness of mind, or inner peace. I say this because as a character puts their life in order, they are rewarded with greater proficiency, which leads to greater responsibility and new problems that the character must face. It also forces a character to confront themselves and the things that hold them back, or risk going into a fight unprepared, which is a good story in itself. I think any arcane tradition can lend itself to excellent storytelling experience when paired with the right character and setting.
  9. Hey Luna-san. Your discord doesn't include your unique number, so it'll be hard to add you as a friend.

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  10. I’m looking forward to watching the fight
  11. Astra talks about the man as an afterthought, "Well that's no fun. If he was going to die either way, he may as well go out giving me useful information. Or, he could look like a total badass and not say anything till the end. If you just kill him like that, you'll never know anything about him. You think you are giving them mercy, but really you are just resigning them to have never meant anything to anyone. Really it's quite cruel." Astra giggles at that last note. Walking facing backwards, she starts teasing H-215, "And what about you. Surely it would be more fun watching those humans you hate so much squirm. If you haven't gotten the chance, the funnest part about people, is watching what they do when they're all out of options." Returning to face forward Astra comments, "So, are we going to have a good way to get back to our ship? I figure I can just make a boiler overheat on this side and doom this ship to a watery grave, but I'm not ready to die just yet."
  12. Arista nods blankly as Svetlana suggests that she demonstrates what happened that day with Lia. Following Svetlana dutifully, Arista walks by her side. Svetlana might notice Arista's movements appear slightly unnatural. Her normal walking utilizes that spectral force she employed earlier, giving it a very lungey quality to it. Combined with her passive aura, it really gives the impression that at any moment she might just attack. However this promised attack never comes, and the pair reaches Lia. Lia once again reacts negatively to Arista's presence, tossing and turning in her sleep. Arista however smiles at the sight. Beginning to cast a spell, arcane glyphs begin to materializing around the edges of the room in a bright cyan color. They are sucked into the direction of Arista's fingertips, as if caught in a vortex. After six seconds, Arista's hands glow with arcane power. Then, a new incantation begins, this time without any visible tell as to what sort of arcane power was at work. After another six seconds passes, Arista sits on the bed, placing her fingers on Lia's temple. Once Arista's fingers make contact, absolutely pristine crystals begin to materialize around Lia on the bed. If one gazes into the crystal closely enough, they'd see the memories trapped within. Arista hums softly throughout this process, stroking Lia's forehead in a soothing manner. This likely had nothing to do with the effectiveness of the spell. After working for about a minute, Arista releases her grasp from Lia, and the many crystals that formed around Lia begin to unite into just a single memory crystal. Arista then climbs away off of the bed. Arista leaves the crystal behind, "Well, that should take care of all the problematic memories. We'll need to make some new ones here to replace them so she doesn't feel lonely. If you want to see what happened, just hold onto the crystal, and gaze into it like a crystal ball. If you want them gone forever though, you'll have the crush the crystal. It is quite fragile, so be careful with it. If you want me to put them back, just let me know. I'm going to go back to the other room and cast a few spells before bed. I want to learn as much about the world as possible so I'm not defenseless. Plus, I don't want to give Lia nightmares while she recovers her strength." Arista picks up the food that was intended for her, taking it into the other room. Below is the memories contained in the crystal
  13. As the man turns back, he inexplicably finds himself unable to move. Astra suddenly materializes, as if out of shadows. She had moved with complete silence while Lexa took center stage, and she moved like a spector. Still within Lexa’s immediate sight she starts to taunt her prey, “Hey friend.” Astra pulls the dagger she had stabbed him with previously from his back. He can watch in horror as he feels nothing, due to a numbing agent, as the dagger drips with blood. She moves it slowly upwards, allowing the man to understand the great harm she inflicted. Only allowing him to imagine the damage it did. “One of my favorite things about stabbing people is you get to learn a lot about people. Learning new things is my favorite part of making new friends.” Astra’s voice grows cold, “Tell me how you contact reinforcements." Astra without warning slices the man’s wrist, causing him to quite rapidly bleed out. Flipping back to her playful persona, she gives him a smile filled with childlike glee, “You are on the clock. Good luck friend.”
  14. Arista pauses for a moment to study Svetlana's expression. She starts off by giving her name. "My name is Arista." The small girl starts to close her eyes. "I'm probably not a good girlfriend. Lia probably never would have chose to have me in her life either. Lia had to give up a lot, to get to this point. I bent fate, I did whatever was necessary, to get to a place she could love me back." Arista continues in her uncomfortably emotionless tone, "I need Lia. I have ever since the day she saved me from being sacrificed on an altar to an old god." Suddenly, Arista starts to emote, a mixture of pain and nostalgia overtakes her lifeless tone, "I remember it like it was yesterday... I was surrounded by strange men with daggers. I was cut open. I was bleeding on the alter, waiting for Zenith to finally take me." Arista erupts passionately, "Then, suddenly a wall of fire erupted, splitting the room in half. A team of adventurers surges in like a storm. The cultists on the same side of the wall of fire throw their bodies at the adventurers while the ritual continues. The adventurers were being overwhelmed, and eventually they began to rout. The wall of fire fell down, and I ceased to feel anything. And yet, I wasn't with Zenith. Despair filled my very soul, that the meaning of all my suffering, couldn't even be bothered to claim me." Arista then slows down to a tone of complete awe, "Then, I felt a force reaching out to me. I wasn't willing to return to that world, and yet. I felt completely stunned by how beautiful Lia's spirit was. It was like, after being buried alive my entire life, a beam of light suddenly struck me. When I came to my senses, I was on Lia's back. She was running away from the tomb I called home. She was covered in wounds, and she was alone. For the first time in my life... I felt like I was really alive. Like, I was supposed to continue on... I held onto her tightly, and she smiled. Through heavy breaths as she ran as fast as she could, she told me I was going to be ok, and I cried, until consciousness failed me." Arista's voice returns to its usual lifeless expressions, "When I woke up, she was gone. I was in a church. From what I understood, they were trying to purify me. The people there wanted me to feel at ease, but I felt nothing for them. The promise the light gave me that day, of a life worth living. It had vanished, leaving behind my purposeless husk." Arista says longingly, "I wanted to see her again. I wanted her like most people want to live because really those things were the same thing for me. A life without Lia, is worse than no life at all." Arista now opens her eyes to look at Svetlana's, their emptiness and vanity threatening to swallow them, "The moment, she saved me... She became my everything. So, even if she doesn't want me in her life, I'll still fight with everything I am to make sure I can be by her side... And if, that is wrong... If my life and my purpose are really beyond redemption. I want her to be the one to kill me."
  15. Arista shakes her head, "Many of the details aren't clear. Normally I'd consult the fates by using spells. However your trust is currently more important due to the role you are going to play in Lia's new life. Regardless of if I'm able to gain it, the next course of action is to make sure nobody interferes with Lia's new childhood. Specifically, the number one threat to that right now is her past memories, and Astra. To deal with the first, my plan is to use a combination of two spells. Detect thoughts and memoria. This will allow me to selectively crystalize Lia's memories. By presenting that crystal to you, you'll be able to see the memories. When you see that the memory would only bring trouble to Lia, and you crush it in your palm, she'll be ready to think of you as a parental figure. After getting rid of the threat of her memories, the next step will be to eliminate Astra. I'll utilize my divination magic to locate her, and then I'll find an opening to end her. After that, I'll return to Lia's side as her protector. When she feels ready, we'll start dating." Arista's tone and expression never change throughout her entire timeline of events. She's already thought things through to this degree, mere seconds after waking up and getting attacked. Arista lays against the bed, "But, there's a few places the plan needs to be improved. It's too rigid, and subject to interference. I haven't secured food, shelter, a crystal ball, magic items, learned the local political scene, the international political scene, the market, the blackmarket, criminal culture, divinity..." Arista goes on for quite some time, listing various things she wants to learn about. Then, she pauses. "And, I also don't know all the things a good girlfriend should do..." Arista starts to close her eyes. Her stomach growling audibly. "It's hard to think..." Despite her brilliance, her near sociopathic behavior, and terrifying desire to know and control everything, Arista was in fact just a young girl. It seemed that even she was capable of feeling overwhelmed.
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