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  1. Axis

    Outreach Team AMA

    This was extraordinarily helpful. It very much clarified what MP is about. Basically you don't want me creating spells that invalidate the play experience, or as a shortcut to doing something powerful. But ultimately the players at the table decide what will be allowed (which includes the lore owners) As far as how I translate saves into freeform, I simply make the nature of the spell such that someone who would have a high relevant stat would have an easier time. Strength saves involve spells which brute force is effective against, dex are spells that give time to dodge, int are spells that require knowledge of the arcane, cha are spells in which being fearless or of strong conviction makes them ineffective, con can be shrugged off by healthy individuals, and wis are spells that require intuitive thinking to avoid. So like with feeblemind, I might give it a homing quality, and it has to be dodged in just the right way. Whereas for fireball, it's just a fast projectile that you just don't want to be standing in a particular position.
  2. Axis

    Outreach Team AMA

    So. All of my characters are ports from D&D, which features some spells that might need to be reworked. The ones I'm looking at in particular are in a few different categories. Obviously I would like to maintain as much of the flavor as possible, so if you can think of a way to save any of these spells, let me know. (not all of these are spells my characters know, but exist in D&D in general). The spells at issue here are: Group 1: Teleportation Teleportation Circle, Teleport, Dimension Door, Misty Step, Thunder Step, Far Step, Arcane Gate, Word of Recall, and Gate Group 2: Magical Scanning Identify, Divination, Contact Other Plane, Scrying, Arcane Eye, Clairvoyance, True Seeing, Locate Creature, Commune, Detect Thoughts, Find the Path, and Legend Lore Group 3: Temporal Manipulation Foresight, Sequester, and Time Stop Group 4: Potentially Unfun Counterspell, Feeblemind, Globe of Invulnerability, Greater Restoration, Imprisonment, Invulnerability, Modify Memory, Power Word Kill, Power Word Stun, Resurrection, Reincarnate, Revivify, Simulacrum, Soul Cage, True Polymorph, and True Resurrection Group 5: Large Scale Reality Manipulation Demiplane, Guards and Wards, Magnificent Mansion, Meteor Swarm, Mighty Fortress, Maze, Move Earth, Reverse Gravity, Storm of Vengeance, Temple of the Gods, Tsunami, and Wish
  3. Axis

    The Lounge

    When Svetlana checks on Lia, she finds the poor girl starting to toss and turn when Arista is removed from her body. Her hands move about as well, as if looking to find something it can hold onto. She finally settles down, holding onto a pillow with her entire body as Svetlana gives her a kiss. She doesn't look at peace, but at least she doesn't seem ready to wake up right away. As Svetlana picks up the small girl, she likely notices how cold the girl's body is. With the combined factors of having no clothes and having been knocked out, her body temporarily wasn't properly regulating its own heat. Fortunately, being pressed against Svetlana's warm back did help to mitigate the immediate effects. Ultimately, Arista doesn't stay down for long. After just two minutes she starts to rouse. As the girl wakes, she instinctively tries to move her arms, but finds them bound behind her back. Arista's eyes dart about the room, trying to absorb every bit of information available to her.
  4. Astra yawns, "Well then, that means I can finally go do something fun. But even if you don't want to fight, you are probably better off sticking with us, so you don't get mistaken for an enemy." Astra starts walking casually back through the path she came from. While walking away, "Lexa, what do you want to do?"
  5. Astra groans, "Well, sorry for mistaking someone who tried to kill me for a friend. I told her I'd bring you back here, and her great idea is to make it harder for both of us to get back to her and possibly kill me." Astra glares back, "And while I'm glad her error has been corrected, if you notice, this girl has yet to apologize for trying to take my life." Astra goes monotone, "I'm in such a bad mood right now. So just hurry up and do whatever it is you want to do so we can move on with out lives. Unless we wanna wait for all the guys on our side to get shot down by snipers. You do care about them right?" Astra smiles, "I bet this lizard girl would make it super easy to kill the snipers up top. I wanna stab things."
  6. Astra, seeing the two girls playing around, simply sits on the sidelines watching the two. She mutters something to herself about wanting to be part of the fun, but ultimately sits on the sidelines while she looks around for the next place she'll run to if something back happens. She looks on from the sidelines, watching the girls closely.
  7. Axis

    The Lounge

    As Svetlana charges at Arista with the intent to knock her unconscious, Arista looks on at her with a level of calm that suggested she already knew the events that would transpire. Rather than provoking a defensive reaction, Arista wholehearted accepts the consequences of her actions. Her body lurches first slightly backward, then forward suddenly in an unnatural and unsettling manner; propelled by otherworldly forces. Arista's eyes are not on Svetlana, but instead Lia. She throws herself forward such that when she is bonked upside the head, her body land's atop Lia's. Bleeding slightly from the head where Svetlana hit her, blood slowing starts to trickle onto Lia. Arista can be seen holding onto Lia for security as she blacks out. It might actually look adorable under better circumstances. Like this... It simply looked like a painful duality. Without the ability to sense magic, Svetlana would have no ability to know if a spell went off, or what it might have done. At the very least, nothing immediately terrible seemed to happen.
  8. Astra giggles when the people around them actively announce that they were using their overwelming defender's advantage to simply prevent Lexa from escaping. Since they were as kind as to let her know that they had no intention of coming in, Astra decides to only set up a few wires, and then stealth her way over towards Lexa. Walking slowly through the tunnel, Astra focuses on moving as quietly as possible, and getting an idea of what was transpiring between Lexa and her now opponent.
  9. Astra initially was going to say something, likely something snarky, about Lexa's comment. However, she quickly changed to a rather compliant mood as she witnessed Lexa creating what amounted to a thermal bomb. Astra not only covers her ears. She dashes and dives away as far as possible as to avoid as much sonic damage as possible. Since she had to land without her hands, Astra's chest takes the full impact of her having leaped onto the steel floor like a bad dive into the pool. Fortunately, Astra's light weigh played to her favor in this particular instance, making the fall a lot more manageable. She glares at Lexa with annoyance, saying not even a single word to the powerful experiment on the subject. Astra remarks snidely, "Well, I might not have to. You might as well have announced, 'Hey, everyone who hates and wants to kill me, I'm right here. Please investigate this huge explosion so we have more friends to come shoot at us." Finally done with her tantrum, Astra goes monotone, still scowling. "If you are lucky enough not to get ambushed, she'll be at the end of that ice tunnel. But she knows you are coming, and if she has a brain she'll seal the hallway with that attack again. If you are fortunate enough to find out she can't do that again, then you'll get to fight with her one on one. I'll have to set up traps to make sure nobody from outside comes to interrupt." Astra finally smirks, "Maybe I'll get to kill a bunch of people."
  10. Astra shakes her head, speaking in monotone, "Daggers are expensive. I just have this one." Astra seeing that Lexa wasn't up for leaving the area, simply starts searching the area for something metal that looks fun to wreck. She doesn't communicate this intention. Astra seems to have lost interest in the circumstances, wandering about without a sense of urgency. She suggests, "Maybe we should just go home. I'm tired of this place."
  11. Astra thinks for a moment, then pulls out of her bag a set of marbles and jacks and copper pieces, all made of steel. "I can't really fit anything large in my bag, but I've got plenty of metal. If you want something larger, we'd have to wreck some of the boat." Astra giggles, "Wouldn't it be fun to crush their communications system, and bust their wall at the same time?"
  12. Iruha Height: 5'4" Weight:115lbs Build: Small Voice: Special: Iruha comes from a lineage of guildhall owners, no expense was spared in her self defense and magic lessons. Current Location: N/A Equipment: None for now.
  13. Astra mulls over the idea. "Well... I don't particularly like fighting people who know I'm coming. So if you can't just kill everyone outside..." Astra gives a big grin, "Well, Lexa. How are you planning on getting rid of that ice, and what will it cost you?"
  14. Astra picks herself up now that enough time has passed for her body to once again be at full strength. "Well, if you don't know her, then that means I won't feel as bad making her bleed." Astra gives a big smile, "So, we can't go through this hall with all this ice. Wanna to play with the people outside?"
  15. Astra comments, "I could, but if I do I'll be wasting the medicine I brought with me. It's bad to be wasteful, so I'm being a good girl and waiting for it to run its course. My body isn't as sturdy as yours, so I have to be extra careful." Astra giggles, "If I were as strong as you, I wonder what kinds of trouble I could get into." Astra goes monotone again, "Do you know that ice lizard?"
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