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  1. “Just call me Mizuki. Kaneshiro Mizuki.” She watched the storm come in, and sighed. It seemed the singularity had been solved, and was about to collapse. Looking at the Baron, she walked up to him, and patted his shoulder with her good arm. Past or present, she always ended her encounters with the same words: ”If it’s anything, I’ll remember this.” And so she left the singularity.
  2. Mizuki yelled out as her arm was injured, the wound starting to bleed prominently. With her free hand, she pulled the rapier blade out and stumbled back as she examined the injury. The blade had obviously done damage to many layers of muscle in her arm, and it would take a while for her to reverse the damage using her minor chronokinesis later. Quite a long while. And her coat would need stitching. That aside, she looked at the Baron with what can only be described as utter disbelief. His movements were fast, possibly even so if they had used the same blades, his parrying having quickly put her in a vunerable state, and the strikes with his blade were terribly accurate. Needless to say, she respected the Baron for his skill with his blade. Obviously, he was more experienced than her in duel situations, his blade also being better suited for the occasion than hers. Rapiers were designed for duels, allowing for quick and precise attacks for singular targets. Katanas were designed to cut with stronger, devastating cuts, to bring hordes down in war. And parrying the rapier was barely possible. "I've a long way to go before I get accustomed to the notion of dueling, nnh..." Watching the Baron pull the bo-shuriken out of his protective gear, she contemplated asking if he was alright, but that would contradict herself, so she just hung her head and cleaned her wound, slightly resenting that she resorted to throwing a hidden blade in her pocket meant for desperate situations. Was it a desperate situation then? She mulled it over amidst fading adrenaline and heavy breaths.
  3. The worst ability is fissionability.

  4. "Nnh-" Almost losing her footing, she swiveled her right foot back, stumbling a distance to the left. Her blade tilted sideways across her body in a defensive position as she regained her footing. Having a blade smaller than hers deflect her wider katana astounded her for a fair bit, as she acknowledged the speed of the lighter blade. It seemed that wide, strong attacks were far from optimal in this situation. Neither could she grab the blade away from him, his dagger a danger at such close range. That way, she felt she had only one solution left. She let go of her katana with her right hand, pulling it back against her right coat pocket, and swinging it with a flourish at him. A single, thick needle flew from her hand and at the Baron- a steel bo-shuriken. Taking advantage of the small surface area of his blade, the projectile blade would have been impossible to deflect safely with it, while Mizuki herself rushed forward after the release to follow through, her hands on the katana again, ready to slice at him should he dodge the projectile.
  5. Well, if she can’t hear it, she can’t hear it. ”I’d like something along the lines of Archer class Gilgamesh. Noble Phantasm Enuma Elish.” Sure, it wouldn’t be THE Gilgamesh, but at least she would be able to train herself in Saber form. After all, many Heroic Spirits were vulnerable to Enuma Elish itself. The sheer power of it rivalled many other attacks combined. Then again, she wondered if it was actually safe giving a computer program the go-ahead to access a Noble Phantasm which, frankly, was able to destroy a whole world at full power. So she added, “Decrease the potency of the Noble Phantasm to Small City level.” Still powerful, but at least it wouldn’t tear through everything if something went wrong. It’s just hardlight, anyway. She pulled out her pocket clock, making sure she tied her hair back in a ponytail, becoming a cyan-haired Artoria doppelgänger with the exception of the ponytail which Artoria herself didn’t have. Holding what seemed to be an invisible object obscured by what I can only describe as air waves, she was already prepared for battle. Weirdly enough, it seemed as if the air was solid, and yet invisible to the point where whatever it covered was invisible as well. “Is it alright with you if I initiate some Noble Phantasm of my own during the spar?” she asked the Prognosticator, having the invisible air object thingy at the ready.
  6. Mizuki reacted instinctively, her katana pushing the rapier’s blade off-target, before she stepped back, recognising the lack of range in his attack. He was toying with her, testing her patience. As she had been many times, and she had reciprocated oftentimes as well. However, she was holding a katana. Now was no time for flashy, stylish moves, nor berserk, wide lunges. With calculated, swift steps, she closed the distance, yelling out while her right foot slammed down into the ground as she committed into a rapid downward diagonal slice, then almost instantly back up in the same manner, then sideways, while keeping her stance. None of her cuts were pulled; all of them done with unrelenting intent. Her flurry aimed at multiple points on his torso, her explosive counterattack (rather, riposte, you might say) a visible result of repetition, as she handled the sword like an archer does his bow, accustomed with muscle memory, the weight of the sword balanced with her arms well as she took each swing. To her, it was a matter of honour: The West used their blades for duels, inducing flair into their swings against singular opponents to gain respect. The East used their blades for that, and war. Swordsmanship was how well you could handle a sword, and not how nicely you looked as you took a swing. You only had one motive of unsheathing your sword in the East- the intent to draw blood.
  7. "If that is what you wish, I have no argument against it." She unsheathed her katana, revealing it to be one with Unokubi-Zukuri blade style, the two blood grooves on each side of the blade a telltale sign of this. The blade itself was keenly sharpened, the grooves also bearing minor bloodstains, while the blade was polished to a glimmering shine. The blade was clay-covered 'jewel steel' made of iron sand, as was traditional with the Japanese, and the whole sword was a total length of 3.4', little matter with how katanas are two-handed weapons anyways. She took a standard 'seigan no kamae' stance, kicking off her shoes, lifting her heels, right foot in front of the left, and the blade slightly away from herself, pointing upwards diagonally to her opponent's chin. With that, she was ready and prepared for her enemy. "That blade you hold speaks beauty as well. You've used it well, from what I can observe of it's quality." Even without the knowledge of fencing techniques, she nodded in acknowledgement of the sword's build. Every swordsman learns to recognize a sword from the hand of a remarkable smith as they use more and more blades over time. "I will be honoured to fight against a blade of such keen standards."
  8. A distinct pop, and then the words "Well, this is a singularity I haven't looked over yet." The cyan-haired female looked around at the scenery. Quite interestingly, it looked a lot like that one realm called Unlimited Blade Works. Except no swords and actual civilization. Sure, some of the locals might have been spooked by her sudden appearance, but Mizuki didn't care much. It was a singularity anyway. Whatever she did here wouldn't carry over to the other timelines. She was pretty much unarmored, being in her coat. The coat was of some cotton fabric, not that it mattered. The surroundings were rather cooling to her. Having being accustomed to fighting in a plain and mostly deserted realm, she knew there was someone else here who was out of place in the timeline. Her blade- a traditional hand-made katana of with an intricately designed tsuba (hand guard) and a red silk tsuka-ito (hilt wrap), the tsuka-ito being clean, yet the slightest of bloodstains on the hilt testifying that she had at least drawn blood with it, the saya (scabbard) hiding the blade from view. Looking around she was easily able to identify the Baron quite quickly, inspecting him from head to weapon. Her gaze remained on the weapon for a while, before returning to eye contact. "You aren't from here, are you?"
  9. She nods, appreciative of the AI's quality. "Yes, I do have some requests. Do you have any combat guides to Heroic Spirit combat, and maybe Edo period swordfighting?" A usually odd request, asking for guides from two very distant times. She hoped the AI had the information anyway. Mizuki looked around while she was at it, trying to investigate the noise she heard from before. To her, it felt like the noise had become quiet. Too quiet. Quickening her pace, she looked around trying to look for whoever had made the noise, heading in the general direction of the sound, masking her steps by walking on her heels rather than on her toes. She contemplated asking if anyone was there or needed help, but she kept it to herself, knowing that she would only alert anyone in the vicinity, and probably make them flee or hide, forcing herself to observe the situation before doing anything rash.
  10. Sword fight?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sigil Warden

      Sigil Warden

      A duel, yes. The Baron can be anywhere you wish him to be.

      But there are some... ground rules for the challenge.

      1. No spellcraft/supernatural abilities not related to the wielded sword. This includes superhuman reflexes or anything beyond peak human capability.
      2. You have the option to fight steel on steel, or magic sword against magic sword.
      3. The only stakes are bragging rights. Fight is to either first blood, first major wound, or first lethal wound, your choice.

    3. SyntHecate


      We’ll fight to first blood. I’ll leave the venue for you to decide.

      As for the blade, let it remain untouched metal, that is, if you aren’t planning on using any other material.

    4. Sigil Warden

      Sigil Warden

      First blood, steel on steel, no powers it is!

      Mundane armor and secondary equipment are OK according to your discretion, though I'd raise an eyebrow if you show up in full plate harness. The Baron is also abstaining from using his wheellock pistol.

      I'll set up a thread in the Universal Colosseum and quote you. 🙂

  11. Many thanks for the welcome. You consider that flirting?
  12. After having temporally shifted outside the Tavern, Mizuki made her way into the Lounge. The place had the air of futuristic technological advancements. She noted that down. Timeline 204-A... that’s the one. She looked around, before her line of sight was obscured by the navigation board. Walking past it at first, then pausing and walking back to get a better overview of the room. And then away again after being satisfied that she had enough to find her way around. I’ll check the combat area first... I wonder if a timeline like this has Chaldea-like battle files. Or even guides to Heroic Spirit combat. She straightened her coat, and checked her pocket watch to make sure she was in the correct timeline. Things could happen, you know. Well, she did hear something, but she wasn’t sure where.
  13. Thank you for the welcome. ...Don’t you think that’s a bit too big of a hint where you first look at a lady? Hm. You do have taste, I’ll give you that. I hope you notice that’s partially my wrist, dear.~
  14. I think she’s too powerful please spare me- Basic Name: Mizuki Kaneshiro Race: Unspecified (may be altered through swapping forms temporally) Age: 15 (years since existence) Birthplace: Unspecified (differs per timeline) Class or Occupation: Timeline Traveller Personal Hair: Cyan Eyes: Cyan on the right, crimson on the left Skin: Pale Body: Spry, lean build Height: 6’ / 1.8m Weight: 121lbs / 55kg Abilities Temporal Traversal- The ability to travel through time, space, and thus realities (see MWI). Also allows for form shifting and ability copying. Limited by mental strength. Minor Chronokinesis- The ability to change a state of an object in time. Does not apply to anything bigger than a box of popcorn. Temporal-based Form Shifting- Ability to switch forms. Requires quite a bit of time to set up. Swordsmanship- She’s also very skilled in kendo. (And somehow being able to manifest a sword with unprecedented power in a bamboo blade. All hail King Artoria.) Equipment A pocket clock- Souvenir from an older timeline. Is able to tell the time in any timeline accurately. (Night of Nights intensifies.) Excalibur- Air that cuts. And blasts. And does blast cuts. And can be manifested in any other sword. (All hail King Art-) Timeline Shifter’s Coat- A rugged coat with no true origin. A pack of cards- Up for a game, gentlemen? Thread History (What do I put here, lads?)
  15. It is quite confusing, I’m not really sure where to start. Could you show me where?
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