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    Gaia's Word

    Through the crack of the open door, Neri could see into the steepled building, past the parishioners, to the voice rising above the crowd. She had walked past this building many times, taking little notice of the voices coming from inside, but this was the first time she stopped. It was a combination of things, really. She had sat at the workshop the whole day without even the slightest hint of interest from any customers, and she could hardly produce more woodwork when none was being bought. So she had sat there, staring at an intricately carved table she was beginning to believe would never be graced by a Sunday meal, studying the vines she had delicately etched up the sides of each of the four solid legs. When lunchtime came, she couldn't take it anymore. Instead of staying until dusk and then heading home to sit alone before the hearth and stare at her own kitchen table, waiting to repeat the whole thing the next day -- as she had done yesterday and the day before that and many days before -- she locked up and started walking the streets, feeling rather desolate. She was bored. And though she wouldn't admit it to herself, lonely. Now she found herself with her shoulder pressed against the cool stone doorframe of the church, looking in but somehow too afraid to enter. It was like a club that she didn't belong to. She wouldn't know how to act in there. Did you clap? Smile? Gasp and weep? She had never been one to gather in large groups and her father hadn't been either, so she had never tagged along to a service as a young girl. Yet today, something about the words made her take pause, as a curious sense of longing for community came across her. So whether it was curiosity, boredom, or loneliness, she stayed, lingering on the threshold and listening to the voice echoing within.
  2. @Venus Sprite Yes for sure! Love it, was looking for a more outgoing personality to ruffle Neri's feathers a bit, think that could be fun and a cute partnership. Any plot ideas/quests/situations you've been wanting to play?
  3. Yeah true, they could start off to do #1 and stumble upon #2 at some point along the way, accidentally. And if we still are into it, could keep #3 for later. :D
  4. This sounds good! My vote would be for #1, or second choice would be #2, but I'm up for whatever. :)
  5. Hey Kaya,

    Welcome to Valucre!

    I was checking out your character when I noticed that the font is white! This isn't really a problem for people who use dark theme, but some people on the site use light theme which makes your writing invisible!




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    2. Kaya


      Oh sorry hahah, I copied it from Word and it was black so was invisible on dark mode. Will fix that ! Though the secret ink effect is kind of cool ~

    3. Kaya


      Uh but what color should it be? It defaults to black, which you can't read on dark mode either :D

    4. Artificer


      There is a default color option called "automatic" under text. If that doesn't change it, then it is in a rich-text format that can't be edited directly by the editor.

      If possible, you may be able to change some settings in Word so the text isn't white upon copy-paste -- it should end up being visible upon re-pasting.

  6. Thanks! It’s all very welcoming so far, really glad to have stumbled upon the site !
  7. @amenities That sounds fun! Neri might be a bit of a skeptic at first about the whole thing, she's been a bit of a recluse for the past few years, but I think she might take to it.. :D Where could they first meet?
  8. Looking for partners, friends, and annoying adventurers looking for somewhat reluctant sidekicks for my new character Nerisei: She's in Aspyn now, and I'd like to start there if possible since I'm new to the site and getting used to all the lore. Some ideas I'd have are: -Meet her up with some Gaian clergy, have them explain the faith to her a bit, try to convert her, and help her develop her powers, which are innate from her dryad blood -Quest around Biazo Isle, especially anything to do with protecting the local forests -> Maybe start with something a bit more minor, then work up to the more main questlines of Biazo like joining the Half-Men, etc. -This quest on Biazo: "Investigate the origin of the pigmen whom dwell in Biazo's thick forests. Find out what caused them to retreat, and determine if they are sapient, malicious, or diplomatic." -Bump into someone who's "not from around here" and looking for a guide of the forest, get into some trouble. Open to other ideas, let me know if anything piques your interest :3
  9. Hey! I'm new here and have just made Nerisei, who grew up in the forests of Aspyn and was raised more or less Gaian but doesn't know much about the orthodoxy / organized side of it. She's pretty naive to most things other than nature/trees, but tough-spirited, maybe we could think of something there? My idea for her was that she has no real control of or ability for magic now, but has an innate power / talent for anything relate to earth/plants. Getting her a mentor and developing her geomancy skills might be cool, maybe even enlisting her, but she'd have to be recruited first in some way. Thoughts? :3
  10. I thought I should start this post with some sort of catchy lyric, something poetic and deep, and this is what my brain produced.. I'm Kaya, long-time RPer coming back after a break. I've dabbled in all sorts of genres but am relatively new to this type of "high" fantasy (if that's the right term?) so hoping I don't get anything too wrong. I've drafted up a character after reading around a bit and am happy to take comments and suggestions of any kind on her: Now thinking of some ideas for RPs I'd be interested in with Neri, so far ideas include: -something to do with Gaianism -- she's been raised in the religion and I think it fits with her values, but she has no formal schooling and no experience with organized religion, so this would be new to her -protecting Aspyn or any sort of threat to plants or forest creatures in the rainforest near there (she's half-dryad so this is in her blood) -checking out the ruins on Biazo (maybe some sort of external explorer could stumble upon her workshop and bring her with them) That's what I've got so far, or will check out what others are up to that might be a fit. As you can probably tell, I can be a bit wordy, so interested in a multi-paragraph type of thing probably. Happy to be here!
  11. Nerisei of Aspyn Backstory: Some people need adventure to feel alive, others need a warm hearth and a family to gather around. Not Nerisei. All she's ever needed is the one grove of rainforest she's always called home. When life sent her reeling or the stress of the day had a grip on her, it was a walk beneath the canopy, the cacophony of birds, frogs, and insects, the palpable dampness that showed her the way back to herself. She had never had many friends, never needed them, because she could spend hours sitting at the base of a tree, drawing pictures of the flora and fauna in a worn leather notebook, running and swinging along low branches, or lining up rows of stones to practice with her bow and arrow. Nerisei had never known a home other than this forest. She grew up living in a humble house in the base of one of the tallest Aspyn trees, its thick, blue-green roots rising gracefully from the damp earth, twisting and growing into the formidable trunk and the thick cover of waxy leaves. They hadn’t needed much, her and her father, just a few rooms and furniture they intricately carved themselves. What they couldn’t produce themselves, they could get from the nearby township, though Neri didn’t care for the bustle, the noise, the distinct lack of trees and the knowledge that once, this expanse now covered in roads and homes was also a part of the great forest. Before the sun had the strength to peak through the foliage, when the birds began to make their first tentative morning cries, Nerisei and her father would go to the nearby village, to his small workshop in the cheaper side alleys of the bustling township. They sold furniture of all types, all interlaid with carvings inspired by the rainforest, or, when they were lucky enough, premium longbows adorned with parrots, beetles, and wide, juicy flowers carved from wood. These were Neri’s favorite, and she learned the trade from a young age, even if her father didn’t always tell his customers that his young daughter had carved the details of their new piece. Though she never went to school, Nerisei knows the rainforest intimately, is extremely adept at wood carving as well as sketching from life, and is nimble and athletic from running and playing in the dense vegetation. There were prosperous times and thin times, but Neri had a peaceful childhood. In the evenings, her father told her stories of her mother, who Nerisei had never met, and passed on her knowledge of the forest they lived in. Her father always spoke of her mother as if she were a goddess, a very piece of the forest itself, as if she inhabited the towering Aspyn trees and protected all plants and creatures within. Similarly, her and her father were both believers in Gaianism, though Neri has never been to a temple and knows things only through her father's stories. Now that her father was gone, the evenings were colder and emptier, but Neri’s daily life remained the same. Mornings at the workshop, evenings at home, tending to a small vegetable garden, observing and sketching rainforest plants and creatures, practicing with her bow, or running through the trees. She had never wanted for anything other than this forest, this tree, but somehow, it was starting to feel like something was missing. Her customer base, once loyal and full of praise, was slowly beginning to be lost to the larger Apsyn lumber company, which provided pieces that were less personal, less artistic, but more affordable. And without her father around, the evenings grew long and lonely. Appearance: From her time spent outside in the forest and the garden, her skin is warm brown, caramel-colored, and cracked from the sun and wind. She has a muscular build, especially in the arms and shoulders, which are wrapped with abstract tribal tattoos. Her features are rough-hewn, with deep brown eyes and thin ears with pointed tips, a reminder of her father’s elven blood, pierced multiple times with copper rings. Her thick brunette dreadlocks and braids are pulled back and bound together, adorned with carved wooden bobbles and the occasional leaf or twig. Neri usually smells like fresh peat and sawdust, a thick and grounding scent. She usually can be found wearing a dark brown leather jacket, lined with animal furs in the winter, and worn pants from a tan-colored jean-like material. She never takes off her thick work boots and always carries a carving knife, a leather-bound sketchbook, and a pencil, though she does not read or write. Her prized possession is an intricately carved wooden bow, that she wears on her back beside a quiver of arrows of different types. The bow is made from a soft, light wood with a grip wrapped with a worn green leather. All surfaces are covered in life-like carvings of leaves of all shapes and sizes, twisting branches, dripping sap, and hyper-realistic rainforest insects: beetles with finely sanded shells, leafcutter ants carrying chewed leaves, million-legged centipedes wrapped around branches, and the other sights of the forest. Race: Her father was an elf, her mother was an Aspyn tree dryad, unbeknownst to her. She doesn’t think that she can control magic, having never been to traditional school, but she has an affinity for all things earth-related, like plants and trees. (Spoiler alert: there may be more to come.) Desires: Neri's deepest desire is to protect Aspyn’s forests and the creatures in them at all costs. Further, what makes her feel alive is creating art, whether by making fine and practical wooden pieces or by documenting nature in sketches. Now, her immediate goals are to secure a livelihood and find connection with one or two close friends or partners. Location: Lagrimosa Wilds, Biazo Isle, Aspyn city limits / rainforest
  12. Welcome to Valucre 

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