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  1. Hey Luna-san. Your discord doesn't include your unique number, so it'll be hard to add you as a friend.

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    2. Lunaberri


       I dont have discord- i just put the site there as filler tbh

    3. Axis


      Awwwww. Oh well. Invitation stands if you ever want to talk.

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  2. Luna'a Victorianne Kaea (yes that is how her name is spelled, dont get it wrong, use two As like an alien) 17 9/12/2003 Female, Pansexual Starrfox-Delic (custom species, will add later) Originally born in Delica, as the Titanic Goddess of Night, Diplomacy, and the Moon. The Council at the time thought she would become too powerful and see that what they were doing was wrong, and all they wanted was power, so they had one of the royal families take her, and her mother, and raise her as a slave to them. One day, when she was about 4, one of the Princesses, Astral, the Goddess of Love, Peace, and Freindship, was exploring the areas shes not supposed to be in, met Luna'a. Astral was a very lonely 4 year old, so despite what her mother told her, she made quick freinds with her. Eventually they fell in love, and her mother found out. She saw this as something she could use to her advantage, and made her a princess after they got married. The council did NOT like this, and sent Luna'a, her mother, and her father to the island of Delia Viala, wiping Luna'as memory. She had the powers of a goddess still, but every time she tried to use them, it reset her to a baby again. Eventually, Luna'as mom became royalty, and had three more kids, Skye, Sprockett and Star. All of them were born on a day Luna'a reset, so they were raised as Quadruplets. One day, when they were about five, Their mom and dad dissapeared. Luna'a was the most capable of becoming queen, out of the four, so she took to the throne. One day, when Luna'a was about 16, she came across a wolf pack in the forest. A wolf named Moon Tackled her, but soon realized that she meant no harm. They quickly became best friends, as they were lonely people, as moon was alpha of her pack, so freinds were rare, foes were aplenty, as for Luna'a, Sprockett was the only one who stuck around. Skye left home, And Star had become evil.
  3. Lunaberri


    Supernatural, sci-fi, and romance~
  4. Hey! How is your time here going so far? 🙂


    1. Lunaberri


      Its going great, thanks!

  5. The knife stuck in one about a plume. She takes the knife and the peice of paper off the board, signs it, And hands it to faith. You coming with? Id really like to have someone along with me~
  6. Alrighty! Thanks, @AthenasFire is explaining the basics to me lol i have no idea whether it is or not, i just needed a quest, and i thought that would be the place to do it-
  7. There has been civil unrest for weeks. There have been rumors of an army being gathered against their wills, experimented on, and turned into killing machines for a mysterious figure named Arkana. Real culty stuff. There are hordes of warriors that, what at first glance appears to be armour, but is actually a robot suit. Permanent fusion to them. These "warriors", they turn you into one of them with a tentacle like syringe, that when injected, puts a robot suit on you, and in most cases, makes you join them. If that doesn't work, they kill you. Leading them is Arckana. You dont wanna come close to her, she will use you as her sick experiment. We need help, however, if you make it out alive, theres a reward. are you up for the challenge?
  8. She looked at the board, and then wondered Theres no organized military here? Huh, I must be a ways off... Id love to have you as a partner if your up for it! Now, what quest shall we do... Well, theres always one way to choose a quest, the luck of the draw! she made her hand look like it was holding an imaginary knife, then a ring on her finger glowed and a knife that looked otherworldly appeared in her hand. She threw it, to see what quest she would choose
  9. Oki! Ill keep that in mind, thanky!
  10. Val? Is that what you call this strange place? *she looked suspicious of everything. You could tell that she fought a lot by the cuts and scrapes on her. But she Didnt appear to have a single weapon. Please, can you? She smiled sweetly. Also, are there any villians i can fight here?
  11. If you live in america and you are a poc or part of the lgbtq community, please stay inside. there have been threats against people like us if biden wins, and im scared, due to what kinda city i live in. so please, even if its not real, better to be safe than sorry

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    2. Tenkai Matsumoto

      Tenkai Matsumoto

      You should definitely not let it intimidate you out of voting. But if we’re being real here, staying inside is safer regardless because of the pandemic. It’s your choice in the end, but you shouldn’t let anyone scare you away from voting, and I don’t care what side you’re on either. Anyone threatening others out of exercising that right is straight up trash no matters what side of the spectrum they land on.

      Good on those of you who voted early or used mail in ballots. My job gave us 3 hours to go vote so there was absolutely no crowd. 

    3. Lunaberri


      Fair. I dont have time to do the polls so the mail in is best Imo

    4. Sirloin


      Oh dang, I didn't even know. Thanks for the information.

  12. An island cluster with tons of secrets. Much more tba
  13. Hey, how do you delete a topic you created- asking for a Freind-
  14. Luna'a walked into the Lounge, dazed and confused. She was a long way from home, but didn't know how she got there. However, She had seen their tech before, she had stuff just like it. She Pulled out her Lens, a small holographic device, with similar capabilities as a smartphone. Great. No service she sighed. Where am i...
  15. Lunaberri


    Nuuu i refuse to believe that-
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