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  1. If you live in america and you are a poc or part of the lgbtq community, please stay inside. there have been threats against people like us if biden wins, and im scared, due to what kinda city i live in. so please, even if its not real, better to be safe than sorry

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    2. Tenkai Matsumoto

      Tenkai Matsumoto

      You should definitely not let it intimidate you out of voting. But if we’re being real here, staying inside is safer regardless because of the pandemic. It’s your choice in the end, but you shouldn’t let anyone scare you away from voting, and I don’t care what side you’re on either. Anyone threatening others out of exercising that right is straight up trash no matters what side of the spectrum they land on.

      Good on those of you who voted early or used mail in ballots. My job gave us 3 hours to go vote so there was absolutely no crowd. 

    3. Lunaberri


      Fair. I dont have time to do the polls so the mail in is best Imo

    4. Sirloin


      Oh dang, I didn't even know. Thanks for the information.

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