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  1. Durnheviin elevates his head and has a moment of realization. "So that is the secret to your skills, very impressive." He extends his hand the same way as when they first met and smiles. "When we meet next, I would love a rematch. Hopefully by then I'll know a bit more about this place." Thinking of the possible adventures he would delve into were exciting indeed and in such a big world, there would be plenty of adventures. He was thankful to have met Vivian and gotten the chance to spar with her. His warm grin made that apparent.
  2. I definitely do have more interest. Nobody will want to RP with someone who doesn't use the common courtesies. :P
  3. Durnheviin lets out a long sigh and lowers his gaze. Taking notice of Vivian's books and how she was not tired at all. Clearly he was at a loss here and could not think of a way past her to get the book. "It would appear you've bested me"... The feeling of shame washed over him but then, a gleam of hope. Durnheviin was not used to losing or having to give in but, every oppurtunity is a chance to learn. He looks to Vivian with a shine in his eyes "Would you teach me what you know? It would be a great honor to become your disciple" This new land was strange to him and he would need a guide to show him the how's and what's, Vivian seemed like a great teacher and an even better person.
  4. I actually did take notice of that! :'O I was trying my best not to do the assumption thing but, I'm learning I think. 😄 I'll work to do better with that.
  5. @AthenasFire My bad if you saw this fight going a different direction. I honestly couldn't think of a different way out of that spot I was in haha. If you want me to restart that bit, I get it 🙂
  6. "Well... this may get me further away from my goal but, I suppose it must be done." Durnheviin swipes at Vivian's wrist that was taking a hold of his left arm. Fracturing her grip of him, he simultaneously utilizes a shrimping method he learned during his training in which, he raises and plants his right foot on Vivian's leg and kicks off of it, pushing him backwards against the floor. As he slides back, he rolls to his side easily slipping from under Vivian's mount rendering her positioning obsolete. Durnheviin did not take notice of what Vivian was doing behind her back. But he used this time away from his opponent to now subtly catch his breath again. As the match was wearing on him and his energy levels only have so much capacity. He would have to think of something soon or he would be too spent to win the session.
  7. Having not braced himself for the fall, he makes hard contact with the ground letting out a grunt "UMPH!" He coughed and tried to catch his breath. His risk did not yield victory but, that is the kind of person he is. Rushing head long into the fray keeping a level head and taking risks when necessary. Durnheviin chuckles a bit and rebuddles "I would argue, that is an adventure in itself" With Vivian focused on pinning his left arm to the ground, Durnheviin, almost like a snake strike thrusts his right hand at the book. He would sacrifice his left arm's mobility if it meant he could finish the session and prove that he was worth his weight. Not to mention, his previous snack did not tide away his hunger as his stomach let out another growl. If Vivian wanted to keep hold of the book now, she would have to fight the slight pull of gravity as well as Durnheviin, tugging away at it.
  8. Eyes widen at the golden oppurtunity presented to him. Her left hand was not guarding the book. Figuring his way out of this position was tricky as her leg sweep did topple his posture. Much like a sack of potatoes he would drop. Durnheviin was not the type of person to fall and take anyone down with him but, acceptions can be made. Tipping backward, he reached out for Vivian's right hand and yanked her forward as he fell backward. He pulls her to the ground with him, surely she is quick on her feet but, he wanted to test out her ground skills. He was almost certain that he would be in a better position in a close grapple situation. Afterall, all he has to do is grab the book. Nearly about to make contact with the ground, he reaches once again for the book, which was hopefully not as guarded during the small descent to the floor. He knew if he was not successful in grabbing the book now, he would have another chance really soon.
  9. Thinking a step or 2 ahead, Durnheviin foresaw the blow from Vivian and flexed his core muscles, absorbing the blow. The pain was present in the impact but, not as bad as it could have been. The advantage here was that he would not be so easily tossed this time. Maintaining his prowess, he continues on, unrelenting. His only goal in mind is to grab the book. Taking Vivian's flinch as a queue, while she is in the process of regaining her footing, Durnheviin, does a forward kick aimed at Vivian's leg. He is hoping this will knock her off balance enough to get her mind off of her fighting stance.
  10. I'm not sure of the direction I'll be going with my character. (Magic, weapons, slight powers, etc) so during this match he's just a regular dude with combat experience haha.
  11. Durnheviin was not surprised by her counter. The speed in which Vivian's initial assault occured was nothing short of amazing and he had a feeling she would be quick enough to close off an openings following her leg sweep. As he was sent back through the air, he hits the ground and tumbles once before catching himself and sliding slightly back. Reaching for his side that the book made impact with. He would actually love to compliment her agility but, now is not the time for talking. He has to think of the best avenue of approach here. He cannot match her speed but, just maybe he can muscle his way to the book. He wasn't built with the largest of frames but, he had a clear height and weight advantage. On his feet now, Durnheviin regains his defensive posture and slowly presses in for an assault. He throws a blow with his left hand aimed right at her abdomen, if he can draw her attention to the right side of her body once more, it'll leave another opening for the book.
  12. Seeming a bit shocked but showing no signs of it, Durnheviin was rather surprised at how swift Vivian was. It was as if the book closed and within seconds she was attempting a leg sweep. Taking due notice of her speed and discipline. Only a conditioned fighter can execute such movement without so much as even dropping their guard as she had demonstrated. Remaining calm, Durnheviin springs into action quite literally, leaping over her extended leg, he has to be quick and consise if he ever hopes to win this match. Due to her leg not connecting with his, her momentum continued. She spun slightly while undoubtedly watching Durnheviin's every move. This was a small window for him to get the book. With her back almost completely to him, Durnheviin made a brash, high risk-high reward move. With his own momentum from the previous jump he touched the ground and bent his knees slightly allowing them to spring upward, launching him right at his opponent. With his hand outreached and the book locked in sight, he attempted to grab it with his dominant left hand. Though he was no fool, his right side was guarded in his leap.
  13. Well, now I do know hehehe 😈 And if I am a bit slow. I'm doing a bunch of online assignments for college. I'll try to be quicker today though. 😇
  14. @AthenasFire My replies were slow last night as well! I was actually out (being safe about Covid of course). I didn't know there was a way to notorize everyone. 😮 I'm so sorry!
  15. Very puzzled at the contruct of magic weapons that Vivian had just conjured, Durnheviin nods in approval "Ground rules, heard and understood." He takes a focused look at her left hand analyzing it for any weaknesses that he may exploit. His best bet is draw attention to her right side and while she's distracted, go for the book. The rules seem simple enough, he wants this to be a challenge and thus goes about the match, unarmed. Not like Durnheviin had much choice in the matter, he honestly was not sure how he got here and his weapons and armor don't seem to be present with him at the time being. He was never one to pass up on a learning experience and what better way to learn than to take on a seemingly seasoned fighter of this land. All thoughts aside, Durnheviin takes on a defensive posture with his right leg planted further back than his left. His arms raise into position, this also would give away that he was left hand dominant. "Alright Vivian, your move". He was hoping that giving her the offensive advantage would inturn give him a chance to analyze her fighting pattern.
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