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  1. | that's where old devils danced and kissed | The Middling, despite every ounce of him desperate to escape this situation, felt himself listening to the undeniably superior Arch that commanded him to stay. Esdel had nothing to say to this Povisoko, and Esdel saw himself as above all of this – all of the ridiculous formalities and conversation that kept leading back to the notion of I am big and you are small. The Arch was trying to compensate for something, surely, with his perfectly majestic stature and an aura that was radiating power raw enough to shatter a window. Esdel wanted nothing to do with his impressive pectorals and his radiant, godlike wings. No, Esdel was above this. He believed that true power was more than… all of this. Esdel, though, knew next to nothing about inner peace and true power and self-actualization and all of the bullshit that this female Arch seemed to have down to an art. Pale skin warmed and rouge crept up his neck and settled into his cheeks, and he spun around, and even convinced himself for a fleeting moment that he was going to avenge himself by engaging in combat with this Arch as he looked at him with his honey eyes set ablaze. Blackbird, Esdel thought. A pathetic insult, Esdel knew, and yet it still made his skin tingle. Why was this woman not fighting? Esdel knew nothing of her, but she had the courage to stand up against the other Arch – something that they did not have in common. She did, however, share with Esdel the distaste towards the other Arch. At least, it appeared that way, and Esdel was really praying to a Creator that he did not believe in hopes of being saved by this woman. If she was not there, Esdel feared what might become of him. Esdel could fly away. He had his wings. They were strong and healthy, and he was proud of them. They were not as glorious as the immaculate wings of the Povisoko, but a Middling was cursed to a life of being second best, and Esdel knew this well. If he flew, though, he might begin some kind of chase and he likely would not succeed in fleeing. Esdel did not remember the laws very well, but could this Arch take his wings? Esdel had worked so hard to keep them. He willed the red in his cheeks to go away. “You can surely guess how I have spent my time. Do not play dumb with me. You can smell it. You can sense the disgrace on me.” Esdel answered, turning his gaze away. Did he really need to get into it? Esdel once reeked of death, his essence tainted by his wrongdoings when he served a Darker Power. That … stench, albeit very weak now, reminded him of his past mistakes. This Povisoko had the ability to sense this, Esdel thought. He just wants you to admit it out loud to humiliate you. “You should listen to her.” Esdel shuffled himself to stand closer to her. She was confident enough and she was Esdel’s only chance at not being destroyed, and he was now realizing that. Esdel would do more damage to himself than an opponent if he ever dared wield a blade. That reminded Esdel of the task at hand. “I do have a very important appointment with a Swamp Monster and surely my imminent death, and so I do bid you adieu. I am not worth your time.” He began to step backwards, ensuring that the woman was between himself and the looming Povisoko. This time, Esdel was convinced that trying to walk away would work.
  2. | that's where old devils danced and kissed | Esdel’s immediate reaction was to panic when goosebumps formed on his skin. He shuddered at the powerful presence of an Archangel and couldn’t believe his luck. For so long, Esdel managed to avoid being anywhere near other Ang’eli. He had no interest in encountering any of his kind – they were thick-skulled, self-righteous and, in Esdel’s opinion, brainwashed to believe that the Creator was the sole thing in this life that could decide who was worthy and who was not. It was a bogus belief. Esdel believed that there was more to a life purpose than impressing a Higher Power. The Middling, when seeing said Archangel, wondered if he could look elsewhere and act as though he had never seen another Ang’eli in his life. Play dumb. Damn it, Esdel thought. Despite his wings being safely tucked away, hidden from sight, he forgot about the very important detail that Ang’eli had a very strong sense of the presence of other Ang’eli. Even Esdel – as much as he was a disgrace to his race – still could feel the unpleasant chills that signalled another Ang’eli’s aura. Perhaps he had forgotten this because it had been so long since the feeling last struck him. Then, even worse than goosebumps, came the feeling of being completely small. Esdel was not meek nor small, but Middlings were seldom blessed with the Godlike appeal that was most common in the Povisoko. When standing face-to-face with a Povisoko, was there anyone who didn’t feel utterly belittled and helpless? Esdel knew that he looked stupid, standing there in front of an Ang’eli who perhaps once would have had seniority over him (but not since Esdel decided that he was governed by no one), with absolutely nothing good to say. He considered replying literally by telling this Povisoko asshole that he was on a very important mission to (hopefully) kill a Swamp bastard, but it was more likely that Esdel would be the one to face death. His heartrate couldn’t possibly get any faster. Two Archs, now? Esdel noticed the woman easily – she was like fresh snow that had fallen on a dead winter landscape, totally contrasting with her environment. Another Fallen? Esdel could not tell for certain, his abilities dwindling more and more with each passing day. Her aura was not as strong as the towering Povisoko that stood before them, but it was that of an Arch, nonetheless. It mattered not – she was challenging the other Arch, and if they engaged in some kind of incredible battle, the Middling could ideally slip away unnoticed. “My business is my own.” Esdel stated, his voice coming off much stronger than Esdel was feeling. “I surrendered my Faith years ago, and I am so tainted that I would never compare myself to your… pure self.” He spoke to the male, making the word ‘pure’ sound undesirable, despite what it meant. “I am under no obligation to report to you, Ang’eli.” He added, but then looked at the woman as well. “Either of you.” He added in. “I will be on my way. It appears that two Archangel have plenty to talk about, and I would not want to trouble you with my Middling trifles.” Esdel boldly walked past the brawny Povisoko in front of him, and with a bit of luck -- Esdel relied far too much on luck – the two Archangels would forget that they ever saw the Middling. It was very wishful thinking. @vielle @L E V I A T H A N
  3. | that's where old devils danced and kissed | Combat was not one of Esdel’s strong suits, and this misfortune put him at a great disadvantage in the pursuit of this Swamp beast. When he once could call himself a resident of Grad na Ang’eli, Esdel was no more fortunate – his skill in combat was lacking, and it was, as he’d been told numerous times before, “luck” that had protected him from death, time and time again. Esdel, though, saw banishment as the equivalent to death. Tragedy befell him when the Povisoko proclaimed him a Fallen. Esdel had no reason to be surprised at this proclamation, considering he had shirked his prayers and worship too often – In fact, the Ang’eli had even mocked the Creator and their strict laws in Grad na. But, to be exiled by his race… it left Esdel feeling like there was a void inside of him, and that void was filled with resentment. Malice. Esdel fled. For the first time in his life, he ventured below the clouds to escape his fate of losing his wings. As he became a deserter – not even honoring the life that potentially waited for him in Ničija Zemja – Esdel sought out purpose in Hell, pledging himself to the Dark Lord to spite the Creator and to spite the Ang’eli. Although Esdel liked to make light of retelling of his time in Hell, it was best that he did not repeat what happened there at all. Esdel grew mostly comfortable with being subjected to a life as a loner and outcast; but a deep sadness settled into his heart, oftentimes masked by witty humor, or gone overlooked because of his charming nature. The Fallen Ang’eli heard rumors about the Dawic Swamp Monster, but knew very little about it. Whenever he did hear about it, it was always through hushed words exchanged between shifty-eyed dwarves. Esdel didn’t remember that he had previously heard about the Monster, until he saw the poster in passing. He nearly missed it while making his way out of Swally’s – the bar that he had frequented often since arriving in Dawic not two nights prior. However, the poster caught his eye, and upon reading it, Esdel quickly concluded that it would be a way to earn a bit of money. That is, if he was not destroyed in combat with the creature. Esdel decided already that he hated the swamp – there were too many bugs. Too much bog that carried a putrid smell. Too many opportunities to misstep and find oneself stuck in mud. And, because of Esdel’s many misfortunes, he liked to keep his wings hidden, which prevented him from flying above the many wetlands. They remained shrunken and tucked under his jacket, for Esdel did not want to risk being spotted by any Archangel mission trips that might be in the area.
  4. | that's where old devils danced and kissed | Esdel’s hand was left with a dull ache as he retracted it from their handshake. The strong grip of Shanna did not match her slight frame, but Esdel liked a strong grip. There was something especially confidant and certain about a strong grip. His curious eyes take her in again, and he can still feel a lingering smile on his lips. Shanna’s smile was undoubtedly contagious, as Esdel rarely did it so much. Esdel had just been to Genesaris. He found himself getting kicked out of a tavern in Aelindra City before he decided to move on to somewhere else – and his wandering brought him to The Citadel. It was something like a beacon in the night for Esdel; somewhere warm to dry off and get something to eat while he escaped the rain. “I am from Grad na Ang’eli. Or… The City of Angels, I believe it is called more commonly.” He looked at his cinnamon bun and tore off another piece. Esdel was born in Grad na Ang’eli, but he more recently had resided in the Underworld, which wasn’t something worth repeating. Esdel was an outcast. “Do you get to take a break?” He asked after hearing about the Wine Cellar again. “Would you be keen on joining me for a glass of wine? I wouldn’t mind seeing what selection they have down there.” Esdel dug some payment from his pocket and set it on the counter to cover the cost of the food and drink. Shanna was kind and Esdel wouldn’t mind having someone to talk to if he did venture downstairs for some wine.
  5. I was actually considering bringing up the brevity rules. I think that it’s a great way to keep things consistent and I like that the posts stick to a certain length (as I am already an English Major and do enough writing as it is, HAHAHA). But that is for me personally, I won’t have the capacity to be writing over 350 words per post. I have no issues if @L E V I A T H A N wants to write more words per post!
  6. | that's where old devils danced and kissed | Esdel was in awe of what might be the largest pastry he had ever seen. It looked plush and he tore off a piece, which only confirmed what the girl said about it being fluffy. Esdel wasn’t sure how baking worked, but he could imagine that it was kneaded with love and care. Is that what bakers did? ‘Knead’ dough? Was that the right word for it? When he looked up from the cinnamon bun and was stuffing his mouth with the sweet, sticky bun, he nearly thought that there was a new woman in front of him. Her features were slightly different, and Esdel was momentarily perplexed. He was hesitant to carry on conversation with her before confirming if it was the same woman. After looking a little closer, Esdel relaxed. It was still her. “I’m sure I’ll find somewhere to lay down.” He picked up the glass of whiskey and had a sip. It wasn’t the best alongside the cinnamon bun, but the strong liquor warmed his core and all through his bones. “Whiskey. A good choice. Thank you.” He raised the glass towards her in thanks. “I am Esdel.” He wiped his fingers on his napkin and extended a hand towards the girl. “I am a traveler passing through.”
  7. That'd be appreciated as I get the hang of things on here! I'm personally leaning towards the Swamp Monster quest, I think, if it is between those two. Yes, will see what @L E V I A T H A N thinks 🙂
  8. Thought this first one looked relevant to Ang'eli as it involves some aspects of religious beliefs/gods. I liked this as a classic treasure hunt. this would be interesting to work with... I have a few ideas. Esdel needs some extra money and so he takes on this task, but he is a bit useless in battle Let me know what you guys think. These are just some that stuck with me the most but there are so many others LOL
  9. that's how I feel with Esdel. I am very slowly conjuring up more details about him but there's always so much to think about 🤣 yayyyyy so happy we have a lil group of 3 for the adventure. I am just looking at quests now
  10. There are so many quests to choose from, I am going through them all 🙂 I’ll probably suggest a few and see what you lot think
  11. Just to clarify, are you going to come aboard this adventure rp or are you passing? 🙂
  12. I’m good with 3. I think that this is a good amount of us and I think we have some fun characters to work with!
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