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  1. They were going to go hunt the beasts. The houseguard nodded at the others. "Lead the way then" Along the path however, he kept an eye on one of them in particular. Eventually pulling level with Severick, he'd ask him... "Are you a warlock?" Ernest asked the other man with no small amount of suspicion in his voice. Not that he was overtly hostile to him, but these were a rustic people, and the man's abilities frightened the villagers almost as much as the monsters did. The others had their... eccentricities but his was pushing Ernest's sensibilities. Still sometimes one would need monsters to hunt monsters he supposed. Before Severick might be able to answer however, the party would come across the body of one of the wounded grotesques. It didn't expire of blood loss, rather it looked more like it was torn apart, body parts strewn in different directions as if to throw off trackers. Calibri (Body) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Standing near the corpse of the attacking beast, Severick looked up to see the voice that spoke to him. His gaze turned to Ernest. His eyes calm as he observed the man before him. The sting of embarrassment still twisted at his side. Severick shook his head. “No, I am not a warlock.” His eyes found a focus as he was gazing at the past. He looked down at his hands. Instinctively they stretched out and he gazed at them. His mind reflected on how he acted. The man before him was attempting to make sense of this foreign person before him. Severick smiled. “Not warlock.” He gazed back to Ernest’s face. “A tool. A weapon. That is what I am. A helper, a defender of heroes. That’s what I want to be.” His head turned as he hears the soft tone of MoMo’s voice. “Crab grass. . . . . .pebble stone. . . . . pine bark.” MoMo, the panther, moved with a grace as he gathered the acquired scents from the creature. Softly in his whispery voice he spoke. “Elm. . . . . . . and various brush, . . . . Forest flor mulch. . . . . . “ His tail, long and black arched over his head. It appeared to elongate to spread over various features of the creature. As a separate limb, he used the tail to lift and move the beast to get to various parts of the body. His golden eyes pulsated a soft light as he continued to speak. “acidic sweat. . . . hint , wild berries, wheat. . . . .blood. . . not from him. . . . . human.” <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< As Severick spoke, defining MoMos purpose there Dia shrugged. "Long as it behaves we're cool. I still know vets that declaw cats" She said as she kept pace. Anyone with even the slightest magical affinity could feel the wicked sword she carried letting its own nature show. It was a demon blade. Something out of a videogame in it's edginess. Of course you could make fun of overly edgy things all you wanted. Be it a normal claymore, or an oversized goofy named ripoff of a blade, a sharp blade was a sharp blade. This one just so happened to embrace the purpose of a sword. He who said 'the pen is mightier' probably didn't have a magnum, or a demonic blade capable of such travesty as Holy Caliber. In truth, the blade was angelic in origin. But it was tainted by demonic smithing and blood. "If it was that weak it was a like a strand of manilla rope on a ship using decking nylon... nothing but a liability that they needed to get rid of." She said. "I'm no tracker... someone else lead the way... I'll handle the ugly part" She added looking back, "I'd much prefer to do things this way more often... diplomacy aint my deal" she shrugged. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dia’s presence felt more at home for Severick and MoMo. Memories of other battles in other locations came to their minds. There were warriors of few words and many actions in their past. They fought for honor, for pride, and for a little coin. They were more genuine than most. and thus more respected. Quietly both regard the warrior woman as she spoke. MoMo’s muzzle and eyes never left from the corpse and the ground around it, but a soft dismissive pfft rose from the black beast. MoMo watched the dust that fell as the creature laied upon the ground. The creature’s body told laid out before him. Its claws held mixture of several species, but humans were high on its list. The presence of strong, wily magic formed from the creatures blood and down to its bones. “Chaotic magics. . . . . . . . . .several elements.” Severick nodded his head at Dia. “Then it’s a deal.. MoMo will behave” "This one's nice." MoMo whispered describing itself before going back to work. Severick's eyes moved to the blade at the warrior’s back. Its presence warmed a deep essence in Severick’s mind. He regarded the blade and its nature. It had found a master. He nodded in appreciation of the creature sword’s choice. There was a story to tell between the two of them. He hoped to hear it. “Straight forward. Yes, I share your comfort with the ‘ugly part’.” Calm eyes gazed toward the wood. “Dark forces need to be confronted.” <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Mia swung and tumbled nimbly back down and shook her head, "These things are unnatural." She didn't just mean their appearance, which was obviously aberrant to this world. "They must be created by some... one, some magic perhaps. But they have intelligence like a human's. Attempts to stage trickery... and, in the wild, when a beast is sacrificed for the good of the pack, they simply leave it behind. They don't murder it." Contrary to the brash demoness, Miavaris was a tracker, and she had little doubt she could have picked up the creatures' trail. But there was no reason to waste the time. The vhersi's summon would be able to follow their scent. "Lead us, then," she spoke to the panther with the ease of someone with more fondness for forest beasts than town ones. "Everyone else, keep your eyes open around us. There may be traps, or an ambush." >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mia’s words stirred the air as she spoke. Gazes passed between the Severick and MoMo both nodded in agreement as she spoke of the creature’s nature. Each knew what the other felt. A burning in the blood as the game was started. The panther flexed his muscles as he heard her command. Its tail flicked with excitement. A soft purr rose from its mouth as if it had tasted something good. Severick fought to keep his smile from spreading too far. “You heard the lady, MoMo.” A grin spread over his face. “Let’s not have her waiting.” <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Torie had tried to grab Severick as he lunged, just in case he was going for Dia. But she missed. The servant of the sorcerer queen was just too fast. So she watched in horror as he sped to Dia but, to her utter relief, approached the creature instead. Only then did Torie remember to breathe – not an easy task with all that food in her belly. She waddled over to the dead monster and frowned down at it. “Ugh. Gross.” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MoMo raised his head after studying the creature’s feet in earnest. He had studied all the limbs and muscles of the beast. “Agreed.” the panther whispered. He snorted as if to rid his nostrils of the creature’s presence. Scent locked within his mind, MoMo leaped from the creature and onto the trail. The foot path alone was easily tracked. “Come.” Severick glanced to the others and followed MoMo. “Eyes up. Hunts on.” The two began venturing after the trail. At a quick jog, they moved to the woods. The beast’s body structure and features made the trail easy to follow. Signs of its passing through the wood was evident all around. Broken limbs and deeply embedded ‘foot’ prints were child’s play to read by the the cat like MoMo. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< *** Torie followed the panther as it tracked through the woods. Despite Torie’s size and obvious discomfort from being so full, she could still move at a decent pace. Even with her stomach empty (which was rare) Torie’s enormous undercarriage was very close to scraping against the ground. She avoided the biggest sticks and brambles to avoid giving herself scratches. She found herself walking beside Severick again, looking up at him cautiously. “Sorry you didn’t get to eat,” she said. “Maybe later we can track a doe together, if you’d like. I’ve seen tracks about. And… sorry for not trusting you,” she said. She looked up at him, for he was taller than her tiger form, though found his expression hard to read. “So, transformation, eh? I wish I could transform a bit more freely. I can go back to my human form at any time but… it’s mostly useless. Transforming into anything else requires a magical ritual performed by my people. I’m on my growth journey, if that means anything to you…” She drifted off, realizing that she was speaking too much, but then realized the panther. Much smaller and leaner than she, but still a cat. Or at least a cat in form. And Torie couldn’t help herself: “Where did Momo come from? Did you just make her, just before? Or was she with you somehow?” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Eyes observant on the forest, Severick’s gaze glanced at Torie as she spoke. His head nodded as his gaze went back to the surroundings. The mention of food brought a soft sound from his lips. The time for eating would be after this mission. MoMo set an ambitious pace. But the team needed to be aware at all times. He sought to help. “Trust is earned and . . .I, we are still proving ourselves.” He turned and smiled at Torie. Severick noticed a tail twitch at the statement he made. “yes, Even you.” He said to their tracker in the lead. “hmph.” a soft sound rose from the panther. Severick turned back to Torie and regarded her beast form. “A doe would be perfect.” “hmmmmm.” MoMo’s voice rose from the front. Severick laughed lightly. “Ok. Two does. Greedy.” Up ahead the panther raised its head. His gaze remained forwward as his tail danced about excitedly. “Greedy?” MoMo whispered. “This from, Big Butt?” After a dismissive pfft, the panther went back to work. Down the trail MoMo led. Their path darkened with the growth of large trees around them. “I did not make that soul.” Severick spoke. The smile danced on his lips. “She lives in my shadow. She and others serve with me. The Big Butt comment from our tracker is about my beast form.” Severick looked forward to MoMo. “Hey, its not so big now.” He spoke with a joke in his voice. He patted his rear with a mild chuckle. “MoMo raised his head and looked along the sides, sniffing the air. “Thank the golden child.” For a moment, the tracker became still and did not move. “The pack.” All around them, several heavy ‘foot’ prints was evident around them. A bestial scent filled the air. MoMo spoke before lowering head. “The hunt’s on.” Golden eyes glowed as the trail became clear for multiple creatures going deeper into the forest. Forward they moved down the path ahead. “
  2. I like it alot!! I prefer the 'Sundering' too. I like all those suggestions.
  3. whoa. be safe. *prays* May you be well.
  4. Oh. I was going to let the group vote on that.
  5. Makes for some interesting situations. How about after our characters survive for a while and one gets hooked up with a precious someone and then suddenly remember that they are married. WHOA and YIKES!!
  6. *smiles* I am not a writer. I am a dreamer. 🙂 You are awesome too. Know it.
  7. Its a plot point to bring out more drama. A spice to add to this recipe. In story, its a phenomena that occurs to close to all 'fresh meat'. You arrive with just your name and basics like language and your physical abilities. In events or highly pressured filled occurrences, an individual may 'Awaken'. To 'awaken' is to suddenly receive a jolt of your former life and that may mean your former skill, alibies, histories. If this is a byproduct of the teleport or if this is a on purpose mechanism by those that judged a person is still unknown. As a plot point it can be interesting. A good person can suddenly remember who they really are and become dangerous and psychotic. Or may become noble or something. Now, our cast could come through with minds intact. That's very possible. and that's one of the things that make our cast stronger than others. This is just an added spice. Its not mandatory for character creation.
  8. 1. The island is surrounded by a epically large sea. Within it large whirlpools exist off every coast of the island. Above the pools there is wicked weather phenomena called the "Gulf". The Gulf is a cloud bank of dark clouds that house a ever evolving storm. The thunder sometimes rises and is larger than life, but it is always present. What is beyond the Gulf, no one knows. People are teleported to the island. They wake up in various places on the island. It is not uncommon for multiple people to be around each other. In truth, they are teleported there. Because this is a prison. The gathered people in the beginning do not know who they are or where they are. They only know their names. This fog of memory is done by those that have judged the person. Eventually, the gathered people awaken. It occurs randomly. Usually it is connected to the past lives that are now gone. Many times in battle these memories can flood back. This event is called the Awakening. It is a dramatic and harsh time since the person's family and circumstances around their judgement comes flooding back to them. At times, the emotional strain of the 'awakening' is too great and a person can become 'lost'. A lost person usually goes into fetal position or aimlessly walk around and disassociate from the reality around them. They relive the events that got them to the island. They usually die unless they can come to grips with the events of their life. Climate is like tropical or deeply wooded areas. The environment is vast and the vegetation and creatures are several sizes larger than anywhere else in the world. Mortal kind are low on the food chain in this environment. Few hunt at night because creatures change. Creatures called Horrors appear. These giants are fiendish and cruel. few have seen them, but all have heard the screams. There are lost ruins within the environment. There are 4 large gangs that run the island. The gangs compete with each other over personnel and supplies. Getting skilled followers is paramount. The cast are among the 'fresh meat'. They have the clothing of the recently arrived and to some they smell like new people. Fresh meat consists of several people and the cast, but fresh meat usually fall for many of the tricks and influences of the other inhabitants. There is a variety of advanced civilization. one gang can be very advanced and use magic shards from monster hunting to power their society while another gang is barbaric. There are also cannibals within the Wood, the dark area that the people of the island hunt. Hunting creatures is the most known industry in the region. They develop their needs from the bodies of the creatures. shards of pure magic come from powerful creatures and these can aid with magic production and technology development. Each gang has its own shelter. a small village, the skeletal corpse of a giant embeded in a mountain, and everything in between.
  9. Standing over the corpse of the defeated creature, Severick stood with a calm breeze passing over him. Cautious steps brought the beastly young man over to downed creature. Its body pressed against the earth,. The air already thick with the creature's body fluids. The mix of magic and malice left a sense of unease in the vhersi's nose. A steadying breath came and fell from his and with it his body calmed and his features softened. The feral nature gave way to the calmness of Severick's regular features. His hands resumed their soft tanned color and shrank to their normal size as his nails softened from their metal like sharpness and became soft and human. He flexed the feeling of anger and hunger from them as his moved the fingers around. His actions banishing the presence of the more wild elements he felt. Severick took another deepened breath as his hair shortened and face softened. His body while muscular was far more natural and athletic than the brutish brute that had stood there a moment ago. Snickering laughter was heard in the dark shadow of the would be protector. Severick found the need to keep his patience with the creatures serving him as much a challenge as his transforming back to calmness from no action during this encounter. The creatures within his shadow thought there would be much more of a fight and he did as well. He could not help but smile at his rushing over to a defeated creature. "They say its the thought that counts." A tone of a joke was in his voice as he was making light of his own actions. Severick said as he looked up from the fallen beast and turned toward the tiger in their midst. He watched her as she stood for the moment. There were many questions about the situation and still many questions about him too, but there was work to do. Before, they had testimony and story. Now, they had a corpse. From a darker part of the shadow, a voice rose within Severick. "This one is awake. Violence, death. This one volunteers." The voice rose. It was separate from the laughter of the others. It had the quality of an intimate whisper. MoMo was awake. The shapeshifting cat creature was awake and watchful. And it wanted to interact. A man speaking about hunting the creatures caught Severick's attention. The vhersi agreed with a nod. He turned to see the warrior woman with guns and blade near the downed creature. She was a trained killer and made sure of the kill. He appreciated her work and did not interfere. He sought to help. Severick turned to look at the creature and noticed Dia around the beast. He noticed her weapons drawn. As he walked around the corpse and watched Dia and her movements with he blade he was impressed. ". . ... . . super effective." He stated in a quiet tone. "Good job on the creature." He said. Suddenly, Severick felt a pull within his presence. The motion resonated within him. It was MoMo. "This one, insists." The whisper had returned with more insistence. Severick glanced at the others and went to the far edge of the creature. He turned from the others and spoke softly as if whispering to himself. "You may emerge. Track and study the creature. These are good people here. Be nice." "This one, always. . . . . nice." MoMo's whispery voice floated with satisfaction. Severick gazed down to look at the creature before him. The shadow behind him flared. Its contours moved as if a living flame. Its core darkened as two points of gold emerged from its depths. A soft purr rose into the air. A large black panther cat emerged from the shadow. Its fur was the color of darkest night. Its eyes bright gold that burned with intelligence. Its paws stretched as its paws came in contact with the ground. Its long black tail appeared to hover before descending to the ground. Its body long with a runner's lithe form emerged. "This one serves." MoMo's whispery voice tickled Severick's senses. Anyone around the area could hear the unhidden speech as well. It was part of the 'being nice'. "Good." Severick said. His eyes moved to the monster's features. "Take samples. Get the scent." The large panther moved quickly to the downed beast. Its large nose went to sniffing it and the area around it. Severick ignored MoMo and watched the group. He stopped suddenly and said to Dia. "This is MoMo. MoMo is with me. A soul seeking to help." Realizing a creature from nowhere may be a bit of a sore spot with things as it were.
  10. MoMo, A shape shifting creature that usually uses a cat like form. The creature is a formitable shape shifter. It can mimic shapes with great mastery and change its size with dramatic flare to be as large as a house or as small as a hand held kitten. The creature can understand human speech, but speaks through thought or whispers to others. It is a denizen in Severick's shadow. Momo is adept at making its long tentacles into large knives and has the nickname of razorbeast among the creatures. He is one of the better trackers in the group. Quote: : "This one seeks." "This one awakens." "This one insists." "This one hungers." "This one's always. ... . .nice."
  11. "Tell me, what will you be . . . . . . ?" A voice of the past whispered in Severick's mind as his eyes glanced at the figure emerging from the treeline. Without speaking, he moved forward with purpose driven steps around those closest to him. Instincts over intelligence guided his movements. The vhersi's mind clouded with a thought of the past. A magnificicent flame of multiple colors and flourished against a strong thunderstorm as both raged against each other. The storm a product of nature. The fire a product of a mage battle. One that had cost Severick everything. The young powerful Vhersi still remembered when he gazed into the fires of the master's castle. The flames stretched into the heaves as a angry beast seeking to to engulf the world. His grey eyes full of tears as he watched the flames devour all that he knew and all that he had. Black soot floated down all about him as the flames raged unabated. The rain of the weather could not douse the magic based flames as they ravaged the area. There was nothing to save. Nothing to do but watch. A villager from the nearby town, a man that had supplied his master had come to see if the stories were true. Was the sorcerer queen really no more. There, he found Severick. "Tell me, what will you be. . . . . . . . ?" The voice from Severick's past whispered again to him. Its sound echoed with an eerie tone as the threat the creature poised neared. as it came closer and closer to the group, Severick felt himself drawn forward. The creature neared the gathered group. Severick's body broke forward. Preternatural strength and speed thrust his body forward. His booted feet dug into the earth as his body shot forward as an arrow. He saw the reactions of the warrior souls with him. He saw them raise their weapons to defend themselves. He watched as they fired their weapons at the beast. Their projectiles were powerful. He knew this. ". . . what will you be. . . .. .when your master is gone?" The voice of the past spoke. Its sound now louder than the sound of his own breathing. Severick thought as his powerful legs pumped against the ground and launched him forward. His breath hot in his chest. His eyes wide with the desire to protect those that would protect others. ". . . a protector." he whispered. Severick ran with an beastly stride to the creature and leaped at it as it leaped at Dia. His hands lengthened. His fingers sharpened. Hands and forearms thickened and darkened to a deep lavender color. His smile widened as sought seize the creature from an attack at its flank with his transformed grip. and he attempted to tackle it away from Dia with the momentum of his leap. If he could throw it off course or slow it down for others to attack it that would mean he was successful.
  12. Cana's steed. Name Pending
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