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    Nope! FOund it, dunno how it applies fully tho
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    Strange, I can't find it when i want to find it.
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    Lemme try to find it
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    Oh! I have another question, according to some page I vaguely remember there was something along the lines of "You cannot enchant more than one item at a time with a magical property/effect, therefore larger items are more efficient and less costly than smaller items which take longer to produce." is this true? (Strictly Enforced or not?) The reason is due to the fact this is a syntax for spell casting that allows for multiple targets to be selected, specifically through the "Branch" and "Shatter." I am curious.
  6. Hai, am exist.


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      Are followed.  Welcome to Valucre fellow sentient.

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      Indeed, Greeting from the LSAA fellow Sentient.

  7. If someone needs me they can leave it be for many hours

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    Ah, sorry let's edit that real quick
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    Hello Outreach Team! I am here to ask a question regarding a Magic System that I want to attempt to use. (Of my own creation.) That of which simplifies casting to make it Anti-Chuuni more or less. I will simply make an example and you can ask me to elaborate on a specific point. Normal Chanting per se: "Hear me flames come! Gather within my hands. Attack the enemy, *Spell Name Here*" or whatever (Your Magic System/Laws aren't that clear on this.) My variation: "Initiate Process: Codex. Generate "Fire", combie "Cold" branch. Shatter, combine "Fire" and "Cold." Frost Fire!" (Or something similar to effect I haven't actually finished the system.) So in theory would my variation of chanting be acceptable within this world? (Edit: My variation to be noted was not a finished incantation, it was matter of fact closer to a still cold flame in the palm of smth as it was not directed to move.)
  10. Edits/Notes: Damn, now it's equipment! Name - Affiliation Legal Name: Jericho Del Arz Alias(es): Arthin Titles: N/A Affiliation(s): N/A Personality - Biological Information Obvious Traits: At first glance one could notice a generally lacking personality, though not a daft one. They have a lax attitude around most people and by the gods a shit eating grin on for more than half the day at least, if i'm being honest it's ridiculous how long he keeps it up for. The aforementioned lax attitude is directed to honestly every living being in the vicinity, he could care less if you're nearly dead or the god of the universe, to be completely honest it scares me how lax he is. Hidden Traits: Jericho has a variety of more less obvious traits, but here's a few I have decided to note for the readers so they can get some general information about him. Generally he doesn't have a straightened posture, in fact it is precisely at a 3 degree angle at any times when he's not doing important business. In addition to his posture he has always been one to comply exactly how he's been told, although it's not necessarily hard to notice this it's something he keeps under wraps more often than not. Secretive Traits: I'll update this part later Gender: Male Species: Jericho seems to be a Empowered Human Overall Physical Capabilities: Jericho's physical condition is honestly nothing to scoff at if i'm being completely honest, for all things considered this is a bit numbed down from what the original idea is. Jericho's strength is quite absurd naturally in terms of human strengths equating to a similar strength of 15~ men he is by no means a weak individual. His speed is similarly nothing to scoff at if the average person runs at 24km/hr then he would be close to running at 70km/hr and a walking speed of roughly 15km/h. His intelligence however is a different story, he probably can't even solve a basic algebra problem if he tried. Appearance Hair Colour: Dark Grey/Gray Hair Description: His hair is messily cut, and short. Muscular Structure: (This is in reference to how "Toned" they look.) At first glance it would be safe to say it looks like they don't train their muscles, their body is tall and slender. However despite this they have some muscular growth albeit it's quite minimal Casual Clothing: Jericho normally wears some light clothing, perhaps with a light coat/hoodie or something similar as warmth or additional fashion points. Formal Clothing: Despite his attitude he is capable of being formal. (Big shocker amirite?) However, this doesn't extend far due to his "Formal" simply being a dark cloak draped around his casual outfit. Height: 6'-5" Weight: 169 Lbs Equipment - Personal Belongings Large Backpack: Jericho believe it or not owns items! This is by far his most useful item in terms of storage capacity as it can carry the vast majority of his necessities, equipment, or other things he finds while wandering the world for loot. It's simply a big backpack with many pockets, holsters, and small nets. Notebook of Knowledge: Jericho owns a notebook that has most of his theories and theorems. This book ranges from small things like how to preserve food for a few days longer to casting methods to reduces mineral costs and mana costs, however most of them are based on baseless logistics more than anything else. There may be some art sitting around in the old ripped pages of the notebook from earlier times. This notebook also acts as a Conduit/Concentrate for magical energy aka "Mana" also known as a magic focus. This allows it to essentially enhance one's raw spellcasting/mana manipulation potential by 0.005% per page unused, there is currently 20 unused pages. Sword of Neutrality: Jericho uses a standard lengthed sword, this sword as per it's name is coloured whole by a neutral shade of gray. However this isn't where it's strong points come up, more often than not the sword uses the wielder's mana to strengthen and sharpen itself. This causes more significant mana drainage while it's being held, specifically a passive mana drainage. The sword in itself is made from a rudimentary steel and it has a slight twist in the body which may or may not cause it to be weaker or stronger. Iron breastplate: Jericho owns a simple iron breastplate attached to his body with leather straps, these straps are enchanted with a durability booster, and the breastplate itself is enchanted with a lightweight effect so to speak as to not slow them down when it's equipped so much. This breastplate focuses on covering the upper half of the torso only.
  11. *Nom* Is 5 years considered inexperienced here? >.<
  12. Hello there! Albeit my experience worth of 5 years regarding the general concept as roleplay (8 if you consider playing fantasy outside as a dumb little kid as RP) and personally I am here to get off some excess time on my hands. (Heck did that even sounds correct?) Anyways, with that small explanation of my experience as a RPer I would like to say that plainly, I'm a tad shy and slow moving so if you're roleplaying with me in most scenarios my typing is slow, simple(?) and perhaps honestly obnoxious with beginner's mistakes all over the place. In any case, I can only wish that you enjoy my presence here as another member of this community now :3.
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