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  1. What kind of story are you looking to tell?

    1. Lovedemon45s7


      I’m not sure just yet

    2. Nobilis


      That happens 🙂

  2. Hello I’m vary new to Valucre I’m really interested in the plot you have going on but I’m not sure how to join or were to go, sorry if this is bothersome i just really do want to join.
  3. Kaitlyn shadow statistics Title: shadow hunter Visual Age: she appears as the age 18-19 but she is actually 22 Birth Place: Orisis Class: hunter Race: she is faerie but not the small fairy type she is human sized and her ears are slightly pointed, that’s the only indication that she’s something other than normal Alignment: none Gender: female Personality: kaitlyn is pretty quite at first with who she meets. That’s only because she wants to know if your worth her time, if you are you will learn a sweet side from the hunter. She often cares a lot about others and tries to help any in one she can. If she dosent think you worth getting to know she will give you the cold shoulder until you get the hint physiology Hair: dark long straight but slightly wavy black hair it shines in the sun and moon light Eyes: a deep orange with mixes of red Height: 5,5 Weight: un know, you never ask a lady how much she ways Voice: she has a soft but cold voice when she’s happy her voice is like sweet hunny but when she’s on the hunt her voice is as cold and as sharp as steel Build: starting at the bottom kaitlyn had slightly smaller then average feet, moving up her legs that were most of her height comes from along with some amazing curves. She is not busty like a lot of girls but her hips make up for it with there perfect curves. Up to he torso her waist isn’t skinny model thin by any means and she’s fine with how it is, up to her chest like said before she is not as busty as others so her chest is about below average but again she doesn’t mind. Her shoulders are mostly relaxed with some tension her arms have some muscle an dimension to them, lastly he head and face. Her face is more Diamond shaped she had strong cheek bones but not too much either, in the sun her eyes are what are most noticeable feature. He skin tone is light but not pale but not dark either. Her lips are soft and roses Condition: clothing •she often prefers to wear darker clothing because of the magic ability she has, it difficult to melt into the shadows if she’s wearing bright colors. skills * she has the ability to blend into shadows nod even travel through them, her ability helps he be a mega ease dropper * she is also vary skilled with knifes swords and bows, she was taught how to use them when she was vary young and has honed the skills since * She is vary quite and stealthy so it’s difficult for people to hear her unless they are vary skilled at detection * She is a vary good hunter it’s dose not take her king to get food if she needs it Equipment •small hand knifes •bow •arrows •dagger Credits: • Dan: Profile Layout.
  4. Hi I’m vary new to valucre and I’m pretty much lost right now I read everything for the new members stuff but no I have my character sheet filled out and I’m unsure what I do know, is there some were spastic that I put my character sheet and how exactly do I join the role play here
  5. Hey there, I’m z it’s nice to meet you. I am vary new to valucre but I’m vary excited, for almost four years now I have role played. My journey first began on the app called amino thats were I learned of the wonderful world of role play, I still use amino every so often to this day. After amino came discord with was really fun and after that I think I started getting bored of rps, for a while I didn’t rp cause I didn’t have any wear new of any new chats until now were I found this and I’m ready to have fun.
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