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  1. Just saw the updates on everything! As of right now I'm not too sure if I'm going to move to the new site or not. I'm still going through a freight-train of mental/emotional stuff right now, and as with some others here, I've also been through this site-shift thing with other boards and it's a fairly alienating thing for me, sadly. However, I'm keeping the old and new sites bookmarked just in case I feel better enough later on to give it a go. I'm sincerely sorry to everyone who had threads with me here -- I didn't see this proverbial freight train coming, so I got just as blindsided as my threading partners probably did with my sudden disappearance, but I still feel I've let people down. I really, genuinely enjoyed y'all's talent, and for the few posts I did make and the few interactions I did have, I had a ton of fun. 

    Godspeed, friends, perhaps our paths will cross again.

    Be Excellent To Each Other <3

    1. Lawman


      We might not have interacted in-RP, but your post resonates with me. And I must add that I've been RPing long enough to know that all the various reactions (both positive and negative) towards the site-shift are something to be expected. Like, as much as I'm part of the crowd who views the site-shift as a net positive, there are no doubt some things that Valucre does better that PGRP lacks. And for the ones who reacted negatively, even if I disagree with their points I don't think I (or anyone else, for that matter) can or should fault them for any of this. As humans, we're primarily creatures of habit, and what we're seeing right now is what happens when we get a little too comfortable. But yeah, take all the time you need to process things - and if you ever decide to give PGRP a go, I'll gladly see you there! 

    2. Trashbender


      I definitely don't fault anyone for this -- this is part of having an RP site, after all, and it has happened with each of the sites I've ever been on. This shift for Valucre definitely seems controlled and positive, and I'm hopeful that things will run smoothly and, once they settle, be fun in the new site! 

      I hope I didn't come across as reacting negatively..! I definitely don't feel negative about Valucre's change. It's mostly just that right now, I have way, way too much on my mind: going to therapy and trying to rebuild my other last site (which was forced to shift due to a domain change), plus shifting from Valucre to yet another new site, is simply too much for my brain to handle all at once right now. Its physical function has been deteriorating slightly the last few weeks, and I'm just unfortunately incapable of processing certain things right now because of that. 

      Granted, it is always sad to say goodbye to a place/people you've come to like, so that part is a bummer. But, I certainly don't fault anyone for taking it in this direction, and like you I don't think anyone else really should either: it's necessary to keep things moving sometimes! I do hope it goes well, and I probably won't be too terribly far off in keeping an eye on it. One day, I may very well return! 

      Hopefully you all have funsies in the new place :D 

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