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  1. Mallory moves quick swinging the bow into the wolf lunging for his arm then holds the bow into his and uses to swing the wolf into other then quickly let go of him and grabs his knife hoping the wolf he swings gets momentary stunned by his actions and lunging into him and stab into his head to kill him as fast as he can to then handle the other wolf.
  2. Mallory goes to the spot and aims his bow fast looking to hit the wolves legs, So they slow down but also prepares himself to the possibilities the when he hits them with the arrows they might attempt to run after him or run away. Either Way he must quickly prepare to hit them with the bow aiming at their legs and focusing his aim first on the furthest wolf for if he hits him it might cause panic the the one to the back of him, and give mallory enough time for he to hit them during the confusion.
  3. Done With dealing with the flames and harvesting Mallory Moves quick to attempt to track down the remaining wolves as fast as he can with the bow ready because it's unlikely the wolves will slow down,so mallory believes if he moves fast he can catch up kill them.
  4. it would take some effort to end all of the flames but with his fire magic he could end it with out spreading out anymore or any closer to the farm but he would need to focus on it but he won't be able to get the wolves before they get to far but he can't let the fire grow so he will focus on extinguishing the flames then on harvesting hides teeth and claws from the dead wolves, after that he goes back to the farmers see to his rewards.
  5. Mallory will make it look like he is about to press the attack to kill the wolf but will make movements to make the wolf retreat for a moment he needs a moment to grab back the sword from the wolf corpse he will still take advantage of the bow still being intact by trying to hit him with it the back away fast the try to hit the wolf with an arrow fast but he doesn't care if he hits he care only that the wolf to back off for a moment but if he hits and wounds the wolf he will press the attack by firing more arrows but if he doesn't he will proceed with his plan to grab the sword then advance and kill the wolf with the sword.
  6. Mallory moves fast Using all the speed he has to move backwards fast to bash the wolf behind him with his back, but maintaining his vision at the wolf in front of him if he succeeds in staggering the one behind him turning and stabbing his head predicting the one in front of him will try to take advantage lunging at him he will let go of the sword, grab the bow turn and bash against at the lunging wolf. the take back the sword
  7. Mallory thinks quick he moves hand to grab his sword and with one hand wielding it. while the other grabs an arrow out of his quiver and lunges at the one lunging for his leg, he tries to take him by surprise charging at him, and sinking a iron arrow down his eye while swiping the blade at it.then dodge the other one even if has to run for he wants to grab his torch to use fire magic.
  8. Mallory moves quick striking with both knife and sword with the knife hand by maneuvering his hand so the knife enters into the mouth but stabs trough the upper jaw into his head depending how the wolf acts he will react if tries to avoid the knife as it notices he trying to take advantage of the wolf trying to bite him to stab into his mouth he will move the sword to stab into his neck, if changes it's moves trough claw his hand Mallory will stab the paw the wolf tries to claw him. He needs to move quickly either way so the wolf dead before the other two arrive
  9. Mallory Focus on the one wolf made him lose focus on the others including the ones past the wall of fire because he thought they would me more scared of the flames but that needed to wait.as the other Wolf jumped at him he acted fast and threw the torch into if it hit's it would burn or stop his momentum giving him chance to dodge if didn't the fire near itwould make him make it react and so give him an opening to dodge. whatever happened after his attempt to dodge the wolf pounce he would take the moment it landed on the ground to attack it attempting to killed while the other wolf was burning but now taking care to watch his movement as well after he deals with the pouncing one he needs to deal with the other quick or he won't have a chance to deal with the 2 others outside the wall of fire.if he has a chance after dealing with the pouncing one he will try his knife.
  10. Mallory plan hasn't gone how he wanted but as long he alive he can convince the farmers all went as planned and they should pay him more even if he allowed a few to escape and the lot to eat the animals one last time but to do so he must survive.So he moves carefully now that he alone and wounded the wolf will fight more ferociously and more aggressively so mallory will try to use that,using his sword on one hand but grab the torch he made and wield as a weapon but he need to light it quick. with magic he fight defensively while the wolf likely won't be scared by the fire if can hit him with the torch fire it will begin burn him that might give him an opening to exploit to fight more aggressively and then attempt in the wolf almost dead state to stab and pin him in the ground then if the torch still remains to hit it against his head again and again.But he needs to more carefully not give a chance for the wolf to pin him in the ground or jump on him or he done.
  11. Mallory of an idea he would place the traps while the wolves ate the majority in the paths it would take for them to leave where the animals where he would place the incendiary magical traps in area away from the farm then when he was done placing then while they were distracted he would climb to on one of the buildings and then begin killing the wolves with the bow they would try to reach him they would be wounded by the traps then he would jump down and then run to where he placed the the incendiary traps while they where react to them he would call their attention trick them into stepping into then they would be scared by the fire some should be burned, and wounded by the first set of traps.he then head to act quick some might start to run away others might try to run towards, him he should be ready to defend himself, with his sword but try to keep his distance and kill them with the bow, he also had the idea of making a makeshift torch in case they get to close to scare them away from him. the ones that run away will be wounded and weakened so should be easy to run down and kill. however he should be cautious just because he believes he has a good plan does not mean things might go south he should be ready to think quick in case they do.
  12. Mallory Heard the howls getting louder while risking their viciousness with the small time he had left to make traps felt risky but,mallory had pride a bit of wounded pride from a single farmer doubting him also he still thought he could turn the farmers gratitude into a bonus, and to him money is a far greater incentive one worthy the harder job so he ran to the shed the farmer pointed at he still had a bunch arrows left but no traps, he felt he didn't enough time to make some complicated ones or a great number of arrows so he would expend the time making some simple traps to wound and trap the wolves feet,making them slower and more sluggish and some arrows. he can also make some magical traps with magic a few magical mines but those he need to be careful where he puts because the fire could burn parts of the farm so he shouldn't put that anywhere near anything that can might burn up. He still a bit unsure where to place them all but first he will make what he can with the time he believes he has then do a very quick look at the tracks in the field that should give him some idea where they head once they start attacking then he can make the plans plus he needs inform the head farmer what he plans to do otherwise the farmers may trigger the traps or get in his way as he tries to kill the wolves with the bow. He still was unsure had enough to time to make traps but he felt he had to risk it to make at least a few.
  13. Mallory looked at the kitchen after the farmer turns but immediately faces the farmer again after he turns back to mallory, and acts like he didn't attempt to see what the farmer was looking at,and continues"forgive me if i wasn't being specific sir it just any information on the pack attacking you would be useful even if you don't know where they come from. if you can tell me where they attacked in the farm if recent enough i can find tracks to find them.if your men could tell me which direction they ran to after they attacked that also could help me track them any information about the attacks can help me hunt them.the faster i find them the faster you won't have to worry about them.if you want i could also wait here for their next attack help defend the place then hunt the ones that survive, of course i will need some material for traps arrow and such, some spare metal parts bits of wood some rotten meat nothing you would miss. i'm sure you could use the help right?" he smiles as he says that. thinking that he doesn't really care if the farm gets destroyed the place but believes if kills the wolves in front of the farmers instead of the forest they will oh so grateful and impressed and so easy to convince that he should be rewarded with a nice bonus.
  14. If Mallory Had pride but that was quick said pride aside for profit he eyed the farmer and smiled lightly while thinking how to play this somebody who thought he had no chance wasn't likely to give him anything he asked but information,but then he had a thought the wolves wore attacking this farm with ease and while he might not be willing to help him hunt them if he keep this place safe he wouldn't just be more likely to give him what he wanted help in the hunt of them but also more likely to give him a bonus, but first he needed to see what he knew. "Evening Sir,Yes I am and i'm looking for information on the wolves where they are attacking exactly,how many have been seen, and if there anything that that you know that might in hunting then?" He said wording his sentences carefully while watching his reaction for fear,anger anything he might exploit in the conversation or that show he might be hiding anything.
  15. Mallory arrives in the area in the forest where the farms are He was told to talk to the farmers about the dire wolves,He already decided to appeal to their desperation to obtain resources for the hunt. But first he needs to meet them to see how far he can push them for resources and what they know about the wolves there a risk they are stubborn enough just to give information but he needs more than that to kill the wolves after all with more resources to make traps,arrows,beer for incendiary fire traps and bait that could help on the hunt he could kill them with more ease.but first he needs to convince the farmers to give him what he wants.So he approaches one of the farms looking for the one in charge.
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