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  1. She had plenty of failed attempts. Each one less thought out then the last. She's on the brink of giving up. There's a quiet squeak ahead. She slows, listening. Rustling of leaves. There are a few of them, just behind that bush. She grins evily, this might just be her chance. She crouches down, trying to pinpoint just how many there are. Two, no, three. Maybe four. Nah, it's three. She makes up her mind. She holds the antimagic bag in her hands, deciding how she'll do it. She slowly edges around the side of the bush, carefully timing the attack. One of them spots her, alerting its friends and teleporting away, she quickly swats the bag down around the other two, her heart thumping. She grins again. In a swift motion, she flips up the bag, one falls out and teleports away, she seals the bag around the other one. She jumps to her feet, doing a little spin. She laughs victoriously, clutching the bag to her chest. She holds it carefully, almost wanting to open the bag and get a closer look at her prize. She's smarter than that. Lucca pipes up, "Hooray, you caught one. I know what you're thinking, and no, we cannot keep it." She whines in response, "Why not?" He sighs, "We don't have room for a pet. And besides, that thing'll run away from you the first chance it gets." She nods in agreement. She clicks her tongue, "Well, better get back to the group. I heard there's a dance." She spreads her wings and takes off, flying to where she thinks she's supposed to go. It took longer than she'd like to get to the ball, but her lack of a sense of direction doesn't bother her. She glances around happily, it's nice here. She looks down at the bag still in her hands. She giggles to herself. "What secrets do you hold, little friend?" She spots a couple of people from before, and a few people she's unfamiliar with. Lucca nearly predicts what she's about to do and groans, "Please just stay by yourself. Haven't you had enough embarrassment today?" She thinks about it for a minute before agreeing. Better just wait for now.
  2. She lets out a sigh of relief, she really thought they were late for a minute. Lucca looks away, attempting to not look disappointed. He had hoped they were late. Now they have to wait. Carpet has zero patience when it comes to these things. Oh well. She looks down at the person that appeared beside them, "Hi! Are you here for the job too?" She asks. Lucca glances over at her, about to ask who she's talking to. He jumps a little, where did they even come from!? He grabs and tugs on Carpet's arm, she sends a glare at him for that. She grabs his arm back and starts pulling him in the direction of their guide. She gives a little smile to the stranger who will be helping them. She flips her head back around to Lucca, who's sheepishly staring at the ground. "What was that?" She asks under her breath, just loud enough for him to hear. He shifts his eyes, "It scared me." He mumbles back. She tsks him, everything scares him. "You're a big ol' scaredy cat." She retorts. He's about to snap back, but doesn't want to make her any more upset. They can't help but look around in wonder, this is nothing like home. He sighs, "About how many more people are there?" He wonders aloud, not asking anyone specifically.
  3. Her tail swishes against the ground at the mention of it, as she turns to the taller someone. She smiles, she had definitely been expecting that question some time or other. "I'm new here. I'm a hybrid, Feverdream to be exact." She clenched her hands together, eyes twinkling with excitement. Her ears twitch as she immediately looks behind herself. She feels like they're being watched. She quickly shrugs it off as a woodland animal, though. She nods at her name being "weird" but the compliment catches her off guard. She opens her mouth to mention her girlfriend, but closes it and decides to save that fact for later. She watches them both climb onto the trees, silently wondering if she should do the same. In an instance her head locks onto the small creatures, her ears both swiveled to watch a single one. She watches it slowly teleport farther and farther from the rest of them. She stills, excitement thumping through her chest. Her wings unfold slowly, her foot shifts back behind her, and her tail lays flat on the ground, to act as a spring. She slowly slides the knife out of her pocket, her weapon of choice, if she could aim it carefully... Lucca catches onto her plan quickly, "I know what you're thinking, stop thinking it." No response. She angles the knife carefully, watching it's path, at the last moment, she throws it. It slices into the dirt, frightening the small creature, and forcing it to turn and dash in her direction. She leaps forward, spreading her wings and scooping the animal from the ground. She isn't quite quick enough though, as it teleports out of her grasp, escaping into the brush. She drops to her feet, pulling the knife out of the ground. "Drat." She mumbles, glancing in the direction the allop teleported. Lucca chuckles, "Ohh, so close!" She pays no mind to him. @Venus Sprite @Dabi
  4. She skips through the brush, carefully searching for what might be the place. Lucca jumps at every little movement, sticking very close to Carpet. At one point he got distracted by a rustling branch, and had to fly to catch up with her. They had a couple more 'bee incidents', which only took them farther from their destination. It isn't long until the sky starts to darken. Lucca notices first, "The sun's going down, maybe we should set up camp?" She quickly shakes her head. Oh no, she's got that look on her face. She hops onto a rock, glancing back at them, "We can't stop now! We're almost there, I can feel it." He sighs, "That's what you said hours ago." She clicks her tongue, without a comeback. She starts off again, moving faster this time. They have to be close. After another twenty minutes or so, after the sun has set, and the moon is beginning to rise, she halts abruptly. Her head turns, and her ears swivel in a set direction. Lucca stops and glances in that direction, "What are you doing?" Her face lights up, "We're here! We made it! Don't you see it?" She jumps up and down for a moment, staring at him for a response. He strains his eyes into the darkness, "I don't see anything." Before he can say much more she grabs his hand and yanks him in that direction. It's hard to keep up, to say the least. His ears perk up the same as hers, he sees it. He lets out a laugh of relief at the hut, "Haha! We found it!" She slows to a stop, "I found it, you mean." He snorts, "You lost the map." She quickly lets go of his hand, sliding inside. He follows behind her. She ruffles her wings at the little crowd, "Are we late?"
  5. Her ears fall flat against her head. She ruffles her wings slightly, those wings are normal to her kind. Now that she thinks of it, she hasn't seen very many winged folks around here. She hasn't seen very many with a tail like hers either. The exact tail tucked between her legs currently. She stands frozen, she hasn't been this embarrassed in awhile. Great job, first week in a new world and you've already embarrassed yourself in front of everyone. At least that's what it feels like. She cringes, Lucca laughs, "Well let's see, how is it possible that you fell on your face with a pair of wings on your back? You're clumsy as heck, you don't think that fast, and you jumped at the opportunity to embarrass yourself to bits!" His laughter is obnoxious at this point. Although, she probably could've caught herself with her wings. She isn't exactly part of the most graceful species though. Her ears perk up at the offer, and she swivels around almost immediately. She takes Lucca's astonished silence almost as a trophy. Her expression lights up, "I'd love to join you!" She says through a wide smile. She quickly ducks her head in a bow, adding on, "Your Majesty." Her tail wagging like a little puppy's. Her face returns to its bright red color as she stands upright. Lucca's loud snickering rings through her mind. Sure he gets to laugh. She has the sudden urge to make a not so friendly hand gesture at someone. She turns, and holds out her hand, to shake. His name was Dauner, right? Well, at least her weird memory is a little helpful today. "It's Carpet, a pleasure to meet you king Dauner." She says through a clenched smile. The people here have such cool names. What the heck was she thinking with Carpet? Lucca chuckles, "Ohh I like this guy. I gotta meet him sometime." She shakes her head slightly. She decides to just ignore him, replying probably wouldn't be the best. She gives a little smile to Shelly just for good measure. That was her name right? She swears she heard it somewhere. Well, embarrassment out of the way, today's off to a pretty good start. @Mickey Flash@Venus Sprite@Dabi
  6. Haha! Ikr, if it weren't for the little get-together my family threw together I would've completely forgotten about it.
  7. She twirls around midair, skimming over the paper once more. It sounds like a grand adventure, only the bravest of souls would accept! "Why did I ever agree to this?" Lucca whines behind her. She smiles brightly, "Aw, don't be a sourpuss! This'll be fun!" He sighs rather loudly at that. After another minute or so, he complains once more, "We've been flying for forever! How far away is this mountain?" He glances behind them for a moment. She clicks her tounge, "I dunno, I'm pretty sure it's an island." He groans, "Pretty sure?! We could be going in the wrong direction for all we know!" She can't disagree. Though, their map says it's this way. She dropped the map a few miles back. He shouts, "There! Right down there! A boat!" They both quickly come to a stop, is that it? There's a mountain ahead...it must be. Lucca looks relieved. She quickly says, "No way. You promised, we're going to fly the whole way. No boat." He gives her a look of protest, then sighs, flapping his wings and starting off towards the mountain. Once they're almost there, she points out, "There's the dock, let's try and land there where everyone else will b-" Lucca shoves into her from behind, an ear piercing screech coming from him, "BEEEEEEE!" In an instance, they rocket into a tree in a tangled mess of limbs and feathers. They both fall onto the ground with a thud. Lucca sits up, clutching his chest. Carpet screams, "It was a freaking bee!" He nods calmly, "Yeah, that was a close one." She stands up, brushing dirt from her clothes. "And I'm supposed to be the stupid one." She grabs him by the arm and starts dragging him over to where the deck should be. What a start to the adventure.
  8. She drops onto the ground quietly, folding her wings along her back. Her eyes catch on a striking someone. Lucca seems to read her mind, and says, "That's the queen. Dummy." She sighs, turning around. It's quite awkward talking to someone who isn't there. "Well you don't have to be so rude about it." She mumbles to herself. His laughter rings in her mind. She can't help but overhear, the dragon rider seems to be royalty also. "Dauner." She ticks another name off of her imaginary list. She can't help but feel a bit awkward with all of this royalty. Lime would fit in well here. "Well, better go introduce myself." She marches forward, thinking up a good introductory in her head. "WAIT! Nonononono, are you stupid!?" She halts immediately, looking around. Oh yeah, no one can hear him. She growls quietly, "What?" These interruptions are getting annoying. He practically screams, "You can't just walk up and introduce yourself!! Must I remind you?? R-o-y-a-l-t-y." Her ears twitch, "So?" He groans, thinking for a good response. "Fine. But it ain't my fault if ya go and embarrass yourself." And with that, he's quiet. She smiles victoriously, and continues heading over to them. She stops when an important looking someone comes out onto the field and starts talking. Hairy pigs...? Her face lights up with an adoring look. "Awww! They sound cute!" Once he's done telling about the hunt, she returns to her task. She approaches the group of complete strangers, "Howdy! My name's CarpeOW-" She tripped face first into the dirt. Lucca's universal facepalm can be felt from in between the dimensions. She quickly jumps to her feet, her face a tomato red. "I-I-I- um...Heh u-uh.... I'm gonna...go..." She slowly backs away. Wiping the dirt from the front of her suit. Lucca sighs, "What did I tell you?" She doesn't respond to him. He chuckles quietly, "I told ya so." She growls at nothing, again.
  9. My characters's first three worlds were mostly burnt down by terrorists, and some of the characters themselves. To escape the ruins, they combined their powers and created portals. They mostly chose Valcure because it seemed like a magic-accepting world. They were chased out of three worlds. Oh goodness. They're pretty much stuck here now, though, they used up all the portal magic stuff. They're a little shooken by the whole ordeal nonetheless, their numbers have dropped quite a bit since their first world was destroyed. I just realized how dark this sounds for my overall peppy characters. Shoot I did it again.
  10. Name: Carpet Race: Hybrid: Feverdream Age: 22 Birthplace: Secret Lab! Class or Occupation: She has no current job, but would like to be a welder. Personal Hair: Short white hair with a tint of cyan on the tips. Eyes: baby blue Skin: Caucasian Body: slim and short Height: 5'1 Weight: 104 LBS Abilities and Resistances She is able to shape shift not only herself, but objects around her. Ex: An atom could be turned into a giant robot. Though, that would be difficult. She can be harmed by any normal weapon, but if she were shot by a silver bullet, it would be fatal. (Shape shifter, and all.) Equipment Pocket knife, deck of cards, and a cupcake launcher. (Don't ask.)
  11. Sweet, excited to start! I'll be using Carpet, currently working on a character sheet for her. I'm ready when you are!
  12. She nods, her eyes still turned to the ground. The familiar voice rings in her mind, "Ohhhh that's embarrassing." She would tell him to shut up, but there are too many people around for her to start talking to herself. She slowly backs away, before the loud sound of dragon wings is heard above her. She dives out of the way, her little wings making a slight breeze. She really has to get used to this place. It's beginning to look crowded, someone is talking to the woman she was a moment ago. Dia, she ticks that name off in her mind. She nods hello to the one who rode the dragon. Lucca speaks up again, "Overwhelmed yet? I can still bring you home." She shakes her head, the best response she can give with the crowd. She plants her feet in the ground once more, folding her wings tightly. She looks down and straightens the cartoonishly bright red bow, she grins at the sleek black suit she chose. She usually doesn't wear much black, but she thinks it goes well on her. "Where did you even get that?" Lucca asks. She scoots into a farther away patch of land, where hopefully no one will spot her, and answers, "Stole it from Captain." He groans, "Just because you two are dating doesn't mean you can steal Captain's stuff." She shakes her head, she's gonna give it back. Maybe. She smiles, Lucca is finally starting to acknowledge their relationship. Even if it's not the most optimistically. She spreads her wings and flies a yard or so upwards. She takes in a deep breath, the fresh air is nice compared to the gross city air she's used to. It's much less crowded up here than down there, she can watch the commotion from a distance. Maybe this won't be so hard? It's not like she has to kill anything. Lucca speaks again, "Alrighty then, don't say I didn't warn ya." She nods, humming in agreement. All that's left to do is wait.
  13. She hums a faint tune, she's never been to a big event like this. She jumped at the opportunity. A voice speaks up from behind her, "This is stupid. You're going to hurt yourself." She giggles, "Don't be such a downer! You aren't even going." He groans. Lucca follows her everywhere, but he refuses to come to this. Sadly, he's probably still going to be watching her. They land in some sort of wooded area, both tucking in their wings. He takes a few steps ahead of her and starts up again, "Stay behind me, I'm just gonna drop you off at the portal." He starts off into the forest, not noticing the eerie silence. She skips around, getting her a few annoyed glances from Lucca. They're walking in circles. She groans, "We're walking in circles, let me lead." He glances around at their surroundings, before nodding and turning to follow her. She immediately dashes off into the woods, her ears perking up at the deafening silence, searching for sounds that might help. They both skid to a stop at the quiet twinkly sound ahead of them, "We must be getting close!" She exclaims, taking off in that direction. He has to fly to keep up alongside her. She stops at a huge tree, this is where the sound is coming from. "Hey, I think this might be the-!" She's shoved into the portal by Lucca. She squeaks, falling in face first and landing roughly on her stomach. She coughs and slowly stands up, her attitude immediately switching to awe at the sights before her. "....I get to ride in one of those?!" She jumps into a carriage the first chance she gets, the animal pulling it looks a little like a mule. It's adorable. She doesn't even bother sitting down, she stands and stares out of the window, trying to catch every little beautiful sight. Her ears fall back along her head, the ride is over. She hops out of the carriage, waving goodbye to the animal that pulled her. She looks across the feild with wonder, almost immediately getting a sort of overwhelming feeling. She's never done anything like this before, she's only hunted small things, like mice and squirrels. Everyone here is big and tough, she's tiny for her age. As she's attempting to make it look like she fits in, a voice pops into her head. "You have no idea what you're doing." She spins around to see if anyone else heard that, and quickly realizes it's Lucca. She steps off to the side, "What are you doing? Trying to give me a heart attack?" She hopes it doesn't look too weird, she looks like she's talking to herself. He responds, "I'm helping. Look, go talk to them over there. They look like they know what's going on." She sighs, not wanting to. "Must I?" She gets no response. She musters up some courage and slowly treads up to the stranger. "Uh...Hello, do you know how this...works?" Her eyes trail to the tattoos lining her body, tracing them over like a painting. Almost in a trance, her eyes trail to the slightly 'suggestive' tattoo, her gaze snaps to her shoes quickly. Her light colored face burns a bright red, Captain will kill her when she finds out. "I-I um- heh, I d-didn't-" she stutters uncontrollably. @Houndy Poochykins
  14. Hi, this is still going right? If so, I'd like to join in! My character is Carpet, (Weird name I know.) Formal attire is no problem, she'd jump head over heels at the chance to wear a suit. And Iron shouldn't be a problem either, her clothes don't contain it, and her weapon of choice doesn't either.
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