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  1. Everything is sounding pretty good to me, I'm still trying to brainstorm names for my character, I'm not too good with names. Also there may be a few vital details I am withholding for plot purposes. If Chris finds it necessary to know all the details, I'll message them, but I would rather keep it a surprise. I may or may not play more than one character, I haven't decided yet. I would like to have my character non-human, cause I'm just like that, but idk what yet. My description is a little far back so if you want me to post it again I can do that.
  2. I think I'm starting to come up with my character, too. I kinda want to be something not human because I'm just like that, but I don't necessarily know what I want to be, so expect that at a later date. My character has minimal magic at most. Her first impression of the people around her is confused and a little bit wary, however she will quickly warm up to them. She gets around, and likes speaking to everyone, trying to maintain a friendly basis with as many people as possible. Her biggest motivators as of current are Success (it doesn't matter success at what, just success in general) Knowledge Freedom If worse comes to worst, basic survival (sure this applies to everyone, but for her in particular if the chips are down, she will drop everything and go full on SURVIVAL MODE) That's pretty much all I have figured out so far apart from a few details I didn't really mention.
  3. Sounds good to me. I like the theme going on here.
  4. Nothing is more painful and yet gratifying than honest feedback.

    1. supernal


      I read different types are useful at different maturity points. Earlier on positive feedback keeps you going (because the mistakes will be plentiful as you’re just learning) and later on negative (constructive) feedback helps you refine 

  5. I'm completely fine with it. Especially if the awakening is a thing, which is kind of bringing it back if I'm understanding it correctly. Besides, taking the characters you love and just chucking them into hell is like 90% of writing anything.
  6. You know what, I was a little averse to this idea, not gonna lie, but now I really like it. I'm down, this sounds really flippin cool. You're a very creative person, @Dreamer-Noir
  7. Oh, yikes. Sounds painful. Feel better soon. Sounds like a good idea to me.
  8. I totally agree, it's really hard to write a survival story. It always seems like it's either doomed to fail or too easy and there's no real risk. And it's hard to build tension cause it's kinda the same thing over and over again with important plot points in between. Fine for a roleplay, hard to write in a book, which is why I'm sort of averse to it :p`
  9. I was merely suggesting the possibility under the assumption someone else would think of it, but I'm down for a survival story. I didn't have as many ideas for it, though, so I lack further input for the moment.
  10. Of course, of course. I think there are two ways it could go, and that's either A) Survival story. This could be interesting, but it's a little hard to pull of. B) Other. I'm kind of looking in this direction. Most likely has to do with investigating the reason we went to this island. I really do like the idea that we were put there by someone or something, which would also quite easily lead to a plot trying to stop someone/something from doing something. This one seems a bit simpler on our part to figure out how to advance as well as more open-world, as it's the whole world and not just an island.
  11. In that case, I imagine the island is more of a medium-sized island, with multiple different areas where different materials can be gathered and stuff, as this would make sense to keep the beginning of the story interesting, at least. If we do wind up going with the island plot, we could of course make the island larger and more versatile, but I don't think it should be too big, or else the characters would have little need to get off it. For how we got on the island, I still like the idea that we either travelled there on accident or were kidnapped. Travelled on accident would make it much easier to people to join as they pleased. I don't think there should be a society on the island, unless people travelling there/getting put there is a regular occurrence, in which case some people may have decided to just stay on the island, instead of trying to get off, which would lead to either escape or death. I like the idea that there's some sort of monster in the water.
  12. I like where we're headed with this. I do have one question. Is the plot of the story going to be us trying to get off the island, or is it just a starting point which is how we meet up, spending a brief amount of time on this island before we go off and do something else for the main plot?
  13. So, assuming this island is just our start point, there is a way to get off this island, in which case it would likely be an island that is simply on the water or other liquid, or possibly in the sky depending on how high up. We would likely build a boat or something to escape. In addition, there may not be many topographical features of extreme note. Of course, we could make it more interesting, which would fuel the story more than a basic island, as well as the characters' drive or need to do something, thus advancing the plot. I have some ideas for this. However, it may also be that it really is difficult or impossible to get off this island, in which case a good portion if not all of the story would be centered on us trying to escape. I have an idea for this scenario as well. Either way, I think you were onto something in talking about us ourselves accidentally travelling to this island. I very much like this idea, as it's a simple yet convoluted explanation that gives opportunity for character building. I do think we should go with this, unless someone else has an idea. Perhaps we were kidnapped or something, which would definitely drive the plot forward. Of course, we could also go for the approach of being a part of a society and sailing off to do our own thing, which might be more free-form.
  14. Awesome. And how, exactly, did they get on this island? Also, according to your given time, I'm available after 1:20 on weekdays.
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