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  1. Thank you, I have read up a little bit on the lore in the meantime and there came up a question: My idea is to introduce my three characters one after another. They all come from a futuristic/science fiction setting and would be thrown to Valucre (Lagrimosa to be more specific) and need to adjust (and having a lot of backstory that ties them together). Would that be possible? Experiment goes on, fails, portal appears, brings them right here?
  2. Thank you for the cake. Since you aren't GlaDOS, I think it's the truth ~ I have read through some lore threads and got an idea. I would like to play up to three characters. Do I make an account for each single one of them or a collective one? Or do I rp with this account? That's where I'm a little bit lost right now.
  3. Greetings I did like the reference to NES-Zelda in my Inbox, so here’s my introduction. Way back in 2012 I’ve discovered forum-roleplay thanks to a dear friend. Since then it has been a constant stable in my life. It gave me the chance to interact with native speakers and improve my English (which is not my native tongue). I’ve been to three rp-sites over the last eight years and roleplayed (and still do rp on one site) a diverse cast of characters, mostly antagonists (because sometimes I just love being evil). They have different shades of evil (ranging from anti-hero over scheming manipulator to world-destroyer). My hobbies outside of roleplay consist of Ancient Languages (Ancient Greek and Latin), philosophy, calisthenics (huge fan and follower of Wade’s Convict Conditioning) and cooking (I love the five elemental approach of Chinese cooking because it can be applied to almost any other cooking style and Italian [as a heads up: No, you don’t need cream and garlic in every meal]). So far I’m impressed by Valucre because there’s a lot of reading material to go through. I'm curious to meet and rp with you ~
  4. Welcome to Valucre!

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