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  1. Luciola shrugged and clipped her coin pouch back on her belt. "And an ale, please," she added as the server walked away. "Ah, yes!" she began. She placed her elbows on the table and rested her head in her palms. The elves had quite the look about them. "I would like to know where you come from as well. Back at my homeland, your kind..." she trailed off, gazing up at the rafters for a brief moment. "Well, that doesn't matter. I've never met an elf. I've always wanted to!" Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a man entering the tavern wearing a bulky coat that was dusted with snow. Snow? That didn't seem quite right. Clearly, every patron in the tavern was coming from different lands, maybe even different worlds if such a thing were possible. There was plenty of magic in the world Luciola knew, so the idea of parallel worlds wasn't that hard for her to believe. Considering the uncanny way she got here...it was a still a wonder to behold, regardless. But why would people converge in this place? Had they all been called here for some reason or purpose? But why me?
  2. Indeed the place was otherworldly. With that, Luciola would agree. Saoirse's gaze was cold, almost demeaning, but Luciola was unphased. "I wonder, how long have you been here?" Trevan was quick to interject. When he took off his hood, her eyes widened with wonder. "You're an-" she began and went quiet as he continued to talk. An elf! Although his skin was darker than the ones she was used to seeing. Not that she had seen very many. She was smiling delightedly at this when Trevan addressed her again. She hadn't been listening until now. "We were hunting cake, yes?" "Ah, yes!" As the two of them continued the conversation, Luciola found her own seat at the table and sipped on her drink as they spoke. "As for where it is we are, I haven't a clue. I haven't known where my feet have taken me for the past... two months." Trevan said. "But what I do know, here is where we are, and we should consider ourselves lucky that where we are is a place of relative safety, it seems." Luciola thought Saoirse was bold for someone dressed in tattered clothing. She didn't know what her ranking might be, but she supposed this wasn't how the woman usually dressed. Luciola looked at her own clothes. Light leather pants and boots and a simple white blouse with long ruffled sleeves that didn't bear a marking of dirt or any signs of wear. She rubbed the fabric of her sleeve absentmindedly. If one looked closely, they could tell her clothes were made of expensive material. This was one outfit Luci has bought herself. Back at home, she had a closet full of fine silk gowns and dresses. Father much preferred she wear those, but Luci thought simple was better. "Does the elven lord know of misfortune? Have you suffered ill luck, and speak a truth from your own past? I confess I am curious," Saoirse was saying. Luci cleared her throat. "I have coin." She reached for her belt and unlatched a leather pouch that she promptly tossed onto the table. It sounded delightfully heavy. Inside were ten gold coins, six silver, and two copper. It was too much for a woman to be carrying alone in the woods outside of castle walls. "If you're hungry," she prompted. "Also, I'm pretty sure this place is magic." She returned to sipping her drink until all that was left was ice. She scowled at the glass.
  3. I'm out of town for work for 10 days starting today! I'll still reply, I just may be slower than usual. Just a heads up!
  4. "We're both just arrived, and know likely very little about what you speak," Trevan began. "I do not think only of cake, but now that it is so close I can practically taste it..." He says, with a light laugh following it up. She smiled. "I was hoping to find a seat, a fork, and to eat cake before I die. There was a while there where I thought perhaps I may never get another chance." Never get another chance? Yet another newcomer arrives. The woman approached them boldly. She was beautiful, Luci thought. "I apologize for intruding, but I am wondering where I am? I've become lost," she said. She opened her mouth to reply but Inocybe was quick to respond, "I haven't a single clue how I got here, do either of yo-" A pause. "Nice to make your acquaintances. The name is Inocybe, and being named after a mushroom I'd say I'm a fungi." Luciola made a look of outward disgust. A fun guy?! The newcomer introduced herself, "My name is Saoirse. Hmm... I wish we were meeting under more pleasant circumstances, friend. Though It seems this place is for wanderers like you and I, that is what I think." Saoirse twirled her hair thoughtfully. "What a weird place this is, like the beginning of a nightmare. Inocybe, you're named after a mushroom?" "Pardon me, Saoirse, but what makes this place a nightmare? It seems a lovely enough place to me," she said. "I'm Luciola, although most people call me Luci. It's a pleasure." She nodded to Inocybe and Saoirse in turn.
  5. She stepped back and peered up at Trevan with inquisitive eyes. "Is cake all you can think of? You are just delightfully optimistic, aren't you?" Before she could garner a response from him, they found themselves interrupted by the stranger who was now standing beside them and firing a barrage of questions. He's worse than me, was her first impression. She sipped on her drink and blinked at the stranger. She thought she heard she heard a "where are you from" and "have you been here before", and something about an army with lots of people. Did they say they paid with rocks? She caught the stranger trying to catch a better glimpse of Trevan's face. They could at least be more subtle about it. "I love your eyes," the stranger said to her, and she watched in horror as their eyes flashed a golden yellow that matched her own. "Thank you," the girl said plainly. She took another drink, hoping it would excuse her from saying anything further.
  6. "Cake?! Of course I know of cake," she said, delighted. She was walking backwards into the room with her hands folded behind her back in a manner that was cheerful and childlike, and so did not see the butler until she had nearly bumped into his tray. "Oh, hello!" She spun around to face him and suddenly stopped. The man was...green. It was at this moment that Luciola had decided she was not home. Her home had a variety of colorful species, but nothing like this. Don't say anything, Luci. Don't say it. She forced an awkward smile and took a drink. "Thank you." She looked around the room, noting the people sitting at the bar, then glanced at Trevan again. Was she the only human here? Someone was waving at them from one of the tables. She leaned towards Trevan. "Do you know them?," she asked then took a sip of her drink and her eyebrows shot up. She gave the butler and approving nod. @Sentient @A-Zyriel @Sigil Warden
  7. Very much laid back! I'll address/encounter Mr. Butler momentarily. I haven't forgot about the sea cucumber butler. e.e Was going for a somewhat natural entrance. Also, happy new year, everyone! 😄
  8. At the mention of friendship, she quickly cast her eyes down and away from him. It was a brief gesture, subtle and involuntary. Her gaze was back on the man as he continued to speak, and as her golden eyes met his she remembered her smile. Her eyes were the only odd thing about Luciola-they were a vibrant golden yellow and remarkably inhumane, but she was after all as human as one could be. She was a girl of small build with no special powers or talents to note of, and her skill with a blade was self taught. All the girl had that was worth noting was her title and status, but even that she disregarded. "Indeed it does! Since we are here we should eat. Come, Trevan, let us sit!" She made her way into the open room, gesturing for him to follow. "You could start by telling me of this house Soithiel." There was the small matter of figuring out where she was and how she had gotten there, but Luciola was not one to question the why and how of things. She had decided to live in the moment and see where the winds took her. Whether she had teleported to some far away lands or was living in a dream mattered not. All in due time, she thought. Perhaps she was better off here. After all, the girl should never have been born.
  9. Before she had a moment to ponder what this magical place was, someone quickly ushered past her. She stumbled out the way. "Oh...my deepest apologies," he said with a bow. His face was covered but she could see that his skin was dark beneath the hood. "Ah, no," she began. "You don't have to-I shouldn't be blocking the doorway. My apologies to you, sir!" She fumbled with the strings of her cloak clumsily before removing her own cowl, letting her golden hair fall around her shoulders. "Do you happen to know where we are? I mean-well, a tavern of course! Oh, or perhaps an Inn! I've seen some like this one back home!" She glanced up at the rafters, blinking. "Or is this still home? Oh, pardon me! Where are my manners?!" She smiled at the curious hooded man, who she suspected was not human like herself, and extended a hand. "I'm Luciola. Luci for short!"
  10. Absolutely! I'll post a reply here within a couple of hours.
  11. Ahhh! Hello, hello! I'm so excited to be roleplaying again (even if I've only made one post so far)! I feel like giddy child. Even sitting here refreshing the page every half hour feels nostalgic. And I get to make a signature again! It's been so long since I've even seen a proper forum. It's like being home again. Can't wait to chat with all of you and get to know your characters! 🥰
  12. This was as far from home as the girl had ever been. She pondered this as she looked over her shoulder at the walls of Viridia, a mere twenty feet in front of her. Admittedly, it wasn't that far. She sighed and tightened her cloak around her shoulders as she made her way into the woods. Just as the sun began to set, she stopped and found a place to sit on a pile of pine needles. This was good enough, she thought. She rested her head against a tree and closed her eyes. This wasn't the first time she'd snuck out and slipped into the woods. Some would say that it was her rebellious nature. They said she was a child full of fire that only acted out to give her father grief. But to her, out here amongst the trees and the earthy scents was the only place she felt at peace. When she opened her eyes, she saw a door. It was a simple door, wooden and rounded at the top with the frame included. Perhaps it was a silent wish she made, or perhaps it was an invitation from the gods-she knew not. There was no building attached and she could have sworn it was not there before. Cautiously, she touched it and felt the solid wood under her finger. It must be a trick of the fae, she thought. Less cautiously, she knocked. No answer. So the girl turned the handle and pushed...and found another world behind it. The smell of roasted chicken, fresh bread and ale washed over her. She could hear the sounds of laughter and music and it was all so infinitely warm. So she stepped inside and the door slammed shut behind her. "Ah!" She looked behind her as if to double check and discovered the door appeared different than the one she had walked through in the woods. "Oh," she said.
  13. Ah, yes. There's too many V's around now. I guess V for Vendetta has me beat since it was first published in 1982. 🤔 Now there's the Cuberpunk 2077 V. I'll have to fight them all. There can only be one! V is just short for "Vicious". lol
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