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  1. instead of disappearing just going to say that I am not doing the best mentally between school and everything else going on and will be making a return once I am able to make more time for my love of writing, apologies for those I left hanging, sending lots of love ! 

    1. Eternity


      You do what you got to do to feel well both mentally and physically, and don't worry Valucre will still be here when you are ready. You've got this! 

    2. Trashbender


      I know we don't know each other but I hope you feel better soon <3 Mental health is important, so it's good to manage your stresses -- and even hobbies can be stressful sometimes. Be good to yourself!

    3. SarcasticDruid


      You good man, I get it. Mental health is rough, and sometimes you have to take a step back. Heck, I admire you for it, I couldn't take a step back if I tried xd. You be well.

  2. Apologies for being a little slow with posting, just figuring out a good schedule now that school is starting back up! I should be back to posting regularly now ❤️ 

  3. Viktor stopped pointing and let his hand fall to his side and turned his focus back on Harv, whether or not he liked to admit it he did enjoy talking about himself. The cunning vampire envisioned in his mind what his new masked friend would have read about his kind. For he himself had underestimated his kind before his end due to false or embellished tales. “In the simplest terms, yes I am a vampire. I too did not agree with what they were like and now here I am.” Viktor said somewhat proudly since he was here to tell the tale even though he only remembered glimpses and was not technically alive to tell it. He also knew that his appearance gave a lot away, he remembered this scaring him immensely when he first turned but he has almost become hardened about this topic entirely. Viktor paused and took in what Harv was saying, he forgot what it was like to have a human mind so it was somewhat refreshing to listen to their views. “No being quite has the answer to it all but I do believe it is a good thing to question any system, even my own now. I think it is wise of you to seek the better parts of human nature.. Perhaps I question humans because I miss that part of their world.” He said the last part sarcastically but there was a truth behind the vampire’s eyes that could not be hidden, even with their reddened hue. Viktor could still feel his friends unease and was unsure how to soothe it for he never really got this far without throwing a wrench in the relationship to see what would happen. He genuinely liked the masked beings company and found their cautious nature relatable. “I tend to look at it like a game, it is quite hard to gage but sometimes you can gage the outcome. Large groups can be intimidating, I’m sure it’s not hard to guess that it is in my nature to keep to oneself. I too feel lucky to have happened upon you even though these are strange circumstances.” The vampire took the smile Harv gave as a win even if it was a bit hard for Viktor to read. He was quite shocked that one that had been through so much was still so kind, Viktor had gone through harsh things in his past which he used to excuse acting out. He gave a soft and kind smile in return not really knowing until this moment that he was capable of such an act. The next question Viktor had somewhat been procrastinating on thinking about since he did not like being unsure out of control of things. “Unfortunately I have little knowledge, I have been very weak and was in a haze when I saw you. It’s a test of my kind to be on their own before they join anyone else so I have not received help on that end either. Maybe we could inquire together.. I was unsure if you were real as I followed you into this place, if you are hiding from people my friend you should get a robe or something.” He let out a laugh and removed his own robe, offering it to his friend. Viktor was a little awkward and all over the place which was quite obvious but he knew little of kindness. Viktor maintained focus on his friend but made sure to listen and keep aware of his surroundings as more beings entered. Even if he didn’t like to admit it Viktor was starting to feel protective over Harv which is actually quite common in a Sukai’s nature when they gain attachments. The offering of the vampire’s robe was one of many examples of this nature that Viktor hesitates to show.
  4. Viktor observed their smile and quite enjoyed it. He couldn’t help himself but to feel a little accomplished; even though Viktor began their interaction trying to intimidate Harv. “The smartest are those who observe first rather than react, you’re much stronger than I- for I would have tried to take their heart,” Viktor said this genuinely, this was a sign of respect in his eyes, since he isn’t one to admit being outmatched in any regard. His smile widened when he saw Harv return his gesture, his eyes following and squinting as his smile brightened. Viktor’s expression changed quickly when Harv replied about where he came from and in turn how he acts because of it. He didn’t know how this being saw through him, he didn’t know he was putting on an act and more importantly he didn’t know he was dropping it. From what Viktor is observing this creature has already been hurt enough as it is and as much as he may have wanted to prove their point wrong there was a small whisper of something telling him to refrain. “I do not feel much of anything, I guess that is how any nightcrawler survives in the wild. I suppose we can talk more of it as we get acquainted.. I don’t mind your company after all.” He let some of his hair hide his face, he didn’t want to address that he wasn’t acting scary much less that he may be shy. “The past is not rough if you forget it, though.” He said this and tapped his temple with his spider-like finger. In reality Viktor did not know if this was a strength or not for Harv may be the wiser for knowing their past; this intrigued Viktor more. The intrigue grew as Viktor listened to Harv’s recount of his past. His ears straightened as he focused as well as his eyes as he stopped gazing around the tavern, propping his head up with his free hand like a student as he took in the story. He gained more energy as they built trust but this does not make Viktor much stronger in the grand scheme of things. “I did sense it indeed, there was a reason I said you were superior.” Viktor said in distaste, he didn’t much like humans even at the best of times. “Humans tend to act out in wretched ways when they do not have control. For what it is worth I am glad you escaped and would gladly fight on your behalf if it came down to it.” It is hard for Viktor to admit that he may be projecting onto the human race due to his inability to admit their likeness. For Viktor is all too familiar with acting out when he is not in charge or protecting those he is fond of, at the base that what it is to be human? He didn’t like to meddle with these thoughts, especially since he was human not that long ago. Viktor decided rather to focus on how to handle the next question. He had yet to think of how to go about saying what he is without lying, he damned himself for not thinking of this sooner. Instead of the smile that although rare was more welcoming than what followed as Viktor’s lips twisted into a smirk to show off his fangs. It was a funny thought being lumped in with a human. Even if Harv did not think they were superior, Viktor most definitely did whether or not this be true. “I like your courage so I’ll answer your question.. Or rather observation which happens to be correct. I’m not human, I’m fortunate to be part of the well known species that is the vampire. I’m not quite sure if they have them from your realm, I doubted their existence before my turn.” Viktor did not know if he was fortunate since he had just gotten a taste of what it is to be a vampire. He was not optimistic due to what he had already seen leading up to his arrival as well as the few hazy memories he still had. Although enthralled in Harv’s conversation, Viktor could not help but feel the energy rise as more beings arrived and mingled. “Seems to be that humans exude more of a welcoming energy than that of my kind, look how the tavern flocks.” He said and pointed to the human girl seated in the tavern. Viktor did not have manners, especially up to the standards of humans and did not remember that pointing may be seen as rude. He wondered how a human survived in a room of beings like this and how this may have proved everything he presumed about their kind to be wrong.
  5. Viktor usually wouldn't entertain conversation for this long unless he was extremely hungry but even though he was denying it to himself, he did enjoy the company. He frowned a bit at Harv's answer, he was hoping someone would be able to hint at where or who he used to be. Nonetheless he didn't expect to get a full answer just yet, the games have only just started. Viktor let his thumb slide across Harv's hand before letting go of it, making note to himself that this being had to be more than human. "Unfortunate for you, I can be quite the life of the party," Viktor took another sip of his drink, turning again to face the rest of the tavern to observe everyone around him. He leaned against the bar and still kept attentive to what he would now consider a friendly acquaintance which is more than he is usually able to make with others. He listened as Harv talked of cold shoulders, as far as he remembers thats all he's ever gotten as well, not to mention some would say Viktor also has ice cold shoulders. "Well it seems to be given the circumstances you are far superior than those who handled you, cheers to more than ten sentences and cheers to your new found independence," Viktor let a small smile come to his lips and clinked his glass against Harv's just in case they may not know the gesture. Viktor then began to digest the last part of Harv's statement, the question on where he is from. He didn't really know and didn't know how much was smart to share. He hesitated for s second, knowing the longer he waited the more it would show his unease. It's known that Sukai's can not lie so Viktor has to be careful about what he says as to not give away the whole of his truths. "To be completely honest I don't have much memory of where I came from before I was turned, but I know I came from deep below in taverns that would give people nightmares," He said, not completely phased by that of which he came, only really wanting to know more before he was turned. "It sounds like it might be likewise with you my friend, where do you hail from?" He said genuinely interested which doesn't happen often. The hum of the tavern was giving him strength, apparently enough to put himself out there to the beings around him which could be seen as good or bad.
  6. Viktor surveyed this cucumber looking butler man as he skittered off and had to hold down a laugh. This odd beings energy definitely giving him some strength. Just between that and the masked beings general unease he could be set for a little while, but he was too intrigued and involved to get packing just yet. He observed as Reginald ran back and soothe some of Viktor's woes he did as the swiftness of the action made him let out the laugh he was holding in as he held the drink. If colour could come to his cheeks it most likely would for he was quite embarrassed and although he usually wouldn't take an unknown drink he was caught up in the nice gesture. He then turned his attention back onto the masked individual beside him, moving to face them as he listened to their response. Viktor was usually good at guessing ones intentions but he was having trouble making any solid assumptions on the being next to him. He didn't know if it was the daze he was in or the general lack of stamina he currently had, which was the last thing he wanted to give off. This meant that Viktor just might have to entertain getting familiar with the crowd around him and he didn't quite know how to feel about that. "I suppose you're right, although time will tell." He answered after a bit of time passing. Viktor regarded this fellow's growing hesitation and overall nervousness, especially when stating their name. "That's a new one, haven't heard that one yet. It's nothing to get all bent up about though. It's to the point; I like it." He answered, deciding to play a little nicer than usual. He still came off as cold and maybe even sarcastic but he was trying. Viktor's eyes trained to the bartender and the creature across from them; observing them for a second before focusing back on Harv. "My name is Viktor Mordred, might have heard of me." He said in a bit of a cocky tone and held out one of his spider-like hands in greeting, still nursing his drink with the other. This drink would give Viktor no sustenance and he most likely wouldn't even taste it but he may get buzzed depending on the contents; at least there was that luxury. He started to take a sip as he waited to see if this new acquaintance would be a friend or foe. With an eyebrow raised not minding either outcome he thought to himself; this doesn't taste too bad.
  7. Introduction to dionysins & his cast of characters <3 Hello everyone! I thought I would do a little introduction of myself before I start introducing any of my characters. I didn't think I would be getting this far since I haven't been able to find a place to role-play that would get me as invested as I used to be but here we are. So let's just get some facts about myself out of the way so we can get to the good stuff! I am a 20 year old actor/ drag performer, visual artist and overall lover of anything related to art. I am particularly interested in themes related to horror, fantasy, nature, old folklore, runaway circus', dark creatures, anarchism and much more. I am also currently on holiday break but going to be starting my last semester of my theatre performance program which I am pretty stoked about. I'm a trans male and ooc you can call me reese! interestingly enough I first came out online to my old role-play friends at 12 and started to come to my terms through this lovely art form so I am so excited to be dabbling in this again and meeting all of you as well as your awesome characters! As I get to know this platform I will continue adding characters and possibly adding some of my own visual interpretations of my characters as time goes on. I will first be starting with who some of you may know as the slightly bratty vampire named Viktor as he will be who I start adventuring and hopefully growing as. Name: Viktor Mordred (credits to: @ploppymeep on twitter & @redtallin on tumblr for their lovely art) (more credits: to @Veloci-Rapture and @Jotnotes for more character inspiration and the added layer of the Sukai, I am super excited to play with this kind of character) Basic Name: Viktor Mordred Race: Sukai (Psychic Vampire) Age: 21 years old before he was turned, has been a vampire for four months now, spending most of that time in a daze. Birthplace: As a human was born in Valucre but has a hard time remembering the exact place due to starting to lose his human memories. He is trying to find his origin as he was just turned recently and awoke close to the tavern, these being his most recent memories. The only other thing he can remember is being underground for that is where most Sukai dwell as well as that of dark elves or deep gnomes. Class or Occupation: Kas-Sukai meaning he is a highly regarded commoner amongst his race. Even though Viktor was recently turned he was still highly regarded as a win to the Sukai’s due to his higher status when Viktor was a human. He does not remember but when he was human he was training to be a knight and was quite talented in the arts as well as combat. Most of this is unfortunately a blur for Viktor since his change. Personal Pronouns: He/Him They/Them Sexuality: Pansexual and polyamorous; this makes casting his net for his next meal quite easy and accessible. Marital Status: Single; as far as he remembers anyway. Hair: Choppy long black wavy hair that goes past his chest. This is the first giveaway that Viktor is unkempt because he hardly keeps his hair tidy. You can tell Viktor is his own hairdresser. Eyes: Red with a tinge of sunset orange and yellow to resemble that of fire. Skin: Grey and white with a tinge of tan to show he was once alive as well as giving away his race being that Sukai’s get more tan as they age. Appearance: From what hasn’t already been explained; Viktor is thin and spiderlike, almost moving like that of one as well. His voice is cold and very deep for his stature which is one of the first things that put beings off from him. He also has sunken features due to being weaker than most of his kind. He wears a lot of black and old vintage pieces he can find. He is very fond of capes, chains and anything that can make him seem taller. Height: 4’11” but he often wears high heeled or platformed boots in hopes to make himself the tallest in the room, he may or may not be self conscious of his height. Weight: He is anywhere between 90-100 pounds at a given time due to the fact that Sukai’s feed less than that of vampire’s who drink that of blood. He often likes to act as if he is a vampire who feeds off of blood due to the fact that his abilities may make some see him as weaker. Abilities: Not great at any kind of combat since he is physically weak but is extremely intelligent when it comes to manipulating emotions. This comes from his growing knowledge of shadowcasting and void crystals which harness other beings energy. This is how Viktor gains most of his control and advantages by taking things apart from the inside rather than being on the offense, he sees human interactions now as more of a game of chess. Even though Viktor’s talents for combat generally rely on communication he also knows his way around a sword if ever in need. Viktor is still not a powerful Sukai so he can be in the sun for a limited amount of time before evacuating but will take anyone out in his way to get to safety. Personality: Viktor is overall mischievous but not malicious. He is slow to social cues and has a hard time getting along with others due to the fact that he spends most of his time alone except for when he needs to feed. He has a love for the finer things in life, especially extravagance which can make him come across as quite selfish and narcissistic. Although Viktor was able to remain his high status due to the fact that he is amoral and didn’t fight his change but also didn’t exactly want it either, this way of looking at life translates over into everyday. He does like to play nice and sometimes would long for embrace but that doesn’t stop him from pulling stunts just to see what will happen due to the fact that both good and bad emotions will feed him in the long run. Although unfortunate for his mischievous side, more positive emotions do keep Sukai’s sustained for longer periods of time. The side Viktor hates to show is his kind side that most don’t get from him but when they do it’s quite adorable.
  8. Viktor tried to remain composed as he didn't like being outwitted by the means of a butler but the distaste showed nonetheless. He huffed and crossed his arms, mouth twisted in distaste he leaned back against the bar again and closed his eyes, sighing pretending to be at ease. This tactic was much smarter since he was lost and shouldn't burn all his bridges by getting angry too fast. When he opened his eyes again he smiled and nodded to the butler, even though he didn't much understand everything the butler was implying he still appreciated it somewhat. He didn't know exactly where he wanted to venture yet, or if he wanted to do that alone in which he wouldn't like to admit to most. Although he wasn't great at blending in at social events he rather did enjoy the extravagance, especially the being watching. Viktor then looked sideways, not bothering to turn his face to acknowledge the masked being now seated beside him, which he hadn't sensed before. "I was thinking of eating you for lunch but decided to play nice instead," he joked to cover any fear he may have had, not much getting how jokes actually work. His voice was too cold to even deliver the proper inflictions that makes something comedic. He noticed the fear of the being and felt a little at ease, knowing he wasn't the only creature out of place. Viktor's ear twitched as the door opened yet again and through the noise zeroed in his focus on it. His gaze then matched his focus and he laid eyes on the girl entering, intrigued by her scent and rather bold entrance. Viktor straightened his posture against the bar, not entirely regretting entering this tavern instead of continuing on his dazed venture alone as per usual.
  9. Viktor shuddered then quickly tried to recover his posture and composure, not wanting to show any signs of weakness. He tried to make himself feel taller in the room of beings much more powerful than he, which he had not calculated. Viktor took one of his pointed nails to clean out his pointed ears, hoping to pry out the voice. He then turned to face the butler swiftly, letting out a little squeak and then covering his mouth, glaring with red eyes to shadow hopefully his embarrassment. "I'm not sure you could offer the sustenance I would need," Viktor mumbled between his spider-like fingers and then slowly let down his hand; with that his guard. He observed the butler and at least enjoyed his extravagance enough to converse with him and get the information he needs. Relaxing his composure a bit and leaning into the butler more, almost flirtasiously letting a smile come to his lips, enough to show his sharpened grin. Viktor was a being you knew was once beautiful but his grey and sunken complexion was more than enough to put one off. "I could use some help, I've been out of it the past few days and don't know where I am, I was nervous I was in room of peasants but clearly you have class," he said arrogantly. Viktor had been alive long and is quite intelligent but not in the realm of human interaction, especially that of kindness. "Could one like you also answer the question of how to make it in this place?"
  10. It felt as though Viktor had been sleepwalking for days. He isn't quite fond of social gatherings but knew he needed help to gain his bearings. He slips through the crack of the open door that was left by the last suspicious looking customer. Viktor was planning on stalking this fellow as his prey but knew he could use the knowledge of where he lay his bearings before he did anything too drastic. Viktor squinted as he came into the tavern the change of lighting blinding him from the contrast to the dark night outside. The place reeked of humans but he could sense other beings as well, this was a smart move even if he isn't the best at sparking conversation with others. As Viktor approached the bar you could hear the clicking of his heeled boots as well as the clanking of the many chains fashionably slung across his body. He tried to fuss with his messy black hair but looking unkempt was his default. He was good at keeping his eyes focused ahead although the masked individual kept catching his eyes. Viktor shakes his head knowing he is here for a reason and leans up against the bar table once he makes it there, tuning into the story being told by the bartender and sneaking a glance at the charming creature sitting at the bar close by him, he gives a smirk and a nod, clearly giving off a narcissistic vibe.
  11. Welcome to Valucre 

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