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  1. I have returned from the trials of real life! Alright, so moving onto the new site is the next goal then. Good luck everyone, I'll see you on the other side.
  2. Has everyone read the recent PSA? Apparently Valucre is becoming read only in a month, and transitioning to something new. I want to know if people want to continue this on the new platform, or move onto Discord for writing (It's something I'm trying elsewhere, and works fairly well), or if people want to try elsewhere for writing their own stories and take whatever they liked from our chat to their own world. Let me know!
  3. Sorry, I died yesterday; after suffering from a severe migraine. Like a revenant I have returned. To reiterate, I'm saying all of you can have multiple characters. (not in the same scene though, unless you guys feel confident enough for that) I'm focusing on narrating and progressing the plot, so I will be writing for every character that isn't your characters. In games these would be called NPCs, but here I have two categories; Recurring and Background characters. I hope the names are self explanatory. I'm hoping for there to be around 4-5 main characters for the cast, right now we have two with your characters and Marchingkestrel's, so the goal is to get two more. I'm hoping Dreamer and Evil will post character names, and then we can connect the cast so that we all have foundations already in place when we begin writing scenes. (helps avoid mundane and boring interactions, and hone the scene to its most entertaining bare essence) I might also create a character, to serve as an example and fill out the cast, but the goal is to focus on your characters. They're the protagonists after all.
  4. We've got two characters so far, let's see how many we can accumulate. I'm playing around with the idea of multiple characters, but what do you guys think? It's only a little more responsibility for me, but it would be a lot more work for whoever is writing for two characters.
  5. At the moment, I'm too lazy provide any racial restrictions, but I'm sure everyone here understands that being a species that basically solves all conflict due to being all powerful would be boring to write with. So you're not limited to only being human, you can be nonhuman as well.
  6. Aye, you can go into more detail regarding his background if you wish. Remember that people suffer from amnesia while on the island until they have awakened. If you want, your character can already be awakened though.
  7. Humans are only boring when boring people attempt to understand them. It's an annoying stigma that the fantasy community has, and I wish would be rectified, especially since most people play other races like humans that have simply been remodeled. I digress, you've provided an excellent description of your character at first glance. Let's wait for others to provide descriptions of their own characters, and we can move onto the next step.
  8. I think I should clarify that race also means species in this scenario. You're forgiven lol. The names are all excellent though. Would you be willing to elaborate more on your character's appearance, their age, their clothing (if they're wearing any), things like that, etc. We're all weird here.
  9. I'm thinking of doing Steps for Character Creation as well. Since this is a group project, we should work through each step together. The first and hardest Step is naming your character, and choosing their race. There are no mandatory naming conventions, so feel free to choose whatever. At the moment there are no racial restrictions, but that's something we can address if any issues actually arise. Once people have chosen their names and their race, with perhaps additional information regarding their personality and appearance, we can move onto the next step.
  10. I'll be free in two hours if people want to have more frequent back to back conversation regarding their characters.
  11. Hopefully this should help you when you're sober. By racial restrictions, I meant what race you're allowed to play. I'm probably not going to incorporate something like societal racism because there isn't really a society in the first place. I doubt there's going to be any allegorical racism, aside from any personal prejudice a character might have. As you said, it could be an interesting theme to explore, but only if everyone is comfortable with it. The question, if you will, is how you plan for your characters to interact with each other. You don't have to be familiar with each other, but writing a story is like solving a puzzle, and it won't work unless the pieces fit together. If you put Jack Sparrow and Ultron in the same scene, it's going to be nonsensical at the very least. The other intentions for connecting the cast is for easy dramatic and logical scenes, and to put your character's success in the hands of the others here. It makes it harder to automatically succeed when you have to rely on others granting your emotional and physical rewards. Also, No character has 0 desires or nothing they care about. It's mandatory for at least 3 desires/goals (not just basic survival), and two have to involve other characters. It's boring otherwise. *They may think they have 0 desires, but here in out-of-character, we should figure out what those hidden or denied desires are. Take your time, there's no rush. Discuss with each other what you think would be fun and remember to collaborate. Be adaptive and adjust things that you disagree upon.
  12. Hmm... then without further ado, I think we should start creating some characters! First of all, what limitations should we establish? Any racial restrictions such as Vampires or Angels, etc. Because this is a game about survival, regardless of what race you are allowed to be, I think finding sustenance must be mandatory; eating, sleeping, drinking, shelter, all the things that humans would need in this situation. What Magic should characters be allowed access to? A hard magic system is better in this case versus something vague, in my opinion. I'm also working on a setting specific magic system, so it's fine for characters not to have magic. Let me know what you guys think though. I digress, the most important thing about creating characters is connecting the cast together. What are your relations? (note that this doesn't mean you even have to know each other, just that your tied in some way to each other via aligned goals or past events, perhaps bonded by blood or friendship, or hatred, or an intense rivalry, etc.) What do your characters desire from each other? This is important, as it forces characters to come together and interact. Without this, we lack a compelling story. The second aspect of the question is doesn't the other characters simply grant whatever this desire? The more difficult to attain a desire, or achieve a goal, the better. Work with each other to connect your characters through relations and desires. Feel free to post here why your character is on this Island that is a prison, or message me if you prefer it to be private. At first we have to analytical with our writing before we can immerse ourselves in the minds of our characters, and the world itself. Looking forward to reading what you guys create, and I encourage you to ask question and make suggestions. All contributions and bits of creativity are very welcome.
  13. Hope you feel better soon. Alright, it seems like no one objects to the Awakening as an aspect of character creation, it's official now. So, let's summarize what we've figured out: -The island is surrounded by a sea, which cannot be traversed by normal means. Dreamer has suggested adding violent weather phenomena called the "Gulf" though I'm inclined to call it the "Sundering" keeping the dark clouds, the thunder and lightning, and its constant presence serving as a cage to trap characters on the island. Let's decide on a name together. -I also like why people are transported to the island, but I want to hear more of everyone's thoughts regarding that. We've all agreed on the Awakening element. I also like the idea of the Lost. -Flora and fauna being enlarged is fine by me, along with the tropical, verdant climate. I do think Horrors should be called Nightmares though, connecting to the term Awakened. I also think that people that have not Awakened, should be called Dreamers. Let me know what you guys think. -Four gangs is fine, but I may reduce the number to two or three, merely for the sake of simplicity and ease of managing the story. -There is mention of magical shards as well, which I think is cool. Anyone have any issues with the incorporation of a simple systems for how magic shards work? I'm thinking of calling them Chiral Crystals (Death Stranding) because I'm not very good with names. If there are no further objections to these core concepts, we can move onto Character Creation, gathering our ensemble cast!
  14. Sorry I was away yesterday, I was helping my family with winter cleaning. Enough of that mundane and boring nonsense though, I had to read back through to find the poll XD. Two folks voted for a game where people start in the wilderness, and survival is everyone's primary concern. Considering the nature of the survival genre, it might be a little difficult for a group of writers to handle, but making mistakes is part of the fun. Amnesia is a common and useful tool for creating unknown conflict and drama, and I like the idea of the Awakening, along with the majority of what Dreamer has suggested. Does anyone have any umbrage with the idea of it being mandatory? Your characters belong to you, and you all are the first authority when it comes to them. Let me know, because I think we're ready to start pitching characters soon.
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