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  1. Evelyn makes her way into the Tavern.  She’s heard of the Tavern but hasn’t been, because she’s been too busy recently on her sugar farm.  She pushed back her curly reddish-brown hair from her face with her rough scarred pale green fingers.  Shroom is with her in a satchel on her side.  The Tavern looks busy.  She sweeps her big black eyes around the room looking for a place to sit.  The obvious place seems to be the bar.  As she walks up to a bar stool, she looks down at Shroom who’s been energetic since they’ve arrived.  A small woodland creature that resembles a mushroom, Shroom has been friends with Evelyn for a long time.  Evelyn sits down and feeds Shroom a cube of sugar.  She’s not much for alcohol, but she decided it wouldn’t hurt to pay a little visit considering how much she’s heard of the place.  She has to admit this place is nothing like she thought it’d be.  She notices a man behind the bar.  His brown hair is sticking up in the back, kind of funky.  She waits patiently until he comes around to take her order.

  2. Name: Evelyn Diamedre

    Birthplace: Dawic

    Species: Child of a Selkie

    Alignment: Neutral good

    Age: 16 (Looks 16)

    Height: 5'10

    Weight: 160 lbs

    Hair: Russet. curly, and shoulder length

    Eyes: Larger than average, and black irises and pupils

    Skin: Seafoam green (Super light), slightly darker freckles on her face and shoulders

    Gender: She/They

    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

    Physique: Slightly muscular, curvy

    Occupation: Underwater treasure hunter

    Weaknesses: Human strength, can see better underwater and needs glasses on land, suffers from sleep paralysis

    Strengths: Can breathe underwater, fast swimmer, good with knives

    Likes: Long swims in the ocean, her pet Shroom, sushi

    Dislikes: The desert, thieves, mermaids and sirens

    Quirks: Has a pet mushroom creature named Shroom, Evelyn is allergic to strawberries, she has high functioning autism

    Tattoos/Scars: Rough scars between her fingers where it was webbed

    Attire: Button up cream colored shirt rolled up to the elbows, brown slacks with a wide belt at the waist, thin black suspenders, black ankle boots

    Gear/Weapons: Large satchel filled with necessities, including large daggers

    Background: Evelyn had a Selkie mother and a human father. She was raised by them until age 5 when her mother discovered her stolen seal skin. Her mother fled back to the sea, leaving Evelyn and her father in a small home and farm. Evelyn decided to set off on a mission to find her mother, but has yet to find her. Along the way, she met a small mushroom creature that she decided to name Shroom. Now she sails along the seas, hunting for treasure. She hopes to find her mother along the way.

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