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  1. I tend to play multiple characters if I’m not exhausted with writing, so I’m fine with that!
  2. I am such an idiot but are you saying that you’ve got two characters? You have perm to slap me btw
  3. I thought the fantasy community found human species a rare thing
  4. Didn’t respond for a while cause I realised that normal humans aren’t supposed to be awake until 4:00 so I apologise. But I gotta say, that’s a really good start to your character! Having him be a survival type who’s deep rooted in culture makes up for some poetic irony of him being on an island, I love it! Gonna keep my characters backstory a tad bit of a secret tho, wanna keep it discreet until something like the awaking, only thing I’m saying is that he’s a professional hunter from the 1820s. THATS ALL YOUR GETTING
  5. Really liking it so far! Would love to hear background
  6. Thank you! If you meant species, then human. I know, I’m boring. He wears an 19th century hunter hat (search it up if your interested) with a long animal fur wrapped around his chest using rope acting as a coat, his legs are covered with an extremely long trouser, that’s been extended due to the amount of animals he uses, it looks seemingly like a kid wearing his dads trousers. His boots are long and used with tight rope to keep it in place. Idk if you asked, but his facial features are: He has blue eyes with jointed eye brows. His face is wrinkly, almost dead inside looking. He has long eye bags underneath his eyes. He also has a large beard, that is mostly overgrown around his mouth, his sideburns remain very timid and have less hair. His hair is orange and long, normally droops down his face. He has a large scar across his head, that he covers up most of the time. His age is in his 30s and 40s. This is average at best, so I do apologise.
  7. Alright, here’s the first two (the ones that I’m probably gonna use) Fitzgerald Compson William Howard the race is gonna be white, forgive me heres a bunch I scrapped: James Crew Archibald ‘O Durry Frank Griffin Henry Dand If you were to stare at me and say ‘these all sound weird! Your weird’ I would look at you and say with a smile: ”Yes, I am weird.”
  8. I already have a bunch of old timey names with a race. I can share if y’all want
  9. Sober now! Looking back at my drunken comment I can see why it looked stupid. I have a lot more to the character that I think I made up during my comment writing (Howard ain’t a narcissist, he’s just, very egocentric lmao) Aha! Makes more sense, was a bit confused on that, thanks! Hmm, so as in how is he gonna act? I’d say over time he’d find use and maybe friendship to them, but overall they are a bunch of strangers that he would probably shoot given his time period. This is the part my drunken self decided ‘screw it, let’s be a dumbass (pardon my language)’ I definitely needed to work on this more. His 3 desires, in my opinion would be: Survival Belonging Esteem. His two others with the characters, I haven’t figured out yet, but it’s fun to try and make some!
  10. Hey! I’m fine with revealing what my character is like, here ya go (hope this makes sense lol I’m like half drunk) A racial restriction would be realistic, but it shouldn’t impact the story too much. Then it’d feel like an allegory for racism (could be an interesting approach tho) I would rather my character not have magic, he’s from an old 18th/19th century era and would mess up too many times to count. Guess i would have to get to know them to actually know them, but my character is probably gonna fear/hate everyone he first sees. Like...Any normal human. I’m a bit confused on this question, is it stating we’re all connected in one way? Survival mostly. He’s kind of a self kept narcissist who only wants the benefits to himself. He needs no relations or desires because he couldn’t care less. He LiVeD iN a PiNaPpLe UnDeR tHe SeA Ehh, I’d say he was just teleported. I feel like I made absolutely no sense and I’m about to sober in like 15 minutes so please do bare with me and enjoy this confusing comment I made
  11. I’m cool with it all! It def sounds like something I can work with.
  12. I’m surprised at how quick and easy that was, I was scared it mighta been for a whole month or something like that. I’m well now!
  13. Ain’t gonna be commenting for a while, apparently I’m dehydrated and I need a drip. Let’s hope I can get this over and done with
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