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  1. 9 hours ago, ticklefarte said:

    You were clear about who the punch thing was directed to, no worries. I was just aiming to keep the flow going, as I wasn't sure when Purple Eagle or Thomas would be posting. 

    Either way, the Tavern is definitely a precursor for bigger and better things. It's common for conversations/RP to die off, as most people just use this as a place to find their footing. If you're ready, maybe look in the Water Cooler for threads? If you're not ready to go off on your own, you and I can definitely do our own thread. It's why I'm here. 

    Just to check:

     @ThomasHoward , are you done with the Tavern? 


    Maybe yes. I’ll make a post of me leaving then. Gonna try and get settled in with other things 

  2. 2 minutes ago, Metty said:

    Are you on mobile or desktop?

    Spoiler cause I don't want to flood the thread:

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    very top of the page click on this messaging icon.

    There you type in whatever user you want to message. You can message multiple at the same time.

    Click on the icon that looks like the three bars on the right-hand top corner.
    Should appear up like this, press the messaging bubble and you get into your private messages.

    Hope this helps.



    I figured it out already but thanks I guess

  3. 1 minute ago, supernal said:

    Casper is indeed in Lagrimosa

    If that's a specific route you're interested in we can brainstorm some ideas that give you Story Feels and that I can confirm might make sense for the setting. I'd say that probably like New York, the massive port city of Casper likely has a large number of legitimate and illegitimate refugees flowing into and out of its trade routes. So if you just want to go through it on the way to somewhere else you just can, likely by sailboat, and if you want to become a citizen proper of the government we can discuss what that requires but that's probably not the point of the thread

    You can read more about Lagrimosa here - you can find Casper in the list of links underneath the map if that's where the interest ends up flowing: https://www.valucre.com/lore.html/lagrimosa/lagrimosa-landing-page/

    I get that. It’s just....Reading. I’m sorry ADHD and mild autism is a huge dickhead to me. I’ll try to cram in as much when I read it, again my apologies 

  4. William stared down at the drink and pushed it away. For once he felt calm. He wasn’t absolutely petrified. Okay maybe a little. But not too much, he got up and patted his head. ‘Yup. Still got that same ol’ hat.’ He smiled. It was the same hat that his father gave him when he went out to work, his father was a hardworking and kind man. Howard respected him heavily and smiled up into the ceiling, hoping his father could notice him one day and be proud.


    The cigarette he was holding burned his finger 

    “ARGH! SUN-OVAH...ARGH!” He punched the table which only caused more pain, he slumped down and began blowing on his finger quickly. ‘I hate this damn place!’ He thought to himself.

  5. He stared at the drink. He hesitated to drink it at first as he wasn’t sure of the contents within ‘What if it had been poisoned? What if it’s an explosive drink? What if the drink is alive?!’ These were the questions that ran through his head, it worried him and he immediately moved the drink away out of fear. William then threw his cigarette and returned the drink to himself before moving it back and returning it to him, he repeated this about 4 times before sighing, slamming his fist down and downing the entire drink in one go.


    It was normal alcohol 

    William wanted to slap himself

  6. William paused hearing the name ‘Cara’ he was slightly confused. His name wasn’t cara. He wanted to correct her but paused again, thinking it was part of her language. ‘What type of language calls people Cara?’ He thought to himself, and then for some reason, he began debating in his head whether it was a mistake or a language thing. Eventually he concluded it was a language thing and let out a small smile.


    ”Coulda I have, drink?”

  7. William stared at them, they were quick and swift and firm with their movements. He nodded at his statement and held his head down as they walked over to @Purple Eagle and began talking. He seemed more coached into this strange land, obviously he wasn’t gonna get immediately used to all the strange beings and creatures but maybe he would. Maybe he could start to develop with the things he perceived as the devils. 

    But for now he would wait at a table, smoking a cigarette and darting his eyes left and right while clenching his fists ever so slightly before unclenching them.

  8. He shot them a small, quick glare after they made the comment about his looks and quickly grabbed a hold of the cigarette, placing it in his mouth and lighting the match with his boot. He puffed out a cloud of smoke and felt a feeling of relaxation take over him while still completely petrified as well. He took the cigarette out of his mouth and nodded his head at what they were saying about his addiction. It was true. He had an addiction

    William straightened his throat and popped the cigarette back into his mouth, his eyes were still glancing from one side to another, he wasn’t too trusting of anyone here, so he wasn’t gonna take any risks if he was gonna get used to this. William felt cold inside of him, his entire body was shuddering slightly.

  9. “The hell is this place ‘n why does half the people here look like the devil?” He immediately said, he then realised why he was keeping his mouth shut. He had said it aloud and was now getting paranoid that the whole bar had heard him. He shrunk down into his clothes, practically praying that no one would attack him for saying what he said.

    Suddenly he began patting his entire body as if he was searching for something, he muttered a swear word and rechecked it again. His eyes widened as he pulled out a small cigarette patch, he looked inside, only two left. He groaned and shoved them back into his pocket. He always used to smoke whenever he got the chance as it always calmed him.

  10. He was about to start screaming at the thing when he considered what they’d said, he’d always heard from his pop that dwelling on something is always the wrong move to make. He needed to relax and stop dwelling on something.

    ’Okay, yer in some strange world ‘n the middle ‘o no where. That’s fine. Yer fine.’ He thought to himself, he then sat himself upwards and stood on two feet, gulping down the temptation to scream at everything that was here. He eyed his flintlock pistol, he was holding his stare at it for a long time, such a long time that he forced himself to look away. He wasn’t gonna shoot anyone. It was too risky.

    He walked over to them and sat next to them. He wasn’t too comfortable with doing this yet he knew that screaming and crying wouldn’t do him much. He opened his mouth to speak but clamped it shut again.

  11. William stopped crying and looked up, he decided to try and make sense of this and also try to remain calm, he inhaled and jumped on his knees, he held his head down for a second and then looked up, glaring at the man as if he had done something, which in reality he hadn’t done anything, he was just glaring cause he had nothing else to glare at.

    ”Quit the poetry! I’m stuck here! I’m stuck wi’ a bunch ‘o strange creatures ready to hack me up any second!”

    He paused then stared at the man

    “Watchu gon’ do to me aye? You gon’ skin me alive? Eat me...?”

    He retreated backwards into a wall and held his head high up while panting in stress, this wasn’t happening. He was a hunter. He took pride in what he did. This was all a bad dream. 

  12. William, instead of acting like a mature adult, understanding that there’s no going back, resolving his issues and trying to develop into a kind and nice man and get used to the strange world he was in...

    Decided to shrivel up into a ball of fear.

    Truth be told he didn’t know what he was supposed to do in a situation like this, he could just grab his guns, lose his mind and start shooting everything he sees but he wasn’t gonna do that, instead he would pathetically slump to the floor and begin silently crying while holding his hands onto his head and rocking backwards and forth.

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