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  1. @Purple Eagle "Hah! Yeah, she's uh... real fucking uptight, we'll say that." They seemed a bit more laid back, now that they'd known this person was... well... like them. There weren't many. They didn't seem fazed by the inventory screen, but internally they were very curious what sort of magic could create such a thing. Pocket dimension? An in-between space? They took a note to research. "I wouldn't classify myself as a genius, that implies academical research and knowledge on subjects. All I know is fuck around and find out, honestly. I'm clever, sure. But my best trait? Stubbornness." They hesitated after hearing Cass threaten to deal with Veronica permanently. Their eyes flickered to hers and back down to the table, just for a moment. "That won't be necessary, I can deal with her just fine myself." They said, and quickly changed the subject, gesturing towards their ripped garment. "Is there a wardrobe I can use here? I used this costume for halloween one year, and that was 3 years ago. Only wore because I wasn't sure if this place was... well, welcoming, to the more advanced types. Wasn't in the mood to be called a witch and burned at the stake, that just seems inconvenient for my Sunday plans." They went back to their regular tone. "And what does xuxu mean? Surely it's some sort of nickname in a language I have yet to learn." They had been wondering that ever since she said it for the first time. xuxu... not in any language they'd heard of on Earth, that's for sure. What an oddity.
  2. Tez got pissed and punched a hole through space-time
  3. They let out a pained "H-URGHHHHH" before rolling their shoulder in a ring, wincing a bit but the shoulder was, well, relocated. "Thank GOD that's been working itself into a kink for like, 2 weeks I think? Time's hard to tell sometimes. Anyways." They pulled a backpack out of seemingly nowhere. "Hold on I gotta grab my- WAIT YOU ACTUALLY GOT STONED?! That's impressive. You're telling me a story after I tell you, I'm NOT letting that go untold." They said, with a hint of awe and definite surprise. "I need to grab my notes before I tell the ACTUAL story, since it's a bit uh... detailed." They opened it up haphazardly and began digging through it. "Vial... Vial... so THAT'S where the fabric softeners are..." They pulled out a pristine book. "Aha! Success!" They set it down on the bar. "Okay okay ummmm..." The text seemed to shift somehow. "Hold on, how long ago was that..." They got side tracked for a few minutes. "Oh and I'll DEFINITELY sound like I'm a loony. In fact, most people do. Unfortunately, I am frustratingly sober of mind." They said, only half joking. "Ahh here it is. So for context, I came from a more..." They looked around, trying to find a word. "Technologically advanced, kind of world. Not too far off from commercial space travel, but I mean, we still haven't made FTL I mean I have but that's magic and besides the point" They continued. They tore off a page only for it to grow itself back. They handed the picture to Cass. High rise buildings rose into the pinkened sunset sky, planes are flying overhead and people bustle through the city. "That is the current state of Scarlet City. You can keep that, if you want. Just FYI, the place blows up more often than you'd think." They chuckled a bit, having caused a bit of that themself. "So that's context. So I'm labeled as this villain there and fucking VERONICA" They spoke her name with disgust. "gets to be the hero but where was SHE WHEN I WAS GOING INTO COLLGE? FUCKING HERO SCHOOL?! God she pisses me off." They visibly tensed up. "Ugh, couldn't even afford a math tutor. Anyways. She and I usually have to fight, she tries to convert me to being a 'good guy' even though literally the security guards are nicer to me than anyone in civilian life, yada yada yada superhero villain fight, every Tuesday or so. One day, I came up with a plan that obviously failed considering I even wound up here but I think basically, she decided that she'd push me or whatever. Wouldn't leave me the hell alone, I don't know what she was trying to do but she just had so much endurance. Almost more than I had. I couldn't keep her down, she just kept getting back up? Was SO weird. So naturally I got pissed and tried to use a spell to KEEP her down. If I'm CORRECT, I believe I used the wrong spell. I think,,, I may have punched a hole in reality and that's how I landed up here. So that's fun." They ended their story and closed the book, stuffing it into their backpack and throwing the backpack into nowhere. It seemed like quite the useful skill to have. "That's probably oversharing a ton but anyways it's your turn. How stoned do you have to be to travel between realities?"
  4. Yeah no worries! I just wasn't sure if you were waiting on something! No pressure to reply too quickly ^-^ I think I probably should settle in a bit more, I'm toying with the idea of creating a newer character but not entirely sure of whom it would be yet. Still I can get the flow of the place through TOL, I'm thinking that I'll have Tez migrate towards the more sci fi area (the lounge iirc?), since they come from a more advanced era.
  5. Is it just a dry spell right now or did something happen? Also @ticklefarte the shoulder punch thing was aimed at Cass, not Gabriel, sorry if I caused any confusion.
  6. "No, yes, and that is one suspect among the pile. The current most likely options are abduction, a misfired teleportation, or sheer dumb luck. The universe doesn't tend to like me." They said, and chuckled with her. "I suppose I could ask you the same thing Cass, did you get stoned outta your mind and stumble in-between realms?" They asked playfully. They winced from the rising pain in their left shoulder for the first time since arriving. They scanned Cass for a moment, seemingly trying to judge something. "Do you happen to have a good punch? Left is best but I'll take a right one either way. Helps with the dislocated shoulder usually and I haven't been able to get it myself." They said, as if this was a completely normal thing to ask a stranger. They didn't seem to have great manners, but at least they weren't disruptive. Mostly. "It's been bothering me for a couple days now, ever since I took that- oh. Right, you don't know the story. That's gonna be hard to..." they ended the sentence in a mumble, as if only talking to themself. "Oh! Well that's easy." They replied in a sarcastically cheerful reply. "I've seen far worse than a safe haven." They continued. By this time, their fake smile had passed. "If I wasn't composed in the very obvious safe haven of this world, then I wouldn't make it five minutes in any other world. I haven't stayed alive for this long by panicking and making mistakes." They turned back to Cass without batting an eye, as if they didn't just drop WHATEVER that just was on Gabriel, and still didn't answer his question. "So, can you hit my shoulder or am I gonna have to figure out a way to do it myself?" @ticklefarte@Purple Eagle
  7. Apologies for the hold up on my end! Some IRL things got in the way briefly.
  8. @ThomasHoward They closed their book with a resounding THUMP, sat it in their backpack, and put it around their back. They pushed the chair they were sitting on out from under the table and made a grunt as they stood. "I have business to attend to." They said to William with finality. "Don't get yourself killed." They added on. They then stepped over to @Purple Eagle, their shoes tapping against the hard wood of the floor. "Would you happen to be staff here? I don't mean to bother but there's much... eccentricity here, and I just need to know what's actually going on... here? In this weird tavern... thing... place." They said, matter of factly. Their hazel eyes looked at her intimidating form and was not phased. They had seen worse, it showed in the way they had no fear, yet seemed to have the air of experience, despite looking... very youthful for a human. Perhaps immortality? It was hard to tell. "And my name is Tez, if you require it."
  9. They tossed a cigarette to him haphazardly. "Maybe because half of them are. You don't exactly look pretty yourself." They weren't phased by the impulsive boy sitting next to him. Or at least a boy by their standards, despite them looking only 23 years of age. While his clothing was odd, he merely looked like a roughed up human. "Now I'm not gonna touch you, but I'd suggest you say things a bit more privately. I'm not interested in having to kicked out of this place so quickly." They said, insinuating they'd so casually cause a ruckus big enough to get them kicked out of the tavern. "If you're wondering how I knew you smoked, no-one pats themselves down so desperately unless they're an addict. You're not high or drunk. So I can only assume you're a smoker." They said. "I'm not Sherlock, but I'm not an idiot either." They continued, and idly drew a strange circular shape in the wood with their finger, as if to cast a spell.
  10. "Nice gun you got there." They said, as they flipped a page. "I'd be careful with that, you wouldn't want to hurt someone." They continued to speak in that... seemingly uncaring voice. Their eyes traced every word and diagram on the dizzyingly confusing paper. They somehow seemed deeply focused on the book and yet completely aware of their surroundings. What an oddity. "You were going to say something. Say it so you can leave me alone." Their words were sharp and clear. "I'm just passing through, I'm JUST passing through. I don't need to disturb anything here. I'm just passing. through." echoed through their mind as they read, the mantra becoming easier to ignore with every passing second.
  11. @ticklefarte "I'll be here when you're ready." They said, and stepped past @ThomasHoward William. They hesitated for a moment. "First time out of the house huh? If you want my advice, I'd suggest you get over it quickly. You'll never make it out alive if you shut down like that." They spoke in a monotone but honest voice. They didn't seem to mean any ill-will or bad circumstance towards William, they seemed to be stating a fact. Something they'd learned the hardest ways. They ran their cracked, only partially colored nails across one of the tables as they looked around, their eyes focusing upon the currently empty stage. "What sort of show would play here, I wonder?" They thought to themself, and pulled up one of the wooden chairs. It began to crack in half, starting at the bottom of one of the left legs, as if the universe itself was trying to inconvenience them. They simply tapped their foot to the ground and rolled their eyes, and the crack fixed itself. "God damn... even in this place? Maybe it's just some residual shit." They muttered to themself, before producing a book from a backpack they conjured out of seemingly nowhere. "Might as well catch up on my reading, it's not like it can hurt to read the basics. Again." They thought half-aloud, and flipped to chapter 13. They had memorized it up to that point. Diagrams and words sprawled out over the page, scribbled notes in the margins showed that this was an old and used book, akin to one that a student would write in. They tapped their fingers on the wooden table impatiently, slightly annoyed by William's whining.
  12. Ah, yeah I spent very little time in the TOL, and I probably will again, so 45 days sounds reasonable.
  13. Ah, okay sorry about that. I thought that maybe it would be better to let there be more freedom on the Tavern staff part, I'll be proactive. Thank you!
  14. The only reason this doesn't apply to humans is because we are cowards
  15. Tez stepped in with tired eyes. They had a fairly worn garment covering their torso and pants stained and bleached by alchemical liquids spilled onto them, and long messy brown hair, shoved haphazardly into a makeshift hood that they seemed to have sewn themself. They had the air of someone who has had to do everything themself, one whom has not had help in their life. Who was merely dropped into the world and forgotten about. All this showed through their grim but determined expression. They did not try to hide this, no they were long past that. "How much for a room?" They asked, approaching the counter and leaning on it. They carried themself like they had been traveling for much too long, far longer than any sane person should ever travel.
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