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  1. Character Sheet Name- Vexus & Pandora Basic Overview: Vexus Race: Human Sex: M Age: 17 Eye: Blue (red/purple hues due to visible blood vessels) Skin: Pale Hair: White Height: 5’ft Weight: 103 lb BMI- 20.1 Pandora Race: Forest Spirit* Vessel:* Black Mamba (Dendroaspis polylepis) Sex: Unknown (depicted as female) Age: N/A Eye: grey-brown Skin: dark brown Size: 13.5 ft (in length) Weight: 2.5 lb Further important Info (medical & otherwise): Orphaned (Vexus was “adopted” by Pandora, a forest spirit, following the death of his mother) Undiagnosed Albinism (suspected OCA)- lack of pigmentation, blindness, & skin sensitivity. Aphasia (due to impaired memory and the inability to properly form new memories as a child, Vexus was unable to learn a first language.) He communicates primarily through physical action and Pandora’s voice. Amnesia (Effects of the Forgotten Wood has left lingering abnormalities in Vex’s cognitive function, mainly memory function. The majority of his childhood is unobtainable; however, he seems to have significantly improved in recent development.) PANDORA- as a forest spirit, Pandora’s true body is ethereal. She cannot exist in physical form without a vessel. Her current vessel is a black mamba. While the soul is immortal, the body is not. Her vessel can die. Proficiencies: Magic/Psychic Resistance- (illusion/psychoactive) an adaptation in response to prolonged exposure of the forest’s effects. Increased Sensory Function- Blindness has allowed for a larger cognitive capacity for other sensory functions like hearing, touch, and smell- possibly even memory. (These are not heightened, just honed to act in place of his vision loss) Animal/Nature Likeness (the snake)- taught by Pandora, Vexus was given survival from a snake’s point of view. Cunning, stealth, and flexibility have been drilled into his core. Hand to hand combat- Originally developed as a hunting strategy, Vexus and Pandora have learned to utilize their individual skills together to create a functional form of combat. Depiction (example): Every move Vexus made was like water; he was a raging river with a placid surface. Calm and steady, but each strike was lightning fast. He moved fluidly around his opponent. Yet, he never seemed to make contact. Each of his strikes was short by just a few inches. Unbeknownst to the enemy, this was a trick. Within seconds, Vexus instinctively shifted to defense and backed himself into a corner with a series of dodges and parries. Feeling confident, the opponent made an effort to seize the opportunity and went for the obvious attack. By this point, the match had already been determined. A minute later, the opponent was grounded, struggling to get back onto their feet. "It's too late now." an ageless voice echoed from behind Vexus, taunting the enemy. Pandora slithered her way between Vex's bare feet, her dark scales glinting in the glow of the evening sun. She was a snake, true to her name and just as dangerous. If Pandora could make a face, she'd be smug right now. Instead, she hissed and raked her forked-tongue in the air, then opened her jaws. A blue-black mouth revealed tiny hallowed fangs dripping with a vile toxin. She then shifted her gaze to the opponent's left leg; right above the ankle were two small puncture wounds. Memories of Vex's too-short blows and a sudden shift to defense flooded the mind of their barely conscious opponent. There were no last words because the enemy couldn't speak. The venom had already taken hold. Within the next hour, they'd be comatose and then dead. Pandora spat out one final hiss and struck the opponent's face one last time for good measure. A backstory of sorts (+Writing style example): "There's a hidden forest, deep in the wilds of Lagrimosa. The Forgotten Wood is what they call it. It is a place of perpetual mystery. Some say it's a land ruled by a curse, others say it's an enchantment, or that it's simply nature taking her rightful place amongst the thieves of the world. And when nature takes, she takes all. It starts as little things at first. Perhaps you forget why you even entered the forest in the first place? What were you looking for? Were you even looking for anything at all? Maybe you were just out for a hike? You ignore the disturbance. Then later, as the sun begins to fade and the last of the light is chased away by shadow, panic grows, and you realize you've already forgotten which way is home. Soon after, hours blend into days and days into weeks, and you find yourself wasting away without ever knowing who you were. Eventually, the outside world would forget you too." Pandora hissed and raked her blue-black tongue in the air. There was a moment of silence; perhaps she was giving thought to her own time spent in the wood. How long had it been? Months? No... the child was too big now. Humans grew more slowly than other creatures. They were strange like that. Years then? How many? Her tongue flickered in irritation. Even the memories of a forest spirit could be affected by these accursed woods? She coiled herself around the neck of the child she accompanied, her dark eyes settling on the leaves that littered the forest floor around them. Why was she still there? The child reached up to place his hand on Pandora's head. It was as if he could see the concern on her face and sought to comfort her. Snakes don't make faces, though, and the child had no concept of sight. He was blind as a bat and entirely mute to beat. Pandora's gaze drifted to her boy, pure white. That striking snowy appearance always took her back to the day they first found each other. Back then, she'd long been lost. For weeks, probably longer. More than likely, she would've died in those woods had it not been for him. It began as a scent that she knew all too well. Heavy and rusted, like iron, but there was a warmth to it. Blood- Pandora knew that smell as well as any other wild animal did and could follow it without fear of forgetting. What she found was indeed blood and with it a babe wrapped in the arms of a woman who was the source. A young maiden, pale and withered, her enlarged stomach no longer holding life. She must've sought sanctuary in the forest for her labor, a foolish mistake to make. At first, Pandora thought the child to be stillborn. Yet, upon closer inspection, she noticed that he still drew breath. Life in the wood would be all but impossible for a newborn; here, he faced a fate worse than death. The more she thought about it, the more distasteful the situation became to her. She could see it, his meaningless life ending right there in his dead mother's arms, quickly, but not quick enough. Her mouth swelled with venom, and she lurched forwards. All it would take is a single bite to spare him from the despair that waited for him. However, as she struck towards the screaming babe, she came to notice something peculiar. She could see it even though the afterbirth still clinging to his skin, from the mess of waves on his head to the delicate eyelashes that sprouted from his lavender lids. Down to the very tips of his toes, he was almost entirely white. The only sense of color he had was the hazy violet hue of his eyes. He was different from other humans, strange and bewildering. Pandora knew what it was like to be different, or at least she thought she did. Her mind was a mess. The woods had taken a toll. Yet, somehow, when she looked at the face of that innocent child… she felt a sense of clarity. She decided then and there that she would stay with him. Seventeen years later, he would be ready to leave the forest, and Pandora would be next to him the entire time.
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