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  1. ───────────────────────────────────────────── LYVAN "THE SIGHTLESS" OKRIN ───────────────────────────────────────────── NAME: Lyvan Okrin, the first and probably last of his name. SOBRIQUET: Ly, The Sightless, and Master of Stories AGE: 125 years. Still none the wiser. SPECIES: Vel'anu [REFER TO THE CURRENTLY WIP LORE] BIIIIIIG WIP HERE. CHECK BACK LATER.
  2. Thank you for the warm welcome! I think we are pretty cool (all puns intended haha) too, especially with this -30c weather we’ve been having. It made for some intense windchill but at least I was able to snap some awesome shots of the glacier and ice caves I hiked up to yesterday. And I will definitely take you up on that offer once I establish a character or two! I’m partial to blacksmith-types since I’ve dabbled with metal before for design work and absolutely adored it. It’ll be a perfect introduction into the writing portion of the site so I’m thrilled! Thank you for the warm welcome as well! I juggle so many interests, it’s hard to choose just one that really piques my curiosity! I’m all for morally ambiguous/defying plots that shake a character to its core but I equally adore just a wholesome adventure with the usual excitement of not knowing what lies around the corner. I have no doubt that I’ll find plenty of threads to keep me preoccupied! I’m real excited to expand my horizons a wee bit and interact with the many different plotlines that exist. As for in-plot games, I always enjoy incorporating a puzzle of sorts, whether it be through cryptograms or the good ol’ fashioned “escape the room/dungeon”. It really adds an interesting element that requires in-character participation as well as a wee bit of fun for the writer. I discovered Valucre through a simple search of “best roleplay sites” and after seeing Valucre popping up in several recommendations, I decided to check it out for myself! The reviews are aligned with what I have seen already and I’m excited to explore the site a wee more.
  3. hey all! i'm hexcrush, but you're more than welcome to call me yehuda or huda. i live in the westernmost part of canada in a quaint, wee town. i'm currently finishing up my dual degrees in biology and nuclear engineering, so my schedule is a wee bit tight but i wouldn't mind filling my leisure time with writing. i'm a big outdoors enthusiast, whether it be heliskiing, hiking, or rockclimbing. i usually snap a photo or two on my adventures, so if you'd love to see some, i'll happily provide. as far as my writing career, i've been worldbuilding for a decade and roleplaying for about nine years. after taking a hiatus from actively writing, i'm ecstatic to return to writing daily, whether it be in a journal or on this site. anyways, enough rambling. i wish you all a lovely morning/night and hopefully i'll see you around the site for a chat or as a writing partner.
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