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  1. I'm gonna be a little light on the detail but I'll give a quick overview. If it comes up once he's been awakened, that's when I think it best to go into detail. He's from a society on a tropical island called Grenalsh. It's a modern kind of setting, but one steeped in tradition. One of the traditions in Kellal's clan Ruthir, , for example, is learning how to live off the land. He wasn't the best of his clan but he knows a fair bit about the likes of tracking, fishing and surviving in the wild. He was tested on all this, when he was 15 and had to survive a month (with people ready to step in to help if he had failed, although he would have had to have done it again) with only the clothes on his back and a knife., which is when he earned the tattoo and became a man in the eyes of Clan Ruthir. Since then, he left home to see more of the world, spending time in a couple different places doing a few jobs. During this time, his skills atrophied a little, but he kept his Clan's traditions alive until he was returning home. That's when he ends up on the island.
  2. I guess I'll put my character. He may be a little strange and if it's not the kind of thing we're going for here fair enough, just let me know. So his name is Kellal Vasar Ruthir. He's also a human, about 6ft tall, with a lean build, and he's from a culture I made up, although that has little bearing on this apart from his name, which is in the format (first name) (father's name) (family name), his background and a few elements of his appearance that I'll get into. He has light brown skin, amber eyes, dark hair that he keeps in dreadlocks tied back, and a goatee. He wears a white short-sleeved button up shirt, a tan cotton jacket, grey trousers and brown boots. He has a tattoo on his right arm of his family crest marking that he's come of age, and has a rope necklace with a couple beads of different colours. Should I go into his background or save it for later? He's just a character I've been playing around with since before I signed up to this site.
  3. Just a heads up for when he starts acting high and mighty and utterly annoying I smell drama between our characters
  4. Kellal took a moment to look around before throwing his climbing rope and securing it around a branch. As he followed his companions up, he could feel the presence of who or whatever was watching them. It was like a void, an empty spot somewhere in the ruins surrounded by the natural energies of the world. A part of him was unnerved, but another wanted to find this thing and see what it was. Temporarily ignoring his mystical senses, his sharp amber eyes scanned the surrounding area. There didn't appear to be anything amiss, but then he had been through similar situations and been ambushed in the past. Returning his focus to the alcove above him, he pulled himself up before turning to peer over the edge. He could see his companions both alongside him and in the process of climbing up, and not another soul besides. He bent down to reclaim his climbing rope and stashed it in his satchel before resting his hand on his sword hilt. His senses were screaming at him. Pain! Death! Get away! Kellal smiled. Some of the best times of his life had come when his senses were screaming like that.
  5. I like it. Reminds me of the first two books of the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan, where two main characters (one who the reader would know already from his previous series) find themselves thrust into new situations but their memories have been taken.
  6. How many moons? I don't mind that but I do think that whatever gets decided, if there is a civilization on this island it could be cool for that tie into their culture somehow. I would suggest warm days but cold nights, but am open to any more interesting climate ideas as well
  7. Kellal glanced at the ruins as he turned to Exile. "To my understanding, they are local cutthroats. Simple men and women too violent for civilized society," he said. He turned back to examine his companions before fidgeting with his ring. "We should stay together," he said. "I sense something...dark here." He put a hand on the hilt of his sword. Time to see what we're made of, he thought.
  8. One idea that's fascinated me for a while is laying down the groundwork for survival - IE food sources, shelter, fire, that sort of thing. It could be cool seeing other people's take on how all that should be done
  9. I like this idea, there are many ways it could go. Has any thought been given as to where these people are coming from?
  10. I'm a new roleplayer but if that doesn't bother you I'm more than happy to join you. Edit: Does the gender of my character matter to you? And is there anything else I should know beforehand if we do this (any details of location or anything)?
  11. Hello there. I'm a college student from Dublin looking to get into roleplaying. I look forward to crafting interesting stories together and maybe having a bit of a laugh while we're at it. Sláinte, Kestrel
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