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  1. Carmine Empire in Genesaris, huh? I'll be sure to give it a look. As for the tavern of legend, I might give that a go here soon. Getting started somewhere new is always the hardest part though. That said, I'll probably make an effort to get in there either tonight or tomorrow. I could always get pulled in to an interest check, though, so we'll see what happens.
  2. Here's the weird bit; I do a little of everything. If I absolutely had to choose which genre to go with? Probably dark fantasy or high fantasy. Genre isn't really something I consider when I go about finding something to do though. Banana is not for eating, and does not contain any potassium. Despite his ample supply of iron, he is most definitely not food. Please do not eat him : (.
  3. A friendly hello to all of you forum-dwellers. Since I have the social grace of a beached carp, I'll keep this part quick and move on to the only real way I know how to do things like this; a short Q and A section. I'm 7331, or Teel. For one reason or another I went forum browsing and found this place to be unnaturally appealing. I don't know why I decided to park myself here over the several other sites I was browsing through, but I'm hoping it goes well. Probably has something to do with the clean and proper UI here. Anyway. Q&A Section Q: Why is your name all numbers? A: There's a neat reason for that. Being the void of creative material that I am, I decided to take '1337' (leet) and flip it backwards. So I'm Teel. If you think about it I'm technically cool backwards. Don't call me that though. Q: You got experience? A: Yup. While my experience with forum roleplay is pretty bare, I've been a part of similar stuff on multiple other platforms; most of which was on BYOND. While BYOND is an accursed realm, I had some fun there for a while. Q: What do you enjoy about roleplay? A: I have absolutely no idea. What I do know is that I enjoy it. So I'll keep doing it. Q: What's your forum avatar? A: A Dinergate that's been painted yellow an repurposed for electronic warfare. His name is Banana : ).
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