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  1. brand new to the site to find out it's leaving @_@ alright then... that's one way to kill a site 

    1. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      It’s not just leaving—it’s moving!

      Being brand new has its advantages because you have not missed any investment and can relocate your brand newness over to the new site!

      As far as Valucre itself getting archived goes, there’s no perfect way to notify folks. Simply put, you can’t know until you find out, and you find out by the colorful banner at the top of the site reading “PSA”, whether new member or old member.

      To illustrate: If you discover a shop whose merchandise excites you, then see a banner announcing that the shop is closing business, it’s natural to feel disappointed. But that shop also lets you come in and browse its wares, make a parting purchase if you really want to, but no need; because you then discover that the business is setting up a new shop with many of those same wares as well as newer ones. Gives you its address and says they’re already open for business! Up to you whether you want to shop there or not, but you might miss out if you don’t!

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