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  1. Character: Suroth Azrial Daigorith A ripple of darkness across the endless pool of eternity. A wind that tore into the night whispering the word of the sinister into this new and uncharted world, bringing with it the strangling herald of the forsaken. Fog dense and dark, so deep it could drown a mind in insanity, curling twisting about the streets denying it all light and solace. Only the whispers of pain and torment remaining to warn the masses that something wicked had risen from the depths of depravity and lust. Higher and higher the voices would rise a sinister crescendo of torment and lament, silenced only by the ghostly foot falls in the nothingness shivering in fear at his coming. From out of the void he stepped darkness incarnate, a lord reborn. Platinum locks caught in unearthly wind and with the devils eyes he took in the world with revulsion. Long he had dwelled beyond this realm in deep slumber and in his absence it had become weak and pathetic. He heard their voices crying in the night, the creatures of the dark long fallen from their pride and strength. He felt the way they wept for the glory they once knew. Longed for the sweet copper of life as it fell to the earth feeding their frenzy. Now it was but a dream to the dregs who remained in the shadows. The reign of their one true king nothing but a whispered reminder of all that had been. Booted feet found foreign stone as he walked compelled by the pull of thirst, the scent of sweet deceit. He found it soon a din of iniquity, his hand falling to the door the pulse of music and debauchery on the other side like the sweet embrace of an old friend. When he did enter all eyes fell upon him for he was beautiful. His every motion fluid with grace, his stare nothing less than a smolder eternal as he made his way into their embrace. Eyes devoured his presence, heartbeats quickened and were met with a knowing smile, a hunger of the eyes that made uneasy the faint of heart. A mystery wrapped in the claws of a riddle he slid to the bar and ordered a drink, marveling at the amber which swirled in his glass and would never quench the dryness of his throat. Like a spider with web well woven he waited with tempting seduction and soon enough a thread did quiver. She was beautiful, brown eyes and long dark hair vibrant with the fire of youth and the daring of imagined immortality. She displayed herself with a willingness that amused his heart as his eyes drank in her bosom and then slid longingly up her neck line. “ I’m Courtney” She said eyeing him up and down, “ Whats your name stranger?” Her voice held a hint of tease and he gave her an indulgent smile, the kind that shown full of dark intent. Once none would not have known him and there was a particular thrill to this new found obscurity. “ Suroth .. “ He said smiling as he ordered her a drink. Pale digits set upon the glass as he handed it to her and when she reached for it his eyes met hers with dark glamour. The dilation of her pupils the calming of her heart told him she was within his grasp. “ Dance with me love ..” He whispered and she followed him to the dance floor as he engulfed her in the cold fire of his arms from behind rocking with her. “ What are you gonna do to me .. ” there was a terror to her whisper as she danced her control stolen enslaved by his gaze. “ Show you the life in death my child .” He whispered as his fangs elongated and he took to her neck. The sweet copper of youth sating the fire inside him, filling him once again with the rush of life as he drained her dry letting her fall to the ground. Someone screamed but he met it with amusement as his fingers did move and the door found itself barred. His hand did rise and crimson blood poured from the air itself washing clean their sin and he became once again the great lord of the dark and herald of death. He moved from neck to neck gorging himself on terror and soon in his wake abominations did rise feeding on those they had once lusted after. Even as the crimson did fall it dared not mar his visage and he returned to the bar dragging the bar tender from behind it..taking her wrist biting it ever so gently .. “ Easy now love .” He teased as he pulled the open vein to his glass and filled it with crimson, kissing the wound softly allowing it to heal.. “ Relax “ He beckoned and the poor girl went back to her work as if hell had not fallen before her smiling. Ancient eyes took in the carnage of his coming and he gave it a smile sipping life from his glass. Soon enough the world would know the terror of his reign once again and with vengeance the black wind would howl once more.
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