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  1. Character: Suroth Azrial Daigorith A ripple of darkness across the endless pool of eternity. A wind that tore into the night whispering the word of the sinister into this new and uncharted world, bringing with it the strangling herald of the forsaken. Fog dense and dark, so deep it could drown a mind in insanity, curling twisting about the streets denying it all light and solace. Only the whispers of pain and torment remaining to warn the masses that something wicked had risen from the depths of depravity and lust. Higher and higher the voices would rise a sinister crescendo of torment and lament, silenced only by the ghostly foot falls in the nothingness shivering in fear at his coming. From out of the void he stepped darkness incarnate, a lord reborn. Platinum locks caught in unearthly wind and with the devils eyes he took in the world with revulsion. Long he had dwelled beyond this realm in deep slumber and in his absence it had become weak and pathetic. He heard their voices crying in the night, the creatures of the dark long fallen from their pride and strength. He felt the way they wept for the glory they once knew. Longed for the sweet copper of life as it fell to the earth feeding their frenzy. Now it was but a dream to the dregs who remained in the shadows. The reign of their one true king nothing but a whispered reminder of all that had been. Booted feet found foreign stone as he walked compelled by the pull of thirst, the scent of sweet deceit. He found it soon a din of iniquity, his hand falling to the door the pulse of music and debauchery on the other side like the sweet embrace of an old friend. When he did enter all eyes fell upon him for he was beautiful. His every motion fluid with grace, his stare nothing less than a smolder eternal as he made his way into their embrace. Eyes devoured his presence, heartbeats quickened and were met with a knowing smile, a hunger of the eyes that made uneasy the faint of heart. A mystery wrapped in the claws of a riddle he slid to the bar and ordered a drink, marveling at the amber which swirled in his glass and would never quench the dryness of his throat. Like a spider with web well woven he waited with tempting seduction and soon enough a thread did quiver. She was beautiful, brown eyes and long dark hair vibrant with the fire of youth and the daring of imagined immortality. She displayed herself with a willingness that amused his heart as his eyes drank in her bosom and then slid longingly up her neck line. “ I’m Courtney” She said eyeing him up and down, “ Whats your name stranger?” Her voice held a hint of tease and he gave her an indulgent smile, the kind that shown full of dark intent. Once none would not have known him and there was a particular thrill to this new found obscurity. “ Suroth .. “ He said smiling as he ordered her a drink. Pale digits set upon the glass as he handed it to her and when she reached for it his eyes met hers with dark glamour. The dilation of her pupils the calming of her heart told him she was within his grasp. “ Dance with me love ..” He whispered and she followed him to the dance floor as he engulfed her in the cold fire of his arms from behind rocking with her. “ What are you gonna do to me .. ” there was a terror to her whisper as she danced her control stolen enslaved by his gaze. “ Show you the life in death my child .” He whispered as his fangs elongated and he took to her neck. The sweet copper of youth sating the fire inside him, filling him once again with the rush of life as he drained her dry letting her fall to the ground. Someone screamed but he met it with amusement as his fingers did move and the door found itself barred. His hand did rise and crimson blood poured from the air itself washing clean their sin and he became once again the great lord of the dark and herald of death. He moved from neck to neck gorging himself on terror and soon in his wake abominations did rise feeding on those they had once lusted after. Even as the crimson did fall it dared not mar his visage and he returned to the bar dragging the bar tender from behind it..taking her wrist biting it ever so gently .. “ Easy now love .” He teased as he pulled the open vein to his glass and filled it with crimson, kissing the wound softly allowing it to heal.. “ Relax “ He beckoned and the poor girl went back to her work as if hell had not fallen before her smiling. Ancient eyes took in the carnage of his coming and he gave it a smile sipping life from his glass. Soon enough the world would know the terror of his reign once again and with vengeance the black wind would howl once more.
  2. "We both know the closest you’ll ever get to humanity is when you rip it open and feed on it."

    ~Damon Salvatore~

  3. I just may post there I am working on a character sheet right now and getting excited to do a few stories. I might even bring a few of my old characters back for some fun if the situation permits, meaning if I can find anyone they remotely know or would have interest in conversing with.
  4. I think if you want to, you can post in our thread. I don't think Roen even remembers that little plot. But I definitely want to continue it.

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      You will have to link me its been a long time since I have been here.

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      I remember one but I am not sure its the one you are talking about. 

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    Blind Guardian, eh?

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      That was a long time ago but yeah.

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  6. I have been out of roleplay for a long time and I would like to get back into it. However as my mainstay is well he kicked the bucket I need a new character. I have a concept in mind but I need to find an appropriate setting/board. I generally prefer and epic fantasy setting and a lot of the locations I am seeing are far too futuristic for my taste. What I honestly want to do is start a character as something unremarkable. A squire or a stable boy anything normal and work them up through the course of story interaction into something greater. My question is where would be a good place to do something like that? Also if someones interested in being a mentor to a character like that and helping me shake the rust off that would be great.
  7. Flings fresh baked pastries.  You look like someone I used to know lol.

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      How could I forget and perhaps we shall converse again? Though I fear I will only share but one toaster strudel the rest are mine.

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      We should definitely talk again, once you surrender the strudels, glutton.

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      always so demanding... you horrid demon of hell.  FINE  .. -surrenders his secret stash-  HAPPY


  8. Perhaps it is time .. to bring back some old friends.


  9. Thanks man long time no see. I am glad to see this place is still thriving.
  10. I thought I might pop back in here and just see what was going on. Not sure I am going to do any writing yet. However I am hoping something catches my interest. I love the new site design though and I look forward to poking around and reading what everyone is up to.
  11. Thinking of a time when all was what it seemed, when fate was just a word and my arms far away, from these chains that bind locking me away.

  12. Darkness, there was only the sweet silence of eternity all around. A warm embrace that brought him peace nothing else. How long had he been asleep? He could only recall there had been pain and so much loneliness but that was gone. The sleep had brought it all to an end and the warmth had driven away his pain. He was everything and nothing and in this place he had been set free. From what he did not know, he only remembered a terrible weight lifted from his shoulders one he had carried for eons. Then in the darkness he heard a mournful call his entire existence shook, he felt cold that tore and bit at his soul something was pulling upon him calling to him. He fought it he wanted to stay here inside the warmth forever it was safe here there was no pain and he didn’t understand why anything would take that away from him and then it happened everything fell apart. Fated blue orbs opened into the dark, shining light upon a place which had not seen it’s like in an eternity. He could feel something curling around him with wraith like tendrils whispering into his ear it bade him to sleep and yet there was the pull drawing him outward. He could hear them all, thousands upon thousands. Feel their anguish and pain, they called out for a hero, a protector and he was supposed to answer their call? How did he know that? There was this feeling of cold certainty that overwhelmed him. That was his place, he was the blight against the darkness, the protector of the innocent and he had allowed their call to go unanswered for too long. He fought then, twisting free even as the unearthly pull drew him forward in the darkness. The darkness chased him its tendril’s licking at his flesh with unearthly warmth and yet he denied them. This was wrong he did not belong here. His place was with the voices, his place was to silence their pain and drive away their woe.. He was a .. what was he? A word danced on the edge of his subconscious and yet it was denied him. Then came the light a blinding light that deprived him of his sight, he was falling or was he flying? He could not tell, anymore as if up had become down and forward backwards and then he simply stopped his eyes opened to a foreign world. The entire place stank of death and destruction and yet somehow he felt so at home. Even this terrible weight that settled upon him seemed like the soft touch of an old friend. For a moment there was confusion in his eyes. Who am I? The thought wandered into his mind, he did not know who or what he was let alone a thing about this place he had suddenly come into and yet he knew so much. The buildings around him they were dwellings. The poor souls littered around him were humanoid and had been defenseless against whatever had done this and most of all this angered him beyond belief as if it offended him to his core. The weak were to be defended not beaten and broken this way before their light had ever been given a chance to shine. His eyes opened wide to the world around him as the wind blew clean through long platinum locks his skin prickling as if it were on fire. He wore armor though he could not recall its origin, light as a feather its metal shown with such brightness, surface riddled with ancient runes he knew this was his for it had always been his but even more he knew something was coming. Someone was here and he called out his voice still weak. “ Run they are coming” His words nearly heralded them into existence, dark wraith like creatures that seemed almost smoke and yet they were somehow solid and imposing. In in their ghostly grasp they carried dark metal scythes and as one burst into existence at his side it swung for his throat as if content to take his life. What happened next was a pure matter of instinct for though his brain knew not what it was doing his body did and it was sharp and deadly. He ducked with lightning speed right hand swinging upward as he passed inches beneath the hooked blade fingers curling at the long haft of the weapon as he used the incredible momentum of the strike to pull himself upward and around, his feet collided with the beast and it was staggered as he completed his flip twisting the weapon from its grasp completing the maneuver as he brought the beasts own blade down upon its neck and it shattered ceasing to exist as if the dark blade it carried were its only bane. He met the other two with a great battle cry that echoed into the heavens “ In myth might and song!” He roared though he knew not the meaning of his words and now he knew his enemy. The Etherium the keepers of lost souls in the spirit realm, horrible beasts when in the living world. They could suck the very soul from a mortal dragging it into the abyss for eternity. Surely he had been in their grasp, did that mean he had been dead? He met his enemies two to one as his single blade made contact with their own and yet his strength was absolute he held them as if they could not over power him. His rush carrying them backwards as he spun around them the blade crossing both and they vanished. The burning feeling on his flesh subsided and he knew they were no more his form toppling to the ground the scythe still clinched in his hands. He was cold, so cold and the voices so strong now. They cried out for help and yet there were so many. How could he possibly help them all? A terrible sadness settled on him and he simply rested there trying to gain some form of balance. He looked around and then up at the sky just staring as if mesmerized. “ What am I?” He asked perhaps of the sky but truly no one in particular. “ Who am I? “ He knew certain things for certain, he was some kind of warrior, he had fought and fought. Though he could not recall against what he grasped his head in his hands as if trying to wrench the information from his mind. The voices were tarring at him, calling to him and he begged them to stop with all of his will as they went silent in his mind his eyes finally seeming to gain clarity as he staggered to his feet. Someone had been here before and he called out to them. “ Hello is anyone there? I promise I won’t hurt you I just need help.” He had to find out at least where he was he did not know if those things would be back and he might not be so lucky the next time standing out in the open like this
  13. He would spin loose from his enemies arcing high up into the air a sudden and rather somber look coming to his face as something tickled the back of his mind something familiar and then he became the light personified as for but a moment he rolled back the hands of time itself to bring the world to a tremble. Power radiated up around his body arcing and popping like blue thunder all around as even the very force of his will became enough to drive his enemies into the ground. Brighter and brighter his aura shown his hair growing spiraling down well past his waist like golden fire. His Power was sky rocketing time itself sweeping away from his face as his eyes shown with bright blue fire his entire being focused on this one place in time and with this transformation he brought hell to the earth. The world trembled far across the ocean computers blared to life without warning as a massive tectonic disturbance registered baffling scientists it was as if the entire earth had leaped up in revolt. Even with all of this chaos his power was still rising driving the enemy back into the portals as it sought any refuge it could from a storm it had never expected. Not on this world or perhaps ever at all as a warrior from a time long past brought his very being to bare. The sky darkened clouds swirling energy exploding before his form as his muscles rippled shirt taring away to the on storm revealing a chest marred by centuries of battle dark crosses beginning to etch themselves into his very flesh blood carried away upon the wind as he roared like a wild animal. She wanted cover then she was going to get cover he just hoped she hadn't been slipping cause he was counting on not blowing her away in the process. Bright light would resonate from deep within the etchings as one by one a heavenly counterpart to their grotesque design would form in the air the now darkened sky overwhelmed with unearthly light prism after prism joining in a network across the sky. The warrior would focus on his enemies with deadly intent, they ran but they did not run far enough. His words were calm almost a hiss. " Let weigh heavy the consequence of sin... Judgement Cross!!!" It fell like the fires of the end of days, thousands upon thousands of beams of light joining to form a great crucifix in the air as light exploded from within it engulfing the entire area almost as if it sought out destruction could feel the intent in the hearts of his enemies and chased it to bring their annihilation flowing through their own gates even as power levels uncounted simply found themselves snuffed out of existence by this apocalyptic tide of death. They no longer tried to come through they fled from the death that sought their throats and when finally it relented nothing remained but destruction the ice having melted turned to a near lake as it flowed downward into the sea and in its midst he stood steam rising all around his voice cracking with strain as his power resonated outward. " Close the damn thing I can't do that again.. ." He said as his power faded hair returning to black and the ancient warrior fell to his knees crimson falling from his lips to fade into the water as he barely managed to fall upon a remaining cap of ice breathing hard and ragged as if something which would have been merely a parlor trick in his prime had depleted most of his energy. His eyes darted frantically into the distance he had to get back to Kaylee and soon she was safe but all of this had probably frightened the poor kid out of her wits.. worse he could feel a power level coming fast ... the only other power level on this planet like his ... he was going to have to listen to bullshit and that was the last thing he wanted for a moment he pondered if one could put a grown son up for adoption. Then his heads spun and he knelt trying to steady his breath.
  14. Floors, by all the gods and powers in the universe he hated floors. He would rather fight his way naked through a heard of pissed of banshees with a taste for sausage than do this and yet he did it day after day. How did one fall this far? He used to fight battles that shook the universe itself, raise so much hell and now here he was in a high school mopping the floors after a bunch of snot nosed little shits had basically thrown up all over it. At least he had some silence class had let out a few hours ago and it was just him in the school. He dipped his mop in the water ringing it out before sliding his bucket in the closet and walking toward the door. His reflection caught him in the mirror and as always it caused him to cringe. He had aged well as was common for his race, he looked no different than he had a hundred years ago really but this person was not him not really. This dirty man in a blue jump suit who worked at menial tasks to fill his day was a far cry from the man he kept trapped inside. He heard his cellphone ring and fished it out of his pocket fidgeting annoyingly with it before finally getting it to work. He was never going to get used to this stupid thing, there was a drawer in his house full of the smashed remains of a hundred of these things. " Hey kiddo what's going on" He asked only to be greeted by the annoyed voice of his son. " Can you get Kaylee dad I need to work late tonight. " He hardly got a yes out before the phone clicked and he frowned. Kid was just like him, too busy fighting his own battles to notice his kid was growing up. He had been like that too and he supposed this was all his fault but he sighed stepping out and locking the doors behind him. The school campus was deserted it was six pm and the music practice would be letting out soon down the path. He made his way down to the elementary school and leaned against a post waiting and after a while the most important thing in his battered existence came running out the doors. His granddaughter a small black haired girl wearing jeans and a black t shirt came running out the building and dove at him determined to squeeze his head off his shoulders. " Grandpa!! " She said overjoyed but a moment later her eyes darted around. " Dad is working huh?" There was a barely masked disappointment in her voice that broke the old warriors heart and he sighed ruffling her hair as he carried her on his hip like she weighed nothing. He said hes coming to your concert .. ill choke him if he doesn't" He promised as he sat her down in front of him. " So how about we have some pizza huh just me and my favorite granddaughter?" She laughed a little and started walking "As long as I don't have to eat any more of your stew gramps. " She punctuated this by contorting her face in a disgusted look as if just the thought had soured her stomach. " Hey my stew is great ill have you know"! He said as she shook her head at him and he started laughing. He was half way to her when something changed. There was an odd heavy feeling to the air as if everything were having trouble moving. Instinct it was all that saved him, years and years of battle that caused him to move unconsciously and it probably saved them both. He leaped forward curling himself around the little girl as the entire area exploded in a blind light, when the smoke cleared everything was wrecked he was standing a great crater his smoking form still wrapped protectively around her. He didn't have time to do much before two dark cloaked figured appeared in front of him and two blasts of purple energy were slammed against his body sending him flying through the building behind. The little panicked watching her grandpa get hurt and tried to run to him but the two strangers grabbed her by the arms causing her to scream as they started to walk away and as that scream echoed through the air all hell broke loose. The building he had been thrown through erupted in a massive explosion as he came flying out of it his form blurring out of existence as he appeared between the two his hands raised and blasted them backwards grabbing the girl only to be met as the two returned striking at him with their hands. He was a flurry of movement watching as he ducked underneath each shot eventually slipping passed and shoving the two into one another. " You are way too slow and your attacks lack coordination.. you will never beat me like that. " He said a small smirk cornering on his face. " What in the hell are you? and this is how we are going to beat you." He said as a cloud of dark cloaked warriors appeared around them. The smirk only widened as he took it all in. " Good answer as for what I am.. I am someone you really should have just let go have pizza with his granddaughter. " He said as he grabbed her up and leaped into the air. They fell on him in mass, a flurry of punches and kicks as he became lost in the midst of them only to burst out at high speed straight up into the air. " Grab onto my back " Was all he said as the little girl clung to his neck once he reached the apex of his jump he cupped his hands and let out a massive roar as energy leaped from them driving his assailants down into the ground. He spun around to leave but found more and more almost appearing out of thin air. This was no problem except he had his granddaughter and they were in the middle of a heavy populated city. This was not the old days people were not accustomed to seeing things like this he had to get out of here. " Here's and oldie but a goodie he said as he put his sunglasses on Kaylee's face " SOLAR FLARE!!" He yelled out as the entire space between them became filled with a blinding light and he shot off like a bolt into the distance. He had to lead them away from here before someone saw something they didn't need to see. Magic and pretty much all of what was left of his era had gone out of this world and there was pretty much a unwritten rule that the ones who remained did not show normal people the reality of what they could do. Their minds could not handle it and it risked the peace of this world. He shot out over the ocean rocketing across the Atlantic and then shot sideways he knew they were following him, he could feel their energy. Just what the hell are power levels like that doing on this planet? He wondered as he spiraled downward into a deep ice cap, this was what they called Antarctica and he knew he had little chance of running into anyone out here. He paused in front of mountain his hand raising as a door suddenly opened and he pushed the girl inside. " Stay here until grandpa comes back... he smiled reassuringly. as he shut the door and shot upward again leading them away. He gained a few miles before he turned around and they began to materialize all around him. " You guys really should of just left when you had the chance. " He said as he suddenly vanished darting from form to form a single well placed blow beginning to pile each one up on the ground until finally all that could be heard was painful groaning of the pile of humanoid that he left behind him. Yet they kept coming as if there were no end to them he could feel the power levels descending on him, his kid was never going to believe this wasn't his fault not for a second these assholes were ruining his day. He roared as his dark hear rose up around him turning a golden hue that illuminated the ice in a dazzling display. He hated to do this, at this power level the older ones around were going to feel him including his son but he had to get this over with as quickly as possible and get her back home he could sort the rest out later. The energy expanded outward from his body engulfing them all and for a moment the veil on their attacks slipped. He could see it, they were slipping through the dimension itself using some kind of void.. and one he couldn't seal anymore.. maybe back in the day but he was a hundred percent saiayan now power like that was beyond, he was just gonna have to hope he could run them out of men, this was going to be more of a pain in the ass than he thought and with that he dove in a gain bloody flying as he fought against the growing number of combatants.
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