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  1. For my first official foray into playing Soryn (a mixture of a character I had made in the past and my affinity for Hell's Gate's lore) this was fun. I enjoyed interacting with players I may have not ever interacted with otherwise here and while I doubt I will have the motivation to conjure up Soryn's article regarding what happened here ever it was a worthwhile journey for the seasoned reporter imo. Thank everyone for all the effort they could muster on this huge endeavor.
  2. I have no objections with finalizing this. Soryn needs to finally go back home to let the video editing team in Hell's Gate scrounge up whatever footage while he writes his article.
  3. Officially lurking again after getting sorted in my new house. Give me a moment to get my bearings again and see how things have changed if any with my characters and the Val landscape.

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    2. supernal


      Congrats on the move 

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      Doesn't it feels like we are all growing up? Houses, kids, major responsibilities that paralyze us with anxiety... 


    4. Dolor Aeternum

      Dolor Aeternum

      Looks like I took a longer moment than I thought lol. Thanks everyone. 

  4. Went through an unannounced AFV. Just closed on a house and have been dealing with a nagging issue I found with it when I just moved in, plus work hasn't let up. Apologize to anyone in any story threads or looking for any with me. Hope to be back soon.

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      Hopefully that issue is and remains minor. With that - congrats on the close!

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      Houndy Poochykins

      I can only offer my floof. If you require something to pet.

  5. My love, I miss you. Write with me soon. ❤️ 

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      Are you doing okay?

  6. To betray the very desire that spurred within him to fight to the bitter end was no easy task. Had he the emotionless logical processes of his robotic companion then the solution may have been much easier to come to but as he now saw those that were previously fallen also fighting he wondered if swallowing his pride and natural instinct to dispel the dark machinations of Yh’mi around him away was the most optimal solution. It was typical of Yh’mi to present such a harrowing fork in the road, forcing him to make a decision that could inevitably seal his fate. Keenly aware that his physical self could not move and that all of these efforts were his mind’s own method of defense he found himself in the midst of a flurry of scimitar swipes letting his movements become more lethargic, each swing holding less power behind it. Instead, Soryn closed his eyes within this mindscape and attempted to grasp and claw for more agency for his physical form. With the glimpse he saw of those outside of this prison and the awareness he earned of the state of his physical self he sought to feel more. This caused his form to become immobile within this mindscape, at the mercy of whatever illusionary dangers there were around him.
  7. My understanding is that all of us are in eggs/cocoons so any notion of healing would be purely mental as this is a fight within a mindscape against the attempts to break their will. Not sure if we are really adhering to the dice system here or our original skills so if this is more freeform then you'd go by what your character had for original abilities. @jaistlyn can clarify when she has the time.
  8. "Why,Thank you I appreciate such kind welcoming.And hehe~ I'm  certainly trying Mr.Dolor.I hope you have found your own people too.able to create fantastical stories and whatnot.^_^ If you ever wish to create one together.A story,allow me to know!^_^

  9. Welcome to our fine community. I hope you find a cozy place to settle and enjoy creating stories. 

  10. “Retreat?” This fancy man was nothing like Blob Boss that was for sure. He failed to see Xartia in any negative light over what was occurring though as he knew nothing about the abilities of those he was with and he couldn’t trust they would prevail if they had resisted much like his boss would have in the face of a seemingly insurmountable task. True to his word he let the Cambion take the lead for now and if that meant running from the oppressive force that began its descent toward their location then he’d make sure he was no impediment. The orc turned to Artamese then, unsure of how much healing Xartia had been capable of and wasting no time trying to seize the opportunity to be helpful to the lady without any thought that her pride might be wounded by the ask he now put forth. “Want me to carry you while we run away?” Arms extended themselves, beckoning Artamese to comply though he made sure to acknowledge Simon as well. “Well only if that is ok with Simon of course.” The levity of the request was immediately rocked with the thunderous impacts of cannons upon the beach attempting to mitigate the threat that Leinhart posed. The sight of the airship could not be ignored and though it paled in comparison to the one that he had helped his family acquire not too long ago, the threat was still prevalent and it was immediately apparent that Artamese had a critical decision to make in only a matter of seconds. Xavier’s eyes stared intently at the woman as he saw Xartia pivot to initiate retreat, urging her with his gesticulations to comply unless she felt she could manage on her own after the rapid healing she had been given. Whatever the outcome, muscles would become taut and infused by Obtenebra soon after, heightening an already formidable amount of strength. The massive orc regardless of load would easily find himself matching pace with the Cambion, letting the man lead them to whatever form of shelter could be plausible from the bombardment that commenced. He remained unperturbed by the threat that had just been posed, tempered by a history of having faced the likes of the Carmine Emperor, a maddening deity, a Peacekeeper, and a dragon only to emerge unscathed. He was a survivor much like the rest of those within his family and he hoped these new acquaintances were no different. @Malintzin @Twitterpated @Etched In Stone @Zashiii @The Hound @Voldemort
  11. "Ice....cream???" Ana looked puzzled at the mention of what that was given it was not a staple of Orisian cuisine. The tropical environment didn't truly lend itself well to many chilled foods after all. The puzzled face triggered Heron to move closer to the child and rest his head atop her head. "Sounds like some sort of dessert child. You might like it." Heron smiled, this sort of gesture starting to grow comforting to Ana given it was something constant she could cling to. "Ok!" Ana offered a small smile though struggled to maintain it as she looked at Arashi again. As for Arashi's words to Luz, the director arched a brow again before immediately responding. "I dont have to do anything Arashi but you are free to visit under supervision unless Heron there revokes your authorization." Heron immediately interjected, an obvious sense of humor. "I'm looking forward to this 'ice cream' so authorization granted for now!" Luz rolled her eyes at the elder before addressing Arashi again. "Lets retrieve the prototype my engineers have been working on for you that should be an improvement upon that doctor's model unless you wish to travel around without it." There was a hint that Luz was trying to gauge what sort of confidence Arashi had now but it wasn't clear what answer she was looking for. The director was as much an enigma now as she always has been.
  12. I have been just watching the thread progress so I may not enter in at this entry point but rest assured I will enter before the thread finishes up. Agony is the type to observe so if you'd be ok with having had him spying for a bit through this whole process then that might give me an in later on. Your character can be totally aware, nonchalant, indifferent about it too. I am sure I will enter soon, just might not be today or in the next few posts so if Ataraxy wants to inject their character in first then have at it.
  13. I've found that mostly anything can be tailored to your likes during the roleplay as long as you have some people willing to work with you along the way. I've had plenty of scenarios where I could tell one person preferred RP with combat in it while others enjoyed character interactions more than that. Learning how to balance that and help others help you progress things along is just a matter of communication and earning experience too. I personally enjoy throwing bits here and there that kind of satisfy everyone when you piece them together as a whole. In the end everyone is here to have fun and enjoy themselves so if I can contribute to that in some small way by giving them that outlet they need then I am going to try my hardest while also making sure that I enjoy myself too. All the points above were very good and the fact you got someone who actually participated in it to give their perspective should help you as you embark on this new thread of yours. If your story is in Genesaris somewhere, then as Alexandrian said, I have a character who is part of a kingdom that might benefit from learning how airships work in this realm so they can tweak their own flying vessels to operate accordingly. Also if you just need advice on how to progress things along I, and I am sure quite a few others, would gladly nudge you in the right direction.
  14. @Vaudevillian Still waiting on you for this one. Going to ease up on my posting requirements on this one to ideally once a week but I will be pleasantly surprised if any post beats that mark.
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