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    Darkness and Havoc [Apocalyptic Event in Ceyana]

    @Veloci-Rapture you are up. Didnt give you much to work with again but I am sure you will do fine. @Zashiii @HollowCipher waiting on you both to hack away at grumpy metal guy. I am aiming to wrap this up in a few rounds but will not sacrifice story or development if you all have ideas 🙂
  2. Appreciate the like 🙂

  3. Dolor Aeternum

    The Long Road Home

    Agony stood in front of the door like a sentinel, not needing any acute hearing to listen to Lunara’s answer to Rodan’s question. Silent in that moment, he briefly contemplated the creativity of the faerie’s companion and the glee with which she expressed her opinion no matter how macabre or sadistic it may have seemed to the established morality that sheep adopted when they had become indoctrinated by those who held power over them. Agony decided to open the door slowly, allowing the familiarity of this frame created by Obtenebra to assault his companion’s eyes before he crossed the threshold of this room. The two men had yet to be transformed by the artistic hands of the Mutator so they witnessed the amorphous being’s arrival into the room with mounting fear. His head ducked slightly to allow him to even enter the room and the muffled sounds of the victims only grew in frequency at the inclusion of yet another unexpected horror. Agony, however, could care less about any of it. Closing the door softly behind him, he rested his back against the wall near where he had just entered. Obtenebra rippled and began to give way to two of the bags full of gold coins that he had acquired earlier. The black ooze quickly morphed into two powerful tendrils that wrapped around the fabric of the bags and brought them over to a nearby table. “A bag for each of you.” The deep baritone held no sense of pride nor urge to be exhorted. Agony had not forgotten about the lost funds that Lunara had suffered in her crafty attempt to help them engage the maddening entity earlier. Unbeknownst to himself, the constant selfishness that led them to their current positioning began to slowly morph itself into something else. Silence reigned for much of the Mutator’s work, internally impressed but externally indifferent to the finished work. Agony understood the pleasure that was derived from using one’s talents better than anyone and there was a familiarity to the agony inflicted upon these victims that Obtenebra thoroughly enjoyed. The sentient ooze slithered along the ground after extending from the armored guise to glide along the finished product, poking and prodding the furry rug so it could sense some of the pain for itself. Once Rodan questioned whether it was within Lunara’s acceptable parameters, Agony turned to look at the faerie, his crimson gaze fixated on his diminutive companion in expectation. He found himself wondering again why the faerie had decided to still remain here at all. Despite the debt that he owed, how has she benefited from his presence? Has he helped her obtain any power as had been promised tacitly that fateful day in Patia?
  4. Dolor Aeternum

    Destruction des morts

    Yet again, Xavier arrives at the chaotic scene of yet another hostile attack upon a city full of unsuspecting individuals who would not be able to withstand the imposing machinations of the opportunistic and the sadistic. Lucky for them Blob Boss was not present here and instead chose to send him to investigate a city rumored to be struggling due to the fangy folks taking over. The orc care little for the politics of it all but the Blob Boss man insisted that there was something to be attained from the oppressed and needy here. So it was with this mindset that he had travelled here to Tia with a bit more freedom than previous outings where he had to conceal himself and sneak around as if he were unwanted. They all didn’t know how much he hated doing that despite being innately good at hiding himself from all sorts of scanning thanks to the gift Blob Boss gave him. What he ended up stepping into was just a fancier version of what he had witnessed at Tormo, with large beasts laying waste to the structural integrity of the city while all sorts of fangy folks took advantage of the commotion to feed or loot around. Xavier snorted at being forced to be evasive yet again, maneuvering his way around any situation that turned too heavy or too annoying to bother with. Rounding the corner of a very large building quietly, veiled by the shadows around him despite his massive size, he arrived in time to watch a beautiful woman exit a carriage and walk seductively while the moonlight glazed over her features in an alluring display that froze Xavier in his position. If Xavier had a weakness, it was for the beauty he saw in moments like these where racial differences mattered little and one could simply appreciate the present without the annoyance of being judged. Those auburn locks…that little black dress…the curves that aimed to confine such vibrant beauty! It was almost worth all of the trouble it had been to arrive here on foot given how far inland this city was from where he had left his ship. The orc continued to watch only to feel his nose scrunch up in confusion at the sudden shift in her gait and how she fumbled herself into the arms of the guards in front of the control center. Xavier had been just as fooled in that moment as the poor man that had gladly helped Belladonna and felt crushed when she just blatantly kissed the man. The orc didn’t know why he felt a sting of betrayal in that moment as if she had just dealt him a treacherous blow. Then, he saw the man touch his lips before falling limp to the ground. He contemplated deeply in his dark vantage point now as if calculating some extensive formula in his brain but what churned out of his mind was not as complicated. Beautiful lady….poisonous. Got it. He continued to observe how she disabled the other man and while he couldn’t make out what they were saying, it looked fun and flirtatious until she jabbed the blade straight into that man’s skull. Xavier blinked before feeling a rush of curiousity and attraction that was far more than that pretty leafy lady he had seen with Cedric at Tormo. She seemed poised to enter what looked like an important building that had important things in it so Xavier made the executive decision to follow her, waiting until after she dumped the bodies and the first receiver to begin his movements. The black ichor present on his body in the form of thin metallic armor rippled to help him hide his bulky frame within the shadows and remain out of sight even as Belladonna turned to the elevator. It wouldn’t be until the elevator opened and the woman was poised to enter that she would likely notice his massive frame cross the threshold of the control center where he lifted his massive hand and just waved. He loved surprising beautiful women! @ourlachesism @Zashiii
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    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    He would gather more information if he did consume them but we will see what happens!
  6. Dolor Aeternum

    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Yeah he tends to do that to learn from that beast or person.
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    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Agony will now have another beast he can mimic when this is all over.
  9. Yh’mi: Land of Unspeakable Horrors or Reflection of what Terrenus could be? Written by: Soryn Savedo Yh’mi, voted number one in a poll recently to determine the least favorite vacation spot in all of Terrenus. A land shrouded in mystery but many speak of it in absolutes as if they themselves dared to venture there. The land is used as leverage to scare youth into submission or threaten would-be criminals into living acceptable lives just with the prospect of being forced to visit there to never return. Dread has seemingly become synonymous with the name Yh’mi and rightfully so given the tales that have surfaced from those who have survived their travels there. Caitlyn Lassiter, a farmer’s wife who had traveled from Weland to Yh’mi to support the Order of the White Hand there with produce from Lassiter Farms had the following to say concerning her rare visit there: “My husband thinks I was crazy for even thinking of setting foot in that warzone but I couldn’t just sit here when the faithful are going hungry defending us from whatever is there. I was there when that paladin had been corrupted. That deranged man led a whole army of monstrosities against the city, killing several people there. I saw a swarm of those little monster bugs and other large creatures working together to take that poor town of Inns’th down. I was so scared and barely made it out of there before the explosion that killed Diligence and so many others. After what I witnessed there even my faith that Gaia will see them through is wavering…” This story is only one of many that have come across my desk, detailing the dwindling power of the Order of the White Hand against the rising power of the darkness within Yh’mi. Still, is the situation dire enough for any of us much less the Terrenus military to care? With the rise of organized crime and orchestrated attacks against the comfort of all Terrans, any city can turn into another Yh’mi if we are not careful so should we focus on those cities and let Yh’mi lay dead? These tough questions need to be answered but do we have enough information to properly do so? We cannot forget that many also see Yh’mi as a land of opportunity as the Order are so desperate for assistance that they are willing to ignore what some might consider questionable history as long as one devotes themselves to their cause. To escape a trajectory that would likely lead them to death by Peacekeeper or imprisonment, they transported themselves to Inns’th to make an honest living as a member of the Watch or any other form of trade without the prejudice of their past weighing them down. This, however, does not mean that the Order are fully equipped to contain whatever is growing past the massive Wall they have created. The handicap that the lack of warp gates and the massive attacks has given the Terrenus military may have caused the prioritization of the threat of Yh’mi to become delayed or perhaps it is because we truly know so little about the dark of Yh’mi other than what seems like fantastical tales full of embellishment that we do not understand the gravity of what is occurring there. Many in the media fear that any live coverage or firsthand accounts that are attempted come at too great a risk to even manage but we here at the Daily Weekly strive to keep our audience informed and will not cower in our journey to seek truth. News of a push to claim more ground within Yh’mi and establish a better front against the horrors has reached our desks. The Daily Weekly would be doing our readers a disservice if we leave this and all events within Yh’mi veiled from the entirety of Terrenus so expect a fully detailed account from yours truly in the next few months as I travel to Inns’th myself to uncover the truth about the state of Yh’mi and join them in their expedition. If you would like to contribute to the efforts in Inns’th, feel free to contact our offices to contribute to a fund sponsored by the Daily Weekly that I will personally deliver to the order. Any perishable food items will also be transported with the help of some our partners upon my arrival so feel free to deliver the items to our Hell’s Gate office within the month before they will be delivered by airship just outside of Yh’mi for my arrival. Continue to seek truth in all that you do my fellow Terrans.
  10. Dolor Aeternum

    [Event] Darkness and Havoc - Illyria Arrives

    Character Name: Havoc? Location: Jungle: Raid Level A Objective: Pass the time until vessel arrives. This metallic envoy remained robotic in its movements, sidestepping a good portion of Sanguine’s attacks with his sword. The manner in which the vampire attempted to use the shadows to gain the advantage seemed to anger whoever controlled the construct this group was facing as each counter was done with more vicious force than the last. There had been a moment where the construct was ready to unleash a potent attack as one of its hands emitted the same white light that had caused the Anular’s to burst but Dan’s swift arrival distracted the metal monster enough to force that same hand to start deflecting the swift fury of sword and dagger alike. Each clash of metal caused an interesting reaction that manifested in a stream of light surging from head to toe until it disappeared into the ground beneath it. Pivoting several times to engage Dan’s swift movements and Sanguine’s crafty maneuvers, the construct analyzed both of its opponents with scrutinizing precision. The hubris that was present in the god that controlled this creature became evident as it began to speak even while enduring this onslaught of attacks, head craned in an odd fashion to acknowledge Sanguine first. “You are an abominable mutt unworthy of the genetics you have inherited. A sub-par Illyrian when compared to the vessel that is coming.” The flurries continued and the constructs voice only grew louder and louder as the entity that controlled it quickly moved from boredom to mild entertainment. The construct had prepared to block yet another stab of Dan Palmer’s dagger with a clubbing blow downward but was instead met with a potent wind blast that caused its right foot to lift slightly off of the ground and its head to whip back. Some of the concussive wind that was expelled seemed to subtly seep into the construct’s armor afterward while Dan decided to take advantage of his successful gambit with an accurate slash into a portion of the metallic armor that finally gave way to sinew and actually seemed to wound the group’s current opponent. There was no hint of pain from the successful blow though some black ichor now trickled down the construct’s left arm. The cartel attacks formulated in the distance also hit their mark but the shadowy energy did not manage to pierce armor. Instead each collision of the shadow spears battered the metallic armor, remnants of the shadows lingering along each portion of the construct’s body until being sucked in to its structure and travelling much like the white light from Sanguine and Dan’s blows. The construct’s body whipped in several directions until arching back oddly a few feet away from Dan and Sanguine. A mere second passed before a flicker of light became visible in the distance. The sword that had been planted before this battle started vibrated, the seismic force that was created felt all throughout this jungle. A mesh of the white energy and the shadow that had been visible upon the construct’s form combined with a hint of the wind but the weapon still remained where it was. The construct would not give much time for contemplation about the matter as it stood upright once again, purposefully matching the speed Dan had employed to dart out toward Dan before it immediately veered toward the cartel females with an arm raised to ready what could be assumed was a punch toward the nearest foe. Much like the gambit that Dan had executed earlier, instead a palm stretched out to unleash a concussive wind blast that merged with the searing light from before that ejected from its hand in a spray of beams that aimed to pierce or burn flesh. The force of the blow briefly manifested in the way that the earth displaced itself in front of the creature, managing to add that debris to the blast as well. Meanwhile, the creature’s heels darkened with a hint of some of the shadow energy the cartel’s employed earlier, ready to use for the next attempts offered to challenge a god. @Grubbistch @Zashiii @HollowCipher
  11. Dolor Aeternum

    Darkness and Havoc [Apocalyptic Event in Ceyana]

    Yes. Anular are dead so anti magic field is dead too.
  12. Dolor Aeternum

    Birthday wishes this year?

    Happy birthday!
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    [Event] Darkness and Havoc - Illyria Arrives

    Luz noticed Al’s bald head during his approach and sighed slightly in relief that the gnome was safe signaling a small break in her otherwise indifferent approach to anything non-Illyrian. The appearance of the spire in the distance meant that Herod had been unsuccessful containing the anomalies back within Illyria and their Light had also failed to find the solution that they needed to ensure everyone’s safety. Defeat washed over her and Al’s words unfortunately hit her harder than they probably should have. The hurt she felt at her own failure could have been enough to distract her from the falling house above her or the occasional orbiter that swooped by but she used that negative emotion now the only way she knew how. Violence. She looked for anything plausible, anything she could grab and pummel to death. An opportunistic orbiter attempted to swoop by and pick up the curled up Al as the gnome seemingly waited to die from the falling structure above them but was immediately met with a hand that drove its two fingers deep into two of the many eyes on the creature, hooked it toward the ground, and then began pummeling it. Oily ichor spread over her hands while she rained glowing fists upon the creature, yelling to expel her negative emotions until the creature was just a pile of metal scraps and biological matter. Disheveled silver hair fell in front of her face and blocked her almost maniacal fixation on the poor orbiter victim until she rose to stand fully up right and shot her gaze over to the rest beside her. “That large glowing spire that has just appeared is where the king of my people resides. He is likely going to arrive soon so I will stay here to brief him on our findings and give him any help he needs. Al, you can take these people further north and find shelter or wait until our military comes to establish control of this entire island. If my people have been thrust into your world against their will and this land ceases to exist because of it then this entire area is under Illyrian jurisdiction now.” She knew how her military operated and it would not take long for them to establish a plan to sweep this area and eliminate the creatures that have littered the landscape. They would set aside the damage done to the Orisian island and focus on saving Illyrian lives. Turning, she began walking toward the spire as the volatility of the dimensional tear that brought it here seemed to diminish and noticed a large contingent in the distance approaching her. It would only be a matter of time before her people took charge of this entire situation but the pride she might have felt was swallowed by the new challenges she knew they would all face usurping control of an area that had not been theirs initially. Explosions were heard within the jungle area to her east and she could see the spurts of light in the distance but it was the a vibrant light from the top of the spire that she now fixated on as it seemed to move and then begin its approach toward their location above the military squads that quickly closed the gap and crossed the threshold created by the perimeter of where the Spire was and remnants of Ceyana remained. Whether or not Al decided to stay with the Orisians, she was immediately approached by a man covered in sleek white armor that held several insignias. “Director Luz, I am glad you are safe. What about the rest of those within the medical center?” Luz immediately frowned but responded quickly. “Most of the scientists within the building were massacred by a swarm of orbiters that managed to enter the facility. I escaped with a few of the younger scientists and have them maintaining a disruptive field to prevent any more orbiters from attacking while I traveled here to acquire more data.” The man gave a simple nod and was about to speak before Luz continued. “There aren’t any countermeasures to deploy to reverse what has already occurred. We will need to eliminate any threats to the safety of our people and lead any wounded or disabled to our medical facilities.” The man quickly began to speak as if he wanted to make sure Luz did not continue. “We will take care of evacuation and protection measures. Our Light would like you to brief him on the state of any Orisians you may have encountered so wait for him here” The military man clad in white motioned to his men and some sped off with some propulsion devices in several directions while others began setting up a device near the cliff that they intended to use. Luz sighed and did not respond before moving out of their way. The military would not bother acknowledging Al or any of the Orisian refugees should they have remained to witness the exchange, acutely focused on making sure control was obtained now.
  14. Dolor Aeternum

    Darkness and Havoc [Apocalyptic Event in Ceyana]

    @Veloci-Rapture You're still up to reply to Luz should you have more to add to the story. @Grubbistch @HollowCipher @Zashiii If something isn't clear in the post just let me know. Basically the Anular exploded, and the metallic figure lunged at Khaki to launch her roughly away from the group before landing to make its epic entrance. Looking forward to seeing your responses 🙂
  15. Dolor Aeternum

    [Event] Darkness and Havoc - Illyria Arrives

    The figure in the distance seemed fixated on everyone’s movements, shifting its head constantly no matter how fast any of the group before it moved. If they were paying attention to the glowing blue that pierced through the mist, they would notice how the entity seemed to be fixated on all of them despite the variety of their positions. The weapon that had been unsheathed planted the tip of its blade into the soil as the group began disabling their foes. The Anular, despite being controlled by some unknown force, were not meant to succeed at killing the group in their current state. Digging the weapon in to the ground so that it stays upright, the figure watches as Sanguine displays his skill in avoiding the grappling attempt and his subsequent finishing flurry that causes the Anular to fall limp to the ground. The head then snaps over to Dan’s speedy quartering of the Anular that had threw himself uncharacteristically at the group, capable of keeping track of the youngster’s movements without much struggle. It was the coordination of the rest of the women, however, that seemed to trigger a shift in stance as the Anular was manipulated into becoming a projectile meant to initiate their engagement with it. A distinct hum could be heard in the distance to the west of the forest triggered by the commotion within which foreshadowed the imminent arrival of a flurry of orbiters but the figure began to demand everyone’s focus as it extends its palms outward and unleashes a long, potent roar before curling its hands quickly into fists and bending its knees. Tremors would be felt along the ground just before the bodies of the Anular convulsed and contorted viscerally, glowing with a blinding white light. The projectile Anular yelled in pain before suddenly exploding and causing a spray of hot, white energy burst out in spherical form along with its innards. The energy was capable of blinding anyone near the radius of the compact explosion (which extended itself by 50 feet) and its heat would be enough to sear the flesh of anyone not swift enough to evade or strong enough to withstand the temperature. The explosion near the figure provided an excellent distraction to its sudden thrust off of the ground, through the explosion itself toward Khaki while she was in mid-air, the velocity of the attack mimicking the speed with which Dan had decided to move with earlier. Extending an arm, the figure would aim to drive its metallic forearm into the girl’s gut and launch her several feet to the east before aiming to land in a central area to reveal itself to the three. “Return to the muck you slithered out of lest you decide to court havoc’s unforgiving hands..” Clad in completely metallic armor, their foe stood plainly between them all, weaponless but clearly prepared for combat. @Grubbistch @HollowCipher @Zashiii