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  1. I am sure that the setting could allow for some temporary mayhem before it stabilizes itself. @The Alexandrian Not sure how free you are to jump into yet another RP but I assume you could pop in freely with any of your characters at any time once the thread gets going if you feel like it. Gabriela's tendency to slide into depression/anger could contribute to the odd phenomena since the Club seems to be able to adapt to emotions and thoughts. I'd have to brush up on the capabilities since there isn't an official lore article about it yet.
  2. I second @Vilhardt with Club Tablillas in Hell's Gate if you want to host a party where some unnaturals or uncommon folk want to feel safe. It has ties to Caeceila Glasmann and Cammy so that might fit in if you were planning on using Gabriela for this, plus I assume you may have wanted Ilyana to organize it so this would be a logical choice for her.
  3. “I will have to respectfully disagree with your suggestion that we hole ourselves in the shelter of our home. Isolationist philosophy was what drove us into chaos centuries ago. No reason to repeat the mistakes of the past.” Luz stood as soon as Arashi did and continued to listen to her words, now starting to focus on the device along her wrist, digits pressing buttons and gliding along the screen. Given the girl’s proximity, she would see that a smaller version of the screen that held diagonistic data from the scan earlier would be visible and that Luz had marked certain portions of Arashi’s body as important points. Her chest, head and legs are all marked with a unique marker that pulses as the device seems to be processing some data. “Division is the vehicle by which tyrants and those of despicable ilk acquire power. Still, it would be idiotic to simply be accepting of everyone in a world full of ambition and dangers. I appreciate your warning but we Illyrians must venture out to assess the strength of these beings you speak of so that we make the proper arrangements to ensure Illyria endures.” Arashi’s request for a map finally causes Luz to visibly frown before she responds. “We have not had much time to acquire a detailed map. All we have managed to acquire is a crude one from an Orisian explorer.” Walking over to the same console that still had the results of Arashi’s scan, she shifts the display to uncover a map that is mostly unlabeled save for Illyria’s position, Orisia, and three distinct markers in the distance. The large continents of Terrenus, Genesaris, and an unnamed island that simply says ‘new’. Luz was unaware of the validity of the names on the map which she voiced clearly as she continued. “The only items I am sure of are the Illyrian and Orisian locations. Care to share some of your insight? Whether dangerous or not, I trust the information you provide will hold some weight.”
  4. Are we waiting for you @Akiris ? If not, I sure was, which was why I haven't posted yet.
  5. We all want a forest. Those who say no are just in denial.
  6. @ticklefarte @HollowCipher It can be assumed that during your posts our characters manage to return to the vessel barring any other ideas you have. A good stopping point seems to be approaching soon as well so we are on the last leg of this journey it seems. @Zashiii you're still up in Learning.
  7. Dan’s statement about not being Illyrian made Pallis chuckle but only because that was exactly what an uneducated foreigner would say. Alara huffed audibly while Silvio was too busy flexing his muscle by carrying most of the egg’s weight. Things shifted once Baiden turned to look at the Ancient Duo, which only prompted Alara to do the same. The lone Illyrian female of this group found her lips parted as she watched the energy meld between the two entities, the distinct signatures swirling around one another until they gently met at several points which coincided with a shift in the energy’s wavelengths and thus color. “Beautiful. I wish Director Yllende were here to see this.” Alara frowned a bit then but kept her gaze fixated so that she could at least give some sort of detailed description of what she had seen. Pallis let up a bit on his portion of the work carrying the egg which forced Silvio to take up the slack. Both men stared at the light show and while they were not as appreciative of the spectacle, they knew what they were witnessing was a rarity that they could lord over their peers for months to come. Baiden’s baritone directed toward the two entities prefaced the obvious warning that shook all three of the Soldier’s companions to their core. Illyrians were not strangers to ominous portents from transcendent beings even though most of the time they did not heed them. This time would likely be different if only out of respect of the fair deal that had been made this day. The fact that Illyrians were the first to actually gain something out of this deity that has existed even before the Orisian queen’s monarchy instead of those under her ruse had to mean something right? Once a path opened up for their return to the ship, the trio resumed their duties and did not even glance at the foreigner they were leaving behind. “Do you think we will still get scolded by the director for only returning with two items?” “Probably…well all except for maybe Alara since she did sooooo much here.” Silvio’s sarcasm was obvious as he hefted the egg along. Pallis chuckled and Alara lifted her nose in the air and adjusted her hair but never offered them any acknowledgment. Instead she turned to Baiden. “Once we escape the oppression of La’Ruta again, would you mind some assistance running diagnostics on your enhancements to assess any damage or need for repair?” Not many had ever witnessed the product of the infamous work done by the Soldier after his questionable antics by the Scientific Division’s standards. Alara continued her bold streak with this ask and it didn’t look like she will relent any time soon.
  8. Luz could sense the tension diminishing around her as she listened to Arashi’s response but made no visible reaction to the girl’s words. The Illyrian was known for her cold expression, unwilling to provide more than her trademark looks of annoyance and anger that many of her peers feared throughout the division for it usually was a portent to suffering for them. The admission of guilt that came concerning Arashi’s actions concerning someone named Dredge and the unfortunate returns that came from her attempting to be heroic caused Luz to snap her gaze on to the girl with an intensity that signaled she had an immediate response. “Many notable accomplishments have been forged from suffering and loss Arashi. Mistakes are a part of science..a part of life. I am not your mother nor am I someone credible enough for you to take my word as law but I opine that you need to stop running away from your own abilities. What you need is a place like the one around us for you to learn how to hone your powers.” On the inside, Luz was genuinely curious what this child’s limits truly were and if she extract something out of this whole ordeal that will help her people gain a foothold in this new world but her face would never betray her as she plainly continued. “My king is trying to make us play well with all of you foreigners, afraid that attempting to assert our dominance will only end in the demise of many. I do not agree but he has kept us thriving for so long that I feel compelled to test his theory.” Luz shifted her entire body and then moved to kneel so that she was at eye level with Arashi then. “So I will amend my proposal. I will fashion something to monitor you and your level of energy output that will do its best to keep your youthful vigor in check. I will also offer you shelter here where you can spend your time training without worrying about harming others. Once both of us feel comfortable we will slowly shed the sealing magic I intend to infuse into my creation until you are free to do as you please. I will send someone to you to periodically provide maintenance should you not return here in a predetermined amount of time. All I want from you during your visits is the occasional scan and for you to allow us to monitor your progress and how you come to achieve it. I fear my home will have to build its defenses sooner rather than later.” Luz extended her hand toward Arashi then before continuing. “You seem like you have traveled around this world quite a bit so anything you can tell us about where you have been and who you have seen will also help my king find a place for our people in this new world. Sound agreeable to you? Remember this is all your decision and you are free to counter should you have a requirement you feel I can satisfy.” Luz’s tone was amicable enough throughout all of this but she wasn’t about to sugar coat or provide any sort of inflections to try and sway the girl before her. The deal seemed generous enough that she did not feel the need to try and convince with anything other than the truth.
  9. I do things mostly like jaist there, forcing my characters into situations where they will be forced to innovate or endure struggles that will 'unlock' or 'progress' abilities. You do not necessarily have to fashion the entire scene or plot yourself. There have been many times where I have used someone else's event or story as a vehicle toward my own personal goals for my character. An example of where I have done that is with my orc character Xavier where I have just purposefully thrust him into events (Tia's destruction, supernal's retrieval mission) to force him into situations that have him actually use his brain instead of brawn some times which is a big part of his progression as a character. Another is injecting Ilyana into this overarching Enrele threat to both expand her reach across Terrenus (via networking with other characters) and also have a reason to begin acquiring assets (through business transactions or meetings). Both of the characters above also help me flesh out a key storyline that I want to give a slow burn to with Obtenebra. For you, I think exploring the spiritual aspect of Arashi's abilities along with seeking out a mentor or at least someone consistent in Arashi's life to guide her or be her foil is best. Tons of collaborators here so someone is bound to be able to help if they are not helping you already.
  10. Obtenebra is sentient ooze so I guess that should count. Agony is also non-humanoid and made out of pure energy so I guess he counts too.
  11. Appreciate the tag. I wont jump in here unless @The Alexandrian needs some post assistance from me to progress things along or carry out an objective in this plot. Ilyana will likely be informed about any break in but I do not see any character of mine getting involved until after the fact on this one when I think about it logically.
  12. Alright, @ticklefarte Baiden is up in Sinking Island. @Zashiii Linda is up in Learning
  13. Ilyana and Aislyn were both used to men ogling their bodies whether under the guise of appraisal or for more lascivious reasons. Both were just as uncomfortable but only half of this duo seemed perturbed by the grandfather that analyzed their every move. Aislyn adjusted herself and toyed with the necklace just above the swell of her breasts that she was glad she modestly covered this time, shifting a bit as she looked at the others in this room to see if they were just as uncomfortable as she was. She would briefly stare at Emile, not because she saw anything of interest but because she would much rather do that then return to the reality of this old man fixating his attention on her. She instinctively inched closer to Ilyana as she did, almost leaning in to the woman in tacit display of a desire for protection. The Redeemer, meanwhile, reciprocated the gaze with just as much scrutiny if not more. The resemblance to the Heiress was there. She took in all of his mannerisms, focused on his eye movements as her serious expression never faltered. The eccentricity of this family was already common knowledge to those in Hell’s Gate so any sort of oddity or abnormality that occurred today didn’t bother her in the slightest. It was the mere fact that it was this old man that had entered and not Caeceila herself that starting to scratch at her temper then. It was being kept in the dark about what was going to occur here that caused animosity to brew within her. She could understand the need for theatrics for the rest of the invitees but she found being subjected to them as well annoying at best. The interruption of the ringing communicators diverted her attention then as she read the message and struggled to prevent herself from rolling her eyes. Aislyn was a much needed boon then as she hooked her arm on to the Redeemer’s and started to guide her through, starting to speak rather calmly and using Ilyana as a shield from the old man while she did so. “The Estate is so thorough with their testing nowadays. All of this noise is starting to bother me though Ilyana so let’s move away for a bit.” Just as they reached the end of the long table within this room, the lights went out. If it weren’t for Aislyn seeing through this simple ruse and guiding her, Ilyana would be livid. Instead, she just found herself irked by the entire process which was onerous at best. The duo noticed Emile had joined them which prompted Aislyn to press herself against the opposite wall behind Ilyana saw only a silhouette of the man but stared fervently in case whoever this man was did not factor in to Caeceila’s plan. Once the lights flickered on, Emile would find Ilyana’s eyes fixated upon him while Aislyn focused on the gouged steel. A few seconds of appraisal were all that were offered before she turned toward Aislyn with the intent to vent her frustration. The interruption by Caeceila’s voice denied her that release. Ilyana’s arms pressed just under her chest and her heeled foot began to tap with impatience until the door finally opened and she saw Caeceila. The realization of where they were failed to register for Ilyana but Aislyn put the pieces together and before Ilyana saw fit to expel her disagreement with the proceedings thus far she weaved in front of the Redeemer and started speaking. “If you need me to assist in any fashion now that you’ve led us here just let me know Caeceila” Aislyn’s hand hooked on to Ilyana’s side before she grabbed two flashlights and handed one to her employer. “I expected more people at this meeting. Are they already here?” “If they are then it would have been nice to have been grouped up with them instead of whatever mess that was up there.” Ilyana was annoyed but now less so after she at least got that comment out. The Redeemer turned to Emile then, having caught his introduction though she wasn’t aware of the joke he tried to fashion. “So all the military deigned to send were this sergeant and whatever that thing is outside of the Estate? Hell’s Gate must be so blessed…” She wasn’t trying to offend Emile, and she knew enough about the Bubble outside to know that if that thing was here then the military was taking this at least somewhat seriously. What little she did know only solidified her belief that while this meeting might provide some aid toward the end goal Caeceila and Ilyana strived for, the other avenues she was already exploring still held more promise. With flashlight in hand, she shines it over Caeceila’s entire form, looking specifically at what she might be wearing just out of curiousity. She did so overtly and didn’t really believe Caeceila would care either way. “So where to?” She used the flashlight to look at their surroundings, standing next to the Lady Glassman as she looked forward for a bit and waited for their host’s response. Aislyn opted then to switch her flashlight for a lantern before silently inching forward as well to let Caeceila guide them forward.
  14. Dolor Aeternum


    Yahoo chat! I came from there too. Welcome aboard and look forward to seeing you find your place. If you need anything feel free or are having trouble finding your 'in' we can help you when you are ready.
  15. oof... I may end up posting by the end of this week but am also ok with waiting if the presence of all involved is needed before we progress.
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