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  1. “Oh you mean those small round entities flying around affecting the magical saturation in Illyria? Most consider them a nuisance to our work but their sentience might prove useful to us?” It was clear that Heron now lost himself in thought with all of the possibilities, his hand stroking his grey beard until Arashi offered her tail which jarred him back into focus. “Not as tough as I expected it to be but it seems harmless nonetheless. Here child….” He lowered the tail a bit in his hand such that the tail was right infront of Ana. The little girl’s eyes widened as she shifted her head to look between Heron and Ana several times. “Go on…” Ana’s hesitation was clear but she closed her eyes and then slowly extended her hand out, the small digits barely grazing the scales until she felt her palm press against the odd texture. Ana had only heard stories of the dragons of old that had resided in Ceyana and their immense power and tough scales. To be able to touch one only made her remember the stories her mom used to tell her about how she should revere these ancient beasts which in term caused her to recollect she’d never hear them again. Tears welled up in the girl’s eyes and she gripped the tail harder in her grief. Luz, meanwhile, had turned her back to the whole ordeal and seemed deep in conversation with someone over the communications device on her wrist. Nothing could be discerned other than the director was engrossed in whatever was being communicated. Heron couldn’t tell Ana was now crying as the little girl’s whimpers never became audible but he could tell she was gripping as hard as her little hands could on the tail and only figured that the girl’s curiousity finally got the better of her and she shed her fear to indulge in it.
  2. @Darth Lager I would conjure up a post before the next round begins to squeeze your character in. @Pasion Pasiva Is that acceptable to have another char show up to Isabella's party? I assume so but need to ask anyway. So far the tension and different character interactions are fun.
  3. I enjoyed the idea of many of the realms but specifically respected Akiris' mechanics. Pity that it had to happen in the last leg. I foresaw it taking months but never really a year plus I still have to have Soryn report all this mess too when it is over which is slightly more of a chore than I thought it would feel like when I took this up...
  4. Looks like we got some mid-level documents boyz.... Delphinia's Spoils
  5. Roll to see what Delphinia might get out of her first job at BB
  6. Dolor Aeternum

    The See-All

    Agony moved in silence as Lunara began to share details of her own origins before they had met. Had these words been shared earlier on, the ancient being would be oblivious to the heft of meaning behind them. The Triumvirate had brought many together that held common interests but these kindred souls knew little of one another other than they all wished for a haven where they could pursue their ambitions together. Agony understood the handicap of this fact now more than ever as it had nearly cost them when Madness had been unleashed and the beasts that yearned for the Black Queen had come upon them. Still, how he should react to these revelations was still foreign to him; a being who had been forced into isolation and had only relied on himself for centuries. He had to try this time. The silence lingered as the attention given to what should be a simple response mounted. His rumbling baritone eventually found its way through an unseen orifice, his crimson eyes staring forward as he considered every syllable he uttered. “Returning home was an aspiration I held once before but it became clear it was no longer necessary to attempt to restore when I could create as I see fit. I will fabricate a home for myself as I surpass the power that I once had.” Obtenebra, in synchronization with Agony’s zeal, rippled all along the slimmer frame that had been created before as its host continued to speak. “If you wish to return home and free this Iria, however, I will be an instrument for you to see your ambition manifested however you see fit.” Agony could not speak for any of the other loose members of the Triumvirate but Lunara would be able to sense the truth behind her companion’s words. The amorphous partner shifted and began to walk to return back to Lirrey once again, sensing a finality to their purpose here just after he had finished speaking now. “We should return to the others and assess the next steps toward what we desire.”
  7. The stark contrast in Isabella’s demeanor did not stir any suspicion within Ilyana at all. Whether the woman was under a spell of her own machination or under the influence of another was entirely a predicament of this woman’s own making. Unlike their voyage from Biazo Isle to Predator’s Keep, Ilyana was not here to coddle her. The maternal inclination had now shifted to the point where she was a mere observer watching this grown child attempt to relish in her new found freedom and endure pleasures or hardships alike. Sheltering the blossoming Marquez would only stifle the woman’s aspirations which admittedly intrigued her a bit only for the profit she may extract from it in the future. Ever the enigma, Ilyana took Isabella’s bubbly banter in stride, smiling where applicable and inching closer as Isabella’s hands beckoned her forward. “World domination,” The tantalizing words that slid into her ears then caused abysmal black pools to widen in surprise though only for the humor she found. She had little reason to take Isabella seriously both in dialogue and in intent as she was blissfully unaware of much of what the aspiring politician wished to do. As long as it didn’t affect her business or her city, then the antics of the Marquez and her suitors were almost entirely Fracture’s problems. So as Gabriela eased concerns and then ultimately answered her question, Ilyana smirked and then nodded. “All grand plans do beautiful. I am sure many suitors with deep pockets like this handsome man there would love to invest in your growth.” Ilyana stepped back a bit and then scanned the area once again, finally noticing Caeceila and Cammy in the distance. The Heiress continued to be non-conformant to societal norms which was somewhat endearing at times and blatantly noticeable. The sight of Cammy distracted Ilyana enough to produce a genuine smile though that small crack in the careful façade was short lived once Isabella spoke again. “..it’s gotten so crowded in here. I need another drink…Shall I fetch us some?” “You are free to do as you please. This is your party after all.” Xartia’s decision to leave the two beauties for the exotic Akako in the distance provided a decent avenue for Ilyana to gauge the tension in the environment. Caeceila’s gaze toward Akako, Xartia’s shift in attentions, the lingering presence of the Outsider at the bar, and Isabella’s bubbly approach to this party was certainly bound to make this all memorable. “While you do that I will go and talk to a…friend.” Ilyana didn’t actually wait for Isabella’s reaction then, instead opting to begin her small trek over to where Caeceila and Cammy were. An occasional glance was given back to where Akako and Xartia were conversing with a mild look of interest as she closed the distance and without hesitation or any acknowledgment began to speak. “While I have no real investment yet in whatever you plan with the Legion of Doom’s benefactor, should things turn violent a warning will be nice.” Ilyana smiled then, her casual stance unwavering in front of the imposing presence of the Heiress. A few onlookers looked worried for the petite woman as if she were poking a beast who’d readily strike her if it came to it. There was no hubris and no ignoring the severity of what was occurring yet there seemed to be a tacit understanding of who Caeceila was and an established protocol of how to interact with someone so volatile. Ilyana shifted toward Cammy then, turning her body so she could look in the same direction the duo had chosen to fixate on. “This party will likely be filthier than the boars that sought to kill us not that long ago. My apologies in advance Cammy in case the ambition of Isabella fouls anything up for us.” Ilyana didn’t pretend to know what might sadden Camelia concerning this whole ordeal but she had seen the concern from before that had only likely been exacerbated by whatever Caeceila had said to her. Raising the volume of her voice she aimed to address Caeceila one more time. “So if you plan on just standing here, blatantly challenging the woman over there with your gaze for the entirety of this party then have fun. In the unlikely event that any of you are in need of my assistance for anything, however, don’t hesitate to ask. I am sure the hostess will draw many in favor of fueling her ambition so I am hoping that will benefit us in the end.” Ilyana shrugged lightly before giving Caeceila and Cammy another glance while giving them an opportunity to fully respond or finish their responses. If nothing tethers her to this spot near Cammy then she’d return to her ‘friend’ Isabella to see where all of this might go. @Pasion Pasiva @Twitterpated @The Alexandrian
  8. Ana recognized Arashi undoubtedly as her savior that fateful day but the trauma did not allow her to process the notion that Arashi was good and that her intentions were pure. The little girl only clung now to Heron because he had time and time again displayed empathy and gave her a sense of security she needed. A single eye peered out toward Arashi while small arms hugged Heron’s leg but the stare at the tail never faltered. A child’s curiosity had been triggered. “Beefly? I have never heard of such a thing. What do they look like?” Heron looked genuinely intrigued as the prospect of learning more about this world was always on his mind even if Director Yllende would prefer they remain isolated. With Arashi’s plea toward Ana underway, Heron noticed Ana still held tight to him and sighed outwardly before kneeling down which forced Ana to shift. “Here, let me touch it first and make sure it is safe. That ok with you Ana?” Ana mulled over the option before slowly nodding and shifting her head toward Arashi to see how she would react. Heron meanwhile smiled and slowly stretched out an open palm, waiting to feel the draconic tail along it should the ‘dangerous’ girl comply.
  9. “Who are you trying to impress Alara?” “What? No one…mind your business Silvio.” “Now now young ones. Be on your best behavior lest Director Yllende catch you all procrastinating while we should be setting this up.” “Why are we even entertaining these foreigners anyway Director Anasio?” The Illyrian elder stroked his bearded chin, digits sliding through grey hair as he furrowed his brows before responding. “Finding our place in this vast world is what our Light desires and we must help him achieve that.” Alara, a young Illyrian female garbed in Illyrian magiweave that shifted color from time to time and hugged her athletic frame was carefully aligning a group of crystals along a metallic table. Her shoulder length hair was held up by a pair of crystal pins that also shifted color in tandem with her attire. She adjusted her glasses occasionally as she meticulously placed everything before standing up to ‘help’ Silvio. Silvio was a muscular man who decidedly wore a tight fitting magiweave shirt that he had adjusted to make sure it accentuated his frame. The adaptive material hugged him but clearly did not seem restrictive as he carried one of the larger devices setup for display which was a containment unit for volatile items. With a large metallic clunk, Silvio set it down opposite Alara’s display and then stretched a bit before noticing Alara staring at him. “What?” “Those racks won’t move themselves.” “If only…” Alara rolled her eyes before moving to adjust the Illyrian runic labels that were at the forefront of the display table. Heron meanwhile left the young ones to handle all the heavy lifting while drifting off to look at the other setups. A wearable technological device rested along his wrist that suddenly began to glisten before the image of Luz projected itself above a small panel. “Yes Director?” “I want a detailed technical assessment of all of the items displayed today by these foreigners no matter how barbaric or pedestrian it might seem. Our Light needs to know who the true players within this realm are…” The audio was non-existent to the observer as it was being delivered psionically at this time, the visuals only there for the user’s benefit in case any visual cues were necessary. With the Director, however, her rigid stance never really gave way for any insinuation or nuance. “Understood. I have enhanced the detail in my notes by a considerable margin ever since I began living in Amalia so you will not be disappointed.” Heron smiled before gliding effortlessly through the throngs of people to see what Valucre had to offer.
  10. @Malintzin I dont remember which event was for which thing. Right now it seems like one of them is just for business stands, one is just a gala, but not sure about the others. I was tagged at one point in one but do not see the tag in that thread anymore lol.
  11. @ticklefarte not sure how your RP commitment is like but maybe having The Soldier here accompanying Luz wouldnt be too bad for the guy especially since VCF is here too. Not a requirement or anything but just tossing the idea out for ya.
  12. Ana peered from behind Heron at Arashi, listening to the draconic teenager apologize. She barely recognized the voice given how muffled it had sounded amidst the chaotic trauma she faced that day but was able to register that this was the armored lady that had saved her from that horrific monster that killed her parents. When Arashi moved to sit beside Ana, Heron shifted a bit to see if the girl would allow it but only found that Ana clung to his robes. The situation was made worse when the scale was presented and the girl buried her face into Heron’s stark white robe. The Illyrian elder looked at Luz briefly whose stern gaze had never faltered and watched as her head slowly moved in a nod to authorize him to do as he pleased. Heron moved forward with a smile toward Arashi, genuinely curious about the scale and motioned for Arashi to hand it to him while he spoke. “Ana here is still a bit skittish after all she has been through. I wouldn’t wish it upon any youth…not even you. Here…let me take a look at it alright Ana. She means no harm.” Heron kneeled down and brought Ana forward a bit so that the girl was facing Arashi which helped the little girl’s confidence just slightly to the point where her fearful gaze stayed focused on Arashi’s tail. With Heron’s arms on either side of her, her muscles tensed as fear was still present. Luz, meanwhile stared hard at Arashi with a scrutiny that suggested she was actually curious how this situation would be handled.
  13. “Isabella Morcia Marquez. Figures she’d pick a name that just rolls off the tongue.” Ilyana had been watching from deep beneath the club, having asked Cammy and Io for some specialized access which she coupled with a behind the scenes tour of the Club that highlighted some of their shipping and culinary processes. This controlled venue was more than sufficient to provide a measured amount of protection to this impulsive woman who has shed away a previous life in favor of…whatever this was. The Redeemer had watched as the Outsider had decided to enter, Shanna had fancied a try at this club, and how Igni tangled herself in conversation with a devil. Ilyana knew enough about the Outsider and his relationship with the Black Queen to consider his presence here a liability to the constructed identity of the rising Marquez but it was no longer her job to coddle the woman if she planned on making herself such an open target to the masses. Isabella was no longer her charge after her task had been completed. After the throngs of people had already surrendered themselves to the gyrations and libations this establishment seemed to inspire, Ilyana would emerge from some unknown pathway through a veil of shadows. An exposed thigh would be the precursor to her casual arrival to this party, covered frantically by an undulant fabric that moved asynchronously from her movements. Textures mimicking lace and silk adorned her form, allowing a view of supple flesh along her chest, arms, and legs that was generous to the observer. A lustrous necklace hung low and a superfluous amount of jewelry hung around her exposed thigh, shining occasionally with the moving lights around them. Her hair was loose this time around, resting comfortably atop exposed shoulders. The ‘dress’ she wore looked simple in design but close scrutiny would allow the close attention to detail that its creator intended for it. Ilyana walked with purpose, swirling black eyes fixated upon Isabella. Though many attempted to stop her approach as she was starting to become recognizable in this city given her recent affiliation with Lady Glasmann, she brushed attempts to initiate dialogue with promises of future conversation along the way, making sure to tease potential but never committing. As Isabella was in the midst of conversation with Xartia, they would likely both notice her approach for some time. “Already quite the spectacle. I’m hopeful Cammy and Io appreciate the business you are likely to bring their way.” Ilyana turned to look at Xartia and smirked a bit. “What a pleasure it is to see you again.” Ilyana shifted her gaze to scan around her, stopping briefly on the Outsider but not enough to give away anything. “So with the trio reunited, what does the gracious Isabella Marquez have in store for us today?” Isabella stayed standing for now, eyes sliding all over both of them in quick movements that would not allow them to see what she was truly focusing on as she waited for the hostess to respond.
  14. I am ok with Delphinia not being able to extract too much given she is a newer member of Toxicant but I will defer to Supes as to what the bottom level should be since I do not know the full trajectory of his plans for the material or other plots. I just volunteered to be a cog in the grand plan.
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