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  1. The hub thread is perfect for those who wish to contribute to the Daily Weekly piece for Yh'mi 👀
  2. Dolor Aeternum

    A Poll for Competitive RPers: Advantages or No Advantages?

    I think you cannot ignore advantages from a narrative perspective as well as a combat perspective. It is hard to quantify what sort of advantage without either collaboration or clear elaboration on how one would get an advantage. This, imo, opens up a can of worms though if it ends up turning confrontational. Again, I prefer collaboration in RP and usually plan any IC combat interactions though impromptu interactions are welcome if they add to the story on either side. Still you cant ignore that a person that can manipulate water would have an advantage near bodies of water or when it's raining. There is much more to say but I am short on time now so meh....
  3. Dolor Aeternum

    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    I plan on adding some items to my post and finalizing it early Friday...fyi.
  4. Dolor Aeternum

    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Apologies for tardiness. This one slipped through the cracks. Aiming for a post by Friday. Just returning from a work trip
  5. Dolor Aeternum

    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    Btw I was holding off on posting until whatever update came but let me know if I am holding things up somehow.
  6. Dolor Aeternum

    House Glasmann, friend or foe?

    House Glasmann, friend or foe? by Soryn Savedo In the midst of the chaos presented by the attacks on Tormo and Last Chance, an eccentric woman from an enigmatic house has placed herself into the public space with unknown motivations and a volatility she is quickly becoming infamous for. Rumors abound concerning the Hell’s Gate noble house and this article intends to provide you a clear foundation as to why. First, who is this Caeceila Glasmann and why has she chosen this troubling time in Terran history to protrude from obscurity into the political limelight? Not much is truly known about the recluse Glasmann family and even less is known about its members. This noble family is known primarily for its interests in cryogenics and an aire of secrecy within the public eye that has produced notions concerning their motives that have been mostly nefarious. The status that nobility has given them has quelled much of the actions such notions would promote as many have chosen to simply ignore the little they know about them and appreciate what they can see at face value. That is, until Caeceila decided to become a much more public figure. Caeceila quickly garnered a reputation for being abrasive, confrontational, and dangerously unpredictable within the social arenas as well as in the physical one. Sources have let us know she was present during the attack on Tormo and confronted the organization that had called themselves the Legion of Doom on her own. She returned with several enemy captives that we have been told were useful in combating the threat that organization posed. Initially this morphed people’s perception of her as many considered her a woman of staunch beliefs and formidable capabilities. Then, came the Battle for Last Chance where Lady Glasmann arrived near the end of the battle and seemed reckless in providing tactical aid according to eyewitness accounts. Is this a story about a sheltered noble simply riding unorthodox thrill after thrill until she fizzles back into obscurity? It is highly unlikely after the networking event and the recently announced plans to construct one of the most advanced airships Hell’s Gate has seen to date. Despite how unapproachable many have deemed her, Caeceila seems to have chosen to promote House Glasmann as a house intent on ensuring the well-being of Hell’s Gate and all of Terran society. While this may be a hard pill to swallow for many right now, the recent event hosted by the Lady saw some notable attendees both domestic and foreign to Terrenus. The entire event had been promoted as a means to come together and collaborate toward a better future for all. While not much is known concerning the success of the event itself or what benefits were garnered by the House or those who attended, the intent posed by Lady Glasmann was enough to endear her to many. In this current world full of negativity and horror, even the brief mentions of a positive cause that some people can actually get behind is noticeably attractive. The newest project that Caeceila Glasmann has decided to begin has offered purpose to many who have lost their jobs due to the controversial automation craze within Hell’s Gate as well as the exciting prospect of witnessing yet another technological marvel surface from the innovative minds within these city walls. Some fear that the burgeoning private army that Lady Glasmann has been amassing despite her reported ties to the Terran military is just an abuse of her status and an unnecessary flaunting of privilege. The fact that the unseen Lord and Lady have backed Caeceila’s project has tempered some of the unrest such a bold move might cause but there are many who protest what House Glasmann intends to do with the massive ship. What is to stop her from using her growing might to influence the political landscape of Hell’s Gate? Is such an influence something abominable or well within her right? Debates have begun without any clear resolution but there are several things that are clear here. Lady Glasmann has done more good than harm as of late with job growth as well as the further elevation of Hell’s Gate across Terrenus and perhaps outside of it. Whether the recent actions of House Glasmann prove to be truly beneficial to our future or just a selfish power grab is yet to be seen but you can rest assure the Daily Weekly will always keep you apprised of every detail we can report. (Edits and decoration incoming) @The Alexandrian
  7. Dolor Aeternum

    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    I think it would be assumed that Azy there would let the group know what's up but hey at least Ilyana is safe. 🙃
  8. Dolor Aeternum

    Feedback - RP Etiquette: Magic

    Links are always good. I think maybe emphasizing the collaborative portion of what the magic will accomplish somehow might be good to. I guess an overarching and consistent theme of collaborative storytelling throughout most of the articles would be great. I am bias and maybe narrowly focused on that right now though.
  9. Dolor Aeternum

    Destruction des morts

    Oh that smile. He could bask in it for days, perhaps weeks. Then came the compliment which for an orc meant far more than she might have realized. Sure, he benefited from the fact that Blob Boss’ gift allowed his synapses to fire that much quicker but he was already an anomaly to his tribe long before he had ever decided to venture out in to this wide world full of opportunity. He was so engrossed in the beauty of Belladonna now even as he shifted away from their position that the blinding light only served to anger him as he lost sight of her and was forced to close his eyes. He grunted and looked unprepared for the ensuing attack but Obtenebra soon proved itself useful once again. Having already suffered enough pain due to the previous attack, Obtenebra soon realized the shortcomings of its current attachment to this host and had prepared itself for a following attack for pain always seemed to come in waves throughout its centuries of existence. The primordial ooze had begun slithering further down Xavier’s frame, having learned from its experience during the ship acquisition and from what had just occurred. It could no longer rely on the orc’s sturdy physique and now had to remedy that weak point. The Peacekeeper’s blinding speed was enough to beat this makeshift armor’s sudden change but the decision to shoot the bolt cleanly at Xavier’s chest proved very fortunate for the formidable orc. The lightning soon collided with Obtenebra’s black surface and thus would never make it on to the orc’s flesh as the racing electricity slid all over its increasing surface area and then just dissipated. Xavier’s eyes recovered now to see Belladonna release a potent acid cloud in front of them that managed to glaze off of his arm slightly. The sizzling sound it made along Obtenebra caused the ancient symbiote to warp its shape but then it quickly returned to latch on to the muscular arm that she had just decided to wrap around. The orc shifted his own arm just slightly so that his massive hand would press on to her side and pull her closer to him even as they attempted to make their escape. The orc’s supernatural speed would come into play here, using his strength to keep Belladonna so pressed against him that he would inevitably elevate her should she not choose to resist. “Just tell me where to go.” Xavier’s face was full of purpose now, his hardened face evident with how his cheek muscles tensed and his eyes narrowed. All that mattered right now was getting Belladonna to safety….then he could worry about what he really came here to do. @Thotification @vielle @Ataraxy @Flame Hero: Endeavor
  10. Dolor Aeternum

    Project Destroy Tia

    Aye aye captain.
  11. Dolor Aeternum

    Claiming the Furthest Point

    Soryn’s feverish rally call fell short and in the ensuing chaos he was bitten by a chitten. The terror inducing neurotoxins rushed through his system quickly thanks to the adrenaline and his own high blood pressure. The reporter’s eyes became a bit glassy just then as he felt himself transported to a sliver of his past that he thought he had long forgotten. The wounded companions around him coupled with the staccato of shots and chitten sounds caused his muscles to tense as he began talking, completely forgetting that everything would be recorded. “No…not again…so much pain….” Soryn’s eyes became watery as he stood there, seemingly frozen from the recent attack and obviously worse off than how he had been moments ago. He watched another wagon fall to the coordinate assault as the other Twistling managed to avoid certain death yet again, the stroke of luck combined with the machinations of some other highly intelligent being winning this bout despite what had been a formidable group of warriors and adventurers. The realization that even with this preparation and even with experienced travelers of Yh’mi they had all managed to fail made Soryn’s terror spike even more. “I fear Terrenus is likely doomed unless this hell we know as Yh’mi is no more. Where are you now Odin? Where are you now Peacekeepers? All of these stories you have heard about Yh’mi are just slivers of an uncomfortable truth you will all be forced to confront if you continue your complacency fellow Terrans.” Fear amplified Soryn’s emphasis through these words and caused the former mercenary to seethe with anger that betrayed his previously calm and affable demeanor. “Just look at the horror, pain, and utter grotesqueries that surround me now. This is our permanent future unless we give this threat the focus it deserves!” Terror caused him to swipe at a nearby chitten and cleave it clearly in half but he did little more after that. The reporter seemed resigned, ready to eat this loss and drained of the optimism he had held when he arrived here. There was no quick remedy to the stain that was Yh’mi on Terrenus. This issue could not be swept under a rug. Whether he died during this endeavor or managed to survive, he’d make sure the truth would make it into the ears of every true Terran who wished to see their future generations thrive.
  12. Dolor Aeternum

    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    For Jotnotes:
  13. Dolor Aeternum

    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    Naturally after wishing she was back home shuffling in her own sheets she goes to investigate what is behind the painting cautiously.
  14. Dolor Aeternum

    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    Ilyana will move to investigate the bath area and the shiny object...oh what will she find?