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  1. Salvation Through Steel

    The awkwardness of this trek was commonplace for Agony who was not accustomed to the trivial pleasantries one might conjure up to fill the silence with some semblance of dialogue. The ancient being preferred this silence, not completely oblivious to his companion’s troubles or mannerisms but in the end caring little about how the centaur woman chose to travel. The roiling mass of ooze that was Obtenebra remained unhindered by the occasionally rough terrain that led them toward Telerian, conforming to the changing textures naturally as he followed his fellow triumvir without uttering one syllable until she became adamant about sharing rations he cared little for. Finding little need for the sustenance most humanoids required, he would respond the first time attempting to refuse what she offered. Should she insist on sharing anyway, he would consume the rations simply to avoid having to discuss the matter any further. The barren state of the land they now walked upon felt oddly comforting to Agony until it was clear it was a result of Telerian greed and ambition. Their avarice stunted any possible opportunity for plant and animal populations to flourish. This decision did not bother him in the slightest but he could feel the waste that it had become. Even when faced with the beautiful architecture and uniqueness of the structures around him, the fact he now traveled so freely through its ruins made him remember the wasted potential he attributed to most humanoids. To allow all of these technological marvels to fall under the might of such primitive forces simply displayed that these whelps never had the wherewithal to sustain themselves. Such was the taint of many humanoids, living their lives pitifully scraping to maintain normalcy or simply survive. Even those who considered themselves ambitious only sought to gain wealth or power in areas of little importance. Agony’s many eyes soaked in the physical manifestation of their incompetence, watching as drakes and wyverns alike confidently roamed the Uhltorian bridge and the Airship Factory in the distance. Agony watched the undead battle against the dragons, their attempt to mindlessly chip away at the dominance of their draconic neighbors reminding him of the Ham’s Repose briefly. His attentions quickly diverted, however, as he began to sense an invisible energy seeping through his liquid-like exterior. Obtenebra begins to undulate as it has now encountered something it knows little about and defensively attempts to extrapolate whatever it can. Agony, in his own suspicion, begins to survey their surroundings with much more scrutiny while Ker elects to deliver some exposition. Many details regarding Whispernight had been researched by Agony even before Ker had decided to trek over to the west without him. Genesaris had always been known for intense magical phenomenon, from the magestorms prevalent in the Cold Mountains to the much lesser known force rumored to control much of Orisia. These wild and untamed powers enticed him and challenged him, Obtenebra’s hunger to consume or tap into what could be bottomless wells of potential urging his own ambition forward. It was this mentality that kept him unshaken as he saw the quiver in Ker’s stance and her subsequent lack of confidence. Agony provided a curt response. “Cowering in the shadow of such vast power will not allow us to achieve our goals. I will pierce through whatever oppresses us and see it whimper beneath my power.” As Ker began to push herself forward, Agony’s pace began to hasten as he now travelled with the triumvir side by side. No narrow or jagged path would prevent him from maintaining his pace, his body shifting to aid him whenever possible. He took his time to reconnoiter dynamically, sensing imminent danger as he felt Telerian radiation become much more potent as their proximity to the heart of the city grew. Eyes occasionally witnessed tattered Telerian flags, void of their magical aura with the bronze gear never fully intact along the silvery fabric. This likely source of pride had now also remained unable to withstand the onslaught of Whispernight’s horde. The sound of the Ashfall river in the distance was muffled by the shrieks of the undead and the roars of the soaring dragons above. Shattered glass littered the streets they now walked upon with the dark metal of the surrounding buildings contorted due to the intense heat of dragon fire. The Telerian city was clearly now a husk meant to be sucked dry in Agony’s eyes. Another hour had passed with little to no conversation before a litany of airy words began to invade Agony’s senses. The crescendo of sounds caused him to stop as he listened intently, the many eyes that decorated his form all closing as Agony winced in pain from the superfluous exclamations that ravaged his mind. “Behold the new source of Telerian pride!” “The culmination of our beloved regent’s dedication to the prominence of our city!” “May Godfury be the example of the Zephyr Army’s superiority over those who wish to challenge us!” “The legacy of Jordan Uhltor will never perish!” “Telerian above all! Telerian above all!” The pressure of the energy they felt before increased and Obtenebra shook violently as it sensed something approaching. Agony’s eyes remained closed as he continued to hear echoes of Telerian past ravage his mind, the resulting pain exquisite but also relatively distracting. This was just a portent of the dangers to come but the promise that trailed behind its cruel trajectory would be claimed! There existed no obstacle that would prevent him from exacting the purpose for which he came. The very same purpose that motivated him to endure Ker's company.
  2. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    - Still working on kidnapping the Orisian queen. - Still working on acquiring Godfury - Still working on Kaiju - Still wondering what other messes we can make or get involved in :)
  3. Royalty Never Walks Alone

    There would have been a time where Lunara’s antics would have provoked him to meet her challenge with vicious reciprocation. The idea that he had to endure the burden of someone else’s beliefs or mannerisms would have produced repulsion to the degree that the faerie would have been swiftly and efficiently removed. Yet here he stood, watching this diminutive creature take command in a begrudgingly collaborative spirit and openly demand things from beings who held the capacity to eradicate or consumer her fully. Lunara’s bold response to her superiors caused the knight to regard her in a new light. One that accentuated qualities that elevated her above any acquisition that had fallen into the Mutater’s lap that fateful night in Patia. Lustrous black rippled slightly as he weathered the barrage of words thrust at him by the only one who has remained by his side for more than a single day. “T-that’s it?! That’s all you can do?” “Patia?! Why don’t you try walking there from here!” “I can get her out of the castle, and land her in a lake, but you all,” “will be responsible for thinking how we’re going to get her out of Orisia. Maybe if you have other friends who can help.” “You’ll never get any girl like that!” The loquacity of the faerie likely knew no bounds and she could have continued if she did not realize the haste in which this mission had to be completed. The eye that was embedded within his large palm looked at Rodan while the tirade continued briefly, gauging what the man thought about his charge and wondering if the man knew the hardship he must have endured to keep their already shaky alliance tenable. Agony did not bother responding to Lunara, opting instead to brace himself for the ascent of Gabriela who now held a size that exceeded his own. The petite Black Queen had transformed into the monstrous swan capable of a freedom long forgotten. Gusts of wind produced by the impressive wingspan would be enough to propel those within the vicinity should they be ill prepared for it yet he stood there, fixed upon Orisian grounds until the object of his current obsession safely exited. It was upon this exit that Agony decided to attempt to take control of this endeavor yet again. Discordant baritone addressed everyone nearby as he pivoted to begin exiting the courtyard. “Come quickly and stay close if you want to exit this castle and avoid apprehension.” It was clear that he did not care to hear any objection nor was he concerned whether or not they actually followed him. Any words that followed from Immie, Arashi, or even Rodan would be met with silence as he initiated a confident gait which led him boldly through hallways with little to no resistance due to his appearance. Should the rest of them maintain their proximity, the assumption would remain he was simply escorting them out after the debacle of a ceremony that had already spurred several spats of gossip. It wasn’t until they reached the huge entrance that had originally beckoned all of the invitees into the unforgiving events this night that there existed a barrier that had to be breached. Several guards had been placed on high alert, either influenced by the secondhand accounts of what Malice had done and stated during the event or by their superiors to ensure things would not escalate any more than they already had. As Agony approached, a guard noticed the pendant embedded near what would have been a collarbone. That same pendant which had meant something so long ago but did not exude the same power it had before. “I have never seen one of the Queen’s Captain Generals in the flesh. What can we help you with here?” The man’s tone was not one of reverence. Suspicion had already settled in as word of knights masquerading as other things and attempts on the queen’s life had travelled fast already. These facts coupled with the obscurity that had drowned the notoriety of those who had loved Gabriela truly caused several guards to create a barrier before Agony and any who accompanied him. Crimson eyes stared down at the group of soldiers, his imposing frame causing pause but not weakening the guard’s resolve. “I have been tasked by the Queen herself to escort them to their lodgings. Do you aim to deter the Black Queen’s wishes? Are you not privy to what happens to those who defy the Queen?” The quick reference to what had become of Desmond caused hints of trepidation, as the guards looked at one another briefly. Most of them seemed willing to acquiesce except for one bold one. “We are here in the interest of serving our returning Queen. The security of all who tread on Orisian soil is paramount and we will not see any more tragedy befall her or those who serve her tonight.” The man had stepped forward, clad in black armor with a steely stance that spoke of his commitment to the land he grew up in. “Your commitment is admirable but should you delay me any further, the safety of those who she has invited to celebrate with her will have been delayed by your acute vision.” Something willed the guard’s stance to linger for a few seconds more before he pivoted and began speaking yet again. “Let them through.” A minor gesticulation caused the guards to disperse. Agony walked forward with heavy steps, the metallic clink of his makeshift armor echoing slightly until they crossed the threshold of the castle doors and on to the paths that led further into Versilla. Nines had given them specific instructions regarding a possible meeting area should it be required planted close to water should they need to travel swiftly off Orisian lands for any reason. Heading in that direction, his pace would suggest they needed to move swiftly but the further they were from castle grounds, the further his desire to maintain this façade of escort would become. The only concern he now held was that Lunara would continue her streak of reliability.
  4. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    @Earl of Purple Still brainstorming? Still interested? Let us know if you want to discuss any ideas or anything.
  5. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    Wow I actually was wrong. We have a total of 5 canonized threads. Looking forward to getting that number to increase soon. Anyone wishing to indulge in some great RP while impacting Valucre in some way start thinking up ideas or looking around for quests that interest you. We're making ripples now but we can make waves in the future
  6. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    So far three canonized threads in the Abbadon Triumvirate's name. Keep up the good work everyone. If you feel like you need help brainstorming any other ideas to further the organization's cause then just let us know. Plenty of opportunities in Terrenus and Genesaris we can take advantage of.
  7. Salvation Through Steel

    Agony was not meant for the quotidian situation. The accommodation to the pedestrian repetition of the daily and the cyclical monotony were things Agony cared little for. To cater to such things implied that he held the capacity to conform. Conformity then suggested a regard for limitation so any expectation that he would engage in such things would be folly. He had not joined this organization to be further limited by some desire to cater to ego or placate aggressors yet he was not some mindless conglomeration of violence and brutality that aimed to brandish his power like some uncompromising zealot. Lives could be spared just as easily as they could be snuffed in his presence regardless of their agencies. This aversion to pure savagery and this honed restraint was key to securing this tenuous foundation he had only recently begun to shoulder along with the rest of the triumvirs. Should Ker aim to mold Agony with even a fraction of her image she would soon suffer the resistance to providing shape to the shapeless. Whatever ephemeral success she may gain would eventually evince wasted effort for such consistency made him predictable which then made him weaker. The power that came with being so volatile and breaching the normality that people encircled themselves with would never be relinquished. It would behoove any member of the Abbadon Triumvirate to cling to whatever power they have amassed for they would rue the day they allowed it to slip through their clutches for anything…not even death itself. This immovable resolve would not be tainted by anyone no matter how attractive their words or actions might be. Ker’s decision to blatantly ignore his suggestion and reciprocate caused Agony’s sight to soon fall upon the barkeep. Even before Ker had finished with her inquiry in his direction, a tendril snapped out of the primordial mass of liquid, hardening slightly before it whipped around the man’s neck, coiling around its structure before squeezing with generous force. The man’s body would rise from the ground and that same tendril would retract, bringing one of the main instigators directly before Ker. In a controlled display of viciousness, several other tendrils would form. Some mimicked the thinness of a blade while others expanded and thickened into instruments aimed to bludgeon. Each individual tendril sought purchase within or against the bodies of those that surrounded him who attempted to take cover behind tables or maximize their distance from the triumvirs. The majority of them managed to succeed, piercing through eyes and hearts while others crushed bone. The fear produced coupled with the agony he now inflicted caused the volume of an already raucous establishment to soar to new heights but even then his voice pierced through it all to acknowledge Ker. “Will this be enough to qualify for this exemption?” Agony dangled the barkeep before Ker, purposefully demonstrating his control over the man’s body while also clearly starting to limit the warrior’s options as he began systematically piercing or battering the rest. He could care less about her acceptance of the man though Agony’s calculating mind assumed that branding the man who likely still would remain limited to this place was the optimal choice should a statement need to be made. He could just as easily crush this man’s neck and leave Ker without options should she waste any more time with this rabble. He instead opted to humor the woman, somewhat excited at the prospect of witnessing the pain that she would decidedly inflict upon the man but ultimately wishing to be rid of the Ham’s Repose altogether. Several brave patrons attacked him with either improvised weaponry or whatever prized weapons they clung to but would find them all stuck or consumed in the viscous material that was his body. Others tugged at the coiled tendril that held their barkeep in attempts to save him to no avail. Agony seemed poised to retaliate but instead kept all of his eyes fixated upon what Ker would do next.
  8. Royalty Never Walks Alone

    Solitude. It had once been a comforting haven that had nurtured misanthropy and cultivated a sense of superiority to these humanoids. These beings, who would rather tether themselves to others to support their own weakness, were like maggots who fed on the decrepit and festered in the heart of something which should hold more life than it should. It was during these brief moments where he simply stood there, listening to Lunara express herself, where he silently reminisced to times before the Triumvirate was formed. Trust, friendship, and a sense of belonging were foreign concepts that he had never had an opportunity to indulge in or even consider. As Lunara attempted to convince the collateral that he was no enemy, the mockery of an Orisian knight shifted to regard both Arashi and Immie with a severe stare and stance that he failed to repress. Gabriela succumbing to Lunara’s tricky antics and Immie’s decision to aid her forced him to acquiesce yet again to the presence of those who did not belong to the Triumvirate. Since the meeting in Patia that had sparked an official beginning to the organization’s plans, he had found himself frequently limiting his own desires and taking the safety of those he initially considered pawns into account. "Why did you throw that fairy dust into the queen's face? Did you know it would make her pass out?" The discomfort present within him already due to his own thoughts caused Immie’s words to annoy him as she questioned Lunara’s motives, finding an odd sense of offense to someone challenging the small fairy. His voice became acidic in tone and one could tell he was struggling to keep it from escalating even further. “She knew I would be here to assist the queen had you failed to do so. Saving her from what aims to oppress her is my duty.” Arashi’s decision to help them came soon after but the presence of yet another variable not vetted by anyone present here caused him to be wary about how much help she could actually be. The presence of the Mutator beside him now distracted him for now as he watched him lose himself in his work. As diligent hands worked to mold the Black Queen and make her unrecognizable to those outside of this garden, Agony began to walk away from the area, scanning for any other guards or personnel who were dealing with their quotidian tasks. Feeling purposes align, he would occasionally look at Rodan and his progress, filling himself with a sensation that had never pierced his black oozy mass before. This brief harmony he felt as he contemplated Lunara’s sacrifice and Rodan’s masterwork scraped at his usually irascible mood. Rodan’s exclamation to signal his completion and admiration of his own work caused him to gravitate back slowly as he approached with purpose yet again. The sight of the humongous swan whose wing span dwarfed his own massive height was indeed a marvel to behold but perhaps an even more formidable nuisance to contend with than what was before. When the Mutator then spoke to Lunara again, Agony looked at the faerie as he responded with his recommended plan of action. “She will be guided by the fairy while we ensure we leave Orisian shores. Lead her away from here and toward Patia.” Leading them away from Genesaris and toward Terrenus seemed like the optimal choice. His massive head tilted upward to look at the sky above. If there was anything that would restrict the Black Swan of Orisia’s ascent and escape, he would be sure to remove it, including the two women reluctantly thrust into this endeavor.
  9. Salvation Through Steel

    Fools, the lot of them. Their inane antics did not surprise him in the slightest for their hubris remained a testament to the ignorance of the entities that graced this pitiful establishment. Agony had not bothered to inform Ker that he would be joining her in the endeavor. How could he when the centaur had decided to shoulder the burden of acquiring whatever treasures these lands held with crushing hoof and maiming steel alone? The Triumvirate was an organization in its infancy, only just beginning to suckle upon the nourishment that this realm laid bare for them. Ker, perhaps due to a heightened sense of superiority or insanity, had traversed her way here on her own without him or Rodan. Though doubt would never taint his view of the centauress, a trepidation surged through him concerning how she had unknowingly deprived him of the wondrous pain he could experience here and the power he could gain as a result. This selfish notion was all that brought him here just in time to witness the derisive onslaught of comments thrown in the warrior’s direction. He witnessed the chorus of insults that attempted to pepper her and the statuesque indifference she effortlessly displayed until she provided but a small glimpse of the skill and power he had witnessed too long ago. This was when Agony emerged from his shadowy vantage point. The large black mass that constituted his form was decorated with several eyes, the superfluous quantity purposefully created to intimidate. The barkeep fell into the natural submission that came with the realization he was severely outmatched, the fear present in his eyes exquisite though Ker’s decision to leave the man alive disappointed the approaching Agony. It only highlighted the distinct differences he held with the rest of the triumvirs. Perhaps Ker preferred to win minds and exude example where Agony only wished to snuff the lives of those he considered a waste or a hindrance. It was this transformative manner of thinking that boggled Agony, yet managed to intrigue him enough to entertain the idea that he could actually belong to an organization that would not hinder the ascension he desired. The audience that had gathered into a small crowd would quickly turn with mouths agape at the sight of Agony, diverting their attention briefly as they tried to comprehend the horror of what he was. “What the hell is that thing!” “I think I drank a bit too much guys!” “It looks like my late wife. Maybe her wretched soul has come back to haunt me…” Various other exclamations similar to those would be heard while the minds of others would shut down completely as they failed to make sense of what approached them. As his proximity increased, the crowd quickly began to disperse perhaps because they all began to realize their inferiority or because the instinctual mode of self-preservation warranted they do so. Agony’s massive body and height would be easily noticeable by the centaur as he placed himself before her, eyes shifting upon his mass and regarding those that surrounded him with disdain though he held no true sign as he held no face to properly convey it. A large slit would form in the middle of his body, a discordant sound erupting forth as he spoke rather plainly to Ker. “It is time to stop wasting time with this filth.” “It talks too! I’ll have another one of these drinks please…” Agony paid no attention to any of the remarks or gasps that followed. “Let them bask in their weakness. Discard them like the rabble they are” Despite the obvious insult that was hurled in their direction, the multitude made no move to defend themselves. Whether struck with awe or suddenly feeling the creeping fondling of despair, the audience lay mute unable to fathom that they were witnessing a blob covered with eyes talking to a centaur. The Ham’s Repose would surely have a story or two to tell concerning what had occurred today but it would pale in comparison to the epic that Agony and Ker would fashion from this day forth.
  10. *taps screen* Anyone wanna help me?

    Should you decide you want more mayhem than what has been offered to you, we can discuss some business opportunities for any of your characters who love to destroy while reading their favorite novels. Feel free to ease yourself back in to Val and if you need assistance with anything just let us know.
  11. Blairville chaos event - full!

    Honestly, I just realized that leaves the forged magic license. I vote for either Lunara to take it and give it away or possibly Isidor if she doesn't already have a legitimate one.
  12. Blairville chaos event - full!

    I will get it right some day....I swear.
  13. Blairville chaos event - full!

    @danzilla3 What would you like Rhys to get from the rewards? So far out of the list, Agony has taken the starmetal but the rest is up for grabs.
  14. Blairville chaos event - full!

    Supernal, Would you like me to PM this to you officially for canonization?
  15. Safe riots and kidnapping

    Full Summary: Reports regarding the disappearance of a popular gypsy artificer named Bruga led several people to investigate her whereabouts for a variety of reasons. Agony and Lunara, members of a clandestine organization called the Abbadon Triumvirate seek her out to acquire her as an asset. Rhys searches for her at the request of someone he knows named Peter. Isidor also searches at the behest of an acquaintance named Ed. Eventually all of their paths converge at a black market located in one of the less fortunate areas within Blairville. There they encounter a shady goblin peddler by the name of Osmer who is attempting to sell an amplifier he acquired through unknown means but that looks like an item Bruga would have created. Osmer after some intimidation states that Bruga’s last known whereabouts were at the Inn d’ Clairmont. Agony and Lunara further intimidate the goblin into giving them the name and location of the supplier of that item as it was believed that it had been Bruga’s handiwork due to its craftsmanship. Isidor purchases the amplifier from Osmer which is followed by Lunara pocketing the gold that Isidor had used to purchase the item after disabling Osmer. Isidor and Rhys decide to follow the original intel while Agony and Lunara head to the Unterholm to locate Hurk, the supplier of the item, believing it will lead them closer to Bruga. Isidor uses some clever magic to retrace Bruga’s last steps in the area while Agony and Lunara encounter Ryden, a salesman trying to make ends meet in the Unterholm. Agony poisons Ryden and uses him as bait to lure Hurk out. They are successful in isolating him and uncover that Bruga is being held at a warehouse back in the city. Isidor’s tracking spell leads her and Rhys to that very same warehouse where they encounter Agony and Lunara yet again. Together the group engages in a full assault on the warehouse, killing or knocking out several employees of the Red Envoy. The group encounters Crix, co-owner of the Red Envoy who attempts to eliminate the intruders but ends up barely escaping after the group overpowers all of his employees. After the battle, the group find Bruga chained in one of the rooms. After freeing her, Bruga tells them she is attempting to finish her newest idea but needs the lungs of a gargoyle to complete it. The group decides to aid her but not before Agony suggests she come with them. Returning to the Unterholm, they reach a deserted junkyard where the gargoyle is rumored to have appeared the last few nights. The gargoyle, seemingly protecting something, gets the jump on Agony before initiating another battle that was cut immediately short by some crafty magic from Isidor. With the gargoyle sliced up but still ‘alive’, Crix returns with a larger group and a pair of skilled Crimson Ledger mages. An intense battle ensues, Crix exhausting everything in his repertoire in an attempt to reacquire Bruga and eliminate the group for what they did to his place of business. Agony coaxes Bruga into creating the item under duress. Lunara proves her worth to her ‘boss’ by creating several illusions mid battle. Rhys protects everyone with Circus. Isidor uses the finished amplifier to end the fight, inadvertently killing Crix. Agony disposes of the bodies by consuming them. Bruga agrees to travel with Agony and Lunara to Patia to complete some work for them to aid the Abaddon Triumvirate before inevitably returning to Blairville. Isidor leaves with her purchased amplifier after Rhys offers her a ring whereby she could call for his assistance should she need it in the future. Everyone ends up going their separate ways soon after. Minor Summary: Several entities (Agony, Lunara, Isidor, and Rhys) come together to search for a gypsy artificer named Bruga. After some investigative work, they work on the leads they were given. Agony and Lunara extract some information regarding Bruga in Unterholm while Isidor and Rhys use Isidor’s tracking spell to retrace Bruga’s last steps within Blairville. The group converge at the Red Envoy, a known warehouse rumored to work with the Crimson Ledger. They assault the place of business, killing several though the co-owner Crix escapes. They find Bruga there only to be set upon another quest to find the lungs of a gargoyle rumored to frequent the Unterholm. The group travels to the Unterholm where they are ambushed by the gargoyle as well as a returning Crix who this time came with two Crimson Ledger mages. A crucial battle ensued that saw Bruga creating a new amplifier under duress with the gargoyle’s lungs and the decimation of every single Red Envoy employee or Crimson Ledger operative that attempted to kill them. Agony and Lunara convince Bruga to travel with them to Patia for a contracted job before she would return to Blairville. Isidor walks away with a purchased amplifier and Rhys offers her future assistance by giving her a ring. In order to not risk any more exposure than necessary, the group parts ways swiftly hoping to seep into obscurity from both Constabulary and any other opposition. Notable Consequences: Bruga is found well and relatively unharmed. The Abbadon Triumvirate gains an asset in Bruga willing to be contracted by Abaddon. The Red Envoy is almost completely destroyed, several employees reported missing as well as the co-owner Crix. The gargoyle that has terrorized the Unterholm for weeks ceases to emerge. The Crimson Ledger has lost two of its best mages as well as one of its more successful business fronts. Rewards: Agony and Lunara gain a contact in Bruga for future contractual work as well as the starmetal. Isidor gains some of the components (i.e. 1 x negabjurium) from salvaging Bruga's amplifier. Rhys acquires a flash mask from Bruga as thanks for his commitment to helping Peter. Lunara also picks up a forged magic license from one of the fallen Crimson Ledger mages. Opportunities: Investigate reports of the Red Envoy’s ties to the Crimson Ledger as well as the recent attack that has eliminated most of its personnel. Investigate reports in the Unterholm regarding a massive battle that took place in one of its deserted junkyards with several slain personnel from the Red Envoy as well as a mysterious hand holding a ring with an insignia that is usually worn by those within the Crimson Ledger