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    With Lunara distancing herself from him, Agony extended further and began to spin viciously, Obtenebra hardening and flattening itself out to create several blades that began slicing through the air relentlessly. This managed to take care of the remaining illusions of the fallen knights and several copies of his fairy companion that had attempted to whip at him from above. In the distance, however, several extended tendrils made out of both blood and a mockery of Obtenebra unleashed a barrage of attacks that slid right through his mass but stung Agony in quick succession. The pain surged through Obtenebra and reduced the structured mass of the ancient ooze to flail uncontrollably. The ooze shot out in an attempt to force the distant illusions to disappear but the coordination of both fairy and amorphous ooze proved annoying to deal with as they weaved through the chaotic attacks impressively. Agony seemed destined to suffer through more spiritually induced pain but decided to endure it all as he trusted Lunara would find a means to end it eventually. Through Obtenebra’s objection he’d endure it all if it meant they would survive to achieve their goals. Thankfully the pain suddenly ceased, the illusionary copies leaving this material plane and leaving Agony pooled in this open clearing. The black pool attempted to coalesce once again but immediately stopped as Agony became inundated with an onslaught of imagery and whispered voices that melded together. The breathy voices would randomly coincide with one another to reveal single words whose context eluded Agony at present. Instinctively Agony attempted to block the mental intrusion, the vulnerability the pain earlier had allowed forcing him to attempt to construct obstacles for the piercing flood of information but the ancient being would find his mind more porous than it had ever been. With each mental wall erected, the plethora of signals would find yet another form of entry to batter Agony’s mind. This caused Obtenebra an enormous amount of distress, suddenly devoid of the comfort of Agony’s steely mind and thus fearful for its host and it showed in the way that Obtenebra tried to latch on to anything nearby as if physical stability would solve anything. Agony quickly found defending against it would be fruitless and allowed the full bandwidth of imagery to seep through; a type of acceptance he had learned from the Great Devourer not too long ago. The humility of that moment and the lessons learned only augmented his own resolve, his mind accepting the myriad of concepts and visions that converged periodically on singular words. “Truth” “Teach” “Learn…” Much like he had done when confronted by the immeasurable power of Malice in Orisia, Agony now embraced this circumstance, his mind clawing through the waterfall of branching images in search of its source. Two repeating images, one of stars and the other a multitude of eyes consistently arose and it was those he used as beacons to reach out to the originator of this discordant mental cacophony. Power had made itself known….and he’d feast from it or perish trying.
  2. Soryn could only watch this whole scene unfold, unsure of which decision would be best for the entirety of the group but ultimately resigning himself to remaining on this plateau and leaving those who accompanied Fidelitas to their fates. The paladin no doubt simply weighed his own options against some quick calculations in his head and simply committed to the decision. Soryn certainly did not envy the man's responsibility for this group, but that did not mean he would blindly follow the man to the death. He'd take his chances with the elephant riders and skilled companions that remained. The request made by Fidelitas to have his P.U.D follow them, however, was sound and one the journalist was willing to oblige though he surely hoped the investment made by the Daily Weekly would not go to waste. The hovering device full of cameras slowly made its way across and flanked Fidelitas, given strict orders to stay near the paladin until given the order to move. Celene, meanwhile kept track of the harpies that he could visibly see. "I guess I will stay here. Please try to keep her intact!"
  3. No worries. Weekends are generally lax for me (also working) so I can wait.
  4. Up in the air right now. According to lore, the beast only comes up for about 1 to 2 hours but in posting time that could be 5 rounds...or 20. Up to us. Luz will likely have some folks look for Dan if he doesn't show up but still head out to start gathering samples and the like.
  5. Aislyn sighed a bit in relief as soon as she felt the tension die down a bit, finally grabbing the glass of liquid Agony and taking a small sip. The burn she felt in her throat almost made her cough, but she covered her mouth quickly and then let it slide down into her stomach where a tingling sensation made her shift. She used the movement of getting herself into her seat again to mask much of it. Adjusting her skirt once she sat down, she glanced over at Nines wondering if the drow was as glad as she was that things had calmed down. Taking sip after sip, she would occasionally see Caeceila in a peripheral gaze just to make sure that the noble’s body language continue to die down. Ilyana looked at Caeceila, entertaining the idea that Caeceila might have wanted to start a fight just to uncover the truth about what she wore or something else she could use for leverage during this conversation. She had initially come here believing that a hint of flattery and an appeal toward a kindred pride of their city might have driven something fruitful out of this conversation but that idea was soon discarded and in its place lay a new approach peppered with unadulterated truth that may or may not find purchase within Cae’s sometimes wayward intrigue. The Redeemer believed she had nothing to lose from being candid now and in truth found a certain sense of freedom from straying away from the careful election of words and pandering. As Caeceila now went on to verbalize her own assumptions regarding Ilyana, she would not find any visible acknowledgment concerning what was correct but that was solely because she had trained herself to never surrender anything physically or emotionally unless it benefited her. Ilyana listened intently to Caeceila’s mention of the Enrele and the predicament she was already aware of concerning their numbers. The effects it caused had already begun to trickle in to her business operations, where she would had to forcibly execute a vetting process that was both biological and mental. The fear that anyone could have been snatched had begun to affect quotidian interactions already. While she considered all that, however, when Caeceila stated that she would not interfere with her crusade she felt a desire to respond with bravado, her pride in her own strength urging her to make it known that she didn’t need Caeceila’s permission. She bit her tongue this time. Aislyn notices Nines’ displeasure in the distance and frowns. Ilyana’s companion found herself mildly concerned with the drow’s current temperament but given she was still too fearful to do anything about it she just sighed and poured herself another glass, this time of the Liquid Bliss. The sweet liquid masked the generous amount of alcohol present and she could easily tell given how her eyes became much heavier after a few sips. She’d have to be careful with that one. Ilyana stepped backward a few steps before she decided to respond to Caeceila, taking in the entirety of the woman’s form throughout what would be a lengthy response. Caeceila did give her quite a bit to address after all. “Your abilities aren’t exactly common either. In any case, pimps and slavers are not the only targets of my ire. Anyone who seeks to steal the freedom of choice or lord their power over the free will of others could decidedly gain my attention. More cash flow translates into more power. Power I can use to redeem others.” Now she decided to step closer to Aislyn before continuing. “So if you understand that then you can see that I, too, would consider the Enrele a threat worthy of my attention. The acquisition of Ventrix is just one of my approaches to aid me there. Since you have burdened yourself with protecting this entire continent on your own, allow me to at least alleviate some of it by lending you a hand where I can. If the investment of my time with you tackling this Enrele threat proves fruitful here in my home then I do not see why we cannot be ambitious and nudge the Terran government toward the victory that seems to elude them when it comes to these ‘body snatchers’.” Ilyana slides her hand through her hair a bit before holding her chin in thought for a few seconds, then continues once again. “How do you suppose we address the uncertainty of the garrison’s ranks? Which assets will killers such as ourselves utilize to remedy this problem?” There was no hint of humor in Ilyana’s question nor was there any teasing. It would be clear that Ilyana stood to understand how Caeceila thought or felt and how that affected Caeceila’s decision making. Just because she may agree with the Heiress on certain points does not mean that she will condone or commit to everything this volatile woman could conjure.
  6. The shift in Joker’s personality amidst conversation did little to minimize the annoyance she felt whenever the kid decided to speak. She couldn’t expect the children of this realm to be as well behaved as those in Illyria, however, so she decided to endure the nuisance for now. Luz could tell there was a separate energy signature within Dan that might make her wonder if he housed another being but given Dan’s penchant need to flaunt his power she did not take her time trying to delve into that theory. Instead she’d offer him a roll of the eyes as he tried to quip after everything she said, though once Dan slipped away for reasons unknown and left her with Baiden she looked visibly bothered. It was clear she was in quite a mood and now only Baiden and any crewmembers near her were left to field her volatility. As the mysterious scientist that had slipped away from the group traversed the vessel, he would luckily find that most crewmembers were either too busy with their tasks to even acknowledge his presence or were too distracted in their own disdain or worries to care. As he managed to infiltrate the engine room and encounter some of the less astute Illyrian, one managed to send a partial message to those in charge of security and Luz. “A shadow encroaches upon the L…” This triggered another security sweep but did not draw Luz in any further as she focused on her immediate surroundings. Baiden also distanced himself which did not go unnoticed by Luz but she trusted this man more than any other crewmember on this ship when it came to maintaining Illyrian interests. The sudden quiet that blanketed the area that was only interrupted by the sound of fleeing flocks or the splash of frantic sea creatures caused a sudden surge of anticipation within Luz. The very nature around them seemed to cower in the presence of something else but this vessel would continue to push forward. A blonde Illyrian with stark features rushes toward Luz now. “Director Yllende! The Soldier sent me here because he believes we are converging on to something big.” “Yes….I feel it too. Prepare the vessel for attachment” The plan had always been to attach this vessel to the creature somehow, knowing that the short time that the creature remains above water was all they had to disperse and collect whatever samples they could. “Yes ma’am.” The Illyrian set about warning all of his fellows to be prepared. It would only be minutes before the engineers manning the sonars would notice the largest finding they have ever witnessed in their time. A loud siren was tripped to alert all on board, a precaution put in place by Luz to make sure they knew they were close. The air propulsion implemented by the Illyrian’s manipulating the air ceased, which only made the silence that much more prominent. That silence would be pierced by a droning bellow that caused the entire vessel to reverberate. If one were to stare down in the water, they would notice a blinding light that stretched miles wide from either side of the vessel that would only increase in intensity. Those sensitive to La’Ruta would feel it flowing violently around them as it yearned to welcome a behemoth that had not manifested itself in ages. With alarming speed, this large creature with black, sleek skin rose unforgivingly from underneath their position. Soon they would all find themselves elevated above sea level awkwardly, the vessel teetering to one side and causing Luz to frantically grab for something lest she be forced to slide off the vessel. Some unfortunate Illyrians were not as swift, their bodies sliding off of the A.R.V, colliding with a portion of the railings with a sickening thud before their bodies flopped over and out of view. “Hurry up and attach!” A mechanical sound can be heard throughout the vessel and then some long tendril like protrusions that were comprised completely of magic would shoot out from the sides of the vessel. The energy would slide along the sleek skin of the creature that continued to elevate itself, forcing the vessel up at least 500 ft above sea level. The height allowed Luz to notice the steep valleys and tall mountains in the distance that rose from seemingly out of nowhere. Glowing vegetation covered some of their surroundings as well. Luz, wide eyed, just let lips part in surprise until she felt the ship right itself, the energies that shot out from the vessel finding items to tether itself tightly to. The vessel would right itself on a plane that allowed Luz to stand once again and collect herself. It was then that she looked around to see if those that were to accompany her were finally nearby. “We have no time to waste everyone! Get your things ready. We are going to collect whatever we can now!”
  7. Alright @Vilhardt. Status check? If you need any assistance with planning or getting the interest check out then just let us know.
  8. Xavier The shelter that Obtenebra provided forced Xavier to a knee again, challenging the orc’s relationship with the gift he had been given by his boss. He had a lot of strength in reserve to offer but it would mean little if he could not competently wield the ancient ooze. The black surface had begun to recede as it sought to preserve Xavier’s vitals which would have defied Xavier’s desire to protect his family and render them vulnerable to the remaining shower of sharp icicles but luckily the illusion that had plagued them was dispelled. Xavier’s gaze remained focus on the ground underneath him as he realized there was still much he had to learn and still much more power to attain if he was to continue being useful to the cause he adopted as his own. The penetrating voice of the earthen leader forced Xavier to snap his head upward to look at the tattooed opposition. Obtenebra had begun consuming the slugs that were still latched on to the orc’s body, the slow consumption causing a slight sizzling sound. Lunara would feel the thud of his boot next to her as he stepped forward to look at the leader standing above them all. “You think covering us with slimy things lets you decide?! Come dow…whaa?!” One of the thorny vines shot toward Xavier, wrapping around the orc’s massive frame and driving its thorns into what it believed was flesh but Obtenebra’s surface protected the orc…for now. It would quickly begin elevating the orc toward the leader above. The tall and slender form of the earthen leader was now in full view of Xavier. The orc seemingly struggled to break free without any success. Another broadcasted message thrusted out to the group though the creature directed much of it to Xavier. <“We have found you lacking and thus undeserving of the honor of Uhltor’s legacy. This means your life should be forfeit due to the hubris that made you believe you were anything but filth in his light.”> Elevated but several feet away from the leader, Xavier snorts and then immediately replies. “You are no different than erryone who attempted to decide our worth according to your puny standard. You are the cocky one earth lady. My boss and I do not answer to your standard. We make our own path!” Obtenebra suddenly shot out from Xavier’s chest in a makeshift fist that collided with the earth leader, causing her form to crack from the sheer force. The collision seemed to affect her control of the vines that held the orc now as he was set loose but that meant the orc suddenly began falling toward the ground face first. The vines along the floor would lash violently and cause the ground to tremble, aiming to wrap around everyone along the ground in retaliation while the remaining earth people would start to manipulate the cavern walls nearby, hurling large stones every which way and conjuring jagged protrusions in an attempt to make good on their threat. Agony A swarm of bodies continuously mounted Agony, clawing and biting at his amorphous form. Obtenebra, annoyed by the persistence of the creatures whipped violently, tossing bodies around with vicious force. The decaying forms were either forced to disassemble or propelled in the distance. Their numbers were too large, however, for Agony to gain any sort of progress toward ending the threat. An eye emerged from the black mass and attached to reddish membranes solely to look at Cerebri climb toward the airship. Once he saw the man’s lanky form reach the top, curved blades emerged from the center of his mass, carving through the creatures around him. Instantly, his mass would retract and then lunge upward, Obtenebra extending itself far enough to latch on to a ring along the forward of the ship. His form would slowly lift itself upward, shaking violently to get rid of any remaining creatures. It wouldn’t be long before he slid himself on to the ship in a massive pool of black and then rose to his normal eight foot height, that same eye fixated on Cerebri for a moment. “Do you know how to operate this vessel?” In the distance once again, a loud bellowing could be heard, signaling the imminent arrival of something enormous. The force of the sound caused the wind to pick up and the floating decorations to blow away. Whatever it was it seemed poised to head straight for where they were.
  9. I believe I did set the order but in any case it should be: Dolor Rabbit Thotification Anon That being said if everyone agrees then we can speed up the night's rest and you can all say what your characters did throughout the night and during the morning. Assume they will all meet on land with the vessel already set on land.
  10. Do the Illyrians begin to further suspect a saboteur among their ranks?
  11. Feel free to roll along with me @HollowCipher . The d20 should suffice.
  12. Heron was appreciative of the enthusiasm he could sense off of Asura, restoring a little bit of hope that those of her generation would continue to fuel the ambition of Illyria’s brightest minds. Heron’s face brightened up a bit once Asura decided to chime in with a question of her own, taking it as a sign of attentiveness as well as a desire to be prepared. All good qualities of someone he could recommend on future expeditions. “..Do we have any more info on the environment and its inhabitants or just those basics mentioned before?” “Excellent question. For the most part we have gathered they are a peaceful sort but do hold quite a few things sacred so it is best to give them some ample space and time to assess us. As for the environment, we have no real details other than that there is a large mountain where these small people reside and several gardens, one of which houses the glowing crystals you can see in the distance as we approach. That is all our preliminary data and research has given us at this time though.” Heron turned to Abe soon after, the pacifist nature of the man’s words reminding him briefly of the warning his Light had offered him before he had departed. This same warning was what was given in response. “Any Illyrian representative will avoid participating in or influencing any conflict with the native population of where they visit. This is not a mission to conquer their lands, but to gather information about this realm that is new to many of us. That being said, coaxing them to aid us in our expedition will just make things that much easier for us which is why I will be spearheading any potential negotiations while you will be assisting us with collection and/or protection. That answer satisfactory enough for you?” Heron smiled while turning to look in the distance at a glowing island. The A.R.V.’s own glow paled in comparison to the collective light of the trees in the distance and that distracted the Illyrian elder for some moments before he’d speak again. “I urge everyone to take some time to rest until sunrise once we reach land. There are some rooms in the lower level of this vessel that should suffice. We will be leaving first thing tomorrow toward the base of that tall mountain over there” Heron couldn’t hold back his own excitement in his tone. He’d wait to see if there was any more dialogue he’d need to be a part of but if not he’d retire for the evening and leave the wary Illyrians to usher those in need of it.
  13. Aislyn was starting to regain some semblance of comfort as she took her seat and then started to listen to Ilyana speak. At the sight of Ilyana pouring some of the Liquid Agony and actually enjoying it, Aislyn looked at the bottle for a few seconds as she contemplated whether to take a sip as well. The prospect of downing some alcohol after what she just went through felt enticing but she decided to wait until Ilyana finished speaking to rise slightly to reach for the bottle. It wasn’t about a need for permission more than it was respect for what her boss had set out to do for this meeting. She felt Nines’ inspection on her form offering a reserved smile now though she still found it a bit off-putting. The drow would not be able to discern anything otherworldly but plain Aislyn was not. Ilyana’s companion would soon find herself scanning her surroundings in a methodical manner, occasionally looking behind both her and her boss as if gauging possible exists or maneuvers. This became all the more evident the more Caeceila began to immerse herself in that almost palpable rage. Her analytical mind, driven by the fear caused by those around her, caused her to grip on to her conjured seat as if she was prepared to run, her expression shifting from one of incredulity concerning Caeceila’s tone to one of anger as if she had been the one that was slighted. Meanwhile Ilyana sensed Cae’s mood shift almost immediately, frowning in response as this sort of change was something that she had wanted to avoid upon coming here. She had believed herself careful with her words but now knew that it mattered little when faced with someone so volatile. The Redeemer had meant no offense and had tried to open with an approach that did not make things so hardline but here Caecelia was openly insulting her and perhaps all of Hell’s Gate. Lips quivered as the cracks in Ilyana’s otherwise steely composure began to surface. This did not help her efforts to quell Obtenebra either as the dress that she wore would ripple along her abdomen subtly. The raw emotion battered both Aislyn and Ilyana, beckoning a rebuttal that at first both women seemed unwilling to give. As soon as Caeceila decided to pick up her high frequency blade and then advance upon Ilyana, both women stood from their seats, eyes widened and muscles tensed as they considered the Heiress’ threatening approach unwarranted. Both Caeceila and Nines would notice how Ilyana’s outfit seemed to lose its tight fit if not distracted by the purity of emotions that now emanated from everyone involved. Ilyana was prepared for some sort of defensive countermeasure not caring for the fact that the blade that was now thrust in her direction came grip-first. Ilyana quickly moved to grab hold of it, the right hand holding tight to the weapon. Ilyana’s black eyes stared fiercely into Cae’s now, narrowing as soon as the woman ended with a request to end her there. “This bitch is crazier than we thought…….but please don’t fight.” Aislyn let her response start with a hint of anger before a softer tone delivered the end. Cae would find that Ilyana gripped the weapon offered to her very tightly, so much that it might begin to shake in her grip as she clearly took offense to something spouted by the Lady Glasmann. Staring hard at the Heiress, Aislyn’s soft tone seemed to pacify the Redeemer just a bit but not nearly enough for the next words to leave her lips calmly. “What a mess you are Caeceila. I can see why some might consider you an abomination or maybe a liability that deserves to be snuffed before they are burned by your fire. You clearly know how unique you are and seem to hate yourself for it.” Ilyana sighed audibly and then continued. “I might be executing a much needed service to the world by killing you here but who am I to decide your fate? That would imply that I am any better than you. Sadly I am not.” She loosened her grip on the weapon then, not caring if it fell to the ground or somehow got back into Caeceila’s hands. “I have seen the agony of loss and helplessness far too many times both in myself and others. These backwards ingrates suffer no less than the monster of the Glasmann family! You are not the only one that has watched people suffer, seen innocent lives extinguished by those…” She raises a brow and then has a look of resignation before continuing. “…more evil than we could have been at the time.” Aislyn had inched closer to Ilyana throughout all of this, her gaze looking at Nines through her movement until she fixes her gaze on Caeceila again and speaks. “So you don’t have any right to condemn us either Lady Glasmann. Let us stop criticizing one another and do something constructive now yes?” Aislyn's lips quivered and her body shakes slightly given she knew who she was talking to but she stood firm. Ilyana now finally turned her gaze away from Caeceila to look at Aislyn in surprise. The seriousness in her face soon softens and the Redeemer looks somewhat impressed and then very appreciative. She knew she did well to bring Aislyn along. Ilyana grabs some of the Liquid Agony and pours some for herself and for Aislyn, eyeing the Heiress closely to see if they can shift into much more amicable dialogue.
  14. I agree with helping us progress and messing with NPCs. I can roll after to see if they fall for the shenanigans.
  15. @HollowCipher You are correct. I will edit my post appropriately. In the flurry of posts that day I must have had a brain blip. Assume she called him Joker.
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