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  1. “Shopping? Fine. KR1557? Got it….” Xavier was oblivious to the fact he got the number sequence wrong and even upon correction it was uncertain that the correct one had even registered. Once they descended, Xavier was the first to emerge forward along with Lycoris but Ordric’s words distracted him. “No idea but it isn’t about…need any more for me. Lycoris…” The orc noticed that his ‘babysitter’ was now gone, lost amidst the throng of people in this bazaar searching for their latest obsessions. “Oh…where did she go?” Placing a hand on his head with a face painted with confusion, his head darted about but he was unable to pinpoint her position so he did what he was trained to do. Act calm… “Lets just have a look around until we find this KR 5117 guy” Xavier began to meander about, eyeing several engineers exercising their craft and placing their wares on display with a variety of methods ranging from holographic displays to more tactile exhibitions that Xavier could not decipher in the slightest. He was no stranger to technology given his frequent visits to Hell’s Gate but there was a certain oddity to Martial Town that he had not become comfortable with just yet. There was a bit more personality here…a bit more creativity stemming from the freedom that came with lack of oversight. The orc looked interested in it all and wasted no time asking questions. It was comforting to know it mattered little that he was an orc, a definite reason that this place was growing on him. Problem was that he didn’t know how to properly appraise anything that he was looking at so even the subpar merchandise if appealing enough to the orc warranted some questions. At first merchants seemed pleased that someone was paying attention to their wares, but when Xavier simply thanked them for their answers without even considering purchase, they either began to sigh or their tones quickly soured. There was one merchant, however, that reeled Xavier in hard. A blue haired, masked female that reminded him of a certain technomancer but was far more lively. “Oh well you look strong and fit. A perfect candidate for one of my greatest creations. Wait here handsome” “Handsome…?” Compliments were not rare to Xavier except when it came to his appearance and the young female was quick to realize that the flattery at least kept the orc their contemplating what it all meant. That time gave her the chance to rummage through her inventions. A few seconds had passed and a few grunts were heard before she struggled to place what looked like a heavy belt along the table. The thud of the device signaled the beginning of her pitch. “I call this beauty..um..uh…The Infuser.” “Infuser?” “Yes Infuser. See, you wear this thing around your strong waist and if you need a pick me up from all that work I am sure you do then you have several options. Need some adrenaline to see you through the day? Need some pain relief for your bring strong sore muscles? Need some quick nutrients because you forgot lunch? She can provide them.” There were several wires with sensors and two specific ones with long sharp metallic needles. Upon realizing the orc noticed those she attempted to block his view while explaining. “You might have some maintenance concerns which are natural but someone as strong as you should be able to handle those minor things. So what do you say? Interested?” Xavier could tell she was laying it on thick but he couldn’t deny he was enjoying it. A hand moved to lift the belt and he could tell it was heavy but not any heavier than the armor he used to wear before leaving his past life. “How much?” The blue haired woman’s eyes lit up in excitement. Her hands rubbed together as she contemplated and sized her customer up, taking her time to come up with a value. If any of the others cared to sway the orc away from the predatory gaze she now offered him, now was the time.
  2. Xavier approached Simon, a certain amount of anxiety present that the dog would likely pick up on. War dogs were common among his people and some could perhaps even surpass the size of the dog he currently faced so when he approached with even the slightest bit of trepidation it caused Obtenebra to ripple along his chest in a way that Xavier could not pass off as a trick of the mind. The undulating sensation along his chest caused him a bit of embarrassment which was enough to cause him to shift over toward Artamese instead and hope that Simon just played along. “I think my sister would kill me if I didn’t help the lady first so I’ll pet you later….Simon” Xavier tried to distract from the revelation that his bulky form housed another entity by using his words, something that his new family drilled in his head over and over again. “Simon knows a good orc when he sees one….” Control the narrative Xavier… “Let me help you get up and over to the tent the fancy man is in. Maybe they can help you there.” The orc had to commit now whether Simon shifted into a more aggressive stance or not. He hoped he sold himself well enough to authorize his next attempted action of sliding his massive arms underneath Artamese to pick her up in a fluid motion. His movements were swift and precise, which may be surprising given the stereotype of monstrous beings like him. If successful, Xavier would begin carrying his new acquaintance on over toward the encampment until eventually he’d set her on her feet to help her over to the Cambion. If failure stung him…or bit him…then he’d bow out politely before making his way back toward Xartia. He knew enough about the man to consider him an acquaintance worthy of his attention, if only to keep his sister’s plans intact. Doing anything to harm her was unacceptable after all. It wasn’t long before Xartia offered up options though even with the orc’s limited mathematical knowledge he knew there were more than the ‘two’ options presented. He wasn’t sure what the original plan had been but it was when the Cambion suggested they ‘subject themselves’ that Xavier immediately interjected. “I subject myself to no one.” Xavier caught himself though after realizing the Cambion actually meant to execute a ruse so he immediately shifted tone. “Trickery is risky since we do not truly know each other all that well, but if you come up with a plan I will assist where I can.” The polite demeanor and articulation provided by Xavier was only improving with time and he saw this as both a learning and networking opportunity that he’d be a fool to pass up.
  3. Alright. I just saw that vielle is either on an indefinite hiatus or has left completely. I will be mildly controlling what Lycoris does for the next few steps. Apologies for not keeping on top of this guys but @Vaudevillian you're up.
  4. Soryn felt weary of this world. He didn't know whether it was his age or just the mental drain that Yh'mi had relentlessly oppressed him with but he found himself utterly indifferent to the arrival of the queen and then that shifted into a look that was a mixture of disdain and defeat as he was now being subjected to another round where he needed to scrape his way through and survive. The pang of hurt he felt at the loss of others was enough to spur him into action though his movements weren't as vibrant as they had been in the coliseum. The lingering desire to simply let these creatures gnaw at him and consume him slowly was overpowered by his desire to live and report what he has endured if only for it to have meant anything at all. Scimitar, in hand, he swipes at the creatures with fiery swings, hoping to kill as many as he could. Celene, meanwhile, unperturbed by what had transpired already simply shifted into a defensive stance near Soryn (Defend), hovering above the reporter as it prepared to heal whatever damage it could after the first onslaught. The protocols hadn't failed the machine yet...a testament to Hell's Gate technological prowess.
  5. Excellent. I believe @Rabbit is next with Vito and then it is you @Vaudevillian. Going to assume that the android's turn will kick off the plan and then we move forward from there but feel free to discuss more here or just inject things into your posts. Appreciate you all sticking with me on this.
  6. Alright. Looking to pick this back up now. Going to make the executive decision to have Xavier suggest that either he and Lycoris sneak in from somewhere else or just have Lycoris sneak her way in while Xavier and co push their way in. @Vaudevillian @Rabbit Ya'll still game?
  7. I am willing to wait on this and appreciate the patience from the others involved in advance since this is a crucial decision point before we progress further. Hope everyone is doing well.
  8. been pretty lax with my posting requirement on this one since I've been pretty busy myself guys. @vielle I know you are lurking in the shadows of Val recuperating from life. Just wanted to ask if you foresee a post coming soon for this or if you would like to provide a direction your character would go in so that our characters can progress accordingly. No pressure or anything.
  9. Bar (Ilyana and Xavier) Xavier entered the bar with chest puffed out in an attempt to make himself seem more important than he really thought he was. The orc continued doubting his worth and considered himself nothing more than a glorified escort for his sister where perhaps his massive size or uncontrollably menacing visage despite all his efforts to soften it would garner be a stepping stone to whatever her ambitions were. Months of devoting himself to his family’s cause without ever thinking about what he wanted were now over however as he’d been given a new directive and that was to seek power for himself. Could power be obtained here at a wedding where they were pandering for another’s attention? Having entered soon after he saw Jinsoku hold the door for another couple, Xavier waved the man off with a brotherly nod that scrunched up his face in a way where it seemed he was glaring at the Knight but his slow gesticulation to suggest the man enter further in and his insistence to hold the door for a few of the partygoers behind him was hopefully enough to salvage the veil of gentlemanliness the orc strived for. Those who now entered were hesitant to get anywhere near the orc, whose red eyes were uncommon for his ilk as was his entire ensemble, tailored so carefully by those under the Redeemer’s employ. A few even pivoted to remain in the courtyard just to wait for Xavier to come back in to the bar. Rough thuds challenged the stability of the bar room’s floor as he made his way toward an open seat at the bar. His bulk made it hard for anyone else to even consider sitting beside him as he set his hand on the bar counter and without even considering his volume began to speak with thunderous baritone. “A bottle of your strongest local brew…” Xavier then looked around suspiciously before softening his speech just a little and covering part of his face to conceal his words. “…and your finest wine.” The orc made it a point to glaze his eyes over all of the people around him, an attempt at an affable smile visible on his face though his deep concentration on all aspects of their forms might not be that comforting if noticed. He obtained the brew first, taking care to sip and not get any on his clothes. Even so, he managed to down the entirety of the large glass in one go, the distinct notes of flavors motivating him to let out a loud exclamation of satisfaction just as Ilyana entered the bar. He felt his muscles tense up for reasons he could not fathom at the sight of her and half expected admonishment only to find her smile and weave her way through the throng to meet him. “Having fun without me Xavier?” “Uh…um…yes but I made sure to order you some wine while you were off doing…well whatever it is you do.” “Oh how thoughtful. Has anyone caught your eye yet? I just finished speaking with the lovely new bride and groom so the most important part of our trip is done. Now we can enjoy ourselves.” Xavier scrunched up his face at the questioning though this sort of dialogue was something he always appreciated his sister for. He was an equal in her eyes. “Well there was a pretty angel looking lady with wings far prettier than that Diego guy. I think she is from somewhere in Genesaris unless there is a land full of angels no one has told me about in Terrenus.” A thick finger pressed against his lip as he considered that possibility but he quickly discarded the notion in favor of speaking some more. “No one that our family might want to adopt.” A dainty finger slid on the orc’s lips, Ilyana interrupting him before he continued, the orc understanding the motion quite well as he immediately shut up. Pouring herself a glass while she spoke, she truly seemed like she was enjoying herself. “Well Queen Varda and her beloved beau seemed open to engaging in partnership which at the very least will help me network in this strange land. Not sure what else is to be gained but we shouldn’t be stuck in the bar the entire time right?” She took a sizeable gulp of the wine, somewhat unladylike for those who cared for such things. The orc immediately stood up and responded. “You’re right sis. Where to?” “Wherever we desire Xavier. It is important to act as if any place could benefit from our presence.” “Oh..right. Of course.” After Ilyana downed another glass, she started to make her way out of the bar with Xavier trailing behind her with just an added bit of glee, excited about what may come. Brief Mentions: @Twitterpated - Jinsoku Verbal mention of Queen @Malaysia NightReaver
  10. Xavier didn’t care much about the orc-cop argument that had been presented but seemed heavily engrossed in whatever conversation Rick struck along the way. Whatever scenarios were presented were met with nods or shrugs whether or not the orc truly understood. Xavier offered little input other than he had also ‘seen some things’ and assurances that he was not ‘law enforcement’ not that he truly cared that Rick had pegged him as one initially. The orc just seemed pleased to engage in conversation, using large words intentionally as if it had been practiced to express his thoughts. He needed to maintain his vocabulary after all. The staccato of metallic clanks was heard and Xavier analyzed the outer structure of the clubhouse with mild suspicion though Rick’s waving distracted the orc enough to reel him away. The orc was mildly aware of the situation being presented before him, the assumption that this leg of the trip would just lead into dialogue and nothing more now muddled by what was asked of him. Xavier offered his own input as to how they could make their presence known. “We don’t need actual cops coming here and making things…more difficult…right Rick? If we could get in a bit more quietly then maybe ‘L’ and I can make them want to talk to us more than any individual here ever could.” If Lycoris didn’t know by now, getting a nickname from the orc suggested he was starting to get comfortable. Whether that was a good thing or not was up for question. Xavier examined the door for any easy way for them to get in but then stepped back to wait and see whether anyone else had any better input. “All we need is information. The lady here is rather good at getting it.” His meaty hand gestured toward Lycoris with a grin.
  11. Luz arched a brow at Arashi’s admission that she wanted to take care of the foreign child. What did this youth know about taking care of a child in such an unforgiving world? The director felt the urge to unleash another rant on how the dragon girl was unfit to be a parent and that she laid no claim to a child that was an Orisian by all counts and therefore not subject to her Light’s laws. Opting to act against herself, Luz turned her gaze toward Heron just to have something else to focus on for a few seconds. The Illyrian elder let out a small chuckle as he quickly picked up on what Luz was attempting to do and admired her for it. If this dangerous cycle in Illyrian history was going to be broken it would take uncharacteristic decisions like that to do so for the sake of their future. Ana meanwhile didn’t understand the gravity of what Arashi was asking to do, just staring at the conversation for a while before moving to grab a crystal cube nearby that started to shift colors as she touched it. “It isn’t entirely up to you to save everyone either Arashi….but fine. If adoption is a goal you wish to work toward then I will not be an obstacle. I will leave the assessment of your parenting capabilities to Heron as you progress which will require you to report in from time to time for review. Acceptable?”
  12. Xavier traveled with several escorts without a care in the world despite all of their hesitation with bringing a being of his massive size toward their camp. The alternative, however, seemed far more dangerous so as the orc seemed to lean toward the aloof instead of the imposing they opted to roll the dice and hope that his claims rang true. The orc was browsing the items that had been brought back from the wreckage just outside the area where Xartia awakened but was too busy with appraisal to bother eavesdropping. Instead, one could hear the orc sniffing and tapping several items through the makeshift trove of treasure. Still that did not make Xavier oblivious to the sense of urgency around him. He watched as several people frantically prepared themselves for travel or was it war? The orc wasn’t quite sure as some decided to grab weapons while others gathered their belongings and children. This wasn’t exactly the best situation for negotiations…that much he knew from what his sister always taught him. For an orc, Xavier seemed to have an unexpected aversion to the prospect of conflict as his eyes darted around to soak in as much detail as he could before he just got fed up and voiced concern. “What is going on?” “They are coming” “Who?” Attention toward the orc was set aside in favor of self-preservation. Luckily the sight of a large dog distracted Xavier from any offense. Amidst the frantic shuffling of those around them, Artemis and Simon gained the whole of the orc’s attention. The woman’s gait triggered an ounce of sympathy and she would find the massive orc approaching her to help her. Xavier knew that Xartia was in the tent nearby resting and recovering thanks to having hovered over him in his sleep while talking to some of these refugees earlier though was oblivious to the fact the man had awakened just recently. Nevertheless any mention of Xartia’s name uttered by anyone near the way would catalyze his opportunity to approach and offer up the man’s location. “The fancy man is in the tent recovering.” A meaty hand pointed in that direction while he shifted in earnest to either help Artemis or pet Simon, whichever seemed like the easier ask. @Malintzin @Twitterpated
  13. Characters: Ilyana and Xavier Location: Front Gate, Courtyard, Great Hall (Ilyana only), Bar (Xavier only) A carriage approached the Brightstone Manor, the staccato of the horse’s hooves providing a distinct prelude to the arrival of one Ilyana Sevryn. The carriage carried a significant amount of heft near the back, a tacit display of both the weight of the wedding gifts and of the Redeemer’s escort who wasted no time exiting the carriage with an exasperated sigh. A noticeable thud announced the reveal of a neatly dressed orc, garbed in a shimmery suit that hugged his muscular build. One could see that he was noticeably uncomfortable but attempting to give off an air of confidence. His acting became bolstered once a petite woman emerged from the carriage with arm stretched out for him to play his part. “Are you sure about this sis…I mean Lady Ilyana?” “I wouldn’t want anyone else with me tonight Xavier.” Stepping down from the carriage with Xavier’s help, swirling black eyes started to admire the architecture of the manor, a far cry from the marvel of Hell’s Gate’s buildings but still holding a distinct beauty to it that felt good for a land as cultured as Ursa Madeum. Their lack of technology and limited pool of magic did not take away from the promise of opportunity that could only be fashioned through networking and an open-mindedness that came natural to her. A lace gown clung tightly to her features, spread down to her navel though she maintained a modicum of modesty as her breasts were covered by a sleek black fabric with otherworldly shine that comprised the rest of the fabric and seemed to ripple occasionally as she moved forward. “Shouldn’t you have asked that Xartia guy or even one of your lady friends? I am…” “Nonsense! You were my first choice. We will keep each other safe.” Ilyana slithered her arm around Xavier’s to hook on to his massive forearm and the two finally made their way through the front entrance. The din of dialogue and merriment filled Ilyana’s senses as she scanned the area, Xavier puffing up his chest as soon as he caught sight of the droves of guests. Filled with confidence thanks to the encouragement of his ‘sis’ he attempted a smile to acknowledge some people that had passed him though it looked more like a menacing smirk than anything else right now. “We’ll start with the courtyard and then take it from there. Use your great instincts to determine any business prospects or worthwhile allies for our family.” Xavier felt her gently squeeze his hands before he nodded and started to scan his surroundings with extra scrutiny, taking note of the angel-like woman who headed toward what he now saw was a bar from the courtyard. She was…pretty…er…beautiful. There were many beautiful women here of all sorts of ilk which made the orc a bit more nervous than usual. He was used to the occasional beauty during his mercenary work and nautical travels but this place was saturated. If only the red haired beauty he had met in Tia would think of coming here. Oh how he longed to see her again. “I am…uh..going to look over there.” “Don’t stray too far.” Ilyana smirked as she stared at the central pool within the courtyard and then slowly began to make her way over to the great hall where she waited within the long line to congratulate the bride and groom. Once she made it to Queen Varda and her King Quinton she bowed properly and began her spiel. “Wonderful ceremony your highnesses. Ilyana Sevryn of the Redeemer Incorporated headquartered in Hell’s Gate. I wish for nothing but the best for your kingdom. Though I do not have the distinct pleasure of residing here, I do hope to establish a new business partnership during this new beginning to support your lovely union. For now, I have brought a variety of carefully engineered plants from Hell’s Gate as well as some wines and other delicacies I hope to introduce to help bolster what the Hildebrand family already does best.” Ilyana focused mainly on Varda throughout the entirety of her offering, though she offered the occasional glance to Quinton to gauge his reaction. After she felt she had already spent her window of opportunity she began to conclude. “Forgive me if I was too pointed in my approach but I am a woman set on business before pleasure for better or worse. I will give way to the rest of the guests now but I do wish for abundance and prosperity for the both of you as well as to all within your kingdom.” With that she’d slowly slide away to return to the courtyard and perhaps check on Xavier lest she get interrupted along the way. @vielle @King Very Brief Mention: @Malaysia NightReaver
  14. Xavier seemed contemplative while he downed pastry after pastry, never looking either of them in the eye as he let his eyes glaze around the room. The orc’s voice had been measured when he had divulged his intent but he knew that vigilance was necessary and that he needed to shift into a stealthy mindset that did not bring him any more attention than he needed. Last thing he needed was ‘Blob Boss’ deciding to murder him because he brought more failure to their family. While it seemed that the orc was distracted with his treats and with what was going on around them, it quickly became clear he had just been multitasking. Xavier noticed the prosthetic arm Vito just revealed willingly and the admission of his business practices which did not give the orc any pause. He cared little for what the law, especially this continent’s laws, attempted to establish as unlawful. Survival was all that mattered and the means by which one achieved that did not always fit into the box Lagrimosa had defined. The orc was just about to respond to Vito until he heard Rick speak up. "You sound like cops." "If you're looking for dirt, then you need to get dirty. Ya dig?" Xavier stopped, mid-munch, and glared at Rick then. His face drowned in seriousness then, his tough orc skin and stark facial features only emphasizing it more. Crimson eyes beamed at Ordric for a few seconds before a large gulp was heard and a large bellow of a laugh erupted out as he turned to look at Lycoris. It took some time for him to calm himself down but when he did he finally responded. “Getting dirty is common place for those like me. Not much clean work that isn’t a bore nowadays am I right? Right.” Xavier turned to Lycoris, tacitly wondering what she thought of this whole turn of events, but did not wait for her to sway him either way. He was capable of making his own decisions even if ‘sis’ thought he might have needed a babysitter. “Fine, since you two want to tag along with us….I’ll allow it. Let’s head to this garage and if that plan doesn’t pan out then maybe Vito can do better?” Xavier shot a challenging look out to Rick before moving his hand in a motion that suggested Rick should lead the way. “Lead on smoking man.” The orc once again looked at his companion to see if she wanted to have a say in anything at all. “That ok with you Lycoris?”
  15. I am guessing this will be the established order moving on: Xavier Lycoris Vito Rick We will likely be moving along in the next round so @Vaudevillian feel free to move us along if you see it fits in your next post.
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