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  1. Last I played which was a while ago I was going through Chapter 4 character stories. I still have to complete the game but others have taken up my gaming time as of late.
  2. Luz eyed Arashi but seemed unfazed by the sudden outburst of the draconic girl. The director simply analyzed her flurry of questions which were delivered with the intent to possibly get a rise out of her but she held enough restraint that she just pivoted to face Arashi, her silver eyes blazing toward the girl. Arashi would likely notice that Luz was actively keeping herself calm, the temptation of retaliating with anger very present but there was a practiced calm that won out in the end. “If you took the time to actually listen to what I was saying, you would have heard that confinement is not my first option to deal with your problem. You are currently my responsibility, where your adoptive father has left you in our care and my Light has tasked me to find a solution that doesn’t involve imprisonment. I will not stand here and attempt to coddle you into submission and have you bend to my every whim but I know you will have trouble finding anyone else better equipped to solve this issue that I know you have had trouble dealing with for years.” Luz openly sighed just to let out some of the pent up energy that Arashi’s insulting words had inspired but her voice remained surprisingly calm. “So since I am now stuck with you for at least a while longer, tell me why you believe you have so much trouble controlling yourself? Your answer may or may not help me speed up getting you away from my home so you can travel wherever you desire.”
  3. I can pop a Mass Rally and can also Heal for those who need it. I only used up two counter attacks this go around so I still have the other skills to use for the next realm.
  4. Talk about an immersive experience.
  5. The true threat in Yh'mi is the urge to go idle it seems.
  6. Yo, sorry for bailing on you, but is ok if we continue that rp?

    1. Dolor Aeternum

      Dolor Aeternum

      Sure. When you are ready feel free to reply to that thread to get things moving.

    2. Metty


      Alright. I'll try and think of something.

      Last I checked, I was going to get Arashi to absorb that magic field right? 

  7. Are there any more entrants to this meeting or are we starting the second round of posts soon?
  8. Aboard the Illyrian Vessel Luz was beyond incensed in her current position, knowing that she would simply be a liability should she even attempt to catch up to Baiden and the team she had sent out. The fiery glow of her eyes scanned around to those that had stayed behind, continuing the task of maintaining the vessel and ensuring that it remained attached to this monstrous beast. Moments such as this one and the one that saw the Scientific Division figure out a way to disable the swarm of beasts that had plagued Ceyana during ‘the Incident’ that saw her home brought here were capable of softening her usually stern demeanor as pride in her people slipped in. “Help me to my quarters. I need to record everything that occurred here while the pain is still fresh.” Her vibrant flesh looked sickly and she could barely stand then but she refused to be carried by anyone. Hooking her arms around two of the soldiers nearby, she would make her way back to her room and detail the events up until the agent made his escape. Aboard the Ancient One Pallis watched this Joker character move about and flaunt his abilities that he internally admitted were rather useful for this rough terrain. He could see that Luz made a wise decision to have him catch up even though his childlike antics were abrasive at best. Silvio flat out ignored the child, though he found all of his antics amusing and it took some considerable effort to keep from laughing. Alara…was just done with them all and secretly wished she had stayed with Luz, one of the few Illyrian females she actually admired. Still, when Dan explained the current status back on the vessel and tacitly spoke of Director Yllende’s resilience, varying looks of determination fell upon all of their faces as they all knew they owed it to her to be successful now. Silvio took the brash approach, and it cost him as he had been caught completely unaware and nearly swallowed by the rushing water that pulled his body in, swirling him about with ease. If it hadn’t been for Dan’s quick thinking, he likely would have been lost even further in. The muscular man was embarrassed at having been saved by the child, especially since he fell to his knees awkwardly after Dan’s landing and unnecessary bow. Coughing up some water, he starts to recover his breathing by inhaling deeply to calm himself down but managed a “Thank you” to Dan for his assist. Silvio kept his position when he heard Baiden speak, feeling the Soldier move past him but just focusing on recovering for now. Pallis stood a good distance behind Baiden, slightly shivering as they were all confronted by two beings comprised completely by an energy that felt familiar but started to saturate the area so much that he started to feel a pressure along his chest as he breathed it all in. He listened quietly to the dialogue between Baiden and the duo ahead of them, ultimately having nothing to say about it nor feeling confident enough to interject even after Baiden himself asked for input. Alara, however, was an entirely different story. Even as Baiden had begun drawing the rune, she had begun whispering a string of words. Not many were as adept at enchantments and spells as she was among her colleagues and it showed given that she was able to conjure a restorative infusion that would numb most of Baiden’s pain and help Sylvio recover that much quicker. She knew she was useless in any physical fight but she would do what she could before this new anomaly had a chance to show its true nature. When Baiden asked for input, her eyes moved past him to look at the revealed items, noticing the trails of La’Ruta’s energy slowly seeping in to the egg. She knew it to be an obvious choice but the fact that it decided to limit them was demeaning in the face of all of the effort it took to get here. At the risk of sounding greedy and inviting ire, she spoke directly to the Ancient Duo. “Your rare and generous presence along this pass urges me to ask that you allow us more than just one gift. If not for us, then at least to bolster the union of Orisia and Illyria, one a favored child of La’Ruta and the other its newest vessel.” The data had always been clear. La’Ruta favored Orisia..or rather favored its queen as a conduit. This ancient being must know at least that. Secondly, it favored balance. A balance that has been tested through the injection of a people keen to its existence and more sensitive to how it worked than those who considered it something to worship instead of investigate. Alara believed in her gut that this was a move that Luz would attempt, partially because Illyrians did not bow to the whims of gods and also because they needed to test the boundaries of this world. “Narcissism and greed? Interesting approach when confronted by things more ancient than you realize.” Alara looked concerned and turned to Baiden with an apologetic expression but she felt this had to be done. Luckily, what followed at least didn’t lead to their deaths. “The selflessness and lack of want of your neighbor are perhaps why I have never received visitors until now. Very well…one more item…just one.” Alara let out a small sigh of relief before slowly stepping back. Sylvio finally stood up and joined Pallis in creating a circle to discuss their next move that of course did not include Dan Palmer. “That egg seems to be devouring much of the energy around it. It is worth further study. As for the other item…” Alara moved a bit to look at the items there, noticing a black sleek box embedded into the flesh of the creature only because it too seemed to attract energy around it, specifically into the jewel in its center. “There is a box there that Director Yllende mentioned in her reports..” “Wait…you read her reports? Someone is aiming for a promotion isn’t she…” Sylvio’s first contribution to the dialogue and it was to call Alara out. “Wait…how did I miss that? I am glad she didn’t quiz us before we left like I have heard she has done before…” Pallas was just glad he was still alive. “Well..yes…in her reports there was mention among local legends and historical documents about an object embedded within the Ancient One that was said to have been ‘created in the times when La’Ruta graced their existence’. The Director may consider that something worthy to bring back to our Light.” Alara looked unfazed by Sylvio’s words or the humor of Pallis’ relief, instead turning her eyes toward the Soldier to see if he was following her logic.
  9. Ilyana looked at the display, noticing the signatures of both Elizabeth and Violeta which caused a small smirk to appear on her face though the expression quickly shifted as she scrutinized the agreement. The Redeemer absorbed every minute detail, fully intent on making sure none of it was detrimental to her business or her plans. Ilyana had no visible reaction to Elizabeth’s next few words then, far too engrossed in her current focus. Her index finger moved around the document though it wasn’t clear by her intense expression whether she approved of what she was seeing or not until after deliberate contemplation and a clear pause she started to move to provide her signature. Before she actually began, however, she decided to speak. “Before I sign, if there are any agreements or events that will be going on that are not explicitly documented here, I would like to know now. You will find that, barring anything extreme, I am quite accommodating.” Ilyana knew this was a big ask given she had already picked up that while they had been mostly forthcoming during this exchange of dialogue that there were still guarded moments that tacitly suggested they both were not being completely transparent with one another. Before Elizabeth had a chance to respond, the Redeemer decided to provide some foundation to her forward request. “Public perception is a currency I have exploited well to get where I am now Elizabeth so the notion that a partner of mine may be involved in events that the public may find revolting or unforgivable can severely hamper the progress I intend to make. It is better for me to understand what you are capable of now than have to suffer through unnecessary damage control.” She pointed herself away from the display that held her agreement on purpose, making it clear she would likely not sign until she was satisfied. The many implications of her more recent words were things she felt Elizabeth, the formidable intelligence that she was, would pick up on but that didn’t stop her from being blunt either. “Ventrix Technologies can be whatever you need it to be Elizabeth as long as you make sure it will not harm your newest…partner?...friend?...obstacle?” She made it a point to shrug soon after that before smiling. “While I intend to use Ventrix Industries to further my public profile throughout this nation, I am honestly far more invested in what you plan on achieving with what I consider to me the more lucrative side of this agreement. So tell me, what do you really want to do with this power I can give you with my signature?”
  10. Normally the reporter would analyze and assess the situation, coming to the conclusion that it was better for him to go on the defensive and somehow get lost in all of the chaos and survive to report the truth another day. If anything was clear about him now, however, it was that he was not acting normally whatsoever. With silvery hazel eyes widened and burning with fury, he practically bore through the centaur that readied his bow to shoot another arrow that he could feel aimed to pierce through one of his vital organs. With his senses slightly augmented by the intelligence embedded into his right eye, rapid fire calculations had the target of that arrow that pierced through the air along his abdomen but it was that same accelerated thinking that merged with his honed senses to allow him to let out a burst of wind that emanated outward from his sword with enough force that it caused the arrow's trajectory to deviate. The wind burst sliced along the centaur's chest, inspiring a grimace out of his foe and forcing his eyes shut as the dust along the coliseum floor moved into his eyes. [1] The centaur tried to keep his eyes on his target but soon lost sight until he felt the sting of a blade along his side and right leg. [2][3] Before he had a chance to react, he felt a sharp pain along his neck and his gaze fall down to ground level before darkness overtook him and death embraced him. [4] Soryn then lost himself in the frenzy of the battles around him, searching once again for his next victim.
  11. I plan on posting early Monday for this. Likely using counter attack for the eventual hit then doing something.
  12. If he makes it across the sea into Illyrian territory near Orisia then he may run into one of my characters.
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