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  1. Make the most of that 1. One action could be enough to make a splash or set someone else up.
  2. Dolor Aeternum

    Entrepreneurs! Take Advantage of the Tropics!

    Collaboration darling....sweet sweet synergy...quid pro quo....girl power?! Dunno but we will make it glorious.
  3. Dolor Aeternum

    Are you a badass villain? Join the Dead!

    That is what I figured which is why I likely will have him popping up in a totally non-stalkery way wherever she is and be an occasional asset should their goals align. Will be fun when they dont though. 😈
  4. Oh he might. All depends how things go which is why he is just observing and recording for now (which means I am also waiting for others)
  5. Dolor Aeternum

    Are you a badass villain? Join the Dead!

    Xavier does need to learn to be more optimal with his stealth and massive power. Plus if Belladonna is still on the team he would love to be anywhere she is. He would never betray Blob Boss though. 🤔
  6. Dolor Aeternum

    Entrepreneurs! Take Advantage of the Tropics!

    Ilyana would be interested in creating a partnership for anyone who wishes to develop or create any leisure-filled places. @vielle @Hurttoto
  7. Dolor Aeternum

    MT3:2 Illyana vs Akiris

    The fact that Akiris’ held a shield posed a unique problem for her given Obtenebra was being unresponsive and utterly unhelpful save for the preservation of her health at this moment. The swat of her short sword caused her to narrow her eyes and grip her weapons even tighter, muscles reacting in expectation of the man attempting some kind of counter but was only met with a defensive stance that had her facing Akiris’ completely. This sword and shield combination was one of the worst she could come across during this competition given her current limitations. The black liquid that wormed its way through her form began to manifest within her veins, the contrast of her skin color making it visible along her face. She could feel Obtenebra’s passive augmentation returning as she no longer had to focus on maintaining her attire nor the weapons she held but she still felt limited. At this time, all she could muster to do was test this defensive stance Akiris displayed before her in an attempt to look for any weakness she could exploit, her sword slicing horizontally at torso level on the side of the heater shield. Her dagger hand kept itself in front of her now, the corrosive liquid now trickling down the length of her arm as Obtenebra slowly moved to cover her exposed flesh from before. The sizzling sound along her arm was noticeable as was the way the liquid seemed to linger along the contours of her arm, coating the length of it slowly but surely as she let the tip of her weapon tilt in a way that forced the liquid along its surface. She didn’t know what else this man had up his sleeve but she was sure that it was far more than just a shield and sword. Hopefully Obtenebra will fully recover from whatever bothered it before she would ever find out.
  8. Soryn is just logging all the combat tactics and characters to store them in a database for future reporting while he gets abandoned in bottom right due to charismatic Fidelitas
  9. Dolor Aeternum

    Entrepreneurs! Take Advantage of the Tropics!

    May establish some sort of import export deal after getting cozy with the Ulway.
  10. Dolor Aeternum

    [Event] Darkness and Havoc - Illyria Arrives

    Character Name: Luz Yllende Objective: Protect her Light Luz watched Arashi struggle, the thin display of the device on her arm letting her know that the integrity of her netting was holding up to whatever reserve strength the draconic girl had. The wriggling girl failed to produce any reaction out of the Illyrian woman who was distracted by the sudden movement of the Mistress into the void and ultimately the success of Heron’s device. Luz’ eyes widened and her mouth parted in surprise. The cube was left suspended in the air with volatile energy that he knew they fully intended to study not only to attempt to further acquaint themselves with the source but for further advances. Acquiring the ability to disrupt the balance of the barriers between realms could prove advantageous if regulated correctly. She was about to move away from Arashi until the girl decided to speak up and her words actually caused Luz to respond. “You are the foolish one girl, unable to control power that many strive to have. This situation you find yourself in is of your own doing and no amount of threats will free you from paying for your mistake”. Luz turned over to her Light, noticing the man was distracted and addressed him with an authority that tended to pierce the attentions of most of her peers. “My Light, what do you want me to do with her? She is a danger to those around her. Shall I sedate and confine her until we figure out how to neutralize her volatility?” @Metty Character Name: Raylon Tekker and Heron Objective: End this once and for all. Heron did not have time to retract his hand once the Mistress grabbed the device and threw herself into the nearby rift. All he mustered was a few words as he watched the woman’s body disappear and his device begin to absorb the volatile energy the rift contained. “Well…better her than me…” There were moments where it seemed the cubical device comprised of crystals would not hold as its structure vibrated violently and flared with energy. After about a minute, the rift unceremoniously ceased to exist and left the storage device hovering in the air for several seconds before it fell on the ground. Raylon, still in shock over the slew of chaotic events that had just occurred, did not register any moment of satisfaction or joy in what was a successful trial of Marigold’s plan. If it hadn’t been for Luz’ voice jarring him out of his own thoughts, he might have remained frozen there in confusion. Presented with the fate of Arashi in his hands, the king turned to Marigold who the girl seemed to call father and awkwardly posed his next question. “Marigold, thank you for your help thus far. It looks like we will be able to remedy this situation quickly once we inform everyone of this solution…” Raylon turned to Heron for a moment to speak to the older man. “Heron, start informing the rest of the Scientific Division concerning these cubes and begin organizing deployment.” Heron distanced himself from the group and seemed to be talking to someone as he moved toward Ana who looked confused but at least she wasn’t crying. Raylon quickly turned back to Marigold. “Marigold…I feel compelled to ask for your input regarding this girl who described you as her father. She is dangerously volatile and I could not in good conscious release her without doing all I can to ensure she does not harm others. What do you believe is best for her at this time?” There was no guarantee that Marigold’s words would sway Raylon in any way from heeding Luz’ suggestions which were as pragmatic as ever. That did not mean that Marigold could not affect Arashi’s fate, however. It would seem the girl needed an advocate but did she deserve one? @Djinn&Juice
  11. Dolor Aeternum

    Redemption is for Everyone

    Weeks had passed since she had been given her gift and been adopted into a family she realized needed her as much as she needed them. She had been given freedom to do whatever she wanted to do with the power given to her and she reveled in the successes she had already earned. Anyone with any tie to her previous employers now either answered to her or were removed and replaced with someone who would. The women she had redeemed were more than willing to follow their liberator and allow their own talents to emerge from the muck their previous oppression had stuck them in. This eastern section of Hell’s Gate had begun to steel itself and defiantly rise to standards it had previous deemed inaccessible. Ilyana enjoyed this progress but knew she could not be quenched here. This was why she called on her makeshift family for more help. Ilyana was an astute woman though her recent past may have suggested otherwise. She understood how vulnerable her family truly was from how limited their contact with one another had become. Never having met anyone else other than her savior, she knew it was time to help solidify a channel for them all to communicate. With her recent acquisitions of smuggling operations and her blatant takeover of all of the eastern sector’s brothels along with several inns, she had begun making her small mark on Hell’s Gate to give her family another haven that they deserved. Messengers had been employed to deliver a quick vague message meant to trigger someone’s arrival. Embossed with a symbol that had only recently begun to bear fruit within Hell’s Gate, she hoped that it would be enough for them to pick up on her request. “Hello family, Things have been progressing really well on my business ventures here in Hell’s Gate. The agony that many of those I have helped by employing has started to fade away but I miss you all so dearly. All of this technology here in Hell’s Gate reminds me of all of my smart family members who could come help me get a grasp of it all so I can use it to build my brand. If any of you have the time to come visit and catch up, please do. I really wish you could come share in my successes here and let me know how everyone is doing in Weland and Patia. Well I am sorry this letter is so short but I am keeping myself busy here! Hope to see one of you come visit me soon. Love you all! Ilyana” The letter was practically drenched in perfume before it left Hell’s Gate, addressed to the name of a farm in Weland. She hoped they would be informed enough to know who she was and what she needed. If there was anything she had realized about her family, it was how resourceful they could be when given the time. The week or more it would take her message to get there should be enough. @Fierach
  12. Dolor Aeternum

    Terrenus AMA 2.0

    How accessible are characters such as Henrietta in Hell's Gate for storylines? Who gets to play notable characters like that that are not player characters?
  13. *shake fist* You actually initiated overkill since Selena reduced it to 1hp. 🤔
  14. Dolor Aeternum

    The Long Road Home

    Agony had noticed the Helldriver throughout the night, sensing something familiar about Cerebri that reminded him of Lunara. It would seem Obtenebra was becoming far more sensitive to the unique magical signature of beings such as the fae as the black substance undulated lightly on the back of his head. That same sensation was triggered as soon as Lunara emerged from the inn, electing to use her human form once again. There was a brief moment where Agony looked visibly annoyed, his movements erratic as if he wished to assault something. These guises they were forced to endure were burdens not meant for those with enough power to not rely on trickery or ruses to survive. Agony knew he needed to remove the oppressive threat that the Terran government presented with their suffocating rules and limiting ideals. He could only see such freedom in raw and uncontested power…the likes that exceeded devils, vampyres, and comical gods. Cerebri growled a single word out which caused Agony’s head to snap in the Helldriver’s direction, crimson eyes staring eerily for seconds before Lunara’s words caught his attentions. The prospect of enjoyment in his journey to absolve himself of this blood debt he owed her had never been present. Agony had trouble believing the fairy, well aware of their differences in taste but something deep within him surged forth with expectation that redemption was imminent. Agony followed behind Lunara, electing to stand behind her as if he was there to protect her. His towering presence made several people divert their paths simply to avoid getting too close to the dainty-looking woman in a purple cloak for fear they would spark the ire of her enormous protector. Rodan converged his way into this meeting which Agony was still wary of no matter how trustworthy he believed Lunara to be. Betrayal was still very much a possibility so Cerebri was scrutinized intensely by the imposing crimson behind that sleek black helmet, waiting for any sign of ill intent and listening intently to whatever words were being spoken to pick apart falsities. He would not let what happened with Nines and Marigold happen here. This Helldriver will suffer the agony destined for those who ever aim to damage what they aim to build should he prove to be fruitless to their goals.
  15. Dolor Aeternum

    It's a Supernoob!

    Character sheets can also motivate others to bring in characters they feel would create an awesome story with yours whenever your character shows up somewhere. Welcome aboard! We have lots of great people willing to assist you and make things comfortable for you. Look forward to seeing you be active throughout the forum.