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  1. Ready to open up a little event? I was thinking we could just make a thread and invite people to come and try to survive what's happening in Ceyana. You and I could play antagonistic forces. I plan to kill people using the creepy black smoke and you can have Havoc suck them into vacuums!

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      Dolor Aeternum

      Lol I was going to message you when I had the time to talk about doing an event too. I am up for it.

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    The Long Road Home

    Agony had long discarded Nines as a possible ally regardless of wherever the drow woman decided to place herself. Had Nines been present through the whole ordeal, Agony’s inevitage rage would have confronted the woman with an intensity the sentient being now reserved solely for Marigold and his supposed haven within the woods. While Lunara attempted to glare through the thick mass of Obtenebra with her piercing anger, Agony bathed in her scrutiny and found himself thriving within the discomfort. Agony’s thoughts were full of conflict at this time and Rodan’s words did little to calm him despite how much truth they held. “I plan on distancing myself from this organization in the eyes of those who would sooner extinguish what we have stoked than relinquish any of their power. The Terrenus’ government, the Carmine Empire, the Anima Imperium, and even beings such as Malice, Rafael or Roen should not prevent us from achieving the power we all need.” Agony’s choice of the inflections of his voice would suggest he truly believed what he just stated but he was not done speaking. “I have left someone on Anima Imperium grounds to provide us with whatever intelligence he can gather. I did not offer any information to any of them that was of substance.” Lunara discussed her perspective on the potential of retaliation and whether or not concern should be given to enforcement entities coming their way. Agony solidified his knight guise, which held far more detail now than the one he used in Blairville so long ago. The persona that Rodan had allowed him to fashion needed to remain intact so Agony logged that specific guise for future use but kept himself compact for now. Obtenebra rippled as it thickened and morphed itself into the lustrous metal that would adorn his entire form. The faerie’s decision to turn Rodan into a female, while brilliant, produced little reaction from Agony though it did remind him of how fortunate he had been during the clandestine meeting they held in Patia to initiate this group. As he regarded both Rodan and Lunara, the sensation that the creation of whatever this relationship they held between them was perhaps worth such hardship flickered into the being’s mind though his gruff words would never evince that. “We need to travel to neutral ground and prepare our next move. I have no haven here in Terrenus. Do either of you?” Terrenus was not Agony’s home and neither was any other land within this realm of Valucre. There had never been a sense that he belonged. The amorphous being cared little about cementing himself in one area for true power should not be contained by lands, realms, or even existences. He aimed to transcend them all. Would the two beings beside him live to experience such power for themselves? Agony felt charged with ensuring they did…at least for now.
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    OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    That is if Shanti isn't all preoccupied with Michael 😉
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    Havoc existed to inspire disorder and desperation. The true capacity of an individual could be seen when they were afflicted by the destruction and confusion he wrought. His election of Raylon as a host was not some random event for that man had seen more suffering than most would ever endure. Had he known the kindred and unspoken similarities the Good King and the Black Queen held then he may have cared a pinch more about Tenebre’s obsession with the girl. There was no hesitation, however, once Tenebre delivered his restrictions. Havoc was not reserved in his excitement nor did he suppress the pride he held for what he was. He was an agent of change capable of revealing truths beneath the facades of those who were too comfortable with their quotidian luxuries. With a plan quickly formulating, the air began to vibrate and a slight hum could be heard around them. He could feel the force that governed these lands begin to scrutinize his actions, weighing the deity’s intentions and worth for purity. How could one measure the purity of disorder, however? “The lands this girl yearns to govern are in need of some adjustment as is the haven my host has created for himself. Those they rule over need to test their faith in the power they have bestowed upon them once again. Death, agony, hatred, and discomfort will litter the entirety of this island. Ceyana will be the focal point of an anguish that has been forgotten for far too long. Illyria and Orisia’s paths will converge.” For how much Raylon had hoped that Orisia and Illyria would work more closely together for a better future, the inherent differences and prejudice that stained his people was something the king had allowed to fester for too long. His host’s power was more than enough to force them into submission but he favored niceties and diplomacy over a more assertive approach. Would the Light of Illyria be capable of erasing the darkness of the bigotry that could harm one of his beloved friends? The air near this meeting of deities would become acrid and thick. In the distance small spherical object housing a volatile concoction of energies would dart toward the center of the island, aiming to infuse itself with the ever present forces of La’Ruta and seeking favor or permission to expand. Anyone who dared touch or come in contact with the compact orb would be consumed in their entirety for the energy Havoc had introduced into the Orisian air space was gluttonous in nature. It hungered for all sorts of matter and magic and would not discriminate. A few unfortunate souls that were in the path had already been consumed, contributing to the increase of the sphere’s radius and it would not stop there. All manner of creature, plant, and even structure would begin to feel a pull that would only get stronger as time progressed. This was a large endeavor that would be agonizingly slow so he took this time to address Tenebre once again as a courtesy. “Let darkness cover the entirety of this island and shield your queen from the approaching chaos Tenebre. Obfuscate as you see fit. This sister island will now be fashioned however my host sees fit” Havoc knew Tenebre cared little for power grabbing or the politics that went along with such things. He seemed to only care for his little precious queen and that suited both of them well in the end. Ceyana would never be the same.
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    Two if by Sea (Last Chance Raid)

    Character Name: Agony / Dolor Aeternum Affiliation: Abaddon Triumvirate Location: Docks and then outta here hopefully Allies: None Enemies: None…yet The bombastic affairs taking place before him didn’t produce any semblance of entertainment in Agony’s eyes. Agony’s guise stood tall among the throngs of people that bowled over themselves to escape the fury of Fuererkroenig and the unbridled power display of Dredge but all this sentient being noticed was a desperate attempt to flee from the burgeoning might of Terric opposition. Any affiliation with this organization of misfits would likely turn out to be more of a failure than having trusted Nines and the whelp that controlled the Anima Imperium. Agony’s robed appearance covered the mimicry of skin that Obtenebra controlled masterfully though it remained dark in nature. The black skin could be seen from within the hood that was worn, several markings inscribed along flesh and a distinct crimson gaze piercing through as Agony was intent on watching this scene unfold to the end. There was much to garner from witnessing the oppressive force the Terric military wielded. From the litany of mechanical contraptions at their disposal to the sheer ferocity of their magical talents, Agony silently wished he could have experienced their might against the tenacity of Obtenebra but such a gluttonous mindset would not serve him well in the end. The guise of the towering female seemed to be ultimately ignored by the scurrying denizens of Last Chance escaping the horrors brought to them by the Legion. The comfort of ultimately being ignored and not scrutinized by a watchful eye finished rapidly, however, as soon as the approach of the newly promoted corporal was sensed and their surveillance was evinced by her demanding question. “Attention. Who are you?” Agony’s guise resembled someone he had traveled with not too long ago in Yh’mi and the voice that was chosen to respond to the corporal was equally as annoying as hers had been too. Imbued with an inspiration given by the females that had travelled with him then, Agony shot up as if startled by the corporal’s approach before responding in an animated way. “Oh! I am sorry. I just cannot believe that this is all happening here in Last Chance! So many people dead! It is just…..awful." Crimson eyes squinted at the corporal, thick tendrils emerging that looked very much like hair as Agony’s body shifted to look at the military member. The towering frame might have seemed imposing but the demeanor presented was anything but. “Forgive my manners. My name is Solara. I was sent by a knight named Dolor to look for someone here in Last Chance but I sure picked the wrong time to come. I didn’t mean to concern all of you military folks with my involvement but I couldn’t just stand here and do nothing. ” The tones of the voice Agony offered were high pitched but seemed earnest enough. Agony idly wondered what Lunara would think of this façade. Unfortunately Agony had little time to deal with getting apprehended for questioning by the military so a quick pivot was offered before some words were delivered again. “I will just follow these people back and leave you to protect their retreat unless you need me for anything else.” A smile was offered as Agony removed the hood to reveal a dark-skinned visage that was clearly feminine in appearance though not soft in delivery. Starting to walk away slowly despite the chaos of individuals running past in horror, Agony would slowly begin leaving. There was no reason to provoke the military any further…at least not today.
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    Two If By Sea (Last Chance Raid OOC)

    I may not be able to post until Monday so if the thread is closed before I get to then Agony will likely try to talk 'it's' way out of the battlefield after witnessing Grub's character massacre folks and James shield some of them.
  7. Dolor Aeternum

    Two if by Sea (Last Chance Raid)

    Character Name: Agony / Dolor Aeternum Affiliation: Abaddon Triumvirate Location: Front row seats to Dredge v Michael, then lurking around the docks to witness the retreat. Allies: None Enemies: None…yet The chaos and utter buffoonery within this battlefield left Agony standing in the middle of what the sentient being could only describe as a monumental waste of resources from both ends. An expulsion of effort was seen and it was the denizens of Last Chance that suffered while challenges were thrown, betrayals were committed, and allegiances shifted. Dredge had managed to amass a band full of misfits with agendas that did not all mirror his own. To what end? What wasted potential lay bare before him, with pawns sacrificed to the might of the Terric empire and some more unfortunate souls well on their way to becoming prisoners to the fickle Terric whim. His surreptitious message to Dredge ultimately ignored, Agony became subjected to the bravado and arrogance held between the Legion’s leader and the Peacekeeper whose mere title should be an affront to everyone who lived on these lands. Dumbfounded for the minutes that spanned throughout their exchange, Agony stood motionless a good twenty feet away from this crucial battle. Obtenebra rippled with anxiety along Agony’s palms, wishing it could let Oathripper loose and indulge in the suffering that either side could provide but it seems that the ichor the childlike Mayumi provided would have to suffice as the amorphous being did not deem this battle worthy of any forceful involvement. Explosions littered the landscape around him, screams tinged with agony peppered his senses, and pools of blood mixed with ash decorated his surroundings but it all mattered little in the end if it did not advance his own power any further here and now. Having acquired a small amount of Terric weaponry felt as if it demeaned the effort and care he executed though the intelligence gathered might buffer that sting in the end. There were several realizations born from this debacle of a battle and all would serve him in the end. The Legion of Doom was an ember destined to be extinguished evidenced by key players losing limbs and thrusting their naked ambitions against one another with no hesitation. The Terric military’s true force had yet to be revealed. This was abundantly clear as their technology came on display and their coordination cemented what they would consider victory. They had been labelled by Agony as antagonists for so long but they were undeserving of such a clear label now. Their oppressive nature and desire to cling to their ideals could only foster more conduits of power for him to feed off of. Once several minutes passed while the Legion and the military hammered Last Chance into a shape the Triumvirate could easily fit into, Agony finally began to move. Agony’s lithe frame allowed him to maneuver in and out of the chaos without much effort. There were several corpses along his path that would be paid a visit by the amorphous being, their faces contorted in agony. That is if their heads remained intact and attached to their bodies. Supplies and magical armaments would be lifted as long as there were no prying eyes to witness it and his trajectory would lead him toward the docks though he made a concentrated effort to remain as far away from the Order of Force Majeure as he could. Feigning worry for the fallen with occasional high pitched whimpers if anyone was nearby, Agony continued this charade for a while longer, seeing what other remnants of this battle he could use for his own benefit.
  8. Thank you for the Like.

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      Welcome back. Looking forward to seeing how this Malice-Rafael partnership plays out.

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    Feedback: rich text editor disabled

    This will actually help me out greatly. Thank you! Color just helps distinguish things within a post for me especially if we are posting for multiple characters in one post or interacting in different ways.
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    Poll - quests or slice of life?

    I evened it out again now too. I prefer quests with rewards (I like dat phat loot guys). I also agree with jaistlyn regarding these as ways to break the ice with new characters or get to play off of each other's strengths. It also brings people that may not have even though of sharing stories together with the promise of individual achievement. Even more 'slice of life' stories can come out of those quest ones if things go well. As an example, I wouldn't mind going on another quest with the folks I went through the Safe Riots thread with Agony so long ago. Felt we had chemistry both ooc and ic.
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    Feedback: rich text editor disabled

    My only issue with this is posting in color or doing extra stuff like images. The only way that I can get things to post in color now when I post from work (using my mobile phone mind you) is using html tags. Mostly a QoL thing for me tbh but I approve of this change anyway because reading black on black text is super annoying.
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    The Long Road Home

    It was not uncommon for anyone traveling with this ancient being to endure long bouts of silence where one remains ignored for the entirety of the trip but something within Agony’s rushed gait and demeanor spoke volumes to those observant or concerned enough to see. Distancing themselves from the Anima Imperium and maneuvering through the forest with hasty stealth tactics to avoid being followed, Agony could do nothing other than focus on extracting these two from a predicament he had placed them in. It was clear to him that in the end he had saved them from an unknown but likely worse fate but there was no solace found in this realization. His calculating mind struggled to scrape any benefit from this venture and while he did not house the entirety of the blame for its failure, it seemed that he wished to shoulder it. Agony had confronted an Elder, a devil, and a vampyre queen to attain power only to escape with new enemies and new factors that could be a detriment to his ascension. The thirst for power had narrowed his focus into the myopic and now they all suffered for it. Uncertainty now stained what had been stable and betrayal made him question whether he could trust anyone. Anyone other than these two individuals who should have abandoned him miles before should they have adopted his logic and not their own. Agony had wished for this silence between them all to persist after they had expressed their account of the events but naturally the faerie would not allow him to get his way. Her quiet question thundered into his mind and the questions that followed resounded more forcefully against his mind. He was no empath but he could feel the force of Lunara’s emotion and was now overwhelmed with a sensation that was foreign to him. He had maneuvered her small frame into a position where someone else of considerable power had violated her. Though he knew such pain and hardship would furnish strength, he could not escape this damning feeling. Was this regret? As the faerie’s emotions were laid bare, Agony stopped immediately, his back facing her. It would not be known whether he was considering ignoring her questions or simply had trouble formulating a response for it would take a likely agonizing minute before that deep baritone he chose to communicate in shot out of his form. “Power! That queen strung those two fools even in her own weakness. I wished to break her…to force her into relinquishing what little power she held and then bargain with the Elder for more. They were mere stepping stones to my ascension…” Instead they had become stumbling blocks to whatever profitable thing that had been accomplished by this organization already. “I….failed…as soon as I involved you all” This might have come out as a rude pivot of blame but he continued. “Risking our affiliation and the anonymity we hold was foolish…” Agony carefully chose his words, his delivery honest to a fault perhaps but the time for subterfuge or duplicity has long past when it comes to these two individuals. They had earned this right.
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    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Diplomacy/Charisma check?!
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    Lirrey Lines

    Agony had remained silent for much of the advancement toward the town of Lirrey which had come into view earlier than he had expected. Steely nerves prevented him from getting lost in the myriad of doubts or emotions that many would wade through without any social interaction amongst company but he elected to not respond to Lunara’s comment about Lirrey and even Karuna’s admission that he was correct. Something brewed within Agony’s mind that had no room for the women around him. The Order did not deserve to hold power over these lands and Yh’mi was weak for allowing it. There was a measure of power all around him and a potential for even more lingering within every crevice that remained untapped. It would begin with the creatures that limited themselves to this home. So even as the cyclops imposed his height and strength upon the group, Agony remained stationary. Sasha employed a defensive maneuver and Karuna dug into limited reserves to disable the threat before them. As the texture that Karuna concocted along the ground pulled the club further in, Agony could have delivered a potentially fatal blow with Oathripper. Lunara might have expected her companion to seize this opportunity but the ancient being in the guise of a black knight just began to walk forward a bit before digging into the ground before him just a few feet in front of the cyclops but far enough away to respect the creature’s space. A quick telepathic message was offered to Lunara this time, the mere fact he was communicating his intent something the fairy might see some value in. <”I will attempt to sway this creature to my side. His power will be our power”> He did not know how advanced the creature’s mind was or if his rage could be quelled but his mind reached out telepathically to deliver words with intent that were just born minutes ago. <“I am not your enemy. Calm your rage. Divert your weapon to a better cause for all of your brethren”> He attempted to access deep enough into the cyclops’ mind so that his words would be interpreted in whatever language the creature understood. An inundation of peace and tranquility would soon attempt to be injected toward the creature as he slid an arm outward with his palm facing the women he traveled with to have them hold any further attack. Obtenebra rippled along his back excitedly, wanting to bring Oathripper forth yet again but being held at bay by its host. Agony remained prepared enough should failure arise but the amorphous being’s zeal to avoid failure again only enhanced his attempt far more. Larger beasts than the one before them have been tamed throughout Terric and Genesarian history. How hard could this be?
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    Two if by Sea (Last Chance Raid)

    Character Name: Agony / Dolor Aeternum Affiliation: Abaddon Triumvirate Location: Market of Last Chance, then open area where Michael and Dredge fight Allies: None Enemies: None…yet Threat Level: Currently minimal (Monitored by Terric forces) Interactions: @Dredge - direct @amenities @Aleksei - indirect Lathered in Mayumi’s black ichor that had begun to slide off of Obtenebra’s hardened texture, crimson eyes seared through the wayward patrons of the Market who either remained dumbfounded that the fight had finally breached into the marketplace or cowered in fear. A few brave and ambitious entrepreneurs voiced their disdain for this whole ordeal which would likely cost them a day or even a week’s worth of profit. They held no restraint as insults were launched toward Agony still in his Dredge guise. “Go somewhere else already!” “You couldn’t have attacked some place as worthless like Yh’mi?! Or the devil in Patia?!” “Yeah! Go back to whatever hellhole you came from. Gaia will protect those who are worthy!” Cretins. The lot of them, too engrossed in their quotidian affairs and too engulfed in their own entitlement to realize how insignificant they all were to the warring factions around them. Were he not under the scrutinizing gaze of the Terric military, he may have saved them from their insignificance by consuming them whole but instead he perpetuated this charade and saw it fit to let loose words fitting of the hubris Dredge owned relentlessly. “You humans have persecuted and trampled over this legion I have amassed for far too long. Witness how puny and inconsequential your pampered lives are to everyone around you!” A sudden dispersion of telekinetic force thrust itself from his position, causing some of Mayumi’s black ichor to spray outward but not before Obtenebra had begun absorbing a good portion of it to learn from the small girl and surpass the powerful potential it held. The market’s goods were now stained in the ichor, its corrosive qualities damaging their merchandise. A bit of the liquid also fell upon many of the patrons of the marketplace, causing immense agony before they all began to turn on one another. Agony darted away from the center of this chaos and into a dark alleyway, using the shadows present within the area to envelop his form. Magnifying the darkness of the shadows and its reach, his form would become lost within the alleyway as Obtenebra began its shifting work again. Shadows were molded into an exact copy of this guise he wore. While titans and ants traversed this battlefield with what power they could wield, Agony’s purpose here was to avoid getting apprehended and seek gain surreptitiously from everyone involved. A minute or so would pass before a legitimate shadow copy of Dredge was created within the alleyway. Obtenebra rippled as his mass once again changed, this time into a figure far more compact than he had been before. A semblance of sunkissed flesh was created, covered in darkened robes with tendrils of black resembling hair coming out of the hood of the newly created garment. The physique he presented looked far more feminine though retained a noticeable height that was as uncommon as the movements he elected to initiate now. Leaving the dark clone in the alleyway, Agony let loose a shrill scream with a pitch worthy of his more feminine physique and then began to shout with a tinge of fear that aimed to divert suspicion. “Run everyone! There are monsters everywhere! Stop fighting one another! Save your children…save your wives. Save yourselves!” Agony was no amateur in his portrayal as arms flailed around and erratic movements were given that led him straight toward the open are near where Shanti had just managed to get to. As he was about to emerge from the narrow paths that led to the open street, he noticed the elf and some man shoot past him and toward an unforgiving wall. Recognizing the elf immediately but not caring to initiate any aid he just watched for a lengthy amount of time at their current predicament. Agony noticed Dredge leap above and toward the man with a display of athleticism that was admirable….to lesser beings. Mellifluous tones escaped the carefully constructed vocal channel he had created for this guise which made Agony sound like any ordinary female would in this circumstance. “Noooo! Don’t hurt them….” Feigning concern for Peacekeeper Michael and Shanti while yelling in Dredge’s direction, a very sly telepathic message was attempted toward Dredge that was short and enigmatic. <“You’d do well to finish this fast unless failure fuels your promise”> Standing tall a good distance away from all three of them, the feminine figure waited to see if any response would come though Agony was already preparing to leave them to their fates. If they did not intertwine with the Triumvirate then they meant nothing in the end. Summary: Agony causes market patrons to go crazy with Mayumi's ichor while giving a speech as Dredge. He also hoards some of the ichor. Using some shadow manipulation, Agony aims to throw off any surveillance by leaving a shadow copy of Dredge while transforming into a robed female. In robed female form. Agony acts scared and heads out toward the open street while inciting more fear. Stumbling into the battle between Dredge and Michael, Agony feigns worry for Michael and Shanti while sending Dredge an encrypted telepathic message.