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  1. The rumbling of the blizzard and the worried gaze of Lycoris drowned out much of the sound of Eldwine snapping himself out of his suit. Xavier’s gaze was so focused on the woman beside him that he didn’t even realize Eldwine’s avatar become unresponsive. This whole situation left the orc vulnerable as his senses were divided which left him wholly unprepared for the approaching reptilian robot that logically focused on the weaker of the two first. Outside of this virtual world, Obtenebra slithered along Xavier’s chest, mobilized by Xavier’s growing discomfort and disorientation. The orc’s ancient companion proved to be a mitigator of the pain that Xavier now felt along his neck. The robot’s hand happened to be wide enough to allow a potent squeeze that caused Xavier to wince and triggered a swift response augmented by his surprise. Lycoris would notice Xavier’s avatar staring blankly at her without any movement now though his right hand had moved forward and seemed to be gripping air before her. That hand felt cold metal which caused Xavier to grunt in anger as his free hand snapped his helmet off, tossing it against a nearby wall. The sensory clash of returning so quickly back to the real world caused him to hesitate just enough to provide the robot an opening to drive the two pincers that Eldwine had escaped toward Xavier’s chest. Were it not for Obtenebra’s quick movement, the metal likely would have pierced flesh but instead was met with a hardened surface that produced a metallic clank as it collided with the orc’s frame. Xavier recovered quickly enough to now begin using his other arm to start slowly peeling the robot’s pincers away from his throat though his breathing was labored due to the choke hold of the robot. The pincers managed to pierce the sensitive flesh of his throat as well but that only made the orc angry. His anger at being caught unaware caused the hand that initially gripped the arm held enough force now that the metal began to dent where his fingers rested. The robot attempted to pierce him in yet another area but found nothing but the black sleek surface of Obtenebra that had begun expanding itself to the point that the rest of the suit would burst off of Xavier in pieces. Xavier then saw a figure in the distance behind the reptile robot but the room was far too dark to make out who it might be and the orc decided that destroying this robot that had tried to choke him was priority number one. With the orc’s strength and senses slowly returning along with his anger rising it would not be long before he broke his metallic enemy in pieces, the hand that had been at his throat rising above the robot’s reptilian head as Xavier turned to Eldwine who he now noticed had a bloody wound. Now free to talk though he was still catching some of his breath, he addressed the man in charge… “What is going on?! You ok?”
  2. These are dark times.....I enjoy the dark.
  3. The above is my character who is basically two entities in one. A few people are still curious as to the relationship between the two but the basics are that an ancient entity was cast down and left for dead by some higher powers along with what was considered a 'tool' (black goop called Obtenebra), they created a symbiotic relationship to help each other survive and now roam around trying to learn how to 'live'. Agony emulates what he has observed from other beings but has found he cannot conform to society's norms as he believes that through pain, power is augmented, and this power is what one needs to survive the inevitable cruelty of others.
  4. Are beings that are amorphous and change but aren't considered a humanoid at all considered changeling? I have a character I play regularly that can change shape into a variety of things but never considered him to be a 'changeling' since he is just a big mass of black goop....
  5. [Mira Andronov / Ilyana Sevryn] Caecelia’s antics were distracting enough to cause a break in her fixated gaze upon Mira. She wasn’t anything like the other Hell’s Gate nobles. Nothing like the men and women she had been forced to entertain in a life previous to the glory of this present one. The woman was clearly volatile and whatever words were being spoken were forward enough to cause mouths to part in surprise around her. In the brief moment of attention that was stolen, Ilyana had already found herself somewhat entranced but immediately removed herself from the destructive trappings in favor of Mira who was the immediate blessing. “I consider myself an entrepreneur, madame. A proprietor of various enterprises throughout Terrenus.” Ilyana refuses any drink offered, the depth of her black gaze resting directly upon Mira’s own, and this time without the flirtatious scans of before. The intimacy of proximity made Mira’s words all the more entertaining as the intonations could now be discerned from within the chaotic din around them. The Hell’s Gate entrepreneur fully intended to tacitly display prioritized focus now, the slight curl of a smile beginning as if she was already aware she would enjoy the next string of words that would leave Mira’s lips. “I am a vintner by familial trade, but I also own opera houses and a nightclub in Last Chance.” Then the reversal came. “And what about you, then, Ilyana? We speak of my own value, but I have yet to hear yours.” Ilyana knew she would enjoy Mira seconds in to the beginning of their conversation but how much they had in common was highly unexpected. Ilyana’s smile widened before she responded immediately after Mira finished speaking. “I am an entrepreneur myself. I own several inns, clubs and eateries across the eastern portion of Hell’s Gate. I am also a distributor of desired goods across Terrenus.” Ilyana stepped back just a bit so that she could gauge the entirety of Mira’s response but wasted no time in continuing. “Wine and entertainment are easy on the palette of those who frequent my businesses. Should you wish to be a purveyor of those things within this fine city, I could easily assist.” A dismissive hand lingered in the air before coming to move a few strands of loose hair away from her face. She…was not done. “The ease of such a partnership doesn’t seem like it is enough though does it Mira? There must be other niche arenas we can find synergy in.” Ilyana looked at the tablet that held Mira’s name and whatever public data had already been recorded about her, motioning to it in mid conversation. “There has to be something else this cannot already tell me that I can assist with. Intuition urges me to pry so I do hope you oblige.” Ilyana gave the tablet back to her private servant but never let her gaze wander away from Mira, searching for any sign that her intuition had not failed her. She had not come here only to have another wine bottle to add to her menu or another option to stave off boredom. That was not why her savior had given her this new life. One she would not squander by confining herself to the pleasantries lesser men and women gladly indulge in. Anxiously awaiting her fellow entrepreneur’s response, she idly fiddled with Obtenebra along her thigh, ever hopeful that she would come out of this event with something her family could use. @vielle
  6. Civility? Well that was somewhat unexpected. Luz expected non-compliance but instead was met with a rather calm draconic girl that actually apologized? The surprise was not initially hidden along Luz’s face until she felt her mouth agape for far too long. She then cleared her throat and shifted to fiddle with some of the equipment while Arashi explained about food. The response made her earlier question seem ridiculously embarrassing but the Illyrian woman would just shrug it off and then respond calmly. “Understood. I will provide you with some of our Illyrian magiweave while the work on your armor is underway.” Luz moved far enough away from the cleansing devices to give Arashi the privacy she needed, opening a few compartments to gather a few things. Arashi would find the ‘shower’ area was spacious and enclosed. Once she stepped in it would close very slowly behind her and undergo a sealing process meant to prevent contamination from anything that may be washed off. A voice would pierce through the silence and indirectly address Arashi. “Subject 9257 fully analyzed. Cleansing procedure will commence in ten seconds.” The voice was clearly automated and did not care whether Arashi was prepared or not as a steady spray of water would be offered from several angles (above and to each side). A warm liquid that resembled water but had several luminous particles in it would be employed with the same restorative effects of the energy Luz used earlier to heal a good portion of the girl’s wounds. This was meant to be soothing though the device did not take into account any foreign users. Before long, Luz would set some grey attire nearby that held some gold lining and seemed to shift when touched. Illyrian magiweave was meticulously crafted to adapt to whoever decided to wear it, laced with several enchantments, one of which caused the fabric itself to bend to the user’s will and create any textures or designs they saw fit to adorn themselves with. A soft towel rested near the clothing just outside the machine. Minutes after, the smell of food would permeate through the room. A hearty stew, steaming hot, rested within a large bowl. A small loaf of bread surrounded by several cut meats and cheese were also present along a large table several feet away from the device meant to contain the girl. As far as Illyrian cuisine goes, what was offered was pedestrian at best but Arashi had not earned any luxury. “Your clothes are just outside and your food is ready.” Luz swiftly moved into a far corner, analyzing data on a screen that hovered above her. A silhouette that looked similar to Arashi could be seen with several data points laid all over the panel. The Illyrian scientist seemed to mull over something, engrossed heavily with what she was seeing. So much so she would ignore much of what was said for the minutes that followed.
  7. Xavier followed the group without speaking for most of the path to the mock locker room, wasting opportunity to gauge if Erin was up to the task as he had suddenly become distracted by a growing commotion that at first sounded like it simply came from the groups of people that were settling themselves to witness the next fight. Looking behind him only to notice empty space in the hallway leading the room, he continued to hear what he could only describe as animated yelling. “What sort of business are you running here?! You think conjuring fantasy for these desperate fools is a contribution to society?!” Though this suit attempted admirably to cancel much of the noise to enhance immersion, it could only do so much for someone so loud. Xavier struggled to keep himself oriented within the virtual world but, seeing as he had not heard anything that screamed danger, he returned only to wave Erin goodbye and then move with the rest of the group to get their seats. Xavier hesitated at first and tried to come up with several excuses as to why he may want to scout elsewhere instead of watching the fight, not realizing that the pit was no longer present but luckily he distracted himself with looking at Lycoris then back at Eldwine which forced him to consider contingency plans in case things went awry. Should he bother helping them or opt to return to his Boss if things get too heavy? The orc noticed the new arena now, letting out a deep breath in relief as he plopped his large frame on to a bench that gave them a good view of the large screens that displayed data concerning the battlefield. The initial moments were quiet but then he saw Erin, bow in hand, behind a small tent lurking as if waiting for something. The sight reminded him of all the hunters that tried to encroach upon his tribe’s territory before, killing animals that his brothers had laid claim to or attempting to assassinate them out of some crude notion concerning their right to those lands. Eyes wandered around the crowd of people now, some complaining about the choice of arena while others seemed to support it with cheers. Then Xavier heard the loud voice again. “Where is he?! I know he is here! Tell me where he is so I can force him back to reality with my fists!” The others were hearing all that yelling too weren’t they? Was it that his suit was malfunctioning?The orc lost himself for a few seconds and then looked at the screen this virtual world provided to them again to see Erin again in a different area, taking cover within the tree line and seemingly waiting for her target. He leaned toward Lycoris and started to speak. “Wait…did I miss something? How did she get there so fast?” The crowd seemed just as confused as they initiated similar dialogue with their neighbors as well. Something was odd about this whole mess but he just wasn’t sure what…yet.
  8. Apologies. Tried to pump one out yesterday but work dragged me hard. Likely wont have time to post til Monday
  9. Wrong Turn Ilyana’s body was drug by Obtenebra and into an open valley where all of the exits rested above the center of this section of the maze. It took some time for her to recover any semblance of movement on her own, her twitching legs the first sign that she could attempt to right herself instead of being carried by her savior’s gift. Forcing herself into a sit she narrowed her eyes as she looked at the bottom of the valley which of course looked inconspicuous to the naked eye. No longer holding the luxury of underestimating any area she encountered now, she pushed herself with her hands to a stand and then began carefully traversing the valley, decidedly avoiding the central portion of this room. Bare feet felt the grass underneath her, the dew present on the blades providing a cool touch that she allowed herself to indulge in for just a few moments before she regained all of her mobility again. She had initially elected to continue straight forward toward the northern exit but noticed she was no closer to reaching it then she had been when she first managed to get up. She ran and ran toward any exit she could find but did not notice any progress as the ground beneath her almost seemed to shift contrary to her movements. The inclines she faced aimed to tire her out before she ever managed to exit here. This was starting to become ridiculous and her anger began to boil at the situation. Obtenebra responded in kind by thrashing all around her every chance it got. “I am starting to think the reward isn’t worth the trouble. I could have earned more back home pandering to the nobles there…”
  10. d2in like jaistlyn for Ilyana's Reverie maze 1 = wrong 2 = right
  11. @Deus Ex Aizen I can see the characters I had in mind fitting into the idea that was posed. Just so everyone knows, I plan on having some members of the Scientific Division within Illyria join on in to benefit from studying any new species, collect any new resources (ore, magical artifacts, information), and establish a permanent deal with whatever structure ends up in place both on this ungoverned island as well as the one under Carmine rule. I will likely be looking for some people to actually play some Illyrians soon so if anyone is interested let me know 👀
  12. @jaistlyn Given that the event itself would likely be coming up unexpected, I'd be satisfied with leaving it up for chance as to what exactly happens so in short....no preference either way.
  13. Also I can technically make it light for myself by splitting up my two 'characters' as well. That would allow Soryn to be able to get glimpses of the action on both sides since I assume many things will glitch out during this sequence this time.
  14. This depends on on how intensive the load would be to run the two realms for me. If it is relatively light from a writing perspective then I am all for it. Also, are we doing the same thing here where we are racing to post ahead of enemies in combat or will there be an order now?
  15. Some tactics and who this challenger is may be helpful to tee up my next post. Is the setting that was virtually created still within a pit?
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