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  1. There was a delicate balance that needed to be enforced here. Delphinia’s knack for observation and ability to infer certain things about people by their mannerisms might aid her here but she knew nothing about the depth of Jeff’s relationship with this Cody individual. It was a shame that Jeff was obviously so extroverted which might have led someone to oversell their impression of him were they not careful. One extraordinary anomaly was acceptable she assumed but if she executed a string of them then that is when suspicions would rise and damage control might lean toward violence. She needed to be extra careful. “Surprisingly good. I thought she would play hard-to-get all night but I just lucked out man.” The visage of Jeff smiled wide while she emulated Cody by flashing Jeff’s badge and then sliding it through the card reader, only briefly acknowledging the guard before she responded to Cody’s continuing dialogue. “Yeah…hold on.” She clipped her badge on her belt for now and quickly moved to catch up to Cody. “So…I am just as surprised as you are. I think she might be that special one. I can see myself settling down somewhere with her.” ‘Jeff’ looked around and noticed all of the construction that was still occurring. Attempting to deflect having to reveal any more fabricated details about last night, a question was posed. “Had a long night. How do you think our days will go today Cody? Anything different we can expect? After last night, I am still aching for more excitement.” She stretched and let out a small yawn, the glamour holding up quite nicely for now as she adjusted her clothing much like Cody had been doing, feeling the slight weight of the standard issue weapon which was a completely foreign object to her.
  2. Yeah he is entitled to a nap. He likely wont bother asking for the sheathe until they return back to Illyria anyway (at least that is what I would do). Only a few more rounds to go til we wrap this up guys.
  3. I think I will delay that reveal until we are done just because I find that more appealing. I figured Chem would be a bit more guarded so whatever you decide is fine with me. I dont plan on having this thread be drawn out btw. Plan is to get in, get out, and enjoy the aftermath and opportunities that it provides. Any collaboration from either of you is always appreciated of course.
  4. It is likely that Delphinia will lean toward the chemical division as that seems to be the one with the more controversial elements that might be of use to someone trying to gain some corporate insight. I am still not quite sure which character/org Supes has in mind to have hired Toxicant for this job. I only took it on to actually follow through on my word that I would make use of vielle's creation at some point. So, while the following is subject to change, the trajectory now seems to be heading to the chemical division, extracting info about some of their more nefarious things, and also sabotaging some of their work.
  5. Depends on where the shady to accessible information ratio is the most optimal. I am under the assumption that the main headquarters is where most of the divisions lie (i.e. chemical, energy) while the HQ of the security branch is where all the highly skilled military folks conduct their business no?
  6. Delphinia felt a slight sense of relief at the ease in which she was able to extract information this time around. The information that she managed to gather might have been paltry to some but the small details she meticulously made Jeff explain to her would suffice. She was able to conjure up a rough picture of the headquarters’ layout and a focused hierarchy of personnel around Jeff’s level that may be of some use. Sitting cross-legged across from Jeff, she listened to everything he cared to offer, only pressing for more when she felt dissatisfied or wanted to veer the information dump toward another subject. Once she felt satisfied, she listened to Jeff’s plea with a raised eyebrow but no telltale sign of approval or disapproval. Several seconds would pass before Delphinia finally spoke. “The game isn’t finished yet Jeff. You will remain here while the job is underway and I will make sure you leave this city unscathed.” Jeff may have wanted to argue against it but as Delphinia offered him a gulp of the concoction she had made and he could instantly feel relief, he decided against making the woman mad, especially after it was explained to him that the symptoms he was feeling would take time to subside. If they had the means to orchestrate whatever job needed the meager intel he provided it was likely that they could bring him in on the extraction right? He was left to consider the possibilities rather quickly as Delphinia wasted no time exiting the dark room they were in to begin the next phase. Phase 2: Had this been Norkotia, the means with which this whole mission could have been carried out would have been crude according to her standards. Thankfully, this was Last Chance, a city still recovering from Dredge’s antics and the escape of several criminals. Grifters, thieves, and murderers alike who could not detach themselves from this city returned to their dark havens to do what they did best which is what the one who sent Delphinia here was counting on. She may have been ill-suited to infiltrate the company herself given the access she had stolen from Jeff required someone with a more masculine appearance but this was nothing a temporary glamour or carefully constructed disguise did not resolve. The access a Guardsman has to the main headquarters did not truly meet the requirements set forth by her employer but they would at least allow her to gain entry and work her way up from there. The first barrier of security was easy enough to pass, driving on to the site. Delphinia wasn’t too concerned about that. It was the next set of eyes that came upon her in the employee entrance that needed to be convinced of her ‘Jeff-ness’. “Morning Jeff!” Coincidentally that same man that she had seen with Jeff at the bar spotted her entry and decided to start walking alongside her as she made her way in. This man was an anomaly to her plan…one that needed to be dealt with if she ever intended to be successful.
  7. alright. Mulling over options as to how we can use the intel a Guardsman would provide to get where we need to go in BB. At work right now so dont have the necessary brainpower to fully tackle the approach just yet. So far I have: 1. Pose as Jeff to at least gain entry into the corporate HQ and social engineer/thievery our way to where we may want to go. Also not sure if Delphinia should do this or if another NPC should. If Delphinia then she'd need to glamour/disguise her way in. ...and that is it for now. Feel free to drop ideas here for me or in Discord. I have half a post typed up but want to transition into the next phase when I do post it up already.
  8. @HollowCipher You make the assumption that they will be wholly influenced by what Dan is saying. Sure they are now informed by Dan that 'dem godz be trippin' but they have seen their fair share of despicable beings over the history of Orisia so meh. Either way, you should be fine since the Ancient One rarely emerges anyway. On the canonization of leaving note, don't forget to get what Dan came there for before he leaves 😉
  9. One more is fine. I can ball-hog the rest of the way.
  10. Another alley-oop pass NBA Jam style to you supes.
  11. The walk toward Jeff’s apartment had been uneventful. There was an exchange of mundane details about certain likes and dislikes peppered occasionally with Jeff’s insistence on flaunting his knowledge concerning some of the sights along the way. Delphinia offered the occasional smile and giggle where she felt it necessary, prolonging this façade of willing participant to Jeff’s escort to his place. An air of innocence was offered in every single action she presented in an attempt to ease this man into a sense of comfort that she intended to exploit. So as they finally entered the simplistic studio apartment, Jeff went to mix his drinks and she…got to work. The first phase involved the sedative which she deftly applied after Jeff took some time to explain the gun case at her prompting. Once she felt his body start to go limp, she organized the transport of the limp body over to a prepared location. The walls were thick and the lighting was dark with the lighting a distinct red hue that made it rather hard to distinguish any other color. When Jeff came to, he’d notice Delphinia a few feet away mixing what he could tell was a clear liquid. Once he called out for her she took some extra seconds to finalize what she was doing then spoke. “Oh good. You finally woke up.” Delphinia stood in front of Jeff and offered that same smile she had been offering occasionally throughout their encounter with one another. At this point Jeff might begin to feel a tightness around his chest as ‘Carrie’ swirled the liquid within the clear cup and took a whiff of her creation in some form of assessment. “I took the liberty of preparing all of this for our benefit. I figured you wanted us to be alone to enjoy one another’s company but whatever venue you intended just wouldn’t do. So..Jeff…you might be starting to feel some discomfort right here…” A now-gloved finger pointed to her chest before she continued. “That is just the start of a series of discomforts you will sense throughout this interview to…inspire you toward the truth. This drink here could make it all go away but not before we finish of course.” She taps Jeff’s knee playfully then, ignoring the outbursts that were likely to come and waiting for an opportune moment to continue. “So I’ve told you what I do for a living….what do you do Jeff?” Of course Delphinia had already known the answer to this question, but Jeff’s response would help her gauge how much more work she would have to do to get what she needed.
  12. More lore never hurt a soul. Thanks for the alley-oop supes. I hope I nail this dunk.
  13. Any help toward the end goal from you will always be appreciated.
  14. Have at it. Will likely inspire me as we go on.
  15. @HollowCipher You're up next in Sinking Island still. @Zashiii You're up in Learning still.
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