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    The See-All

    The Saevion’s protective stance caught Agony’s attention as Obtenebra slid Lunara into the makeshift opening and then created a barrier with the intent of keeping her safe. Much like the caress the ancient ooze provided to Sasha during their previous trip to Yh’mi, Lunara would find the tendril lingering upon her form until it realized the danger around them. Agony was ready to avoid the mother entirely, kneeling a bit as he was ready to begin a swift sprint toward their destination. The Kraith opened beneath him, however, attempting to swallow him whole which caused him to leap into the air instinctively. Jumping forward a bit to place himself just a few feet in front of the gaping hole brought him even closer to the charging Saevion, the mother’s powerful legs closing the distance easily. Obtenebra began to ripple all around Lunara as it wanted to spring into action to defend its host, but the chaotic movement ceased suddenly as it understood what Agony wanted to do. The momentum of the mother and the incognizance the beast had regarding the hole behind him forced Agony’s hand. Logic would simply have him evade the creature and let her fall to her doom but this triumvir defied that by placing himself in the beast’s path. He just couldn’t allow the creature to die. Hands stretched outward and collided hard with the Saevion’s antlers, the force causing a loud thud that panged out in all directions. Agony’s metallic boots dug into the ground though they began sliding back toward the Kraith. Obtenebra’s strength was put to the test, though it gave itself the advantage by digging itself into the ground just as it was within inches of the threat behind them. The mother did not relent, however, not satisfied at all with the intrusion into their territory. Lunara would find that Obtenebra receded to give her space to maneuver then as if asking her to take action while two stubborn entities clashed.
  2. Soryn has no reason to move either barring a convincing argument from someone. Why move toward the harpies when you can relax on the plateau and not have them scream in your face?
  3. Ilyana can construct a place to appeal to the level of tech that those working there will be comfortable with. She wants local employees so most will likely not know how to operate things that Hell's Gate would use. If there is not an actual player behind the owner of the place then it will likely be Ilyana, using her knowledge of other markets to leverage her investment.
  4. Ilyana will be looking to establish a post for the Redeemer Inc for distribution. Likely a warehouse or some area to help Vanoran goods make their way outside of UM. She will likely take the concepts of that Cod tavern and use them outside of Vanora or suggest the owner invest in building a new one elsewhere...maybe in Casper 👀
  5. I will wait a bit for @sheep to post before continuing with Ilyana's rebuttal.
  6. On top of the damage he had taken from the lizard robot that was just about finished healing thanks to the accelerated healing given by Obtenebra, Xavier suffered several burns and cuts from the brutal defense tactics of the policemen nearby as they decidedly used the most damaging of them against the most imposing one of the group. A few deep cuts fell upon his thighs and arms as he had brute forced his way through much of the opposition and decidedly defended his team members at choice times. Making their escape into the seedier portions of this town, Xavier snorted at the sight of the empty case before feeling relief at the sight of the key and the note. That relief was soon quashed as he saw that they returned to the Purple Penguin. The irony hurt more than what he had endured to get them here but at least there was a tangible reward when the lockers were opened. The value of the sizeable amount of ercaniron was never realized by the orc but the manner in which Obtenebra reacted to it rather violently within him, sliding its way through his insides made the orc contemplate the options he had been provided by Eldwine. This might prove useful to Blob Boss in some capacity but so would some funds, especially if he planned on following through with that meeting he had established in the virtual world earlier. Xavier decided to provide his own option then. “I’ll take half of my portion and sell the rest”
  7. Xavier Xavier scanned the area for all the new entrants into this confrontation, immediately recognizing the fang leader that he had completed his first job with back at the Anima Imperium. He looked just as angry now as he did back then. The appearance of Rodan made Xavier shift between the real one and this new fake, unable to truly tell the difference which the orc immediately considered annoying. He had already been on several annoying jobs where he had to juggle allegiances and desires but this….this was different. He was with his new family and they were all confronting their hurt and their fears…together. Even the fairy had someone she was scared of which comforted Xavier in a way he had not expected. Listening to Cintrine speak and the way the small faerie responded created a kinship that motivated Xavier to confront the chieftain in a similar way. “My family was stronger than yours would ever be Thurog. I will show you how much potential we had before you ended their paths” Obtenebra seemed motivated now as it covered all of Xavier’s body then, creating an armor similar to that of Agony’s with only a minor difference in the helmet and gauntlets which were spiked. He was about to rush forward until he noticed the ice stake launched at him by Cintrine. Xavier shifted to avoid it, watching it shoot past his left. Thurog took advantage of the momentary distraction to advance forward, his massive steps crushing the ice beneath him and signaling his approach enough for Xavier to begin bracing himself but before Xavier had the time to react he watched as Thurog shifted his approach and headed straight for Rodan and Diego, lunging forward with a forceful vertical swing of his large axe. Xavier was just about to run after Thurog but was suddenly caught off guard by the two clown mask wearing creatures brandishing daggers. The metal of the daggers scraped against Obtenebra at his neck and face as they shot past him and then attempted to stab his side. Their acrobatics reminded him of someone he had met on a previous job but these two were far less entertaining. Stomping hard into the ground beneath him with enough force that caused the ground to vibrate and cause ice shards to shoot up from the ground, he uses the distraction to launch a kick toward one of the clowns that launches the creature up in the air near the aerial battle Decimus was having with the priestess. The other creature, angry at what just happened looked poised to stab Xavier as the orc had given it his back and was momentarily distracted by Cintrine’s battle with the fairy. It was clear that without some makeshift teamwork, they would not get out of this illusory trap. Agony The ancient entity looked at Cerebri who seemed to be the only one thrust into this illusion beside him. He followed his tentative companion toward the outcrop of rocks, his tall frame not providing much in terms of concealment. The volume of those within the parade and their ignorance regarding his approach only reinforced the fact he was in an illusion as his amorphous mass failed to startle anyone as they were too engrossed in the festivities that saw the Telerian flag raised in reverence as well as several people gyrating with glee all around him. Agony seemed unfazed, his focus fixated in the distance as he saw a fleet of airships hovering as the fog became more prominent in view. With the Helldriver deferring to him for guidance, Agony stood erect without any hint of acknowledgment for a few seconds before his voice erupted. “We head toward the fog” Anyone with a semblance of logic would believe that option was one of the worst one could choose and consider Agony’s confident delivery of his words a clear sign that the ancient entity was insane. The blob, however, considered this illusion nothing more than yet another test to evaluate his own resolve and what he was willing to endure to achieve his goals. The calamity the fog represented needed to be confronted without fear or trepidation for it was this staunch position that had garnered him the most benefit. Agony began to move forward, weaving through crowds and buildings toward the airship docks in the distance that were decorated with vibrant gems and crystals that provided stark contrast to the ominous grey behind them. He expected Cerebri to chime in whenever he wished to become useful, much like he’d expect any other member of the Triumvirate to do the same but Agony’s intention would not falter nor would he ever allow failure to stifle him again. Screams and shouts mixed with a cacophony of shrieks and groans as silhouettes began to appear from within the fog miles ahead of them. Agony stood in the middle of the Telerian people, motionless as if in contemplation, Obtenebra pooling along the ground as he considered his next option. Whatever it was, it would surely bring him face to face with Whispernight’s might.
  8. Yes I usually hit enter twice to get that space there. Never really thought about how it looks on the forum. My brain must be used to the format so much.
  9. Anyone else feel like this thread is lagging a bit? I am a bit foggy on the status of the threats here so have not really decided what the next move is but I believe I already took my turn this round?
  10. Skip away good sir. With Xavier getting the antidote he should be good to go shortly after.
  11. I am Mother - Netflix Sci-fi movie that came out recently about AI in a post apocalyptic scenario. Standard fare for most. Hilary Swank is decent here as is the premise concerning AI. It was a decent ride throughout even though I could predict certain plot points. I usually steer clear of Netflix movies for a variety of reasons but decided to watch this solely because I appreciate the Swank factor. She didn't disappoint. I was satisfied with the ending and the time I invested in watching it. Found most of the concepts believable and character choices acceptable too which is always a plus.
  12. Ilyana sat calmly in a lobby just outside of the meeting room, toying with her outfit in a meticulous process that saw fingers trail along her thighs then back up to her chest. The ‘fabric’ of her dress seemed to inch toward her touch as if it held a mind of its own but no one would be able to see it given they were far too focused on moving into a room full of men and women stuck in the past. She could hear their petty conversations about their most recent acquisitions and their most recent conquests, their drivel reminding her of a past she had crawled her way out of in favor of this freedom that surged through her very being. She was growing anxious to take control but she left Ananias there to enjoy his last official day on the board. Ananias’ eyes glazed over the long table within this meeting room as the others socialized, frozen in thought at the realization of what he had to do. The plan had always been to introduce a new majority stockholder and urge the others in his group to bend to her will somehow. He knew he had the wherewithal and the talent to do so but the shock that this was actually happening made him nearly mute in this throng of people. He tried to find a way he could weasel out of this but always returned to the safest route he could take…acceptance. The severance package would still make him rich in his old age and help him avoid the inevitable fallout. If anything that woman outside in the lobby was a fair businesswoman given her leverage. The talkative board members were oblivious to the commotion downstairs for now, but Ilyana surely wasn’t. She could hear the distant sound of some sort of physical battle and merely arched a brow as the unexpected event kept her out of the boredom that was sneaking its way through. Obtenebra was on high alert now, clinging to her body and ready to instinctively react in its paranoia but as the elevator doors opened and she watched Gustav begin to dispatch some unsuspecting guards in the distance on his way to the meeting room she simply feigned shock along with a few others that were in this lobby. The sight of Violeta trailing behind the aggressive man was the more interesting development, the young woman walking behind with clear purpose. The girl slammed the doors open which caused the room comprised mostly of men to stop speaking to look at her. Ilyana rose to a stand and slowly began walking toward the room, listening to her words thanks to the pin on Ananias’ suit. A smile started to curl along her lips as she listened to the entrance executed with endearing authority. "You are panicking over Vincent's disappearance, are you all not? In that case, I shall propose that the Ventrix family shall rightfully reclaim ownership of Ventrix Industries and turn it into a sole proprietorship!" By this time Ilyana’s approach could be heard by Gustav, the heels of her shoes signaling her movement. She was wary of the tall man but simply gave him a small smile, standing at the threshold of the door to see what response was given. Ananias stood up and moved toward the document provided, examining it with scrutiny and then noticed Ilyana at the door. “Everyone….everyone. Calm down!” He raised his hands with palms facing the group of men in a gesture meant to suggest they halt whatever they were doing. He set the document back down on the table then rather dismissively. “The sudden disappearance of Vincent has placed us all on edge here which is why we called this meeting to discuss the future of the company.” He points at Violeta, eyes glazing all over the young woman as if searching for something. “This girl has forced her way in to this meeting attempting to prey on the insecurity of this board like a brute. She believes a simple document and some muscle is all she needs to usurp Vincent in his absence. The timing is impeccable if you ask me. Vincent has been gone for weeks now and she decides to swoop in? I am sure those of you loyal to the Ventrix name feel compelled to bend to her wiles but I came here with a different solution in mind. One that frees us from the uncertainty of this family’s name and into a new era where Casper cannot confine us.” Several men grinned as if they were ready for something, these conspirators having waited months for this moment though they would be sorely disappointed. “A majority of the partners and I have partnered with an entrepreneur in Hell’s Gate looking to expand her business with the means to move our products with an appreciation of the vast potential…and of course, profit, to be had with spreading business all over Terrenus and even across the treacherous waters over to Genesaris. All of our shares have been transferred to her business making her a key stockholder already. The Ventrix family has limited themselves for far too long. Don’t let this upstart girl sway you with some pieces of paper and idle threats. Instead, side with…her.” Ananias slowly moved his hand to motion toward Ilyana who stepped in slowly, decidedly looking at Violeta first while approaching the girl calmly. She would move to stand right beside the girl should she allow it but inevitably turn to face the board. “My name is Ilyana Sevryn, owner of The Redeemer Inc. headquartered in Hell’s Gate. Looking forward to investing in the growth of this company alongside whoever commits to my vision.” Some of the board member’s mouths fell agape as they were trying to process the second blow. A brief moment of silence and then one could see several men yelling at Ananias. “Traitor!” “We had a deal!” Others stared heavily at both of the women at the head of the table, contemplating how they would respond. Ilyana turns her head slightly to address Violeta. “Beautiful entrance and delivery by the way. It is so refreshing to see such passion and fervor from a fellow businesswoman.”
  13. Post has been edited now to reflect that.
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