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  1. I was only able to pump out one post today due to work shenanigans so the Ancient One quest is up first. Tomorrow the Ulway should be up as well. @Sanonymous @ticklefarte @HollowCipher Below is the link to the post.
  2. “We are perfectly capable of handling this on our own without any foreign involvement my king.” “Yes. I know. But if we are going to coexist with any of the people outside of these islands, this is necessary.” Luz looked visibly concerned about the prospect of introducing something or someone she could not fully control into any endeavor she wished to pursue. She tried to come up with some other sort of counter argument that would sound cooperative to her Light’s cause but she could think of nothing that would not garner some sort of admonishment. So with heavy head and shoulders somewhat slumped in resignation, she responded. “I will begin preparing now then my Light.” Luz began barking orders to the group of men and women tasked with preparing the same vessel they had used to confront the Black Queen weeks ago. Many executed their tasks hurriedly as if in fear of the repercussions should their steps falter. The infamy of the leader of the Scientific Division drove them toward perfection and she did nothing to squander this ability she had earned ever since she was gifted her position. She stood upon the crystalline vessel, conveniently docked in a pocket governed by La’Ruta’s presence. Weeks of study had allowed them to modify and innovate to create magical magnets capable of manipulating the magic in the air for use in propulsion and charge some of their weaponry. It was a crude start to their ability to make use all of the new things around them. The specific spot she chose to begin these preparations was strategic, well on the outskirts of the city on the eastern side of the Ceyana island. Word had been sent to those looking for employment that experienced explorers were requested to chase after what had been presented as a mythical beast though Illyrians knew better thanks to their monitoring equipment and the data provided by some elderly Orisians. She wasn’t expecting this realm to offer much of anything she could use, however, deciding to make sure her people were ready before even entertaining the idea of moving out onto the open area of the docks that those who arrived would be led to and confined to upon arrival. Guards would scrutinize all weaponry, using analytical scanners that would be attempting to find any magical components as well as identify each weapon and its owner. The excuse presented would be that it would help the leader of the expedition utilize their skills to the fullest but in truth it was simply to keep track of each foreign insertion into an expedition that Luz fully believed she didn’t need any of them for. Luz would be seen in the distance, ensuring that supplies were boarded and yelling at those she felt were dragging their heels. All non-Illyrian entrants would feel several eyes fall upon them, most with mild curiosity but some with a burning scrutiny that they did not hide at all. The din of the daily events at the docks did not relent though, as several merchants called out to anyone around to look at their wares and others tended to their own private vessels. A salty mist mingled with the sticky humidity around them, visibly annoying the Illyrians around them as several muttered comments about the ‘Orisian remnants’ and how they couldn’t wait to go back home. Several personnel nearby clearly felt the same way which didn’t make their first call for the visitors all that pleasant. “If anyone is here to join Ms. Yllende on her expedition, raise your hands or get on with your business’
  3. That works for me if it works for everyone else unless you all need something from Ilyana before you proceed.
  4. It was more that he can relate to being a 'monster' at an early age as well as loss. Plus, he might understand her aversion to fire now...I think.
  5. @Vilhardt I am good with that but I believe @Vetanoob should post before me with a response. Then I can wrap things up after and submit for canonization
  6. Since the consensus is to end it I will join my brethren in moving to end this. I enjoyed how this went along but I believe it can be improved upon a bit. Not sure how yet but it can be discussed.
  7. I think any knowledge about any creature will suffice. I agree the portal is the best reward to further their goals here and perhaps just whatever Intel the Dr. can provide as an asset. I am also willing to participate in another thread to find out more about Sasha. Agony can relate to the little one, especially after what they saw. Also, I dont think I have to post any further either but i wouldnt want Agony to leave Karuna without getting her contact info or leaving her a means to contact them unless she wishes to join them for some reason. @1ionFang
  8. @ticklefarte Likely some crew members for the vessel they need on the first one. Second one will be only limited personnel to avoid scaring the Ulway. @princeben07 you are picking which quest and which character. @Thotification up to you.
  9. Aside from body modification, what other skills/knowledge does Doctor Xeyal possess that may help Agony have a persuasive advantage for Yh'mi's creatures? 🤔
  10. I think things like that are ok but doesnt increase the appeal for me personally. Plus the thought of having to oversee those things and the potential for bad first impressions outweighs the pros imo. Again I lean more toward stating with the good that we currently have over taking up this endeavour but I will use any tool I can to enhance my experience here positively. To me the thought of someone who might not know i exist in other servers but wants a quick way of pinging me to bounce an idea or just chat just enhances the idea of community for me but I am an idealist in this area. The realist in me falls in line with much of what has been said about a possible divide and likely negative impact.
  11. Draft of Team Compositions so far: Ancient One: Luz Yllende - me Dan Palmer ( @HollowCipher ) VCF folks ( @Sanonymous ) Baiden ( @ticklefarte ) Ulway: Heron - me Linda ( @Thotification ) Abe ( @Anon ) Asura ( @Rabbit ) Wild Card Character (means can go in either): Maelfor ( @princeben07 ) Will likely close recruitment this weekend and then work on a post early next week. Thank you everyone for expressing your interest thus far!
  12. Just using Dan on the first is fine. Lucas might not like either since there will be plenty o adults (minus Linda of course)
  13. Mira should have no problem attempting to court Ilyana into an extension of a partnership unless she wants to be extra sneaky and attempt something with Violeta. 🙂
  14. Alright so does anyone have any preference regarding which quest they want to participate in? I do not want it to be too skewed in either direction. I know that finding the Ancient One will be enticing for many but I would also like some folks to get in on the expedition to Amalia (may be slightly less action-oriented unless we make some action of our own). Let me know which one you would prefer or if you don't mind either. Will help me decide how I may want to do certain things.
  15. @sheep Since we don't really know what Coco and Liz are going to, progress is hinging toward this presentation now. I will wait one or two more days. If not, @Vilhardt , can you drive it to the end?
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