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  1. Dolor Aeternum

    I mean really ooc

    No keep it up Ty, this is entertaining.
  2. Dolor Aeternum

    What emotion does your character most evoke in others?

    Agony - Terror, Disgust, Confusion...probably more. Amorphous blobs tend to provoke all sorts of responses I assume. Xavier - Not sure yet but generally surprise at how capable he is so far. Luz - Fear, Respect given the position she is in and how she handles situations. Ilyana - Amusement since she likes to cater to people's tastes in order to woo them or fear once they realize how formidable she is.
  3. Dolor Aeternum

    Reviving the Promise [Sky's Great Ravine Airship]

    Obtenebra rippled in response to the magical saturation that it felt, both in Xavier’s body and along Agony’s amorphous shape. Gone was the guise of the knight that he had elected to wear to avoid more attention than was warranted. Agony had stood motionless, eyeless, and utterly shapeless throughout the entirety of the trip. As contemplative as ever, he had watched this group around him with senses that transcended the physical and had begun to figure out what the future would hold for this group that had somehow tethered themselves to help his cause as much as their own. This symbiotic relationship nearly mirrored what he had with Obtenebra though he doubted they would ever reach such devotion as he had already begun to see that the acquisition of power had already begun to reshape the bonds that had been established and tested since their first meeting. Lunara had gained powers even she had yet to fully unpack, Rodan had begun amassing his own personal army amidst the spoils of war, and even Xavier had begun establishing a foothold within Terrenus. The notion that he may have nurtured or catalyzed it all escaped him as he focused more on the stability of this union that had already been tested many times in the last few months. Agony knew of Ilyana’s aspirations and endeavors with Mori and of Kallias’ escape from prison. The only outlier was Cerebri whose mere affiliation with Lunara helped him avoid scrutiny initially but he would not be safe on this day. Agony remained silent as the rest of the group deliberated on how to approach. Xavier did the same, far too engrossed in future aspirations to acknowledge that the present needed his attention. Agony moved slowly forward, passing almost every single member here with his black mass without any visible acknowledgment before he placed himself at the forward of the ship that had just conveniently set itself on land. A shrill voice that gradually morphed into baritone emerged. “Do what you think is efficient. Those that remain can follow me or stay here.” The shapeless triumvir tacitly expressed confidence in the decisions of those around him while still asserting his own desires here. Agony’s large mass propelled itself on to a rocky surface several hundred feet before them, the battering thuds of his gelatinous mass echoing in this area. Obtenebra reacted excitedly to the faint feel of magic that moved underneath it and seemed to beckon them all forward into a path drenched in darkness. Xavier stretched and cracked his neck a few times before jumping forward and landing directly behind Agony, the orc’s mass causing the rocky surface to crack from the force and the magic beneath to react to the disturbance by momentarily amplifying its own output. There was no doubt that something powerful had rooted itself in the cave and maybe even far more than what Xavier had initially reported. “You feel it boss?! This will be worth it for all of us.” Agony began slowly moving into the depths of the cave without even acknowledging Xavier and would eventually be swallowed by the darkness that was prevalent at its mouth. Xavier signed a bit and then followed suit.
  4. There is more truth and other details to uncover so the Daily Weekly via Soryn is committed to seeing this through.
  5. Dolor Aeternum

    I mean, really now

    Looking at his meaty hands, Xavier realized something that caused him to frown. Obtenebra had decided to remove itself from any connection to the suit and Xavier was alone in this new virtual world. He could still feel Obtenebra but there was a sense of detachment that provoked a certain sadness that only made the orc that much more uncomfortable as he finally gained his bearings. He hardly looked any different than his actual self except for the fact that his skin was mostly black and did not hold the green hue that his tribe was known for. He felt some relief that he was still recognized by the group he entered this world in as Lycoris addressed him and then asked him where the others were. Xavier made the assumption that the faint silhouette near him was in fact Erin and he saw Eldwine immediately so he motioned to them without responding vocally for now. Once Erin finally loaded after taking much longer than the others, he noticed her childlike appearance, raised a brow and then let out a hearty laugh that was drowned out by the all the noise around them. “Suits you…” They might not have heard him at all as he starts to walk away from the group, having heard Eldwine ask for help finding a ‘Hyppogenium’? Whatever it was he decided to just outright ask an avatar of a woman passing by, stepping in front of her with his imposing figure which stopped her in her tracks just enough for him to deliver his question. “Hey, do you know where the Hypposeum is?” The woman, clad in some clingy leather with a blond ponytail, blinked and then looked at Xavier incredulously. Xavier noticed the similarity of attire with who he knew to be Lycoris and idly wondered if there was an archetype in Terrenus that he was unaware of. “If you mean the Hypnogium then…” The woman just pointed downward as if that meant anything to Xavier and then started to walk away. Xavier took some time to process the gesticulation before shrugging and turning to the rest of the group and mimicking the motion. See…already helpful…
  6. Dolor Aeternum

    I mean really ooc

    Aiming to post soon but definitely by eob today 🙂
  7. There is only so much Soryn love to give at a time folks...but rest assured it will find you *cue ominous version of the Daily Weekly theme*
  8. Oh he had grown to truly enjoy this sensation. The feel of the wind carrying a light and salty mist on to his face and through his nostrils. The calm and yet sometimes fierce undulation the waves caused his ghost ship as he maneuvered across the seas. To think this could have never been possible were it not for Blob Boss who gifted him with the black oozy gift that helped him gain this property that was his…all his. Sure there were some specters here and there manning the ship that didn’t let him truly enjoy it on his own most times but this ship was his pride now and one he had no qualms using to help his family. When Blob Boss let him know that they would be going off on a journey to...as he put it…’ensure their progression of power’, Xavier jumped at the chance to help. He would take him wherever he needed to go whenever he needed to go. The ship neared a nearly barren shore drained of most life and nearly untrekked were it not for those brave souls who wanted to benefit from the horrors that Whispernight and the magestorms of old had caused. Hidden deep within a cove, this place was merely a whisper told between seafarers that somehow managed to reach Xavier’s ear as he docked after one of his many journeys. He wanted to tell Blob Boss about it sooner but the thought of aimlessly searching for it while his boss’s creepy red eyes glared at him in disgust warranted that he research further so it took a few weeks of asking the more sinister areas along those maritime destinations, strong arming truth from pirate and peddler alike before he finally had a good bearing on where this place might be. Even then it took them nearly an hour once they reached the general area to truly find it as the waters were truly unforgiving in this area. Death seemed to have conquered much of what lay before them though there was a hum of power that lingered in the air mixed with the beautiful sea that promoted excitement to those who could sense such things. It had been ages since so many of this makeshift family’s members had worked together but it was about time they could feel the promise they had felt that fateful day in Patia again. @jaistlyn @Tyler @Fierach @sorainvoked @PandaHat @King
  9. Dolor Aeternum

    What’s the meaning of your character’s name?

    Agony - He literally chose that name because it was the first potent emotion he experienced in-story when he arrived here and he uses the name as a reminder of his goals. Obtenebra - The black ooze is as much a character as my characters it is attached to. Used the name literally just to reference darkness and obfuscation. Luz Yllende - She is super infatuated with another character of mine that they call 'their Light' and since Luz is just light in Spanish I thought it was something cool to do. All of my other character's names were just randomly chosen because I like how they sound or thought it would be fitting for them.
  10. Dolor Aeternum

    The Reverie Maze [Accepted Participants Only]

    Wrong Turn Ilyana gingerly continued through this narrow passage, inevitably forced to see it through to the end in the name of progress which seemed fickle and fleeting. The host of this event in all of his/her benevolence better provide accurate reward that matched the hardship that was faced. Her business acumen caused her to think of how she would improve upon this entire event or how she would have approached the marketing. This distraction was welcome as she felt the throbbing pain cease and forgot about the rest of the discomfort caused by being tossed around like a ragdoll for now. Obtenebra, however, did not as it struggled to maintain its structure in light of optimizing its protection for its host. Gone was the formal attire in favor of a form fitting suit that clung to Ilyana and covered all of the skin that had been exposed. Ilyana felt the restriction that caused as she no longer felt the wind along her legs and arms but she did not question her gift this time. Reaching the end of the narrow pathway, she emerged at an opening shaped like a square and surrounded by a floral arrangement that aimed to purposefully distract. A myriad of colors were present all around her which almost caused her to smile were it not for the sudden sound of air being displaced as the flowers around her began to expel a distinct concoction that smelled sweet but caused her muscles to relax and her eyes to go heavy. Obtenebra sprung into action and jutted out of her body but not before completely covering her face and plugging her nose. Any semblance of humanity on her face was gone now, left with nothing but black as her gift began to literally drag her toward an exit to the east. The audience looked on and cheered for her through the hardship though she couldn’t hear any of it. A few had to look away, unable to fathom what this woman was if she was a woman at all. Despite whatever she/it was the audience began to doubt that any mere mortal could end up the victor here.
  11. Dolor Aeternum

    Dice Rolling Thread

    Ilyana for the Reverie Maze.
  12. Dolor Aeternum

    Lost in a Maze! [A Reverie Event]

    I like how the roll value for right turn was also the roll for Ilyana. 👀
  13. Dolor Aeternum

    I mean, really now

    The orc flashed a grin as he got his way and stared long at Erin before moving to put on the suit. Xavier took some time placing the mesh suit on his massive body, fumbling with some of the wires and looking visibly uncomfortable as the suit barely managed to fit on his bulk. The receptors came in contact with Obtenebra on some occasions which caused the black substance to recede so that it came in contact with flesh. Xavier tried to hide this as best as he could, shifting around so that the others couldn’t see but his ancient companion would be hard to conceal. After several awkward movements, Xavier seemed ready to start so he planted himself near Lycoris and then felt a tingling sensation all over his chest which caused the orc to jump before he started to see things he knew weren’t physically there. Vibrant colors assaulted his eyes from within the helm as neon signs advertised a variety of services and several avatars began walking by him without a care in the world. It was then that he noticed a certain aura around his appendages that let him know where his arms and legs were but did not look like he knew they should. Xavier would shake his arm and then shake his leg trying to regain his bearings which caused a few avatars that passed by to jerk their bodies to circle around him. The din of the crowd around him caused him to dart his head to and fro until he took a long deep breath and mumbled something to himself; a mantra to keep it together. He frantically searched for the others but only saw a silhouette of someone near him that seemed to take a long time to take shape. Attempting to poke at it, unaware that it was Erin taking her sweet time, he found his fingers slide right through which bothered him every which way. Music filled his ears as there was a band playing in this centralized area. A group of women brushed by him and had no qualms letting themselves slide around him which activated some receptors that caused nerves to fire up as he felt them go by but the orc knew they weren’t physically there. The woman scrunched their faces in mild disgust after they noticed what he was. This orc had no time to be offended as he clearly did not come prepared for this part of the job and it showed with how his body jerked at every sudden movement. In whispers, he said following to himself. “This is all for the money Xavier…just suck it up.” It seemed to help just a bit as he stood upright and looked promisingly imposing. That was his job right? To be the muscle and nothing more? Please let it be all he needed to be this time around.
  14. Dolor Aeternum

    I mean really ooc

    How much immersion will the suits actually provide? Is it more like AR or just a VR overlay on top of what Xavier can actually see?
  15. Technically Soryn's utility device may have picked up on it but maybe I will roll a die to see if Soryn notices it when he reviews the footage overnight