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  1. Dolor Aeternum

    The Illuminarium

    Still good here
  2. Dolor Aeternum

    Strangers in the Night [Networking Event - Interest Check]

    Not sure about the player I was matched with so feel free to change it up for Ilyana.
  3. Dolor Aeternum

    Warring Factions: HGS Silver Vision

    Hmm since I dont know how the Ilyana x Cae meeting will end up going not sure if I should jump into this as friend or frenemy. Was either thinking of planting some sort of backdoor device that would give some control or just eavesdrop which would go against the AI installation eventually I am sure or just offer more skilled workers/mercenaries to protect in exchange for some ins with those in power within Hell's Gate. 🤔
  4. Dolor Aeternum

    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    Oh I knew who was asking...I just let you all know Ilyana would be more forthcoming if it came from Celestine. If Anatase insists then he will get some attitude but will get the bulk of the information she found too. 😉
  5. Dolor Aeternum

    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    Ilyana will reply to Celestine if she asks nicely.
  6. Dolor Aeternum

    MOBS lobby v3

    I like what you proposed. Gives incentive to participate in future ones for me at least. Will these post points only be valid for the current tournament or can they be hoarded?
  7. Dolor Aeternum

    Strangers in the Night [Networking Event - Interest Check]

    @Grimmholt I was actually waiting to see if you'd post before putting in one of my own. Ilyana is still ready to mingle heh.
  8. Dolor Aeternum

    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Hey now. He is angry and worried. Lunara seems to be presumptuous about Agony. ☹
  9. Dolor Aeternum

    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    Yeah sorry guys. Work trip sprung up on me. Lead us @Thotification !
  10. Dolor Aeternum

    Claiming the Furthest Point

    While the bold reporter evaded attacks and had managed to kill a small amount of the insect like chitten that threatened his life and the future of their goals, Soryn noticed several small notifications on the display provided by Celene that only served to augment the urgency of his own defense. He began speaking even in the midst of his movement, his breathing calm and his voice firm despite the mounting odds. “Viewers, this is the threat that Yh’mi poses. The volatility and uncertainty that permeate through these lands cannot be allowed to spread any further.” The hovering cameras that had taken their place over the center of the four wagons quickly shifted to view the emergence of the Chitten Magnus, Soryn too focused on defending the wagons to truly comment but that did not prevent the viewers from getting a good view of the monstrosity protrude through the ground and elevate itself as a threat to those within that section of this group. “A Magnus! It must be the one controlling the Chitten! Strike at its lower body! Its skin is thick, but you can get through it.” The P.U.D. zoomed in on Fidelitas as the paladin gave instruction, storing the crucial data both for future editing and for the benefit of Soryn’s information database. “I knew it….” Chaos abounded and though the reporter was distracted with ensuring his own survival, the P.U.D. was thankfully capable of capturing most of what was occurring around its owner. The appearance of the twistlings, the revelation of the Magnus, and the relentless Chitten pack reinforced the need the Order of the White Hand had for experienced individuals to ensure their mission. It also fueled the belief Soryn had that there was a deficiency that the Order of the White Hand that could only be bolstered by outside involvement. Neither were things Soryn had the time to delve into any further at this time, the versatile reporter decidedly moving in a way that suggested he knew how to handle himself in chaotic situations as he weaved around the those still within this quadrant, checking for any threats to the wagons. Vlad’s arrival to assist Soryn caused the man to acknowledge the engineer with a silent nod and a shift to place himself right beside the man who just assisted him by pushing several Chitten away from their position. Gripping his scimitar with a single hand, he entered a defensive stance that saw the scimitar begin glowing with a light green aura while he responded to Vlad…off the record of course. “You could say I am particularly adept at wading through danger for a good story.” The attempt at humor was evident as was the calmness he exhibited as he prepared his next actions. Positioning himself between the chittens and the wagons as much as he could against a swarm of many creatures, he swung his scimitar horizontally in the air. The energy that had been placed on his scimitar lingered in a line in the air before compressing itself and slicing through the air toward a chitten. The energy sliced clean through the creature but it was clear Soryn was disappointed that it did not hit any more. Things were becoming increasingly dire as the true test of this group’s resolve was only beginning.
  11. Dolor Aeternum

    Dice Rolling Thread

    D12 for Soryn's actions in CFP
  12. Dolor Aeternum

    Lirrey Lines

    Obtenebra had dug hard into the corpses nearby as well as the ground in a desperate attempt to prevent it’s host from subjecting itself to whatever machinations the Lirrey Star held for those who were judged and convicted by standards that were devoid of Terran law and morality. Agony himself, fearless as he had been pulled close to the pool of blood, fixated upon the sight of Lunara becoming imbued with a power that was ancient in nature and measured high during Agony’s unforgiving discernment as he neared her. His obsession was so acute that Agony had barely noticed Karuna’s attempt to prevent the success of the Admiral’s pull until the tremble and sense of the witch’s depletion caught Obtenebra’s attentions. Obtenebra, gluttonous as ever, rippled along the area that the woman touched as she feebly attempted to place her arms around Agony’s massive frame until things significantly calmed down and both witnessed the fairy’s elimination of their current threat. The spray of blood fell upon Agony and Obtenebra wasted no time consuming the blood out of pure feverish hunger and curiousity. The dark liquid would seep into Agony as if the massive knight was absorbing it. Bright red seared through his helm and toward Lunara who pointed their way and asked them to repent. Lunara’s approach and grin were met with a narrowed gaze as he no longer sensed the energy signature that he had learned to discern from the fairy but instead felt something new. Obtenebra rippled violently now as the absorbed blood began prying against its own separate will. A compulsion arose to comply with the comical request of this new avatar which showed as tendrils formed out of what had originally been tough armor and lurched toward the fairy hungrily but Agony remained silent. Karuna would feel the odd texture of the supposed armor she held latch on to her skin a bit until the witch snapped her arms away and toward Sasha in her fear. Still a small extension of Obtenebra would not allow Karuna to detach herself, clinging to some of the woman’s wrist even through the conjuring of purple energy on her hand, lapping on the vibrant energy she wielded and scrutinizing its potential as sustenance. As all of this occurred Agony had been deep in contemplation regarding what had just occurred. Logic would count this as victory but something else did not allow him to accept a win. His head turned to regard the larger creature in the distance with burgeoning contempt and suspicion. The creature’s physical size and the power that was felt did not deter Agony any. Were he bound by the emotions and inclinations he held as well as Obtenebra’s then what had just occurred may have only been a prelude to a much more difficult battle for dominance here. He had heard the words that had been spoken by the diminutive fairy earlier concerning the Eater of Stars and the Order of the White Hand. While he was beginning to agree with the latter, he knew little of the former and it was this ignorance that annoyed him the most. The sensation that the fairy had allowed herself to be submerged within powers she knew little about filled Agony with a sense he had forgotten for centuries. Dread. Forceful baritone erupted from an unseen orifice to address Lunara now, Obtenebra still clinging to Karuna as if attempting to console the witch after she was clearly overwhelmed even while it felt briefly compelled by the blood it had ingested. “Am I absolved of the debt I owed you? Did you get what you wanted?” Emphasis decorated many of the words he had just spoken as if he was angry at something…or someone. Agony didn’t know why his words were delivered in this fashion but they felt right…especially when everything else just felt…wrong.
  13. Dolor Aeternum

    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    So Obtenebra is likely going to lap up that blood sprayed on it due to its gluttony. What would consumption of said blood do under usual circumstances? Obtenebra is ancient and has a formidable digestive system and defenses but I want to make sure I play things right since that doesnt mean it will be void of any affect.