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    Pooled into a liquidy mass on the forest floor, Agony was inundated with a flurry of images. War-torn landscapes torn asunder by the aggression of the greedy and peaceful establishments full of the quotidian lives of the innocent cycled through his mind at a speed that might overwhelm someone whose mind was not accustomed to manipulation. Agony endured it all, unsure of what the entity’s motives truly were until everything faded to black and one specific scene started to slowly come into focus. The ancient being’s senses were flooded, guttural and ear-piercing sounds rattling through. Thunder occasionally broke through the flurry of other noises, the lightning that preceded it providing a glimpse of what he knew was a constructed image even though it felt…true…felt…real. Through all of the commotion he had failed to realize that he could not move and that there was a thin but potent barrier slowly moving inward, aiming to confine him. This realization suddenly added detail to his surroundings. Rubble was scattered throughout this land but it was now that he could see strips of flesh all leading to the severed head of the orc Xavier. His vision trailed along to see a severed hand housing several rings that have lost the life that had been infused into them. A woman punctured by several spikes hung unceremoniously to a post, her black eyes lifeless and her arms reaching out toward him. He could see Mori dead with several of her technological constructs crushed around her, Cerebri impaled upon a spike in the distance gripping his gun and coughing up blood. Then the smallest of thuds hit his barrier, blood streaking along the invisible wall and providing a macabre view of Lunara, drenched in the same type of blood that she wielded before she slid down to the floor. Agony felt a sense of loss much worse than what the Great Devourer had forced him to endure but what left the ancient being suffering in horror was his inability to act, confined against his will. A large black figure clad in a mixture of crimson and black armor suddenly flickered into his existence, a fierce crimson gaze much like his own staring directly at him just outside the barrier. “This sort of failure is why you were cast down to this pitiful realm. You and your outcast companion will never achieve the power we hold…the power you used to hold.” The large pool of black ooze caused by Obtenebra bubbled violently and moved around in a mixture of anger, disappointment, and hatred. The sense of powerlessness causing memories to flood in of a time centuries passed. Seconds would pass before the voice trickled in then, the scene that had been created fading into a profound black. “If ALLEGIANCE given.... Power RETURNED!” Agony considered the proposal, the thought of allying with an ancient being much like Lunara had at first rejected but the lingering feelings the images brought in crumbled much of his initial resistance. Allegiances were what created the family he had just seen massacred. Allegiances were what had also led him into his most recent failure. Agony was silent for a few seconds until his thunderous voice spoke both in the physical and mental spaces. “Allegiance will be given if the power you return is sufficient…” The being he had seen in his vision had jarred memories that had been foggy for centuries, reminding him of why he had been placed here and the agony that fashioned who he was now. Lun’silth would find Agony’s mind still lucid, the onslaught of imagery tasking but handled well by this being who has endured more suffering than most realize.
  2. I was waiting for some more bodies so then Celene can beep boop into action but will definitely have something up by Monday.
  3. Rolling for Luz to figure out neurotoxin in Sinking
  4. Luz continued her analysis of whatever poison this masked man was trying to blackmail her with. Normally in this circumstance she would remain defiant until the end, but time was of the essence and the behemoth that had emerged underneath them could leave them any minute now. So Luz’s white hot silver gaze bore down upon the man that Baiden held, an anger marring any sort of affable quality to her visage. She practically snarled at the man until the kid calling himself Joker decided to poof into existence and attempt to add pressure to the situation. The aid might have been received well by others but Luz found his intervention just an added burden, which was only exacerbated by the fact the kid had conjured up some familiars that looked all too eager to eviscerate the man she wanted answers from. There was some solace in the fact that he sent out a few of his ‘pets’ to gather samples though which prompted her to begin speaking. “Stop staring at me or him. Get to work everyone!” She grimaced after that, feeling some painful effect of whatever she had been injected with, her device still analyzing though when the man began speaking and chose to spew some insulting drivel, Luz’s eyes widened and her fists clenched. Pure adrenaline enhanced her ability to mitigate whatever effects the man had intended on inflicting upon her, her eyes darting around as if she knew where this ‘6’ was moving at all times throughout his smoky attempts to escape. Truth was that she was starting to pick up on his nominal energy signature even amidst the massive power beneath them. This foreign agent that had the gall to infiltrate this vessel just to let loose some haughty words concerning his organization and their desire to contain threats. She picked apart all of his words, scrutinizing him from afar while suddenly shifting her weight to lean on Baiden as her physical body was currently not as sharp as her mind. Once he finally expressed his foolish desire to negotiate, Luz narrowed her eyes before turning to Baiden. “I need you to lead the rest of the team on to the creature and keep them in order. I need you to search for a specific item embedded within the creature’s skin. You will know it when you see it. I will deal with…him.” Turning to Dan, she arches a brow before speaking at him. “Joker, you can do as you please but make sure he stays alive…at least as long as we need him to.” Waving an arm in the air somewhat lazily she spoke to the rest of those who remained, armored men with a variety of devices all trained on the agent. “Stay where you are but don’t let him out of your sight.” Finally returning her bold silver gaze toward the agent once again, she continues. “We can ‘negotiate’ just fine in your current predicament. Get on with it before I let them all loose and worry about my own fate without your convenient cure.” Her tanned skin looked just slightly more pale but she did her best to make sure that she seemed serious about her words. She wouldn’t let one agent undermine what her Light was attempting to do in this wretched world.
  5. One of my favorite shows. I also liked the media war but wasnt a fan of how they portrayed Luthor in some scenes.
  6. @Thotification Last call for your post. It has been almost a week. We will likely skip you this round and move on to the next person if you are tied up. @ticklefarte @Sanonymous @HollowCipher I am slowly working through my post but work is killing me so may be delayed just one more day again. Apologies.
  7. Xavier Xavier continued to fall toward the ground but seemingly didn’t care. He closed his eyes peacefully as he felt the wind rush alongside him from his descent. Any normal creature might wail and scream at the sensation but he knew enough about the gift that Blob Boss had given him to maintain his composure. Sure enough, Obtenebra burst into action at the prospect of its host being severely injured, shooting out of its comfortable place along the orc’s torso, downward toward the floor in a sort of coiled fashion. One could not be sure whether this was a mixture of Xavier’s own creativity with the ancient being’s adaptability or a conjuration solely from the blackened ooze but the ingenuity allowed Xavier to use his own descent toward the ground to spring himself back up with enough force that he’d be launched at a height slightly lower than he had been lifted by the earth magicians. The flying orc projectile flew in the air, a grin displaying the orc’s surprisingly clean teeth present as he slung back a fist and flew right through the conjured earth of several of their foes, crushing the rock and causing most of them to lose balance and fall toward the floor. The ensuing thuds of his form against the rocks would be heard, the sprays of rock moving every which way with no regard for his companions. A few measly rocks shouldn’t harm even the puny fairy he thought. His large bulk would eventually disappear from the line of sight of everyone as the pile of rocks he left in his wake would make it hard to see forward now. Agony When Agony noticed the physical limitations of the Helldriver, he was far from impressed but that wasn’t why he had been hired. The analytical mind of the amorphous being regarded him as an asset much like Rodan, better suited for specialized endeavors that did not require engaging in all out warfare. There was concern after the events of Anima and the events of Yh’mi that the possibility that whatever they had forged this last year would finally catch the wandering eye of those who did not agree with their methods or their beliefs. Something nagged at him and told him that Raphael and Roen were not the threats that would ultimately test the bonds of his….’family’. Cerebri’s verbal request would seemingly go without acknowledgment but it was simply due to the lack of conventional expression that was common with a being with no discernable face. A whip like protrusion would shoot out from the center of his mass, the cold ooze wrapping around the lever several times swiftly, some of the revolutions even coiling around Cerebri’s hands as he pulled on the lever. Agony pulled with considerable strength, enough that Cerebri would likely get a nominal sense of the physical power he possessed. The power was not enough to crush the rough hands of the Helldriver but the threat was there. That lever that groaned with the Helldriver’s strength alone would now submit to their combined power and begin hoisting the anchor from below. Several other scythe-like protrusions continued to slice away at any incoming hordes that managed to climb on to the ship, limbs and fleshy skulls scattering about. The fog in the distance suddenly dispersed and a black-winged behemoth emerged thrashing through the hordes of creatures and people below before it moved its massive head to look at the airships that were docked. The draconic creature set his sights upon their airship, the doom set upon this city ready to manifest itself before their very eyes. Agony sensed the immense amount of power in the creature. Power he had yet to achieve. His thunderous voice emerged from his black mass. “We need to leave now!”
  8. Work has been a little crazy these last few days folks. However, if I dont post by end of today then I will likely post tomorrow in the Sinking Island thread.
  9. Both Obtenebra and Ilyana were angered at the mere mention of Raphael now but for different reasons. Still, the fact that Ilyana was angered did not let her care to keep her ancient companion in check and it showed in the way that her dress lost its form and undulated with abandon. The fact she was so close to Gabriela would let the vampyre feel a rumbling behind her that cared little for where it rested on her form, the dichotomy of both cold and hot temperatures pressing forward until she finished expressing her fear. That fear, thankfully, served to quell much of the physical activity of what was obviously not her attire as she began to remember when she too knew nothing but fear. When despair clinched on to her and began slowly suffocating all hope. Where this carnal vessel suffered from her weakness and her inability to overcome the fear others had nurtured in her being. The memories angered her more than anything nowadays which did not sit well with Obtenebra which sought to regulate, to protect, and to preserve its investment. Anger never benefited its primary host and it would not help the orc or this woman either. Ilyana cared little for the fact that her proximity now could be interpreted as intimate, the words spoken by the Black Queen reeling her in and drowning her in her own empathy for the woman’s current plight. The golden eyed beauty was no friend to her but she still felt this engrained need to treat her like one now. The whisper that slipped from Gabriela’s mouth had trouble reaching Ilyana’s ears over the thumping noise of the club. She silently wished she could move them to a more private venue or arrange some sort of closed access but she refrained from suggesting anything in favor of trying to pick out the soft words that escaped the queen’s ears. She managed to hear most of it but did not let any visible reaction manifest along her face. Instead, she let Rodan initiate his offer, narrowed eyes scrutinizing the Mutator and making sure it was known that she was analyzing the man. Triumvir or not, she was not going to let the woman beside her enter into an agreement of ill benefit. Rodan’s proposal was acceptable enough for Ilyana to stifle any sort of objection or counter on Gabriela’s behalf. Whether the queen liked it or not, she decided to appoint herself as an appraiser who would determine if the queen should deign entering into an agreement with a man who had wronged her once already. She spoke up, most of her words directed at Rodan at first. “Your freedom in exchange for giving her some semblance of freedom with the risk of incurring even more wrath from a foreign emperor? Still, I find you have more to gain from this than she does. A woman’s body once surrendered to another is most vulnerable. Someone needs to be present to ensure both sides hold up their end of the bargain. Normally I would suggest someone that holds no bias but if both parties agree then I offer myself up to be present and make sure that both of you get what you want. All I ask is that after this is over, you give me a moment of your time to ask something of you Gabriela.” She made sure to now come to a stand now, placing herself close to both of them and in a position equidistant to them as well. This wasn’t the best pitch she has ever made but hopefully it would do for now.
  10. Ilyana didn’t spend the entirety of her time focusing on Cae, electing to finally begin truly indulging in the meal prepared for her by Camelia and Iolanda. Unlike Caeceila’s proper etiquette, Ilyana’s posture was much more casual. Carefully cutting the steak before her while munching on some more of the fingerling potatoes, she meticulously sliced through the meat and separated items as she prepared to eat. She grabbed what she could with bare hands. She blatantly forked things away from Aislyn which was not met with any sort of negative reaction from her companion. Ilyana isn’t oblivious to Caeceila’s adherence to behaviors normally associated with those of her class but none of it mattered nor surprised her in the slightest. The contrast of upbringing between the two of them was noticeable but irrelevant to this partnership she was fashioning. What benefit she could extract from it was still questionable but for now she would trust that they at least were willing to work together for the sake of this city and possibly Terrenus. All of the other ‘baggage’ that came with this package deal would just have to be addressed when necessary. Ilyana dove right into enjoying the meal before her, combining the flavors of the filet mignon, the prawns, the potatoes, the mushrooms, and much more in a variety of combinations as if she were searching for some perfect mix. Each bite produced a smile and a brief glance at Cammy or Io to show her approval from time to time. That is…until Caeceila began speaking again. She hadn’t come here to debate whether or not Victory was comparable to either of them but Caeceila would be able to tell that she did not completely agree with her assessment of the Monroe creation. Still that did not mean she would not humor the Heiress’ simple suggestion that a conversation could sway matters in their favor. She knew all too well the power of carefully structured sentences. As Cae continued, Ilyana was just about to try the next combination in her list but let the silverware drop noticeably on to the plate at what the Heiress was suggesting. Eyes bore into the steak below her as she let Cae finish. It wasn’t anger that was noticeable on Ilyana’s face but deep contemplation had her close her eyes and her fingers linger over her recently dropped utensils. Aislyn, meanwhile, arched a brow at the offer. She had visited the western side of Hell’s Gate on many occasion…none of which were truly of her own accord. She knew all about the lavish lifestyle and the culture that permeated through their which is why she let out a small ‘hah’ before taking a big bite of food and turning to see what her boss had to say. Nines filled what would have been some considerable length of silence with her disapproval which caused Ilyana to finally tilt her head upward to look at Nines seriously. She was starting to get a grasp of what her companion truly felt concerning the drow and given the two before her were already aware of what was inside of her she quickly responded to Nines. “I believe….’it’ only wants to kill you. For some reason I believe ‘it’ is likely not the only one.” Obtenebra rippled along her body then but Ilyana let her hands slide along the ‘dress’ slowly as if she was pacifying it. There was no playful inflection offered as the implied threat was let loose. Luckily, Camelia’s optimism softened whatever hardened expression Ilyana was going to deliver. Though she too was curious as to where Obtenebra came from or even what it was, she would not begin to discuss possibilities with anyone in this room, especially not when they were all too curious about it. As Cammy moved closer with those adorable pink eyes, Ilyana smiled at her while she listened to her speak. Cammy’s defense of Nines was taken into account and she nodded in response to the catgirl’s question. “Promise.” A hand rested just above the swell of her breasts then to accentuate the agreement before she turned to Nines. “I won’t let it harm you unless you give me reason to.” Aislyn was just glad that was resolved quickly but made sure to remind Ilyana about Caeceila’s offer. “What of Lady Glasmann’s offer?” Ilyana turned to Aislyn, her smile fading quickly before she too exhaled much like Cae had before and then turned to the heiress. “I am going to have to respectfully decline your invitation. I have no qualms visiting your exquisite manor more frequently but I will maintain my residence in the east, not because I care what the press will make of such a move but because I will be much more comfortable and thus more useful in the east. I am sure there are other accommodations we can discuss to ensure our operations remain secure. Aislyn you are free to do as you please.” Aislyn blinked as she saw Ilyana look at her, realizing she had to make a decision for herself. Her gaze shot toward Nines, then Cae, then the two catgirls, then back to her employer. She cleared her throat out of nervousness, adjusted her clothing, and then finally spoke. “If you ladies do not mind, I would like to take Lady Cae’s offer and establish a secure method of communication between The Redeemer and the Glasmann Estate. There is already infrastructure in place to facilitate this on our end, I will just need some access to the network on site. I can remain on site to continue maintaining it and can relay any information between both parties easily since I will be present.” Aislyn casually revealed one of the reasons she had been chosen to come along then, allowing the revelation of one of her skills shine forth though it likely meant little to the suspicious women before her. Ilyana turned back to both Cae and Nines and spoke. “Well there you have it. I am sure it is not what you might have expected but tying up such an important asset like Aislyn for this purpose is a sacrifice I am willing to make.” Aislyn blushed a bit given she was rarely ever complimented by her boss but quickly recovered as she waited for their response.
  11. @jaistlyn The House of Torment effect starts on the beginning of each turn right?
  12. Heron’s eyes darted about to look at what his companions were doing and what they were capable of. Maintaining the barrier was easy enough, but the learned scientist knew that it was only delaying the inevitable when it came to these creatures which were as fascinating as they were dangerous. Asura’s contribution to defense was admirable as he felt the wave of heat from her flamethrowers around him incinerate a good amount of the creatures. The soldiers nearby joined in quickly with their own flames, some even timing their bursts with the Illyrian to augment the impact of those flames. Heron then looked at Linda who decided to provide some medical support to the unfortunate souls while maintaining her own barrier to keep the small creatures at bay. “Fascinating…” The Illyrian elder then noticed Abe’s ability to manipulate naturally occurring electricity, watching as the millibytes who seemed to have some sort of technology in their bodies began to short circuit. “Wonderful…” Heron’s eyes shone brightly as he witnessed the abilities of those around him, his belief that there was definitely merit to bringing them along finally finding support. The millibytes soon swarmed over his barrier, wanting to end what they considered a threat to their environment. Heron’s barrier was not closed so the director had to think fast. His swift analytical mind quickly came up with a strategy he thought was the most efficient and he wasted no time delegating. “Asura, aim your flamethrowers toward the top of my barrier.” Addressing Linda, he continued. “You, young lady. Recover all that were afflicted and move them away quickly.” Then he turned to Abe. “You, let loose…now!” Heron’s barrier regained some of its strength as he infused it with some more energy that came from the device along his wrist and he waited to see if his attempt at a cooperative strategy with these two foreigners would end in success. Unlike Luz, Heron had hope.
  13. Ilyana did not enjoy the predicament she was in at all, surrounded by pigs that wanted to end her existence. This was not really what she signed up for when she had decided to help Caeceila Glasmann. She knew that she could have chosen to simply let Camelia and Io handle much of this while she honeyed Aveline and the governor up to glean some more information on the Enrele threat but she opted to take a more hands-on approach for more personal reasons. She knew her unique companion’s gluttonous tendencies would enjoy some time to let loose. The control in this relationship she had with Obtenebra was soon relinquished as the threat of the pigs became far too dynamic for her to handle on her own. Encircled by pigs who now rushed her, she closed her eyes and then let whispered words flow from her mouth. “I’m all yours….” The entirety of her body became engulfed by the black ooze now, covering her face completely and taking control of all of her movements. The scythes that were on her arms extended further now and her body leaped upward while her body contorted slightly to twirl viciously in midair. The quick revolutions of her form allowed the sharp scythes to slice through the air and clean through the sows that had decided to jump at her. Their blood spattered in all sorts of directions. The pigs below collided with one another though some caught on quickly and distanced themselves to stay away from the sharp threat her form now caused. They were ready to catch her landing with a vicious tackle but were then distracted by the fire. Gravity had begun to force her body to descend and the sound of Io’s voice and the sudden spike in temperature urged Obtenebra to heed the catgirl’s request. Ilyana’s form continued to look less and less human as Obtenebra began to adapt to its current predicament and extend toward the ground to keep itself suspended and continue slicing through the air. It wasn’t until Iolanda came close by that a thick fibrous tendril jutted out from the oddly shaped mass that used to resemble Ilyana, aiming to latch on to Iolanda. If the catgirl even allowed it, it the tendril would become taut and allow her to drag its mass away from whatever it was Cammy was conjuring.
  14. @P.N.See - Since Soryn will end up taking one of those rally points from Murray, I have edited my post to state Soryn is patching Vlad up (2 x Heal) and delaying an action.
  15. Soryn may be able to heal because I think he only lost 1 Sanity last round so only needs one Meditate to fill up. @P.N.See
  16. She didn’t know whether it was the alcohol now or just the rhythmic pounding of her heart caused by the music around her but there was a certain sense of calm in this moment that comforted her. She was tempted to turn off her senses then and let whatever tense conversation she had injected herself in just pass while she indulged herself but the pang of remembrance concerning the plight of the city she cared for reeled her attentions back in. Her auditory senses somehow honed themselves spontaneously, the melodic tones of the Black Queen and the inexplicable cadence of the Mutator filling her ears almost as if the three of them were the only ones present here. “Cheers. To charity...May I see it truly and honestly tonight.” “If you’re with me, your chances are undoubtedly high.” She lifted her glass and tipped it slightly toward Gabriela, enhancing the gesture with a playful smirk. Now that Rodan’s words were much clearer, she had begun to understand why the queen seemed so bothered by his presence. There was a knowing quality to his choice of words that spoke of a history that was clearly not welcomed by the golden-eyed beauty beside her. It was when she could make out the name Anima from her fixation upon their dialogue that she raised a brow. Xavier had told her about that whole affair then, having been spared by Raphael and hearing about how her savior had confronted the devil and the emperor and lived. This man couldn’t be talking about that day could he? Gabriela turned and provided her a much better look at Rodan. Still, nothing registered, until she started to speak after. She revealed her relationship to the man beside her and thus revealed the man’s affiliation to Ilyana’s benefit. Yet, the Redeemer did not have any visible reaction to the knowledge. She knew better than to give anything away…to anyone. When the queen challenged the poor bartender’s stock, she felt a small bit of pity for the man but as soon as Gabriela started speaking Ilyana’s attentions were glued to the emotions and the specificity of her words. Something kindred bubbled within Ilyana that forced her to feel a powerful sadness wash over her. Her lips curled into a frown as she overheard Gabriela’s personal accounts of the Carmine Emperor’s treatment of her and the pain caused by the Patian devil. Once she understood that Gabriela was practically sold into her predicament she felt her anger boil, which caused Obtenebra to ripple along her thighs and cling to the supple flesh as it felt its host’s current emotional state. Gabriela’s words resonated so deeply within Ilyana that she felt herself leaning in to the point that her body came close to Gabriela’s once again. The queen had managed to unearth memories that caused her own eyes to well up just then and Ilyana was having trouble recovering. She was about to inject her voice into the conversation until she heard Gabriela explain how the man before them manipulated the flesh of others and solidified her suspicions that she did indeed know who he was. The Mutator was a member of her cherished family. He was a man who allied himself with her savior for the good of the oppressed. Ilyana felt torn then, sympathizing with the queen’s current situation but now also realizing another member of her family was here with her. She felt her desire to help Gabriela somehow and redeem her from the torture she was enduring but did not wish to interfere with whatever reason Rodan had for engaging her either. Thankfully, she didn’t need to make any rash decision then with the Mutator responding to the queen’s exposition. Listening to Rodan speak gave her insight few others could earn given they were not aware of the family that had taken her in. She would not be standing here, free to do as she pleases, were it not for the power she had been gifted that day in Hell’s Gate. What she thought was an abomination ready to end her miserable life had turned out to be the saving grace that freed her from being used and abused much like she understood Gabriela to be. Ilyana was quick to pick up on Rodan’s pitch. Being the astute businesswoman that she was, it was clear he was attempting to sway her into either purchasing his services or bind her into some sort of contract. She didn’t know why or to what end but she took this moment to finally inject herself. “Freedom from the source..or sources of your pain should always be something within our reach. It is a shame if you are ever stuck to the belief that your pain will never end…that you are powerless to free yourself. Such is how many within Terrenus and abroad think which is a travesty. No one should ever feel this way.” She gulps down the last of the Spider’s Bliss that was in her glass before she continued. “That power you need to assert yourself should never be unavailable to those who need it. Whether by fate…destiny…or whatever divinity allows, opportunity should always be found in any circumstance if you truly search for it. I say you humor whatever proposition this man is trying to present with his words. Being the accomplished businesswoman I am, know a potential good deal when I see one even when the source of that opportunity may be from someone you utterly despise. Of course, I can also tell when it is best to simply squash an offer when it threatens to harm you more than it should. If you allow me to, I can consult for you now…free of charge” Ilyana attempted to feign as much impartiality as she could given she was torn in her desires here. She ended up deciding to approach this much like she had approached her acquisition of Ventrix Industries not too long ago. She had much to gain no matter which way this ended so truly all that mattered was that the Redeemer emerges the winner and that everyone was all the better for it.
  17. I would like to build off of this occurrence with Ilyana's recent buy in to a company that is selling products that have injection as a primary method of 'consumption'. I will try and scour through the threads to see if I can find where this occurred but if anyone has a link for me then that would be great.
  18. Soryn had watched as Fidelitas and the others who followed the paladin surrendered themselves to the harpies while others were allowed to exit some door in the distance. He had instantly regretted not following then as the vertigo that began and this sudden feeling of falling overwhelmed him for what seemed like an eternity. Flashes of the harpies scraping and manipulating the bodies of Fidelitas and the others flooded his senses until Celene was thrust through the door and he was left to endure the instability. Then he felt his body collide with a sandy floor and the din of the crowd around him fill his ears. Gasping for air as he sat up to a sit, he noticed some familiar faces from the encounter before though there were some he hadn’t had a chance to meet or observe yet. Collecting himself, he listened to the boy announcing their unwilling entry into some sort of coliseum. The feeling of the sand beneath his hands brought back several memories of a past where his blade and not his voice did much of the talking. Turning to see a curled up Dan, he inferred some sort of traumatic trigger had caused the child to react negatively to his surroundings. Moving to a stand, he moved closer to Dan but noticed the resilience of the kid once he began meditating. Jarred from his analysis of Dan by the sound of Charlie yelling, he shook his head and then finally realized that he could not sense Celene nearby. Great, all that investment by the Daily Weekly and he has already lost his companion. The pained expression on his face was visible but he soon recovered and then took his time analyzing his surroundings without the crutch of technology to guide him. Soryn made his way over to the familiar face that was Vlad who seemed the most wounded of everyone here. "Let's get you ready to face whatever this is" A warm light extended from his palm over the more visible wounds the man held to heal him up. This predicament would require everyone to be at their best. Now was when his ability to assess the information at hand would be truly tested.
  19. All good on my end. Holiday weekends don't generally count on my 3-day timer for posting. Good luck on your exam. Excellent.
  20. The bartender provided a small bottle in comparison to some of the cheaper items that were provided on the shelf. The bottle neck was long until it expanded into a bulbous container that housed one of their more infamous drinks: Spider’s Bliss. She was given a shot first which she downed rather swiftly. The bartender attempted to stop her but failed. Ilyana’s eyes widened as she felt the burn down her throat and then felt a surge of energy course through her body that caused much of her body to vibrate. A sense of euphoria inundated her form and caused her lips to part as she let out a gasp. Obtenebra did not enjoy the involuntary action and it showed in the way Ilyana’s dress rippled for a few seconds but Ilyana recovered quickly only to notice Gabriela decided to turn her way and speak. “Look at you – offering your services even though no one has asked for them” Ilyana turned to her with a smile and knowing that Gabriela was not done, she waited for the words that followed with her chin resting on her palm and elbow planted on to the bartop. The Redeemer arched a brow at the sudden hostility and then the claim that she had the ‘wrong person’. Watching that coldness in her gold gaze and the manner which she spoke devoid of expected diplomacy but most of all…respect. Whatever anger boiled within the woman toward her was unwarranted in her eyes which became evident in the way she responded now. “You might not have asked but the offer stands just the same. Charity is a force of habit for me but you are free to ignore it. Have yourself a drink…Gabriela. After that maybe I can make your visit to Terrenus much more pleasurable than it seemingly has been thus far.” She made sure to address the woman before her informally. If the visiting queen wanted to act outside of her position, Ilyana had no problem treating her as she would any other patron here. Ilyana couldn’t truly hear much of what Rodan was saying, the din of the establishment not allowing her to hear much of it. She did, however, pay close attention to how Gabriela reacted, her eyes sliding between Rodan and Gabriela periodically as she now took sips of her drink in controlled intervals. Something felt familiar about the Mutator and his brief contact with her form earlier had not gone unnoticed. She ignored her desire to inject herself further for now though, biding her time until it was her turn once again.
  21. Ilyana was not oblivious to the way that Camelia looked at her nor the fact that Iolanda was aware and seemed to be the more stable of the two. Did Ilyana care? Not in the slightest. Keeping herself close to the two catgirls, Ilyana felt Obtenebra squirm from within her as it began to feel an imminent threat coming. The paranoid ooze had always attempted to warn her should it feel she had placed herself in a dangerous predicament and the idea that harm could come to its vessel shifted the companion from passive to active quickly. Watching the exchange between Camelia and Io, Ilyana had already entered a stance, giving her back to her two companions to scan the area behind them. When Camelia’s strange magic manifested, the withered leaves providing a makeshift curtain for the oncoming threat of these pigs, Ilyana’s eyes widened as the staccato of thuds began. The strategy was sound but the sight of some of the pigs landing on their hooves signaled the idea that this problem was far more difficult than it originally appeared to be. In that instant she regretted not contacting Xavier to come join her as insurance should this partnership with Camelia and co not have the synergy she hoped it would. She’d have little time to dwell on it though as the rush of pigs came at her. A few eager pigs lunged at her head on in their hubris but would find their faces sliced or their legs cut clean off by the sharp scythe appendages along her arms. Though their hides were considerably thick, the honed sharpness of Obtenebra’s makeshift weaponry had been learned through centuries of adapting from previous failures. The pigs she did not manage to incapacitate quickly shifted their approach, the next wave jumping from above in a variety of angles that caused Ilyana to jump away right into a charging pig that rammed hard into her body and caused her to fly several feet forward. She would have collided with some smooth moss-covered rock not too far off had it not been for Obtenebra hooking on to a portion of some trees to stop her momentum. The portion of Obtenebra that did so caused bare flesh to become exposed along her thighs and her midsection but once she stepped on to the ground it receded back into the fitted attire she had decided to wear here. Noticing that she had not escaped the attentions of several of the aggressive pigs, she yelled out to the catgirls. “Be careful!” Just a courtesy really. Ilyana trusted both Cammy and Io could handle themselves well and together even the surprising difficulty of their prey would not overwhelm them…at least not right now.
  22. Alright I am setting some ground rules here on out in hopes this exchange will go smoothly between Luz, Baiden, G and eventually Dan. Luz and co will be continuing to attempt to analyze the poison. I will be rolling before either every post or every other post to determine if she manages to either mitigate the symptoms or outright cure them. Not sure yet how we will determine the odds but am open to suggestion. As time progresses, the odds of 1/70 shift to perhaps something like 1/60 and so on. I want it to still be at G's advantage but be true to how Luz and the Illyrians are as well as they are accomplished scientists and have some impressive tech at their disposal. It is assumed G will be attempting to leverage this situation in his favor but rules of engagement are necessary so from now on there are no more autos done to any character (i.e. automatically stating that your attack or action is successful) I let it slide this time for both the dart and Baiden's approach to G but everyone needs to have autonomy of their character within reason so lets remember this going forward. I doubt this will turn into something that will turn argumentative. I want things to play out organically but I want to make sure we all stay true to our characters too. Feel free to provide any counter-arguments or additions that you feel will enhance the story as we go along.
  23. Luz was busy making sure that those with sampling kits had everything they needed to completely their assigned tasks. She also distracted herself with making sure the vessel kept itself pressed into the Ancient One’s body as it rose from the ocean. The behemoth was unfazed by the vessel’s attachment, likely used to it as it cared little for what was in its way whenever it rose. There had been stories of vessels of lesser quality being utterly demolished upon its ascension, sinking into the Ild Pass with the crew left to attempt to swim their way back to either Ceyana or Orisia to survive. Written and verbal accounts had been made claiming there had been survivors but after witnessing this creature firsthand Luz doubted any of them were true. Silvery eyes turned toward Baiden as he took charge and threatened people into action. Luz wasn’t impressed but she did seem rather appreciative that the Soldier took it upon himself to do such a thing. He may have been an acceptable leader were it not for his slips of judgment. Another loud bellow of the Ancient One came just in time to coordinate with the sound of an explosion in the distance. At first, Luz believed that the rough ascension of the vessel may have triggered some sort of violent reaction but then let pride sink in, believing their engineers would not be so foolish as to allow something like that to happen. She had been about to send a few subordinates over to check but suddenly felt a prick on the side of her neck. Injected with a foreign substance from the sneaky foreigner, Luz felt her knees buckle and would have fallen were it not for the quick Illyrian woman beside her. Instinct picked up as she knew she pulled out the dart, examined it groggily and then managed to bark out an order to the woman near her. “Place this in an examiner….” That was all she could muster before she heard the sound of yelling and turned her attentions to Baiden engaging a man with a white mask. The confrontation turned heated and her own fury did not let her stop it by any means. She felt herself slowly gaining enough strength to stand on her own though the tinges of pain spread throughout her body. A pained expression and a furious silver gaze looked at the man that Baiden was threatening. The device attached to her wrist slowly began attempting to analyze the poison coursing through her veins which were slowly turning green from her neck but had no immediate success. Approaching behind Baiden gingerly, she addresses the aggressor. “Answer him or suffer…”
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