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  1. After today I will be on vacation/staycation until after Memorial Day so I will be AFV-ish until then. For those I am involved in RPs with, feel free to skip me and proceed. You can contact me on Discord/PM and ask about any auto you may want to do for my character within reason to speed things along/progress the story or if you just want to chat about future RPs and such.

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  2. Invisible energies collided with one another, weaving through La’Ruta's embrace subtly at first until rejection began and a mixture of chaos and order battered the atmosphere. Her flailing power was met with a harsh swipe that displaced the air between them and would cause blond tresses to flow every which way and damp black hair to struggle to maintain its attachment to his rugged face. Every step she took found oppressive volatility returned that even the ancient energy that coursed through this land seemed to encourage for reasons unknown. Bare feet moved forward slowly without any hesitation as lips parted to respond appropriately to the confidence she exuded. “What a waste it would be if I did not witness the fruit of our union in all her glory, driven by whim toward me after so many wasted years. You may have thought my attentions fleeting, darting from one open thigh to another, but such acute thinking is reserved for the inexperienced. As you frolicked from plane to plane, I remained where I belonged.” His approach did not relent nor would it should she attempt to avoid it for once this deity’s attentions were fixed few could escape him. She’d find him standing mere inches before her soon enough but he’d continue regardless. “I would have been easily found…daughter…had you the strength to do so. But I understand….what is a mere babe to do when it has been malnourished by others? I suppose imposing blame on me may satisfy your meager appetite but it will do nothing to change what you are right now little one.” He would make no move to touch her but the strength of the crackling energies around him were invasive enough that it would not matter for they would seek to permeate through supple flesh and let her witness the transcending nature of who he was. “Now that you have me before you…beloved…whatsoever will you choose to do now?” His mocking tone would not go unnoticed and neither would the intensity of his stare upon her form, scrutinizing everything she was.
  3. Xavier slowly took his time coming back from the illusory world that he cared little for. With his vision returned to Eldwine standing over mini Falcon, the orc lethargically began taking off the suit, still feeling the effects of the barbiturates. If it weren’t for the stings of Obtenebra urging him back into awareness, his massive frame might have just collapsed for what he felt was a much needed nap. Through grimace and yawn, he was finally free of the burden of that device so he stretched real wide as Eldwine explained their current situation. He mulled over the task, his mind still lagging in terms of reaction time but admirably capable. In the end, however, he decided to discard whatever he conjured up and walk up toward Falcon-mini. The shuddering boy turned away but could not escape Xavier poking at him with his index finger. “Much smaller in person. You picked the wrong group to betray.” The finger poked hard at the Falcon’s ribs before Xavier grabbed the satchel with the remaining coin. “I will take this for all the trouble you caused me.” A large booted foot stepped on the Falcon lightly and was about to press in further but Eldwine motioned them away so he simply stepped over the man and out into the arcade. Once Erin provided her idea, Xavier allowed himself to return to attempting to conjure up an idea. The orc knew his strengths and none of them seemed to apply here initially. He didn’t have Blob Boss with him so brute forcing their way to the third floor wasn’t even remotely plausible. He didn’t have the technomancer with him either so hacking their way into the facility wasn’t possible either. His specialization seemed to limit him but this sort of moment might prove useful for development. In that spirit, Xavier spoke rather candidly, the inflections of his voice returning as the barbiturates were nearly flushed from his system now. “Impersonate a guard and gain access to the evidence room that way? Can we get the layout of the place or intel on a guard somehow?”
  4. I find it appropriate sir. Lets start brainstorming for this heist.
  5. Serpentine energies invisible to the untrained eye snapped wildly in the air as he pivoted slightly to face her completely. Black silk fell loosely along his chest and tattered pants revealed the hardships of this corporeal vessel straining to contain him with open wounds caked with crimson blood marring otherwise vibrant flesh. As she extended no luxury of pleasantries nor endearment, he reciprocated that same disinterest, tilting his head upward to the sky as if distracted by the forest canopy that covered this meeting. Venom found its way over to him, coursing through in an attempt to debilitate or disable but his beloved daughter would not receive any visible response. Instead, his tones mimicked her own. “What a reprieve it is to see you alive, adorned with trinkets untested and unencumbered of purpose or zeal.” Moist hair pressed itself against his skin as he looked up, listening to the silence he imposed around the area which gave their words more impact as they attempted to sting and pierce through vehemence. The vitriolic darts that she spewed from her mouth were of little consequence to a deity who has witnessed many greater than she attempt to wound him with knowledge they assumed he would regret. Still, this did not mean that he was devoid of any sense of responsibility for one of his finest creations. His head slowly tilted down to look at the only side of her face she did not deprive him of. “No prison or obstacle could prevent me from attaining what I desire should I have deemed the effort worthy of pursuing." Swirling green eyes seared their gaze in her direction, gauging her response before he continued. "What measure of benevolence drove my daughter to this oppressive land I wonder?” Sarcasm laced nearly every syllable save for the emphatic and possessive words that signified who she was to him. No amount of pain, sorrow, love, or hatred will ever change the truth he spoke then.
  6. Malicious eddies roiled, disrupting the tranquility of this forest in an attempt to bend the very nature toward ancient will that held no sympathy for this land’s plight. Energy raked at the forest bed, clawing into the earth as the saturated air thickened as it prepared for an arrival the monitor of Orisia courted due to whims few could ever explain. Perhaps it relented, possessing a clairvoyance of a reunion it wished to oversee or desired. The flaring emotion that licked at the suffocating air that filled this section of the forest proved capable of transcending physical plane and provoking one of the originators of her current torment. Tempestuous winds blew through this area, heralding his immediate arrival as bare feet planted themselves upon scattered leaves. Silence blanketed their surroundings as creatures were soon overwhelmed by the pressure that he exuded, forced to remain immobile in reverence and survival instinct. All who witnessed were forced into observation as this corporeal form that crackled unforgivingly with dichotomous energy confronted the beauty born of chaos and order. “Bereft not by my choice daughter…” A knowing stare full of toxic green challenged the woman before him, his very essence assaulting the plant she had willed to bloom as its leaves began to wither yet the flower persisted. Enigmas clashed before one another, molesting the life around them as their natures collided and created a portent that this forest yearned to see bear fruit under its careful guidance. [Enter: Colvin Arenios]
  7. [ Mira Andronov / Ilyana Sevryn ] Ilyana supposed that what she managed to extract from Mira would suffice. There was a peculiarity about Mira that, while off-putting, forced this chance encounter to be held in high regard though the Redeemer would never express it. Settling her arms at her sides once again, she tilted her head downward in acknowledgment of the salute Mira had just offered, a grin adding decoration to the gesture. It was true that Ilyana had extended herself beyond normal length in attempt to court this woman but that did not equate to desperation so as Mira subtly challenged with her words, Ilyana promptly reciprocated. “Time is a luxury in our line of work Mira. It is my respect for its worth that has allowed me to be where I am now.” The playful stance and tones that had laced many of her actions was now gone and in its place lay a zealous purpose and a tone that demanded attention. “I am sure I will find something or someone that will satisfy your selective palette.” That noticeable change was but an ephemeral glimpse of the versatility gained from years of experience but it soon faded from view as she returned to the dulcet, flirty words that had become her tool of choice this eve. “When you have had your fill of the others this evening, I will wait for you outside of this estate and escort you personally. A complimentary stay coupled with all of the available amenities should hopefully allow you to mull over all of your options and see that any furthering our partnership are inevitable.” Her gaze had shifted toward her servant who knew to provide her the tablet once again. She let her finger slide across the screen for a bit and only turned to look at Mira after a few seconds had passed from her last words. “Is there anything else you would like to tell me or ask me now Mira? If not, I look forward to seeing you again once this event concludes.” It was clear that Ilyana intended to part ways now, understanding that this public setting now seemed to stifle any more fruitful progress that could be had between the two. Plus, there was a certain hostess being provoked by what looked to be a youthful brat that she wished to end this event conversing with, no matter what. @vielle
  8. Xavier scarfed down several edibles and drank at least two of the vials before Eldwine managed to interrupt his binge. The orc recognized the familiarity of the smaller man that was just thrust into this room but just suddenly didn’t care to correlate where that feeling came from. All he felt was a wash of tranquility that caused him to close his eyes and smile toothily. The peace that inundated him now and beckoned him toward sleep made Eldwine’s words fail to register clearly though the orc nodded extremely slow as if he understood what needed to be done. Setting the food down awkwardly along the table nearby, he just stood there with his head tilted upward and his arms lightly swinging for several seconds after the order to go back in to retrieve Lycoris and Erin was given. His massive bulk nodded off a bit and nearly fell backward if it weren’t for the sporadic movement of Obtenebra that whipped him around. “Whaaa?” Obtenebra did not enjoy seeing its host’s biological system affected by the enormous amount of depressants, worming through Xavier’s body frantically as it tried to mitigate its affects. The sentient ooze decided to motivate Xavier into action the only way it knew how….pain. Digging hard into muscles and giving extra focus to the wound that had been created by the robotic lizard, it caused a shock of pain within Xavier that shot the orc into a state where he was far more alert than before. “What is going on?” The sight of the small man on the floor triggered his short term memory a bit and the bulk of Eldwine’s words from before flooded back into his mind and then he pivoted, trying to brush off the fatigue that had settled in admirably though it was clear he was having trouble. "Right. I'll be back" Fumbling to place the nodes back on and put on the suit lethargically, he struggled to execute the order provided but when he noticed the suit was primed to initiate again he almost let out a shout of joy before he stopped himself and simply went back in. The flood of audio from the crowd filled his senses again, jarring him once again but he got his avatar moving again right next to Lycoris. He still stumbled a bit and nearly fell against her frame, the mass of his shoulder feeling the synaptic feedback from the collision. Calm words slid out to relay the message given by Eldwine. “Leader says it is time to get out of here. He brought in a small man and says we can work with him.” Xavier’s head slowly turned to see two Erin’s facing off against each other and fighting dirty but was too tired to let his mind try to process it all. Instead, he just blankly stared at the screen, grimacing from time to time thanks to Obtenebra’s nagging assistance. “We need to go.” He turned back to look at Lycoris, expecting her to jump into action and figure out how to notify Erin it was time to go. He would do it himself, but the idea of fumbling around only to have to guess which Erin he should be talking to was just so….bothersome. He was too tired for all that nonsense.
  9. Going by the text in the rules it doesn't specify that all actions need to be exhausted: Normal skills (choose 3 for your character) - Has no usage limit. Can be stacked in that turn (e.g. attack 3 times). You can delay 1 action over to the next turn (e.g. if you have 3 actions, you can delay 1 action so you have 4 the next turn). All it says there is that there is a cap of 1 action you can delay which means that you can take two actions and delay one action for next turn. Essentially you can keep on delaying that one action every turn until you need that burst option which offers a bit of strategy like a burst heal or a burst attack.
  10. Ilyana moved along with the group, practically shadowing Minerva the entire time whether the woman liked it or not. When Ilyana felt this type of way about someone, it never really mattered whether they enjoyed the attention or not. The smells that assaulted her as they continued on made her sneeze just once, the brief high pitched noise that was caused by her trying to contain it echoing throughout the chambers present. Her following reaction to her inability to contain it would not be seen, however, as she remained guarded and only allowed a glimpse of her face to show through the hood that she wore. None of those around her deserved the kind of trust she reserved for family and friends just yet. As Natalya poked around at bodies and anything that tickled her young curiosity, Ilyana knew it would be the catalyst to something else almost immediately but she did not stop the young girl at all. Better for her to learn firsthand then to be coddled by all of the older individuals around her. Instead, she continued to monitor Minerva, occasionally letting the other woman within this group do so for a few moments despite not really trusting any of them to do it the way that she would. Just at boredom had begun affecting her, the messy sound of the carrion bursting through the bloody corpse and the arrival of another bird caused her to ready herself once again. A dagger appeared seemingly out of nowhere as she watched Minerva react to what was going on and noticed the bird’s fixation on the woman. “It’s ok just stay behind me.” Becoming an obstacle to the bird’s sight provoked the creature to action and caused it to lunge at her. She lifted her arm and allowed Obtenebra to spring into action and create a makeshift shield that withstood the attack, the talons scraping along the amorphous companion’s surface while she thrusted her dagger forward, Obtenebra taking hold of the hilt and extending itself from her arm in an attempt to pierce the bird’s flesh. The dagger did indeed pierce through but she felt it pierce through which did little to hinder the bird’s flurry. Eyes widened as she saw the bird attempt to push itself off of her shield and claw at her again. Determined to maintain her position in front of Minerva, she used the anger she felt from her annoyance to grab at the bird by the throat and slam it hard to the ground, its beak gnashing in the air wildly even as she attempted to subdue the threat. Pressing her knees hard on to the creatures legs to make sure it doesn’t swipe at her feet, she prepares to continually stab it in hopes it will eventually cease moving. In doing so, the creature’s talons slice at her knees, noticeably tearing through some of the fabric of her cloak and piercing flesh which only made her stabs that much more feverish. Successfully severing the creature’s head brought her no joy however as the creature still moved around and tried to do damage. It would have significant trouble doing so now, however, so she made sure to kick the creature away enough and continue guarding Minerva. “I’ll protect her. You all can handle the rest…”
  11. @JotnotesOh wait...one more thing she will likely do. Ilyana will pin the creatures legs with her knees and then proceed to continually stab the creature's body and head.
  12. Alright those are enough actions for me so far so I will let some others join in on the avian fun. Post should be up soon.
  13. Ilyana will shift and then attempt to grab the creatures neck with Obtenebra wrapped hands/arms and slam the bird down hard to pin it.
  14. Soryn had just begun wrapping up his intro for what seemed like the next leg of this harrowing journey when he noticed the P.U.D. intermittently losing connection and the quick rolling fog that ensued. “Vision obscured? DW_Conn_Interface error? Hmm it seems that there is still much more work to do to get you working here in Yh’mi Celene.” The device hovered low now and stayed close to Soryn as he investigated it for any damage but found none. A sudden chill fell over him before a wave of hot air hit him and he blinked to see that the barren landscape around him was replaced with greenery of the likes he had not seen for quite some time. Sure Hell’s Gate had several attractions and community areas where nature was highlighted but the area was so heavily controlled for permanence that it just never felt truly authentic. Now this….this harkened back to his time before he began working for the Daily Weekly where he would travel through such areas to hunt. Soryn smiled for a moment before Fidelitas brought him back to the reality of the situation where the fact that this was an illusion was reinforced and the possibility that this was the work of someone nefarious became prevalent. It didn’t help that the knight had never experienced this before. The error prompts from Celene still displayed along his own display within his eye forcing him to modify the log settings so that the information did not flood his eye. Looking around at everyone reacting to what was going on and watching the knight nearly fall on the bridge made the reporter second guess whether to follow Fidelitas at all. So he distanced himself a bit but remained generally where he had been, analyzing his surroundings and taking a deep breath to heal his mind. Meanwhile, the P.U.D continues to struggle to gain its bearings so it is too busy to do much of anything other than analyze and prepare as well initiating defensive protocol as precaution.
  15. Soryn attempts to meditate - d10 check for success.
  16. Obtenebra extends itself into a makeshift shield and hardens itself to defend against the slashes as Ilyana lifts an arm to defend. She then uses Obtenebra as an extension of her own arm to attempt to jam one of her daggers into the bird in fluid motion. (how large are these birds?)
  17. Ilyana will place herself in between Minerva and the stare of the newcomer bird and attempts to look around to gauge how many enemies have just appeared. (Just need a rundown of how many enemies are visible to her)
  18. This is on my radar to post into. Just gotta post in some other threads first and then Soryn and his P.U.D will act.
  19. Agony stood firm in the center of this open area that had been chosen, Obtenebra slowly regaining its rigidity and returning to the form of a black knight that was more representation than it was a guise now. In this land of Yh'mi, he did not feel forced to conform in order to survive nor did he care that the sorceress or shadow companion were now aware that he was not human at all. It was this freedom that he savored now that he desired for all of the creatures that called Yh'mi home just as he desired such freedom for those who remained within the Triumvirate. The influence and power needed to nourish such comfort needed to be found and Agony could see no better vessel to extract from than what he had witnessed during his journey here. It was of no surprise that those who just could not understand the worth and beauty around them aimed to destroy it but he would not let them succeed. Agony’s act of kindness toward Sasha just moments ago delivered by his own manipulative shadow was short lived but very deliberate. The ancient being sensed something within his smaller counterpart that inspired something within Agony that no one here could. Though others may have softened themselves due to Sasha’s childlike frame, he felt himself foster an empathy that elevated the shadow girl to heights few could ever achieve when it came to the triumvir. This is why Agony’s shadow lingered around Sasha incognizantly even as Lunara took his attention. “We should go to Weland.” The logical choice given their current predicament but Agony did not truly wish to comply. It was assumed that the Mutator would already be well on his way to figuring out where they stood in reference to Patia so he was in no hurry to shift his focus on to salvaging. “Does this town or anything around it house any more power that may benefit us?” Agony understood that Lunara was now connected to this town of Lirrey but was curious how far her senses could reach around them, in part to gain further understanding of what his fae companion was capable of but also to feed this desire that brewed within him ever since they left Innsth. He was destined for Yh’mi. His question would ultimately go unanswered for now given Karuna’s sudden departure to chase after someone and the other two companions decision to aid her. Agony did not feel inclined to assist and it was obvious in the way that he lagged behind. Still, as soon as Lunara and Sasha were no longer physically visible and Obtenebra seemed more willing to oblige, Agony employed a speed that many would not assume someone of his size would ever have. Moving through alleyways and weaving through shadows, Agony would quickly gain on them all. Eventually he would emerge from behind a home, bowling over a good number of Lirrey’s villagers, positioned several feet in front of the hooded figure. Agony suddenly expanded and latched on to the walls around him and then created a makeshift wall of black with the intent of blocking the figure’s path. Just as the figure had done to the rest of the obstacles, a blast of fire was attempted which collided with the black surface of Obtenebra and caused the wall to bubble and ripple but it never let up. Cornered, the figure turned behind him and saw just one open path. The hooded person shot toward it but was slowed down by zealous villagers. It was now Karuna’s chance to cut the book holder off if she could manage to make it in time.
  20. Will get to posting after I land for this work trip:

    1. Lirrey Lines

    2. Strangers

    3. Brittle King if necessary (may bump this one up)

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      y-you can definitely bump brittle king up in lieu of strangers 😂✌❤

  21. Ask and ye shall receive, oh fearless leader.
  22. Xavier rammed one of his meaty fists into the side of his own head, adrenaline magnifying emotion and exacerbating a rage that was innate for the muscular orc. This would not do. Blob boss would likely have sent him home for not being strong enough to crush that lizard thing in a few blows. Growling, he snapped his head in Eldwine’s direction once the man approached but upon seeing the man pushing through his own wounds and bruises, the orc softened his features and pushed himself to a stand as soon as Eldwine began helping him up. Some of his weight pressed into Eldwine’s shoulder briefly but as soon as the orc regained solid footing that weight shifted away. As Eldwine hobbled out of the room, Xavier was about to follow him, figuring he may need to engage in combat once again but the man’s words stopped him in his tracks. Xavier turned his head to look at the nearly motionless bodies of Lycoris and Erin. “Alright…” There wasn’t anything else that needed to be said though the orc was curious about where the man was headed. He knew Eldwine felt confident enough to go off alone in his current state so who was he to question it? Blob Boss wouldn’t suffer such things and Nines wouldn’t have even bothered so why should this one be any different? The din of the arcade outside flooded his senses for a few seconds just moments before the door locks engaged and he was left with a singular task given to him by his current leader. Protect the two women. Xavier couldn’t help but worry about Eldwine, however, for if the man did not return he would not get paid. Wasted time was something his family couldn’t really afford. This worry caused the orc to move toward the door to open it once more to see what direction Eldwine was headed toward. Much to Xavier's surprise, the door opened to reveal a skinny human man with lanky arms and legs holding a wildly colored halo in his hands. The colored halo matched the man's spiky hair that held a questionable amount of hold as it rammed right into Xavier's chest and did not break structure. The young man hesitated to move from his position now, eyeing the massive bulk of Xavier's hands and feet. Very slowly moving his head upward, the human man was assaulted by the orc's stern and very pronounced features. "S..s..s...orry. Wrong...room. I'll just get out of your sight now. Enjoy your experience..." The man noticed the two motionless women behind the orc but dared not challenge the suspicion it caused. Turning, he nearly dropped his decorated halo, fumbling with it desperate as he shifted to go away but he managed to keep his prized possession unharmed. Letting out a sigh of relief, he turns to look at Xavier one last time and then rushes on over to another room. Xavier huffs, having been ready to pummel the young man since he could have been yet another threat but then scans around for Eldwine unsuccessfully. The sliding door moves back into the locked position and Xavier moves away only to hear it open yet again. The orc pivots swiftly and enters a stance ready to attack whoever appears. "Drinks, food, party enhancers anyone?" A woman with a nose piercing that housed several small leds is revealed, unfazed by the aggressive stance of the orc almost as if she was used to it. Smiling at the orc she motions to the spread and extends the tray a little bit closer. Xavier looks a the woman, then the food, then over the woman to see if he can see Eldwine yet, then back to the food...then to his two female companions behind him but then back to the food. The assortment of various meats and small cyclindrical containers of glowing liquid held together like test tubes all caught Xavier's eyes. The orc swiped at the tray and grabbed the entirety of it. "Thank you..." The woman's eyes widened as that tray was meant for the entirety of their VIP guests and most normal visitors would know just to take a few items. "Sir...." "Thank you...." Xavier hits a button to close the door in the woman's face just then, all of his training regarding etiquette and manners thrown out of the window in this moment. The woman stood in front of the door for a few seconds as if contemplating opening it again, shuffled but then ultimately left. Better to have a satisfied customer on her shift after all.
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