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    Strangers in the Night [Networking Event - Interest Check]

    @Grimmholt I was actually waiting to see if you'd post before putting in one of my own. Ilyana is still ready to mingle heh.
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    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Hey now. He is angry and worried. Lunara seems to be presumptuous about Agony. ☹
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    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    Yeah sorry guys. Work trip sprung up on me. Lead us @Thotification !
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    Redemption is for Everyone

    Weeks had passed since she had been given her gift and been adopted into a family she realized needed her as much as she needed them. She had been given freedom to do whatever she wanted to do with the power given to her and she reveled in the successes she had already earned. Anyone with any tie to her previous employers now either answered to her or were removed and replaced with someone who would. The women she had redeemed were more than willing to follow their liberator and allow their own talents to emerge from the muck their previous oppression had stuck them in. This eastern section of Hell’s Gate had begun to steel itself and defiantly rise to standards it had previous deemed inaccessible. Ilyana enjoyed this progress but knew she could not be quenched here. This was why she called on her makeshift family for more help. Ilyana was an astute woman though her recent past may have suggested otherwise. She understood how vulnerable her family truly was from how limited their contact with one another had become. Never having met anyone else other than her savior, she knew it was time to help solidify a channel for them all to communicate. With her recent acquisitions of smuggling operations and her blatant takeover of all of the eastern sector’s brothels along with several inns, she had begun making her small mark on Hell’s Gate to give her family another haven that they deserved. Messengers had been employed to deliver a quick vague message meant to trigger someone’s arrival. Embossed with a symbol that had only recently begun to bear fruit within Hell’s Gate, she hoped that it would be enough for them to pick up on her request. “Hello family, Things have been progressing really well on my business ventures here in Hell’s Gate. The agony that many of those I have helped by employing has started to fade away but I miss you all so dearly. All of this technology here in Hell’s Gate reminds me of all of my smart family members who could come help me get a grasp of it all so I can use it to build my brand. If any of you have the time to come visit and catch up, please do. I really wish you could come share in my successes here and let me know how everyone is doing in Weland and Patia. Well I am sorry this letter is so short but I am keeping myself busy here! Hope to see one of you come visit me soon. Love you all! Ilyana” The letter was practically drenched in perfume before it left Hell’s Gate, addressed to the name of a farm in Weland. She hoped they would be informed enough to know who she was and what she needed. If there was anything she had realized about her family, it was how resourceful they could be when given the time. The week or more it would take her message to get there should be enough. @Fierach
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    Claiming the Furthest Point

    While the bold reporter evaded attacks and had managed to kill a small amount of the insect like chitten that threatened his life and the future of their goals, Soryn noticed several small notifications on the display provided by Celene that only served to augment the urgency of his own defense. He began speaking even in the midst of his movement, his breathing calm and his voice firm despite the mounting odds. “Viewers, this is the threat that Yh’mi poses. The volatility and uncertainty that permeate through these lands cannot be allowed to spread any further.” The hovering cameras that had taken their place over the center of the four wagons quickly shifted to view the emergence of the Chitten Magnus, Soryn too focused on defending the wagons to truly comment but that did not prevent the viewers from getting a good view of the monstrosity protrude through the ground and elevate itself as a threat to those within that section of this group. “A Magnus! It must be the one controlling the Chitten! Strike at its lower body! Its skin is thick, but you can get through it.” The P.U.D. zoomed in on Fidelitas as the paladin gave instruction, storing the crucial data both for future editing and for the benefit of Soryn’s information database. “I knew it….” Chaos abounded and though the reporter was distracted with ensuring his own survival, the P.U.D. was thankfully capable of capturing most of what was occurring around its owner. The appearance of the twistlings, the revelation of the Magnus, and the relentless Chitten pack reinforced the need the Order of the White Hand had for experienced individuals to ensure their mission. It also fueled the belief Soryn had that there was a deficiency that the Order of the White Hand that could only be bolstered by outside involvement. Neither were things Soryn had the time to delve into any further at this time, the versatile reporter decidedly moving in a way that suggested he knew how to handle himself in chaotic situations as he weaved around the those still within this quadrant, checking for any threats to the wagons. Vlad’s arrival to assist Soryn caused the man to acknowledge the engineer with a silent nod and a shift to place himself right beside the man who just assisted him by pushing several Chitten away from their position. Gripping his scimitar with a single hand, he entered a defensive stance that saw the scimitar begin glowing with a light green aura while he responded to Vlad…off the record of course. “You could say I am particularly adept at wading through danger for a good story.” The attempt at humor was evident as was the calmness he exhibited as he prepared his next actions. Positioning himself between the chittens and the wagons as much as he could against a swarm of many creatures, he swung his scimitar horizontally in the air. The energy that had been placed on his scimitar lingered in a line in the air before compressing itself and slicing through the air toward a chitten. The energy sliced clean through the creature but it was clear Soryn was disappointed that it did not hit any more. Things were becoming increasingly dire as the true test of this group’s resolve was only beginning.
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    Dice Rolling Thread

    D12 for Soryn's actions in CFP
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    Lirrey Lines

    Obtenebra had dug hard into the corpses nearby as well as the ground in a desperate attempt to prevent it’s host from subjecting itself to whatever machinations the Lirrey Star held for those who were judged and convicted by standards that were devoid of Terran law and morality. Agony himself, fearless as he had been pulled close to the pool of blood, fixated upon the sight of Lunara becoming imbued with a power that was ancient in nature and measured high during Agony’s unforgiving discernment as he neared her. His obsession was so acute that Agony had barely noticed Karuna’s attempt to prevent the success of the Admiral’s pull until the tremble and sense of the witch’s depletion caught Obtenebra’s attentions. Obtenebra, gluttonous as ever, rippled along the area that the woman touched as she feebly attempted to place her arms around Agony’s massive frame until things significantly calmed down and both witnessed the fairy’s elimination of their current threat. The spray of blood fell upon Agony and Obtenebra wasted no time consuming the blood out of pure feverish hunger and curiousity. The dark liquid would seep into Agony as if the massive knight was absorbing it. Bright red seared through his helm and toward Lunara who pointed their way and asked them to repent. Lunara’s approach and grin were met with a narrowed gaze as he no longer sensed the energy signature that he had learned to discern from the fairy but instead felt something new. Obtenebra rippled violently now as the absorbed blood began prying against its own separate will. A compulsion arose to comply with the comical request of this new avatar which showed as tendrils formed out of what had originally been tough armor and lurched toward the fairy hungrily but Agony remained silent. Karuna would feel the odd texture of the supposed armor she held latch on to her skin a bit until the witch snapped her arms away and toward Sasha in her fear. Still a small extension of Obtenebra would not allow Karuna to detach herself, clinging to some of the woman’s wrist even through the conjuring of purple energy on her hand, lapping on the vibrant energy she wielded and scrutinizing its potential as sustenance. As all of this occurred Agony had been deep in contemplation regarding what had just occurred. Logic would count this as victory but something else did not allow him to accept a win. His head turned to regard the larger creature in the distance with burgeoning contempt and suspicion. The creature’s physical size and the power that was felt did not deter Agony any. Were he bound by the emotions and inclinations he held as well as Obtenebra’s then what had just occurred may have only been a prelude to a much more difficult battle for dominance here. He had heard the words that had been spoken by the diminutive fairy earlier concerning the Eater of Stars and the Order of the White Hand. While he was beginning to agree with the latter, he knew little of the former and it was this ignorance that annoyed him the most. The sensation that the fairy had allowed herself to be submerged within powers she knew little about filled Agony with a sense he had forgotten for centuries. Dread. Forceful baritone erupted from an unseen orifice to address Lunara now, Obtenebra still clinging to Karuna as if attempting to console the witch after she was clearly overwhelmed even while it felt briefly compelled by the blood it had ingested. “Am I absolved of the debt I owed you? Did you get what you wanted?” Emphasis decorated many of the words he had just spoken as if he was angry at something…or someone. Agony didn’t know why his words were delivered in this fashion but they felt right…especially when everything else just felt…wrong.
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    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    So Obtenebra is likely going to lap up that blood sprayed on it due to its gluttony. What would consumption of said blood do under usual circumstances? Obtenebra is ancient and has a formidable digestive system and defenses but I want to make sure I play things right since that doesnt mean it will be void of any affect.
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    MOBS lobby v3

    I think that idea works out. Doesnt have to be something grand but being able to receive an item for what constitutes to about 2 pages or more of writing/character building/effort would be nice. It is up to the player afterward to build from there. I know I speak from a point of bias since i like being rewarded with something though the experience/character story progression may end up being the greater reward but i dont think i am the only one.
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    MOBS lobby v3

    1. Yes keep that. I liked the biazo isles fight I had with Akiris even though it did not go my character's way in the end. I would actually prefer it enforced where the characters would randomly get placed into an area within that list. 2. I think it works fine. 3. Neutral to them but I would like to see incentives for participants that come in 2nd or even third. Lesser ones of course but it would maybe make the effort more palatable.
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    Blood on the Crown [Ild Pass]

    Harsh words were delivered by Marcellus which drew Raylon’s attention away from Gabriela immediately as the potency of what was being said hit the king hard enough to incite a desire to respond to explain himself. Enforcement had never been an issue for the man that stood before them. While he knew his own capacity for instilling a fear within his people that would motivate them into submission, it came at a price he did not want to pay at the moment. That did not mean that Marcellus’ words did not provoke inspiration and urgency. The venomous delivery, however, did not provide any benefit to this discourse. <”So you are going to stand here and let some unknown challenge you? Has the blinding light of Illyria dimmed so much that it will be covered by the drivel of this foreigner?”> Havoc jabbed relentlessly within the recesses of Raylon’s mind and soul, attempting to get a rise out of the kindhearted king that would only exacerbate this tense situation. Raylon had believed himself ready for the responses that had been delivered but he was utterly wrong. The Queensguard’s words chipped away at some of the stability he had admirably maintained, his right hand balling up into a fist. “You’re treating my people like refugees within their own country…” Gabriela’s words cut the deepest, reaching delicate depths that had Raylon’s silver eyes flare in surprise. He had not come here to let them hack away at him and was quickly beginning to wonder if this peaceful, malleable approach needed to change. The jarring sound of glass shattering drew Raylon out of his own thoughts to look at Gabriela. The authority in her voice was something Raylon had never truly witnessed himself but it was a balm that managed to soothe the nicks and cuts this dialogue had given him. “Pride is everything to people who have nothing – you know that better than anyone.” He could sense the weight of her gaze directed at Marcellus and knew those words spoke of something he knew nothing about. He stood there as a frozen spectator watching a queen oust her protector in favor of a foreign man. Raylon didn’t truly believe himself worthy of such a display nor did it seem practical but the gesture evinced where he stood with the Black Queen. “We will find a solution to this, my friend…we will find a way. I will come back with you…” He turned to completely face Gabriela now, lips parting almost immediately after those words but he allowed her to finish. “…But you must be by my side. And we must show them that we are friends. We must put them all at ease.” He nodded slowly and took a few seconds before responding to those words. “Yes we must. Solidarity is what is needed. My people will finally be able to see the beautiful benefactor that saw them through years of hardship.” He managed to smile as eyes stared at the shattered glass upon the floor and then slowly returned to look into the golden pools of his friend. The heady smell of the whiskey combined with the lingering smell of the sea as he focused on the Black Queen silently for a few more seconds before continuing to speak. “I appreciate this concession you have made for my people. I only hope that our people are capable of receiving the beauty around them and work together as they have in the past.” Illyrians had always been aware of the Orisian aid but there were always the worry that the dependence would last for too long. Dependence suggested deficiency which Illyrians could not stomach. He was all too aware of this so letting Illyrians play to their strengths throughout this whole ordeal was necessary. He needed to give them tasks to accomplish so he fished for some more. “It would be selfish of me to move on without asking if there is anything else you need for me to do for your people or you?” The question was genuine though internally he knew it was more self-serving than anything else. He had to redeem himself from this anguish he felt somehow.
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    Darkness and Havoc [Apocalyptic Event in Ceyana]

    The event has now been locked and ended. Thank you to everyone who participated and played their part. Do not hesitate to contact me should you want your characters stories to involve Illyria at some point in the future. Right now I am going to focus on the fallout of this event in other threads but will eventually be open to other things and recruiting other people who wish to play Illyrians. May this new year be full of fun stories for you all wherever you plant yourselves.
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    [Event] Darkness and Havoc - Illyria Arrives

    “Yes it is a relief that this ordeal is nearing its end. My people will see it through.” Raylon could not help but notice the distinct shifts within Marigold that were the cause of some other energy within the man but he dared not ask. The man was a stranger…albeit a stranger with a seemingly huge capacity for compassion and a significant aptitude for technology. As Marigold mentioned the odd actions of the Mistress, Raylon looked visibly shaken at the reminder of yet another unknown fate he felt obligated to investigate. Sighing, Raylon shifted to look at Luz who stood over the draconic girl and waited impatiently for the decision from her leader. Listening to Marigold speak about betrayal and the teachings of his father tugged Raylon emotionally to respond. “Believing in the potential and the goodness of another is no foolish thing Marigold. I will shoulder some of your burden and see if we can begin righting the wrongs we have endured today. She will be helped by some of the best my kingdom has to offer.” Raylon smiled warmly as he stated all of this, staring long at Luz while doing so. Luz, meanwhile, sighed audibly but then began motioning for some of the military division members to begin escorting the draconic girl away. “Take her to our divinity containment chamber. We cannot afford to take any chances with her.” Heron, meanwhile, continued to monitor Ana who was content to play with the small device he had given her earlier. The little girl seemed to forget all of the violence she had just seen which was a much more pleasurable state than the wailing the old man had heard earlier. Motioning to Luz and then to their Light, he began guiding Ana back toward Illyria where she eventually disappeared from sight behind the monstrous structures that now settled upon the land that was once Ceyana. The waters had calmed and the abominations that had terrorized the land were either driven out or eliminated by the capable division members. The Tekker Medical Center stabilized itself and quickly became the hub for any medical efforts for the wounded and the dead. Raylon looked out over the cliff that Marigold had decided to look at as well and felt his eyes water at the death he sensed and the mutilated bodies that corrupted the serenity this land likely provided. In this very moment, his mind shifted to the future and the difficult conversations that lied ahead. As Illyria emerged and Ceyana was nearly erased entirely from existence, he did not have the luxury of rest like the man near him. “Take all the time you need Marigold. I…I must go. Thank you for your help and may all your future paths be illuminated with peace.” Raylon began swiftly heading toward the large spire in the distance, occasionally looking back to see his people making the best out of this difficult situation. Illyria has seen darker times than this but it did not make this pain any more manageable.
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    [Event] Darkness and Havoc - Illyria Arrives

    Illyrian Scientific Division Event Objectives: 1. Evacuate the citizens of Antigua or save yourself. 2. Tend to the wounded, if so inclined. 3. Fight off the dark creatures that will emerge from the random pockets scattered around Ceyana. The tougher creatures may drop sweet sweet loot. (List of creatures to come) Bonus: Attempt to find and confront Havoc and Darkness to stop prevent further loss by engaging them. This will not stop the success of this catastrophic event but it could modify how or make things worse. They are hidden deep within the rainforest. Good luck! Name: Heron Leneri/ Luz Yllende Affiliation: Illyrian Scientists Location: Illyrian Scientific Division Objective: Discovering the beginning of the event Heron’s day had already gotten off to a rough start, with the Scientific Council sending one of their representatives to tell him to shut down his experiment and relinquish all of his findings to Luz the next morning. Years of trying to implement a faster way to exchange goods with other partners outside of the plane that Illyria existed in was now seen as a waste of time to lazy fools who were too comfortable in their self-made thrones to realize that his home could still be better than it was…still do so much more. They have been blessed for so long with an abundance of everything they needed to survive, but did they not remember the dark centuries that preceded this? Were they so present-minded that they could not see that troubles would still lie ahead? It wouldn’t do his feeble heart any good to dwell on it now so as he began to put away his items and have his assistants pack up all of his data, all he could do was let out a sigh before he heard a high pitched noise from across the lab. “Sir, we are picking up some odd readings outside of the spire. The readings fall in line with what we get when we activate several of our pathway coils together.” A younger assistant chimed in. “That set us back weeks on our research……Oh well doesn’t matter now. Let the scientific council worry about that mess. We need to start thinking about finding another scientist to work with.” The younger assistant realized that perhaps it was too soon to mention that but ambition was always key when trying to escalate up through the science divisions. “No offense sir” Heron shook his head while looking at the thin monitor hovering in front of them that was connected wirelessly to several others that hovered above them. Suddenly a flurry of sounds similar to the one that started this interaction were heard and Heron immediately jumped into action. “Start recording all of this data in real time. You, give me my tether so I can communicate with Luz.” Heron furrowed his brows and he could almost feel his synapses firing quickly as he wondered what could be causing all of these dimensional spurts. Had someone conducted some sketchy research and miscalculated? Those fledglings like the ones he hired sometimes loved to act brashly and without proper respect for the scientific methods. Shaking his head given that he figured no one was intelligent or foolish enough to even attempt to coordinate the quantity of anomalies that he was currently viewing, he looked around for the assistant he had sent to get his tether. “Where is my tether?!” An assistant returned empty-handed, stuttering for fear of negative reprisal. “U..uh…uh I can’t f-f-f-find it. I looked in all of your usual spots sir” Huffing and clearly disturbed by what he considered the inadequacy of one of his employees, he was about to begin a slew of lashing verbal assaults at everyone around him before he remembered his feeble heart again and calmed himself down. “Ok just run over and find a fellow and let them know I need you to use their tether to contact Luz. Let her know that what I believed would happen has finally happened and she needs to let the council…hell let the Light of Illyria know we need to get everyone to tackle this problem now!” The kingdom of Illyria was a compact area if you take into account the near million inhabitants that somehow managed to cram themselves into compartments lest they opt to cohabitate within a pocket zone. The area that surrounded Illyria was treacherous and unforgiving, however, housing all manner of creatures created by the enemies of the past and the hubris of those who were not respectful of their king. Heron’s only concern, however, was that he could continue his research and this odd event while obviously a portent of bad things to come could help his cause into ears that were much more powerful than the old fools within the council. The young assistant frantically searched for Luz, asking with short breath about her whereabouts for quite some time until someone finally managed to give her some decent intel. Luz had been rumored to be scolding someone regarding their recent miscalculations of the data from their agricultural experiments attempting to infuse them with enchantments for use in a pinch. The lasting effects were far too lopsided to be accurate and such a thing was a stain on this department’s name she needed to wash clean. The young assistant arrived in the vicinity and gained her bearings by listening to the yelling in the distance. “We do not do mediocre work here you simpleton. Were you using the right equipment? Did you employ the best enchanters or pick some off of some slum somewhere?! I should suspend you for your stupidity…you know what…..” “Ms. Luz…um…uh….” A pair of fierce grey eyes shot in the young assistant’s direction, silver tresses contrasting sunkissed flesh well. Luz was a tall imposing figure that clearly maintained herself well as rumor had it she had an intense workout regimen that rivalled their ranger division. Dressed with form fitting fabric that held some sort of ethereal sheen to it and several insignias that denoted her place within the scientific division, she was pleasing to the eye but her reputation for being unabashedly blunt and controlling did her no favors with the Illyrian men. “Out with it already!” “Heron sent me to tell you that there are some dimensional anomalies occurring outside the kingdom and that he believes it is serious enough to warrant everyone’s attention” “Of course he does. How convenient that it happens to be on the eve of the end of his pipedream” “But ma’am….he seems serious. He even mentioned that king Raylon should know about it. I don’t think he would do that just to save our project” Luz’s delicate hands stroked her own chin before she shot a glare at the scientist she was just speaking to suggesting she had yet to finish with him but the assault was delayed for now. “Fine, I will round up whoever I can. If it turns out he is wrong then I will make sure they laugh him out of the department one last time.” The young assistant just nodded and slinked away to rest somewhere from having run so much. Heron began analyzing the data from the initial dimensional anomalies and noticed a familiar signature within the waves that were being emitted. Years ago when he was just starting his research, he had picked up on these readings only to find out the portals that were created had been sanctioned by king Raylon himself as he had managed to broker a deal with some foreign queen for some much needed supplies when he had feverishly inquired about it. He’d learn much later about the scandal it had caused given that foreign queen was some sort of vampyre named Irene Gabriela DuGrace. He had believed that no further contact was going to be established after they became self-sustaining. That couldn’t have possibly changed. Whipping his head to the other side, he had almost forgotten that Luz and those she convinced to come were urging him to deliver some sort of explanation about why he had forced Luz to bring them here. So it began… “My fellow co-workers. I believe that something or someone is creating several compact tears into another realm. Most of my initial data seems to point to the realm of that vampyre queen….” Several people gasped in horror and others huffed in disgust while a select few just arched a brow before Heron continued. “I suggest we come together to figure out more about these tears and gain control over these areas before it is too late. We never knew much about what resided within that realm before and were never given the opportunity to see for ourselves but I fear Illyria is in danger once again.” Some shouted “What if your readings are wrong”. Others kept it short by just yelling “Lies” or “Fool” before storming off. The few that remained were far too few in number to have ever prevented what began to occur hours after. Flickers of Ceyana’s landscape would appear and disappear violently, giving way to humid air and vegetation. All manner of flora and fauna would also appear, with some unfortunate beasts getting quartered or imploding once they arrived. Glimpses of a populated market were reported on the outskirts of the Illyrian spire, with horrific screams contributing to a cacophony of pain and strife that pounded into the peace that had once been. Bodies of those who were out on data collection runs or hunting for specimens decorated the rough lands outside in a macabre but potent display that this event was on a scale that exceeded man alone. What was left of their bodies were seared along their extremities from being torn viciously by an unknown energy into what they would find was Orisia. The beginnings of the rapture of Illyria were some of the most chaotic times since the dark centuries preceding the Light’s arrival. The litany of portals that were created were slowly beginning to coalesce as both realms fought for dominance against the whims of two deities. It would seem inevitable change was coming and neither Illyria nor Orisia would ever be the same. Antigua Map and City Key: Bestiary Thread:
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    A Csl & Vielle Christmas Card

    Merry Christmas to the both of you!
  16. Fyi: After tomorrow I will be taking a small break from posting until the new year. Will lurk about but likely not post. 

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      Happy holidays!

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    Destruction des morts

    Xavier elected to remain silent as Belladonna spoke to the Rooks, happy to play the part of some hired muscle or silent imposing figure. As the intimidation went on, Xavier just admired the woman’s dialogue and the manipulation she employed to bend the will of the group before her. He didn’t care what she gained out of the ordeal at the time but that didn’t mean he wasn’t aware of it. An end came to the transactional meeting so Xavier pivoted and followed Belladonna for a while before hearing the sound of flying vessels and the sound of several men directing actions. Within the cover of the shadows, Xavier stood tall and then caught sight of Julius in the exact moment that Belladonna had. Trepidation settled in but it had nothing to do with himself and more to do with the red haired beauty beside him. She was the one that had committed a crime after all. "Ever gone toe to toe with one of them before?” “No but my boss has seen one fight before. They are…difficult to handle.” Obtenebra undulated from within him, the paranoia of the ancient symbiote settling in and urging its host to understand the threat before him. The tar like substance snaked through his eyes, his arms, and his feet much faster than usual as if preparing itself for action. Xavier had always been given specific instructions to avoid Terran military and law enforcement so he contemplated leaving but noticed that several gas mask wearing soldiers had already begun scouring the areas nearby. Xavier was built for stealth despite his massive strength and bulk but he did not need any trigger happy personnel taking it upon themselves to tie him to all of this chaos either. So it was then that the orc decided to also wait to see what the other two females intended to do. Much like he had in Tormo, he’d just sit back and observe for now. That was what he was sent here to do by Blob Boss so that was what he must do….for the sake of his true tribe. @vielle @Thotification @Ataraxy
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    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    Make Ilyana look good. Use dem flowery words....
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    Claiming the Furthest Point

    Bottom Right: Soryn moved away from Selena a bit and into a position where he had line of sight to the Saevion who seemed more than willing to simply stay there while the caravan members launched a slew of attacks, many of which connected harshly with their flesh and caused the beasts to cry out in pain yet they did not immediately retaliate. Those who were sympathetic to the plight of animals hunted all over Valucre were surely going to have a field day with what they were seeing with beasts being peppered violently with attacks when they likely were just protecting their territory. Soryn knew how someone like Aurelia would spin this to her favor but the battle-hardened reporter would not sully the reputation of these caravan members before they even had a chance to prove themselves. “Viewers, I know you may not enjoy what you are seeing here..” Soryn motioned to the supplies on the wagon closest to him as he continued. “But these supplies are being threatened by these majestic creatures. This group must press on and protect them at all costs which is why we cannot afford to be sentimental over the creature’s plight when they aim to halt our progress.” One of Soryn’s eyes flickered as Celene began providing him some extra information and strategies for what he was witnessing, all while Vlad decided he’d leave this side to help with what Soryn realized now was an incoming swarm of chitten. The camera hovering above the wagons caught the swarm’s approach as well as the preparation Sheryl and the rest of that area executed to prepare for the attacks. The yelling, sounds of movement, and the chittering would likely affect the quality of the audio upon transmission but that didn’t stop Soryn. “The insect-like creatures called Chitten are now attacking the other wagon near us relentlessly…” Fidelitas’ voice soon boomed out and caught Soryn’s attention, the hovering camera zooming in on the paladin as he attempted to delegate tasks and use a commanding presence to hone the skilled abilities of these caravan members. Soryn was genuinely intrigued to watch what resulted, wondering if they understood the string of failures that should have damaged the trust that the Order could shoulder the responsibility Yh’mi represented. Only those who cared to analyze such things might hesitate to trust the paladin but he didn’t take those around him as beings who kept up with all of the recent events in Terrenus as much as he did. The paladin’s words seemed to motivate those near him into action, the reporter turning to watch Selena teleport out of sight and into the view of the levitated camera. The fiery display she executed would likely be lapped up by viewers and create many fans for the noble beauty until it was clear that it wasn’t enough to stop one of the Saevion that continued to charge forth. The timely arrival of Jack Murray and his killing shot against one of the creatures relieved Soryn a bit as he couldn’t help but be concerned for the brave woman who placed herself in harm’s way. Beauty and bravery were a combination that he was sure his viewers would cling to just as he has already. Pity that he had little time to truly indulge as he heard the distinct sound of an incoming swarm that seemed all too eager to head his way. The POV of the camera caught the incoming swarm of insect like creatures and Soryn quickly spoke breathily as he mused. “Their coordination is impeccable…here they come.” Soryn was able to analyze and make assumptions that something else had to be controlling this swarm of creatures at the very least but given his lack of knowledge regarding every species within Yh’mi he couldn’t quickly deduce what. It mattered little as he was now forced into action. An eager Chitten attempted to lunge at him with its fangs but was immediately met with a sharp weapon that emerged from his clothing. The jeweled scimitar sliced through the creature immediately before righting itself within his hand. The neurotoxins sprayed in front of him for all of the viewers to see but Soryn did not celebrate at all. The sheer numbers of the insects in front of him gave him cause for alarm and it was clear in how he now yelled out. “We need some help over here! We can’t let them damage these wagons!” Soryn gave his back to the wagons and readied his sword, still maintaining the light aura he had and hoping the Dermont group is capable enough to hold the creatures off until help arrived. Soryn did not plan on cowering away from this position and he hoped the bravery on display already continued. Overview:
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    Dice Rolling Thread

    Soryn vs Chittering Chittens
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    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    Ilyana has no problem stabbing things when given the chance so she will do so with her corrosive dagger if the reaver is in range.
  22. Dolor Aeternum

    Terrenus AMA 2.0

    My character is currently beefing up her own cybersecurity as well as aggressively making business deals and acquiring talented individuals/allies but once I am ready to interact directly with Henrietta or the Monroe Foundation I will definitely loop you in. She will likely have her technical prodigy ally create some sort of social app that is like Yelp or perhaps even something like Venmo to make transactions better. Not sure yet since from the social temperature of Hell's Gate all I got was that they pride themselves with innovation yet still appreciate nature but some are paranoid about 'unchecked innovation' maybe. Feel free to correct me or throw me a carrot if ever. I aim for a 'this is for the good of Hell's Gate' motivation from my character as she is a faithful citizen despite her affiliation.
  23. Dolor Aeternum

    Dice Rolling Thread

    Rolling for Ilyana