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  1. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    Agony is actually just looking for place and purpose. The character itself is tied to another longstanding character I have played many years ago who abandoned him and has very faint ties with the Orisian queen and a few other characters. I think he is more complex than what was displayed in the thread we created for sure and his obsession with women and children is ultimately controllable. As for the Gentleman's Club, I was merely saying that both of our organizations could eventually run into one another. I would assume it could end very badly but maybe it can end with a mutual understanding or just a plan to use each other for their own benefit. We could totally scrap that though and just recruit on our own. We do definitely have to come up with a name and I am not opposed to acronyms but we definitely want it to be a name we are comfortable spreading around.. I had read up on the shifts in social temperature provided by supernal so I figured we could use that if we need to. I think our main focus now should be establishing a name, recruiting yet again, then building this thing IC with Roen as well as our own members.
  2. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    Now that the weekend is over, let me jump in to this discussion. Serious Villainy -or- Comic Villainy (for the organization as a whole) Serious Villainy but if we have a few comical individuals then great. I dont want it to become monotonous. Semi-Autonomous Subgroups -or- One Massive Group Under One Leader Subgroups are fine but eventually a leader should emerge that has earned it through achievement. I believe this group is a fledgling group made up of members with some serious experience but they are still getting to know one another. Halloween Party -or- Something Different Halloween Party is fine. I would like to have just imposed our roleplay somewhere that had a few individuals posting. I also like the idea of some of our characters just popping up randomly in other open threads for persons of significance but the random element of that doesn't lend itself to the organization we need right now I think. Agony isn't perpetually serious and his childlike mannerisms still fit in where social gatherings are but he would just be super awkward and obsessed with children and the ladies. Base Thread -or- No Base Thread Base Thread for sure or at least a centralized thread. Since @Roen is so gracious, an actual place on the board that everyone can go to instead of just random spots throughout Terrenus will help us establish ourselves. I would still like to be independent of Patia itself so the agreement we have with this 'devil' should be something mutually beneficial but not completely binding unless events lead it to become anything other than that. Agony's role in all of this Going back to how I played Agony in the thread we started and how I have played him in the past on this board, I found myself with a slight bit of conflict. It was minimal but the idea that Agony would even listen to Augur began to dwindle throughout the RP anyway. Agony is meant for covert ops despite his erratic behavior and he could easily be a leader in his own right for the outcasts and eccentric characters that feel slighted by humanity or others. I would think he could easily take ownership of a sort of 'special team' that can fill many roles for recon or for targeted attacks. We can discuss further I am sure. Other Villanous Parties The Gentlemen's Club comes to mind in terms of 'villainy' though their plan may not be as grandiose as ours. @LikelyMissFortune runs that group and could easily continue whatever their plot may be as well as slowly becoming affiliated with our own group. They can even be a subgroup. There were a few other threads I saw started in Water Cooler that had to do with people that wanted to do villainous things but I cannot see them currently either because they are already in an OOC thread like ours or do not have an explicit name. With the civil wars going on in Terrenus, @supernal might be able to steer us if he has some free time.
  3. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    - I was of the mind that we already have people who are doing other villanous things or are planning on doing so. Why not just have all of them come together for an explicit purpose? - I do not have the time honestly to organize it all myself and I'd rather continue playing Agony under someone else who wants to take on all that charisma though. - I dont care much about the base thread but agree that it is useful. - I believe the costume party venue will be an excellent way we can secretly gain in ranks and it will be fun for everyone involved. - Sad to realize Amethana might be scrapped for this but understood.
  4. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    I have been considering this as well and hoping to drag you all with me. Will wait for Augur for a bit (maybe through this next weekend) and then we can discuss our plans.
  5. Hey...

    Coming from a habitual lurker I can say that yes that is allowed. Hope you eventually overcome some of that anxiety and start up some roleplay or join up with someone. I do not think you will regret it. If you need any help, we have lots of very helpful people to assist with whatever you need. Welcome aboard!
  6. So I have been brainstorming and I might want to resurrect the original idea I had discussed with the leader of Genesaris many years ago about bringing Illyria into Valucre. I think I discussed it with 'TheHummingbird' a long time ago along with an idea I had for Kryos back then in the Cold Mountains. Really just an FYI as I do not see myself fully devoting serious time to it until the beginning of next year.

  7. Raylon Tekker

    Illyria Brief History/Politics Illyria is a world doused in perpetual darkness due to centuries of tyranny at the hands of a necromancer by the name of Cypher Raikoh Paine. Despite the consistent darkness, the capital city where the royal family resides illuminates the entire kingdom with so much intensity that few could withstand approaching the structure without the proper equipment. In what seems like a constant state of recovery, its people have created a simplistic network that involves organizing themselves by their abilities and specializing so that they can use their work for the benefit of everyone involved. Councils were soon born to brainstorm and discuss the future of their trades. This compartmentalized structure usually lends itself to conflict but for now it has only served to make Illyria that much stronger. Technology infused with magic from a myriad of sources became Illyrian's best export to manage through its crisis. The understanding they had received through their suffering made them capable of nullifying what they considered an abomination to worthwhile magical practices. Occult magic always managed to destroy something or someone so they devoted their time to find many different ways to stamp out its horrid affects on the world. Their technology and abilities remained cut off to any other realms, however, as their constant paranoia forced them to keep to themselves. Even though creating new technologies or enhancing current ones is one of the main passions of all Illyrians there are some purists who prefer to keep magic and technology separate. Their strong beliefs forced them to prove how much technology corrupts the beauty of all magics. It is this belief that their beloved king was brought up in until he betrayed them and sought to learn newer methods. The betrayal was ultimately forgiven though if their king ever intends to truly bring Illyria to greater heights they believe he must forget such folly. Still Much More to Overcome Their previous troubles have catalyzed a huge amount of hatred for the magic and beliefs that they consider closely associated with necromancy. Illyrians hold an intense hatred for beings such as dark elves, vampires, demons, devils, among other creatures. This hatred places them in clear conflict with the royal family as their current king is far more accepting of all forms of magic and creatures. Racism and close-mindedness played a huge role in the reception given to the aid of the Orisian queen Irene Gabriela Du'Grace. Rumors surfaced that their beloved king took to visit her without any escort and begged her for her aid. Further information had been leaked about the Orisian woman being some sort of vampiric being which led to months of infighting amongst the people. Protests began to occur at the site of their exchange of goods until the exchanges were abruptly terminated once their king Raylon returned. It has been said that the Illyrian Spire, the center of the structure the royal family resided in, dimmed that day as if it had lost some of its ancient magic. Scholars attributed it to their king's proximity to what they considered 'filth'. Others linked it to their king's somber mood. Public relations returned to normal not long after, providing a small foundation on which Illyria soon began to flourish when it came to technological advancements and becoming self-sustaining. A perpetual source of energy that converted much of the residual magic Cypher had left behind was created. The smartest minds of Illyria soon came together to ensure the future of the kingdom should another threat like Cypher emerge. Many new weapons, defenses, and support items were created.
  8. Unfinished Business

    The Illyrian King was ill prepared for Gabriela's response yet again. This woman seemed to have a knack for tipping the delicate balance of comfort he had when it came to the boundaries between diplomacy and small talk he normally handled well. Up to now it had been truly difficult to distinguish between whether or not he should respond as a friend or as a royal visitor. No matter how much Gabriela attempted to establish a semblance of comfort, he was racked with discomfort from the moment Tenebre decided he would thrust him infront of her while she likely did not expect to have the presence of yet another man intruding upon the peace she would frequently see slip from her hands. Raylon wasn't sure how long Gabriela had been burdened with all of her troubles. An elementary observation soon surfaced. The queen was in a predicament she most likely had no known escape from. The severity of it all escaped him and her words only served to distract him from entertaining his own notions any further. Her desires bombarded him with their boldness, speaking of future and yet keenly identifying the present danger she felt. He could feel the isolation in her words. The immense weight of what she was asking of him pressed down on him. He felt some solace that she realized just what she was asking of him but was that enough? The prevention of any interruption from Havoc was immediately lifted as he knew the deity would like to voice his opinion on the matter. He could not prevent the being from chiming in on something of this much importance. In mere seconds the Illyrian had what he wanted. <"Well this was quite the 'date' for you wasn't it? You caught this woman in a vulnerable state and she returns the favor. From king to advisor...to a woman you barely know. Don't be an idiot..."> In typical fashion, Raylon extracted what he needed out of Havoc's unapologetic opinion. As soon as Marie appeared, Raylon pivoted to face the door hand swiping around to grab his staff. That action alone caused a wave of energy to flow out from his form as if the staff seemed excited that its wielder finally decided to hold it. "So your name is Marie. You must tell me all about yourself along the way. I would love to know more about why the people have decided to make Orisia their home." His smile attempted to softened the forward nature of his request to her servant. Before he would inevitably be led out of the room, however, he turned to Gabriela and spoke one last time before they would meet again. "I am looking forward to seeing what else Orisia has to offer at this dinner Gabriela. I will be sure to be on my best behavior for you." If Gabriela decided to look at her guest she would notice the smallest of smirks before he would go wherever Marie would take him. This should be fun...
  9. Hey love! Just wanted to touch base with you. I feel like we are at a good place to possibly stop our thread and start a new one, maybe them having dinner? I just wanted to pick your brain to see if you had any ideas/desires on where you see this/these interactions going. <3

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    2. Pasion Pasiva

      Pasion Pasiva

      1. I am on Skype, and i am also on Discord (a gaming chat service that is essentially just a chat service for us non gamers). Discord would probably be easier, since i kind of hate skype. Lol.


      2. I am waiting to hear on the person. So I might start a thread for us where our charcaters are just having a drink before dinner? 


      However if you have an idea for any other threads or scenario for them, i am game. I also didnt get to mention it on the other message but I love the idea of brining your kingdom into the fold. And if you cant seriously do it until next year, we can play out preparations for it and give it a nice little IC foundation.

    3. Vehement Agony

      Vehement Agony

      I am on Discord already as well. I use it alot for other things too. What is your username?

      Who is the person btw?

      As for Illyria, I can only see Raylon considering it if the situation concerning Gabriela wanting him as a close advisor goes smoothly so the IC foundation will depend on what happens going forward here.

    4. Pasion Pasiva

      Pasion Pasiva

      Pasion Pasiva #1804

  10. Unfinished Business

    The small stream of black liquid that trickled down ever so briefly caused Raylon to intensely focus on the Orisian queen's eyes. Fortunately, he had never made this woman cry so what he was observing now made silver eyes light up with curiousity. His mind quickly branched out into how something like this could occur. What was this liquid's viscosity? How did this black ichor sustain her needs? He watched her curled finger remove her tears and all of the questions became muffled by the important fact that he had caused the tears with his own. Concern caused lips to quiver, his smile in danger of slipping away as it began to pain him that he had caused this emotional moment to some degree. Lips parted and he was yet again about to apologize for what he had done before being interrupted by her abrupt approach. He had been too engrossed in other things to even notice that the child had fallen asleep. Her proximity caused his heartbeat to increase exponentially, not due to any fear but clear anticipation of something. The pad of her thumb caressed his cheek, eyes instinctively closing. The gesture itself almost made him tear up even further but instead his smile extended in length. “A gentle touch should not send me into such disarray, but unfortunately it does..." This king could feel the weight behind what was said here, cementing his stance where he was even though he wished he could pull the queen even further into him. Now was when he truly began to understand the woman's reactions to what he considered an innocent mistake. Clenching his fists he knew that Gabriela had been wronged, perhaps one too many times. His mind was unable to uncover any more than that but it was enough to cause emotions to flare. He already found himself so protective of the Orisian queen's happiness. The ability to inspire such a thing was an innate quality befitting for the monarch after all. Before Raylon was able to build anything off of his emotional burst, dulcet tones tranquilized the anomaly quickly. "It won’t be for long, however,” “Things will settle down, I will become more like myself. Everything will be better once I have fully recovered and have had proper rest. Don’t you feel sorry for me, what hasn’t yet killed me has only made me...stronger.” The conviction wrapped in her voice echoed in his mind. Whether it was a facade or truth was never weighed as an option, the Illyrian king moving just that much closer to the queen. His staff undulated once again and began to circle both of them rather playfully as if excited that the mood had changed significantly. Raylon sighed at what the staff was doing before forcing his smile to return once again before speaking. "If I can help in any way just let me know. Whatever happened should only temper your resolve. You have my support for whatever you aspire for yourself Gabriela." He stood firmly infront of Gabriela, head lowered to look at this female phenom who he knew must have endured far more than he would have wished her to. The timing of his visit could have saddened him for the years he had been unable to fix this self-imposed distance was time that he could have looked after her. However demeaning that thought might have been to the Orisian queen, this king could not help but think in this manner. She was capable of withstanding far more than he could possibly fathom but it would never prevent him from attempting to absorb some of the burden from her...especially not now.
  11. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    I have a preference toward something more ominous or flashy but I would assume it should be something appropriate to Augur's tastes.
  12. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    So if we wanted to recruit even more then how would we go about that now with this thread being OOC? Just asking out of curiosity.
  13. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    Different village a long time ago.
  14. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

  15. Town in Chaos

    Agony The small heads of the children he used to create his latest percussive masterpiece reminded him of a moment long ago where the pudgy Augur saw it fit to meddle in Agony's affairs. The distinct sounds of the cranial fractures he created as he drummed on lifeless corpses with their children's melon-sized heads triggered a memory that made this abomination snarl uncharacteristically. Agony slipped into a path in between two burning houses and while swinging a poor girl much like a pendulum brought himself into a small trance where he remembered his first encounter with the being that would no doubt consider himself the conductor of this attack. Children were a malady that Agony held no interest in cultivating, producing desires within those who birthed them that defied belief. They were nothing but instruments intended to tie those who spawned them into a kinship that made everyone weak. It was this belief that led Agony toward a village with a name long forgotten in history. This blip in time served as the opening that Augur needed to recruit the nomadic agent he might have considered his most lethal acquisition. Peace had always been a mirage meant to pacify fools and provide hope to those wishing there was more to their bleak existence. It was that village which prided itself on being a beacon of this peace inviting others into their stupor where Agony would emerge. With sunshine and cool winds amidst the sound of children and parents alike singing away their day came the descent of a black creature cast down from a realm that its resident still will not talk of this day. This formless thing lay along the floor, a mass of nothingness meant to be molded by the garbage around him and nothing more. Inviting curiousity, many villagers poked and prodded him as their mundane lives were set up masterfully for his arrival. Once they realized the sentience of their visitor, it wasn't long before they attempted to teach him their frivolous ways. It wasn't long until he held the humanoid form he held now and participated in a culture meant to distract from his true purpose. Anger was unwarranted, pain was considered an unlikely avenue to progress, and love was their foundation. Children would frequently visit him, parents would attempt to pass down their knowledge but it was one dubious accident that halted whatever creation they sought to complete. A small girl named Amalia considered her liquidy friend the best thing that had ever happened to her boring life. There wasn't a day she didn't say hi or embrace him despite the residue that would stain her hands and face. Her excitement was admittedly contagious but it was one fateful day where that excitement would be snuffed by her inability to contain it. Rushing toward her otherwordly friend, a simple misstep would cause her entire body to lunge toward her friend, her head colliding with the end of the bench he sat at. The exquisite sound of strong bone colliding with sturdy wood was complimented even further by the subtle snap of the girl's neck right beside him. Crimson eyes blinked in surprise and the semblance of a hand brought the girl up in an attempt to have her complete her quotidian task. Embracing the lifeless girl, it wasn't long before her parents realized what had just occurred. Their screams of agony and loss filled the air as they ripped her from his embrace and as expected interrogated him. "A...ma...lia" was all they would receive in response along with the attempt at a smile. He didn't know why they had suddenly rushed themselves away from him nor would he ever understand why not one of the villagers would ever return to visit again. It was the slow realization of the elation he felt at the sight of Amalia's lifeless form that triggered what came next. Within the comforting night, Agony would unearth Amalia's corpse and recreate the scenario that led to his isolation. As if a child playing with his favorite toy, Amalia's pristine corpse would be constantly battered and embraced, staining the little one's white dress with the black residue he left wherever he went. It was then that Augur emerged from the shadows, perhaps on a leisurely stroll but Agony had quickly begun to believe it was no coincidence. The commotion Agony caused triggered the awakening of the entire village which was unable to grasp the horrors they witnessed that day. A myriad of creatures swarmed the town decorating the small village with the entrails of many but Agony would not let Augur get near Amalia. Hugging the little girl, the beautiful medley of screams and guttural sounds made the creature realize there was so much he had been deprived of. In mere seconds it was clear that Augur knew far more delectable things then the cretins of this town...except for Amalia. There was so much more to learn! Snapping out of this memory, Agony looked at the girl he swung like a pendulum and briefly hugged her in remembrance before returning to ravaging Vigil...