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  1. I was just dropping you a note to let you know it's your turn in the Big Ass quest. I'm not intending to nag or pressure. We all have RL to deal with. I just wanted to send you a friendly reminder :-)

    I hope RL is going well. I look forward to your return,


  2. I will miss you. I am glad I got to rp with you while you were here. I hope we will cross paths again someday. Best of luck to you and all your future endevors :-)

  3. It's your turn in Waste Deep :)

  4. Just a friendly reminder it's your turn in "Waste Deep" :)

  5. We finally made it to the center of Union Capital, so now it is your turn :-)

  6. Thanks :) I got it covered now.

  7. Absolutely :) I'm on vacation right now so I need to wait until a week and a half before I start any new stories, but we can work on figuring out what we want to do in the meantime.

  8. I really love your freeman thread!

  9. Thank you :-) I thought it would make it easier for people to get information about a character with the links attached to the sheet

  10. I couldn't figure out how to delete it from the "T" section, but I posted it in the correct place now :)

  11. Oh geez. Of course. Thanx :P

  12. Is there a way to close the Gem quest now that halfnhalf is in? (cuz I can't change the title)

  13. You should contact Archival as he is GMing the thread. If it's full, we can start one of the other quests and I can make a new character :)

  14. Thanx! Btw, I left any description of the person she is trying to find in the tavern completely out of my post in case someone wanted to play him, her, it. So feel free to NPC that role. Looking forward to your post :)

  15. Yes, that is pretty unappealling. I was thinking she would have more connection to her minions than to the human race because a sociopath feels they are superior to everyone else. I found the idea of her holding a lock that contains the tooth of a nasty old hobo (that she killed herself) during masturbation to be even creepier.

  16. Thank you, lol. She is pretty twisted, but she is certainly styled after serial killers (especially Ted Bundy). So what about her creeped you out particularly?

  17. I was wondering from what is your profile picture. It's pretty cool with the guns and angry woman, lol

  18. Alright! Good to see you joining us in the undead invasion! :D

  19. I'll have to send my Terrenus character (Nat) to your tavern sometime!

  20. Wanted: Help getting a big-ass gemstone.

    Hey, if you'd like to join my character on the quest just lemme know!



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