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  1. Hows your Thanksgiving?

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      Did the government take you?

  2. paradigm

    General chat thread

    Yes, it applies to organizations/groups as well as individuals.
  3. paradigm

    Project Destroy Tia

    Still interested! I missed that I owed @Aleksei a post. Curse my blasted eyes!
  4. paradigm

    Bird-person, looking for groups

    @Grubbistch @Garion @Zashiii I’ll tag everyone in the first IC thread once I post it and will try to remember to link it here, as well.
  5. paradigm

    Bird-person, looking for groups

    Class B: A local merchant seeks a group of adventurers to recover a relic from cultists hiding out somewhere in the city. From the Terrenus Quest Index. My thoughts are that we go with a blend of 1 and 2, the statue on its own is not enough to remove the curse from the amulet, but if the merchants recovered relic is used to sanctify the relic beneath the statue, enough joo joo is mustered to rid Howl of his feathers (to some extent). We could even gain information on the Genesaris Cult from these cultists? Maybe they’re an off shoot of the main cult?
  6. paradigm

    Bird-person, looking for groups

    I dig it! I dig it right down to the ground!
  7. paradigm

    Bird-person, looking for groups

    Definitely, we can spitball ideas here or via pm or discord if you prefer.
  8. I have a mercenary/monster hunter/adventurer named Howl who has recently been cursed. Hoping to find a cure, Howl has traveled from Alterion to Terrenus by way of Renovatio in search of a cure. I’m looking for 2-3 individuals who would be interested in taking part in a multi faceted plot which will see us take on a quest in every major continent. 1) Terrenus - Quest TBD - Goal: return Howl to a Human (more or less) form. 2) Genesaris - Quest TBD - Goal: learn the origins of the cursed amulet and how it came to be in Alterion. 3) Alterion - Quest TBD - Goal: Locate Howl’s original client... 4) Renovatio - Quest TBD - Goal: Revenge, Profit????, Answers. Other than the backstory of the Amulet, I have none of this plotted out. Each adventure we take in each region will have its own impact on the story as well as it’s own reward. I’m looking for anyone who is willing to help me push this story forward and vibe some old school random writing.
  9. paradigm

    With great power ... comes devastating revenge

    Skar was too perceptive not to notice the change. The primal rhythm of Onesimus’ heartbeat unsettled by a brief staccato as blood rushes faster through the youth’s chambers. Despite being something akin to eternal, Skar proved itself not privy to the intricacies of human nature or societal mores. Beyond this, why would Onesimus, Skar’s only compatriot mislead or deceive it? The thought could not form long enough to find purchase in the eldritch beings mind. A change was noticed, however, and a response to Skar’s compatriot was necessary. Turning it’s midnight gaze to Onesimus, Skar stepped towards the youth, its eyes alight with a forgotten gleam of eons past. “Is this what humanity has become?” Skar’s voice wavered, the glyphs upon its flesh pulsing deeply. “Is this what I endured torment eternal for?” A hint of accusation drifted Onesimus’ way, for whether the youth wished to acknowledge it or not, he had the stench of the mortal realm upon him. Before Skar could utter another syllable the sound of turning gears and grinding stone filled the atmosphere and the doors beneath the hammer and chisel etching slowly swung open. An impossibly tall, lanky figure stoooed to move through the doorway, its neck extending high above its torso where a feminine visage stared out passionless. Monstrously long limbs moved, its slender fingers dangling mere inches from the floor. Through sheer size it barred the pairs entry. Skar’s eyes widened in a look of both recognition and surprise.“ Whatever minor annoyance oozed out of Skar at the plight of the dolls, transformed and seethed a miasma of boundless rage that forced the figure’s massive form to stutter step back into the corner before lowering itself to the floor in supplication. Its movements though very much alive possessed a rigid mechanical quality and at the apex of the carapace surrounding its crown was, once again, the stone and chisel etching. Seeing that the beast submitted itself before them, Skar continued forward, its lithe form moving soundlessly. “This...I will find the source of this marking...and its bearers shall pay with their lives.”
  10. paradigm

    Wanderer of Fate

    Even the best airships, Piloted by the most experienced captains sustained some turbulence, such was the nature of air travel. To Cali’s credit however, the vessel’s journey was a relatively smooth one, with no particular shifts in positioning that Howl couldn’t adapt to with little difficulty. Despite this ease of travel, Howl noted that Cali’s attention was not entirely on the situation at hand as he approached the cockpit. Raising a gauntleted hand to catch the Captain’s eye, Howl rubbed his thumb against the first two fingers of his hand in the universal gesture for money. “Would you care to be paid now or after we’ve landed?” Howl asked, his voice only slightly muffled behind the helm. “I’m afraid I won’t be lingering once we reach Terrenus...having a need to rid myself of these blasted feathers.” Leaning against a nearby railing, Howl swayed with the ship and peered off into the horizon. “How far out are we from Terrenus, anyway?” @Hurttoto
  11. Quatre stared eyes widened by the shock of Feyd’s form grappling with the mimic. By the time the youth thought to take action, Feyd was freed and Gainz spoke absentmindedly of the treacherous box monster. -You should work on your response time- Zirimis quipped, matter of factly. “Shut up...” Quatre snapped at the parasite, under his breath. A pang of guilt slammed into the silver haired youth’s gut, prompting downcast eyes to glance between his wounded friend and the inert chest. Something akin to fear clawed at his heart and resulted in his first step forward faltering. -You already know how to use your fear,- Zirimis intoned. -Channel that energy and move forward.- It was a slow walk to the chest and culminated in a half hearted kick that rocked the chest backwards and forwards where it cane to a halt. Opening the lid, Quatre peered into the darkness, his eyes drawn to a soft pulsing blue light. Reaching in, Quatre grabbed at it and tugged his arm away. The box remained motionless. Clutched in Quatre’s grip, a large shard of ice gave off tendrils of steam in response to the youth’s warmth. Before he realized it the cold chill of ice on his palm traveled to his fingers and arm until it was all he could bear. Prying his fingers loose proved a fruitless effort as the shard was frozen to his palm. Staring down impassively Ainz nodded his head. “Probably best to rip it off quick...like a band aid.” -He’s not wrong- Zirimis chimed matter, matter of factly. In a brief moment of hesitation, Quatre found his body moving on its own as his left hand lashed out and struck the ice shard free, tearing a large patch of skin free with it. Lips peeled back and teeth clenched just in time for Quatre to suck a lungful of air in a wincing grimace. Peering down at the exposed flesh, Quatre’s gaze traversed to the discarded shard where a long slender blade rested, its blade as translucent as glass. “Ice Brand is a very interesting weapon,” Ainz said gesturing towards the blade. “Technically it can assume the form of any weapon its master desires and has a strong affinity for Ice, Water and Darkness. So long as you bear the brand it may only be wielded by you.” Bending down Quatre claimed the blade. “It’s practically weightless...” he said, hefting it with his left hand. “And it’s not cold anymore either.” Quatre headed past Gainz and towards the entryway. “You ready for this?” He asked turning to Feyd. — 5
  12. Running a few days behind on posts due to Halloween stuff with the kids and new responsibilities at work. Most of my posts are 1/2 written on my phone, just need to square away and hour or so to finalize them.

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  13. paradigm

    Wanderer of Fate

    Howl waited until the ships movements stabilized before changing. Removing a small canister from his pack, the mercenary turned both top and bottom in a series of rotations until the proper alchemic sigils had crossed the appropriate number of times. With the locking mechanism disengaged the canister opened and unfolded on the floor directly in front of Howl. A metal thread extended from each edge of the device, meeting at the apex where a small hook held them all in place. Removing his glove, Howl pressed a finger against the hook in a fruitless attempt to draw blood. Steeling his resolve he bit down on his own tongue and winced as the taste of blood slowly filled his mouth. Gingerly testing his tongue to ensure he'd only broken the skin, he spit a wad of saliva at the device hoping the small trace of blood proved sufficient in removing the seal. The hook sprang back and the metal threads coiled up until the portable storage locker opened up. Seemingly reaching into the floor, Howl removed armor more fitting of the Terren atmosphere and culture. The sturdy leather supported metal plates where possible, but favored movement above heavy plate defense. Alchemically treated fibers and various formulae had been stitched into the leather work, ensuring it provided the same protection as his power armor. After a brief amount of time, Howl donned the armor and deposited his power armor into the locker, before sealing it back up and returning the canister to his pack. Fixing the helm onto his head, the Mercenary wandered out in search of Cali, intent on repaying his debt. Crossing his arms, Howl pondered just how long a journey to Terrenus would take. He'd been puddle jumping around the Renovatio and Alterion continents for most of his life and the idea of traversing such a distance in a short span of time without the use of a teleporter always intrigued him. @Hurttoto