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  1. paradigm

    Big Pond, Little Fish.

    I dig the name. Welcome!
  2. I don't ask for a lot. 

    I just wanna have a skeleton army. 

    I don't think that's too much to ask for. 

    I just want to be the Bone(r) Lord.

  3. paradigm

    Wanderer of Fate

    “I’m Howl...” Howl hesitated, not necessarily itching to spill the sordid details of his predicament. However, the man was lending him a hand and even if payment was involved the Renovatian deserved to know what he was getting mixed up in. As the pair moved in a brisk walk throughout the city, Howl spilled the relevant bits of his story. “The Blackfire Raiders...” He said, the name leaving a foul taste upon his tongue. “They’re a Rebel insurgency group in Izral, Alterion. Used to be allied with the Masons but now they fight against them. I had a job, track down this amulet for them. Some mystical doo dad or whatever. Well, I found it and as soon as I picked the damn thing up...boom, it binds to me and I become number fucking one on the Blackfire Raider’s most wanted list. Which pretty much puts a target on my back for the entire Rebellion...and the Masons.” At Cali’s insistence the pace increased to a full sprint. Surprisingly enough, Howl wasn’t in the least bit winded, finding his spindly legs surprisingly spry and the talons protruding from his boots ideal for propelling him forward. “It’s your show, friend. I’m just along for the ride.” Spying the airfields in the distance, Howl took in his surroundings with remarkable ease. While his new form was certainly not without its flaws, the benefits were many. “You pretty familiar with Terrenus? I haven’t been since I was a kid.” @Hurttoto
  4. Coming to a halt with the tree line, Quatre peered beyond the foliage and into the Skar. Nestled beneath a large outcropping of stone was the tomb. Monolithic gates were held open by unseen forces and a bright eldritch flame burn deeper within, filling the air with the scent of sulfur and rotting corpses. A lone skeletal figure stood at the door, its limbs dangling limply at its side. -Quite the ordeal!- Zirimis chirped in response to Feyd, a bit too excitedly for Quatre’s comfort. -The neural network I’ve attempted to map out from Quatre’s position is showing me nothing beyond the entrance...which leads me to believe the tombs innards are not entirely within this realm.- Quatre gazed down at the unarmed figure standing at the gate. “It doesn’t look like the...er...guard(?) is trying to prevent anyone from entering. Doesn’t even have a weapon.” -Shall we approach? I prefer the direct method.- Glancing over to Feyd, Quatre shrugged. “No point in dawdling.” Landing from his perch, Quatre slid halfway down a slope of charred earth only to draw up short as the skeleton waved merrily at him. “Hello weary travelers! Are you here to play the game? Great treasures await those who are willing to test the might of the Tomb of Nevirgaul.” -“Yes!”- Quatre heard himself say. Before he could bristle with indignation Zirimis’ chiding voice echoed within his skull. -We we’re going in, treasures or no.- “Excellent!” The Skeletal greeter replied. “I am Gainz the immortal, master of ceremonies to the Tomb Of Nevirgaul. Below is are 13 floors, each more dangerous than the last. One of my comrades guards each floor and they seek to devour your precious mortal souls. Upon the final floor waits the Shadowthrone, the ruler of our Tomb. He will grant eternal glory and prizes to any who can challenge his might. As participants you have two choices: you may progress through each floor naturally and try your hand against all 12 floor guardians before facing Shadowthrone, or you may play a game of chance and advance based on the provided number that is generated after striking my immortal form. So you risk going through every floor if you roll poorly each time, but if you’re lucky, you may only have to challenge two floor guardians! Do you have any questions?”
  5. paradigm

    ...well, that happened.

    It took every ounce of Garland’s restraint not to launch himself at Ah’bjyd. Rothschild’s presence helped to deter him, if only because the youth realized the experienced egoist would lay him out before he could lay hands on the Merchant Prince. Fortunately, Ah’bjyd was just the right flavor of ‘smug cunt’ to pay no attention to those he deemed beneath him. In the downtime between his tour with the Ambrose and Connor and Ah’bjyd’s arrival, the Merchant Prince’s items were rolled out and placed in the various positions. It all happened faster than Garland realized. A large Vice with handles on either side was shoved in his hands and orders were given by Ambrose to keep the ‘damned shitting thing’ pointed at whatever item Ah’bjyd was referencing. Simple enough. In less than twenty minutes, Ah’bjyd led them through almost all of the partitioned off sections, speaking in a dialect Garland didn’t recognize into his own personal Crystal datapad. When they reached the last two rooms, Ah’bjyd moved towards the portal entrance and Rothschild accompanied him. Ambrose and Connor moved to either side of a large stone pedestal and lifted a marble casing off to reveal a large leather glove with a concave aperture at the wrist. Rothschild gestured for Garland to stand between Ambrose and Connor keeping himself and Ah’bjyd on Camera. “And now,” Ah’bjyd said in a high nasally voice returning to a language, Garland actually understood. “Our premier items. First, one of the Gloves of King Aramus of Vielset. Those of you who follow foreign politics will recognize this as an artifact of the warlord Roku. A powerful warrior, Roku stormed Vielset and killed Aramus taking this glove for himself. He then found it’s pair and with this power took he city of Palgard almost single handedly. Eventually a man from the terrorist cell, Entropy killed Roku and took the gloves for himself. The psionic crystals that power the gloves were removed and remain with Roku’s killer, but the Gloves still retain a considerable portion of their former power.” Garland’s eyes fixated on the glove. He could feel the raw energy radiating from the pedestal. With something like that in his possession, Garland could make short work of Rothschild. “Though it pains me to part with it, I’ve little use for such a weapon. I leave the earring and killing to those more brutish than I. Shall we start the bidding at 12 million coin?” Ah’bjyd’s datapad lit up as bids came in, the Merchant Prince’s eyes shimmeringly brightly. But Garland could not stop peering st the glove. He could grab the glove before Ambrose or Connor could stop him, but they’d lay hands on him before he could slip it on. He could dispatch the two guards, but that risked Rothschild getting to him first. No danger of Rothschild using the glove. With his raw id power augmented by the glove, Rothschild would be split in half by his own soul. The real question was: could Garland get the glove on before Rothschild reached him. The man had to go a few meters and Garland was less than a meter away. Even with all his power...yes, there was no way he could beat Garland to it. Connor and Ambrose’s eyes went wide as Garland dropped the camera and their hands moved to grab the glove. However, before a single fingertip touched the enchanted fabric, Garland drove his knuckles into their windpipes. As the two guards fell in crumpled heaps towards the floor, Garland rushed to grab the glove, only to feel Rothschild’s fist bear down on him. Lurching back, Garland tried to reach out with his fingertips in a desperate bid for the glove, only to feel air pass through his fingertips. Waving his arms to stabilize himself, Garland slid backwards and readied himself for Rothschild’s next attack. The former slave felt his blood run cold as Captain Rothschild raised the glove and slipped it on his hand.
  6. paradigm

    ...well, that happened.

    Sitting atop the steps overlooking the tombs, Garland let his thoughts overtake him. ~*~ “You did well today, Kyu. Ekhar will not underestimate you again.” “I don’t consider that a good thing, Master.” “Teacher,” The squat old man corrected. “No man has the right to own another.” “Someone should inform the Merchant Princes.” Kyu practically spat at their owner’s title. Ignoring the boy’s snark, the old man continued with his critique. “You killed three of Ekhar’s friends in the arena today. He will be ready for you. He is a strong opponent. The fight will test you and if you are fortunate, Sosha, will kiss you.” “The goddess of death isn’t exactly who I hoped to share my first kiss with, Teacher.” As he was prone to do when frustrated with his pupil, Kyu’s teacher darted a hand out and slapped two fingers against the youth’s brow. Kyu sighed and bowed his head in apology. “This is the way of our clan, Kyu. We seek out the strong. We seek only to better ourselves.” “Yes Teacher.” The young slave replied. ~*~ If he was destined to die here, so be it. He would show Ah’bjyd and his cronies the strength of the kyōken. ~*~ "Garland..." His teacher said, cupping a hand to his cheek. "If I'd had a son...that's what I'd have named him...take it....please." The man cradled in his arms felt weightless, his voice a hoarse mockery of the commanding tone that had run him through so many drills over the years. "Teacher...I'm sorry...I've failed you..." the youth said, wiping tears from his eyes. "I should have known...” His teacher’s fingertips pressed into his brow, drawing Kyu’s words up short. “Ah’bjyd could not afford for Ekhar to lose. This is my failing and my punishment for not seeing that. It was foolish to think we could earn our freedom... in the end I am nothing but an old fool.” ~*~ “Rookie!” Ambrose’s voice called out. “Form up! The Merchant Prince is arriving.” Pulled out of his stupor by the older guardsmen, Garland rose to his feet and moved to stand alongside them. In a few moments, Captain Rothschild entered from the opposite end of the stairs with the Merchant Prince in tow. Velleh Ah'bjyd appeared younger than Garland expected him to be. Since childhood the picture of his Owner in his head was something more akin to a deity...or a devil. Either way, in Garland's perception the man who owned him was always perceived to be otherworldly and always spoken of with such reverence. To see the man now in all his vanity and finery, Ah'bjyd seemed a parody of Garland's fears. Though older than Garland, Ah'bjyd was not someone the youth considered old. His skin was the ruddy dark complexion of an Izrali and his clothing, while of exquisite quality and caliber was by no means flashy. Green piercing eyes looked past Garland the guards, focusing only on Captain Rothschild. All for the best, considering that Garland was fighting and failing to control his rage. “Let’s get this over with. I have an appointment I need to make this evening.”
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  8. paradigm

    Wanderer of Fate

    “Ah...magical ailment for sure...not necessarily sick, I suppose. But definitely not something in the wheelhouse of anyone nearby.” Howl hadn’t considered that he might be free to roam around deck. His journey from Alterion had been brief but harrowing. “Once we get off continent I should be fine. I just can’t go back home yet and I’d rather anyone looking for me not be able to track me down too easily.” Shouldering his rucksack, Howl nodded his head. “I will take the opportunity to change while on board, though. I figured my power armor won’t operate as well once we’re out of the Crystal’s reach.” Howl said, tapping the helmet atop his brow with a feathered finger “It’s good quality, but more valuable to someone in the Renovatio or Alterion region.” Shifting on his feet once more the masked man offered Cali a small bow. “I really appreciate it! When can we be off?” @Hurttoto
  9. paradigm

    General chat thread

    Got Krispy Kreme donuts last weekend and instead of 12 they put 14 in the box. It was glorious.
  10. Quatre arched a silver brow and peered into the foliage past his shoulder. “Vision? Zirimis, you told me they were nightmares and not to worry about them.” The youth’s cold tone made it clear he was reaching the end of his patience with his inner passenger. -I didn’t see the point in troubling you.- “But Rakaas—“ -People parent in different ways. Some people believe in time outs, some don’t.- “Well, I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t lie to me...or mislead me.” -This is a two way street, Quatre. If I neglected to tell you something it’s because I believe it’s what is best for you. Just as Rakaas felt telling Feyd is what was best for him.- Quatre couldn’t argue with that. Since the time of their partnership, Zirimis’s only stated goal was the protection and betterment of his host. Still, Quatre couldn’t help but concur with Feyd’s annoyance. “They really are.” At Feyd’s second question, Quatre didn’t have time to voice his own concern at their destination before Zirimis responded. -It’s all connected to what Rakaas mentioned- The zenith’s soothing baritone voice explained. -The best way to obtain synchronization between Us and the two of you is for you to utilize our power again and again and again. What you must work at and concentrate on now will soon become instinctual. Once using our abilities are second nature to you, we can operate independently and in conjunction with you. That tomb is from another realm and will certainly be filled with something dangerous...the only way some birds learn to fly is for their mother to hurl them from the nest.- Eyes widening ever so slightly, Quatre folded his arms and rocked back onto his heels. “So you’re the parent who believes in time outs, I take it?” -I’m the parent who believes in hurling my child off a cliff so that they may find their inner strength in the journey upwards.- Dropping his arms at to his side, Quatre turned to Feyd and gave a helpless shrug. “Wanna trade?” Before he realized it, Quatre was airborne, his legs pumping to stabilize his landing from the massive leap he’d just performed. “Guess you’re getting impatient.” He said, after pushing off another sturdy branch towards the tomb. -We both were, Rakaas is just too polite to say anything.- Rolling his eyes, Quatre turned his head to call out to Feyd. “I was serious about trading!” . persona . quatre. affiliation . oz. post count . 2
  11. paradigm

    General chat thread

    So hurricane Michael wrecked a lot of shut for a lot of folks. We survived the worst of it, family is safe but we’ll be without power for the next week at least. Staying with my folks cus they have a generator. Just took a shower in a barn because that’s the only place with hot water atm...not as unpleasant as one would assume.
  12. Balanced on the balls of his feet, Quatre leaned forward and let all the weight of his lithe frame rest on the branch. A week ago, he might have feared tumbling to his demise...but as great deal changed in so little an amount of time. -Not far. Not far at all.- Quatre knew as sure as he breathed that should he come tumbling from his perch and break every bone in his body, the parasite rooted firmly at the base of his spine would patch him up. Good as new. It irked him, truth be told, that such control was out of his hands. -Don’t get testy, Quatre. Self preservation is an admirable quality.- “Yeah...” The ivory haired youth, muttered under his breath. A sudden stirring from below stirred the youth to action, prompting Quatre to drop from the tree and land with an unceremonious thud a few feet from his newly awakened comrade. Rising to his full height, Quatre offered Feyd a knowing look. “Nightmare, huh? I don’t even try to sleep anymore.” -Technically, you don’t have to.- That his internal passenger was an insufferable know it all, helped Quatre not at all. A quiet rage smoldered deep behind the youths icy blue eyes. “The tomb...thing...is only about a mile away. You still wanna check it out? Might be more of those monsters we could take out along the way?” -We’re 4,942 ft from the structure. That’s not quite a mile.- Quatre closed his eyes and sighed, long and heavy. “Could be fun?” Though the pursuit of fun led them to their current predicament, it was an adolescent failing Quatre just couldn’t seem to shake. While he and Feyd did have differing ideals about many topics, the decision to investigate the Tomb that magically appeared near Alterion’s Skar was not one they’d bickered over. . persona . quatre . affiliation . oz . post count . 1 @Syncopy
  13. paradigm

    With great power ... comes devastating revenge

    “This One,” Skar intoned with a nod of its head. “Agrees.” One’s words made sense and based on the youths reactions to Skar’s speech and general behavior, the eldritch being could fathom why some preparation time might be a capital idea. “We need to learn more of this realm and of one another.” Skar found the idea of gender a meaningless enterprise, but could appreciate the clarity confirming ones own could provide. “This One— I awoke in a building not far from here. A derelict Church...a not very tasty person called it. I know naught of Derelick or his churches. But it might be a fitting place to start.” As Skar seemingly walked upon the air just above the earth, it glanced at Oni and quirked a curious brow. “You spoke of The Ravens earlier. Are they tasty?”
  14. paradigm

    Project Destroy Tia

    I guess I wanna be in O now too!!!