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  1. @amenities @danzilla3 I've gotten super busy at work. Won't be able to post until Saturday, at the earliest.
  2. paradigm

    For All Your Insurance Needs...

    They definitely would subcontract out particular jobs.
  3. I've been toying with the idea of an insurance company that protects their clients in a variety of ways. They don't just provide indemnification after a loss, they recover what was stolen. If a customer is killed (and that customer paid the right price) they'll bring them back from the dead. I'm thinking it goes even further though, like a city can take out a policy and the insurance adjusters (representing the company) will protect it (best case) and pay for any losses (worst case). Think of like Wolfram & Hart from Angel with less Evil intentions. They're not necessarily good or bad, they're fulfilling their contract, regardless of what that might be. Right now it's just something I'm toying around with, hence the rambling, curious if anyone else would be interested in catching/stopping some bad guys. Notes: Hawke, Owll & Ravensley Insurance Society An international and interdimensional Insurance Firm with offices throughout Valucre. Their home office is located in Cosanastre, Alterion. HORIS is the largest Insurer in the world and specializes in both Property & Casualty Insurance as well as Life & Health Insurance. Since its founding HORIS has been serving its clients by providing a wide range of support services. HORIS clients don’t just expect design and execution of their projects. They expect a partner that can guide them through the design, regulatory, approval and implementation processes. HORIS clients can rely on expertise to support them in their processes from the beginning to its continued . The road ahead can be full of unknown obstacles. Place your trust in those who have walked the path thousands of times. Our team brings centuries of experience and expertise to your doorstep. HORIS doesn’t just provide financial security for their customer’s losses, they offer loss prevention as well. HORIS isn’t a by-the-numbers organization, they’d rather see your property whole and returned to you than offer a functional equivalent. To its premier elite members HORIS offers a number of services including: asset protection and acquisition, corporate and industrial espionage, healing and necromancy, legal services, Real Estate, Voodoo, Entertainment, Science, Research and Intelligence, and Interment Acquisitions, Product development, Rule, form and manual filings, Advisory services, Regulatory relations, and insurance operations.
  4. paradigm

    colony dark; the fall of Saachistan

    On 6/30/2018 at 7:21 AM, danzilla3 said: "Anything specific you want me to do, or just strip all the good shiny out of the tech?" "Hm..." Ravi pondered the engineers request. There were few things he appreciated more than an eager gearhead. Not so much for their knack of building things, but for the speed at which they could take it apart. If you could overload the stabilization system and knock the sonuvabitch colony into Valucre's orbit, that'd be swell. Ravi thought. Still, it was a difficult request to air amidst all the zealous Rebel scum who decidedly did not want a possible bioweapon dropped on the surface of Izral. "Focus on anything that looks like it'll blow somebody or someplace the fuck up. Lots of collateral damage in the fight for freedom..." On 7/1/2018 at 3:46 PM, amenities said: “I'm more than ready sir, I have a PhD in ugly! Just one question, will there be any atmosphere where we’re unloading?” Ravi unfastened his belt and rose from his seat. Pushing past the Rebels huddled about them, Ravi moved beyond the boy (Viktus Anomanderis) and towards a slightly more spacious patch of the ship, away from the controls and the viewing shield. "Manufactured atmo..." he clarified. "Close as you can get to the real thing...last time I was in a Colony it was about the same as being back planet side...cept the air has a kind of chemical smell to it...almost imperceptible." He shrugged. "Can't explain it, but once we get through the docking station we should be safe. Actually, while I'm thinking on it..." Ravi raised a fist to draw the Rebellion's attention to his person. Gesturing to a large black crate stowed and fastened in the corner Ravi lifted his head. "When we actually get into the Colony a lot of the shit we're grabbing is gonna be too big for us to bring back on the ship. You'll find one of these..." Ravi fished what looked like a small flip lighter out of his pocket and raised it towards the raiding party. Opening the lid he revealed a small stone etched with alchemic sigils. "Simple to operate. You rotate the stone until the smooth side is up, you close the lid and drop it on the ground. Four little funny looking letters will form the point of a square. You drag it however wide you need it, in whatever shape you need it and then you tap one of those little shapes three times, with three seconds in between. A gateway's gonna open up in between those symbols where you're gonna dump all the shit we find. Dunno if falling in one will kill you or not...best not to find out." Gesturing towards the door at his back with a tilt of his head, Ravi folded his arms across his chest. “We’ll be Colonyside soon enough, do make ready.”
  5. paradigm

    pray for fresh prey

    A considerable amount of time passed before Karasu's eyelids fluttered close. The Kuten informed him, at the time of his briefing, that another shinobi would join him on this endeavor...and if they were coming they were far past the expected time of arrival. It was ten minutes past the time of departure and he abhorred being late. Tilting his chin down, ever so slightly, Karasu shifted his weight and let the momentum carry him over the edge and out of the Dead Man’s mouth. Hurtling towards the treetops at breakneck speed, Karasu reached for the scroll at his side, twisted about himself and disappeared into the treetops. —- Karasu’s golden eyes peered about as he approached the small village. His journey proved an expedient one, closing in on the outskirts of Chosa’reh by midday. The village was minuscule compared to the sprawling hidden villages scattered throughout Izral with a single bridge leading towards its gates. Rather a bridge, at one point, led to its gates. Karasu’s ivory crown tilted ever so slightly in an overt display of confusion. A man in a dark flak jacket hailed him from atop the walls, his arm bearing the insignia of the village. Karasu studied the...what was that? A bridge? Two trees? He didn’t know what it was, but it looked pathetic and insignificant, much like the village. “No entry, friend!” The figure called to Karasu. We’re on lockdown. Come back tomorrow.” An ivory brow climbed upwards as Karasu’s gruff voice burst past pale lips. “Eh?!” A moment passed as Karasu folded his arms over his chest. “I am Karasu of the Kuten Syndicate...you will open your gates to me or I will turn your village to rubble.” The man paused and turned to speak to someone behind the wall. As a representative of the Kuten, Karasu was within his rights to investigate a village under the Kuten’s authority, especially when a missing operative was last seen within its walls. “You have a dead Kuten to answer for.” Letting long arms drop his side, Karasu raised his China day leveled an accusatory gaze upon the man. “Now, open the gate...or I will break it down.” A long moment passed before the gate opened and a large bridge was lowered over the expanse. Karasu crosses the threshold and entered the lair of his brother’s killers.
  6. paradigm

    cool runnings

    It was easy to lose time in the darkness. Janos found it impossible to differentiate days from nights and could only sleep when exhaustion took hold. Kneeling as he was, sleep was not a luxury that came without a price. If he laid, just so he could sleep, but any movement of his arms, any rotation of his body would cause the chains to tighten down around his throat. Janos opened heavy lidded eyes at the sound of hooves scraping the floor. It came from beneath him, and it honestly still marveled the Althane that there could be anything beneath the depths of his imprisonment, yet there was and it went considerably deeper. A bull's snorting pulled Janos' attention to the encroaching sound of approaching steps. "Baudin's beard, you stink." Janos spat at his would-be jailer. He'd tried for...months(?)/years(?) to enrage the minotaur and manipulate it into fighting, or at the very least killing him, but to no avail. The beast only walked into the room holding Janos, stood several arms lengths away, snorted, and walked out. Best of Janos' knowledge this was a weekly occurrence, to ensure his presence in the prison. Rising up as far as he was able, Janos strained against the alchemic chains that bound him. "What's the matter? Scared?" The Minotaur snorted and moved out of the room. It was twice Janos' size and filled the massive doorway with no effort on its part. Janos knew without a doubt that if the creature freed him, he could kill it...but the creature could kill him, as well and that's all that concerned him at this point. He needed not break his chains, but he'd never feel them again if that massive fur covered fuck would open Janos' head on the stones below. "I bet you think it's funny..." Janos whispered harshly. "Bet you think I'm trapped here with you...and one day you'll get to put me down." Giving his horned crown a shake, Janos fought his restrains, caring nothing for the blood that rolled down his chest in rivulets. "But that's wrong, fuckstick. You're the one trapped...with me...and whatever the fuck else you wander the fuck around with down there...and one day, I'm going to get out of these chains...and I'm gonna skull fuck you to death...and use those lily-dicked 'pointies' you call horns to keep you steady." The minotaur grunted and shambled out of the room. Janos sighed and closed his eyes again. The chains kept him from transforming, but they didn't stop him from attempting the transformations and sometimes that was all that was necessary. The effort of controlling his energy, manipulating it throughout his structure and altering the structure was enough to keep him in peak condition, but it wasn't the same mentally. It was therapeutic to let loose, to let his baser nature take control...and chained as he was...he began to understand why some animals would sooner chew through their own leg than remain in a trap.
  7. Added Taurus to the Xaengri-La Legend. Added the Althane write up to the Xaengri-La Legend.
  8. paradigm

    LEGEND | Xaengri-La (WIP)

    Althanes Althanes are a naturally aggressive warrior race who nearly disappeared into extinction due to constant warring amongst one another. They are greater demigods, the offspring of the Altarr and indigenous Alterians. Most of them left Alterion when the Alteri and the Altarr fled, but it is not uncommon for them to journey to the mortal realm for sport. Appearance Althanes are outwardly very similar to that of Humans, with the exception of their horns and have larger muscular builds. They are commonly seen to have a wide variety of hair color, some even possessing extremely rare colors. In addition, they seem to possess large hearts (physically, not emotionally). Althanes also all appear to have light colored eyes, though half-breeds do not always share this trait. Horns All pure-blooded Althanes are born with horns, the color, size and shape of the horns vary from person to person. Some are even capable of being hidden in the hair style of particular Althanes who wish to blend in. While very durable, the horns are not invulnerable and can be chipped or torn off, although they do have a tendency to grow back over time. The horns also provides a unique gift in that it allows an Althane to transform into a much stronger form--the form varies from person to person. If both horns are removed, this power is lost. All Althanes have the ability for their horns to grow back which they seem to do for unknown reasons. It is largely believed that the horns will often suddenly grow back if the Althane is in danger. Personality Althanes tend to share similar personality traits, even at young ages. Being war-like people; they share an innate enjoyment for conflict and fighting; choosing violence over peace with other races. Althanes are typically extremely aggressive and stubborn, with short explosive tempers. They tend to be arrogant at times, leading them to allow enemies to gain advantages in battle just for fun. They also have a habit of letting their emotions get the better of them when roused in stimulating situations - resulting in them at times making rash decisions. They also appear to lack sympathetic emotions as though by choice rather than by nature as shown by their relative lack of fear of death and uncaring attitude towards family members. Most Althanes also possess a keen fighting sense and understanding of battle, which allows them to acquire many new skills, such as achieving new fighting forms and transformations. They do, however, possess a sense of camaraderie and will occasionally take on traveling companions. The Althanes also seem to believe that death is preferable compared to living with the shame of losing against someone inferior to them. They tend to hold grudges which typically results in rivalries with other beings. It is common for an Althane to have a chief rival that they consistently aim to outdo. Strength Althanes naturally possess great strength and are quintessentially built for fighting. With rigorous training, Althanes are able to reach new levels of power, and the more intense training and fights they go through, the stronger they become. If an Althane survives a near-death experience through extreme injury to the body, then, when the body recuperates, they grow much stronger than they were previously, their body adapting to compensate for the damage dealt. The duration of recovery does not seem to hinder this ability as many have healed through natural, technological and mystical means and still gained substantial increases in strength. Althanes also possess a natural affinity to the manipulation of mana/energy allowing them to utilize a myriad of skills with incredible ease as well as unlock great depths of power when needed, or lending energy to others in battle when it is actually necessary. Althanes put a heavy emphasis on strength and fighting ability when it comes to importance in their society. In fact, they will excommunicate members of their race who do not show potential to assist in their violent ways. Family Althane families appear to be far different to that of a traditional human family. Children are kept stasis chambers as infants and monitored by doctors whilst their parents are usually occupied on mercenary missions or other conquests within Xaengri-La.Even as infants, their natural strength means that they are capable of undergoing training, so it is unlikely they spend much, if any time with their parents or siblings. Althanes do tend to have close relationships with their friends and comrades however, with whom they do spend a great deal of time in battle. Fighting Althanes have an inborn need to fight. Most will spend their lives training to become stronger so that they can prove themselves in battle. Training Althanes are trained from a very early age to wage war. They are generally taken from their medical facilities at 5 or 6 and grouped together in "packs" and were sent off with 'retired' soldiers for training. They became inured to hardship, being provided with scant food and clothing; this also encourages them to steal, and if they are caught, they are punished - not for stealing, but for being caught. They are encouraged to compete against one another in games and mock fights and to foster an esprit de corps. In addition, they are taught to read and write and learn the legends of their people and the outside worlds (Specifically on their shared heritage with the Fallen Arcs of Tellus Mater.)They learn to read and write not for cultural reasons, but so they can be able to read military maps. At the age of twelve, an Althane is classed as a "youth" and the physical education is intensified, discipline becomes much harsher, and they are loaded with extra tasks. The youths have to go barefoot, and are dressed only in a tunic both in summer and in winter. Adulthood is reached at the age of 14, and the young adult initially serves as a trainer for the new Althanes arriving. At the same time, the most promising youths are included in the militia and used for missions within their homeland.. At 16, Althanes become eligible for military service and join one of the Ranks, which include no less than 3 Althanes of various ages. Those who are rejected are left to die in the depths of Xaengri-La, in hopes that they would survive and return as stronger stock. Throughout their adult lives, the Althanes continued to be subject to a strict training regime. Althane Army The Althane Army is more a collection of different mercenary units than anything else. Initially, each Rank would be assigned a plane/realm/dimension to subjugate and they would be sent off to do so. Appearance They are usually seen adorned in what appears to be heavy plate-armour along with helmets and face masks that act like respirators, designed intentionally to combat poison, and which include inbuilt radios, the helmets are custom made and possess openings for the Althanes horns to protrude through. They are occasionally armed with swords but the scabbards of these, are instead mounted directly onto their faulds. However, the number of blades worn by a single warrior is also unusual, going as high as four, in spite of the fact that they have never been observed using more than two at a time in battle, which could probably mean they are kept as spares. Abilities Little is known about the abilities of the Althanes even by, but they are primarily sword-users with a select few specializing in hand-to-hand combat. They are capable of utilizing energy, apparently by channelling it through their swords or via charged blasts. This allows them to extend the reach of their swords as well as attack at a distance by swinging them and releasing crescents of energy at their targets. The Althane have also shown form manipulation, as the energy blades they form into many types, such as buzz-saws, broad swords, and axes. The Armor The Althane armor is made of an unknown material that can stretch to fit the form of its wearer and still remain extremely durable. The armor can be customized to each Althane's taste, but the base form resembles heavy plate armor. The upgraded forms include the ELITE, ROYAL and EXEMPLAR models. Status Largely absent from the affairs of the mortal realm, the Althanes subsist in the Celestial realm of Xaengri-La. As mercenaries they do not stay put very often, but they do claim a relatively small island as their home though it is more of a glorified encampment than a city or kingdom. It too, is merely referred to as Althane and is where most Althane youths are born and trained before being sent out into the Celestial Realm.
  9. Added Alterion Religion and Mythology article and included the link in the landing page's Politics & Religion section. Also added some of the terminology from the new article in the Magic & Technology section on the landing page, as well.
  10. paradigm

    Alterion Religion and Mythology

    Ancient Alterion The land that would one day be Alterion was once home to a race of ancient primordial beings known as the Alteri (ALL-Ter-EYE). Largely forgotten by modern Alterion the Alteri were revered as god-like by the indigenous alterians, who it is believed the Alteri created. Alterion Mytholgy Long ago when Valucre was still young a great calamity was visited upon the stars and the sky itself was rent open. From this otherworldly tear fell the body of great and terrible monolith. The being's descent drove it deep into the earth forever scarring the landmass. From the creature's blood and dismembered body crawled the Alteri. The Alteri were as savage and cruel as they were powerful and sought to devour that which birthed them, in pursuit of further power. At its journey’s end however, several miles down into Alterion's core, the being sought to stave off death and with its remaining power encased itself in an otherworldly luminous mineral. To The mortals of Alterion this being became known as the Crystal. Unable to breach their progenitor's exoskeleton the Alteri turned to warring with and devouring each other. As time passed the Alteri transitioned from vengeful and spiteful warriors to god kings of powerful and thriving civilizations. The Alteri birthed many lesser deities, who in turn birthed more (the althane). They built great machines and developed ways in which to manipulate the world itself to do their bidding (Alchemy) until the day the Crystal rose out from the earth and basked in the sun. With the Crystal’s appearance, the Alteri fled the mortal realm and left their great cities and machines of war behind...in the hands of men. The indigenous people of Alterion came to believe that their gods, and all of Valucre's gods, were but living personifications of the Crystal. When settlers from Muhir and Rosinder arrived in Alterion they adopted this belief, lending further support to the Crystal as Valucre's chief deity. The Alteri Primordial Deities, shapeshifters, elemental forces, nature spirits, giants, great trolls. The Alteri were exceptionally power, as primordial gods, they could largely shape the world as they saw fit and used their power and knowledge to create things of wondrous and terrible power. Alteri could often appear in human form, but their true forms were often considered misshapen and grotesque. They were exceptionally large and are considered the creators of Alterion's Giants, Dragons, Ogres, and Trolls. The Altarr/ The Guild Lesser deities, the Altarr were far more intelligent than their ancestors and allied together to rule over Alterion's populace. They were known to frequently breed with humans ultimately yielding in an influx of demigods and other powerful beings. They, like their creators, built great machines and wielded exceptional power. They too were shape shifters, but their true forms were almost indiscernible from humans. Althane Greater Demigods, the Althane have more in common with their celestial parent than their mortal one, but find existence in either the mortal or immortal realm relatively easy. They are beings of immense power and are capable of transforming to increase their power, but do not possess the same liberties of choice that their shapeshifting parentage were privy to. Crystallyn A Crystallyn is a demi-god, for lack of a better term. They are beings that are either born with preternatural abilities are were given preternatural abilities by being infused with pure Crystal energy. Tellyn A lesser demigod, for lack of a better term. A Tellyn is a mortal who has consumed one of the Tellus Seeds and now possesses extraordinary power.
  11. paradigm

    Want to rule a piece of Alterion?

    All the listed provinces are available for your character to conquer with the exception of Setroth and Cosanastre Proper.
  12. paradigm

    Alterion AMA

    My OC might be interested in ruling a city. Do you have any idea how she could do this? It would be relatively easy. First you need to decide if you want to rule an existing city (do you want your OC to pay tribute and operate under the purview and protection of the Masons) or do you want to create a city and have your OC take control of that. I have several Provinces in Cosanastre that are prenamed and I have basic ideas on that I can put a write up for whatever Province together in a few days, but it really comes down to personal preference. Some people don’t like coming up with a city etc (preferring to walk into a ready made environment and shape things from there) and other people prefer things that they had a hand in creating. As to the IC how: it looks like she has a small trading empire (by Alterion Standards) which would Allow her to broker enough deals with the right companies to at least come to Alterion and control an unaffiliated city (small kingdom.) in reference the Setroth Province of Cosanastre is the second wealthiest in Cosanastre and has anywhere from 60-70,000 personal soldiers (not counting the 100,000 Mason soldiers that the Masons provide in return for Tribute.) An unaffiliated territory could probably support anywhere from 40-50,000 soldiers but resources would be tight for the populace. added to AMA for informational purposes.
  13. paradigm

    Want to rule a piece of Alterion?

    Here is some info on the Cosanastre region where most of the current named Provinces are located. The Setroth Province is currently under siege and Cosanastre Proper is held and secure. The other provinces may be contested by your character and the post requirements for claiming a Procince are listed in first post of this thread. Let me know which Province you’re looking at and i’ll Get that info up first
  14. paradigm

    Want to rule a piece of Alterion?

    It would be relatively easy. First you need to decide if you want to rule an existing city (do you want your OC to pay tribute and operate under the purview and protection of the Masons) or do you want to create a city and have your OC take control of that. I have several Provinces in Cosanastre that are prenamed and I have basic ideas on that I can put a write up for whatever Province together in a few days, but it really comes down to personal preference. Some people don’t like coming up with a city etc (preferring to walk into a ready made environment and shape things from there) and other people prefer things that they had a hand in creating. As to the IC how: it looks like she has a small trading empire (by Alterion Standards) which would Allow her to broker enough deals with the right companies to at least come to Alterion and control an unaffiliated city (small kingdom.) in reference the Setroth Province of Cosanastre is the second wealthiest in Cosanastre and has anywhere from 60-70,000 personal soldiers (not counting the 100,000 Mason soldiers that the Masons provide in return for Tribute.) An unaffiliated territory could probably support anywhere from 40-50,000 soldiers but resources would be tight for the populace.
  15. paradigm

    colony dark; the fall of Saachistan

    Ravi’s attention was pulled from the youth and towards a new figure he didn’t recognize. This wasn’t alarming, the Rebellion churned out new bodies like most men squeezed out a shit and if luck was then today, the former would be worth more than the latter. A consummate professional, despite the gruff demeanor, Ravi turned his would-be handshake into a raised hand of greeting. “Ravi al-Saajis and I s’pose I’m the closest thing to it.” Leaning over he wrapped a knuckle against the hull as the good doctor addressed the ship—a force of habit, it seemed some superstitious rituals were ingrained deeper than others. “She’s an old MaGNUS Corp holdover. Probably hit the market about 5-6 years ago...not the newest ship the Rebellion’s but she sure ain’t the oldest. Last one we went up in was held together by prayer and birdshit and the praying was fucking useless. “ Arching a thick brow at Amantis, Ravi’s tan face twisted into a look of incredulity. “Don’t have too many men of learning along for the ride. Got some green ones along for the ride who might make use of your medical skill...unless you’re not that kinda doctor?” Glancing past Amantis and the boy towards the nearby engineer, Ravi nodded at the man. “Don’t you get sick in that suit, damn near impossible to get every piece of gut chowder outta there. Speaking from experience, and the leavings will make you chafe something awful.” A small chime sounded up ahead near the controls. ‘We are approaching the destination,” the nav computer chimed. “Docking in twenty minutes.” Ravi’s eyes watered as he failed to fight back a yawn and his hand moved to wipe tears away. “Uaaaaah! You ready for what’s up there, Doc? I heard it ain’t gonna be pretty.”