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  1. Garland found it difficult to contain his frustration. True senselessly killing an animal was not in his wheelhouse, but drake meat fetched a very pretty penny to the right buyer, the hide was an extremely versatile tool and could be crafted into highly durable light weight armor. The claws and fangs were equally useful in crafting weapons. The party seemed content in turning their back on this boon, but perhaps they were only considering the upcoming job. Garland was thinking three jobs down the road. Once he laid claim to the nearby estate, how would he maintain it? It was this thought that drove him onward and as soon as Yonatan moved from the shadows that she had cloaked then in, Garland was airborne. Three successive steps upon the air itself were enough to grant him the altitude and force he needed. A final burst drove Garland downward and saw his heel slam into the base of the dragons skull. Standing atop the immobile corpse, Garland cleared his throat. “ Forgive me, as my mastery of other tongues and dialects is quite poor, but I wished this creature dead. We shall preserve and bury the remains for further use and begin our assault on the compound.” Crossing his arms, the youth awaited their answers before continuing.
  2. Go ahead and skip me this round guys. Apologies, had some phone issues and have just gotten a replacement. Starting a new job tomorrow however and need to get up to speed there.
  3. There was nothing about Jarrod that Garland liked. From the way he styled his hair, to the threads he wore on his back, to the way his nostrils twitched when he breathed. Also, who wore sunglasses inside?! An asshole, that’s who. To his credit, Garland played the good little soldier falling in step with Jericho and Borges. A pair of women sat on either side playing with his hair and running their hands along his muscled form. While Garland was not unfamiliar with pleasures of the flesh, his mind was elsewhere, to be sure...like ripping Jarrod’s jaw off his face. The smug prick rubbed an unnaturally colored powder against his teeth and gums, grinned madly and shook his head. “Nah, nah, nah, my guy! Tip of the iceberg, bro! My connect’s got the hookup, it’s steak sauce bro! Choice prime rib, brah!” At Borges compliments, Jarrod tossed up a pair of finger guns and peered down the rims of his shades. “Ya got good taste my little furry dude! No matter what you’re looking to pound, Jarrod’s ya guy!” Garland closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Had the idiot just referred to himself in third person? Fortunately, frustrated Garland was indiscernible from high Garland. “Yes, very good.” Garland agreed. A pair of silent finger guns greeted Garland before running thumbs against index and middle fingers of both hands in the universal symbol for currency. “Dat shine moves mountains, bro? Feel me?! You say the where and when and Jarrod gonna give ya the hookup, bruh!”
  4. You’re not wrong. FF7R been grabbing me and then D&D tomorrow night then I’ll be back in the swing of things.
  5. There are things far more ignoble than a quest for coin. Hell, if rumor held true, there are all kinds of folks across Valucre getting up to all kinds of trouble in the name of self-interest. Folks who pay little attention to the tragedies left in their wake or the body count they stack up. While Xell is certainly not so bold to claim that he never puts his own interests first, he likes to think the cosmic scales of good and evil are largely balanced, as far as he is concerned. He cannot complain about much, if he is being honest with himself (not that complaining ever did anyone any favors). The journey from Alterion to Nehalen was a short airship trip and the trek to Avylon even less so. He is still well rested and healthy when he darkens the inn’s doorstep and steps into the establishment. The small pamphlet serves as his compass, tracing a metaphysical ley line that comes up short at a particular table. He is tall and broad shouldered, with a slim athletic build that some might find imposing. He is, however, in possession of a calm presence and forthright personality that. At the very least ensures he is heard when he speaks. “I am here about the job,” Xell says with a soft smile, soft caramel colored skin wrinkling as his broad smile touches his eyes. “It is kismet,” he says with appreciation. “Here I am planning a trip to Nehalen as I further my studies and your leaflet flutters into my life.” The dark skinned man chuckles and claims a seat. “I am Xellas Vayne of Alterion and I am pleased to make your acquaintance.”
  6. Apologies for the wait, I didn’t have ‘notify me of replies’ checked. I have since rectified that error.
  7. Success! Well, kind of. Jericho’s praise came with a pointer, one that had Garland’s head bobbing in agreement. Cousins? Yes, that might have been the simpler play, but there were cousins in plenty corners of the world who...best not to dwell on that now, though. Garland turned at Borges arrival and gave the half-man and a raised hand in greeting. They were in, or closer to their goal, at least. Slim fingers hands fit together and knuckles cracked as the youth glanced from the half-man to Jericho. “We’ve played it safe, so far.” He admitted, “But that was to prevent the target’s escape. If the dealer we’re looking for is just up the stairs, we can probably get to him before they can stop us...getting out however...” Garland wasn’t sure if the two appreciated his vocal thought process, but it helped the youth weigh his options. “I’ll defer to you,” Garland said to Jericho. “But I think it’s time to crack some skulls.”
  8. paradigm

    xellas vayne

    " greet death as a friend; P E R S O N A name: xellas castor vayne aliases: the necromancer; the sewer of life age: thirty-five [35] gender: male marital status: single; not looking hair: black; shaved bald eyes: hazel green height: six-feet & two-inches [6'2"] weight: one-hundred & eighty-five pounds [185lbs] interests: likes: tea (black, preferably); books; music & dance; cooking dislikes: lack of power/control; rudeness reputation: relationships: A B I L I T I E S —alchemy Specialty: Sewing Life School Red Lotus School Armored Golem School W E A P O N S Primary: necrotic nail* A short blade that is invariably broad at the hilt in an oval shape, then tapers progressively and radically to a needle-like, triangular tip. Primarily used as a thrusting weapon, however the wide hollow-ground blade possesses considerable slicing performance, effectively used with slashing or cutting strokes. Overall length: Eighteen inches [18 in] Blade length: Twelve inches [12 in] Blade: unknown composition Hilt: unknown composition Primary Company: Throwing Knives Spear pointed, fixed blade throwing knives with a straight edge. Their handles are wrapped in animal sinew, making the grip more comfortable for throwing and general handling. Overall length: Nine inches and a half [9 ½] Blade length: Two and one eighth [2 ⅛] Blade & Hilt: Depleted primal alloy Secondary: razor whip A consecrated whip that possesses thorn like protrusions. Overall length: One hundred & eighty inches [180 in]
  9. paradigm

    xellas vayne

    " immortality is a fate to be pitied, we all seek the solace of death and should meet our end gladly C O L L E C T I O N current: thread thread thread previous: thread thread thread B I O G R A P H Y
  10. I’ve got a budding necromancer I’ve been meaning to use for a while, I will definitely make use of one of these plot points.
  11. .oO(For clarity: I have no idea what is going on ground zero. I eagerly await explanations on this, but from Garland’s perspective and keeping in mind that Garland (bless him) is a dolt everybody on the ground is gonna be dead before he can challenge them to mortal kombat.) At the detonations below, Garland halted mid run and slammed his body against the nearby view port to peer at the carnage below. Lips peeled back and eyes grew wide at the carnage unleashed. WHAT WAS GOING ON?! THEY WERE BLOWING THINGS UP DOWN THERE?! DIDN’T THEY KNOW IT WAS HARDER TO FIGHT SOMEONE ONCE THEY’D BEEN BLOWN UP!? A fresh faced Mason in Poor Son guard, raised a hand to intercept him. “Vice-Commander you can’t go out th-“ Garland cold cocked him before the man finished. These masons! These cowards! Did they think this was honorable?! Garland charged forward making his way to open landing pad, his large form towering over those who stood in his path. “Sir! You can’t!” Another man began, before Garland hurled him out of his path. “No! Sir! We have incoming-“ Another started before Garland slammed him into the wall. Two men stepped forward each of them taking one of Garland’s arms. “We’re intercepting a pod! He’s not hearing us!” Garland dismissed that nonsense and shook the chuckleheads off him with a mighty two quick violent movements. The door to the landing pad was sealed and Garland manually disengaged to locks. “VICE COMMANDER!” A voice blared over the speakers. “DON’T GO OUT THERE! WE’RE INTERCEPTING AN ESCAPE POD! IT’S NOT SAFE!” Garland was too distraught to hear their words however, rounding on the disembodied voice. “YOU’RE NOT SAFE!!!!” The tall Izrali youth barely had a moment to contain himself as a large pod slammed into the landing pad before him, the shockwave sending the soldiers trailing him skidding to the floor. To his credit, Garland stutter stepped back and shouted at the pod’s inhabitant. “YOU! POD PERSON! EXPLAIN!” His unii was getting quite good to be honest, or rather that’s what the mysterious brand indicated he wanted to say in the strange national trade language. Too many outsiders said his native Izrali dialect sounded odd, so he had to trust that the translation beamed directly into his head was an accurate one, even if he wasn’t entirely certain on the pronunciation of certain words. “THE PEOPLE BELOW!? WHEN CAN WE FIGHT?”
  12. paradigm


  13. It took the former slave a few moments to gather his bearings, but once he did all systems were go. Throwing a thumbs up at Yonatan’s professionalism and class, Garland moved the universal symbol for “WooHoo!” in Tanner’s direction, Garland nodded his head and donned Rotheschild’s battered military cap. Though he was ashamed to admit it, the trophy gave him confidence and served to remind the otherwise self-conscious youth that sometimes he knew what he was doing. Tipping his head towards the mountains, Garland urged the others to action. “Fire Drakes aren’t that uncommon to this area, if we aim for a particularly sunny patch on the valley we’ll likely spot one looking for his breakfast.” Having little else to say at the moment, Garland saw fit to describe their prey. “Shouldn’t be longer than 6 feet. Small wings, only suitable for navigating the mountains. It’ll have smoke or steam coming off it. The blood is combustible, so we’ll want to be careful. It would be a few short minutes before they crested the hill and were able to spy their prize languishing in the sun, snapping at nearby lizards for sustenance. “Spotted.” Garland said quietly. “Remember, be careful of its blood.”
  14. " there is no loyalty, there is no honor, there is only power and fear. C O L L E C T I O N current: thread thread thread previous: thread thread thread B I O G R A P H Y
  15. wot did u say m8? Fite me for rl fgt!
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