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  1. Just a heads up, I’ve been working on a post, but work/life has kept me occupied. Hoping to have something up in the next couple of days.
  2. So currently he is a fully anthropomorphic owl. He resembles a humanoid owl with a weird type of feather/hand/wing/arm hybrid. Howl’s profile gives some visual representation of his form and some things the amulet is capable of. I have yet to describe the amulet but something like this (a pair of talons clutching an item) but maybe 1.5 x bigger and with some dark colored jewel at the center. Edit: to further clarify, the condition enhances his body. I haven’t decided whether the amulet will harm him, but I like the idea that it might.
  3. Howl was not superstitious individual by nature, nor was he particularly religious. Truth be told, he’d never found much truth in any particular religion. Not that he doubted the existence of any deity, the sheer fantastical element of warfare throughout Alterion served to dissuade of any atheistic notions he may have once felt. He did, however, heavily doubt a deities involvement in the daily life of this world’s denizens. No doubt a god(s) existed, but Howl always felt quite adamantly that theirs concern for any one soul was functionally non-existent. So, not for the first time today he admonished himself as a hypocritical ass for expecting some divine hand to cure him simply because he prayed hard enough. If someone had told Howl (the old Howl, the care-free, no fucks given, mercenary) that he’d make a pilgrimage to Palgard, Terrenus, of all fucking places, to drop to his knees in the dirt and beg that a statue of some tree hugging dipshit show mercy on him...well, suffice it to say, laughs would have been had. The local priest he’d spoken to regarding his affliction beseeched Howl not to lose hope. There was always the chance that the statue could still fix him, with some outside help. Why there was a merchant in Dougton seeking the recovery of his relic from some cult and if remembered correctly, just maybe they had something to do with birds? He’d left Palgard some number of days ago and drowned his sorrows as best he could before seeing to the second biggest crisis on his plate, the accrual of currency, far faaaaaar down on the list below being turned into an owl-man. Yes, despite his mighty need to shed these feathers, Howl was faced with the same problem every poor slob in existence was forced to endure: the quest for coin, scratch, moolah, and/or fat stacks of cold hard cash. It was largely this need for employment and a tiny, slim, minuscule, infinitesimal glimmer of hope that led the erstwhile bird man to Dougton, wherein a local merchant called for a group of adventurers to recover a relic from cultists hiding out somewhere in the city. Would it be as fulfilling as his standard adventuring work? He highly doubted it. Was it perhaps connected to his current predicament? Sure, anything was possible, but his hopes weren’t high. The merchant’s shop was around the corner from The Lovely Giant Tavern and Inn: The Blind Dwarf - Accessories, Antiques and Artifacts. Nestled between two other relatively unassuming buildings, the shop was larger inside than Howl expected it to be. Jewelry and trinkets were scattered about in a variety of display cases. There was a decidedly ‘old world’ ambience, whether from the rustic decor or surrounding antiquities, Howl couldn’t tell. A large ‘U’ shaped work table was planted in the center of the shop, the tools necessary for shaping precious gemstones (Howl guessed) were laid out in a meticulous pattern. A bell sounded as Howl crossed the threshold, prompting a stout figure to peek out from behind the work table, his head only just clearing the countertop at his standing height. “G’morn. Anything marked with a red tag is half-off. This week only.” Howl was unable to see the dwarf’s eyes behind the loupe glasses, he wore, but did notice more than one set of magnifying lenses affixed to the eye ware. His beard was close-cropped, with bronze colored skin visible beneath the fine colored hairs in the right light. A warped planters hat rested atop his head, balancing a pair of thick rimmed spectacles. “Ah...uh...I’m Howl. I’m here about the job...” There was a pregnant pause as the dwarf tilted his head in confusion. “The relic...thing. Some cult took it, I gue–“ “Oh!” The dwarf exclaimed. “Yes the job posting! It’s been ages since I placed it, I’d nearly written it off as forgotten. I’m Halfdan Kole, the owner.” Halfdan moved to shake Howl’s hand from over the table before realizing he’d never reach. Climbing into his chair, the Dwarf stood y’all and leaned over to clasp hands with the mercenary. “I get one of you folks in here every now and then, but most of ya return with no luck. Not that I don’t trust our boys that protect the streets, but priorities being what they are, I can’t expect them to drop everything and scour the city...and I can’t very well do it myself. Got the shop to run. Is it just the one of you? You’d have better luck with more...Dougton’s bigger than you’d think. Not that I’m not sure you’re adequate enough, but before I start pontificating on the minutes of the job, I’d like to be sure I’m not repeating myself...not that I mind conversation per se, just seems like some folk talk these days with no goal in sight...just an aimless babble of nonsense. I had a boss like that once, went in and on about himself. Most self-obsessed man I’d ever met...not selfish though. Very generous. Loaned me the money to start this place up, but that was ages ago...” Howl waited patiently for an opportunity to interject, but found no such reprieve. It seemed he was at the mercy of the talkative award for the time being. Oh good god, he prayed. Please help me. @Garion @Thotification @Infernal
  4. @Infernal @Thotification @Garion Apologies for my abrupt disappearance, I’m still intending to work on this plot and should have the thread up soon. Are you folks still interested or should I run solo?
  5. Per the changes being made to the Alterion board, the artifacts thread is getting an update. I'm also going to use this opportunity to trim down the number of artifacts by a significant amount. The hope is to increase the impact/value of the artifacts that do get listed while also opening up room for potential growth. I feel that artifacts should be as rare as they are powerful, but also have strong roots in the board they're native to. Moving forward, any item on this list will follow those general principles.  Any individuals holding artifacts from the previous Alterion artifacts thread should contact me so that we can discuss the power of said item under the scope of the current rules. Standardized Artifact Rules The old artifact thread can be found Here. Placeholder
  6. I’ve been toying with the idea of cybernetic talismans (think a ghost from Destiny). These little constructs of magic and science that would bind with an individual and allow them particular feats. I was initially thinking ability wise it would be on par with the DC power rings ie. green represents will power, in addition to being able to conjure whatever you imagine via energy you’d have a type of Jedi-mind trick ability. These are definitely not the droids your looking for. yellow - fear - energy conjuration, instill fear (some scarecrow level shit) red - rage- energy conjuration, manipulate someone’s rage, you could easily turn a party into a bloodbath with a few words and never lift a finger.
  7. Correct and/or suggest an artifact that you feel isn’t represented elsewhere in Valucre.
  8. Standardized Artifact Rules The old artifact thread can be found Here. Given that this is woefully out of date and the revamp of the artifact system, I’m looking to slim down my current artifact list to 13 items. Of the current list the following have made the cut, i’d Love input from you folks on 1) if any others should be included or (and preferably) 2) What sort of artifacts would you be interested in hunting in a Alterion. This is not only an opportunity for you to create some unique and cool weaponry but to directly alter the lore of Alterion as all artifacts will Have a substantial lore connection. decay blades fenrisulfr the highwind jormungandr the minotaur radiant mantle riva's greatsword
  9. Treason is not something that is birthed overnight. Like anything worth doing well, it demands time, patience and (above all else) discretion. The Blood of the Light began as little more than a cult of personality, centered around the High Mason, Ocelot Royce, and devoted to seeing his agenda established throughout all of Alterion. It was a subtle shift in power, with the elder Masons more entrenched in religious dogma relocated to outer territories. The militant figures within the Masonry already stood steadfast with Ocelot, many having served alongside him during the ork wars. Winning them to a cause that shone a deific light upon proved a simple task and with the faith militant at their back the Blood of the Light soon found themselves the Majority within the halls of the Cathedral. It was worth noting that the Masons had not been worth serving for several decades before Ocelot came along. Their devotion to religious dogma gave way to the greed and corruption typical of those so accustomed to power that they couldn't fathom losing it. His rise to power merely brought the corruption to light. It occurred without warning, absent the pomp and circumstance accustomed to most happenings within the Cathedral. At no particular hour of no particular day, the Crystal spoke and all of Riva’s children felt it in their bones. Word spread from within the house the Masons built as far as the remote Izrali hovels that a terrible creature of staggeringly impossible dimensions eclipsed the sun and darkened the sky for a full minute before disappearing into the Skar. In that brief span of time, nations rose and fell; those territories considering rebellion against the Masons either committed to the Church or made ready for a fight of biblical proportions. With the ‘end of days’ having come and gone, the Masons found their stranglehold over the Alterion populace, a far more precarious grip than anticipated. Viktus Gallin, heir apparent to Ocelot Royce and formerly a figure in open rebellion against the Masons was welcomed by the Blood of the Light as their messiah—for he, amongst all others, had been hand picked by Ocelot as his successor. The schism within the church was only further complicated by Viktus’ reappearance within the Cathedral —many of the clergy having called for his execution only a short time ago. At the very least Viktus’ rise to power was no less controversial than that of his foster father’s own. Now in a position to seize the throne,Viktus and his allies seek to oust the church of any traitors have begun to ‘purge the heretics’ from their ranks. The blood of traitors must feed the earth.
  10. Ocelot has a clone of himself (Chapter N. Verse) and an adopted son Viktus who is actually the illegitimate child of Richter Grievous!
  11. If you want to find me, look to the skies.

  12. paradigm

    Alterion AMA

    Alterion is very artistic with most of their works being tied to Masonism. Stylistically it’s very baroque, with the more ‘modern’ renditions (and Ocelot’s favorite) being more align with Rococo. So if it’s a museum I’d assume it would more than likely be some dark religious piece akin to ‘Saturn devours his children’ there’s no doubt statues and we can say some of them were carved by Riva the Masonress. As for a well known Painter...why not Alejandro Bluesky the VI with his key masterpiece ‘Riva’s Folly’
  13. Yes, it applies to organizations/groups as well as individuals.
  14. Still interested! I missed that I owed @Aleksei a post. Curse my blasted eyes!
  15. @Grubbistch @Garion @Zashiii I’ll tag everyone in the first IC thread once I post it and will try to remember to link it here, as well.
  16. Class B: A local merchant seeks a group of adventurers to recover a relic from cultists hiding out somewhere in the city. From the Terrenus Quest Index. My thoughts are that we go with a blend of 1 and 2, the statue on its own is not enough to remove the curse from the amulet, but if the merchants recovered relic is used to sanctify the relic beneath the statue, enough joo joo is mustered to rid Howl of his feathers (to some extent). We could even gain information on the Genesaris Cult from these cultists? Maybe they’re an off shoot of the main cult?
  17. Definitely, we can spitball ideas here or via pm or discord if you prefer.
  18. I have a mercenary/monster hunter/adventurer named Howl who has recently been cursed. Hoping to find a cure, Howl has traveled from Alterion to Terrenus by way of Renovatio in search of a cure. I’m looking for 2-3 individuals who would be interested in taking part in a multi faceted plot which will see us take on a quest in every major continent. 1) Terrenus - Quest TBD - Goal: return Howl to a Human (more or less) form. 2) Genesaris - Quest TBD - Goal: learn the origins of the cursed amulet and how it came to be in Alterion. 3) Alterion - Quest TBD - Goal: Locate Howl’s original client... 4) Renovatio - Quest TBD - Goal: Revenge, Profit????, Answers. Other than the backstory of the Amulet, I have none of this plotted out. Each adventure we take in each region will have its own impact on the story as well as it’s own reward. I’m looking for anyone who is willing to help me push this story forward and vibe some old school random writing.
  19. Skar was too perceptive not to notice the change. The primal rhythm of Onesimus’ heartbeat unsettled by a brief staccato as blood rushes faster through the youth’s chambers. Despite being something akin to eternal, Skar proved itself not privy to the intricacies of human nature or societal mores. Beyond this, why would Onesimus, Skar’s only compatriot mislead or deceive it? The thought could not form long enough to find purchase in the eldritch beings mind. A change was noticed, however, and a response to Skar’s compatriot was necessary. Turning it’s midnight gaze to Onesimus, Skar stepped towards the youth, its eyes alight with a forgotten gleam of eons past. “Is this what humanity has become?” Skar’s voice wavered, the glyphs upon its flesh pulsing deeply. “Is this what I endured torment eternal for?” A hint of accusation drifted Onesimus’ way, for whether the youth wished to acknowledge it or not, he had the stench of the mortal realm upon him. Before Skar could utter another syllable the sound of turning gears and grinding stone filled the atmosphere and the doors beneath the hammer and chisel etching slowly swung open. An impossibly tall, lanky figure stoooed to move through the doorway, its neck extending high above its torso where a feminine visage stared out passionless. Monstrously long limbs moved, its slender fingers dangling mere inches from the floor. Through sheer size it barred the pairs entry. Skar’s eyes widened in a look of both recognition and surprise.“ Whatever minor annoyance oozed out of Skar at the plight of the dolls, transformed and seethed a miasma of boundless rage that forced the figure’s massive form to stutter step back into the corner before lowering itself to the floor in supplication. Its movements though very much alive possessed a rigid mechanical quality and at the apex of the carapace surrounding its crown was, once again, the stone and chisel etching. Seeing that the beast submitted itself before them, Skar continued forward, its lithe form moving soundlessly. “This...I will find the source of this marking...and its bearers shall pay with their lives.”
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