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  1. Remember Babette from To Look Down Upon Others?


    I've been practicing character rigs (going the way of puppeteer rather than cartoonist) and could probably rig Rose or other characters you've been drawing up lately.

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    2. Suta


      Ya'll got any character you want drawn like this? I'm not willing to invest the amount of time required to come back here, but I want to help you out with one of your things.

      I wanna wanna draw a thing.

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      I have plenty! Like Gillgamesh and a whole list, but what do *you* want to draw? I'm an animator who does illustration out of necessity lol. If you have Skype or Google Hangouts that'd be awesome, I've got a few projects coming up for Youtube (intend on using voice actors, pulling out all the stops on production and audio that I've been working on the last year, trying to get something up and started) that I'm co-writing with Carlos and we could really really use someone with your skill handy. What I have planned initially is much more cartoon-based--very minimalist character designs, but I could still use help and I'd be willing to pay you for any time and work too.

      No rush, no obligations, but if you're interested then hit me up! TRScharstein@gmail.com

  2. Hey man -- I'm curious as to whether or not you're still drawing, and what your current style is. Do you have anything recent to show?

    The last ones you did of Rose in TLDUO blew me away at the time and I wanted to work with them but I really didn't know what I was doing back then. I've been hitting it hard in illustration and animation since and really enjoying it, I was hoping you're still active and might be interested in working together again some time. If you are, then I'd be stupid excited and eager to try animating something of yours.

    Here are a few samples of things I've done recently--I'm not linking the actual animations because most of the work is in the UI and composition. Basically, I build myself an engine and then use that to shoot animations out in no time at all (this only took five minutes once I did the character rig, I know the illustration's sloppy, it was a test lol). I use Adobe Illustrator and After Effects in conjunction, and I'd be willing to share any files I have if you use those programs as well. 

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      You're talented as fuck, Suta. I'm glad to see that you didn't stop.

      With that said, something with as much detail (meaning lighting, shading, overall fidelity) as that, I could animate quickly but in a rather limited way, at least in After Effects. I'm aiming to get the point where I can take this character and make them do a backflip in no time, and I'm tempted to try and replicate it in Illustrator. It'd be easy to do the limbs and facial expressions -- gets much more complicated with clothing, many individual strands of hair, and details like the fabric bundles. It's definitely possible though. What software are you using? This looks like it came from a raster program instead of a vector (and that's not a problem) but it'd give me more foresight in trying to describe the process if I know the software.

      Might be long, lol. In animating through Adobe, anything that will be distinctly animated would need to be on it's own individual layer. Meaning that animated fingers will be on a different layer than the hand, hand will be on a different layer than the forearm, forearm on a different layer than the arm/shoulder, and so on. If you're using vector, I can split them up myself, but if you're drawing with a tablet through a raster program, it'd be a tad different (and I don't know your process, I don't know what approach is most complimentary to your particular workflow). I also have Anime Studio Debut, just haven't had a reason to use it yet, and they give the ability to use bones and a rigging mechanic specifically for this style, which should be viable for the above character so long as major limbs (arm from shoulder to fingertip) and body parts are separate. Essentially, when you draw a character, as long as you're not doing everything from the initial sketch to the final touches on the same layer, that'd work well enough. It'd work even better if that right arm was on a layer above the torso, so I have freedom to rotate the arm without revealing missing arm-shaped pieces in the torso beneath, and I wouldn't have to manually go in myself and try to isolate the arm (or anything I'm trying to animate) by cutting it out then cleaning up the edges then cleaning up the torso and a pretty arduous/redundant process. The more foresight that goes into the drawing, the easier it becomes.

      The simpler, the easier, the more minimalist (though anime is pretty minimalist, still not on level of 'traditional cartoons') the easier, the less colors the easier, and the more foresight in crafting/organizing the character by means of isolating limbs and not having dead space beneath them, the more viable. Sorry for the long response, lol.

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      Actually, watching this for about 5 minutes will give you a better idea (and show you just how easy things like this are, especially in Anime Studio):


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      Off Topic

      One more thing then I promise to leave you alone, but I forgot to mention: typically it's easiest to do a front or side profile instead of a three-quarter like the one you gave me. I don't have preferences to the content because I like the practice and the chance to work with another, if you want it to be for TLDOO then by all means (but tbh I've more or less retired Harper in lieu of more light hearted cartoon characters, so if you do a reply... Then I'll probably just objectively have fun with what you give me instead of doing the typical "this is my character and I'm super protective over them and their possessions" deal).

  3. Don't talk to my or me daughter or her daughter again.

    Also I'm extremely extremely well thank you very much. I hope you're doing better than my use of adverbs.

  4. Hope you have a swell Thanksgiving Suta, hope things in your life are going well.

  5. They had... briefly. Flora, clad in only modest garbs where once a mask had clung to her features, felt entirely cut off from the world in this prison which had closed in around her. Waves of anti-magic pulsing against her own, she winced looking at the pale flesh of her hands peeling from more pallid bone. Her frightened expression contorting from receding lips, teeth and fangs narrowing into points before they fell and clattered against the steel floor. She let out an unheard cry which echoed in her prison, her anguish pulsing with the final stray drums of her heart before the small woman collapsed. Naked, melting, unable even to sob as her flesh lost its form, and the dark engine which sat in the centre of her chest lost all integrity. Her connection more than severed, the darkness permeating the forest would linger still, but it was nothing Delistair had never seen, and like any taint could be purified. The shattered cabin in the woods would go back to nature, its structure broken beyond reasonable repair. But, the shadows that had clung to her flesh before the cage had struck would not have been for nothing - Odin's mask was safe in the spectral hands which carried it through the darkness in the earth back to its current owner. It would be a strange experience, later, to open the door and find nothing but a puddle of meat without power, but Hana knew better. She knew of Rose and the destruction of Palgard and the truth behind this mysterious darkness. But that was no business for the Terran Military. The military which had just bounded into the now eerily still room. The first break of sunlight from the open doorway, but the majority emanating from the monstrous hole above their heads. The sun casting a spotlight upon the cage. As quickly as it had all began with a crack, it had ended with a crash. Like the good ol' days.
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