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  1. Remember Babette from To Look Down Upon Others?


    I've been practicing character rigs (going the way of puppeteer rather than cartoonist) and could probably rig Rose or other characters you've been drawing up lately.

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    2. Suta


      Ya'll got any character you want drawn like this? I'm not willing to invest the amount of time required to come back here, but I want to help you out with one of your things.

      I wanna wanna draw a thing.

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      I have plenty! Like Gillgamesh and a whole list, but what do *you* want to draw? I'm an animator who does illustration out of necessity lol. If you have Skype or Google Hangouts that'd be awesome, I've got a few projects coming up for Youtube (intend on using voice actors, pulling out all the stops on production and audio that I've been working on the last year, trying to get something up and started) that I'm co-writing with Carlos and we could really really use someone with your skill handy. What I have planned initially is much more cartoon-based--very minimalist character designs, but I could still use help and I'd be willing to pay you for any time and work too.

      No rush, no obligations, but if you're interested then hit me up! TRScharstein@gmail.com

  2. Hey man -- I'm curious as to whether or not you're still drawing, and what your current style is. Do you have anything recent to show?

    The last ones you did of Rose in TLDUO blew me away at the time and I wanted to work with them but I really didn't know what I was doing back then. I've been hitting it hard in illustration and animation since and really enjoying it, I was hoping you're still active and might be interested in working together again some time. If you are, then I'd be stupid excited and eager to try animating something of yours.

    Here are a few samples of things I've done recently--I'm not linking the actual animations because most of the work is in the UI and composition. Basically, I build myself an engine and then use that to shoot animations out in no time at all (this only took five minutes once I did the character rig, I know the illustration's sloppy, it was a test lol). I use Adobe Illustrator and After Effects in conjunction, and I'd be willing to share any files I have if you use those programs as well. 

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      You're talented as fuck, Suta. I'm glad to see that you didn't stop.

      With that said, something with as much detail (meaning lighting, shading, overall fidelity) as that, I could animate quickly but in a rather limited way, at least in After Effects. I'm aiming to get the point where I can take this character and make them do a backflip in no time, and I'm tempted to try and replicate it in Illustrator. It'd be easy to do the limbs and facial expressions -- gets much more complicated with clothing, many individual strands of hair, and details like the fabric bundles. It's definitely possible though. What software are you using? This looks like it came from a raster program instead of a vector (and that's not a problem) but it'd give me more foresight in trying to describe the process if I know the software.

      Might be long, lol. In animating through Adobe, anything that will be distinctly animated would need to be on it's own individual layer. Meaning that animated fingers will be on a different layer than the hand, hand will be on a different layer than the forearm, forearm on a different layer than the arm/shoulder, and so on. If you're using vector, I can split them up myself, but if you're drawing with a tablet through a raster program, it'd be a tad different (and I don't know your process, I don't know what approach is most complimentary to your particular workflow). I also have Anime Studio Debut, just haven't had a reason to use it yet, and they give the ability to use bones and a rigging mechanic specifically for this style, which should be viable for the above character so long as major limbs (arm from shoulder to fingertip) and body parts are separate. Essentially, when you draw a character, as long as you're not doing everything from the initial sketch to the final touches on the same layer, that'd work well enough. It'd work even better if that right arm was on a layer above the torso, so I have freedom to rotate the arm without revealing missing arm-shaped pieces in the torso beneath, and I wouldn't have to manually go in myself and try to isolate the arm (or anything I'm trying to animate) by cutting it out then cleaning up the edges then cleaning up the torso and a pretty arduous/redundant process. The more foresight that goes into the drawing, the easier it becomes.

      The simpler, the easier, the more minimalist (though anime is pretty minimalist, still not on level of 'traditional cartoons') the easier, the less colors the easier, and the more foresight in crafting/organizing the character by means of isolating limbs and not having dead space beneath them, the more viable. Sorry for the long response, lol.

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      Actually, watching this for about 5 minutes will give you a better idea (and show you just how easy things like this are, especially in Anime Studio):


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      Off Topic

      One more thing then I promise to leave you alone, but I forgot to mention: typically it's easiest to do a front or side profile instead of a three-quarter like the one you gave me. I don't have preferences to the content because I like the practice and the chance to work with another, if you want it to be for TLDOO then by all means (but tbh I've more or less retired Harper in lieu of more light hearted cartoon characters, so if you do a reply... Then I'll probably just objectively have fun with what you give me instead of doing the typical "this is my character and I'm super protective over them and their possessions" deal).

  3. Don't talk to my or me daughter or her daughter again.

    Also I'm extremely extremely well thank you very much. I hope you're doing better than my use of adverbs.

  4. Hope you have a swell Thanksgiving Suta, hope things in your life are going well.

  5. Suta

    The Ghast Effect

    They had... briefly. Flora, clad in only modest garbs where once a mask had clung to her features, felt entirely cut off from the world in this prison which had closed in around her. Waves of anti-magic pulsing against her own, she winced looking at the pale flesh of her hands peeling from more pallid bone. Her frightened expression contorting from receding lips, teeth and fangs narrowing into points before they fell and clattered against the steel floor. She let out an unheard cry which echoed in her prison, her anguish pulsing with the final stray drums of her heart before the small woman collapsed. Naked, melting, unable even to sob as her flesh lost its form, and the dark engine which sat in the centre of her chest lost all integrity. Her connection more than severed, the darkness permeating the forest would linger still, but it was nothing Delistair had never seen, and like any taint could be purified. The shattered cabin in the woods would go back to nature, its structure broken beyond reasonable repair. But, the shadows that had clung to her flesh before the cage had struck would not have been for nothing - Odin's mask was safe in the spectral hands which carried it through the darkness in the earth back to its current owner. It would be a strange experience, later, to open the door and find nothing but a puddle of meat without power, but Hana knew better. She knew of Rose and the destruction of Palgard and the truth behind this mysterious darkness. But that was no business for the Terran Military. The military which had just bounded into the now eerily still room. The first break of sunlight from the open doorway, but the majority emanating from the monstrous hole above their heads. The sun casting a spotlight upon the cage. As quickly as it had all began with a crack, it had ended with a crash. Like the good ol' days.
  6. Suta

    The Ghast Effect

    "Leo, I need you to listen to me." Flora began, stepping before Leo, her emptied hands grabbing the sides of his head, the world shifting and falling apart around them. Eliza was now at his side, looking up, and a demon-like figure marched toward them, arrogance in every step. For every thread that Flora set her eyes on, every thread of fate which directed the world, she still could not pull them like the puppet master in her dreams. Eliza would be untouchable to her powers, a figment of Leo's imagination, now, but far above the weight of the invader's illusions. Even so, as the world fell apart around them, as the quartet's music continued to echo shrill cries throughout the shattering world, and as a wave broke through from behind Leo and expelled the last strains of her influence on his mind, breaking the world further in a slow motion shockwave, Flora had one last message for the soldier. If she could speak through Eliza's lips, she would. "There is so much more to your fight than serving old men and older legends." Flora's delicate hands would move from the sides of his head to cup his shaking hands, and the sword he held within them. She leans close, stepping into his space, invading more than his mind as her lips brush against his ear, the last of her whispers preceding the end of her spell. "unless you admire the taste of anguish, won't you seek me out?" Dropped back into the forest, two men before a cabin clutching uselessly at their friend, his hand bloodied attempting to hold back a torrent of blood which pours from the side of his face. Fingers tense against a skull which struggles to contain a bloodshot eye, his yells just barely reaching out to the far reaches of Flora's negative influence. She'd been here a while, really made it her own. Nevermind the bare walls, I just can't figure out how to dress them up. Delistair's cries were of the most satisfactory nature. You know that feeling of everything just fitting into place? Bones and sockets and whatnot and that satisfying crack which leaves you limber? Like that, with more yelling. Really though they weren't cries all that different from the men she'd taken to bed. Like a ripple in otherwise pristine water, the powerful abjuration magic cascaded out like a tsunami from the soldier. Briefly, Flora's heart stopped. An engine of dark power, each beat thrust with a pervasive force. Then, a loud heartbeat, if ever there was one, which grew in intensity the moment the wave ended. Flora was the heart of the darkness they had stepped into. Fortunately, severing her ties to the darkness did cut her off from the pool of magic that floated all about them, the noxious energy which she emanated and called her own. But it would be like separating smoke from a fire, and wouldn't last long. Taking advantage of his chance, Delistair made for the exit at a crawl. Only a meter away from Hana when she had thrown him, and now with Delistair nearing the door and Hana standing between her and the man, Hana became the new target. The rocket propelled missile above would not be missed entering her necrotic spider web of fog, though its exact nature eluded her, she could only imagine one possibility; they are hoping to not be affected. Either because of blast size or elemental affinity. Did they intend to exorcise her? Ghastly, translucent, hands began to form in the smoke, surely there was something a greater reach could accomplish. Flora's face shifts quickly and most unnaturally as she rushes the final meter, kicking off her back leg and moving head-first toward Hana, both arms moving forward, one angling to grab her throat, the other toward the gun in her hand. It was as if she aimed to move through her, her speed unrelenting throughout her assault. All the while, Odin's Mask crawls out of her face. First from the sockets of her eyes, then anywhere on her skin as the white mask occupies her face. Raven hair flitting wildly out behind her, a pitch black jaw in the style of dragon bone a new attachment to the once sacrosanct artifact. Shadows cling to her body, and every step seems to bring her lower, though few are taken in the small distance traveled. A skill known by many who practice umbramancy, she is already partly merged with the floor of the cabin, and the darkness surrounding them.
  7. Suta

    To Meet a Regent

    A younger Katamus would have scolded his present self for resorting to cheap tricks and old magic to breed friendship, instead of time-honoured compatriotism or what-have-you. At least his buttlefish had sense enough to bring out the liquor. Katamus snatched up a glass with a deeper nod to his butler - who he did not remember hiring, and now that he thought about it could just as easily be a squatter - than to his guests, he thanks him and has a sip. Eyes bulging a moment, he looks to struggle downing the wine, nearly choking in the process. The wine stores must have been running out, though the last regent more than a year ago stocked up to overflow, there wouldn't have been a purchase made since then. A relaxed sort of regency was an understatement, this was negligent. Katamus stomachs the fine wine he had never developed a taste for, and wielded the glass like a scepter, guiding their tour. "This way everyone!" The regent began, and walking off, didn't continue. If they were here to discuss politics and trade, well they came to the wrong man. It was everyone for themselves here, and while in Palgard that culture bred little beyond banditry, here it seemed to bring everyone together. Luck, perhaps. "Let me show you my friend Xoltaun, amazing individual. You'll love them - and seated in a really nice pavilion too." The tour would wind into the narrow passages of Blairville's knotted streets and soon what was once a distant skyline would surround them with towering structures at awkward angles. Every structure threatened your sense of direction, and though typically the sky stayed above you and the earth below, there were occasions where you would think you were walking down a slope and suddenly would be looking 20 stories down the face of a building. They had yet to meet Xoltaun, but the regent stopped to buy everyone a local delicacy. The kindly store owner didn't even insist on collecting on his tab. It had an obscure name and the regent had mumbled his order deliberately, but when he had received his own handful of what looked like dried leaves folded into flat squares, he would eat his in one bite (so as to keep his other hand free for his glass). Naturally, a mystic plant more commonly used to make a spiritually enriching tea would treat everyone's taste-buds differently. Maybe the regent was wrong to be treating this little get together like a night out on the town, but it showed how he felt about the fleeting strife their world was continually bombarded with.
  8. Suta

    The Pelgard Job (RP with spacegy4)

    Palgard. Not quite the medieval tourist hotspot it once was. Left in shambles by the girl sitting behind the desk. Scattered and broken where once it was not. Scorched under the jingling ice of the vodka she so casually sipped. Her mind, her hands, were responsible for the devastation the three men had witnessed as they had entered the city. Poverty, destitution, the harsh lives and ruined homes. Would you believe she's the oldest ruler they town's seen in years? Well, not counting him. The man in the corner, you could say the general'nyy's pal guard - that is, guard who is also a pal - at least for the time being as they work together in Palgard, is a uh... what was I going on about again? Oh right, he's the Bandit King. But they didn't come here to see him. This may have flustered the pirate, but he tried not to be melodramatic about it. He stood up in a huff, boots rocking from heel to toe, arms crossed so as to dip into the depths of his heavy coat, his bare chest otherwise exposed. It may have felt like quite the adventure going up and down the tower on a route they were very specifically not meant to remember, but looking out over the city through the massive window Sanu now stood facing, his back toward the interview, that they were near the top of the tower that was once a battleship that had soared through the skies would quickly become obvious. If the sentences are run-on, that is because his thoughts are as much. He watched the interview proceed through a reflection in the window, his sunken glower and bearded face masking his emotions save for the dull lance of his murky green eyes.
  9. Suta

    The Ghast Effect

    "Four against one? I suppose that's fair." Statements went untouched, but the threat was the last straw. It was Flora's voice, but twisted with a demure sort of threat. Leveled off as if a mask had been dropped, her icy blue eyes sinking into the darkness of her features, the steep angles of her skull catching the dim candlelight before through a force no more mysterious than any other the fire was snuffed, cloaking their surroundings, her features as well as her intent in a sudden, heavy, black. If any could see through illusion, they would see the single stuck door, the single window in the cabin, now closed with a wooden shutter, and the few hanging bear traps of conjured shadow. The darkness was real. Frosty's psionic influence would be tested to its extreme by two layers of shielding, Delistair's as well as Flora's. When Delistair stood up, his right knee didn't go with him. The hand that had rested on his lap had found his knee, and the other had already firmly found its place around his heel. A jerked motion would dislocate his knee and bend his leg backward, her left hand around his ankle lifting his foot while her right pushed down on his knee. Ouch. Flora wouldn't give Hana a clear line of sight. Assuming in the darkness Hana had some way of seeing, Flora would stand, charging her shoulder into Delistair's abdomen and pushing him toward Hana with her unnatural strength, using him as a shield, releasing him a meter from Hana and letting him fling into her, or past her and into one of the armed bear traps suspended from the ceiling. Meanwhile, outside the cabin a wraith-like creature, spectral in nature and floating in the air, would be digging its bony claws into the divine shield still protecting the three bandits. The three would have huddled together into a hurling puddle of whimpering men. Any toughness they had once carried with them vanished with the threat of death clawing at their throats. Should Delistair release his shield, they would surely die. Ripped apart by a ghostly apparition conjured from the great beyond. Leo and Alraea stood outside the cabin, Leo with his back to it, mind flayed with illusion. Layer upon layer of lie crafted and stacked upon one another. Though in theory with Flora's distraction he could see through it with some amount of psionic training, it was worth mentioning that everyone here had chosen to enter a thick, densely anti-gaia field of influence. Leo was in no real danger though, and perhaps that alone would be enough to keep him confused a while longer. "Not from around here?" Flora would inquire to Leo, standing a few meters to his side and bowing deep with her hands behind her back, keeping her face pointed toward his, though with a steep tilt in her head. Dressed in a delicate, formal, white dress unlike what the woman inside was wearing, layered with frills and conforming to her lithe body. Her black hair tied back in a modestly regal fashion, her eyes alight with a wondrous sort of curiosity. Almost as if, could she be... interested in this guy? But he's just some recently graduated recruit, nearly the same age as Flora, standing in a busy ballroom celebrating his graduation, though he has no interest in being there, in a stuffy uniform and surrounded by strange family and nobles with only a pretend knowledge of warfare. Flora doesn't so much stand out among the crowds of dancers, but standing apart from the crowd and beside Leo, she makes a point of filling his vision with her presence, standing close to him if only so that she can hear him over the raucous of the crowd. A pleasant song played by a skilled string quartet breezes through the room. "Don't look so out of place, people will figure out you don't belong here if you act like you don't. Wine?" Standing beside him, she offers him a cup from her left hand, her right holding her own glass close, ornate cup half empty. She moves to take a sip.
  10. Suta


    "Blairville too - is far away - if the survivors haven't fled to Tia or Ignatz yet, those that remain in Palgard can't be any different from those in Opportunidad." He groveled, closing his eyes and rocking his torso back and forth within his chair. He didn't believe his words himself, though he was less accustomed to the pull of 'home', he understood something about the way people felt compelled into action. When the grass is greener over the hill, something keeps someone standing where they are, striving to save the earth they stand on. It was a miserable thought, but it pulled on the strings of his heart hard enough to seal his eyes with wire. Snapping to attention, he kicks off the table and spin his chair on its back leg, ending with a thud as his boots come slamming down on the ground, his eyes darting to each guard in turn as he inspects them, gauging their reactions to his sudden noise. It wasn't the first time, but now that it was only he and Chizuru, things were a bit different. Somehow the tension was more extreme. The risk had gone up. Katamus was a young upstart, the new kid. As mysterious as any other of the Regents, but without the same healthy reputation for conjuring their own regencies best interest. Katamus, was a wildcard. That tension wouldn't ease up as Katamus approached Chizuru, jaw switching side to side, bare hands cracking worn, scarred knuckles, heavy footfalls carrying the ripple of chain with each step. He wouldn't stop until he was looming over Weland's regent, and then he would turn to face the large window at the end of the table. He would lean down, not asking permission to wrap an arm around her shoulder, and use his left hand to point toward the glass, kneeling at her side and bringing his voice to a hush. "If a bird managed in flying in, why couldn't a bomb on wings?" He brought his left hand - shaped with thumb pointed up and index straight on in a facsimile of a gun - to the side of Chizuru's head, his right hand tightening against her shoulder. "It's a tall building, but the right vantage point and nothing stops a rifle from being trained on your head." His index prods her skull a bit too aggressively to be comfortable or cute, and as his hand slips down her head, tracing the line of blood which trickles down his own head from his crown, he brings his index to her heart, and shamelessly pokes her there as well. "A bullet, or an arrow, doesn't care about personal space." His voice doesn't change from how we was talking before, except in volume, it doesn't become threatening or aggressive or nervous or cautious. It carries on, the same as if addressing the masses or engaged in the covert affairs of a secret society. His voice is honest to a fault. The glint in his eyes, at least, tells a different story. One where he knows his invasion is unwelcome, and that he deserves exactly what he has coming to him. He cracks a smile, as he always does, and brings his pointed finger away from her heart, his right hand easing up on her shoulder. The image of a tailor fashioning her regal attire flashes through his vision, before his breath carries with it a few more words marred with his naive form of insight. "What I'm trying to say is, don't worry. If somebody wanted you dead, you would be fighting for your life. You're safe. Trust me." He winks at her, his voice quiet enough he expects the guards around can no longer hear him, unless they had advanced substantially. "So don't worry so much about 'security' or whatever." Not that the regent of Blairville had ever felt the least bit vulnerable in his life. Why would he? Nothing has killed him yet. And when something does? Well he won't be around to care.
  11. Suta

    The First Move - Palgard

    Canon Submission: Long: The Anarchist 'leader,' the Bandit King Sanu Toak is met by the seductress Narcissa, wielding a wealth of power and making an offer Sanu is left to contemplate. He also meets briefly with the General'nyy, and a teleporty lass - at which point he puts out a mercenary contract asking for Auranite from any and all sources. Finally, he meets with a strange dude with a cat who wants to be transported somewhere, and Sanu obliges if it can aid his efforts in Palgard. Short: Those Anarchists organized under the Bandit King expand their territory in all directions under the lackluster hand of their leader. They begin stockpiling Auranite. Rumors of secret dealings with the Bandit King and a mysterious, invested, party are abound. Opportunity: The Bandit King is promising wealth and land in Palgard to any who can deliver Auranite to him. The more, the merrier.
  12. Suta

    The First Move - Palgard

    "Did I say anywhere in this town? My mistake. See, I always forget that most people don't see what I see." He cocks a fuckheaded smirk so thick the non-smirking half of his face is pulled by the delightfully arrogant side. "That this whole world is my town. So there's the apples - anywhere you want, we go... but seeing as you came in here and threatened my life just a few minutes ago, I expect this treasure'll be a mighty fine piece of work, you hear me? I'm talking beyond my wildest dreams." Pause. "But like, one of the useful ones. Orgies are fine and all but I'm not too big on them. And by big, I don't mean endowed, since I am. Of course." He taps the man's book with a finger and then walks back, turning his back and emblazoned cloak to Eric an the cat. "Geeze, I'm all out of spinach today... look, my plan's a simple one, okay? I'll explain it tomorrow, you can stay here until we're ready to leave, I'll organize shit... I'm betting a great deal on you my friennemy. Aight?" With no more to say, Sanu gives him a scoff and a wave, tsking himself down into the bowels of the ship where he will find his father and the two will drink fine Casper rum. The old man would give him scalding advice, and Sanu would test fate twice more - disappearing in the process. That was the point of being leader of the Anarchists. They don't need a leader.
  13. Canon Submission Long: A party of adventurers scale Mount Typhaon, losing some along the way to abandonment. They face a number of obstacles, mostly the mountain and the cold, and face off against a party of giants. Kaori and Xu are killing them, but Katamus attempts to save them, knocking himself and Kaori down the mountain. They spend the night in a cave, Xu finding them, and meet a gnome named Bederick Corcovick. The party heads off to find a special rock and interact with it. The party's hardy adventure has strengthened Katamus and Kaori, and with that in mind Katamus uses his power to influence the rock to their ways. The rock is named Xoltaun, and is an ancient spirit. Katamus offers it a home in Blairville and it accepts joyously, gifting him with a black ring he immediately gives to Kaori. They return to Blairville after the rock wishes to be taken there. Short: The regent of Blairville and his fiancé scale Mount Typhaon, led by a mysterious woman. They return to Blairville in a flash, bringing the animate rock Xoltaun with them. Rewards: Xoltaun: A 12 foot tall animate, egg-shaped, rock now residing in the Pavilion of the Moon, Sun, and Seasons. It speaks all languages simultaneously in a dialect of Oldspeak, and has a mastery over heat which shields the city of Blairville from extreme, dangerous temperatures. It possesses human-sized white arms, the only part of it which is animate, that it uses to communicate in sign, or just add flair to its words. It is sociable with people, though a bit shy, but of modest temperament equal to its temperature. Black Glossy Ring (Curniral's Ring) (Given to Kaori): A ring which links to Xoltaun's power, conferring some level of control over heat on its own, but can act as a distant focus for harnessing Xoltaun's power, if it consents. Katamus' Left Arm (Given to Xu): A large, muscular human arm which has been exposed to a great amount of spiritual power, even having been in the presence of a form of Gaia before. The occasional scar lines its battle hardened surface. This limb has an intrinsic connection to nature and could serve as a focus as such. Katamus was also left handed. Opportunity: NPC for all to use named Xoltaun, a 12 foot tall animate, egg-shaped, rock with small white arms, now resides in the Pavilion of the Moon, Sun, and Seasons in Blairville. It speaks all languages simultaneously in a dialect of Oldspeak. It is sociable with people, though a bit shy, and of modest temperament. Emanates an aura of warmth.
  14. Her kiss didn't stop his torrent of words for long. Thoughts spilling from his voice box as if Pandora had aligned herself with his lips. Upon their end, the couple stood hand in hand, hands to chest between their close embrace, eyes filling each other's vision with all their brightness and darkness combined. His heartthrob stare rises with the delicacy of a lightning storm to meet Xu as she approaches, demanding payment. There was little the regent owned. He had made sure of that when he had dumped his belongings into the river and then the sea, climbing clothed into the stream and leaving naked, eyes alight with a power that was not his own. His own spirits clinging to the inside of his skull, his spirit - not to the faces on the walls which track him down incessantly. Katamus cocked a half-hearted smirk, then looked toward the ground. He brought his right hand, and Kaori's with it, to his un-coat-ed left arm, wrapped only in hides. He tightened his fingers around his bicep, and ripped his arm off at the shoulder. It came off easy, like he was an action-figure slotted for this kind of thing. Nevermind the golden arcane symbol which lingered on his bloodied wound, holding in any blood. He offered his left arm in its fish floppy entirety to Xu with a smile. "It's been exposed to a wealth of spiritual power, there's surely something in there that can help you. The scar on the bicep is from a wildman in the forest who was wielding a katana, and the scars on the hand are from a short lived bar fight - breaking a bottle with a palm kind of thing. Of course you won't see them until you peel off the hide and glove" He flashes his eyebrows and looks to Kaori as if seeking her approval. Now he really was without chain. His right hand's fingers tighten around Kaori's mitten, the black ring held between their palms. Then, with a final glance toward the increasingly upset sky, he sighs. “I’m in love with you.” "Of course, who isn't?" He predictably scoffs out, and a bolt of lightning cracks against them, and what would be deafening is only heart-stoppingly loud. And what should last a fleeting moment seems to drag on forever. Like a long elevator ride where the music is a garbled mix of explosion sounds mixed with whooshing. It ends soon enough, and Kaori is standing next to Katamus, held close, the stone presiding over them, the trio standing in the heart of Blairville. A clearing known as the pavilion of the moon, sun, and seasons. Xoltaun at its center. Xoltaun looks positively delightful, his arms meagerly rising into the air as he lets out an ethereal laugh. Katamus has worked up a bit of a sweat, his chest heaving. His eyes which had exploded from his head like misty fireflies have retreated back into the worn, dull yellow of his irises. Xu and Corvick would also have appeared, if they had wished to travel to Blairville. Somewhere in Blairville, a Waygate crackles with mystical energy. An engineer scratches his head. Up on the mountains, one would suspect the face in the rock grumbles to itself, and turns, heading for Blairville. Mission End. Thumb/s up everybody.