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  1. LastLight

    Promotion Celebration [Terrenus Military]

    I so would but it's late. I'll pick up a scratcher tomorrow. Hopefully the luckiness hasn't rubbed off completely by then.
  2. LastLight

    Promotion Celebration [Terrenus Military]

    Mother fukn yayuh
  3. LastLight

    Military Base #34

    Hana's refusal to dance didn't come off anomalous in any way from Nur's perspective until raucous laughter erupted from somewhere in his periphery. His sharp eyes immediately angled in the direction it was coming from and found another fellow soldier's gaze, who quickly turned his attention and elbowed another member of his entourage, leaning in and making what must have been quite some hilarious quip. After another moment of eye contact it was ascertained that it was at his expense but he wasn't very certain why, although it may have become somewhat clear why so many people had to be encouraged to dance and why when they did, they were gripped with trepidation. It reminded him of the times he had been imprisoned in life. Once by a net, another by a particularly greedy and hungry ogre in his tribe who had taken an interest in him on a whim and several other instances. Never by fear of laughter, however. It was strenuous, no revolting, to attempt and wrap his mind around the idea of being imprisoned by another person's inclination to ridicule. Maira had the right idea. Hearing her call him to the dance floor with such confidence and grace was suddenly the most impressive thing he had seen at the celebration. Doubly so when she began to sway her hips and spin , each of her motions flowing smoothly with the explosive music that suddenly erupted from the stage. At first he watched her move. At first the music was painful. Then she finally coaxed movement from his hips. A bump to the left, then to the right. The music stopped hurting and started flowing through his body like water, guiding it along and although it was visible that he was an amateur, stopping frequently to repeat and practice some of the movements, it was also visible that he didn't have a care in the world other than to dance. Maira offered her hand and there was no hesitation. He reached out, grasped, recalled to memory the way he had seen others dance, and lifted it over her head so that she might twirl like a whirlwind. Rather fast, unaware of his own strength. Almost fast enough for her dress to rise a little too high for comfort. Sure enough, like she encouraged, he began to have fun. He caught a glimpse of the stage, where Delistair was rocking out with Cadmium not too far behind. He had never heard a human make sounds like that with his voice. In comparison to the vocals from earlier, it was like hearing a duck whinny. But it was fun. A part of him wanted to go up there and scream at the top of his lungs just like he was doing. He was sure he could do so louder.
  4. LastLight

    Dice Rolling Thread

    Time to roll a 100 for the Promotion Celebration.
  5. LastLight

    Promotion Celebration [Terrenus Military]

    Love the Gaian Zodiac. Use it for a couple of my characters. Neat stuff. 😃
  6. LastLight

    The Black Anvil Hymn [ OOC ]

    Hello everyone! Book|Ends is hosting a Read and Mead event where people can show up for the food, to study on how to brew magical potions, or even provide readings and/or lectures on anything ranging from coffee, were-curses, hair dye, magi tech engineering and leprosy. An in character invitation was posted here. If everyone who is a part of Fly-by-night Prosthetics is able to attend there will be a special event to determine the durability of the duendaic tibia, which will benefit the Mighty Reader’s foundation, a group that provides young impoverished children with a gift for invoking ancient incantations written in forgotten languages with safe entry level educational tomes. 📖 + 🍺 !! This is a casual chill thread anybody can slither into for some laid back interaction.
  7. LastLight

    Promotion Celebration [Terrenus Military]

    That gives me a great reference image for me to use in my next post. Spotting Delistair rocking out like that. 😁 I've updated the standings. Only one person's missing! @PandaHat You can roll for this post and this one. Post the results here in the OOC thread. Or alternatively pass if you're having a lot of fun without it. 😆 Either way someone'll win this thing eventually. I'm really enjoying myself because after this, if any of our characters meet in some thread full of people who don't know about this celebration our characters will be recognizing each other from a party. We can reference some of the things that happened and people will be like what? Someone got thrown into a ceiling while dancing to Ballroom Blitz? The military throws some crazy parties. Gonna throw Maira into the ceiling sometime on Friday. ( Jk )
  8. LastLight

    Strange Occurrences [OOC]

    whoops. I lost track of Stello never having grabbed the box in the post before last. Gonna def edit that outta my post so that things read smoothly. Thanks for telling me ya butts edit: there we go, right as rain. Only a simple tweak or two and all’s right. Does Inar have a beta reading beetle available for rent
  9. LastLight

    Promotion Celebration [Terrenus Military]

    Haha so awesome. I love it
  10. LastLight

    Promotion Celebration [Terrenus Military]

    That is correct. You trigger each time you meet one of the triggers listed on the first post of this thread and once per post. Damn! Three letters for roboblu right off the bat. 😮
  11. LastLight

    Promotion Celebration [Terrenus Military]

    Hey everyone, make sure you make your rolls in the dice rolling thread and post the results either here or with your posts! That way I can update the tallies on the front page for everyone. 😁
  12. LastLight

    Book|Ends [Hub]

    Dear Ms. Rhavon, So I suppose duende do differ in bone structure in the sense that they have an underdeveloped funny bone. Or maybe an overdeveloped funny bone with sharp teeth growing out of it. Not gonna say I'm happy about the empty compliment but I am definitely resonating with you about Godric. I never thought I'd be working on something that would get an amputee back on his feet. He seems like a stand up guy and he doesn't deserve not to walk again. This is good shit to be doing. You don't like daggers? I understand. All they are is a piece of metal heated up, bashed into shape, heated again, quenched, heated again, polished, sharpened, etc. Not very different from when someone shapes sand into a cute little starfish. But that's just it, isn't it? Some people want starfish. So if I had a legion of pretty starfish hanging on the wall, those people would flock in. Maybe next time you drop by the Hymn there'll be an elegant minaudière with intricate variably anodized floral engravings framed within a pattern welded section nestled among knives, swords and shields and you'll decide Stello Lavis has got no worldly business building a fucking prosthetic for anybody. No matter who they are. Because he is a God of women's accessories. Tell them I'm a narcissist but not a shit head. The shit head part was gratuitous fun on my end. I'll be there and I'll see about bringing some buddies. Hope Hanya drops in. Speaking of which, faster than me? You? Maybe riding on one of her bikes while I drag five drunken hobos on each ankle. Hah. I was in Blairville recently and I connected with a few Mahrjan folk who introduced me to their weapons. They carry half-circle swords. It was a stimulating experience. A crash course with an unfamiliar culture. Maybe your people would be an interesting experience, too. Consider dropping a presentation on your culture. You can talk about your maybe open marriages ( first analogue that popped into my mind ) and educate some of us. Extra points for delving into weapons. Think about it. See you there. Sincerely yours, Stello Lavis.
  13. LastLight

    Book|Ends [Hub]

    Dear Ms. (?) Rhavon, It's been almost a month since a one legged fellow entered my shop asking for a prosthetic of all things. It reminded me of some of the other strange requests I've received over the years. Eyelash curler, metal dentures, chain mail lingerie . . . the list goes on. It's happened with enough frequency that my instinctual responses to these matters are well honed and unforgiving. They sometimes come in different forms. People have been dragged outside by their collar and others have been laughed out of here. Your employee was at risk of suffering either of these until I stopped to scrutinize what he told me you said about me. You said I'm the best there is. Not going to say that was the only motivating factor but it was definitely one of them. Now I find myself researching and learning about things I never thought I'd bother with very much. Watching videos on modern prosthesis has enlightened me to some pretty damn interesting concepts, like exoskeletons. Do you know what the fibula looks like? It's an arched bone spanning the length of your lower leg that provides additional support to your tibia ( do elves even have human bone structures? ), helping absorb shock more efficiently. Now imagine an external fibula made out of springy metal spanning from your hip to your ankle, helping relieve impact on your knees and other important joints during a hiking trip. Sure this'll look a little funky but what a lot of people don't realize is that even though running keeps you healthy in some ways ( cardiovascular especially ), it makes you unhealthy in others. Running so damn much can wear down your bones. So support is nice and this applies to other types of exercises as well. Call me crazy but this has me wondering if maybe one day I can build a powered exoskeleton. Would be awesome, right?! Couldn't do it without help though. The others are hard at work, too. I'm sure you were entirely aware this wasn't a job I could do by myself when you threw it my way. Didn't matter. You thought hey, why not let Stello drive himself up the fucking walls trying to figure out HOW TO BUILD A WORKING PROSTHETIC FOR A CRIPPLE. THAT GOES ON ADVENTURES. Now I'm here, cramming anatomy books into my dome like a klepto kangaroo cramming furniture into its baby pouch. Every fuck up I've encountered while building the skeletal layer of the prosthetic has brought me closer to the truth. Closer to the fact that you're manipulative. You didn't mean those words, did ya? You just knew a one track mind narcissistic shit head like me would eat it all up. And I did. ( Prove me wrong. ) Not mad enough at you to ask Godric to kick you in the shin with his prosthetic foot when he has it. This has actually been a spiritually enriching project to embark upon but keep in mind that will always be an option for me. Also, I heard about the Read and Mead event. Sounds like a really, really good way to network. I mean, if not for networking, this prosthetic wouldn't even be a thing. There are a total of four of us involved in making it work. Pretty neat what you can do with other people who know how to do shit. Sincerely yours, Stello Lavis
  14. LastLight

    Strange Occurrences

    Now that the chase was over and the box was secure, Stello appeared to be in high spirits. There was even a vague semblance of a smile on his lips, radiating waves of approval all aimed towards the bug lady. Then all that changed when Harlow came to retrieve the box. His expression immediately flattened. As it was handed over, he commented from afar, "Better hold on tight, butter fingers. If it were me and I was holding my new eye ball, those kids would have had to drag my frozen ass down the street, too. Keep it safe so we can see what you look like without that funky eye patch." There was nothing actually wrong with the eye patch. Despite common stereotypes, it largely failed to bring any of that ugly grit to her semblance that most expect to see from this type of accessory. Coupled with Harlow's friendly nature, it was almost invisible. Almost. Averting his attention to the newcomer, this one being dubbed the cat lady, both of his hands slipped into his pockets and watched as she approached. He could have sworn that something smelled like it was burning but in looking around, there were no indications of a proper source, although it did make him privy to the crowd that had drawn in around them. Their irksome presence weighed on him and it showed in his expression before he turned bodily to face them, "What?! If you wanna have your noses shoved deep in someone else's hot steaming shit pile, pick up the Daily Weekly! Nothing to see here! Get it moving!" People began to filter out with Stello presiding over their exit. Once they were gone, he drew in a breath and released it, his entire body relaxing before he listened to Harlow reconciling Abigail's situation. "The bar?" he asked, glancing towards it. "Couldn't be. They'd kick her out in an instant." After declaring as much, he stood there as if he genuinely expected the door to burst open followed by a tumbling young woman with blue hair. When it didn't happen, he began walking towards it. Arriving, he pushed one of the doors ajar and glanced inside, searching around for something that was extremely hard to miss. It didn't take long for him to spot Abigail's brilliant blue mane. Next, he glanced over his shoulder towards the others. "She's in here," he confirmed before fully stepping inside. "Hey Abi, we got the box back!" Yelling from across the entire venue caused several people to stop what they were doing to look at the source of the loud voice before continuing to enjoy their drinks again. Approaching her, he recognized one of the people there at the bar. He had gotten an unintentional peek at one of Harlow's personnel files and this guy was the one he'd seen. "Oh hey, you here for Harlow Foster, by any chance?" The fellow in question was Teddy. He had a drink snug in his hand. Empty, too. Upon recognizing that, Stello shook his head and grinned. "Saw gun specialist in your resume. You sure the rest of the team can expect not to have chunks shot off their asses when you're seeing four of everything?"