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  1. The Black Anvil Hymn [ OOC ]

    Kill that effin bottle. Taking cues from the leper and Ioreth
  2. The Black Anvil Hymn [ Hub ]

    @B2BBear @KittyvonCupcake Stello was beyond the lobby, past the brick wall that separated it from the work area and he was seated in front of a metal work bench. A pair of headphones, which he used to protect his ears from the sound of metal bashing metal, hung from around his neck since it wasn't in use. In similar fashion, a brown leather apron hung from a hook on a wall immediately to his left, leaving him in more casual clothing. The navy blue t shirt he wore was somewhat dirty with metallic residue and so were his black jeans. His hair was, as per usual, held down by an ornament of Hell's Gate more modernized culture, a snapback turned backwards so that the brim would have protected the nape of his neck from the sun more readily than his eyes if he were outside. When the bandaged fellow entered his shop, Stello was busy making riveted mail. It was a tedious process, having to put these small rings together and then using a riveting clamp to lock them together. It was a job he avoided like an itchy sexually transmitted disease but this time, motivation was on his side. A new armor design idea had popped into his mind and riveted mail was a part of it, so there was no frustration in his demeanor. After the entrance ping echoed throughout his shop, he dislodged his attention from the piece and took in the visitor's appearance. He gave momentary pause, wondering why he was covered head to toe in bandages. Stello's initial instincts towards the Leper were less than serene. It wasn't easy to take kindly to a hidden identity in his position and it invited him to show that he took his shop seriously. It turned out he was particularly good at giving off aggressive vibes. Rather than sitting on his ass like a lame duck, Stello aburptly raised from his seat, pushing the chair back and away with the back of his legs so that it slid about two feet away from him. If the visitor was a thief, he was more likely to be dissuaded from attempting anything if the shop keep showed that he was actuated and vigorous. Next, he approached his leather apron and before pulling it over his neck, dropped the riveting clamp in together with various other tools, which resulted in loud metallic clanks. It was easy to interpret the gesture as displeasure but if his appearance was taken in at the time, he looked casual. Once the leather apron was on and he had secured it around his back, he roamed near the reception desk, making himself available until finally, the fellow approached. By then, Stello was at the reception counter with both hands settled over the edges of the desk. He was waiting for words but instead was met with a gesture, but when his eyes followed the direction of the Leper's finger and spotted Water, a sly little smirk stretched across Stello's lips. "Water, eh?" He took a few steps back and walked towards the back of the shop, the soles of his large and heavy boots chafing with the ground on every step until he returned with a long object wrapped in blue silk, which he put down on the table and opened with great care. Inside was Water unsheathed, or at least an exact replica of it. He had several copies of his noteworthy designs in storage. The one on the wall was special. It was the first of its line and belonged only to its creator. After placing his hand on the desk so that the Leper would feel the freedon to inspect it, he smirked again. Water was particularly a point of pride. It was his favorite blade. @Fennis Ursai There was a certain type of customer that Stello saw here the most. They were usually people of simple living, working types who would never be forced to carry a weapon and wear armor. They usually came in and acted like tourists in a world they had never been to and would never go to. To them, it was considered fun for the shop keep to give them some safety protection and allow them to swing around a sword a few times, never knowing that these were items that many people over vast generations trusted to keep themselves and their families safe from savagery. The measure of intelligence was the ability to adapt to change, however, and although Stello was fully aware and conscious of the bloody past the items in his shop had fueled, he was also aware that life changed. Things were different now than then, more people had comfortable livings and were further from violence than they ever had been in times of antiquity. He'd have to have his head shoved fully up his own ass to be pompous in the presence of these every day folks. Which, of course, he didn't. In the end, that was why he had picked this area of Hell's Gate. The commerce here crawled with activity, working types with stable lives ( although recently threatened by the advent of mechanized labor ) walked the streets, visiting their favorite clothing stores and night clubs. So when Lexicus rolled in with his ox drawn carriage, it shouldn't have come as a surprise how a lot of the people there reacted with glee at seeing a beast of burden here in their modern metropolis. If he was shrewd at all, he might have even allowed a few of them to feed the beast and at least help keep it fed at no charge. Stello was in the process of tempering the blade on an arming sword with a magi tech blowtorch when Lexicus arrived, spreading the very same temper colors seen on his door across its length. His headphones were secured over his ears, playing music that more than likely would have sounded like nails on a chalkboard to a guy like the new visitor. The entrance ping, however, was programmed to be heard in his headphones as well so nevertheless, he turned to the door when he knew that someone had come through and noted the plate armor first, prompting him to pull a pair of goggles away from his eyes and up onto his forehead. Next, he dropped the headphones down to his neck and put the sword and torch down, approaching the reception counter. As per usual, he never went anywhere without his snapback, which he always wore backwards. His black t-shirt and magenta jeans were touched with liquid stains, and his large black boots were worn from heavy use. He was just about to say something when he saw something through the windows on the fore of his store. On the other side, there was a carriage and an ox. This guy must have been as old school as it got but the prospect of talking to someone with more of a cultural connection to armor and weaponry was exciting. "Welcome to the Hymn. I'm Stello. I own the place. Need any help with something?"
  3. The Black Anvil Hymn [ OOC ]

    Awesome sounds good. She’ll wander on in with the leper.
  4. Praise the bridge that carried you over [ Quest ]

    After having reached his vantage point, Barrett's ascent momentarily interrupted Nur's reconnaissance. Down on one knee and with a hand placed against the tree trunk for support, he looked down to watch Barrett climb until he was at his level. Without saying anything, he noted that so far he could be counted on to climb. Insubstantial as that might sound, Nur had learned some of his life's greatest lessons watching and listening to the cries of the unfit as they were devoured. Although he was beginning to see that there were other modes of fitness beyond the physical since leaving home, physical was still his default and by those merits, Barrett came off capable early on. Once he got down to business, Nur didn't seem to mind having his statements repeated like that. He might have even found it enlightening considering it taught him that civilized folks called spiked clubs "maces." Regarding the bows and arrows, he knew there had to be an and between the two words but he was being lazy in his speech. It still took great effort to sound correct and even then, he was still making several mistakes. Then it hit him. "Wait, why do?" he turned his attention to Barrett. After a pause, he looked down at Cadmium, "Not understand me?" Before he could get an answer Barrett began his descent and he turned to the bugbears again. The wind carried the stench of their bowel movements but blood as well, human blood. Rot was also in the air. Nur's return to ground level was quicker and executed with a ground roll that put him in such an angle that the three of them formed a triangle between them. "Yes stupid," he agreed. "Must learn still," he added with a tone of resignation. After closing the distance and getting a better look, a situation that pushed Nur and Cadmium to opposite ends was revealed. While Cadmium found a sense of comfort in the simplicity of the mission, Nur appeared to be showing expressions of discontent that could easily be interpreted falsely as aggression, a gesture that he looked the type to purport often. After a deep breath, he had to again resign himself. "Handshake not happen here." Nur understood that as a diplomat, he was supposed to try to shake hands with the enemy whenever possible, like the insignia of his military department suggested. This was a lost opportunity. At first, he thought food might be enough to quell these beasts but judging from the skulls and hands, all of which hadn't been eaten down to the bone, that wasn't going to do it. Fortunately, it didn't slow him down much. From how Cadmium was planning things out, Nur sensed that there was a prime opportunity for an ambush in sight and set off to prepare. As the bugbears lumbered towards them with quicker strides than they may have appeared capable of, Nur was already running away from them with a frantic desperation in his motions. In comparison with the bugbears, he looked like a hare that had spotted a wolf and was eager to exploit its head start. One of the bugbears took the bait. The sight of a fleeing creature much smaller than it evoked its predatory instinct and forced it to give chase with a furious drool laden roar. "Only need one alive!" Nur could be heard grunting out as he lured his adversary. Among Nur's other preparations were large trees halfway chopped through. Nothing in the forest punched harder than one of those things falling.
  5. The Black Anvil Hymn [ OOC ]

    @Fennis Ursai @B2BBear Gonna keep you guys as chronologically separate visitors just FYI. In other words, the Leper and Lexicus are showing up at the hymn on different days.

    Sounds good! It was perfect. And I'm not exaggerating. Also, now that this thread is complete, I've started an OOC thread to be used for status updates and such. Click me!
  7. The Black Anvil Hymn [ OOC ]

    Now that the water cooler thread is complete, this is more appropriate! Any questions or status updates can go here.

    No prob! Drop on in whenever you’re good! Same to you! It’s like you said earlier, this isn’t a quest where there are hard time limits. Although when things get rolling I hope people can keep it goin!

    Hub thread is up! Considering my submission in the organizations section was intended to be a mood setter and provided the description for the shop, I figured it should go in the hub thread, too. The original post in the organizations section will be deleted by a moderator when they get to it because it doesn't make sense to have the same information posted in two different places. The rules were updated to state that people can drop into the Hub thread or start a separate thread of their own if they prefer. Everything's good to go for everyone. Feel free to drop in anywhere or send me a message if there are any background details you would like to have hashed out. Edit: Also for now I should probably say that this somewhat wild variation of an interest check is completed. Looks like I've got enough patrons to interact with.
  10. Intro - The Black Anvil Hymn is a weapon and armor shop ( no horseshoes, nails, wagon wheels, ploughs, etc to be found here ) owned and operated by Stello Lavis. Coming from a wealthy family, he was able to afford to set up in the downtown metropolitan area of Hell’s Gate, a move that would have seemed otherwise strange if it weren’t for the country’s fixation on combat, which has resulted from a variety of different cultural aspects of Terrenus. One such example is the practice of holo-projected combat tournaments that were popular once upon a time. However, it can be said that the true culprits are the several stories of brave adventurers setting out to truly make a difference in the world, good or bad. The working types who will never find the need to wear armor and wield a weapon go into his shop to hold a sword and perhaps feel like one of the adventurers to bring an end to the Eternal Night, as distant from the real thing as it may be. A surprising number of people seem to find that to be as novel an idea as visiting a teddy bear or candy shop, both of which would be considered to be more conventional sources of “fun.” In the end, the true purpose of this shop is for Stello to engage in a hobby that he thoroughly enjoys, so much so that he doesn’t concern himself with sales. Being filthy rich, he can afford not to make a profit or even close down for a few months and come back when it suits him. He doesn’t sell to those with criminal records ( consent for background checks must be provided ) and has also refused to sell his wares to foolhardy ignorant types before, believing it to be shameful for an idiot to be running around swinging one of his weapons or wearing some of his armor. Weapons and armor purchased from the Black Anvil Hymn can be identified by a small blackened anvil imprint somewhere on them. Description - Due to its location, the shop was built to be attractive and is two stories tall. Its outer layers of smooth cement plaster are accentuated by dark gray ferrous plates with fine vertical grains throughout. The fore is presented through large clear windows that are bisected by metallic cross bars, through which many of his wares can be seen. There are longswords, arming swords, axes, warhammers, spears, etc ( all medieval European, no Japanese, Chinese or other for now ). The door that leads into the shop is constructed of steel that has had the temper colors in it brought out and preserved. To the left, the material is an almost “white gray” tone. A third of a way the metal starts to develop a light straw sheen and towards the center, those brownish hues turn darker. Past that, the metal starts to become purple blue, then a pure deep and dark blue, and finally a more natural gray that that is no longer bright enough to appear white in certain light. Above the entrance, there is a large metal plate with a blackened imprint in the shape of an anvil. The name of the shop, Black Anvil Hymn, rests just above it in elegant lettering. Each time someone moves through the doors, the rich ping of a hammer striking a well made anvil echoes through the establishment. The first floor is the shop itself and it starts with a starkly decorated lobby with comfortable cushioned seats, a magi tech vending machine and a holo-screen on the wall showing the daily news available to customers. There are more items suspended along the walls that can be seen once inside and the area is separated from the smithy itself by one thick division made of red brick, which gives the impression of an olden forge tucked away within a modern building. A rectangular aperture in that brick wall serves as the reception counter, and it welcomes customers with a display of Stello’s favorite designs hanging above it in airtight chambers attached to brass rimmed ovular slabs of mahogany wood. One is a Bec de Corbin design dubbed Earth, another a bastard sword design he calls Water, a kite shield he calls Shade and a longsword design named Fire. Across the counter, the smithy itself is visible. Front and center is an anvil of steel dark enough to appear black sitting on an altar of resplendent lazurite crystal pillars and surrounded by various power tools like a power hammer, grinding and sanding belts, various tongs hanging from a rack and additional equipment that is used for powder forging. A metal scanner, powered by magi-tech like most of his equipment, sits on one of the far corners and the whole smithy is ventilated by two powerful fans built into the walls that filter out the workspace when necessary. The scent of burning coal, as is common in traditional forges, is decidedly absent because Stello relies on a propane powered forge instead ( Hell’s Gate city regulations strive to maintain cleanliness in commercial areas ). Since he does keep decent amounts of lumber around, the most prominent scent there can be is that of processed wood, at least whenever he’s not using acid of any kind to bring out a the beauty in a metal. When the shop is open, this is where he is usually found, seen operating his equipment and bashing metal into shapes while wearing ear protection. On the far wall, there is a staircase leading up to the second floor, which is restricted to clients. Upstairs is actually his place of residence, complete with a well stocked kitchen and a living room with a huge holo-screen and powerful sound system. In every facet, the whole establishment is basically a man cave. Finally, there is a receiving section at the rearmost section of the first floor with a large steel gate. This is basically the Hymn’s warehouse, where the metals, lumbers, quenching oils, acids, sanding paper and all manner of other equipment and resources are stored. Rules - Send me a private message if you’re interested in visiting the Hymn. Once everything is good to go, you can either use this hub thread or you can start a separate thread in the same board ( Cities of Terrenus ) that you can use for future visits. Noteworthy Designs Water Fire Earth Shade

    I missed this post! Snuck in there while I was replying earlier and I dont know if because I was on mobile the notification didnt pop up. When I started this up I was hoping I could roleplay with another crafter type character so this is perfect. Sounds like a boat load of fun. I get crazy with my choice of titles for ooc threads sometimes!
  12. You think you can just post around like nothing?


    Thanks a lot for the feedback. Helped me make up my mind. What I’ll do is make a hub thread that people can join in freely ( which takes care of offtopic ) and have the option there for people to make separate interaction threads if they prefer that. I’ll have the hub thread up by tonight! Hopefully by the time offtopic is ready, someone will have already rolled into it.

    Reason why I decided on this thread per person format with +1s, 2s, 3s and so on is because I’m not accustomed to having multiple chronologically different interactions in one thread but I’m starting to wonder if it might be better to start getting used to it. Seems more convenient for those who want to join in. Gonna noodle on it a little bit. What do you guys think?!