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    Strange Occurrences [OOC]

    If the posts so far don’t give you material to work with, that lands on me being that I’m running the roleplay. Think you can throw me some goals or somethin in PM so I can build some purpose for your character into the thread?! That’d be a big help. Or hell feel free to implement things too. Drop an alien invasion on us next post if ya like 😂 Edit: although jot sold me on watching hot bug lady
  2. LastLight

    Strange Occurrences [OOC]

    He’s taking a while so I thought it might be best to post up and let him catch up but how do you feel about it? Wanna give him more time?
  3. LastLight

    Strange Occurrences [OOC]

    I’ll be posting up ASAP and it’ll be just you and me Jotty unless wade drops back in. 😉
  4. LastLight

    Two If By Sea (Last Chance Raid OOC)

    The current atmosphere of combat roleplay on Valucre is pretty inclusive. The admin have encouraged people to bring their preferred method of T1 to the site no matter how it looks. That being said we should all approach the different forms of t1 present on this site with respect and with an intent to discuss things constructively so that there’s no prep style vs cool down style. There should simply be an understanding that there are different ways of doing things here and that’s that.
  5. LastLight

    Talk the talk [OOC]

    Done and done. That edit was pretty nice, it let me slip in a detail that I thought I'd add in my next post but was better off being added in this one. I gotta update Nur's profile myself. Add in that he's a corporal in the military, that he's entered a heinous growth spurt stage and link previous completed roleplays too maybe.
  6. ❤ (◡‿◡✿) 

  7. LastLight

    Talk the talk [OOC]

    I’ll update my post ASAP!
  8. LastLight

    Talk the talk [OOC]

    One of the things I most look forward to is having Nur interact with people who met him the way he is now when he’s become well educated. 😀 Also I think it’s cool to keep a post order. That way we all know what to expect. Sometimes with loose posting orders people kinda sit around a lil waiting to see what the others do. I’m good either way though!
  9. LastLight

    Talk the talk [QUEST]

    For a large majority of their greeting, Nur was absorbed by Maya's strange chuckle after he had given her what he believed was an agreeable directive. At this moment in time of his particularly short level of experience with civilized society, he had learned that there were those who resisted that urge to vomit, and with a notable degree of success. If Maya continued to heave, she would dehydrate herself and lose what little nutriment still remained in her stomach. Perhaps if she had experienced a desperate hunt for survival at least once in her life, she would have developed a more possessive attitude towards the food she had stored inside, he thought. Now she smiled, this time quite sincerely and . . . hesitantly? He wasn't sure. His confusion persisted. The next thing he spent time considering about her were her horns. He had eaten animals with horns shaped like that. When Itylra arrived, he recognized her as if they had already introduced one another, the same way he felt some familiarity with Maya when they boarded the Bluebird. They hadn't greeted one another of course, not even during the Promotion Celebration, but their scent had lingered in his periphery for several hours now and he had become accustomed to their presence. Receiving her approach with a nod, he straightened up and saluted her in return before relaxing at attention again, doing the same for Cadmium. During Maya's explanation, Nur's attention appeared to wander and he reached into his pocket, drawing out his learning device. He turned it on and began to tap holographic buttons until the word hysteria appeared, providing him with a proper definition of the word and completing his understanding of what she was conveying to the group. "Natives. Are. Hostile. The. People. Who. Came. Before. Got." Pause. ". . . hys . . . hysteria." Then he turned to Amalia, following Maya's gesture towards it. "Smells. Good. The. Forest. Always. Smells. Better," he answered, drawing in a deep breath and savoring the encroaching scents of the lush Amalian landscape. Any notions of his previous statement indicating a pessimistic attitude towards the mission were put to rest when he began walking for the exit ramp. Along the way, he stopped in front of Cadmium and handed him his learning device. An article on the Daily Weekly was displayed there with news of an attack on Last Chance. "If. They. Stopped. Their. Ships. There. Could. Have. Been. Diplomacy. Now. Many. Are. Dead." The Bluebird settled down with surprising tranquility and when the ramp was extended, Nur immediately began his descent. The moment he felt the sand beneath his feet, he wiggled his toes to savor the feeling and dug down to cooler depths. Then he looked to the forestry, one pointy ear and a smaller mangled one twitching and angling in the direction of birds chirping and flapping in the distance. A pang of nostalgia hit and a part of him longed to return home one day. If the hunters of Amalia allowed him to.
  10. LastLight

    A levee to stop the flow

    "The rate in which this infection is spreading suggests that it was specifically arcane engineered for a high death and spread rate. Low level purification measures are only effective as deterrents. Therefore, standing orders are to purge areas of extreme necromantic influence by whatever means necessary. All consumed organic material is to be viewed as dry grass in the path of wildfire. Evacuate living citizens and prioritize them above all else." A Terran elementalist by the name of Roque snapped his head to the side in search of his CO, lips flaring to reveal teeth mashed together and an expression of half buried shock on his dark skinned face. In hearing those orders, he could feel a mountain of responsibility establishing itself square over his shoulders by virtue of his role in the military. His swift intellect often endowed him with a damnable understanding of cause and effect and right now, he could see the next sequence of events clear as day. The squad leader returned his glance at about the same moment that Roque turned, all but confirming that what he was anticipating was on the money. He didn't even need to hear it. The sound of the world could have been dialed to zero at that very moment and he would have appeared like a master lip reader in how he so accurately interpreted the orders he was given. Zera's dark purple lips, a common trait of the Drow people, uttered the words without enthusiasm or hesitation. "Burn it, Roq." They stood before a scene of suffering so stark that it was unimaginable only because in climbing into the minds of the victims and attempting to understand the degree of pain and dread they experienced, good men and women only succeeded in tempting madness. The neighborhood had been devoured by a mass of necrotized organic material. It was like a carpet of flesh and bone draped across the landscape, occasionally dotted with a half devoured corpse that still groaned in pain and cried for loved ones. "Roq. Burn it. It's going to rain soon and your flames wont be as effective." A flash of lightning cut across the sky followed shortly by the first thunderous reverberation echoing through the city. One of the corpses that had previously been dormant was awakened by the snap, unceremoniously yanked back into this living nightmare. It was a woman. Her features were so thoroughly devoured that it was difficult to guess an age range. Two things identified her as a member of the fairer sex; one being her feminine voice and the other a single breast fat with milk for her unborn child, which lay in rest about ten feet away from her now, having spilled from her belly before being carried away by the creeping mass like it was in a river of mud. In her delirium, all she remembered was her responsibilities as a mother and reached for her child, trying desperately to crawl to it and failing to move an inch. She went where the creep went and there was nothing she could do. "Corpo--" Roaring flames emanated from his person and shot forth, washing over the area the same way a tidal wave might overtake a coast. In an instant, the stench of burned bodies and the shrieks of living beings consumed by the purging wave of searing light assaulted the spirit. Roq's eyes flared open, screaming out in a mix of condemnation and resignation. Whenever the screams weakened his resolve, he strengthened the flames, gave them more life and made them blow like flaming hurricanes. The others watched as he screamed and waved his hands, guiding the flames in such a way as to minimize suffering as best he could. When it was over, his arms hung at his sides as if they had been conducting a morbid orchestra for days without rest. His chest grew and shrunk slowly, the glow of his flames reflecting from his body. Then he looked up at the dark clouds hanging over the city. He knew it'd get worse. When the showers came, the torrents would carry the disease over greater distances. Dedicated as Roq was to his role, a small realistic piece inside of him knew they would fail. Panic had overtaken the city. Masses of people scrambled for safety, fueled by memories of the horrors that had devoured towns and even cities in recent days. News of Ashville being reduced to ruins was fresh in their minds and remained palpable enough that the victory in Last Chance conferred little hope. It was hard not to see their success as good fortune in the face of this string of deadly events all across the country, especially when so many of the defense efforts had ended in failure. Among them walked a man clad in obsidian robes that covered him from the neck down. Though the motions of his legs were hardly noticeable beneath the earthen fabrics he wore, the way he moved was strong and purposeful. It was like he was surrounded by an aura that guided everyone and everything out of his path. Even as the citizens of Casper crawled like ants all around him, he somehow managed a straight path towards his destination. He only stopped when an individual of particularly strong will stepped before him and held up his hands. He was a Gaian Priest, expression full of concern and someone who recognized the Cardinal's semblance within the sea of terrified faces. "Cardinal, cardinal! What is the status of our city? Will all be well?" Zeph stopped and responded effortlessly, needing not a single moment to think through his response, "No. All will not be well. However I assure you, son of Gaia, that life will continue." Placing a hand on the priest's shoulder, he peered deep into his eyes and guided him out of his path before continuing onward. He arrived at Valvale Garden, one of the few locations of interest in the whole town of Casper that had gone unperturbed for so many years. Perhaps there had simply been nobody wretched enough to target a zone that the people of this city had turned into a symbol of companionship. Whatever the reason, it stood there, this whole time awaiting the return of the man who had breathed life into it. At the end of his journey, he placed himself at the very center of the garden, which had been intentionally left uninhabited by the artificial flora that thrived in this place. Giant blue plants resembling orchids and purple bell flowers with hazy mists of golden light encircling them surrounded him. Zeph took a deep breath, thoughts of the state of the world swirling in his mind. Unlike those that ran in fear, he was one of the few that did indeed find hope in the accomplishments of the soldiers that defended the coast of Last Chance even if, like the rest of the world, he identified that death was more rampant than it had been in a long time. The military had failed the people in many places in many instances. But soldiers weren't the ones who always won, only the ones who always fought. @Ataraxy @Piperpie @danzilla3
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    Talk the talk [OOC]

    There should be a post up by tonight tomorrow latest!
  12. LastLight

    Strange Occurrences [OOC]

    No. Jk hell yeah im down. I like suggestions and collaborative story telling. 😁
  13. Thanks to everybody ever who has ever given me a like for any of my posts. /recluse

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    Terrenus military chatter v.2

    A plague has beset Casper and my PK will be engaging the culprit! @Ataraxy and i have come up with a fun little storyline, the results of which have been already agreed upon. We also had a roll to see who the winner for an artifact sweepstakes would be and that was me, so ultimately this thread will lead to my character acquiring an S class artifact. A military member who joins the thread stands to make progress towards earning a promotion as is the norm for military threads. I'm looking for one person who has the time to adhere to a three day post limit ( five at the most during hard times ) to join me on the mission. The role for the character is kinda sorta also pre-established. Basically, whoever from the military joins me on this quest will be responsible for securing an artifact from Ataraxy's character, who wields a powerful necromantic artifact already, and delivering it to my character when he needs it most. I'll be sending a vague outline of how circumstances will turn out and then we'll work together to modify or implement cool things for your character so that we all have a soft script to follow and be cohesive in pushing the story along. This thread will have to be a minimum of five pages long so take that into account before you join up.
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    Feedback: rich text editor disabled

    test Testing to see if BBcode works. If it doesn't, I'd suggest we try and get that enabled if possible because when we draft stuff up in any document type, we generally use italicize here, bold there, etc. Now that it pastes plain from any source, it'd be good to have the option to add bbcode brackets where necessary as we draft up whatever we intend to present. Better that than to post and go down the whole thing again bolding and italicizing everything we intended to have some formatting attached to it. Edit: Pasted bbcode works! All is well again in life. Overall this is more reliable long term than trying to bring back some kind of rich text formatting in the future since that wont apply to everything. BBcode can be added to any note/word medium and it'll come over simple and clean.