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  1. Anastasia listened in stark horror. The thought of her brother having to sacrifice his eye was beyond her wildest thoughts, and her imagination betrayed her. It was then that she admittidely realized that she didn't know nearly as much as she thought she did about the Dragon Pacts. She knew details, had suspicions, but truly didn't know. The information her brother shared was guarded close to the heart, and perhaps for good reasons too. She lifted herself from the chair and approached Aremis. Her hand fell softly upon his face, her thumb wiping from the bridge of his nose to his ear as the crusted blood fell free. Anastasia looked at his new eye, and there was a flicker of fire inside that wasn't there before. Was it the power of the pacts? She smiled to give him hope, and thhen challenged his words. "You did well brother, but don't let it go to your head. You're not the only one who can protect Vdara." Laughing, she removes her hand from his face. His question came and her smile faded. "It was mostly our Uncle who did it. He saved me, again." She mentioned. "We used the dragons to burn the corpse, as much as we could while myself and Morce' used the umbra to devour the toxins." She looked at Aremis again, trying to hide some concern. "I wasn't strong enough to do it myself Aremis." Her eyes drop to her hands as if examining them. ((Sorry for the delay! Had some issues to resolve, but should be good again. I know you've been busy too, hope all is well.))
  2. Anastasia listened to Aremis and she sat upon the throne. Taking a moment to enjoy the pleasures of the soft seat, she slumped back into it and relaxed. She pulled her feet up onto the throne and held her knees with her hands as she closed her eyes for just a moment. She could hear her brother call Alexis over, and could hear her leave the room entirely before she opened her eyes again. The Princess looked at Aremis, and before she could say anything, he had already suggested that she go rest. A frown fell upon her lips as she looked at him. "Please brother, as if I could sleep at a time like this." Her voice cracked ever so slightly, and she cleared her throat. "Lord Raxiz told us just this morning that he didn't expect our parents to return for months. He said it was urgent for you to obtain the pacts... do you know why? Can you tell me what happened? How did you secure the pacts?" She asked curiously as she sat there. Ana wanted to know the details, and she hoped that this gut feeling was just an empty belly and nothing more. Her eyes looked around the room once, twice, and then settled on her brother for answers.
  3. It was an odd situation. Anasstasia didn't know what to do. This entire day had been entirely too long, and her mind was racing a million miles per minute without an end in sight. With her Uncle gone, and her parents swifted away, she was just left there. Numb. It wasn't until Aremis hugged her, that she snapped out of it. The Princess would regain her composure as best as she could as she hugged her brother back. She fought back tears and settled after taking a deep breath. Clearing her throat, she stepped back to look at Aremis. "This changes nothing, like you said. We have a duty to fufill, and we will until they are ready." She took a moment to think on her words, before nodding as if to confirm she agreed with those vary words. Her eyes looked for another NightReaver or Golden Shield. "Inform the Councel members of our parents return. They will be summoned when ready, I ask that they give us time before rushing over." The Golden Shield nodded and dispersed to fufill the order. She didn't want anyone breathing down their necks, but the people of Vdara deserved to know that their Queen and King have returned, and both alive. Questions filled her mind, but she refrained for the time being.
  4. Her smile deepened into genuine love when Aremis entered the throne room. As he explained his success with the Dragon Pacts, she congratulated him with a warm sisterly embrace. Ana held on for a long moment, almost afraid to let him go again. Even as he asked his questions, she simply nodded her head. "I am fine brother. Our Uncle helped out tremendously, but together we were able to end the disease that the Eldritch monster was spreading on our shores. Things should return back to normal soon enough." Perhaps it was because of the day she already had, or how primed her senses already were, that she could feel the crackle of energy before it snapped into existance. Even if it was for but a mere moment, she turned just in time to watch the chaotic energy toy with the shadows that she was linked to. The shadows pulled open, and three bodies came forth in shocking fashion. Anastasia hardly had any idea what to do as Aremis and Morce' jumped into action. The Princess watched, in slight disbelief, as the three of them had returned. She thought they weren't so supposed to return for months? It mattered not, she was just thankful as she rushed over to her parents. It was the first time she had seen her father in such form. The scaled armor that covered his body was impressive, no doubt one of his many forms gained by using the draconic power within him. She would watch as he slipped from consciousness and a team of medics rush in to take care of them. It all happened so fast, and before she knew it, the NightReavers were taking her parents to the infirmary to get the medical attention they needed. As quickly as they came, they were gone.
  5. His wife, his beloved, was well within sight now and he was ready for this to be over with. "I'll take left, you take right." Were any other words truly needed? Within a mere second, the Dragon King nearly vanishes and reappears besides Ryker who flanked Malaysia's left side. His sword would come crushing into Ryker's side, catching him off guard completely. While it wasn't enough to detach his lower half from his upper half, it was enough to deliver a quick and simple death. He hoped, that by the time Ryker was finished off, Alukai would have taken care of the same with Pollo. His eyes would catch Malaysia's own, and a wave of relief would wash over him. Everything they had gone through seemed to make it worth it in this single instant. All his worries, all of his pain, all of it came to be resolved in this second in which their eyes locked upon each others. And then the earth would shake... The Underworld around them quaked with a viciousness that Ayden hadn't ever experienced before. No more than thirty feet away, the ground pulled away from them in massive chunks. "Alukai! Now, we must go now!" He would rush to Malaysia's side and grab her hand tight while waiting for Alukai to get them the hell out of there. From the depths of chasim, Ayden could now sense why Ashkore sensed something was wrong. A horrible screech came from the depths of the pit that continued to rip wider and deeper before them. Something rumbled down below. Ayden hadn't noticed if the portal was open yet, or if Alukai was even set. His focus wasn't even on Malaysia anymore. Ayden's body would heat to higher and higher temperatures as his eyes slit into a fixed focus, he would have to be pulled through the portal. The ground and tunnels around them collapsed, there would be no other escape as time was running out. Were they going to make it?
  6. Raxiz lead the way back to the Castle as the young Prince asked his questions. "Yes. It will take some practice, but you will be able to tell which dragons participate, and which ones don't. However, I can tell you now, that all the dragon's in Vdara participate in the pact." Raxiz spoke with confidence and a matter of fact tone of voice that crept a peak at his age. Taking the path, Raxiz provides even more information. "The pacts also increase your power greatly, and will give you abilities you might not thought possible." He says almost teasing him, giving Aremis a chance to internally explore his new powers for whats new and whats not. Before the Prince could get too far down that rabbit hole, Raxiz fills in the rest. "Like your father, you should now be able to pull the dragon from yourself. You have the ability to undergo transformations, to even turn into a full dragon... but now you should be able to pull your draconic self from your human self." This would be significant and unique, Raxiz knew. "Your father is able to do this because he and Ashkore were two creatures joined into one. You on the other hand, don't." He smiles, knowing that the information might be a little much to handle. Truth be told, it was uncharted territory. Lord Raxiz was a full fledged dragon who could only turn human... which is also significantly different than the Prince or King. "It will take time, but you'll start to see what all you can do in due time. For now, you should go greet your sister." He says as they make entry into the Castle proper. - - - Anastasia summoned the guards and had them prepare the Throne Room. She was tired and excused herself from the training. A part of her knew the awkwardness of leaving it there, or looking like she was giving up... but even she had her limits. She was still a child in comparison. She bit her lip, knowing it was a bullshit excuse, but her worry was still with her brother. Anastasia already had faced life and death situations, more than once. She knew she would have to get stronger, and she was, but not fast enough. There would be no summoning of the Council. There was no need to summon them to her understanding. If either one of them had failed, she was sure some of them would come running in panic or uncertainty. The fact that none had done so yet, left her hopeful that Aremis was able to pull through on his end as well. She missed her brother dearly, and hated the fact that she had to let him run off again so soon after just returning. She had many questions for him. Into her room, Anastasia would change into something more comfortable. A loose black shirt covered her arms and hung to her hips. She would let her long black hair down, running fingers down its length before letting it rest. Anastasia wipes the dirt and other unmentionables off of her from the event and training that took place earlier. After taking a moment to clean up, she returned back down to the Throne Room where she would wait for her brother.
  7. Uh oh. I am totally chill with this pace. I was stressing out cuz i've been stupid busy with work and covid and politics to the point where i thought this might have continued without me. Instead, I return to find that I was still the last one to post. lol. Then I got to thinking... I HOPE I DIDN'T KILL THIS THREAD. hahaha. Hope everyone is doing well.
  8. Ayden kept pace with Alukai as they moved swiftly. A fist rested against his chest due to the hollow pain of the pacts being removed. The feeling of emptiness was obvious, and painful, but superficial compared to the entirety of the situation before them. While this wasn't a good time to lose some of his power, he knew he would have to rely on everything that was left, to include Alukai, in order to get out of this. The Ashkore dragon within Ayden heated and flexed as they got closer and closer to Malaysia. The burnt flesh and torn scales that protected his body healed thanks to the protective barrier that Alukia provided. The time within the protective barrier gave Ayden's body a chance to regenerate and heal almost completely. With the majority of his pain gone or subsided, with the exception of the damage from the pacts, Ayden would appear almost in peak performance... minus feeling a little sluggish and drained of course. Ayden had underestimated the realm of the Underworld. While its inhabitants were strong and impressive foes, the environment itself was even more formidable. He tried to think as they closed in on Malaysia how this was even possible. How is it some could be effected, like Ayden and Alukai, but not others? There were others in this domain, Ayden could sense them, and they were fine except the one's Malaysia just took out. The Ashkore dragon within Ayden rumbled. Something was wrong... very wrong... "Alukai... save your energy for the portal home. Don't use anything more than you need. Understand?!" The tone in his voice was urgent and pressing. Though there was little time to explain, Ayden knew that Alukai would follow his lead and be cooperative. They made a good team, and he would be damned if they all didn't make it out. In just a few more seconds, Malaysia would come into view...
  9. ((Sorry for the delay, been a little crazy.)) Anastasia panicked. Her uncle had talked her up about trusting in herself, but the moment she had gathered that stubborn hope, it left her like an adrenaline dump. The sweeping kick came forth and she felt too heavy. Her legs came out from underneath her and she fell onto her back like a tree falling in the forest. With labored breathing back in place, she simply laughed as her hands ran through her hair. "I must be more tired than I thought Uncle." She admitted. Anastasia bent her knees so her feet lay flat on the ground, her arms crossed against her belly as she stared at the sky as a dragon freely flew overhead. "I should go clean up before my brother gets back. He should be returning any minute." Slowly rolling over, she would groan under her sore body. Standing, she smiled at Morce'. "Thank you Uncle. I just need some more time." - - - Lord Raxiz would guide the Prince out of the tunnels. The direction seemed much simpler than when he navigated inside, as if the maze had gotten rid of unnecessary passageways or long bends and turns. The first, of what Raxiz assumed would be many questions, had finally come. "You can command many things, but it is wise to remember that the power does not give you control over the dragons like mindless puppets. You can give them orders, but they can disobey just like anyone else." He warns Aremis. "As we walk, imagine your sister. Paint the image of her in your mind and tell me what you see." What Aremis would see, is a bird's eye view of his sister back in the Castle Courtyard training with their Uncle. She would be laying on the ground, staring up at the sky and laughing. Anastasia looked tired, and even though the bird's eye view came from up high, he could make out the surroundings with great detail. "If there are any dragons in the area, they will share your desire. They will show you what they see as a gift to your new sight." Raxiz smiles as they make their way out. The dragons who had filled the grounds went back to their daily routines and habits. "The Dragon Pacts connects you to the dragon's of Vdara who participate in the pact. You can contact them, or they can contact you. How you use the Pacts to command them, is up to you." He says finally as they get back onto the path leading to the Castle.
  10. 2 Miles Outside of Valovia City Luna and Fang had given chase while keeping a safe distance. The nano-bear headed for Valovia, as if trying to escape the depths of the forests that slowly ate away at the outer limits of the city. The problem with facing a creature like this, was that it was worse than trying to hunt a normal bear. A nano-bear, or any creature infected, was much more intense and stronger. Each creature infected had various modifications that made no two alike, and very unpredictable, making it extremely dangerous. In the Hunter community, there were even creatures that seemed like legends or myths that people have claimed to see... or survived. Some people tied such creatures to gods, or patrons of a time long forgotten, but honestly they sounded like fairy tales. A three headed dog, a massively large bird, a snake that could turn someone to stone, a large sea creature with razor sharp teeth that could swallow ships... it all sounded like a bunch of bullshit to scare kids and keep the rookie hunters out of business. Luna had never seen anything like those, or knew anyone that could actually provide proof, but the stories were there and spoken as if facts amongst several other Hunters or distant travelers. Luckily, this chase that Luna and Fang participated in, revealed enough to her to gain a fairly detailed analysis of the nano-bear. No mythical nonsense, just science and nature. This creature was much faster than any normal bear, and the mangy patchy spots of fur the that fell off revealed a calloused skin that was reinforced by the infection. Without a doubt, this nano-bear would be a brute to take down by herself. "Hawk, we're going to give you an opening. Hit it with four doses as soon as it stops." "Roger Luna, be safe down there." Her connection with Fang left her empty for words. All she had to do was think the command and her companion would do so. The two worked in harmony and Fang would cut out of the brush with mechanical precision. Fang blind sided the nano-bear, leaping at it with no other intention then to knock it down. The mechanical wolf knew, because Luna knew, that even with its machine-like body that it wouldn't be able to chew into or rip apart the infected flesh. The weight of Fang was more than enough to throw the nano-bear to the ground, kicking up dirt, grass, and leaves. A bird pierced the bottom of the green canopy, cawing from an aged and outdated speaker while unleashing four darts from its feathers. They zipped through the air and Luna could see three of the four projectiles pierce the infected skin. The darts that hit drained of color, emptying its contents into the animal within mere seconds. The nano-bear roared, revealing a second layer of razor sharp teeth. Her heart raced as she joined Fang's side. "Release Saber." Her command was met with a pressure release upon the mechanical wolf. A hilt protruded that she pulled on, relinquishing Fang of the slim and light-weight mechanical sword. Luna rushed in and smacked the nano-bear with the saber. It glided across armored skin as she expected, (the sword is made of the same tech as Fang who also can't damage it.) But her point was made and the poison that Hawk provided made the monster sluggish giving her the chance to dodge it's claws. Ducking and pulling back, she now had its attention and it started to get back up to come at her. "Hawk... we're going... to buy some time until the other Hunter can get here... Fang... initiate... evasive overwatch procedures." Luna's breathing was getting heavy, but this was no time for stopping. The nano-bear was up, and its slow sluggish movement found traction as it came at her now. Fang circled within her range, and once she knew the bear would run, she would too. The Hunter would become the Hunted, and Luna knew that this would be a matter of survival.
  11. If my imagination is too wild or violates some pre-existing lore or theme, let me know. Sometimes I get carried away.
  12. 5 Miles Outside of Valovia City-State "200 meters and closing to the East. Cut it off now, we can't let it reach Valovia." The voice called within her built in communications. Luna huffed as she tossed her sandwich, but she still dawned the helm that pulled a black armored veil across her eyes. "Chill. We've got plenty of time. Lunch is over, let's do this Fang." Her voice called out with practiced confidence as she started running. Beside her, a massive mechanical wolf kept pace upon command and moved with Luna. "Hawk, do you have eyes on this thing or what? What am I dealing with?" She called out with an annoyed but steady tone while at a full run. "You know our sensors don't determine species or threat. That's why they send us Hunter's out to assess and neutralize as needed. I can't see anything from up here, the canopy from the woods are too dense. Be careful on approach, it's just us out here." She double taps the black visor and it gives her the best path forward to the target. With the tech and her athletic figure being built for stamina and endurance, she used every bit of both with this job as she hurdled over the wooded obstacles of the forest with unnatural grace. "If it was just us, we'd be out of the job. Fang, go ahead and flank it's South. You know the rules." Luna smiles and Fang takes off. The wolf doesn't take long to leave Luna behind and do as commanded. Within 100 meters she comes to a slow. Scanning the area, she doesn't see anything from her position but she notes Hawk flying up above. "Still nothing?" She asks. "I'm blind up here, sorry." She shakes her head, not liking the idea of not knowing what she was facing or walking into. Years of experience told her not to go in. Luna places her back against the tree and slumps down. "Initiate Sense Synchronization." A few seconds later, Luna could see through Fang. The wolf was locked, completely frozen as it laid as low to the forest ground as possible without actually laying on it. Like a cat staying out of sight and getting ready to pounce on an unwilling victim, Fang waited for the command as it locked onto the target. It was then that she saw it, or a glimpse of it. "Fuck me..." "What? What is it? What do you see?" "It's an infected fucking nano-bear." Whatever had killed humans and transhumans alike, mainstream theory blaming nano-tech, had also impacted much wildlife. Many people don't talk about it, mostly because many people and children were still scarred by their pets that had turned aggressive or feral instead of dying like everyone else. Not all of them, but many. And many families killed their pets in fear, or discarded them like trash instead of waiting for their beloved family member to turn on them. Some people claim there is no association with the impact on infected wild life and the mass genocide of people, but most refer to any creature gone under genetic mutation, through nature or technology, as one that is nano-infected. Luna had even heard some people call transhumans to be nano-infected, or just infected for short. The slur was gross. Most people were ignorant of its origin though, or from the work that the Hunters do in privacy, in order to let them sleep in the safety of their beds at night never knowing of the unknown threats that lingers outside the city limits. "Luna, you and Fang need to get out of there. We'll call fo--" A frantic voice called out but was quickly interrupted. "--No. Don't. Like you said Hawk, we can't let it reach Valovia. Plus, we wouldn't want to split the prize money into three. I.S.S. Terminate." Luna's heart would race as she stuck her head from the cover of the tree. She could see the nano-bear this time, roughly 60 meters away and up in the tree, but below the canopy. Her palms soaked her gloves as she tried to steady her breath from the nerves. "I got this... we got this Fang... we can do it." She talked them up through their link, trying to motivate both of them into doing what needed done. "Full Engage in 3... 2... 1... Attack!" The countdown ended with both Luna and Fang sprung from their locations. The nano-bear roared from its height, and the fucking thing jumped to the next tree almost ten feet away. The large muscled bear clawed into the next tree sliding down it a few feet and the tree collapsed under its weight. The tree fell to the ground with a loud cracking and thud, giving the nano-bear a free ride. It took off again with impressive speed the instant it hit the ground. Luna froze, her charge and resolve instantly shaken despite all of her experience as a Hunter. Her hesitation stopped Fang as well. "Hawk... we're going to need back up..." "Already called it in! Another Hunter is 30 minutes away from our current location. Luna, they are en-route, but they won't make it before the nano-bear enters Valovia..."
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    Valucre music thread

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  14. Thanks for having me. Looking forward to writing with you all!
  15. I am actually interested in this. I've stumbled across some significant down time thanks to a global pandemic that has me stranded half way across the world... so... if you wouldn't mind having me, I would be interested in joining. It's out of my normal genre of play, but that's what I like about it. Something different to keep the creative juices flowing.
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