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  1. @Malaysia NightReaver It had been... two weeks since they destroyed the Eldritch monster that threatened to destroy her beloved home. Only with some luck and much needed help, were they able to successfully bring the monstrosity out of the sky and into the shores just outside the cities reach. While the plan was executed to success, it didn't come without a price that weighed heavily upon the young Princess. Many Dragon Knights, Night Reavers, Golden Shields, and patrons to the city throne lost their lives in defense of their home. If it wasn't for her uncle, she was sure she would have been one of the above. Many nights haunted her followed by long days filled with looks of accusations. Though many knew there were little options, and her decision was supported by the royal court, they still judged. She had ruled Vdara for such a short time before such tragedy struck. With her parents still missing, she finally made the decision to summon her dearest brother. It had been some time since she seen him, and though he was in exile from their father, no one dared refuse. Anastasia paced, locked in her room in a self imposed banishment. She had heard the last of the reports from various advisors updating her on the many whereabouts of the city and her family. For the most part, things have finally calmed down. Her room was luxurious and spacious with a balcony attached. She often sat at her desk reading or studying. Other time was spent training her powers with the umbra. Yet, both had proven most difficult as of late. Though the day was young, she was beyond tired as she sat herself within the shadows of her sorrows, waiting for her brother.
  2. I don't know how I did that. I made the edits lol. Sorry. Thanks for catching that!
  3. The fire driving her passion was snuffed out at the sound of clapping hands. The man had explained his story, and her mind would wonder. Things slowly started to make sense now as she recalled the details of her journey. So little did she truly know of this land, and still much more to learn. As the man identified himself as Litalis and an administrator, she realized that perhaps he wasn't the muscle she had first assumed. Or, perhaps he was both? Judgment would wait as she listened to the dreams and goals of this group, one she found respectable. As Rina started to speak, Lucia would take note of the food that was still set out. The woman was hardly phased as she recalled great war stories. Lucia wondered how much of it was true. She wondered if the initiative could protect them as they stated. Reitu was next to speak and Lucia's attention was fully given. Another native to Genesaris? Another staff wielder? The staff Lucia held onto was unique - an artifact passed down from generation to generation. The weapon was capable of a great many things. It was Natherin's reaction that would catch her most off guard however. The Witch-Doctor looked like she was about to cry yet shared words of death... it was most unnerving. The only thing that made her more uncomfortable was the pistol happy man stripping before them all. He revealed his chest and face and Lucia sighed softly. She stepped from behind her desk and approached Issac with steps that echoed off the floor. The green glow coming from his veins matched the green glow in her eyes, and she wondered if he'd notice. Only stopping a foot away, Lucia would raise a slender hand and slowly press the digits of her fingers against his chest - assuming he let her. Her eyes were sharp but there was a lack of concentration. She just wanted to see it up close, him up close. "You are either mad, for smiling in the face of such illness..." She stated with a face most serious. "Or nothing is wrong." Her eyes flicked upward to the man that stood much taller than she. "Without a thorough examination or test, the only other possibility is magic poisoning."
  4. Luther nodded to Athari at her suggestion. Though it made him feel vulnerable without Kenthu at his side, the logic wasn't faulty. His eyes peer back down the tunnel as he hops of his dragon, dismissing his friend. Kenthu would leave, but remain close just in case he was needed. The knightly man spoke once more as he started a slow advance down the flesh-like tunnel. "The Princess of Vdara has troops targeting the Sky Terror's defenses while we engage it's core." The hand on his sword tightened as he stepped to the edge of Athari's fiery light. His eyes were narrow and pinned to the furthest edges of darkness. "Deep down here, somewhere, should be an opening with the creature's heart." Luther's explanation continued as they stepped further and further into the fleshy beast, going downward more and more. Heat flooded the cavernous hole they walked down with an unnerving pattern, making each step harder and heavier - as if the creature exhaling could be felt upon their faces. "If they fail to lower the defenses around the heart, we may be forced to retreat." Just as he says this, a shadow of claws and talons fall from the very ceiling that Athari warned about. Luther narrowly dodged it as the mass of the eldritch beast slammed down between Luther and Athari. The creature's form was broken and torn as the light from Athari's fire wasn't even strong enough to distinguish its very being. The only thing distinguishable, was that it stood nearly fifteen feet tall and five feet wide with white claws and eyes floating somewhere within. Only when Luther gained his footing, he would cant his sword and prepare an attack of his own. Getting ready to step, Luther was stuck! Flesh like tendrils wrapped Luther's feet to the ground, trapping him as the shadowy eldritch beast began to charge him once more. Luther would swing his sword frantically at the tendrils sticking his feet. But unless the others helped him, he would have to brace for impact.
  5. Hope to get a post up today. Holiday on the middle of the week threw things off.
  6. Favorite Race: Half Elves seem like a popular choice from conversations I've had with people. They seem like a good versatile base for most classes and the traits associated with them are a plus to all. Favorite Class: Paladin. I was really hoping the Unearthed Arcane version was accurate for Redemption Paladins so they could walk around without any armor. They're high defense would be contributed to their deity protecting them, relying on faith alone to get them through combat. It would have been awesome... The nurf version is still good though. If I had to pick another, it would be the Hexblade Warlocks. Bad ass sword slingers with magic... Like a thief on steroids. Just a lot of fun.
  7. Lucia was careful to gauge the reaction to her response. Would it be enough? Would they be satisfied with such an answer? The others had given Issac much more than an answer, but bits and pieces of their actual lives. Did such stories truly matter? The blonde haired women pondered upon it for a moment before she decided it was best left as. Her previous answer wasn't a lie, but perhaps another half-truth hidden behind her pretty face that dared not reveal her own inner daemons. Only when Issac reached for his weapon, not even fully pulling it from it's holster, would Lucia's actions betray the beautiful flower she portrayed. As the weapon flipped in the air, Lucia was already grabbing for her staff instinctually to what was perceived as a possible threat. A tactician as she, quickly pushed to her feet, knocking her chair over in a loud thud as she took up a stance that was ready for action. The near interruption of her chair being knocked to the ground would only be interrupted by Issac speaking about security and safety while holstering his weapon. Lucia would relax her grip and stance, the white knuckles on her hand turning back to flesh color as she wrinkled her face back into a neutral look of relief. Then the question came, one she had only connected moments ago in her analysis that only confirmed some of those fears hidden beneath. "Defend ourselves?" Her voice, despite her looks, still held the raw emotion hiding within that nearly accused the man of being the perpetrator or need behind such a requirement. Unlike her quite self, words would flow with tension as those grassy green eyes scanned the room to determine if there could be any other possible threats. "Has the Initiative already drawn enemies to its cause? What dangers would we face?" It wasn't an answer to his question, she realized. Lucia was much like Reitu whom lacked any significant physical strength and prowess. And she wasn't built to sling a gun or hack away with a sword. Her magic wasn't even malicious. The woman who stood before them thought with haste, recalling her battle experiences with a young Prince in Genesaris. Through it all, she never hurt another. Always the tactician, leading the battles through wit and providing a supportive role for all involved. Despite her lack of offensive capabilities, the force of nature before them was no different than the one she presented on the battlefield. Only then she realized that the question provided didn't ask if she was able to kill others or hurt them. Defend. She thought. Lucia would not be required to plunge the wooden staff with a pointed end into anybody - and most would be surprised at the relic's ability to pierce objects. After a deep breath to steady her nerves, Lucia would give an answer. "I can defend for as long as necessary. But if you are asking me to harm another, I will not." The golden flower wouldn't pull her chair back to the table or sit down. She knew that her outburst of distrust could be grounds for dismissal - but they would quickly realize that Lucia was not a blind follower. Her staff and oversized hat remained close as she hoped someone else would step up and give an answer to smooth things over. Yet she would hold her ground until then, as firm a tree planted in the ground, and as strong as a force of nature standing amongst them.
  8. She had observed and listened to each word and body movement that the others provided. Lucia was not just a skilled healer using magic, but a brilliant tactician that proved her worth once upon a time. Even now, old habits died hard as those green eyes watched carefully and with purpose. Of course years of practice had told her to blink, nod, and even look away to observe another to prevent any suspicion. Her attention was quick to fall upon Litalis who took an interest in the magic that sparked from her hand. All of the others had introduced themselves as requested... but not he. The muscle. She thought. He was not an applicant. Litalis was here to make sure the boss was safe from any potential applicant or someone who desired ill fortune upon them. The ambition being set forth here was one that could be perceived as threatening, placing many of them in great potential danger - and she would know, perhaps more than most of this truth. Except for Reitu, she realized, who admitted that he lacked a familiar physical prowess that she too didn't have. And upon that thought her eyes drifted to the tainted blood of the Witch Doctor, one who she purposely neglected to acknowledge. The display was... in poor taste. Each stich formed a seem, but the magic was ugly in comparison to Lucia's own - even if it gone the job done. A hand upon the table felt the fuzzy green moss she brought life to. She could feel each follicle of green hair upon the hollow skin of her fingertips. Hollow, she reminded herself. Despite the feeling, aesthetic look, and use her hand and arm provided, Lucia had a hidden seem of her own holding the prosthetic to her very shoulder with magic. The next question had been presented to the group by Issac. Rina's response left Lucia in a state of inner protest. Lucia disagreed with Rina's assessment of healing magics and how they impact the human body. Even if Lucia lacked extensive training in traditional healing, she was confident that her ray of light was far superior. Eyes crept back to the Witch Doctor whom she thought would most likely think the same... despite the gruesome twist. "Opportunity." She blurted out almost unexpectedly while turning her head to meet Issac's. The answer would be left short and to the point as she fell silent once more.
  9. Ayden nodded in agreement with Alukai. Whatever laid inside for them, they would have to face one way or another. But, they would face it together. They would get Malaysia back together. Inside they would go, together. With his dragon armor on and Alukia's protective barrier surrounding them, Ayden would join his brother's side. Taking a single step in, as if testing the waters, Ayden waited for the onset of the enchantment... It was ever so slight, Ayden noted. The enchantment would slowly permeate the barrier and armor, but not at an intolerable rate. They would have time to get in and out before everything took hold on him. Ayden nodded to Alukia and kept pace, making sure he would not leave his brother's side. If Ayden were to leave the barrier that Alukia provided, even with his dragon armor, he was sure he would fall victim to the enchantment within minutes. On guard, his senses were heightened beyond belief. Everything was magnified nearly 100 fold as his fiery blue eyes scanned the grounds. There were no traces of opposition or foes, but the Dragon King knew they lingered somewhere deeper - and closer to where Malaysia was more than anything else. "Two, three, four, five... five linger inside with Malaysia." Ayden stated as Alukai took the lead.
  10. To say she was impressed was an understatement. She had known of her Uncle, much like she had known about many others she had not yet met, but seeing him take action was a different story. His words flowed without effort and the NightReavers wouldn't hesitate. Her eyes widened as she entered the court yard to see Cody offer them a ride. The dragon before her was massive, dark as night, and was probably one of the most terrifying she had laid witness upon in quite some time. That's not to say that all the dragons in Vdara were pretty or pleasing on the eyes, but Cody's aura alone was enough to make her knees buckle. Her eyes were brave enough to look away as the other NightReavers mounted the other Vdaran dragons that approached upon command. "We will be right behind you. Upon your command!" One of the NightReavers had shouted as they all took to the sky. This NightReaver was slightly different than the others, though they were all unique and specific in their own way - which is why they were chosen as NightReavers to begin with. A wooden bow at the ready with a quiver full of arrows was his primary weapon of choice as he held tight onto the dragon before them. A sword sheathed was fit across his back right underneath the quiver of arrows. Dark blue clothing fixed with light armor allowed him the agility needed to be a perfect marksmen. Anastasia's focus would return back to her uncle and the dragon. It was now or never she thought as she took a final breath and climbed up the enormous hand of Cody. Only when she was at the top of Cody would she realize that this was one of the largest dragons she had ever had the honor of riding. A soft comfort fell over her at the beasts massive size, making him a fitting choice to fight with. "We should join the Dragon Knights in the East to get the latest update on the battle before making our move." She stated to Morce' who would be joining her and commanding Cody.
  11. How I got started... @Acies ab Vesania Decided it was a great idea for a discord d&d group and now we've been playing for months. It's been a pretty epic adventure so far and the others are consistently reliable in attendance which makes things even better. During that time, I've got the Lost Mines of Phandelver starter set and have been playing bits of that content off and on with some friends on occasion.
  12. Ayden watched as Alukai paused and tested the barrier to the building. His draconic senses were so honed and focused that he hardly even realized what Alukai was able to sense. Only when Alukai confirmed that Malaysia was inside, Ayden nodded in agreement. They could both sense her, in their own way. Yet this barrier was not something he was accustomed to, these types of magic and power never settled well with him. The Dragon King would mirror his brother's movements to test the barrier and felt the enchantment at play. Immediately he recoiled from the feeling of the magic and hissed with a low draconic growl. The recoil was more violent than he expected as he looked at Alukai who seemed hardly phased by it. Ayden's heart raced as contimplation filled him. "If we can't destroy it, I can't enter here safely..." The ting of power lingered upon his hand as he shook it free, burning it with a fiery blue aura that surrounded him. Another second would pass and hard draconic scale armor would slide over his skin and cloths, covering him from head to toe in his signature armor. Draconic wings flowed tightly from his shoulders. The armor was a second skin to him, covering him in a manner that still allowed his lips and eyes to move freely and with ease. "My armor can protect me for some time if we go inside. I'm not sure how long it will hold off the enchantment though."
  13. Anastasia listened as her Uncle spoke. It appeared that many in the room would agree with his assessment, that keeping her in the Throne Room would be the safest and most responsible decision. Yet as he continued, those who at first agreed would fall silent when Morce' gave her the option to proceed anyway. Only when she was to make the promise, would the entire room freeze with all eyes on her. "I promise." She stated flatly as her eyes turned back to the old wizard. "Go and activate the Mage's Circle." Bianche lowered his head in respect and fled the room to fulfill the command. Her starlit eyes glanced back onto the Yellow Leaf who still stood before her. "If my parents or brother return, inform them of all of this." The man in his mustard yellow robe didn't protest as he accepted the order. Anastasia looked out to the others in the room who had been witness to all of this. "Move the forces into place as discussed. Make sure our forces know what the plan is. We will need them to buy us time to distract the swarm and get us in. Send reinforcements as needed. Our Commanders are free to engage as needed." The room stared back at the young woman before them. Perhaps for the first time they were now looking at her as more than a young woman or Princess, but a possible leader that they could truly respect. Her wisdom and ability to make sound decisions were noted as the Princess spoke one last time. "Dismissed." As she dismissed the group, they would all make their exit from the Throne Room to carry her orders out as instructed. There was no back up plan. Destroy the sanctuary, destroy the heart, and drop the monster in the water before it reached the city. Otherwise, they would have to burn the creature to a crisp and risk the lives of many dragons. As the room cleared out, several shadowed figures remained. Blacks and dark blues dawned their uniforms as the only ones remaining behind were the NightReavers. Anastasia noted about a dozen of them who took a knee as the last of the Council left the Throne Room. These individuals were the royal families personal guards. Their orders came from a higher authority than Anastasia - she knew they remained because her parents commanded them so. "MorceLa'Kai is strong Princess. It is our sacred duty to protect you and your family." Ana glanced back to her Uncle. She recalled Cody, the dragon her mother had sometimes mentioned. Anastasia had never seen the dragon, but she heard the stories of the mighty dragon and knew it had to of been the same one. But, she wondered if Cody was big enough to carry all of them? "Very well, but we will need to figure out how to get to the Sky Terror first." The NightReavers would stand together as the Princess approved.
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