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  1. Ayden

    The Prince and the Spire [Quest]

    Maribelle had listened and couldn't help but feel slightly embarassed. She had no idea, no idea that he blamed himself so. Despite the risks that Aremis and Anastasia took, Maribelle knew it wasn't all on him. The Prince took his sister's capture as if it was a death sentence that he himself imposed. It made her sad inside, though she knew, now was not the time to discuss it further. Her eyes fixated on Lord Raxiz and followed the Prince in respect and pose. Raxiz, his singular eye narrowed upon the Nedane and Valentine as respect was shown. A moment of hesitation and silence filled the air as the young boy explained his presence. Would Aremis or Maribelle be surprised that the old man before them already knew of this information? Though they were both young, they were not without purpose or reason. Raxiz would hold the prince and Maribelle there, kneeling before finally returning a response. "Forgive me Prince Nedane, for my old knees are not what they use to be. But a miracle indeed is what you'll need." A disarming smile would accompany a hand that insisted they both stand. "Tell me, does the dragon within control you? Or do you control it? What can you tell me of him?" Lord Raxiz asked curiously. That sharp eye watching them both intently as he circled the massive disk set center of the spire, host to the flame, blinked only once while his question lingered. Only when Maribelle stood from her kneeling position would Raxiz address her. "And you. Have your Valentine powers fully returned to you?' Nothing but an awaited response from the Prince would fill the air as the crackle of the flame between them crackled on whim. Maribelle had grown slightly cold, off put by the questions that Raxiz had questioned about. She wondered how he knew of her misfortune-something she did her best to keep hidden. Maribelle had heard storied about Lord Raxiz, but never imagined him so. For now, she would remain quite, letting the Prince settle his demands
  2. Ayden

    A Mother's love (Open)

    Anastasia had been so sure of herself, perhaps over confident - a gift she was sure to thank her father for, as she came crashing down. The weight of her body came to a halt as a massive hand wrapped around her throat, catching her by surprise as she dangled feet off the ground! Once again she lost all power she had mustered, doing everything in what power was left to not drop the sword to the cobblestone court yard. Even when Morce' lowered her to the ground, her eyes flickered with shooting stars in the night sky. She focused however, knowing that the words and lesson being shared wasn't without purpose. Only after a deep breath, she would bring the darkness within to a simmer as her Uncle shifted her focus. Her family had wings, he said. Her mother, father, and brother all had wings of some sort. Anastasia wondered what kind she had underneath this all. Would they be draconic? Angelic? Something in between? She wondered as her attention was brought back to a Golden Shield entering the court yard. A slight look of panic crossed the Golden Shield's face as his ragged breathing came with purpose. Kneeling before both royal family members, the Golden Shield would stand once more as an urgent voice spoke to them. "Princess Nedane. Scouts have reported a Sky Terror is approaching the Kingdom, it will be here within a few hours. Forces are assembling and waiting for your word." Ana's eyes shifted back to Morce' as his answer came about. She would need help with this, she thought. Only in books had she heard of such a creature, but she never thought it truly existed. Her mind raced as she tried to think about what her parents would do. What would they do? Within a mere second, her answer had come forth to the Golden Shield. "Assemble the Counsel within Throne Room. They have twenty minutes." She would have to think quick as she looked back to her Uncle. "I suppose you have your answer. If you wish to help, please be present at the Throne Room in twenty minutes."
  3. Ayden

    Dragon Knights Go! [Eldritch Quest]

    Sorry for the delayed response, I was having internet issues that last few days. Anyways, Looking forward to crushing more foes! On a side note, I had Luther chalk up the magic used by Liandri as "shadow magic". Valucre's MP rules, which we're really kind of pushing the limits on, doesn't typically allow teleporting or realm jumping. But, saying its more of a spell that hides us in the shadows, allowing us to slip by, is much more acceptable. You two are great writers by the way! I would like to make this canon, which is the only reason why I bring this up. 😄 Keep up the good work! Feel free to explore the dark depths of the Sky Terror! Wahahaha.
  4. Ayden

    Dragon Knights Go! [Eldritch Quest]

    Luther and the other Dragon Knights did work against these droves of mindless creatures. Their greatest strength was their sheer numbers against the skilled warriors of Vdara. Yet, Luther was calm and firm in his decision to push forward. He trusted that the plan that was formed earlier this day would come together, and that all of Vdara would be saved by their actions. Even if he failed with the other Dragon Knights and the two new recruits, he had faith that him comrades would complete this mission. Shadow magic formed around them as Liandri and Nethious gathered their powers, spreading their magic to slip in and out of the shadows. It was as if the creatures didn't even notice at first, as if the Dragon Knights slipped inside and out of a cloud. The shadows in the sky were many, and the magic hid them all too well as they slipped past the wall of eldritch monsters ahead of them. Upon the other side Luther and Kenthu were battle ready. They were so lose to the Sky Terror that it's form nearly consumed their entire field of vision. He wondered if the others had landed upon the Sky Terror yet, if they were already commencing their objectives and missions. Only when Reyna had gained his attention, did his own purpose come back into focus. When fire crashed into ice, Kenthu and Luther would be the first to break through the final opening. It would stay open long enough for Reyna and Liandri to make it, but the remaining Dragon Knights would stay behind to distract the remaining foes. As the Sky Terror came closer and closer into view, the other two would see exactly where they were heading, or what they were heading into. A large, dark cavernous opening, one of many, would be where they landed upon the Sky Terror. The opening tapered off into flat flesh like skin, that slid deep into the Sky Terror. The cavernous vent would be large enough for their three dragons to fit comfortably, though, would make flying difficult for all three at the same time. Brass talons dug into the flesh, ripping it with purpose. Once the other two landed, his lips would part and he would explain their purpose just a little more. "We go as deep inside as possible. Destroy anything that moves. If this thing has a heart, we will find it, kill it, and get our asses out as quickly as we can before it comes crashing down into the Eastern Lake." His eyes would dart back to the darkness. Luther didn't doubt there would be most monsters lurking inside, he only hoped that the three of them would be enough...
  5. Ayden

    I hate reading

    I just got done with the series last week, and I'm glad they didn't go the route a previously mentioned. Boy the last book had a great ending for the series though! I want more. Haha
  6. Ayden

    Dragon Knights Go! [Eldritch Quest]

    Ohh. Whacking shit will definitely help push the plot. Lol. Not usually use to someone else pushing the plot like this. Haha. I might just need to adjust accordingly. 🙂
  7. Ayden

    Custom title raffle 5

    Hit me
  8. Ayden

    Dragon Knights Go! [Eldritch Quest]

    You're free to write your own character and dragons abilities. You can leave the NPC's (the other dragon knights and sky terror) to me. Otherwise, your free to battle whatever eldritch monsters in your way of approaching the sky terror with Luther. The Sky Terror itself is just continuing it's slow approach while releasing the frenzy if eldritch monsters from its being. Hope that helps. I didn't read your post yet, but I'm sure it's fine. I don't mind if you write for some of the npc's if that's what you want. You had already done so, and it was fine.
  9. Ayden

    The Angel and The Dragon

    The more the Demon Kri struggled, the more damage was done. Draconic claws pressed into demonic flesh as an icky blood oozed down the Demon Kri's chest and limbs. Only when they were high enough would Ayden release a powerful breath of blue fire, burning the demon's flesh. The neck, shoulder, chest, and arm would be completely destroyed as he let go of the Demon Kri. The monster fell back to the earth with a forceful thud and a terrifying scream. Yet the fire lingered upon the Demon Kri. The blue fire had ignited the monster and the blue flames licked at the rest of the creature's body. More importantly, it worked with purpose as it lashed to the demon's lips and throat. The swelling of the demon's throat from the burn would be enough for the demon's throat to swell shut... effectively suffocating him. Ayden would enter a free fall himself as he pulled the Sword of Darklore once more. The blade sung as the air danced around the angelic metal. In a single cleave, the sword would cut clean through the Demon Kri's head while it was too busy trying not to suffocate. The head would sever from the body, hitting the ground with a second thunk before the fire vanished. Panting heavily, his eyes looked to Alukai who had just finished his own opponent. The yellow orb that had remained was now gone, it must of vanished within the last few seconds. "Let's get Malaysia." He said coldly as he stepped away from the Demon Kri's dead body. - - - The foolish man had come back a few moments later to present the weapon as a gift. It would be most fitting in his twisted eyes as he listened to her speak. The weapon had a narrow wooden shaft that became thicker and thicker until a metal scythe gleemed upon the end. Something about the way the metal flickered in the deadly light made the scythe a perfect weapon for the Angel of Death. The smooth arch of the metal would bring death...
  10. Ayden

    The Prince and the Spire [Quest]

    Maribelle listened to the young Prince as he spoke while they approached. She only frowned once, hiding it, as Aremis took blame for his sister's situation. She coughed slightly to clear her throat, wondering if his failure to protect his sister was the reason for all of this. Was his exile due to the fact that he couldn't protect the Princess? Maribelle wondered for only a moment before the words blurted from her mouth. "You can't take all the blame. Where were the guards? Where were your parents?" She accused unknowingly. There were many who failed the Princess, and it wasn't the Prince's burden to carry alone. Her questions would fall quite, as if running out of time, before they approached this hooded man and Aremis offered introductions. Yet, the man before them simply turned to enter the Dragon Spire through a large dark entrance. As Aremis and Maribelle entered the dark entrance, they would find themselves no longer at the base of the Dragon Spire, but at the top with the same cloaked figure. The man approached the ever lit fire to warm his hands, a rather human gesture to keep the two children in his presence at ease. They would be able to take in the glorious sight that the Dragon Spire had to offer, granting them vision to the far reaches of Vdara and it's main city with outer villages. From the top, they could even see the small village they had come from that morning. "A Nedane and Valentine." The voice called to the fire as if in contemplation. "Hmm. A most powerful union... however, unlikely." He spoke bluntly to himself as if a world of possibilities presented themselves within the secrets of the fire centered around them. "I am Lord Raxiz of the Dragon Spire." He states, turning to the Prince and Valentine, offering a slight bow of respect for such a title. He would discard his cloak on the ground beside him as the ancient figure would be revealed, a single eye shining in the light as the other remained hidden behind a black banded cloth. "I have been waiting for you both."
  11. Ayden

    A Mother's love (Open)

    Anastasia had been tossed like a rag doll. She had done everything in her might not to drop the sword as she regathered her feet to come into a complete stance. For how gentle he was with her, it was a harsh reminder that she was still fragile. Her body wasn't battle hardened, and despite these new powers - she would have to dig deeper to put them to use, that would actually be worth a damn. She listened as Morce' shared his story and advice, and deep down Anastasia knew he was right. Black eyes became sharp as she focused. Anastasia would toss the sword high into the air, allowing the tip to flip over the hilt, over and over as it reached for the sky in approach to the Dark Prince. It was then she pushed off with a powerful thrust. In that moment she noted the world slow down around her, the sword hardly at its full height as her body shifted through the world with ease. No - she realized. The world didn't slow down, she was faster. Each step was cold and calculated as she zigged and zagged, watching her uncle's eyes and body. Only when Anastasia pulled back a fist, as if to strike him when she closed into melee distance, would she vanish with her fist mere inches away from him. Her body would be consumed in darkness as the umbra transported her into the sky where her sword was. If Morce' were to even look up, he would find Ana consumed by the shining light of the sun. Only a tendril of darkness would give her away as she would try to come crashing down onto Morce', blade first.
  12. Ayden

    Dragon Knights Go! [Eldritch Quest]

    They needed not to worry about the logistics of this battle. The Princess and her Council had developed this plan, keeping it simple and to the point. As the Sky Terror and its frenzy of eldritch beasts were struck from the sky, they would come crashing down into the eastern lake. This was all going as planned so far, and his eyes watched carefully as the battle unfolded. "Climb!" He yelled again to the two that were with him. Kenthu, his prideful dragon, would not hesitate at the command or onslaught of foes that threatened them. In a single action, Luther and the other Dragon Knights would swarm in a fashion of their own. Wings tucked, breaths flashed, and magics were unleashed in an impressive strategic might that came with years of training. Luther himself pulled the heavy sword from his back as Kenthu unleashed a fiery breath. The rider would leap off of Kenthu in a wild freefall that lasted only a mere second or two. Sword would come crashing down into the fleshy skin of an eldritch monster as it screamed in pain, sword severing the beasts spinal column. The fearless warrior that Luther was would dislodge his sword as the creature would start a death fall. Leaping off the eldirtch beast, Kenthu would catch his rider as they climbed upwards and closer to the Sky Terror. Reyna and Liandri would be greeted with an approving smile. The Dragon Knights would swarm again and free the path for Reyna, Liandri, and Luther, to approach the Sky Terror. Any eldritch beast, the majority of them, who flew past, would be met with the remaining warriors standing by below the clouds. The Dragon Warriors would show their strength and might, and the Sky Terror with it's beasts would realize that the sky did not belong to them. There was contingency plans in place for a worse case scenario... one that Luther hoped he and the others could prevent...
  13. Ayden

    Dice Rolling Thread

    Test for things to come
  14. Ayden

    The Angel and The Dragon

    As the Demon Kri had come crashing in once more, Ayden hardly had the chance to move out of the way. The Demon's shoulder had spun Ayden, but it wasn't enough to drop him. The Dragon King looked with murderous intent as Alukai's words reached him. It pained him to do so, but after a brief moment, it looked like his chaotic brother had the upper hand. Whatever spawn that he fought against was a mere fraction of Alukai's true power. "Fine. Where does your Lord Ragnos wait?" The Dragon King growled with white teeth clenched down, his eyes fixed on the Demon Kri. "To the East, with your love." The Demon Kri purred, pointing to the eastern edge of the demon's territory. Ayden brought in a deep breath. Something was wrong about all of this, and it was now that he realized it. The Demon Kri was lying. Malaysia's scent had come from the southern direction that the Demon Kri had made his entrance from. He was so focused on this battle that he didn't notice that the Demon Kri carried her scent... meaning that he had to of been close to her moments before his introduction! Ayden doubted the Demon Kri would imagine that he could pick up a scent from miles away. Keeping this information to himself, Ayden would nod and place the Sword of Darklore within its sheathe. Only when Ayden would be mere feet from the Demon Kri, the demon would turn to lead the way. It would be in that moment of decision on the demon's behalf, that Ayden would leap. Draconic claws latched onto the demon's right arm and left shoulder while the massive maw of razor sharp teeth dug into the Demon Kri's soft fleshy neck. Large draconic wings would explode from Ayden, and after a few powerful beats would the two of them become airborne, rising higher and higher. Ayden's grasp onto the Demon Kri was so tight, that it couldn't shake free! - - - His eyes flickered, wondering if Lord Ragnos would rather have this Angel of Death over the Mad Dragoon. He personally didn't know the reason behind his lord's infatuation with Ayden, but knew that it stretched on far before this woman ever entered the picture. Yet, it was just as apparent that Malaysia didn't know either - or knew less for that matter. His eyes flickered to his dead companions before landing back on her. "Lord Ragnos is worse than Xildax. Lord Ragnos will only accept one of you at his side for all eternity. You would have to kill the Mad Dragoon to prove your worth." A wicked smile plotted itself on his face as Malaysia sat upon the Demon Kri's throne of skulls and bones. "If it is a weapon you're after, I know just the one." His head bowed low before stepping into an adjacent room, retrieving a most suitable weapon for an Angel of Death.
  15. Ayden

    Dragon Knights Go! [Eldritch Quest]

    Hopefully all is well @Spyfox31 I'll probably put a post up tomorrow ish to keep this going.