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  1. I hate reading

    I am not big in the space frontier sci-fi stuff, reading wise. The other books seem... old, and find the style of reading to be different? The dragonlance novels seem interesting, but I couldn't find a preview for any of them, just a synopsis which I sure doesn't do it justice. Magic realism? You ever watch or read The Magicians? I love the show. Not sure if this is the style you are referencing, but I could easily get into something like that!
  2. I hate reading

    Pretty interesting concept, just got done reading a preview on it. I normally don't read 1st person. They describe every other character but themselves... But I like this Healer Barron Soulbound concept, perhaps enough to give it a try. Thanks for the recommendation.
  3. I hate reading

    So I need some book suggestions. It has to be an easy read and not a million pages long. Maybe a trilogy at the most. Genre would be fantasy, magic, swordplay. Female heroine would be a bonus! Thoughts?
  4. The first boon had been sent, as such had been established. As Titus had dodged to set a blinding trap, the second boon was already sent - sweeping the area to swallow Titus - connecting the first boon with the second (as indicated in previous post.) So, as a blinding light would have swept forth, there would be a large boon of fire and Titus standing between Goliath and said light. Sure, the light was still bright, illuminating the dark depths of the fire, but it would prevent him from being blinded at this moment. Goliath would have a beautiful picture painted in front of him, one that he would never forget. (1) Furthermore... The running Joanna would find herself in quite an unfortunate situation. Running at full speed, lighting herself up roughly 25ft away as confirmed via pm, she would find herself facing the butt end of the large fire boons. Lighting herself up, the first fire boon would have swept roughly 12ft out (two pews length as indicated in the first post.) She would find herself being trapped on her left side, only to be found in the path of the second fire boon (same distance), since she is 'shooting the gap,' at nearly the same time. While her left and center closed in, threatening to swallow her, the clone would be hard on her heels to her right - within arms reach. Any hesitation, misdirection or calculation on her behalf, would be devastating. She would be consumed and (2) ignited with fire that was intended for Titus, and/or find the Clone keeping true to its purpose. More importantly, if those things were not a danger to Joanna... it would be Titus who's ignite reached further than Goliath's own (roughly 9 feet away from Joanna.) If she were able to dodge or avoid this near death experience, Shiver's would have to fight Goliath in taking her hand in marriage! As for Titus, who found himself on fire - though momentarily as he cleared himself with an ignite of his own - leaving Goliath rather numb considering the lightning bolt he just took, Titus would find it to be his down fall. As the lightning found purchase, though stronger than the last, Goliath would hold true as outlined in my previous post. (3) As such, when Titus would dodged left to cross into Goliath's path... he would find the pews shredded with the same promised (3) powerful kick from previously posted. So, as he dived, he would find himself diving into the spikey wooden pew trapping him (3), and now impaling him. With the combined thrust and shove from Shivers, already accepted... the poor man would indeed become the promised shish-kabob. If traps were the game to play, Titus had fallen for it. All of these actions were carefully planned out in previous posts. As the ripple of fire faded, from Goliath and Titus, it would give light to the surrounding area from Joanna's Arc. Goliath would hunch over, using the cover of the pews as best he could, as he would dash left to place himself between Joanna, the Clone, and Shivers. If she wished to pursue him, or even hesitate as outline above... doom... doom... DOOM!!! - but there was no way he was going to get hit by those damn flying daggers of her's. Goliath would use Rewind (4) on his Prism ability as he made a hasty retreat with the feeling of energy (5) damaging him from the insides. They would have to end this soon, for he wasn't sure how much more of this he could take...
  5. A Mother's love (Open)

    Anastasia perked up at the thought of her Uncle's father being in Vdara. How odd? What were the chances? She had never heard her Uncle or parents speak about that man. Despite all the stories shared of Kalicity, honored at the Kullo Astar, Anastasia had never even thought to ask about Alukai's father. From what she heard, Anastasia would never understand how or why Kalicity ever relied on such a man to begin with? She supposed, with her young and ignorant mind, that such an occurrence was only natural when bringing another being into the world. "That's fair, but if you are no longer my grandmother or this person you say you're not... than who are you?" She responded sharply. Though she lacked the finesse that her mother carried while on the throne, Anastasia was able to note the discomfort of this woman's situation. Her question was one that could go unanswered, realizing that it most likely packed more than one could hope to unwrap. It was a question she realized she was asking herself as of late. Human, vampire, draconic, angelic... what a mess... what was Anastasia supposed to be? She had felt 'normal' like a human most her life until recently. Small dabble and play in dark power pulled her vampiric abilities to the surface. Yet, this brush with death left her feeling as light as angel's feather. Somehow, through all of this, she couldn't pin point the dragon within her. She wasn't like her brother and father who could reveal their dragon's, changing and taking shape to their true selves. True selves... A moment of silence fell upon the room before Ana's tired eyes glanced upon Kalicity once more. "My apologies. I am tired and should probably rest." Her voice trails off as she stands from the throne. A few assistants come in from the sides of the room, accompanied by Nightreavers. Unless Kalicity needed anything else, the young Princess would retreat for now to rest and recover from her own ordeal.
  6. The Angel and The Dragon

    As Alukai ushered forth a chaotic power to destroy the orbs, Ayden would make haste and move with his sword ready. The Demon Kri focused his power into the orbs as they shielded each other, and essentially himself, from the raw power being thrown onto them. One of the ghostly spheres, taking the brunt of the damage, would shift from its healthy blue self to a pinkish-red color. The other seemed unphased as it had assisted its duplicate in surviving. Yet as the dust would come to settle from the earth splitting into two, the Dragon King would nearly vanish from a mere human's eye and reappear swinging with the might of his sword down upon unprotected the Demon Kri. The healthy spirited orb would mimic the Dragon King's ability. Within a blink of an eye, the blue spirit would buffer the blow and take the hit for the Demon Kri. Another thunderous boom would echo the landscape, the earth would continue to cry from Alukai. The spirit would shift from its blue to a tainted yellow. All the meanwhile, the Demon Kri wouldn't hesitate. "This is my home. My domain!" He yells as demonic power forms between the points of his horns. Like a third eye forming above the demon's head, it would intensify in blacks and reds before finally bursting like an intense beam of pure focused power. It would rip onto the earth that Alukai had already scarred, deepening the pit, as it threatened to consume the Chaotic Prince. Even if the Chaotic Prince was capable of breaking things down, he would realize that such a feat might not be as easy as it seemed.
  7. The Angel and The Dragon

    As Alukai gave a much welcomed response, the Demon Kri laughed. In this place, in this home, it wasn't like anything they would ever encounter again. People and godly powers ran rampant, and the only thing keeping the Underworld from falling apart from such monstrous power was the realm itself. It was able to handle such chaotic powers... and so were most of its inhabitants. "...Wouldn’t you want to offer us a cold refreshment or some tea, before you start issuing orders and making demands?” A familiar wicked smirk would cross the pale skin of the demon's face. "If you are thirsty, I will let you drink from your own blood." The threat was obvious, and intent was clear. Yet despite all of this, it was Ayden himself who would take action first. The Sword of Darklore would find its tip dragged into the ground, forcing it in an arc and swing towards the Demon Kri. With such power and velocity behind it, flying chunks of earth-like shrapnel would fly towards their opponent. Though, Ayden wasn't done... The Dragon King had opened his maw, extending his jaw as a spark and burst of blue fire exploded like a canon at the Demon Kri. The shrapnel would splinter into hundreds of fragments as the explosive power rocked the Demon Kri's domain. The blast would be nearly five yards wide and travel over thirty yards in distance! The earth around the blast would bend and shift as debris, dirt, and smoke filled the air. Ayden loosened his jaw as the Sword of Darklore came to the ready position. He doubted that such a sudden and rude surprise would be enough to take down this monster. He only hoped that Alukai would be ready since Ayden had made the decision for them. "All who stand before us will fall." The Dragon King ordered to Alukai. As the cloud settled, the Demon Kri could be seen still standing. The two orbs flew around him frantically in a hastened pattern. Whatever they were, seemed to protect him as he stood their unphased and unamused.
  8. His feet were planted and Goliath was ready to rock and roll. He knew by now that his oppenents would not be taken down so easily. As the first boon of fire attempted to swollow Titus, he wouldn't just stand there and watch the man leap to safety. No sooner would Titus find his feet, that Goliath had struck the air a second time with his left fist in the direction of Titus. Only after the second strike was unleashed would his hips finish their full extension. While Titus would extend his arm to ignite his sword, he would find the flesh upon the limb and his shoulder to be scorched and maimed, combining the fire boon with a secondary blast that would ignite(1) Titus. Titus wasn't the only king of combos in this church. Of course, this didn't garuntee that Titus would stop his attack. IF Titus continued his attack, a few different outcomes would be possible. As Titus tipped his sword into the boon of fire, he would realize - albeit too late, that his weapon would be ignited(2). The fire upon the sword would spread like wild fire, and if Titus didn't let it go, he would find himself being consumed by the same fire. Though, if he continued his attack and used the chain lightning without defending against the secondary blast at such close range, the latter wouldn't matter nearly as much, as Titus would find himself ignited anyway. Though, the chain lightning that would close three feet within a mere second would find its target. Goliath had shifted his hips for the secondary strike, blading his torso in the process in order to increase his reach, which would cause the chain lightning to find its opponent and strike him in the left arm stretched out. The lightning would travel through his body within a mere second as a flash of heat ripped through him. The alpha male (3) had already felt this pain, though it was more intense. It would stun him only for that moment it coursed through his figure. Goliath would let out a massive yell as the pain intensified. Another series of scorch markes would find purchase upon him, burning him severely in the process. Yet if at any point Titus would step past him, between the burning pews, Goliath would unleash a powerful kick into the already damaged pew. The result of which would split the pew and push it outwards to Titus. Sharp ends of crude wood would threaten to snare and stick him, blocking (4) the man from any further advancement or retreat.
  9. The lightning attack had caught him, sending a rush of electric through his body as he hit the ground releasing the ice prism on Titus. The lightning burned, scorching his back with a painful focus. Yet Goliath was a rare specimen, and the pain would be pushed from the edge of his mind as he knew to keep moving. He had to keep moving in order to stay alive. Staying still would mean death, especially since the two had decided to spend so much attention on him already. As previously noted, Goliath wouldn't wait for the outcome of the prism crashing down on Titus before pushing into action. As the explosion occurs, being met with the earth wall and kamikaze double with Titus trapped underneath it all, Goliath would already be back peddling further into the row of the pews to take cover. He would take advantage (1) of the explosion, hopefully distracting the others as he would leave his sword against the pew with the tip sticking up, leaving it in plane sight for Joanna to take aim on and Titus to see. It would look as if he were getting ready to pounce back into the isle where Titus had been hit. Yet he knew Joanna was somewhere behind him or off to his side since she had disappeared only moments before. Leaving his sword to draw their attention to his location, careful to stay out of sight he rolled under the pews - gaining further distance. If the shield that Titus had thrown like Captain America missed Shivers, it would come clanging into the pews. IF the curve and trajectory of the shield found itself under the pews where he had taken cover by some mirical, and not stopped by Shivers, the shield would come clashing off his leg armor leaving him unscathed. Otherwise, it would come clashing down in the area where his sword was. Either way, this would alert Goliath that Titus was still in action and that their plan didn't do as much damage as they hoped. As Titus would rush into the pews within melee range of Goliath's sword, Goliath would finally emerge for the first time. Titus would be one pew off, and obstructing Joanna's line of sight. If she were to throw the daggers upon Goliath revealing himself, she would throw them into her partner (4). Yet Goliath's fist were ready, and his Blaze Armor would be put to its test as he thrusted his right gauntlet forward in a strike against the lip of the pew seperating him and Titus (2), as he came to a full stand. Goliath would use the upward momentum to put all his weight into the strike. If Joanna had balls big enough to throw the daggers, Goliath would instead strike the daggers with his armored fists instead of the pew. Thanks to Titus, he would already be facing in the correct direction - all it would take is for him to shift his fists. As contact happened, with pew or daggers, a few wood splinters would explode from the pew with a fiery boon (3) errupting in a bigger dragon ball z style than Titus could ever imagine! At such close range and suprise, he hoped to scorch and burn Titus severly enough to stop him in his tracks. At a minimum, the boon of fire would set the next two pews on fire in the immediate area. Though there was no garuntee that Titus would stop his charge, Goliath would steel his body and prepare to (5) charge Titus in response. If Titus wanted to go hands on, Goliath would happily grant him his wish.
  10. Man, these two did not like him! But boy was he awesome(1). Goliath was the show, the main event! The two knives would do little to slow his role. Using his weapon to swipe the knives, in sheathe prior to the explosion, would be enough to deflect the knives while letting him follow through with his previous plan - still stopping bolt 3/4 with his sheathe and all. Even though he appeared to be lacking in armor covering his body, the little he had would be more than sufficient to ward off the wooden projectile splinters that closed within melee range to his back side. An intense heat of fire would errupt from his back side, consuming the splinters with ease as the Blaze Armor(2) went to work. The flames would disappear as quickly as they had come. As his sheathe stopped the previous bolt, it stopped his advance. The last electric bolt 4/4 would come rushing him, causing the large man would lunge backwards to the left at an 8 o'clock position (the bolt coming from his back right 4 o'clock position), narrowly missing the lightning as it came crashing down onto the carpet in front of him. Yet this position was taken on purpose as Goliath was on his back in great view of Titus. His eyes would land upon Titus who was also on the ground at the same time, when Goliath would release his magic in a most... unpredictable manner. From 20 feet up, a 200lb prism of ice (3) would come crashing down. The ice prism itself would be roughly 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide, enough to hold a body inside. (The height of which would fall parallel with Titus). Though this was a defensive spell, protecting anyone on the inside of it or on the opposite side of an attack... ice was still ice. Poor Titus would never see the ice come crashing down while dealing with the after image of Shiverson top of him. Even if he were to roll to either side, take refuge under a pew, the ice prism was designed to crush both the after image and the opponent. Unforunately for Titus, the electric bolt chasing the after image of Shivers would explode with no where for the energy to disperse (except down and out to the sides where Titus could possibly escape.) No sooner had he released the ice prism, would he turn his attention back to the woman. Goliath wouldn't even wait for the outcome of his defensive attack to push on. If they wanted to play, they would play! Would she help her friend? He wouldn't take the time to wonder as he planned (4) her demise.
  11. And they thought he cared? The man they had sprayed and choked was no normal man. He was barbaric compared to most, roaring, spitting, and caughing in the face of those who got too close as a result of their actions. It would appear as if the man accepted all of this with open arms. As they handed him the waiver, he laughed even harder. They thought he could write?! A contract was a contract, and he would show his worth by chomping down onto his palm. Both canines would sink into the palm like a hungry animal, allowing a bloody palm print to substitute for a signature that would otherwise read, "Goliath." Before stepping out into the battlefield, he would pick up his gauntlets and place them upon each hand. Armor would scale his arms up to his shoulders, strapped together with nothing more than leather. From his feet to his knees, more dark armor covered his limbs, leaving nothing exposed other than his chest, belly, and head. Around his hips rested more dark leather straps that dangled, protecting anyones eyes from the monster that lingered underneath. The man they pushed out into this arena would be considered an Alpha male, clearly not ashamed to show off his physical and athletic body (1). Short brown hair followed by a proper thick manly beard covered his face. Hazel eyes took in all that was before him. Stepping forward, he would be reminded that his wide-short sword rested upon his back side in a nice metal sheathe that looked fit for a soldier. It would be tied neatly around his hips as he advanced forward while the woman started to cleave at the pew and walk away. He would be well in front of Shivers, roughly 10 feet away from his original position, before stepping into a full sprint as the wooden frisbee was thrown. Right hand at his back on the hilt of his sword, Goliath would power slide (2) underneath the wooden frisbee and the first lightning bolt that quickly followed behind it. Yet Goliath's attention was focused and ready, watching for additional attacks - nearly ignoring the explosion that happened behind him. As the second bolt had approached him from his right side, Goliath would rip the sword from his hips and swing it in the air with a monsterous force - not aimed to cleave or cut. The sheathe would come flying off (3) with purpose as it flew through the air - aimed to intercept the bolt that flew wide to strike him. The steel sheathe itself, weighted, would have no problem soaring the sky in an attempt to destroy the bolt or knock it off course - rendering it useless. A wicked smirk crossed his face as he came off his knees, advancing once more - closing the distance in an attempt to get within melee range. "This is not a house of god! This is a house of pain!" He laughed, taunted, cheered! Goliath would be nearly 20 feet from the center of the battlefield church. If Titus were to continue forward another 20 feet - assuming he has made it to the center, the 7ft man would soon come clashing head first with the 6' 8", 235lb barbarian... and Shivers would be the least of his problems. Goliath was ready to defend himself (4).
  12. A Mother's love (Open)

    Anastasia was pleased to see Kalicity return back to the Throne Room - albeit not against her will. Yet there was a purpose to all of this, and Anastasia was with reason. As her grandmother approached, the child offered a kind smile in response. "My Uncle has demanded you stay, but I assure you that you are no prisoner here. It seems... that most are convinced that you are family after all." Her voice danced with some excitement, though she would do her best to hide it. The Princess moved from the throne to stand before Kalicity. Despite the age difference, there was definitely a familial feel that the Princess had noticed. "If there is anything we can do to make your stay more pleasent, please do not hesitate to ask." It would be the least she could offer. The aids had told her about Kalicity's arrival, even that she had attempted to help in this rescue. Despite any confusion of their bonds, Anastasia respected this woman. "Have you been to the Kullo Astar?" She asked curiously. "... If you need further convincing that you are part of this family, or wish to understand why there may be some confusion, this place can offer you answers." The young Princess had shifted onto the carpet as she looked towards the doors. She was more than willing to escort Kalicity to the shrine, but at the same time she didn't wish to overwhelm this woman. Due to most recent events, family had become a priority - and this woman would be treated no different.
  13. The Prince and the Spire [Quest]

    The events of the night prior had been settled. The two NightReavers had engaged in a fierce combat that left one of them extremely injured. Yet they were victorious, and the assailant had been defeated, killed, and identified as a member of the Underworld. They would take caution entering the village, seeking medical attention. Each person that recognized them as NightReavers would be quickly hushed. They would see to it that the Prince would never know of what had happened, or that he was still being followed. Only when the injured one had been taken care of, stable and conscious, the other would send word back to Vdara - notifying the family of what happened. Meanwhile, while that was being taken care of, he would continue with his orders and be ready for the Prince when he leaves the village. - - - Maribelle was ready. All her belongings had been gathered and squared away. She had checked and double checked all the contents of items that had been stored away within her hat. Her staff had bloomed another small flower from its wooden base. With the passing storm revealing a sunny day, she would smile. Today would be a good day she decided. Heading downstairs, she would head to the door where they had entered. She knew that her and Aremis would meet here as decided, then take their leave. Maribelle had thought to check on the injured from the night prior, but she was confident that her medical expertise and healing magic would be doing wonders for them right now. For now, she would wait for the Prince. Once he was ready, they would go.
  14. On a side note. If a character dies or becomes unable to fight, but the team wins, do they start out full health or alive for the next round?
  15. The Angel and The Dragon

    The Demon Kri smirked as the Chaotic Prince makes mention of Malaysia. His demonic eyes would narrow and take sight to the energy swirling around each of them, untamed and wild. Yet the monster didn't seem worried. To him, they both appeared like children finding their feet for the first time. Unlike the two of them, he has had this power flooding within him since the day he was created by the Mother. Little did they know about this world, but they would soon understand. "Malaysia, she is safe for now." The two soft blue spirits circled around the demon, keeping perfect distance from the other as it continued its revolutions. The Demon Kri lifted his large left arm and pointed a jagged finger in the westward direction. "Outside of my domain are the other territories of the Underworld. Each one unique and different in its own right, each one ruled by another. Lord Ragnos shares a similar bond to the Dragon King, and your presence has been requested." The Demon Kri shifted once more as his eyes landed back to Alukai. His words had been geared towards Ayden. Finally, he would acknowledge the Chaotic Prince, his dark eyes greeting Alukai's own. "You are not invited. Any further attempt will be met with your death..." His voice was low and dark, carrying a monotone signature unique to his own being. His words were calm and calculated, daring, and terrifying all the same. Regardless, it would appear the large demon was not bluffing.