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  1. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Veelos Event - Fete Ghede [Interest/Sign Up/Info Thread]

    the only thread that would need to remain open is pale libations. as garion (whatever, same person) said, it's largely just ending the event for my character and my post won't really change anything for the good guys. i'm trying for this weekend, but again, y'all don't  need to wait.
  3. Veelos Event - Fete Ghede [Interest/Sign Up/Info Thread]

    i have another post i'll be making. steven will not.
  4. Veelos Event - Fete Ghede [Interest/Sign Up/Info Thread]

      uhm, well, the event that would have led jin to the graveyard... hasn't happened yet because that was supposed to be my post, but whatever   the desecrator is an artifact. as above, details will be... in my post. or could be easily found by reading pale libations. 
  5. Pictures of Us

    did somebody that you know (in lieu of a professional) do those tattoos
  6. Veelos Event - Fete Ghede [Interest/Sign Up/Info Thread]

    update, i won't be posting this weekend.    i'm going to warped tour. 
  7. Veelos Event - Fete Ghede [Interest/Sign Up/Info Thread]

    i got drunk, so, "end of the night" is uhh nowish   we are actually in good shape to transition smoothly and quickly into ending the event   i work a pretty rough schedule these days so the soonest i'll be able to post is probably going to be over the weekend, but i can (and probably will) toss up a post on saturday or sunday that will wrap up my character's (and really the king's in general because i don't think steven will be exiting the limper) role in the thread.    in order to do that he will be completing the first stage of the ritual. now initially we were going to have fishing hole/warehouse battle stuff then transition into uncovering the REAL source of the madness but in the interests of time we'll just do something like when d'eon completes the ritual either quinn or jin or whoever will sense or scry or whatever his location and the good guys can converge on the first desecrator in the graveyard because that's the real lynchpin of the madness. the banda is inert and only [i]activated[/i] by the desecrators, so, destroy the original desecrator, the whole night ends.   i'll be slipping away in that post too, so, rather than impose arbitrary casualties and damage on the city i'll leave that aspect largely to you and roen, gabi, so you can easily fit the transition into the new thread you'll be making with the black queen.
  8. Veelos Event - Fete Ghede [Interest/Sign Up/Info Thread]

    give me until the end of the day and i'll have something for y'all to chew on.

    fuck steam. 
  10. So hi...

    i'm just fuckin   cracking up 
  11. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

      they're starting to. i moved recently and huskies were high on the restricted list for almost every apartment complex i checked out. 
  12. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

      made me mad 
  13. Veelos Event - Fete Ghede [Interest/Sign Up/Info Thread]

      i generally need you and thaiis to stay in the warehouse as you're the only bad pcs who will be defending it