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  1. lmao that's exactly how things go around here
  2. ic thread alright y'all, here we go. sorry for the delay there, the holidays genuinely caught me by surprise lmao feel free to make y'alls intros whenever you're ready, and obv i suggest exploring the inn first 🤣
  3. "On this road there are no godspoke men. They are gone and I am left and they have taken with them the world." - Cormac McCarthy, The Road The house stands rickety and bleak against an eternally twilight sky. It sits in a forest atop a hill and looking at it it seems as though the trees that ring the knoll lean away from it as if repulsed. The locals shun it because the lightning that flashes behind it is violet and strange. It is a small place but it is close to a leyline and it writhes with ghosts. A strange thing occurs. Fistfuls of a single bill are nailed to posts all across Terrenus. The material is a silky leather that defies definition lest one has ever scalped another man and then tanned the issue. The words are crude and the medium is cruder- blood, a primeval medium if there ever was one. A HOUSE IN A COPSE DROWNED WITH A CORPSE WHAT SECRETS IT HOLD BE FOUND BY A FORCE and hastily scrawled beneath -the prince of NOTHING On the backs of these bills, drawn piecemeal so that one must puzzle them together, is a crude map. It is vague but enough that those resourceful will find a path to a town at the edge of the forest. It sits just within so that the path into the village is crowded by trees, so that it looks like a bleak cave in an implacable wall of green. Within the canopy is cut or tied away and usually natural light falls in beams and the air is cool and bright and full of the song of birds and bustle of people and woodland industry. But now all is silent and a dark fog chokes the trees. No birds sing and no game stirs in the underbrush. As the adventurers pass into the village in their own way it stands empty, lifeless. It is not large, mostly crowded around a single main street upon which sits the inn. It is the only building in which lights still burn. The homes and huts and places of industry squat mute in the dark. Of the people of the town there is no sign. The fog seems to form a bulwark around the eerie place, but churns only low to the ground, because the hill that holds the terrible house is visible in the dark night. It is a violation, a dark smear across a sick purple sky. It stands, and it beckons. The silent village awaits below, wreathed in fog. Nothing moves. Only secrets remain.
  4. yeah nothing you ever did but i remember that name i think you joined when i was still the head of outreach back in the day
  5. okey doke fellas, we've got a third. four people is just about perfect so unless anybody else wants to get in byyyy this time tomorrow expect an opener shortly after that
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