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  1. Yo, bud! Y'all alright?

  2. sorry. Work has been extremely busy for me. I will try to catch up this weekend.
  3. I am confused, so I am just going to wing it like always.
  4. So...i have a fire under my character and for me to move I take damage moving through a fire spot?
  5. I literally had a minor fit at my desk. Lmao. Sighs
  6. Selena was not having the time of her life. The area in which she was speaking with her trusted Archwizard Nim’Ruin began to become obscured. Selena reached out only to see her hand pass through a cloud of fog. She felt Ehlan grip her arm to stay close to her and indeed it worked as Ehlan and Selena appeared somewhere different then where they were before. “Is this an Illusion?” Ehlan said softly as she looked around. Selena merely shook her head. “It is our next task.” Selena looked around to see that the party was clearly divided, so it made sense for her. Selena however was extremely tired, and she couldn’t quite recover from the last battle and the amount of magic that she released. Sitting down Selena began to focus her mind, but she sensed something in the background playing with her mind. It was almost like Yh’Mi had a hold on her mind and was fighting for control. Selena focused her mind again and she grew horrified as she saw her life force being drained from her. Not once, but twice. However, Selena’s meditation grew violent as her inner blood magic began to siphon off the worry from her mind. In her last attempt her mind broke through the shackles upon her sanity and a clarity descended upon her mind. Selena opened her eyes as blood dripped from her mouth. She was hurt, but at least her sanity had returned. “Matron are you ok?” Ehlan said as she helped her leader to her feet. “I am fine, that was harder than I expected it to be.” Selena said as she winced from the pain with in her body. “Now we need to cross that bridge. Ehlan shook her head. “I will wait until you start.”
  7. Nim’Ruin watched the events unfold and as he turned to look at Selena and Ehlan he noticed they were gone. The fog was frightful, but there was nothing extravagant to them. Nim’Ruin looked around and he could see shadows, but he could not sense murderous intent so close by. Nim’Ruin nodded softly as if he understood and merely sighed. He bent down and looked around and then merely sat down on the ground and closed his eyes listening to the area around him. He wasn’t sure how much time passed but when he opened his eyes he was sitting upon a cold ground. He could smell the dampness and his red eyes narrowed as he immediately noticed that he was separated from his Matron. He did notice that he was not along, which was a pleasant and comforting ray of knowledge. “Well that was fun.” Nim’Ruin said as he looked around the room. He did not touch anything or make any move to reinforce himself. He merely watched and waited, keeping his Drow eyes scanning the area for any hint of movement. “It seems Yh’Mi isn’t done playing with us yet. Be safe my Matron."
  8. So...do we roll a d12 to see how many actions we get?
  9. Well.....who is going to check Murray's squad to ensure half of them aren't twistlings????? Not it.
  10. “No sir. We scanned the area and we were not followed. The students of magic sealed the escape once we were throw the tunnels so that no one could follow effectively.” A soft voice was heard in the background as a young Tian woman who assisted Lady Cam’Mia on her scouting missions spoke up. It wasn’t long before the whole encampment was filled with First Lieutenant Barrett voice, who offered up a home for the refugees. The offer was grand in its design and Kyra could see the hope light up in the eyes of the refugees. It was like a starvation for purpose and for safety. Kyra knew that she could only protect the people for so much and so far. She could not save everyone so the offer seemed to take a large burden from her shoulders. When Barren dropped to one knee Kyra glided forward and gently touched his arm to aid him to his feet. “First Lieutenant Barrett. There is no need to humble yourself before us. The idea of salvation is far too strong for us to deny and we accept with ever fiber with in our soul. We are the ones who should be humbled before you. We will graciously and thankfully travel to Aspyn.” Kyra lifted her head and looked at the rest of her family, Cam’Mia, Eleria and Natalie who stood behind. They all nodded as well and walked off, beginning to help the refugees begin packing up. “As for the school, I have over five hundred students with me. Once in Aspyn I do ask to have an audience with its leader so as to see if Aspyn can accommodate our School and how we can incorporate ourselves with in their society. We do not want to step on any toes or to assume anything.” Kyra said softly as a student rushed up to Kyra’s side. “My lady Kyra. What will we do with the sick? Moving them that far will be very hard on our group.” Kyra nodded and looked at Barrett to explain. “We managed to subdue five civilians who were infected by some kind of drug. We bound them in a sleep magic while we dissect the drug that is influences their body. Typically I could already break down the effects and find the cure, however I haven’t had the time to be that effective. The magic is holding the drug at bay, but we are limited based upon where we are. I have suspicions that whatever this is, may be used again so it may be important to find a curse as soon as we can.” Kyra nodded at the student who moved away quickly. She wasn’t sure how Barrett would react, but Kyra was a woman of mercy as well of knowledge. She was a healer and servant to magic as well as her students. @amenities
  11. Selena did excuse herself from the remaining group in which she was speaking to. She walked side by side with Ehlan talking softly. “Tell me everything you know about Tia.” Selena said in a very quiet voice as to not wake anyone up. “I haven’t all the details. All I know is what I mentioned before and that there was some kind of infection causing people to lose their minds and become blood thirsty. I did not stay for the briefing as you requested aid. I left immediately.” Selena nodded and opened the slit of her large tent. Walking in, she noticed a shadow with in her tent stir. “So you have come? I was wondering where you disappeared to.” Nim’Ruin sat upon a lonely stool in the corner as he opened his eyes revealing his Red ires, which was indicative of his Drow race. “Mother Matron, Oh how fair you look and oh how lovely it is to be with in your presence.” “Cut the shit Nim’Ruin.” Selena said as she rolled her eyes. “Such language. Did you kiss your mothers with that mouth?” The Drow smirked softly as he noticed Ehlan reach out to grab him for his insolence. Of course Ehlan merely grabbed a wisp of smoke as the wizard appeared in the other end of the tent. “Tsk Tsk Dear Ehlan. Let us not be hasty. I came here to help our beautiful leader.” Nim’Ruin bowed graciously before Selena who merely shook her head. “Make yourself useful and tell me what happened in Tia.” Selena said as she nodded towards Ehlan who sealed the entrance of her tent closed. “Someone was brilliant enough to weaponize a drug so to speak, a very dangerous one known as Maleficence. Once someone has been infected their start to lose their minds and go into a blood crazed frenzy. They attacked anyone with in their vicinity. The most dangerous part is that not only was the water supply in Tia tainted, but the drug even moved to airborne. We retrieved some samples, but this was all we could gather from the area. Tia is effectively a non-factor with in this continent.” Nim’Ruin pulled out a rather large stick that held a cigarette type object at the end. He slowly began to smoke while crossing his legs. Selena shook her head. “What is the world is going on. Perhaps fate could not be changed for that once lovely city. A shame.” “The true question is….” Nim’Ruin’s voice trailed off softly before he continued. “What are we doing here? This land is strange and dark. True it is no Dark Eden, but it definitely reminds me a lot of that.” Selena looked at Nim’Ruin and nodded again. “This land seems cursed, one that is far more powerful than anything we have ever came into contact. It limits your power and limits your sanity, though I am positive that will have no effect on you Nim’Ruin. You are quite insane to begin with.” Nim’Ruin laughed in retort and then his eyes got serious. “Matron. This area…this Yh’Mi is dangerous. There is a chance many people will die and even ourselves. Why is this risk worth our lives?” Selena stood up and walked towards the front of her tent. “All our lives…for the thousands of years we have been together…we have done nothing but try to consolidate power and work towards our selfish ends. What has that brought us? Stormie was murdered, Tia is destroyed, and we have been in countless wars throughout the ages that resulted to absolutely nothing. Just lives lost. I think it is about time we do something positive for a change, and try to help those who need it.” Selena opened her tent and stepped outside hearing the voice of their leader in Yh’Mi.
  12. Name: Nim'Ruin Starting HP (5 for everyone): 5 HP Starting Sanity (4 for characters coming from the previous thread, 5 for new characters): 5 Sanity Normal Skills (Chosen 3): Attack, Meditate, Heal Special Skills (Chosen 3 for characters coming from the previous thread, 2 for new characters): Area Attack (3 uses), Advanced Buff (3 Uses).
  13. Selena and her family were born in the realm of Eden....(Long ago Yahoo servers lol.) But here they claimed Tia as their home. "Well Used to. lol."
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