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  1. I am tracking 9 responses to the attack so far. Looks like the Charger might die first.
  2. Hopefully Desolate comes back and says the negate damage can persist if you don't get attacked. I would have hate to have the possibility of me wasting an option.
  3. Ohh god please let it persist until it is used. That makes the most sense, but of course I am biased.
  4. In regards to the "Healer" trait, I was thinking about that too. I know from what I've read they want to keep the round one fight simplistic and then perhaps incorporate more as we proceed. Personally from what I understand if I wanted to heal several people I'd have to roll an 11 or 12 so I can get three options, which equates to me healing or buff three people if i wanted to. I think this was why I decided to give myself a plus 1 roll just in case I rolled a 10. Having three options over two is great.
  5. Oh Thank goodness for your recent post on the ic thread. I thought I’d have to give you some protection. Lol
  6. So I’m essence if I protect one character it spreads to the rest of your group? But only counts as one damage blocked.
  7. How does it work for players who have multiple characters? Do they roll for each character? Do they all share life?
  8. From the looks of it we have the reporter and then a magi assassin player who probably is an attacker (which I would never assume what someone wants to do.) They would have to weigh in. I think if I can get at least two options per roll I can keep damage we take pretty light and if we gain an advantage I’ll also go on the offensive.
  9. I am not opposed to being a support character and focusing on reducing the damage we take as well as healing. It isn’t offensive magic but I can definitely make it flashy.
  10. I honestly have no issues with how it is being done now. It would require some groups to figure out who is going to be a support (to help alleviate the attacks) or to take into account that they may get hit several times and plan out blocks accordingly. I am a very cautious player, so i like to have buffers between my life and attacks.
  11. SelenaNichole

    Claiming the Furthest Point

    Yh’Mi was proving to be quite an interesting land for Selena. She assured herself that the Sun was the devil. She was not a fan of being warm and she was not a fan of heat, unless of course she was using it to protect herself. Though Selena’s eyes gazed across the land looking for threats, her mind slowly faded to a faint memory she had... The memory was of Selena standing in the mists of an infirmary and hearing the screams of wounded soldiers. Kyra ran around from bed to bed, releasing tiny bits of healing magic. Her magic was potent and within seconds she was healing minor wounds while much graver wounds required more of her attention. “Aren’t you going to help?” Kyra asked respectfully. Selena looked around and shook her head. “I have no knowledge of healing. That isn’t what my specialty is.” “My dear cousin. I am but an extension of you. You are the daughter of both Light and Dark. Healing is in your spirit. Go try.” Kyra continued to move from bed to bed as the screams of those in agony got louder. Selena turned around and walked over a bed where a man laid there still. Selena could sense something wrong, but she did not know what. When she touched the man’s shoulder his body seemed deathly cold. She turned him onto his back and there she noticed his eyes looking around. It was almost as if he was petrified or in shock. His eyes locked onto Selena and widened as if he could feel death setting in. Selena could see several wounds in the man’s chest and beyond that she could see skin that was slowly dying around those wounds. “Poison.” Selena spoke softly as she breathed in deeply. Depending on where the poison was, would depend on how difficult this was going to be. Selena needed her cousin’s help! “Kyra! Come quickly!” Selena heard no one respond and in annoyance her head snapped up to see no one in the infirmary. Kyra had left. Selena’s face turned into an instant scowl as she looked down and nodded. If she couldn’t help this man he would die. Lifting her head up, Selena released her magic. Her magic seeped into the soldier’s wounds as she closed her eyes. She could see everything inside of the man, as her magic traveled through his body. She started to think of the healing aspect of magic, restructuring the dead vessels and breathing life into them. Her magic at first began to falter until she found her rhythm. Breathing deeply again, Selena refocused her magic and began absorbing the poison, while simultaneously repairing the body. Selena took one final breath and yanked her magic upward, ripping the poison from the man’s body and allowing him to finally breathe. The poison was massed into a black sphere as Selena crushed it into oblivion. She could see color fill the man’s cheeks as his wounds slowly began to heal before Selena’s eyes. Selena lifted her head slowly and sighed greatly. “Thank you Eilistraee.” She said softly while she notice Kyra walking towards her with a smile. “Very well done my dear Matron Mother.” Selena was going to respond before she heard a thunderous noise, followed by massive tremors that shook the infirmary. “What….” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Selena's mind came back to Yh’Mi as she watched two large creatures charge through the front ranks of the party north of her. It seemed to cut through the party like stones skipping through water as she watched bodies fly. It was almost like no resistance was being done, until Selena heard gun fire erupt. It would seem that they finally are meeting some resistance, one that if not kept in check would be the death of them all. However, she had a decision to make. Would she leave her quadrant and assist the northern group or would she stay where she was and prepare? Selena weighed the options in her mind, which took only a second to rationally dissect. She made her decision. She would stay and help for if they were attacked to the north, then more than likely that attack may come down to the south or they may be ambushed or flanked from behind from something else. Selena’s magic erupted from her body and with a flicker of her eyes, her horse burst outwards into pieces breaking down back into sand. However the pieces did not fall upon the ground or fly too far away from Selena but merely swirled around Selena’s body, forming a magical shield. Selena landed upon the ground softly as if she being lowered down by someone. “Hear me, I call upon you goddess of the moonlight, I call upon you goddess of magic, heed my plea. Allow me to release my magic and set me free. Protect my spirit with the resolve of your shield; and strengthen my magic which so has been concealed!” It wasn’t natural for Selena to speak long incantations, however this was a calculated move. Invoking the name of her goddesses, allowed Selena a chance to cast her magic without dipping into her own magical reserves. It was a risk, for they could also not answer, but Selena knew they would. After all, she was a chosen for them. The swirling sand around Selena’s form increased in speed as it would act as a barrier to deflect harm that could come Selena’s way. Though it wasn’t too strong, Selena knew it would be enough for her to concentrate on other matters. Selena’s eyes flashed for a moment as magic bestowed upon her seemed to swell before her body. Visually it looked like a small orb that consistently changed colors, but Selena knew it to be an orb of energy, one that would strengthen her further. Selena gripped the Orb in her right hand and absorbed it into her skin. Its magical powers formed a thin layer over Selena’s body allowing her own magical power to increase dramatically. Sure this wasn’t solely offensive magic, but in the end if she protected herself and solidified that, she would be able to support her team without any hindrances. Looking around she merely gave a brief smile to the rest of her party, speaking to them for the first time. “What do we do? Stay here and guard the rear or go ahead and help? I am not opposed to allowing them to handle the issue while we prepare for the next oncoming threat.” Selena’s voice was soft, but her words came out clearly. She knew there was no way this could be the only issue they encountered. She had to decide if she was to be a support or go on offensive, and the answer was simple. She would do both. Bottom Right: @P.N.See @Dolor Aeternum @sorainvoked @Moon Owl
  12. @jaistlyn Just so this question doesn't get lost. No rush -Selena