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  1. SelenaNichole

    Bloodwatch Base [Hub] [Furthest Point]

    Selena didn’t speak much as she looked around the hill. She noticed the food but decided against it for now. Selena did not feel tired or hungry per say. There was a strange feeling creeping up into her stomach. It felt as if something terrible was about to happen. Selena couldn’t shake the feeling either. She then realized that she had not dropped my magical shield yet, finally acknowledging the swirling magic that surrounded her body. She released her spell and watched as tiny shards of sand fell upon the ground soundlessly. Her mind seemed to find some clarity, no longer concentrating of protecting her body. Selena walked over to the side of the hill to a point where she could feel see down below and across the area. It wasn’t such a bad sight. An image appeared before her which caused Selena to back away slightly. Selena’s eyes narrowed and when she realized who it was, her eyes softened a bit. A beautiful male stood before her, his eyes as red as a blood moon. A hood covered his face, but Selena knew this Drow very well. He was part of her family, and thus he served her. “Matron Mother.” The Drow said softly. Selena merely waved her hand and the Drow kept silent. “Nim’Ruin. What has happened in Tia?” The Drow smiled but it wasn’t devilish. It was a smile that was lace with sadness, which was peculiar. Nim’Ruin was a man of jokes and very queer. However there wasn’t a time that Selena could register where he looked sad. “Tia has been lost. The city is in flames, and Lady Kyra has begun leading survivors through the hidden tunnels. A dangerous disease or virus was unleashed upon the populace which turned them into violent creatures. However Kyra managed to hold them at bay. She is gathering miles to the west of the city and needs guidance.” Selena, who was once the mayor of Tia merely shook her head. She looked deeply troubled but nodded silently. When she looked up she merely shook her head. “I cannot return now. Lady Kyra and Natalie are in charge. I will find you when I am done. That is all.” Selena’s voice spoke in finality as Nim’Ruin merely nodded and his image faded. Selena sighed loudly as stood there on the hill, staring off into the horizon.
  2. 1. What did you think about the number of players in the thread? Were there too many people? Just enough? Do you think it would be better if the players were split into different threads so that there would be less players in each thread? I did not have an issue with the amount of players in the thread. For me it didn’t hinder much because there were time limits on when you should post. Players either posted or they lost their turn which is appropriate in my opinion. 2. What did you think of the pace? Each round lasted either 2 or 3 weeks. Did that feel too slow, too fast, or just right? I felt the 2-3 weeks was sufficient. It gave time for those who had mundane things to do to post. Though If one notices that everyone posted already, then it would make sense to push past that into the new round. I don’t think that happened here, since we had a few people drop out or not post. 3. What did you think about the length of the thread? Would you have preferred a shorter or longer encounter? I am content with the length of the thread and prefer whatever I am given. 4. Did you like that the RP was battle-focused? Do you think that you had ample opportunity for character interactions? Character Interaction wasn’t too in depth, but it is easily fixed with the Hub thread you just put up. Typically battle isn’t a place where you can find out about people’s lives. The HUB thread is great and I can’t wait to role play there until the next battle. 5. In general, did you like using dice rolls to determine actions and damage? If not, do you prefer total free form, or do you have any other suggestions on systems to use? (e.g. One method I have seen is requiring a specific number of posts to take down each enemy) I enjoyed the dice roll system when I got at least two options lol. The whole one option kind of caused my character the ability to do absolutely nothing on the next round, except recover. I am not complaining, but I kind of wished I could have been there to support the team. I think if we removed Movement from the actual option that would fix some of the “I am stuck here” issues. Like allow players one movement, and then whatever options they rolled. 6. What did you think about the dice roll mechanics? Were there too many rules, or could there be more rules in order to allow for more flexibility? Going forward, would you like to see a completely different dice roll system, or to expand on the current one? See Answer to five.
  3. Ohh I guess it was. Not sure how i missed that crap. Ok I'll edit.
  4. I am in Top Right. That wagon wasn't destroyed. Bottom Right was no?
  5. SelenaNichole

    Claiming the Furthest Point

    Selena watched intently as the battle unfolded. The wagon laid broken on the ground. They had failed to defend this section, but they managed to drive off the monsters from this section. The battle was immense and even though Selena did not want to admit it; the battle took a lot out of her. She was left on the northern right of the group, with only enough power to watch from afar. She needed to rest. More importantly however she needed to make sure she positioned herself in a way where her allies could not get flanked from the north. It pained Selena to not move but she needed to make a decision. Breathing softly and slowly, Selena felt her magic began to spread throughout her body. Her magical shield began to flare to life as the very sand around her began to spin. Taking a deep breath again, her magic dissipated, releasing her hold on the sand. However as her magic faded, some of it seemed to solidify around her body, enhancing her magical shield that she had already cast. The shield was made stronger and slowly faded. However it never left her body, but rather laid a thin sheet of protective magic against her skin. Her emerald forestry eyes narrowed as she leaned against the broken pieces of the wagon and stared off to the south. Though her allies were far away, her eyes watched everything carefully. Perhaps with her magic recovering she may have the strength to travel down south and then return north. Only time will tell.
  6. SelenaNichole

    Destruction des morts

    At first only a few people ran towards the light, in order to escape the unquenchable thirst of darkness. Kyra had suspected that the humans thought this was a trick, however as more people approached they saw a variety of warriors fighting the creatures of the night as well as the humans who seemed to have lost their minds. What started as a few turned into hundreds as children, mothers, wives, husbands, and elderly all saw the light Kyra created as a beacon of salvation. Kyra watched as her students began fighting men and women who were infected by whatever ailment this was. They tried not to kill them, but as soon as a few of the students began to get weaker and eventually succumb to the pressure, Kyra nodded to her dear cousin Cam’Mia. The assassin blended out of the shadows and dispatched several crazed humans of Tia with a single blow. She moved like a shade of the night, dispatching creatures before they could take the students’ lives. Natalie on the other hand withdrew her shield as her magic created a solid wall of ice in the alley. The crazed humans continuously pounded against the thick wall of ice, not realizing that they could just back up and go around. Natalie strode backwards and used the back of her sword to strike down on the back of the necks of several infected humans. Their bodies went limp on the ground as Natalie could tell that she severed the connection between the mind and the body. “Kyra. We will not last long. We have to retreat. We’ve got to have close to twenty five hundred humans who ran into our sanctum. Also Eleria is reaching her limit. Once her power is gone, we won’t be able to tell if someone is infected. We have to retreat!” Natalie raised her shield as Kyra maintained her spell of light. “KYRA! Get back!” Natalie said in a loud voice. Her magic began rage outwards in glacial spikes forming sharp barricades in front of the group. Natalie reacted to a flow of infected humans who broke through the first barricade. They were swarming upon the group. The flow of fleeing citizens began to stop and Natalie had to make a choice and within moments she made the barricade wider and stronger. With that Natalie turned around and gripped Kyra by her waist and rushed back. Kyra’s magical light instantly broke as her concentration dissipated. She still had tears running through her eyes, as the rest of the troop entered the gates of the school, and slammed the front doors behind them. In total Kyra felt they have saved hundreds of citizens, but as she was rushed down to the inner sanctum, she realized they had over a thousand of citizens who were fleeing down the hall. Natalie released Kyra from her grasp and stood in the doorway. “Hurry up and get to the tunnels and flee. The tunnels should get you far beyond the city. From there we will decide where we will go.” Just as Kyra was about to speak Natalie’s eyes flash with a crystal light. She was drawing in magic. Kyra turned and ran down the hall, instructing the defenders to move quickly. The travel through the tunnels would be long and tedious, but before this dangerous substance could overtake them, they definitely would be out of Tia. Natalie’s magic swelled then as a great ice wall appeared before her, blocking the entrance they came from. In the middle of the ice wall was a circular rune that seemed to flash. Its flash was rhythmic almost as if it was counting. Natalie turned and ran keeping her shield behind her as she was the last person to leave. After twenty seconds, the rune flashed and exploded caused the rock from above the entrance above to fall, creating a thick barricade. The tunnels shook, causing small dust from the ceiling to fall upon the ground. The sound was deafening, but that shock caused the civilians to move even faster as people rushed forward through the tunnels. Eleria released her defensive spell and appeared next to Kyra. “We cannot eat or drink anything until we are outside of this city. We cannot chance anything at this time.” Kyra nodded as she raised her hand, her magic encompassing her body and creating an aura that seemed to enhance everyone around her. As she poured more magic into her aura, the larger it became. The civilians felt as if their legs were lighter and they felt refreshed. Kyra’s aura was immense, being able to cover more than three quarters of their party. Their speed quicken to a pace that most animals could not maintain. Natalie held up the rear as she raced one, her magical heavy armor dissipating as she ran, randomly summoning large ice walls behind her in order to delay anything that could potentially be chasing them. Cam’Mia appeared next to Natalie as she ran alongside her cousin. “Where will be go now?” Cam’Mia said softly. Natalie merely shook her head. “Tia is lost. I believe rebuilding is not something that should be done. How many people did we manage to save?” Cam’Mia looked at Natalie and nodded in agreement with her first statement. “We have over twenty two hundred Tian Civilians and five hundred students. We were fortunate enough not to lose any students. They are stronger than I thought. However without food and water and with a group this big, we are bound to lose hundreds.” Natalie’s face remained stoic, but her eyes held an anger. “We will make due, somehow. We need to get away from the war, from the politics. I received reports earlier of a place to the North West. It is an Isle, and it is new. That would be my vote.” Cam’Mia nodded again and then pushed forward, feeling the effects of Kyra’s aura. She quickly disappeared in the darkness ahead. “May the Goddesses’ have mercy on our souls.” Natalie said quietly as she continued running.
  7. Since I rolled a 4, all i can do is just here down there and watch. I can't do anything else. lol Sorry everyone!
  8. I need to know why this dice thing hates me. I rolled a 4. lol
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    Dice Rolling Thread

    Round 7. Pre roll