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  1. SelenaNichole

    Claiming the Furthest Point

    Selena continued to stay low to the ground as her hand gently laid upon the soft sand. Her own magical shield continued to swirl around her form. She had managed to stop her comrade’s bleeding and she managed to deduce that he was not in damage of dying. Her face lifted slightly as her emerald eyes pierced through the heat and sand and set deeply upon the creature in disguise “Twister.” She was far enough away from him that if he wanted to engage her, it made sense he would have to leave the wagon. Since he was trying to destroy it, she figured she would have to do something extremely flashy in order to get his attention. Selena could feel her magic swelling inside of her body. She had been reserving her magic the whole time that everything went into chaos. Her magic came back and with a powerful spark of energy. Magic pulsed from her hand as the very sand beneath her hand began to shake. “Rise…Sands of Annihilation!” Selena’s voice boomed outwards as she stayed low to the ground. The sands before her began to shift in a massive way as if it was being controlled by Selena’s mind. The very wind around Selena spun in a devilish way. Suddenly the energy was soaked into the very sand. A wave of sand raised upwards like a tidal wave which could be seen from over 200 feet. It raced forward with a monstrous sound. It was appearing to crash into the Twister creature. Just as the wave looked like it was going to overwhelm the creature, the tidal wave was sucked into the ground almost like something sucked it through the sand with a straw. Selena’s eyes flashed with power as the very ground beneath the creature began to shake tremendously. Her hand touching the sand forcefully closed as her magic radiated powerfully from her body. Out of nowhere did harden spikes of sand rise up in an attempt to pierce Twister in the chest and in the right leg. The attack if it hit wouldn’t be enough to kill him, but Selena was confident that if in danger she would be able to overwhelm the creature with her magic. If both of her attacks failed, then she was hopeful that he would finally be able to focus on her instead. For if not, the creature would regret its life’s choices in the end.
  2. SelenaNichole

    Dice Rolling Thread

    Rolling D12 for Selena. PRAYING FOR A GOOD ROLL
  3. I am assuming @Akiris should edit his post, since we can't heal the wagon?
  4. Ill change my post accordingly.....Zack...your rolls are terrible!
  5. SelenaNichole

    Claiming the Furthest Point

    It did not surprise Selena to watch as the doctor began cutting away from Charlie like he was a maniac. Selena sense this immediately. Her family held one of the most powerful healers on this realm, and even in Selena’s raw form of knowledge she was a force to be reckoned with when it came to healing. She noticed right away that the doctor was harming Charlie rather than helping. Selena couldn’t have this, but her hands were tied. Her devastating attack reduced her mana a bit lower than expected so her offensive magic was slowly recuperating itself. Selena could feel the beads of sweat dripping down her face, as she slowly crouched lower to the ground. She didn’t really match well with the sand, but she knew that there were several people standing which would definitely make better visual targets. Selena dug her hands into the sand and merely waiting concentrating a portion of her magic. She could sense Charlie nearing death, so she used a portion of her remaining magic and shot it into the air. Her eyes flashes lightly as the sky above Charlie seemed to glow a bit brighter. Her magic descended upon the man's wounds in the form a holy light. Selena at first thought her magic would be strong enough to heal him, but as her holy light attempted to regenerate the man's body it was staunchly stopped by the deepness of the man's wounds. Her magick sealed up the bleeding so that he wouldn't lose anymore blood. It however failed to do much more than that. It wasn’t much, but Selena was not about to let her comrade die on her. If he died, then she knew she would follow next. Her sand shield continued to swirl around her, adding just a hint of camouflage to her form. “So there are two traitors with in that group. This is not going to end well.” Selena then sensed the tremors with in the ground and merely lifted her head slightly. “Goddesses…preserve us….” Selena spoke softly to herself as she felt the difficulties that laid ahead with in her soul. @zackrobbman
  6. SelenaNichole

    Dice Rolling Thread

    Thread: Claiming the furthest point Rolling D 12.
  7. @jaistlyn So Next round starts this weekend? Is it possible to see what changes you are doing to the rolls before the weekend? Or has that not been finalized? Or is that for the next scenario if we defeat these monsters.
  8. @Dolor Aeternum I absolutely love your character. The reporting is so awesome. So original too. -Selena
  9. SelenaNichole

    Claiming the Furthest Point

    (No action move.) It surprised Selena that her flames did not rid the world of the creature. She had sensed its weakness but perhaps she was mistaken on how much life was left. Selena, however, did not care, for her goddesses were on her side. Also she still had her powerful shield that the creature had to contend with. However it did not stop others from assuming that she was going to be harmed. She looked gently upon the man who rode before her and placed his life in danger. She watched as he began shooting, and it seemed to Selena that it was a hefty gamble. Selena knew if he fired enough shoots it would have eventually destroy the creature. Selena merely sighed as she could feel the spirit of the beast break in front of her. Her deep emerald eyes locked onto the beast and watched the life fade from them. As it fell to the ground and skipped, Selena could feel the deep tremors in the earth. The dust did blast forward up towards Selena, but the force was not powerful enough to even lay a single spec of direct upon her fair caramel skin. Her shield revealed itself, being peppered lightly with sand, blocking everything that may have inconvenience Selena. This creature had wasted his life. Selena then gazed upwards towards the Outlaw and nodded. “I am well. I am sure your focus should be on killing this second beast versus looking upon my safety. We need to hurry good man. For my eyes see the enemy shifting in the battlefield!” Selena’s body rose up from the sand as a magical horse appeared from the ground, lifting Selena up so her eyes would meet that of the outlaw. Selena could see the little creatures running across the south towards where she used to be. “Kill this creature! And make it quick! WE have to help our flank!”
  10. All I know is that we need to finish off this one Saevion so we can go help my group in the Bottom Right! -Selena