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  1. Embers from a pipe lights up the man’s face, sitting alone in a corner of a large tent while a light patter of rain rolls across its faux leather roof. The door opens and a bald man peeks his head through. “Doc? They’re here.” The seated man raises his eyes to the window. Across the field, perhaps no more than a kilometer away stood the Mausoleum. A large, gothic styled building swathed in light stood alone in the outskirts of Last Chance, its purpose the complete opposite of its name. The hospital had once been a pioneer in bio-mechanical, bio-organic as well as thaumaturgical research. But since the fall of its native soil, and with high-profile, high paying patients inside at the time, the building’s warp gate activated and shifted the entire facility in its now current place of residence. This would explain the lack of reason behind its seemingly random appearance and placement onto the field like a fish out of water. With much of its technology and staff intact, it’s slowly become a destination for those unfortunately afflicted with severe illness and an overabundance of wealth. The Doc turns toward the bald man. “Good. Lead them in Greg.” Nodding, Greg steps outside to escort their visitors to the tent. He turns his back to the door and looks over the large table set in the center of the tent. A few notes, some inferred details, a perimeter map. All the intelligence gathering a bunch of hired goons and a few junkies could muster up over two weeks of staking the place out. They’ve been camped out at the edge of a thin forest surrounding the Mausoleum, observing the traffic along the only road that leads to it from the city of Last Chance. They’re very well-funded I’ll give them that. This needs to be precise. Like a scalpel cutting through only what was necessary to get to the diseased flesh, the mission must be sure and swift, cutting out only the parts that were infected. And he needed to sharpen his blades.
  2. The Doctor is in! And he’s looking for individuals to join him in taking over a hospital. And it’s not any old Hospital too, but the one and only Mausoleum. Combining the best magical and technological healthcare available, the facility houses advanced tech and potent arcane instruments for the purposes of healing and recuperation. The Mausoleum was originally in a continent that has now been destroyed/ assimilated. Being a sizable facility with prominent individuals seeking treatment, there existed a teleportation drive within the building that moved it to the outskirts of Last Chance in Terrenus territory where it has operated all these years. Mercenaries, outlaws, heroes, people looking for arthritis medicine, anyone is welcome to the gate-crashing party. Looters are welcome but the main purpose is to commandeer the facility as a base of operations for the doctor and any interested parties thereafter. Expect some resistance from the facility security and probably some of the staff. Look at it this way though, if you get hurt, we’re in a hospital already! This RP has started Current Players: I'll be leading the effort with Dr. Navarr, with a few high-functioning junkies in tow. @amenities will be playing the Head Administrator Raiders Include: @supernal will run join with the Terenus Military (This group/faction is its own thing although anyone is welcome to play on the side of the law/government personnel as a parallel group) @Trexasle With Leontias Metalliene @Rabbit With Vito and Floki @Turquoisie With Gabriel @SteamWarden With Nikolai @Monoxide With Chad @Nebula With Alkha @Praetorian With Farkis Come join the fun! Links for info: Mausoleum Informational, WC thread, IC Thread (Though the IC thread is defunct) Main Objectives: a) Overthrow the administrative staff and security forces within the facility b) Assimilate submissive staff if capable c) Reestablish presence in Terrenus Optional Objectives: a) Minimize civilian casualties to avoid governmental reaction b) Minimize structural damage to the facility Loot Division: a) All generic resources (currency, generic drugs, personal equipment) acquired should the mission succeed will be divided half, with one part remaining with those assuming command of the facility, with the other half divided among all other participants in whatever manner they deem appropriate. (these aren't going to be good guys so maybe expect a little squabbling over the loot.) b) Large equipment (cybernetic implantation tables, rune smith tables, etc.) are not to be part of the loot division, although interested parties may barter/negotiate for them if they so wish. c) Participants will have free lifetime access to the Mausoleum's services via a VIP card. VIP cards are bearer-only, meaning anyone who has it is honored, regardless of whether they were the original participating character or a thief/murderer/scavenger/heir who happens to possess it. (free here meaning IC interactions are not as demanding as it would be to out-patients) Other Perks: Parties interested in investing, or otherwise becoming part of the new staff get first priority for positions and such. @vielle calling dibs on the success of this operation. (thanks for the support!) Map of the Mausoleum: Live map: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1ikccFj4WlAja6S9Mife8K0Wlnwfuuk_DaZUljsj8eRk/edit
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