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  1. Hands are useful again! Ate some crawfish and apparently I'm allergic. Will be posting again. Sorry for the delays!

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    2. supernal


      That’s crazy man! Glad you made it 

    3. SteamWarden


      That's unfortunate you had to find out that way but look on the bright side, you know what to avoid now and you're better now.

    4. Praetorian


      Tell your immune system to slow its roll.

  2. Hey there! Welcome to Val, and thank you for following. If you're looking to RP, lemme know ?

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    2. Oljhin Akusao

      Oljhin Akusao

      If you have something in mind, I can jump in whenever. I just can't start it up since I'm running a thing already. 

    3. Alpha Fox

      Alpha Fox

      I’ll probably start one up soon if I can, I’ll let you know when I do! 

    4. Oljhin Akusao

      Oljhin Akusao

      Right-o! onward to adventure!

  3. Dood you still in on this? Just need a confirmation ?


    1. SteamWarden


      Aye. Did I not respond back? If not the character I'll be using is called Nikolai. Might've forgot to and thought I did.

    2. Oljhin Akusao

      Oljhin Akusao

      Nope. It's all good. And yeah I figured as much. already linked him in the first post

  4. oh god that is horrifying I'm so sorry

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    2. Csl


      *bobbed our heads and spent like five minutes laughing at it but yes it's good cardio

    3. Malintzin


      This is glorious and I will not be able to unsee this. Well done!

    4. Oljhin Akusao

      Oljhin Akusao

      Trust me, neither will I

  5. I'd forgotten how this tests patience and ruins F5

    1. supernal


      F5 is no longer necessary. Notifications are dynamic. You should check the settings and enable browser notifications if you don't find them annoying. It gives you a little pop up even if the browser is minimized!

    2. Oljhin Akusao

      Oljhin Akusao

      Yeah, I've noticed the sound playing when I have other tabs open. It's amazing!

  6. Bloody hell this place is weird

    1. supernal


      Weird isn't bad is it? :) If you're lost or have questions, let me know. The Getting Started page will help you out, since there have been a lot of changes since I think you've been around, but the core of the site is still the same. Just some new features. 

    2. Oljhin Akusao

      Oljhin Akusao

      It's not bad at all. Just strange to see what I thought I remembered to what it is now. Thanks for the tip, I'll do that, seeing as I'm like my grandma trying to figure out "where to slide the lock thing".

  7. not an hour back and I find myself hitting f5 every ten seconds...

    1. spacegy4


      crtl r is easier

    2. Oljhin Akusao

      Oljhin Akusao

      I've resorted to clicking the valucre logo. xD

  8. Why are google and bing listed in the user list? I'm so confused! Why?!

  9. I can't take it anymore. I've been staring at your message and for the first five minutes try to make something of it then spend the next half hour seeing butterflies, mechas and other weird shit. I've done this multiple times in the last few days. >.>

  10. Just want to confirm that you got my PM. Did you? o.O

  11. Hi! Though you might want to have a look at this. It's zombies an stuff.


    Acies is the go-to guy if you're interested in participating.

    A link to his profile here:


  12. My post in argus is delayed, expect it soon though.

  13. Loving the rep, thank you! :) And I am serious with making a mini Carlos effigy and chucking it under a lawnmower. xD

  14. I'm sitting on a post for our OiC mission. It's basically just my entrance and some details like the time and area, so I can wait for your opening if you're looking to work in more details like items from the armory and stuff. Personally, I didn't take any of the armory items but if you'd like to assign me something to carry, I'm down.

  15. He just put this up. http://www.valucre.com/showthread.php/19478-Delays

    Also, I've been working on a post to start things off. I'm about to finish it. Should we still wait for Ayden?

    Edit: Scratch that. Just got a PM from Ayden, presumably he sent it to both of us.

  16. Are you up for starting the de-railing of Palgard?

  17. That's alright. My character:http://www.valucre.com/showthread.php/17087-Atrogenus-Tenebrae isn't really the one for inconspicuous activity. I have a few ideas but still a bit busy so I can't make something of them yet. If you or Ayden are ready to get the ball rolling, go ahead and I'll be right with ya.

  18. Good. Will Ayden make the opening post? Would you like to? Or should I? Too many questions lol.

  19. Thanks. I'm having a great time writing Lucian. And Aristotle is my new boss, regionally speaking? (this is news to me. lol)

    The rep was well deserved, dood. :)

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