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  1. Hands are useful again! Ate some crawfish and apparently I'm allergic. Will be posting again. Sorry for the delays!

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    2. supernal


      That’s crazy man! Glad you made it 

    3. SteamWarden


      That's unfortunate you had to find out that way but look on the bright side, you know what to avoid now and you're better now.

    4. Praetorian


      Tell your immune system to slow its roll.

  2. Alright that's everyone again. Enjoy your weekend! I'll have a post up later. Also, that's a pleasant surprise with Rhen and Nikolai. Although it is messing with my head reading my name over and over. ?
  3. Well then. I guess I'll win the 31st... or never.
  4. This is my first one. Back in ye-olden days I just bought a custom title with the points I accrued from the on-site currency point system. Hope you win this one! xD
  5. Do you have a title in mind already? I don't xD
  6. Sylinth eyed the other woman who responded. Bloody tourists. Bunch of charity workers in this hellhole. A little too late for this place, isn't it? Although the he could use the gold, something stopped him from taking up the offer from the armor-clad knight. "The dagger will be enough. Good craftsmanship will fetch a high price anywhere." He extends a hand towards them both. "Sylinth, call me Syl." "A group this size should be enough to track down the thief, without drawing so much attention as to scare the thief off. They should be holed up somewhere in Yh'mi still, and we'll start our search at the site of the theft itself. Come, we have little time to waste." He nods in silence and follows as they head towards the smithy. A familiar itch forming on his arm, running along a thin, serpentine line of crimson.
  7. Sorry for holding us up, Totally missed that it was my turn! Will be posting.
  8. Maybe here it'll get looked at. Sorry for spamming this. It's just in my head now and the infection must spread
  9. Hey there! Welcome to Val, and thank you for following. If you're looking to RP, lemme know ?

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    2. Oljhin Akusao

      Oljhin Akusao

      If you have something in mind, I can jump in whenever. I just can't start it up since I'm running a thing already. 

    3. Alpha Fox

      Alpha Fox

      I’ll probably start one up soon if I can, I’ll let you know when I do! 

    4. Oljhin Akusao

      Oljhin Akusao

      Right-o! onward to adventure!

  10. This might have not been said but I've had it in my head that you were informally/mildly GMing the thread since we are stomping into your property. I also don't see how you'd be left anywhere since we're all interacting with you at all times.. Feel free to correct my assumptions! Edit: How do I move this thread to the OOC chatter? I can't seem to do it, or is that mod/staff action only?
  11. It's likely because of all the talking. I don't like talking much, more death, less yap. @supernal @SteamWarden Yup you two are the pair. Also, yes we're still moving as one team with the two of you responsible for the exit if/when we need it. Nope. There isn't I'll reflect that in the first post but we are to post once per round, regardless of order so whoever has time doesn't have to wait around for the others. you dick I actually like this I see. Didn't see that in his thread so I just assumed he'd look like a dragoon out the bat. But thanks for catching that. ? In Summary: a) we're moving as a group, with each sub-set knowing what to focus on when the screaming starts. The sub-sets are: a.1) [Monoxide, Texasle, Rabbit, Turquoise, Praetorian] a.2) [supernal, SteamWarden] a.3) [Oljhin, Nebula] b) there is no turn/post order. Unless you're waiting for someone to post specifically or plan to react to someone else's post, feel free to post. 1 post per round, save @amenities who posts for the head/defenders. of course this can be adjusted according to needs.
  12. I must share this glorious find.
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