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  1. Hands are useful again! Ate some crawfish and apparently I'm allergic. Will be posting again. Sorry for the delays!

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    2. supernal


      That’s crazy man! Glad you made it 

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      That's unfortunate you had to find out that way but look on the bright side, you know what to avoid now and you're better now.

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      Tell your immune system to slow its roll.

  2. Alright that's everyone again. Enjoy your weekend! I'll have a post up later. Also, that's a pleasant surprise with Rhen and Nikolai. Although it is messing with my head reading my name over and over. ?
  3. Well then. I guess I'll win the 31st... or never.
  4. This is my first one. Back in ye-olden days I just bought a custom title with the points I accrued from the on-site currency point system. Hope you win this one! xD
  5. Do you have a title in mind already? I don't xD
  6. Sylinth eyed the other woman who responded. Bloody tourists. Bunch of charity workers in this hellhole. A little too late for this place, isn't it? Although the he could use the gold, something stopped him from taking up the offer from the armor-clad knight. "The dagger will be enough. Good craftsmanship will fetch a high price anywhere." He extends a hand towards them both. "Sylinth, call me Syl." "A group this size should be enough to track down the thief, without drawing so much attention as to scare the thief off. They should be holed up somewhere in Yh'mi still, and we'll start our search at the site of the theft itself. Come, we have little time to waste." He nods in silence and follows as they head towards the smithy. A familiar itch forming on his arm, running along a thin, serpentine line of crimson.
  7. Sorry for holding us up, Totally missed that it was my turn! Will be posting.
  8. Maybe here it'll get looked at. Sorry for spamming this. It's just in my head now and the infection must spread
  9. Hey there! Welcome to Val, and thank you for following. If you're looking to RP, lemme know ?

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      Oljhin Akusao

      If you have something in mind, I can jump in whenever. I just can't start it up since I'm running a thing already. 

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      Alpha Fox

      I’ll probably start one up soon if I can, I’ll let you know when I do! 

    4. Oljhin Akusao

      Oljhin Akusao

      Right-o! onward to adventure!

  10. This might have not been said but I've had it in my head that you were informally/mildly GMing the thread since we are stomping into your property. I also don't see how you'd be left anywhere since we're all interacting with you at all times.. Feel free to correct my assumptions! Edit: How do I move this thread to the OOC chatter? I can't seem to do it, or is that mod/staff action only?
  11. It's likely because of all the talking. I don't like talking much, more death, less yap. @supernal @SteamWarden Yup you two are the pair. Also, yes we're still moving as one team with the two of you responsible for the exit if/when we need it. Nope. There isn't I'll reflect that in the first post but we are to post once per round, regardless of order so whoever has time doesn't have to wait around for the others. you dick I actually like this I see. Didn't see that in his thread so I just assumed he'd look like a dragoon out the bat. But thanks for catching that. ? In Summary: a) we're moving as a group, with each sub-set knowing what to focus on when the screaming starts. The sub-sets are: a.1) [Monoxide, Texasle, Rabbit, Turquoise, Praetorian] a.2) [supernal, SteamWarden] a.3) [Oljhin, Nebula] b) there is no turn/post order. Unless you're waiting for someone to post specifically or plan to react to someone else's post, feel free to post. 1 post per round, save @amenities who posts for the head/defenders. of course this can be adjusted according to needs.
  12. I must share this glorious find.
  13. That post took longer to write and is longer than I would like. Sorry for the WoT
  14. Navarr stood in silence as the gathering before him settled. Seven of them had come, of the messages he’d sent out, only seven were motivated enough. Or foolish enough. He mused to himself as he put out his pipe. He’d appraised them as they walked, in noting the more visually interesting among them. The dragon-kin and an enormous humanoid caught his eye, but as soon as the suited man entered Navarr felt his eyes ache for a brief moment. He glanced at the woman who’d taken a spot closest to him, a twitch of curiosity pulling at his attention, before he began to speak. “Good evening. No names, only identifiers. You may call me Doctor. I trust you’ve all been told our goal here tonight.” The Doc glances towards the dragoon who’d so openly asked the question on everyone’s mind. “I’ve been here over the past few days casing the place out. I’ve seen no other traffic into or out of the building aside from the patients. The Mausoleum has… recently relocated here and I’m certain that it’s been self-sufficient since the move.” The Doc hands around a few handwritten pages. “Here you’ll find what I’ve been able to gather from the outside. Guard locations, most of the access ways, and probable security measures housed inside.” He sighs softly. “It’s not a lot to go on especially considering that it’s a large structure, but were not really here to lay siege to a castle.” He looks them in the eye individually before continuing. “I sent out this message to select individuals, and you’re all here because your skills allow us to do this in the fastest time with the least amount of damage and risk. We move discreetly until I give the word, and hopefully their security won’t even have time to engage us, let alone know we’re even there.” He turns back to the table and lifts up a rough sketch of the building from a top-down perspective. “I’ve sent in a few men before and they believe that the administrative offices are here…” He points towards the center of the complex. “… If we can infiltrate that, find their leader, we’re golden. Quite literally too, since I’ve not seen a transfer of cash, nor a convoy of employees ever leave the place.” The doctor paused. Awaiting and fielding questions the others may have, before continuing. “I have two more men awaiting orders to close the road leading into and out of the Mausoleum. Once we’re inside-” “Doc, sorry for interrupting…” Greg said from the door as he pushed inside another man. “…I found this one snooping outside. He’s clean, what do I do with him?” Navarr looks at the man, dripping from the rain. Annoyance flaring behind his cold stare. “Looks like he’s coming with us. Thank you, Gregory.” Greg nods as he walks back out, leaving the man, a bard by the looks of his gear, surrounded by the party. The doctor leaves his place at the table and confronts the newcomer. “You, bard. Have you been sent a message? Or just stumbling blindly in the forest? As you can see, we’re quite busy and your interruption is costing time I cannot lose. The way I see it, you either join us on you own two feet, or join us inside his stomach.” He motions toward the dragon-kin. Without waiting for a response, as he was sure any resistance by the bard would be overpowered by the others, Navarr walked back to his place and continued. “As I was saying, once we’re inside, we move as one towards the offices. I need to meet with the director and find out where your money is stored. If we meet resistance stronger than a few armed guards, you, you, you, you and you…” he points at the dragon-kin, the bard, the suited man, the masked humanoid, and the pale, brown-haired man. “…You’re to be our fire-team. Whatever they throw at us, you throw right back.” “Big man, you’re with her” He motions to the woman clad in dark garments standing beside his table. “You’re out exit. If we can’t get to the director’s office, you’re making us a door and getting us out. My men have my wagon ready to get you out afterwards.” Finally, he turns towards the elf. “And you’re with me. If I can’t get the director to cooperate using my knives.” He shifts his gaze to her sword. “You and I are going to have some fun.” He waits for them to absorb his words as he himself thinks over this plan. This is it. “Before you ask, yes, we are waltzing up to the front doors. They’re so hectic in there that I don’t see a problem with us just walking in.” He reaches for something underneath the table. “Here.” He passed around a few vials of clear liquid. “My own concoction. A healing balm that contains essence of phoenix tear and a few other herbs. It is diluted, mind you, and not as powerful as the pure stuff. But for a cut this deep…” The doctor demonstrates by slicing his arm with a scalpel hidden in his sleeve. A scarlet line begins to weep down his arm until he pours a few drops from the vial. In a few seconds the bleeding stops, and in a few more there was nothing but a thin line of coagulated blood where before was a half-inch deep cut. “…it does the job. I wouldn’t rely on this for serious things though. And I'm not sure how it's going to react to you.” He looks at the dragon-kin with a slight apologetic expression. He wipes at the cut and reseals the vial he used. “Of course, this is no charity event, and you might be wondering since I’ve left it out of the message but we’re splitting all the money and equipment in half. One half remains with the Mausoleum.” Navarr purposefully avoids saying it would remain with him. In the company of such cutthroats, one can never be to careful. “While the other half you’re free to divide amongst yourselves however you see fit.” “If there are no more questions, ready up. We move in…” He checks his watch. “… Twelve Minutes.” He leaves his table, its contents no more valuable than trinkets now that he’s handed out the vials, and walks out the tent. The true prize stood before him, in all its wondrous glory.
  15. Here it's also linked in the first post for anyone reading this. ?
  16. I think so. Yeah so 3 more people to go. Of course, as it should always be.
  17. Sweet I got someone with it. I wasn't secretly hoping to.. not at all. Just Steamwarden amenities left to post, right?
  18. Oooh. Alright then, I guess I was giving the military too wide a berth and was thinking they were above working with the doctor and his less than savory friends. Was working out how to branch out and was sort of pulling my hair out but with this, I'd have not as much work to coordinate with disparate groups. Neat! Thank you. Yes I would also prefer I lead directly the efforts.
  19. Oh didn't see it like that. Will promptly adjust the post. Post edited. I guess the reasoning for the format was that the raiders would be under my leadership as a single faction, while you and amenities were separate factions entirely.
  20. Hello everyone, the thread is up! feel free to jump in whenever. Raiders, I though I'd start us out with a little powow in a tent to get things sorted IC. Let's gooooo~
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